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Falling in Love

Dean Cullinane


Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.




  • October 9, 2019
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven. But we thank you for the opportunity to be gathered together in an institution that you rose up and to be here to read to study to hear and to be changed by your word Father we have all sinned against you and against him. And Lord we're not worthy to be called your daughters or your son's father your son will forever be worthy to be called our Savior and so we are asked that he would speak to us this evening we ask this in Jesus' name amen falling in love and let's just get straight in hands up how many of you have a fall in love. And keep them up give them up be proud you've ever fallen in love before some You're putting your hands out I don't know that means. So a good number of you would say that you have previously at least fallen in love how many of you are currently in love. How is your love with someone in this room right now. Or you love the person sitting next to you anymore. Maybe just 2 or 3 at the back. Falling in love falling in love is a strange thing scientists and psychologists alike have tried to explain a lot of saying that it's a mix of some of the chemicals testosterone more pronounced friend oxy toll sin and others penny has a lot to do with your background with your upbringing with your family with your beliefs I believe that it is quite frankly impossible to explain love as just as much as it is impossible to explain God. One of the best definitions for love that I've heard though. Is that love is like Cliff Diving It's like what. It's like cliff diving if you get this right it can be the most exhilarating thing that you ever do and the higher you get the greater it is the deeper you get from that dive the more special it is if you get it right. But if you get kloof right if you get Cliff Diving wrong. If you get Cliff Diving wrong you're done it's game over and similarly similarly as love I want to share with you this evening how I fell in love and I do that with you. For us as that's all we need. Is who I fell in love with. A name is Dorling like darling but with an older instead of an a I fell in love when I was 15 years old this picture was I believe when I was actually 18 it's the oldest picture that I have of the 2 of us so this was 10 years ago today not today 10 years ago this year and this. This is how I fell in love can I tell you I was 15 years old how old was I 15 years old at the age of 15 there was only one thing on my mind if you want to guess what it was it wasn't girls who said girls and girls no it was football. Like the actual football you know the one they use your feet with one that's a ball shaped football right. Now this egg hand stuff. That was the only thing on my mind the only thing on my mind was football and so in the area that I lived there was a strong Brazilian community Brazilians like to play like to play for. And so I said I started to hang out with them and and mix in their circles and before not we were doing more than just playing football together we were going out together and going nuts together and doing all sorts of stuff together that I can't go into detail. I'll get in trouble so. It's around the age of 15 years old I agreed to go swimming with my friends I'm not a big swimmer. On a big swim but I agreed to go swimming I couldn't swim too well either in fact right now I still can't swim to work. But I was there and I was listen we should picture this this 30 people mixed group and the only non Brazilian in the group the only one and the only one who whose English is my 1st language and so there we are you know we're all kind of running til you know all the showers to to kind of you know warm up or cool down however you do it before you get into the pool and every just goes in and so once we're in the pool everyone's playing games friends doing fun stuff teenager stuff goofing around and and then before you know it they start to play Brazilian games on and I hope they bring in the president and the president games leads on to speaking exclusively in Portuguese and like oh I can't do that either and so before I knew it literally maybe within 2 or 3 minutes of being there I was out one side of the pool by myself and everyone else was down the other side now you have to feel sorry for me but if you want to I would appreciate it. And I'm sitting that this free sitting on the pond not even in the pool it's not fun to be in the pool anymore I'm sitting on the edge of the poor and I'm like I'm going to probably be here for another 3 hours sitting on the edge of the poorhouse at. And then one of these guys comes over to me he spoke English came say said hey what's up we start talking a little bit and then I was kind of in the pool moving around just thinking you know how much time has gone by in the 2 hours that I've been sitting here it's only really been about 3 minutes and then I'm trying to figure out how to posit time what do I want to engage in the games but I don't know how I don't know how I want to interact with the group but I don't know how and I don't want to kind of wonder over be like hey guys you need kind of left me now and I'm here and I'm you know I don't really know any of you except him so you know I do want to do that so I'm there you know like I said Constance I'm probably going to drown at some point and then a young lady comes up to me in the pool. Guys calm down. She comes up to me she introduces a self and she goes my head and dunks into the water. And I'm like Ok it's on its own and we started messing about and the 3 of us myself and the guy that I kind of knew and the girl that I definitely didn't so messing about and then and then all 3 of us ended up sitting on the edge of the pool and I also I said why did you come over here so well I saw that you were by yourself. I was like yeah I was I was and that changed everything. That changed everything because I left that that that that leaves a sense and I'm on the bus going home with my friends and there's only one thing I can think about and before I know it by the time I get home and start to analyze my thoughts I'm thinking to myself hold on. I falling in love I don't even know her name. I fall in love so that was I would say almost 13 years ago almost 13 years ago and I've been in love with the same girl since to day she's my wife. I wish that she could have been here but that wasn't possible she's back home in California in the dark. Because they have a massive power outage there but. Love is crazy or that I say love is crazy it's unexplainable sometimes it just takes a look sometimes it just takes a touch of happenstance experience and suddenly love is right there and he's staring you in the face sometimes love happens with the person that you least expect but you can always tell really when it's love it's about that time when your brain starts to go fuzzy and you start to lose your mind and it's usually the onset of love somebody like I don't know that I've never experienced that in my life and say that nobody is perfect Amen so you fall in love. And then there's one person then there's one person that's in love. With you this young lady she didn't know she was falling in love with she didn't know the baggage that a 15 year old was carrying at that age of course I don't know the Lord in fact she would say although she grew up 7th Day Adventists she would say that she didn't know the Lord either I was struggling. Shortly long before 15 years old struggling in sexual sin struggling with harboring drugs for my friends to sell more than anything probably struggling with daddy issues not your standard daddy issues in that my dad left when I was young or anything like that but the kind of dad who raped my mother got her drunk raped her and that's how I came about that kind of dad growing up with that picture of what a father figure looks like not even having a concept of who God was I didn't think that I could be love. And the reason why I didn't think I could be loved by anyone I mean that by any one reason I didn't think that I could be loved is because I didn't think I was meant to be it's crazy I remember. I remember used to go to 2 arcades and you know they had those machines that you know they kind of come out and they go down and they make you think they're going to pick something up because it's so obvious the head is the exact size it needs to be it comes down it wraps around it lift it up and drops it every time I've never got anything from the thing. So I would put all the money I had which at that age wasn't branch but I always try and do these things and it never ever worked now I realize you know speaking we're going probability that that's probably what everyone went through that it never worked for anyone that there was like one guy every year who managed to get one crazy you know spiky head trolled all but for me anything like that that went wrong always brought me back to the point where it would come to my mind is the reason why they didn't work for you is because you're not meant to be here you're an accident you're around because one man couldn't control his lust that's why you exist and normally in the system a glitch in the Matrix so the idea the thought even. That someone could love me that someone could actually know me and love me I couldn't really wrap my head around it. And then that young lady introduces me to Jesus. Starts to take me to church is I thought to sit down and and listen to what these various people have to say about their Father in Heaven not able to escape my father on earth. To listen to the story of Jesus or the 1st time that I heard something that I believe could be even remotely true about God My instinct was to purchase a Bible when we're going to Amazon and buying the King James Version of the Bible. Because of course that was the one that I was that's the one you have to read and you have to read King James I should already read in the Bible so I had to get the King James and I was in England so I could read it. And I remember receiving it and every day for maybe a week taking that Bible pulling my bed my bed covers over my head about midnight every single night reading through the Scriptures. Why because I grew up in a Catholic house I wasn't allowed to have a Bible and I shared the room with my younger brother who is to this day the biggest snitch you could possibly imagine. Brother will snitch with no gain in it for him if you'll just do it just because. So be there every night covers over my head book light attached trying to read to make sure that this was not true and the more I read you've heard the story before the more you read in the more you see the character of God The more you see who Jesus Christ Himself is I just came to the simple conclusion I hope that this guy is just a myth a fairy tale a fable because if he's real everything needs to change everything needs to change and so I sat down with a young girl her and her sister would have Bible studies every Wednesday Daniel 2 you know your stars don't dangle to Daniel 7 into the Book of Revelation into the century into the gospels into Christ object lessons and desire and before I knew it everything revolved around this Jesus guy. Everything her member like I said at that age even when I got to the age of 18 and 19 and started to be introduced to go up football was really the only thing on my mind. And that started to get pushed to the side there was this desire now to know who God was my brain started to go kind of fuzzy I couldn't tell my mom she would understand and guess which day these guys go to church. On Saturday the day when all the football games or so every Saturday morning religiously pun intended. I would put on my shorts put on my football jersey I have this big backpack mom I'm going to for good just as far enough away from home that I could go into some sort of Bush or someone's garden and change into my church calls so I could go to church and hear about Jesus I was doing crazy stuff and it dawned upon me that's what happens when you're in love you do crazy things you risk everything that you have because you're in love. Let me share with you why I'm in love. Bible says and 2nd printing in Chapter 5 Verse 19 to wit that God was in Christ the Father was in the Son reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their trust was on to them and have committed unto us the word over reconciliation which you look very closely at this verse it says that the father was working through the Son In other words every time that we see Jesus everything that we see him do every summon he preaches every person he heals every lesson that he teaches it's the father doing those things through him. Is the character of the Father being outplayed in the son's life that the father was in the son doing what does it say he was doing reconciling the world unto himself the father is the one that is actively looking for reconciliation now when I was young 1516 Fellas let's be honest 1314 in fact maybe even still today God is working on this had a big mouth big mouth there's a reason why they say Think before you speak. I never really got that one down. And so if I saw something that could be funny to say I would say if I saw something that I could say that would insult someone that would get everyone in the class kind of laughing I would say it until one day I said it to the wrong guy said it to the biggest guy in the possibile building myself up to this moment. The biggest guy in the class I sit with in my sights big boss Jamaican dude everyone in my school is Jamaican. And I remember saying the wrong thing I remember him looking at me right in the eye and I remember thinking to myself oh boy. It's been a good life. I made it to 14 some people don't make it to 14. And so as soon as the bell rings Guess where I'm going it's not over to both Jamaican guy. Is straight out the door and I'm gone and I'm probably leaving everything else behind I'm making sure that whatever happens I don't end up in the same path as him right now there's only one way we're really there's only one way for me to sort this out this one just to let him kind of do what he needs to do but what I could do is I could go to him and I could apologize now can you imagine him coming to me to apologize does it make any sense to your brain you probably heard me say this and what why would he come to an apology exactly he's not the one that did anything wrong right if anything it's me that should be seeking him it's me that should be seeking His forgiveness is he there should be seeking his apology I should be the one trying to reconcile with him is a do listen listen I'm sorry man I'm just dumb I'm just so when I am sorry. Please forgive me the father is in the son and he's the one going out reconciling the world unto himself as though he's the one that done something wrong the only one that's done nothing wrong seeks out the ones that have only done wrong. That's that's love what else would motivate you to do that but love the Father in the Son reconciling the world unto himself I was his this that great to love has no man than this but to what we do with me than a man lay down his life. For his friends no greater love no great to love than a man would lay down his life if you will your Bibles with your like his hands Romans Chapter 5 Greater love has no man than this that a man would lay down his life for his friends Turn to Romans Chapter 5 When you that just say Amen. If you didn't bring your bible tonight say I'm sorry I'm going to go get it some more promise. Look what it says in verse 7 of Romans Chapter 5 for scarcely for a righteous man will one die yet peradventure or maybe or perhaps for a good man some would even dead to die Listen to this this into this. This is Paul speaking to the Romans. Scarcely he says was another word for scarcely really right or really would anyone die for a righteous man. You know why you know who can see who who are perceived as the most righteous in this time the Pharisees. The Pharisees so so so heavily minded that they were no earthly good the Pharisees were the righteous or the perceived righteous ones and so the general consensus amongst the community would be that no one is going to die for the righteous man really would you find anyone willing to do that but perhaps maybe there's a chance a greater chance at least that someone would die for a good man a morally good man a morally upstanding man no one would really die for the righteous it's unlikely but you might be able to find you've got a better chance if you really look for someone to die for a good man this is the general consensus amongst the community 3 groups of people within communities at least in this time you have the righteous you have the morally good and then you have the wicked now when Pulis writing to the Romans he does this in a very beautiful way because he really just highlights 2 of the 3 groups he say Ok Greater love has no man in this than woman lay down his life for his friend Paul understands what the greatest kind of love is and so he says no one would really do that for a righteous man but maybe someone would do that for the good now the Jews had these these people groups if you will where they could look at someone as righteous they could look at someone as good and then they could also look at someone as wicked and there was something strange that the Jews would do they had at least particular sex specific sex within Judaism they looked at the fingernails as being things that were of utmost importance thing is that your fingernails have a look at them or their so called them touch them make sure they're real if they're not that's Ok As always you know some 6 of Judaism believe this that before sin and to this earth that Adam and Eve were clothed Yes With gone and so of lights. But there are those Goldmans resembled a nail type substance and so that man and woman were covered head to toe with this material if you will and that when sin entered it when they ate from the tree when Eve became Satan's evangelist and gave it to Adam. That this substance began to dematerialize to leave the body and remained only at the tips of your fingers and your tolls hence why you have fingers and toenails today learn something new every day. But they see fingernails sometimes as being Listen to this as being kind of evil or bad having badness within than if you want to get that mystical and so there were very specific rules for how one would discard of their fingernails I know you didn't think that we're going to talk about this tonight but we are how they would discard their thinking as you see there's actually they actually would discard their fingernails in a specific kind of order you couldn't just go from left to right no no you start here and you go to this one and then you go to you know how do you go to from here to here to here to here to here you don't put them in order you can clip one and then clip the next one that's next to it and you can't do that and you can clip it on Thursday either because that means that it will more than likely be growing on what day on the Sabbath if you take it on Friday it's not really growing by Sabbath. Oh Ruth the fingernails are you with me. But it was very important how one discarded their fingernails why that would be important Well like I said they believe that when you when something left the body like this or something that was as symbolic as the fingernails. That it actually contained some badness can say mind some evilness can same contains some some death. That's a word and so and so they had to wonder a real kind of goal here and it was this and within Judaism pregnant women are viewed as the most important thing if you're a pregnant woman you know extremely important I'm not saying that if you're pregnant woman you're not important just saying for them it was really important Ok And the reason why it's really come really important is because with Vinnie you was a life. And life should never come into contact with death in fact they believe that if if a pregnant woman was to step on a discarded fingernail that she would be at risk of miscarrying the baby and so it was very important how you discarded your fingernails and so they had 3 groups you had the righteous man George the righteous man would do he would bury them yeah he would bury them he would discard his fingernails and then he would bury them because nor pregnant a woman is going to be randomly walking down the road stop and start digging right so she's not going to come across the thing else that's a righteous man for scarcely for a righteous man the one Die Another was that's not good enough why because the good man would go a step further the good man he burned them. Thing else together and burned them to the completely gone there's no chance that anyone will come into contact with him and that made him that he essentially went the extra mile fingernails the wicked however. The wicked would just tell Asli discard them you need to put your finger sometimes as. This flies over you had you know idea where it's gone. They wouldn't care but again what happened I don't care I don't care about the pregnant women. And so on poor ice the Romans he says these words. Scarcely rarely it's almost impossible to find someone that would die for a righteous man you might be able to find someone that would die for a morally good man and that he doesn't mention the 3rd group right I mean why would you mention the 3rd group if the 3rd group or the wiki group and and you only maybe might be able to find someone that would die for the good why would you bother mentioning the wicked all these things no one would die for the kid if anyone is dying for the good and post when it come of this point home you've got your you going conceptions about which which groups people fall into but listen I need to tell you something Paul says I need to tell you that while scarcely would someone die for a righteous man and maybe some would die for 8 a good man he says this but God commanded his love towards us in the while we were yet we kid Christ died for us he says to these Romans you might want to put yourself in a specific group he says to the Jews you might want to put yourself in a specific group but we're all in the same one there's none that are righteous and there's none that are good. There's only one kid and the group of wicked people would be the ones that no one could even imagine giving up their lives for but God. God commanded God show for he sent it to love to watch us in that Christ Jesus died for us when when while we were yet sinners let's not play games here this evening some of us deep inside. Some of us have not been freed from Satan's shackles yet what we'd like to. Also great and we have these we have these times the revival we're feels like we're free but all that's happened is the chains have been loosed a little so we've won it and we've we felt like we're free but whenever he's wanted he's just been able to pull us back in again you know what I'm talking about while while we were in sin is he is easy to start picturing the cross when we've come to the front and said that would be baptized it's easy to start saying Jesus loves me Jesus loves me more at the end of a revival or here I feel it my. Jesus really loves me and I love him so at those times when Jesus hung on the cross for you it was at the time when you looked at another man's wife that Jesus hung on the cross for you it was at the time when you sat in that classroom and pulled out your form when your teacher wasn't looking to find the answer to the test it's then when Jesus died it's when you just got back from that great conversation and you were on fire and then you went back to your room where no one else was around and went straight back to that sin that you've been sold desperately trying to be free from that's when Jesus died for you so easy to put people in groups the only Adventist in my family the only Christian in my family. And I look at them sometimes I try and visit my family as little as often so as little as possible because every time I go satans they're lying to me and these guys can never be saved to a kid because how they treat their bodies with how they treat other people the 2 of the conversations that last all the while Satan trying to do one thing not just discourage me you know he's trying to get me to think more highly of myself and others. That's the thing about thinking that there are some that cannot be saved it's yes yes yes it is but you're not really understanding and believe in the actual power of God but it is also that you elevating yourself to a standard then you wonder that you would live a better and you never deserved it it was in your city came in your sins that he died and what makes this was then you was doing while we were yet sinners you know the thing is it's not hard to fall in love with Jesus sometimes what's hard is to fall back in love with him I imagine that most of you in this room if not all of us will say most of you are one point in your life have fallen in love with Jesus Christ your brain or fussy he touched your heart you felt something real something genuine that maybe you never felt before you felt worth you felt meaning you felt purpose you felt love when one gets married it's not difficult to feel loved at the wedding it's look difficult to feel love everyone is there for you ladies some people come for the guys what we don't know really though let's be honest my wife is always saying her wedding her wedding no wedding I'm like Yeah Ok thanks for the inviolate was there I was there so what it's not it's not difficult to feel love involves times but what are you going to do when you fall out of love let's be a little bit more positive What are you going to do if you fall out how are you going to get it back in here validity like those little tea lights tiny candles tiny little white candles and what you call them over here and in that we call them tea lights once you light that thing and you blow it out it's incredibly difficult to light it again you know why because the wick it's literally made of nothing there's nothing to it you can just blow it no fall off it's not built to last. Can be really hard sometimes to reignite what happens is this we fall out of love we recognize that we for love we haven't told anyone yet because that would be embarrassing and so we just pretend that we still love the way that everyone else loves or you love Jesus I love Jesus how do you love Jesus where you go to church on Sabbath Ok I'll do that too Ok you're a vegetarian vegan Ok I'll do that too Ok you dress like this I'll do that you listen to this music Ok I'll do everything that's necessary to make people think that I'm actually in love but I know I know even if no one else knows that I couldn't be further from Love how to get back there then how to get back to love how do you fall back in love if you fall and now. John says this Nevertheless I have someone against me because Tao has left life 1st love Remember therefore from when you have fallen and do the 1st works or else I will come unto the quickly and remove the candlestick out of the place unless you repent if you're trying to fall in love again. We need to admit that we for now that we fallen out of love with Jesus Christ and this is the simple conclusion that I've come to if you have fallen out of love with Jesus it's because you have forgotten what I say you have you have forgotten from where he saved you from if right now you are in your relationship with Jesus and like this isn't even a relationship at all I don't even love him anymore let's be real it's because you have forgotten how far God had to go to save you it's because you started to elevate yourself to believing that you're something that you never were what does John say he says for simply you must look remember this for from where you fall and remember where you were. I remember exactly what it was that God put you out of you see a lot of the changes People love is like a check point in your life when you can look back on and you always know what you were like before you experience that I remember what life was like before I fell in love with my wife and before I fell in love with Jesus I remember what that life was and that life scares me that scares me do you know who you are without Jesus do you know the potential damage you could do without Christ in your life think about how much damage we do with Christ in our life. If you fall in on a lot with your spouse need to go back to doing the 1st works. Of any of you guys of a fallen out of love for but it hurts it's like experiencing heartbreak every single day of your life because you know what it's like to love you know what it's like to feel to feel that love you need to go back to the father who works for you do when you 1st fell in love how much attention were you giving one another when you were 1st in life how many times did you go out together when you were in love how many times did you tell your friends I call ready hang out with you I'm sorry I've got someone better in my life than how many times have you done that with Jesus how many times have you turned down the social activities so you could spend time with Jesus. How many times have you said you know what I don't have the time to study for this test so instead of procrastinating on social media on Instagram and Facebook and snap chat me spend that time with Jesus Newsflash if you're not in love with Jesus it's not because of Jesus if you fallen out of love there's one core repent. It's easy I know this from experience it's easy to look to the other person and have a long list of things that they've done as to why you don't feel the way that you felt take responsibility take responsibility for the fact that the hole that you're in you probably dug yourself and the reason why you haven't got out yet is because you haven't really wanted to 13 years ago. 13 years ago I fell in love for the 1st time. 9 years ago I realize what love is but none of that matters if there isn't love Now imagine sitting down and looking back on the past cheer when we did that. Remember when we were there so when we experience this gem when the Lord did that for us and then you look at it now and there's nothing. It's the easiest thing to sit in that rug to start to feel pity for yourself and maybe even look upwards as to why this relationship is no longer working so I plead with you this evening take responsibility. No where in that verse as I say seek down the one which you used to love and ask them to repent This one's on you if you haven't fallen in love yet you just need to come a little bit closer it's impossible to stand next to Christ and not be in love is impossible I'm sorry if you're going to just say well I've tried you haven't I'm sorry you haven't tried enough because the promise of God is that if you seek me with all your heart you shall find that promise applies to you so if you haven't yet fallen in love come closer get a better picture change your lenses. But if you fall in now if you stopped paying attention the way the used to pay attention if you stopped leaving little sticky notes to remind them of how much you love them if you stop spending time in prayer and reading the Bible and having worship together then I encourage you my friends it's time to get right back to that and it's time to do it now. Look within and ask yourself what are the idols that you've put in your heart that are keeping you from the time that you need to spend to make this relationship work. Is the greatest of all tragedies to have been created with a mind that can comprehend ever just so slightly how much God loves you and yet still deny it we get blown away at how far science and technology of come how much storage and memory and around we can squeeze into these tiny little chips and it doesn't matter even if they make something that has more more memory and power than the actual human brain nothing will be able to communicate with God the way this can and you've been given that we've all been given this the ability to commune with God the ability to have a relationship with him to recognize friends to recognize that while you were yet 7 or so I was stuck in my room watching pornography the night before I was going to go up and preach Jesus died for me I stand here before you as a young man that struggles struggles sometimes with the image of God struggles sometimes with the reconciling my experience with my beliefs. Struggle sometimes with balancing the chaos of life with the need for Jesus. I can only tell you this one thing for an out of love so many times but I've fallen in love one more than that fallen out of love song many times but I fall in love one more time that God wants to reignite the spark that was once a flame in your heart to use his spirit to move you to do the things that you know your call to do. It starts here starts now starts with you taking responsibility repenting turning away from the things that have kept you from God and allowing you to start this relationship one more time when I ask you to stand and we're going to ask you to come to the front now I ask you simply if this is your desire to kneel not now when you go home tonight and have an actual real conversation with God and if you fall in out of love with him tell him tonight tell him I don't love you anymore and I don't know what it is that's in my life that's caused this relationship to die but this is just where it is I fallen out of love before. It took me and that person to sit down and to admit that to him and to start again to pay those little attention to do the 1st works and that flame has shine brighter than ever before that's God's desire for you that's God's desire for your relationship with him that's God's desire for his church for his bride for his wife that we wouldn't go to that wedding having not 1st experience that love so take that to your knees this evening just be real but I've fallen out of love with you show me a picture of that love it touch my heart with that love again change me without love again Father in heaven we thank you because you've been so patient because we fallen out of love you time and time and time again and then blamed you for and all the while Lord you have been seeking us and searching us and chasing us down trying to reconcile us trying to reignite the flame even though we keep putting it out Father We've been called to a wedding you don't even know if we're in love and so far that we plead this evening. Plead for a picture of who you are we plead that in our own personal Prettyman our own personal devotion as we read your word a lot it's speak to our hearts that you would connect the flame to the scandal that we would shine brightly for you reveal to us Father the things that we put in our life that have changed our conception of who you are and your character and your love towards us and load give us the courage and the boldness to repent of those things take it out of our life long father there's someone here this evening that wants to commit to a new relationship with you pray for that person that the spa could be reignited in their heart once more. Thank you. Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ who while we were yes. Christ died for us. Thank you for the jesus name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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