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Homosexuality and the Church with Michael Carducci Part 1

Michael Carducci


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries




  • October 12, 2019
    12:30 PM
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Lord I just thank you for this time and I ask Father that you would open up our hearts and our minds that you would send your Holy Spirit in a large measure not only to be. With my heart in my and my words but also Lord with the heart in the minds of those that are listening I pray Father to prepare us for what's coming not only in the church but the things that are around the world that are designed to. That are designed to help us Lord but also to does to. Distract us and to avert Lord the perfect plan that you have for each one of us and so I ask this in Jesus' name amen. All right so coming I'm ministries was started 9 years ago and it was desire started by 5 different individuals that already had individual ministries was 2 women that were sisters and then 3 guys of which myself and and Ron Woolsey are the originators that are left now but we have other people that have come into the ministry and gone during that time in the last 9 years and what's really amazing I find is that there's a lot of people wherever we go that come to us privately or openly and talk about how they also have been on their own unique journeys. Or ministry I think is really kind of telling and we have a lot of popularity not necessarily because we're that dynamic but because the subject matter is now we know that this is going on around the world and there's just no way that the church can even avoid this anymore we have to address this and unfortunately the reason why my colleagues and I walked away from the church culture was because there wasn't anyone talking about this issue and so we basically felt no other choice but to leave the church what I find amazing is that through somebody's prayers each one of us came back into a church into the church through relationship with Jesus Christ and then found the meaning and purpose However there still weren't any resources in our denomination or in Christianity that were really helping to guide the conversation now that gay marriage is legal and we have l g b t rights knocking on the doors of Christianity the church has no choice we have to talk about this thing do we just can't sweep it under the rug anymore and so I find that amazing that they guy can even use adversity is a way to also force us to talk about these these things and I want to use this quote from testimonies on sexual behavior adultery in divorce Chapter 11 if you read it is amazing because she really talks about the issue that's going to be at the end of time licentiousness this is. Quote one of Satan's in Chapman's the licentious practice of the Hebrews accomplished for them that which all the warfare of nations and the in Chapman's of Belem could not do they became separated from their God their covering and protection were removed from them God turned to be their enemies so many of the princes and people were guilty of licentiousness that it became a national sin for God was wroth with the whole congregation the very same Satan is now working to the very same end to weaken and destroy the people who claim to be keeping the commandments of God as they are just on the borders of the heavenly Canaan Satan knows it is time he has but little time left now in which to work and he will work with tremendous power to ensnare the people of God upon their weak points of character there this whole chapter is in my opinion really the revelation of the the what's called the Internet society and how we've been bombarded by Internet pornography and things that are on the internet I have young people coming to me that were saying that they were 7 and 8 years old when they became addicted to pornography I have had young students young women in their early twenty's coming to me in Europe talking about their diction to pornography and masturbation knowing that they were not ready for marriage and the commitment of marriage and and you know these were attractive young women that were smart and intelligent and yet they were addicted to pornography so this isn't just an issue for men it's also an issue that women struggle with as well not just young people but also old people as well was really difficult managing and trying to find answers to the questions that I had thinking that the onslaught of not only the history of spending 20 years in the gay culture but also many years addicted to pornography how was I going to find the victory over these things in the church especially from a church that wasn't talking about it thinking that I was the only one as I started this ministry talking about the issue I realized that the pornography issue is really number one in the church. I want to share this is a picture of me I was about 12 years old there I was already struggling with many things identity issues I wasn't necessarily struggling with same sex attraction but there was things that were going on that at 40 years old when I came to Christ I said I want to know how I want to know why at my earliest thoughts that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body that's the only reality that I know that's probably the earliest thought that I can actually remember now as an adult but I didn't know how I got there I just thought that God had made a mistake I remember praying to God I acknowledge that God existed and I asked him to change me but each and every morning imagine the disappointment of that little boy waking up as a boy again and so this followed me until I was 20 years old it didn't go away I didn't develop through it or work through it and instead as I recognized God more and became an Adventist Christian in my early teens I remember thinking to myself that a sex change is really the answer when same sex attraction came my way that when puberty came I thought well if I was a woman then my attractions would be Ok and my body would be Ok so what that did is that had a driving force even more to reject the body that I had also the thought that if I was female that men would love me and that also I would be able to express myself according to the thoughts of the attractions that I had through puberty so again at 20 years old unable to find that that I could change those attractions I was in a relationship with a girl I broke up with her I moved to Florida and I remember thinking to myself after I ran into a girl that was also a lesbian we decided we were going to go back to the church once and for for all and find out if the church had any answers for people like us so I hand picked this one guy I watched after several months and I sat down with them and as I started to share you know what was going on he said Well Mike what's up and I said well it has to do with women and before I could say another word he said something very derogatory about women I knew I was a safe to share and I. I walked out of church that night after I listen to I'm unable to share my my issue and I walked out of church and I said to God I'm done I can't get my sexuality in my religion to come together you haven't helped me you haven't healed me and this is what you sent to help me and so it was from that point on that I went into the gay life they have rights now they have laws on our books that would basically protect a child like me that thinks that they're in the wrong sex they can actually go against the will of the parents and allow this child to take these these body morphing hormones to prevent not only the puberty process but to allow them to develop in the sex that they desire against the will of their parents now if that was available for me in the sixty's when I was a kid I would have been standing 1st in line Fortunately for me it was not because then when I was 20 years old and went out into the gay culture what I needed was male affirmation my father was abusive and loud he was in the Navy so my father wasn't home a lot so that when my dad was home he was angry and abusive so in this little boy's mind I could see my mother who was stable she was quiet she was consistent and then here's my dad this crazy man that's abusive and I thought well if that's my sex I reject that and in my defense I detach from my father and I wanted to be just like my mother I didn't have another role model I didn't have a brother uncle to give me any influence or to give me an example of what masculinity looked like that was safe and attractive and so I patterned after my sisters and so that followed me until I was 20 or so I imagine now being in the gay culture and all of a sudden realizing that masculinity is more valuable than femininity So if I butchered up a little bit in work out in the gym I found that I got all the attention from men that I desired Now this didn't cause a this did take away the struggle for identity thinking that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body but it didn't take away the same sex attraction but what it did do is by the time I was in my mid twenty's I realized that it was. Completely comfortable as a male I did had no more desire to be a female and that had left imagine the trauma that would have happened if all of a sudden in my twenties if I had a sex change at 16 or 17 years old realizing now that I had really messed up and my body would have been mutilated beyond you know repair there's no way that you can go back so these are just some of the struggles and every person's story is completely different than somebody else's I was transgendered I believe because of the rejection of my father I've heard many stories that are all over the map about how they may have been rejected by the mother I know someone whose mother wanted a boy or girl not a boy and so when he was born a male he was rejected so for him his thought was Well my mother would love me if I was a girl so that also started the transgender process for him as well I think it's unsafe or unfair to assume that everybody's situation is the same you know we all have different fingerprints and therefore everyone's story and how they get to where they are is completely different as well. So this is me at 12 years old I'm standing in front of my uncle's truck it was a really difficult day I talk about how the devil is putting these knots in the rope of my life even at an early age even before I was conscious the rejection of my father being surrounded by girls I was raised with 3 sisters I had 3 aunts that were about the same age I went to 10 schools within 12 years so you can imagine most of the time I hung out with the girls but I was fine with it the boys in school that called me Sissy queer faggot homo what they did is a push masculinity even further away from me and that was what I needed to be affirmed in my own masculinity So again this these are all some of the different pieces that put together this puzzle for me for why I was transgendered and same sex attracted not every person that is transgendered is homosexual as many as transgender that are gay are also heterosexual in their attractions so you can't make that assumption either that just because somebody is transgendered that they're homosexual that makes sense all right so then here I am at 12 years old I talk about the fact that saying gave me 3 knots in my rope of my adolescence in one day that morning my father had brought us back my sisters and I from spending 2 weeks with my dad he left my mother for this for this Adventist woman that was working as a waitress in our family's restaurant so now he's married to her he's divorced from my mom and look at that little kid's face you know I look rather pleasant but there was a lot going on I just spent 2 weeks with my dad and his new wife and imagine watching this woman touch your father the way your mother used to touch him and imagine your dad touching this woman the way he used to touch your mom I felt like my mom was left out I missed my mom I felt bad even when we had a good time thinking that wow how can I be having such a great time with moms at home alone so finally my dad drops us off at the house and my mother had had an auction the night before and sold everything that we had we were losing the house we were unable to to make the payments on it and we were about to move to Detroit Michigan and to live in a low income. Housing Project So here you pull into the driveway and you see all the furniture is gone other than what's in the back of my uncle's truck but my mother gave us an hour to say goodbye to our friends so the 1st not was my dad and his relationship with his new wife 2nd not was the fact that my whole world was completely upside down and pulled out from under me because we were moving and leaving without any notice at all so I went with my friends my 2 best friends and I remember we went to our favorite fort and my 2 best friends they had this new game they wanted to show and they stepped off a few feet away from me and engaged in a homo sexual act so here I am 12 years old witnessing all of this these 3 knots that the devil had put in my in my life that day and I just freaked out and I ran back home I never saw my friends again and that's me at the end of the day standing in front of my uncle's truck with a very pleasant look on my face and I think that that's what each one of us carries whenever we live in a world that is filled with defilement and filled with all kinds of things that we don't ask for that are just heaped on us and so many times there are many people in the audience that have gone through either similar things or their own things or so as kids we learn to stuff them in not knowing that that eventually will have an effect on us as we grow up and become older so this was an example that I wanted to share. My 1st exposure to pornography came when I was 10 years old my mother actually gave me my father's porn magazines when he moved out she could tell that Mike had some issues and she thought maybe these images would help solidify like heterosexuality for me I don't know but I remember looking at the images in these magazines and I remember I couldn't remember their names I'm 59 years old and still I can remember the names and the images that I saw on those pictures at 10 years old and I remember thinking to myself I didn't want to have them sexually I knew that men desired these women and so I thought that if I was like them that maybe men would love me and so again my mother's efforts to help solidify masculine identity for me actually. Worked in reverse what it did is it made me desire to become more feminized so you can see how things started to get switched this followed me pornography followed me in into my adult years even as a Christian it was something I struggle with even as an elder in my church and we'll talk about that a little bit later too so at 20 years old I marched into the gay culture and they had their arms open wide the church either wouldn't talk about it or the denigrating comments that they would made were rejecting And so I felt I didn't belong in the church so I belonged in the gay community and so as I was in the gay community I remember marching in the gay pride parades I tell people I was a poster child for the gay life it was an aerobics instructor and a hairdresser and you can't get any more gave than that and so as I was living the life and living the dream in the it was never faithful in the 5 significant relationships that I had I was already a sexual addict very early on but I remember marching in the gay pride parades and seeing the flags and the and the signs from the Christian community that talked about how God hates queers and and how God thank God for a and aids also came out in 1901 the very same year that I did so what that did is it made me ashamed that I never called myself a Christian and it didn't draw me back to them and said it did anything but push me further away from them my whole life was identified with this 20 years of living in the gay culture 20 years as a sexual addict in 5 significant relationships in my life I wanted nothing to do with God Why would I want anything to do with God who I thought had already rejected me and my thoughts had become the fulfillment of Genesis 6 verse 5 I was only always looking for opportunities to act out sexually I would act out as often as 3 times in a day with different men and as often is 45 times a week you do the math for 20 years never used protection ever it's a total miracle that I stand in front of you today I had sex with many people that would be dead within a year of having sexual contact with them and yet I knew that I was playing Russian roulette with every sexual encounter. In Matthew 820 says For where 2 or 3 have gathered together in my name in their in their midst and the reason why I'm here is because I have 3 sisters that were praying for me so while I wasn't praying for myself they were actively praying for me they loved me my sister in the in the top right here she actually worked with me and my hair salon my lover and I had opened up a hair salon and I thought that she totally accepted me in my gay life she was supportive she was loving she always invited my lovers over for holiday meals but she was praying for me on her knees her and her her and my sisters they were praying for me and so God was able to intervene at a time when I wasn't praying for myself and to give me another opportunity to come back and that's why I'm here today. I want to share with you just a couple of quotes because now what's happening is there's movement coming into Christianity into our denomination that's basically saying that that homosexuality l.g.b. t. attraction is a blessing from God and that basically that the Bible is archaic and that Paul and Moses are relevant there's even we have seminary professors that are actually saying that there are many ways of interpreting the Bible and so I want to share with you even though we have this onslaught of these groups that are coming into our denomination it's very clear that even according to science and other people that homosexuality is is flexible that people can move in and out of the traction and also to experience something other than what they are naturally drawn to this is a quote from Camille Paglia she's a lesbian activists and this is what she says she says is the gay identity so fragile that it cannot bear the thought that some people may not wish to be gay she says sexuality is highly fluid and reversals are theoretically possible however habit is refractory and that means very difficult to change once a sensory pathways have been blazed in deep and by repetition the more you participate in that behavior the more Laci won that's exactly what I experienced in that life but she says a phenomenon or she said the sensory pathways have been placed in deep in by repetition she compares it to a phenomenon that is obvious in the same struggle with obesity smoking alcohol and drug addiction but she says helping gays how to learn how to function heterosexually if they wish and I think that that's the operative phrase here if they wish is a perfectly worthy aim coming out ministries isn't here to drag gay people into heterosexism our responsibility our message is about letting people know that the power of Jesus Christ will exist today and that why would I give up my boyfriend why would I give up my sexual freedom into a relationship with Jesus Christ that calls me to be celibate is because he had to offer me something better than what I was getting in the gay culture otherwise it would be here but here's a lesbian activists It doesn't even acknowledge God saying that change is possible so who are we as Christians to say that the power of God is not available to people. She goes on to say something even stronger she says homosexuality is not normal on the contrary it's a challenge to what is normal nature exist whether academics like it or not and in nature procreation is the single relentless rule that is the norm our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction no one is born gay the idea is ridiculous homosexuality is an adaptation not an inborn trait so again if a lesbian activists can say that change is possible and what the norm is I still have to respect the right for her to choose and she chooses to still be a lesbian that's her right and I think that this is really the capstone of what we're talking about in Christianity I have to respect your right to choose but I also have to let you know that there's another option and I believe that as Bible believing Christians that we believe in the power of Jesus Christ then we have to also offer that to the community as well we need to be more loving but that love also comes from the message of truth. I want to play with for you the trailer to our documentary journey interrupted if you go to journey interrupted dot com You can actually download a copy of our film our film has now been translated into 12 different languages which I find amazing volunteers people volunteered and pretty soon it's going it's coming soon we're actually going to release the film for free and we're just going to just put it out there and hopefully everybody that wants to can have access to our film. Film is one hour on hour so what I want to do is I want to segue into identity now want to talk about the transgender issue just a little bit and now we have this word called non-binary basically what non-playing Mary does is kind of explain the fact that sexuality is not only fluid but so is identity so here's something that you may not realize how I identify myself is different than what I'm sexually attracted to to see how they're separate so you can be transgender and you can be straight or you can be transgender and you can be gay as a matter of fact the transgender issue in itself really does away with all of the of the labels be because what happens is if we say that the world is non-binary then I'm not identified by my male anatomy or female anatomy then basically you're just attracted to another individual so that does away with same sex attraction or bisexuality or lesbian ism because if you're non-binary means your identity don't identify as male or female then there are no homosexuals or heterosexuals does that make sense that basically just does away with identity period ultimately the idea is that goes in contrast with what God originated in Genesis chapter 2 when he made the male and female as a matter of fact after he finished the creation of Eve you step back and he said the complementarity in this in between Adam and Eve sexually even is a full represent Taishan of who God is so it doesn't make sense then that the enemy of the world at the end of time is going to make identity an issue to where we just blur the lines and we don't have the distinction between the males and females and when you do that you have no more brothers and sisters you have no more husbands and wives you have no more mothers and fathers it completely destroys the image of Will God intended and established before sin entered the world so here you have an image of the doctor and he's basically looking at this at this baby determining according to the biology whether it's male or female. So gender is not what you feel or weight gender is not what your biology is it's what you feel and so Jeremiah 79 says that the mind is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it I can't trust in my feelings however this is the new movement the new movement is all about not identifying according to your biology but basically according to your feelings and so again as a transgendered person in my youth up until I was 20 years old I completely felt like I was a female somebody was engaging in a conversation with me and they said how could that be you know there there's no doubt you knew exactly what you were but I told them I said from my perspective I remember standing in front of the mirror and tucking myself so that I didn't see anything there and that it was flat and I remember resenting my male genitalia desiring it only wanting to be female and if you don't understand if you've never felt that way before then it makes sense that you may not understand or you may not relate to somebody that's transgender but I'm here to tell you that you can definitely feel very disconnected from who you are as physical you know body rather than who God says that we are and I want to talk about that for a little bit now what we have is ever since science has developed these amazing hormones and surgeries you can make yourself a very convincing opposite sex person just from the hormones alone this is Jamie holding a box of the hormones on the left and this is Jamie on the right after being on the hormones for a year take a look at the transformation the transition you can start to see this is Jamie is a little girl and as she's on the hormones you can start to see the development of like the bone structure the nose starting to grow a little bit stronger you can see the development of facial hair start to come into the picture and this is just a progression of pictures that's taken day by day to the Ventura Lee Jamie looks very much like a guy now this person came into your church would you let him date your daughter. And this is what we're up against now this is going to be so confusing in my opinion that the transgender issue is going to be 10 times more disturbing to the church and confusing to the church because if you can't tell the difference between men and women then again you don't know the difference between who's the mother who's the father who's the husband who's the wife there's a story in Australia where a family was actually brought into the church to have 3 children of their own and the mother and father it wasn't until after they were teaching Sabbath school for 2 years that they found out that the mother was actually a transgender male So here we have 2 males in a relationship one of them is transgender and they're raising 2 children that they had adopted in China and again they're not even realizing this because the mother who was really a man was actually so convincing that the church never even questioned it. This is actually something that's going on in our culture what's happening now is that we're being infiltrated by the media making transgenderism and homosexuality very normal Madonna was interviewed back in the eighty's back in the eighty's and some of you weren't even born then but I was around and I remember this interview from Advocate which is a very gay magazine they said how can you put so many references to homosexuality in your videos and your music videos and understanding the media she said she says Well at 1st many people will be disgusted by it she said but eventually after they watch it over and over again they'll become used to it are normal and they might even be turned on and so understanding this now here we are living in 2019 her music videos have been around for almost 40 years and now we see that in society it's very normal and accepted to see homosexuality bisexuality transgenderism definitely express in the media take a look at this video because I think the video is very good about explaining this process what they're using is the example of media in the in the islands of the Caribbean because in the islands of Caribbean l.g.b. t. acceptance is very limited and it's not promoted and so the idea is if you take a sports hero and put him in a dress it slowly starts to break down the prejudices so what's happening is the media has been basically turning up the heat on the frog in the pot for many years and this was actually designed at the turn of the century can you see 1928 was the year that this was produced so the media has been moving our values and our morals for many years. I want to end with a story because I want to identify the problem the challenge of transgenderism to the church but I also want to talk about the solution and what I find amazing about the power of Jesus Christ today to still transform lives is really the example is really what we need more of in the church and I think that we lack that this is these are images of a young person name Ray and Ray was born Melissa a little girl but this is who Ray was after he was taking the the hormones you can see Ray has some facial hair up here and as a little girl she fantasized about her wedding day but instead of being the bride's want to be the groom and sort parents what religious they didn't care dress how you want she wore Superman underwear and she became molested by some of the kids in school by some of the boys and the girls as she was growing up by the time she was 16 she was living as the male in a lesbian relationship and she was dressing as a male and eventually she said you know what I really want to transition I don't want to be stuck like this she would hear the voice of Ray in her head that would say you know what you should have muscles and facial hair you shouldn't have those breasts and smooth skin and so she decided to move to Seattle Washington where she started going to therapy she received the hormones which started to change her body and she would stare at herself for hours every day in the mirror but while she was on the hormones not only did the hormones change the body they also adjust the mind they cause a lot of depression they cut out cause a lot of mental problems that will also be with them until they stop taking the meds and you're going to have to take the meds in the transition process for the rest of your life they've also shown that not only do these meds cause mental problems but they also cause physical increases of cancer and they also cause a shortness of longevity in the life but you don't have to be on these meds for the rest of your life when you start to take them science still does not know the outcome of what happens when you start young children on these meds to change their puberty so we don't even know what the results are what's going to happen to these these children that are prepared best. That are taking these hormone blockers and what the effects will be on their lives as they as they grow older but anyway Rae decided that that as she was taking the hormones and transitioned to become a real man that she heard this voice of Ray inner voice in her mind and just said you know what you're so pathetic you'll never be loved no one will ever accept you this way you should just kill yourself and so she was so depression couldn't even go to the the psychology appointments to not only receive the meds but also to receive her surgeries and she called the only person that she knew would be open to her and that was a Christian friend that lived in Colorado many states away she had talked to a friend in many years and so she even used her her female name which she hated and if anybody ever called she would clench your fists and look at him and just say Don't ever call me that again and so she called her friend and she said I'm really in a bad way their friend said Well come to me and she said I don't have any money and she said I'll pay up pay for your ticket just come to me so Ray went out to a friend's house and a friend said you know if you want to be called Ray I'll call you Ray when you want to be called I'll call you whatever you want she said because I just want you to live and during this time as Ray was in her house see her friend would just pray for her she didn't stick her finger in her face and judge her or condemn her she loved her and what was supposed to be 3 days turned into 3 months and during that time she heard the Holy Spirit raise her the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit was speaking to her and she said one day she goes you know I've never prayed before and she said Lord how do you see me and the next image in her mind is she saw this woman in a long flowing dress with long hair just praising the Lord and she said that's not me and she immediately dismissed that thought but as she stayed at a friend's house she started to open the Word of God and then she started to read from the Bible she started to read Psalms $139.00 the talked about the pursuit of God about how God is willing to go to the highest hides in the lowest depths and that darkness is the same as life to God he's always there no matter how much we try to avoid him but then his segue into said his thoughts are as callous as. The sands of the seashore and then the verse that said and he knit your delicate inward parts together in your mother's womb that was when she started to realize that the blessing of identity the blessing of femininity or masculinity was a blessing from God And so she was unable did like a switch on the wall to just flip that but she started to adapt to some of how God said she was the identity of what God says that we are so she started to let her hair Gras and you can imagine that takes a long time and as her hair started to grow out she started to also replace some of her clothing with more feminine clothing and I want to show you the transformation because this is who is today now we know that through hormones and surgery you can make some incredible changes in human beings but I want to let you know that God God is much more different man judges the outside but God judges the heart and the change that you see here in the wrist side is what he did from the heart what you're seeing on the outside is manifested from what happened on the inside we have to show to the world especially even to our own brothers and sisters that we sit with in church that God's ways not just good it's not just truth it's got to be better than what the world is handing out and I think that the Christian church is really responsible for a lot of the judgment and the hate that's been wielded at us because quite frankly we've learned that and from my perspective I've experienced that but we have to become more living more loving but that doesn't mean that we throw out the truth with being more loving the truth is love and we have to offer that in a loving way and I think that that is what the church is missing today. This is Morris says she got married 2 years ago. And she's now is she at this time she was expecting her 1st child let me tell you something a month ago she gave birth to her 2nd child and I have the opportunity to see her next week and hopefully do another interview with her but that to me is amazing to show the power of Jesus Christ today as a god doesn't doesn't desire for us to mutilate our bodies to become one with Him In other words basically he wants to change our minds so that our bodies are adapted and the blessing of what he meant for us to be so the menu of sexuality is out there you have you have lesbians you have homosexuals you have incest now there there are 2 gay brothers that are identical twins and they're saying that the identity that the definition of marriage should include you know being able to marry each other you have a man that had a ceremony with his dog you know have polyamory we have relationships with 3 or more are in a marriage and so these are the things that are out there today but a lot of people don't realize that the one that is most pervasive in the church is just is happiness as anything else and we we tend to have judgments about these other sexualities but really pornography is the number one thing that's attacking the church today number one not only that premarital sex masturbation these are the things that we're dealing with as a group of people a society all because of the advancement of the Internet now we have access to these horrible things up in a conversation with somebody yesterday from from Apple and they were talking about how when the Internet came out you know how we have dot com right everything is dot com They said that if they wanted to separate porn out if they would have what 20 years ago started off with dot com for things that were healthy and then have x. x. x. Ray me thing that was you know that was illicit or sexual would have separated these things but I said to this person I said but that was never an intent to pornography industry knows that the sooner that they can expose young people to pornography. The sooner that they can hope them get them sexually addicted and also to get their revenues the enemy also knows of the sooner that he can destroy their minds if a little child goes to the computer and looks a Barney the purple dinosaur that the pornography industry has already. Provided ways to slime them through pornography that would come up by just searching things for children and all of this is done artfully to destroy the minds of the children before they become adults 28000 people every 2nd are viewing pornography that's $102000000.00 people every hour 3000 dollars is being spent every 2nd on pornography that's $11000000.00 every hour you know that according to Covenant eyes and this is the most startling statistic 3 percent of boys have never seen pornography and 17 percent of girls Can you imagine what's happening to our children now this is a cartoon that basically shows the mom and she has given her child on unlimited access to the Internet no no software controls on it at all and and she has Billie you know do you and your friends have the laptop and on the door it shows internet porn free and side extreme sex massage any and Bill is responses Yeah Mom we're doing our homework. I had a 9 year old there was a there was a theology student in his twenty's and he said to me that it 9 years old he was addicted to pornography his father was a pastor his mother was a nurse they kept the computer in the family room so that they could watch the things that their children were accessing on the internet thinking that they had a good system but this boy went to an admin a school and his admin is friend at 7 years old brought him a piece of porn that he had printed off of the family computer and that's where his addiction began he would set his alarm for 3 o'clock in the morning so that he could watch pornography on the family computer while his family was asleep this is what happens in our world today whenever we have unlimited access to the Internet any parent that allows their child on limited access has already set their children up to fail there's just no way that you can avoid it even with these these controls like covenant eyes things that are supposed to be accountable on our internet can still allow people to access pornography but it makes it much more difficult. The average age of 1st Internet exposure to pornography 11 years old 15 to 17 year olds having multiple hardcore exposures not just looking at naked images but actually looking at sexual intercourse 80 percent and 8016 year olds having view pornography online 90 percent 8 to 16 year olds 90 percent and mostly well they're doing homework. Masturbation is wrong also law many times I get this question in the q. and a what's wrong with masturbation the words not in the Bible but it is it really is addressed James Chapter one verses 14 and 15 says but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and enticed So what that is saying is that masturbation begins in the mind even before the body is manipulated the imagination is and you know what God wants our characters our minds to be pure and to be holy for him and so the problem isn't necessarily the act of masturbation it's what's being gauged in the mind when you're indulging this so it goes on it says then when lust is being conceived it brings for sin and sin when it is finished brings forth death also in Matthew $528.00 but I say unto you that what So whosoever look at on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart that to me again is another confirmation that sin begins in the mind and when you're engaging in masturbation you do looking at images or you're imagining images in your mind and it's the mind that God wants us to protect it's not so much the act because the act really is nothing more than an expression of what the mind wants to do. Watching pornography allows you to ignore your needs rather than acknowledging and dealing with them as a matter of fact every person that I've ever talked to male or female that was addicted to porn young or old it was basically something that happened somewhere in their childhood that that interrupted their ability to relate intimately to people might have been a relationship between a brother and sister or maybe a good friend or parent but every person that I found that was addicted to pornography had something blunted in their childhood or even in their early adulthood that disconnected them with the fear of close intimacy and what that means is that every one of us desires intimacy and if we're not able to receive that if something has aborted that pornography is a perfect relief for that because pornography doesn't require that you invest in that person intimately you can have a blonde a redhead a brunette whatever you want and it's always designed to please you and never reciprocal so people who have interrupted intimacy or inability to relate intimately even to their partner that they're married to pornography is a great pull and a great way to artificially give you some sense of intimacy pornography makes normal relationships difficult or impossible like I said these young women came up to me and they said that their addictions to pornography knew they they knew that this was going to interfere with their ability to have healthy marriages and Healthy Families porn puts up walls of dishonesty porn makes us disassociate disassociate to get aroused So again many wives have come to me also and they said I can tell when my husband's looked at porn because when we actually engage in sexual intercourse he's disconnected he's not connected to me at all so again you have wives that aren't receiving 100 percent of their husband you know you have young boys that aren't able to have healthy relationships and the same with women too all because of pornography masturbation. Pornography tries to offer a sex in a lesser state than God intended God is the ultimate giver but pornography only ever takes away we can never justify pornography not even a little not for a short time not as a test not with our spouse not now not ever pornography is always wrong God has you all to McGiver but pornography only ever takes away because you were intended to hold your beloved you were intended to look into their eyes the eyes of the opposite sex made the person that you've committed to and so how sad that we sell ourselves out cheaply for these cold hard devices that will never return our love and so the devil has destroyed this gift and we've sold ourselves out for these temporary vices when really what God wants us to have is the ultimate experience in holding our beloved there's a actor who is known for having sex with all of the most beautiful women in the world he was good looking him self very famous actor he came out in the late fifty's so all of his life he never got married he was a confirmed bachelor and he was sleeping with all of these really beautiful women so according to this person you can imagine had the best sex that was possibly out there but he made this statement and he doesn't even acknowledge God he said the best sex I ever had was in his fifty's when he was in a monogamous relationship with his wife so even Here's a man that identifies with the world and doesn't acknowledge God but he recognize that an intimate committed relationship with his wife was the most fulfillment of sex he'd ever had again I want to remind you the God's ways not just right it's got to be better than what the world is handing out. Monogamous adultery among Christian student is it among Christian students it is not consider losing your virginity to engage in oral or and all intercourse and this is just among Christian students among the world bent on care they just indulge in whatever they want but how sad that even in Christian communities that to engage in oral or in sex is not considered losing your virginity and again the problem isn't the physical act so much as it is it is the fact that you are not in a committed monogamous relationship with the opposite sex individual and therefore there are so many mental issues that happen whenever you engage in sex outside of marriage whenever a woman commits to a guy sexually without the commitment of marriage she feels degraded she feels unworthy and she may actually think that by solidifying a sexual relationship with this guy that he's going to make this lifelong commitment to her unfortunately many times the guy things said hey because I'm getting sex from this girl I'm not necessarily committed and I could be a free agent if I won so what's really wrong with that is that the Bible is very clear that when the to have sex they become one flesh whenever you have sexual release with anything you become a part of it is something amazing in that bed by beholding we become change and the Bible is very clear that by 2 becoming one flesh that means that in a sexual relationship whenever you have a sexual release there are indoor fins that are released in the back of your brain or whatever you're looking at at the time you have this actually is the brain says wow that was great let's do it again and I like to be very clear when I'm talking to young people is that sex does feel good it was designed exactly for that it was a gift of God but God knew that the parameters were necessary to not only rein it in but also that you so that you could enjoy it to the fullest satisfaction anything outside of those boundaries is going to bring us heartache pain disease destruction and so again God didn't reign it in as a punishment he reigned it in to make sure that we had the fullest opportunity to express intimacy in the best possible way does that make sense. For this cause Selamat leave his father and mother and shall be joined to his wife and the 2 shall be one flesh basically what that means is like super globe whenever you have a sexual release you are super gluing yourself to what ever you are looking at when you have a sexual release whether it's a human being a cell phone a tablet a magazine whatever that is you are glued to that thing that to become one flesh and the devil knows it the devil knows that this is how it works and so he's going to try to dissuade us he even knows the Biblically God even acknowledges it in 1st Corinthians Chapter 6 in verse 16 it says what don't you know that when you have sex with a prostitute the to become one flesh whether you do it the right way or the wrong way it works and so again this is why I believe that all sexuality needs to be address in our schools and in our churches and in our denomination in a way that's healthy to not only let people know the power of what sex does but also ways to do it so that we can fulfill our you can experience the best fulfillment of what God intended for each one of us to have and I think that that is a loving message and that homosexuality transgenderism bisexuality polyamory it doesn't give you what you want in the 20 years I lived as a homosexual I saw many people that weren't happy in their relationships either and I can tell you firsthand that there are very few exceptions to the rule in homosexuality of relationships that ever work that are monogamous. Those who are controlled by their passions cannot be followers of Christ they are too much devoted to the service of their master the originator of every evil to leave their corrupt habits and to choose the service of Christ sexual sin regardless of what avenue you take it destroys our ability to be intimate with God since separates us from God That's it pure and simple and we know that by the 1st quote that I gave you that licentiousness is exactly what the devil is going to use at the end of time to take God's people out just like he used in in in the in the land of the Israelis before they went into the Canaan land Beilin was unable to curse them but he said if you cause those women the Canaanite is women to come into the camp you can destroy them sit through sexual sin and Ellen White our prophet even said the very same thing that at the end of the time at the end of time as we are standing on the banks of the heavenly Canaan land that Satan is going to use all of his powers to do the very same thing that he did to the people of Israel brothers and sisters we have we have information available to us today to not only let us know what the right pathway is but also how to achieve it and how to maintain it so that we are not corrupted and I believe that that's what coming out Ministries is wanting to promote and to provide not only to and lighten the church but to equip the church and to let us know that there is not only victory over sin but that it's better than anything that the world is heading out to was so before we go into the q. and a time I'd like to just segue with a little prayer give you a little bit of a break and then we'll go into our question and answers so again I also want to say that only questions that are written on these papers will answers that all right is that fair Ok All right so let's power heads and pray. Father I thank you for this opportunity to basically share just your Amazing Grace Lord and that these behaviors are out there in the world they're even in our church and Lord I struggled with many of them myself the Lord you are amazing too to show me a love that would even give me the desires Lord to want to give up all of those things that are against you so that I could experience Lord for the 1st time in my life an intimacy that is unbreakable and intimacy this satisfies some ways that I've never felt before so Lord I pray that as a church that you will help us that you will send your Holy Spirit and that Lord it would be reasonable Isaiah $1800.00 says Come and let us reason together and Lord I love that you don't force anyone that each one of us has the right to choose whichever way we'd like to go and Lord you will always respect that you will always allow us to make our own decisions but those decisions come with consequences and so my desire Lord is that we would educate our young people and our old people and we would point them Lord to the cross into the power in the victory over sin but ultimately Lord we know that there are some people that will choose otherwise and I have that right every day the Lord I thank you that you have given me something above and beyond that that holds me still closer and closer to you every day and I thank you in Jesus. 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