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Hour of Judgment Part 2

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 2, 2019
    7:15 PM
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Let's pray Lord we're here tonight to make a difference we're here tonight to learn and I'm just asking the Lord that our hearts would be like Jesus that we would care and give. Him bless now Lord you do this for us all the time you've been blessing us now I'm praying Lord bless us as we go through this material here this evening may we receive. The same kind of sense on the inside that those men on the road to a may have had me we sense your spirit with us bless us as we go now in Jesus' name amen All right I want to talk to you a little bit about conspiracy theories this man here was a probably the most famous I'll call it functionary of conspiratorial thinking he was one of the wealthiest men in the world Howard Hughes and he was afraid everybody was out to get him he became a germ a phobe and he became a. Well he isolated himself to the nth degree he had a desire he built the world's largest airplane it was built out of wood and it rarely flew but this thing had 8 engines on it and it was just Howard Hughes was an amazingly intelligent person he got so sick he has a lay in a hospital bed for weeks and months and while he was there he called in his engineers and had them redesigned in much of the hospital beds that you enjoy with the comfort of legs and and head going up and down and all of this is a function of his sickness and his interest in making life more comfortable I mean this airplane was of phenomenal size Now we did not know how his ease centricity would someday work for the benefit of the United States but building this airplane was a phenomenal thing and when you come pare the size of this airplane even to modern day super liners you see that the Spruce Goose had a bigger wingspan than the Soviets largest airplane and America's Boeing 747 is in the blue the Airbus 38800 which is that huge airplane that they're only going to continue making for a little bit is pink and the Russian airplane is the green but I tell you the Spruce Goose remains much larger now. Why how did Howard Hughes end up benefiting the United States the Soviets had a sub that sank and it went down very it was when it when it came apart it was the sub that I think exploded and when it came apart and sunk to the bottom it was in some a very very deep water the Soviets felt quite self-assured it was water far too deep for anyone to rescue it or to get it from so they weren't terribly worried that somebody like the Americans would be able to get it but the CIA had a plan and their plan was to get with Howard Hughes perfect cover have him build a boat that was supposedly for plucking manganese off the bottom of the ocean but instead they created a submarine with a huge claw. And this boat several years later because course you can imagine it took a while to build this boat this boat went out into the ocean ostensibly to make money for Howard Hughes this boat was actually specifically constructed under the guise of collecting this mineral this metal and of course this picture is old here in this picture I think you're looking at it after had been bought and then used for oil work but they actually took that boat and they they got very close to where the site where this Soviet sub was sunk and the Soviets actually shadowed this this boat and they could see the Soviet boat that had shadowed them the Soviets were watching for a while and they actually released this submarine out of this boat it went oh I want to say close to a couple miles down into the depths of the ocean spotted the sub put its claw on the sub the Americans all the while are a little nervous about the Soviets but about the time the Americans are getting it the Soviet boat gives 3 tubes which I guess is kind of the international signal for Seal enter and the Soviet boat pulls off not knowing that the Americans are right within reach of getting that Soviet sub as they're bringing the sub up there is this terrible shutter almost earthquake like what they discovered was that as they were lifting the sub off the bottom of the ocean that it actually got part way up and then broke apart they didn't get a big segment it didn't turn out to be as much of a technological treasure trove as they thought it was going to be but they got the sub Now why am I sharing this illustration with you at the very beginning because for years the Soviets had of the CIA had a phrase they used and when the CIA. It actually got to where they were entering into the modern social media world they started their 1st tweet with the phrase they had used when people would ask them about things they couldn't tell and they would say we can neither confirm nor deny that was their phrase that this is our 1st tweet they were having a little bit of fun now I'm using that tonight for this reason because I'm about to rehearse a little bit with you of what we went over last night and I'm about to show you how hard the devil is working to make sure that when we study prophecy we can neither confirm or deny anything as a matter of fact God wants us to have confidence that he not only knows the future but he has control to protect and take us through the storms that are on the way but I want you to know God's word is anchored in history and can give us a sense of what's coming even though sometimes we have to wait for it to come there are 3 ways of looking at problems the one says it's already happened one says that it's all in the future and one says that it's anchored in time and that is the method of interpretation that we believe in that god anchors that in time and because it's anchored in time we can understand what's coming now we've been using this text an awful lot I hope and seared into your mind so that when someone says to you well how do you know that these things are true you can say because the sanctuary is God's model of the progress of salvation history by way of God is in the sanctuary who is so great a God is our God and we've been going over the dynamics of the sanctuary multiple times Christ is the land Christ is the mediator and Christ is the judge hoping to vindicate us to look at it another way Christ is our deliver Christ is the power through a new relationship with His Father and Christ is going to restore us to recognize that this was fulfilled in the cross the relational power of the door opened up to the Father through. Christ is the Xanadu rated for his media Tauriel ministry when he went back to heaven is when the Pentecostal power is poured out and the 3 angels message are announcing the fact that the last cycle of salvation history is underway so our record is cleansed in the courtyard our relationship is renewed through Christ media Tauriel ministry and we are guaranteed reinstatement when the judge says they are safe to say now God always sends a message to prepares people for major world wide events which are going to affect their destiny so I want to know who did God send before Jesus came. John the Baptist it's interesting that Jesus will take Malakai chapter for the last 2 verses of the Old Testament 5 and 6 where it says that God is going to send Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord Jesus will say that John the Baptist is Alija if you can accept it now he's not literally Alija he's his own person he happens to be a relative of Jesus but this promise in Molokai Jesus would apply in measure to John but it applies even more because what Malakai is referring to is not the media Tauriel and suffering cycle of Jesus it's not him coming as this as a suffering servant and as a lamb the Lamb of God when Malakai is ending his story line he's talking about before the great and terrible day of the Lord so we should be expecting that someone with confidence and someone that can take a challenge and be in a prophetic showdown like Elijah will be a raise will be raised up to give the final message now it's a big deal to me I am going to continue challenging you how are you going to keep from reading in the Bible things you want to see have you ever just sat for a little while and said how could Jesus come raised people from the dead cleanse lepers make people bind from bursty unstopped the ears loose the tongue. Reconstitute shriveled hands make bet ladies stand up straight how could Jesus do all of this but his own people rejected him this you cause any person with any little bit of self-awareness to stop and say man if it could happen to them what about me this is a big big deal God came in the flesh we talked last night about over 300 prophecies in the Old Testament declaring it how is it that he could show up and manifest spiritual power like nobody else and yet still be rejected and worse than that destroyed by his own people the malice was so great the anx and the animosity so intense that they would take a murderer by the name of brab us instead of Jesus on one of the holiest days of the year the day of Passover which was to be the the day of liberation from sin was probably one of the darkest and most heinous days in human history how does that happen it happens because the human heart is deceitful Now let's talk about deceit. Deceit is a word this tied honesty isn't. If you're being deceitful you may not be telling an outright lie but there's something going on that you don't want to be totally transparent there's something about the human heart that struggles with honesty especially if it involves the affections the attitudes the habits the desires. I mean let's face it as a boy of 12 years old Jesus is in the temple precincts and he's already teaching the doctors of the law. Some of them I think went away that day saying I never I never seen that I had never thought about that but that kids right. Some of them were offended that someone so much their Junior could be teaching them things and the pride of their life put a roadblock up between him and his future ministry not all of them were so aged that 20 years later Jesus wouldn't be remembered desperately wicked whenever I have to deal with someone who has blurred the lines relationally they are not loving their wife anymore or they're not loving their husband like they should anymore It's amazing I've known people who are perfectly happy and married for 2025 years and all of a sudden it really wasn't all of a sudden but over a period of time all of a sudden someone that I have known was loved and respected by their their spouse all the sudden I find out that suppose of the spouse never loved them and then they've got to go a little bit farther they have to make the spouse into a bad person. And so now people that I knew to be over a period of years I mean I pastored in my last church over 19 years that means I watched a generation. Those people were not strangers to me after 10 years and after 15 they were less of a stranger and so when I have someone saying to me he's a verbal abuse or it's amazing how the human heart really adjust its thinking to do what its feelings want to do once we lose the anchor of truth. And so I'm appealing to you tonight you might learn something new those watching on the Internet you might hear something new are you willing to let the Spirit of God lead you in the journey of more understanding and the faithful application of truth to life the human heart is deceitful and when when it's convicted by the Spirit sometimes the heart says Lord forgive me and other times it says don't talk to me about that. It's important friends that tonight we're willing to let Jesus search our hearts now I want to ask you something how central to the life of the Hebrews was the sanctuary. I'm talking about an awful lot of my overdoing it let's see look at that picture this was the sanctuary in the wilderness after God said Let them make me a sanctuary that I might well amongst them there were 4 tribes on every side of the compass around that sanctuary it was so orderly it was right in the middle of the camp and this artist's rendition has lots of activity around it but let's go past the knowledge of God's desire to develop amongst them and let's remember that this sanctuary was made according to a pattern according to all that I show you that is in the pattern of the tabernacle So there was a pattern of which this would be a replica. And the pattern of all its furniture seems just as you shall make it it's appears that the God is communicating through Exodus with little emphasis it's not just that the building is patterned after the pattern is that the the actual furniture is too and we know that the author of the a bruise assures us that what was on earth was a shadow which means it wasn't the real McCoy It was a replica it was a shadow of the heavenly things so let's take a little 2 are here and let's imagine that we're in the mountains surrounding Sinai you see that little wisp this is the cloud of the presence here down in the camp what you're looking at now is an animation all those those lines are paths of the tribes of Israel as they're laid out it's like we're flying in an airplane down towards the sanctuary and the closer we get pretty soon we're going to be able to see oh those are people and those are tents this was placed precisely in the middle of the camp and it was set up with one interest representing Jesus Christ the only way to the Father and the only journey to salvation and as we come down in in our personal drone here we're going to come down in through the entrance we're going to see that it was quite a magnificent dwelling the sanctuary that wilderness tabernacle was used for about 500 years and it was amazing in its beauty and its simplicity the altar of sacrifice there where the lamb would be burnt after it was slain and here the bronze labor to wash you come into the holy place you can see the light from the Candelabra the 7 branch candlestick the walls were all covered in gold so it had quite a brilliance on the other side the table of showbread representing the provision of Christ to meet all of our needs and there before the veil that separates this is the altar of incense blood was put on the horns of that altar and that sweet. Smelling incense was the joy of God in the sense that some day the sacrifices would make all things different behind the veil was the most holy place and you see a artist's rendition of the she kind of glory the presence of God between the 2 Cherubim on the ark of the covenant which that lead was called The Mercy Seat this was absolutely central to the experience of the Israelites it was Central again when Solomon built the temple that temple lasted for about 500 years and then it was destroyed by never can answer Jeremiah had told them surrender it will be Ok even nephews are a day and the captain of Nabby can as there's armies would say to Jeremiah this didn't have to happen why it's happening is because you folks are sinners Milo's paraphrase nobody wanted to destroy that temple and nobody thought after the history of Israel that it could be destroyed but unfortunately rebellion led to the animosity of those Babylonians and when they finally got in the city the last time remember I told you 3 times never can as or came on the fast last time after an 11 year rebellion now because it was done and he destroyed the city he was to be the chastising rod of God for the Israelites but he was not to do as much as he did and God will write in the Scriptures how he was going to pay them back now we see in the Central Valley of the sanctuary those 3 pages of Christ Lee ministry mediator actually sacrifice mediator and judge so when we come to this text and it says under $2300.00 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed we know we're dealing with that single day of atonement it's the only face of Christ Ministry that it could be pointed to Daniel is very clear now I spend a little bit of time today doing a little research because. When I present this I have to point out some very interesting phenomena this prophecy of the 2300 days 490 years for Israel and the other 118814 the rest of the world is such an amazing prophecy that. It's either absolutely the most amazing prediction into the future or it's the biggest fraud and I'm making a lot of stuff up I've spent an awful lot of time in these seminars going over the simplicity of understanding the ministry of Christ if you understand the basic flow of salvation history from sacrifice the mediator to judge this step is not hard working through the details is interesting it takes a little bit more substance but the word understand is you 74 times in the Old Testament All right how many people 74 now how many chapters in the Old Testament a body know. Well there are 66 books in the Bible. But chapters if we take the 39 books in the Old Testament how many chapters Well there's 929 alright imma do a little math with you 929 chapters I'm I've got a point so the word understand is used once every 12 and I have chapters how many chapters are in the Book of Daniel. 12 there are 12 chapters in the Book of Daniel so on average if it's used once every 12 and ham times we should expect to read the word understand in the Book of Daniel how many times slightly less than one but I don't know how you read a word slightly less than the word so when we look at the experience that is written about here as Daniel's Prain we have something interesting that about how many verses are in the Old Testament of this is a big number 23145 so that means the word understand is used every 312 versus I'm going somewhere so let's look at how many times the word understand is used in Daniel 8 and 9 Ok. 27 verses in chapter 8 and 27 verses in chapter 9 for all you rapidly calculating mathematicians that comes up to 54 versus this 54 verses in these 2 chapters All right let's look. Follow along I heard a man's voice between the banks of the you lie who called and said Gabriel make this man referring to Daniel understand the vision now it's the vision that we just read about Daniel 81402300 days and then show the sanctuary because and Gabriel the one who took the place of Lucifer who became Satan stands in the presence of God. And someone told him he's the same when the went down to Zachariah before Jesus was going to be born and before his own son John the Baptist would be born. Gabriel make this man understand the vision there is one so he came near where I stood when he came I was afraid fell on my face but he said to me what he say friends understand Son of man that the vision refers to the time of the what. The End All right so this thing's going to take us what the scope of Daniel says it's going to do we're up to 2 times so he came near where I stood and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face we already read they have verse as it is written in the Law of Moses All this disaster has come upon us yet we have not made our prayer before the Lord our God that we might turn from our Nicholas and understand your truth and he informed me and he talked with me and he said Oh Daniel I have now come forth to give you skill to understand and we're going to get one more in here at the beginning of your supplications the command went out Daniel 8 is when Daniel starts praying he's obviously praying to understand I've come to tell you we are greatly beloved therefore consider the matter and understand the vision do you get the idea God wants him to understand absolutely and when you look at the frequency for those 54 verses considering those 23000 verses in the Bible and the frequency of once every 12 and have chapters once every $312.00 versus the word understand is used $35.00 times more by way of mathematics than it is anywhere else in the Bible. At least on average so there's this desire and there's this promise and there's this provision Daniel you're going to understand about when the sanctuary shall be cleanse we reminded ourselves that a day it was a year in Bible prophecy and we looked at this last night and what we saw is that 2300 days because it's prophetic literature is really a huge span of time 70 of those weeks were cut off for Daniel's people a very sober moment but what a wonderful thing for God to place in time such a long probationary period they were on the back side of being punished by never can as or another words God actually said you know what I mean business when I send my prophets I want you to listen and eventually after a showdown between Jeremiah and the false prophets of his day Jeremiah as word is proven true never can is or does come for the 3rd time and he said his business in the name of God and it's not pleasant he goes beyond what God would have done and yet it's what they chose those 490 years. Daniel is interested to see the conclusion of the 70 years that Jeremiah prophesied they'd be in a foreign land but on the backside of that punishment God is basically say Now listen I'm going to give you a chance to be faithful 490 years. Those 490 years work out like such we saw that 62 and 7 years were given for the process of rebuilding and the coming of the Messiah we know that the Messiah is a word that means the anointed one Jesus was baptized in $827.00 that it created rebuild and restore Jerusalem the final one in which provision was made for $57.00 b.c. Jesus comes exactly on time which is why the scriptures will say the time is at hand the time is fulfilled many people understood this now today people want to neither confirm or deny the prophecies Satan wants to make sure they don't point to Jesus and put people don't see the absolute clarity of God's ability knowing that he knows the end from the beginning but there was that one special week it was the last week in which Jesus having been baptized in anointed by the Holy Spirit would become the messiah he would begin a ministry of redemption hopefully looking to draw his people to Himself confirm the covenant and enable them to go to the world and tell the good news that God had actually come him self to set this thing right it's an amazing story friends we get so used to hearing it God came him self to fix the problem he sent prophets before we sacrifice lambs and goats and balls but Jesus came himself God showed up and for those 3 and a half years Jesus gave evidence that he knew the Scriptures he was a man of integrity he had power from above and yet at the very end he was rejected people refused him but he wasn't done he sent his apostles his church members his disciples but finally after 3 and a half more years with many many men and women proclaiming the power of Christ the the fact that God came down and became us the Jewish nation finally rejected that message and began persecuting the church the New Church outright and when that moment came it was one thing when they had taken the life of Jesus Jesus said I'm going to send you some others to tell you again we're going to offer forgiveness even though you killed me that was a for even forgivable sin. Listen the people who had Jesus on the cross could be forgiven good news friends because it was my sins and your sins that put in there. All of them were afraid to announce they knew him some of them ran away all of them ran away at least of the 11 that were that were there they all ran away one said he never knew him. One sold and. That was a forgivable sin but 3 and a happier years later when they go to stoning a man simply because he's talking about Jesus and he's saying You murdered him when they and very newborn church God says that's it there's opportunity now for you to still be received into this new fellowship but our special relationship is done 490 years those 810 years that are left are the media Tauriel ministry of Jesus and when we get to the time of the pronouncement of an hour of judgment it's already underway now I want you to know something Christ was rejected by his own I hate to think that if I had been there I could have struggled like everybody else but I don't know how I could not of. I have been taught that he come as a king I've been taught that he'd subdue the Romans I'd be taught life would be better more money more ease more prestige more power. To trade that in for if a Roman soldier tells you to carry his pack one mile which he could legally do when you get to the end of that one mile tournaments say this thing's heavy could I carry it for you one more mama that's a little different situation that's what this messiah brought he brought the joy of going down and loving as a servant not the pressed the power the pomp of going up and having servants but I want you to know for that period of time from when Jesus inaugurated his ministry as mediator after a period of time a new form of mediation came in which was not a true form and men were told they had to confess their sins to a man. And in this presentation I have a picture it's a picture of a confessional should we be surprised that during Jesus' ministry of mediation a false form of mediation is developed by the church listen it was the church that took Jesus' life let's not refer to them as a as the Jews or the Hebrews that was God's church in the wilderness that was God's church that was God's family and you know the New Testament church is God's family and Paul actually reference to us as descendants of Abraham the ones who actually believe in let their heart be touched by the Holy Spirit they become true Jews. But during that period of Christ mediation a false form of mediation was instituted and instead of going directly to God where the secrets of your life could be kept and the dignity of your humanity could be preserved from somebody else's ears and somebody else's lips the extortion the inability of someone who knew things about you to take something from you whether it was money or innocence or whatever it might be yes during those that period of time that 800 years man was robbed of knowing that he could go straight to God and this is part of what the Reformation opened back up but I want you to know the New Testament clearly understands the central of the of the of the tabernacle of the sanctuary this is the main point listen if you read a book and you know you're going to be tested on it and you read that phrase this is the main point you perk up and listen the things we are saying we have such a high priest who seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty and heavens a minister of the sanctuary of the true tabernacle which who erected the Lord and not man I'm not sure how modern New Testament theologians can read over this knowing the Central Valley of the tabernacle and the sanctuary in the Jewish experience. And not catch the simple plain phrase. Moses was making what he made after a pattern Paul is telling us the original is in heaven. For every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices therefore it's necessary that this one also have something to offer for if he were on earth speaking of Jesus he would not be a priest since there are priests who offer gifts the cording to the law who serve the copy talking about the earthly sanctuaries and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle for a said reminding us what was said to Moses see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the Mount Now listen friends let's not make it complex let's leave it simple when God said in Exodus 258 let them make me a sanctuary that I might well amongst them it's clear the same God who walked in the Garden of Eden wanted to walk with them all the way to the promised land that same God wants to walk with you every day of your life but when he told them to make a sanctuary the other authors of the Bible will make it very clear you can't build me a building that would really hold me. But I want to be with you so I'm going to give you a representation that storyline of sacrifice mediation and vindication the judgment that's designed to vindicate us that is the simplest story line of salvation there is but there's problems with it the problem is is that if you follow that story line all the way from the cross which is on Earth and represents the outer courtyard there's not going to be any death in heaven Jesus' ministry transitions up to heaven where he makes a way for us to be right in the presence of the father he came down to represent God to us he goes back up there to represent us to God It's a glorious story but this son challenged me of the sanctuary never goes away as a matter of fact when the New Testament tells us that the New Jerusalem comes down the city's dimensions. Now follow me on earth there's 3 compartments out a courtyard where you have to sacrifice a holy place where you have a relationship restored through the mediator and the most holy place where God deals with the same problem vindicate his people and puts the finger right back on Satan he's the one that got all this going when we go to heaven we lose the outer courtyard it's done Jesus only added I one time Praise the Lord. But I want to tell you something when the whole story is over. You don't need a holy place anymore so when the New Jerusalem comes down. All that separates this is history and now all you have is a city whose size is a perfect cube which happen to be the exact dimensions of the most holy place in Solomon's Temple So you see this progressive letting go of things but we never have to let go of the presence of God in the most holy place that's the privilege we get back it's an amazing progression. But now he's obtained a more excellent ministry it's for you it's for me as much as he's mediator of a better covenant what's the better cabinet the better covenant friends is the fact that Jesus isn't up there saying we killed the ram we killed a lamb we killed a go no he's up there saying this is my blood These are my people ah there you have people Father thank come to me they want to be different I can do it he's a mediator of a better covenant we have someone who knows what it feels like to be tired and alone and rejected he was tempted just like you and me only his temptations were so much greater than yours and mine we will never understand it. Indeed so let's come boldly but I've got to keep moving on this is easy to go to here Judaism 101 I didn't pluck this out of obscurity I want to make sure you know that I didn't have to search hard to find it the very 1st web site I looked at today which was not this one but the very 1st one that comes up when you Google Daniel 9 and Jesus in prophecy the very 1st one that comes up going to give you all the reasons why it doesn't point to Jesus and probably the 2nd and the 3rd one are 2 I didn't have time to read through them but this one here is not an out of the way website you just check out Judaism $101.00 I'm bringing it up for a reason this just happens to be on prophets and probably see you can see that it's in title What is a prophet I just want you to see that because I need to make a point they're going to list all of the prophets you may not be able to read that but it starts at Abraham and it makes it down to has sealed the Levite and then we come up here and you can see Hosea appear at the top and we get all the way down to haggis I And let's go a little farther Heh guys back at the top and we get all the way down to Esther and it isn't. And Daniel's name's not on the list. Why is Daniel not a prophet Let's go a little farther I am often asked why the Book of Daniel is included in the Writings not the prophets section of the Bible wasn't Daniel a prophet were his visions of the future true according to Judaism Daniel is not one of the $55.00 prophets now this is an interesting phenomenon his writings include visions of the future which we believe to be true however his mission was not that of a prophet I wonder if never can as Or would agree. His visions of the future were never intended to be proclaimed to the people I don't think that's how never can as are related to them as a matter of fact at the end of one of the visions. He basically says you know you don't believe in Daniel we're going to make your houses into a dunghill we're going to chop you up into pieces I mean never can answer make sure everybody in his realm knew that Daniel's God was unlike any other god they would have written down for future generations thus they are writings not prophecies and are classified accordingly a sage said made the curse of heaven fall upon those who calculate the date of the advent of the Messiah and thus create political and social unrest among the people if you want to get my references later on you can do that and then the most amazing thing occurs in the one chapter of 10 you Daniel were told when the Messiah would come but instead of explaining it to us our rabbis curse anyone wanting to find it out and then Rabbi be not money said in the name of Rabbi Jonathan blasted be the bones of those who calculate the end some of our rabbis and a further attempt now this is a Jewish rabbi who became a Christian Alfred l. to shine in a further attempt to keep us from Daniel even stated that Daniel was what's the last word wrong. Later Rybin in a system which naturally enough could not find its way through the messianic prophecies of the book declare that even Daniel was mistaken. So friends if you can't take the Bible as the cornerstone of your fake you're stuck with different authorities. And Jesus has opened up a way for us in the heavenly sanctuary as our High Priest understanding our frailties and yet during the 800 years before he began a nother work in conjunction with mediation men and women were taught that instead of going to God which is what Jesus opened up on the cross they had to go through a man. 2300 days is a long problem see with 490 broken off and they're all pointing in the 1st almost 500 years to something God did not want to be a secret. Now when Pastor Andy put up his 1st quiz the night he asked of God works in secret and we've been quoting Amos 37 quite a little bit for that surely the Lord God does how much nothing. Do you think sending his son to the world which is the hinge on which our hope and the and the evidence of God's true character swings the door of the hope swings on the presence of God to take our sin and to be a perfect representation of his father and a explanation of what mankind could have been after 4000 years of of human degradation. Do we really think that God would not do what the rest of the prophets say the Bible is either a book of fables and well thought out lies or it's the most amazing statement of a god who wanted to make it really clear you're not sure well just remember this it's sacrifice in the outer courtyard it's mediation in the holy place and it's been to cation through judgment if you bring your sins to God in the most holy place do you really think that any one of those faces he wanted to be a secret do you think when the world was steeped in darkness when it was when it was like a heavy hand of ignorance on the hearts and minds of men when they could be extorted for money in the name of salvation you don't think people who lay down their lives burned at the stake at their head chopped off and were tortured on the rack you think they did all that for nothing or do you think they were bringing back to life the sentiments of the prophets so people could know God loves them you can go straight to an end you've got something better you can look forward to if you're safe in the arms of Jesus Listen friends you don't have to be able to put all the math down on the paper but if you want to study it out the math is good and you don't have to be able to go back and dig up all the history but I want to tell you if you do the history is good and whether there's you know when we when we realize there's almost 6000 manuscripts to tell the New Testament story I want to assure you God is protected the message and he's raised people up and he's going to raise a whole bunch more about this 7th Day Adventist Church follows a lineage of Protestant Reformation preaching that restores the doctrines of righteousness by faith and baptism and holiness. These things are the shoulders of great men and women that we're standing on and the sanctuary doctrine is the doctrine for the last days because it describes when probation is coming to a close when the final door of it the final invitation of mercy is going to end when this work began an $844.00 God was waking the world up and he was letting everyone know when Jesus began showing so that he could begin closing things down turning things into a concluding moment in anticipation of this coming God wanted the world to know now I keep promising you that I'll show you William Miller's 10th largest bank in all 3000 people. Miller who became the laughing stock of America was God's choice instrument to make sure everybody knew the final ministry of Christ was getting under way even though Miller himself didn't know how to explain October 22 1844 was a huge disappointment for thousands of Bible believing Christians who had actually been kicked out of their churches because they dared to follow the spirit through the word friends tonight I'm inviting you to follow Jesus all the way to your heavenly home he took your sins and went to the cross he went back to heaven so you could talk directly to his father who is now your father. And tonight he's asking you. To let him lead in all of the details of your life to trust you to trust him. Jesus will come soon. You know even the doomsdayers have their clock and they're constantly moving it how many minutes to midnight how many seconds. I don't know when Jesus is going to leave the most holy place and declare to all of the angels it's finished but I know this everybody ought to know before it is finished. And I'm appealing to those of you listening to me tonight on the Internet whether it's in this auditorium or it's somewhere around the world a time delay view. We must reconstitute the focus of our lives to make sure the word gets out our churches must come back to life our Bible study must be refocused we can't take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that a booming economy is giving us tremendous opportunities they maybe some of them should be followed because God is in him and some of them should be ignored because God is not. Some appealing to you tonight friends. We're not in a position where we can neither confirm or deny we're in a position where we can state with confidence God knows the end from the beginning he came on time he's been working for our restored relationship and he will come again just as he said and the time to soon let's pray Lord bless these brothers and sisters of mine that have gathered I pray may we not live in spiritual doubt because we can't make up our minds may we not let pride love of the world separate us from the call to go to higher ground in Jesus Christ bless us now Lord we only have 2 nights left bless every person that's gathered in this room Lord give them the efficiency they need to make up for all the things that aren't getting done while they're here and I pray give them a sweet peace as daily they just refocus and recent render I want to go with them learn I want to see you face to face help us as we announce the good news. That everybody's so that somehow God's going to get the message oh please don't pass this by Lord forgive us when we haven't done it and please use a cypress to share the beauty the whole in Jesus name even this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more Sermon on the visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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