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The Devil’s Deadliest Deception

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts



  • October 5, 2019
    11:00 AM
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Lord we know that you fill heaven and earth that there's nowhere we can flee from your presence but there are times and places where you reveal yourself in a special way where the spirit is felt in a concentrated form and Lord right now during this holy time on the Sabbath where we've come together to worship you to honor you to learn of you we pray you will reveal yourself that way again please meet with us Lord we ask that all that we think and do and saying and give will please you and glorify you and that we can know we've been in your presence we pray in Jesus name Amen. You may be seated. I have some. Some friends that were telling a story that they were taking a dream vacation they bought the tickets themselves but then online they purchased vacation with beautiful hotel white sandy beaches on this island meals included there are tours and diving and excursions and there's a boy well this is a great deal it was expensive it cost a couple $1000.00 but they were getting a week in paradise for both of them and us a very nice hotel they got there and the hotel said we've got no record of your reservation. And they searched and searched and and they said no and the vast for the receipt it turns out they had bought this vacation from a bogus website that had ripped them off the island in the hotel were full and the only thing they could do is stay at the flea bite hotel overlooking the cemetery and eat at the sleazy spoon talk about the great disappointment. You think you're going to paradise and they end up somewhere all together different. You know there are about 2200000000 Christians in the world today they call themselves Christians they identify as Christians but biblically Jesus said The road is a narrow in the way is streets and if you find it. And that's because a lot of people are being the misguided. They're being sold a scam. I want to begin by taking to a verse in the Bible. We're going to visit a z kill several times in our study of this morning was he killed chapter 33 and see with me I'm just going to read the 1st 11 verses here. Again the word of the Lord came to me same. Son of Man speak to the children of your people and say to them when I bring a sword upon a land when an army comes in there's a battle and the people of the land take a man from their territory and they make him a watchman. And when he sees a sword coming upon the land and if he blows the trumpet he warns the people that whoever hears the sound of the trumpet if they don't take warning the sword comes and takes them away and his blood is on his own head he heard the sound of the trumpet but he did not take warning his blood will be upon himself Bible times you know they had cities often on a hill and they were different areas had. Fortifications most people lived in the suburbs in the farms they worked the field and you had someone there was that a prominent spot on the city wall cities were on the Hill frequently and if there was an approaching army they had different ways of signaling from different high spots or they could even see the cloud of dust in the glint of their armor and there was an army coming then plenty of time below the trumpet warn people folks in the field would hear they drop what they were doing they'd head to the city and they would be protected off and be able to withstand the attack but if someone hears a trumpet they stay out there in the field if they're over taken by the army and killed their bad they heard the sound of the trumpet they did not take warning. But he who hears who takes warning will save his life but if the watchman sees the sword coming he. Sees the approaching army and he's more concerned with his own safety and he runs until this family but he doesn't pull the trumpet I'm paraphrasing here and the people are not warned and the sword comes and takes away any person among them he's taken away in his iniquity but his blood are required at the watchman's hand and then the Lord summarizes this and says So you son of man I have made to you a watchman for the house of Israel therefore you shall hear a word from my mouth and warn them for me. When I say to the wicked man you will surely die and the penalty for sin is death. And you do not speak and warn the wicked from his way that the wicked man shall die in his iniquity but his blood all require your hand Nevertheless if you warn the wicked to turn from his way and he does not turn from his way he will die in his iniquity but you have delivered your soul therefore you all Son of man say to the house of Israel thus you shall say if our transgressions and our sins lie upon us and we pine away in them how can we then live if you're pining away in your transgressions see to them as I said live says the Lord I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the we could turn from his way and live turn turn from your evil way for why will you die or house of Israel. So the message there is hard to misunderstand God is saying that ministers have a responsibility to some extent every believer. Of the we are watchman on the wall to let people know that there is and then to me out there that wants to destroy us and that we must to flee from the wrath of we must seek the refuge that we find in Jesus we must turn from our sins if we are just going to pine away in our sins we will die. And he peels at the end of the sea said signal be your undoing turn turn you know in Hebrew you did not raise the volume when you wanted to increase the point you did it through repetition. It's like Jesus said Surely surely Truly truly I say to you. And so here he sane turn turn Why will you die and one of the most important messages that God gives in his word is that we need to be careful not to be deceived by this outward form of godliness without the power form of religion without the power. So there's a lot of things we may not understand Bibles a big book we may not agree on the 7 trumpets. What they are I know good Christians that disagree on if they're past future or if there's a dual application. There are about 145000 people that view the 144000 differently. There are different views on baptism you know this could be people in heaven that were baptized the wrong way. There are different views on diet and healthful living. There are going to be people in heaven that ate pork did you know that. There are going to be some people in heaven like Martin Luther the drink beer I know you get real quiet now you thought that was the unpardonable sin there are going to be people in heaven like John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace who smoked. They thought it was good for your lungs back then believe it or not there's going be a lot of people in heaven that maybe misunderstood some things but there's some things you cannot get wrong or you lose everything. What you can't get wrong is what is required to be saved. Misunderstanding that is like going out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean without a compass on a cloudy day and say I think I'm just going to wing it and find my way home. You're not being brave or cavalier it's suicide. If you don't have a dependable compass. Then you don't know where you're going so of all the things that we might not understand one thing we need to understand is what does God want from us to be saved what is expected. Now I'm going to tell you right away what the devil's deadliest deception is you find it in the beginning or you might expect to go to Genesis Chapter 3 I'm just going to read the 1st few verses here Genesis Chapter 3. Now the serpent was more counting more widely than any beast of the field which the Lord God made and the devil shows that this is medium. And he said to the woman has gotten deeds said You shall not eat from every tree in the garden he starts out by questioning the Word of God and misquoting actually. Now the woman said to the serpent We may eat from the fruit of the trees in the garden but of the fruit of the tree that's in the midst of the garden namely the one of good and evil God the said You shall not eat of it nor even touch it lest you die. Then the serpent said to the woman you will not really die for God knows on the day that you eat of it your eyes will be open and you will be like God knowing good and evil. So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and it was pleasant to the eyes probably had a nice fragrance attractive evidently had done something remarkable for the serpent He's talking all of a sudden. A tree desire to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate she also gave to her husband with her and he ate. It In The Eyes of them both were opened and they knew they were naked things went downhill from there. So. The devil's most dangerous the steps and is that the warnings of sin do not apply to you. God does not really mean what he says. That sin is really going to bring you satisfaction. But it doesn't. That somehow you'll have some enhanced experience through sin but it's a lie. You know. Back in 2008. We all saw the unfolding of the most serious Ponzi scheme and fraud and scam in history of the world. Bernie made off people had fun with his name because he made off with everybody's money. Bernie made off. Made off with $64800000000.00 of other people's money it's just is mind boggling how it could take so long but people put their life savings they trusted him that he was going to make it grow he was promising better returns than anybody which ought to make you suspicious they say in the world and the best investment hawgs get slaughtered meaning if you get greedy for high yields you may really get taken to the slaughterhouse and he promises great returns well he just had so many new people that kept investing wanting to cash in on this great that he was keeping it for himself he was work on the books and changing the numbers and he was able to hide it very clever be able to hide it even from investigators for years he was a president of Nasdaq trusted to trust Bernie with our money. And that was found out almost overnight that it had been squandered in the last either by his spending it or in bad investments and people can you imagine you work all your life you save your plan all those good years and you find out some swindler had fooled you and you you have nothing you have to start all over again there are companies that had invested other people's money in foundations that were supposed to give to causes in the poor and they were wiped out. The devil is a scam artist. He makes promises he doesn't plan on delivering and some people are risking losing everything this is something you cannot get wrong friends Jesus made it clear in his opening teachings there in Matthew the Sermon on the Mount Chapter 7. I'm sorry I want to go to Matthew chapter 7 verse 21. Not everybody who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven. But he that does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to me Lord Lord in that day meaning the great Judgment Day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name you know the name of the Lord we've cast out demons they seem to have some evidence of success in your name and we've done many wonders seems like there's power and all that clear to them I never knew you Depart from Me you who practice Wallace Not everybody who takes the name of Jesus is automatically saved not everybody who even has that evidence of success is automatically see there might be areas where it looks like they've cast out some demons and they have wonderful power they might even have what looks like a successful ministry that's no guarantee the bottom line Jesus says if you are practicing the lawlessness I don't know you. Jesus came to save us not in our sin but from our San and there's a lot of people who take the name of Christianity that are being thrown a deadly lifeline Can you imagine someone falls overboard on a ship and you know they have those life rings it's attached to a rope and they have the other end attached to the boat and before the boat gets very far as opposed to hurl it to them and they get a hold of it they think Oh praise the Lord I'm saved but the other person untied it from the boat. And the boat is goes off and leaves in there they've just got this illusion that they're saved because they've been misled. That describes Notice Jesus when he says few he means when he says many he means many many means the majority few means the minority he says many will come to me in that day so is it the money already or the majority who are deceived into thinking their save when they're not. So how do you know you're not one of them. That to me is the most important question that you almost ask I have to ask myself so I want to know that I have you heard of a life and death situation what could be more life and death if you know if you lose your physical life that's bad if you lose eternal life that's worse than not having your eternal life and death situation Square is the worst tragedy of all fear the harvest is past the summer is ended and we are not saved the year it's too late. And then you might just say well how do I know Jesus gives the c insert jumped back to Matthew 715 he said beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves you will know them by their fruits to men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles Even so every good tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears bad fruit a good tree cannot bear good fruit a bad tree cannot bear bad for every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown in the fire if you don't have the right fruit to make it but you can know what the tree is by the fruit very for by their fruits you will know them. And so if a person says Praise the Lord I'm a Christian because I and this is where so many people get it wrong I went to church the pastor told me if I repeat this prayer and accept Christ then I have to give. Turn a life and by faith that's all I need just believe that you're saved. And they don't instruct the men but wait wait wait that's the starting point that's the 1st step we are saved from our past sins by faith through His grace but you must repent of your sins which means you turn from your sans we confess our sins whoever confesses and forsakes his sin we'll have mercy that's what the Bible says you can't just say the prayer and stop there and that's when much of the Christian world this. And they're going along with this allusion that they're saving the very How could everybody around me they're acting just like I'm acting they're living like I'm living We're very little difference between us in the world they're nice people we must all be saved. But how do you repented of confessed and for seeking your sense of how you've been born again are you a new creature are you turning away from what is bad and doing what is good now you might be thinking past a dog or you teaching perfection no I've got some trees up in the hills and I know what tree they are but what kind of fruit they have but I got news for you not every piece of fruit on that tree is out. So you might be the right kind of tree with the right kind of fruit and it doesn't mean there's not going to be any flaws or faults in your life the key is how do you turn from your sins if you do fall are you sorry. Do you repent does agree view that you grieve him. Or her pastor say one time people come to church they join the church they accept Jesus they start following the Lord they've got the sin that's bothering them 20 years later they still have the sin it just doesn't bother him any more. We get used to it. And that's what Jesus is saying is so dangerous yes Christians do mean mistakes but you should be growing He is the author and finisher of your faith there is sanctification But you know if you've got a baby eating with their fingers when they're you know 8 months old that's Ok if they're 13 and they're still getting the food in their ears and their nose you better take them to the doctor there's something wrong. See them say and you've got some Christians they've been in the church their whole lives they haven't grown. And you wonder are they really say. This is the and the question we can be confused about well it doesn't matter what kind of a label you put on a person Bible says you'll know them by their fruit I'd like to remind people of the story Abraham Lincoln. Would often ask for you there's so much twisting of terms in politics and he would ask some of his friends how many legs does a dog half and they'd say for he said let's suppose you call the tail a leg then how many legs does a dog have and they'd say 5 he'd say wrong calling the tail a leg don't make it so. Is it is still a tail. And you cannot change the truth by changing the labels. The truth is the truth Jesus came to save us from our sins if we remain in our sins and pine away we will not live. We must repent of our sins Jesus said John 15 still talking about the fruit John 151 and 2. I am the true vine and my father is the vine dresser every branch in me that does not bear fruit and you notice that these are branches in him they see their Christians every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away and every branch that bears fruit he prunes it you'll get disciplined but if you get the fruits you prune it that it might have more fruit. God's looking at the fruit we also need to look at the fruit Bible tells the 2nd Corinthians 13 Let every man examine himself pass a does that sounds fair is Seattle it sounds like you're being judged mentally it sounds like legalism I'd like to read a quote here from the book steps to Christ preach 60. There are 2 errors 2 errors against which the children of God especially those who are just come to trust in His grace especially need to guard one of the 2 errors 1st already dwelt upon as out of a look into their own works trusting in anything they can do to bring themselves into harmony with God He who is trying to become the holy by his own works in keeping the law is attempting an impossibility all that man can do without Christ is polluted with selfishness and send it is the greys of Christ alone through faith they can make us holy Ok just want to underscore that we all agree I want to see other air the other opposite and no less dangerous the air is a belief in Christ belief that in Christ men are released from keeping the Law of God that since by faith alone we are become partakers of the grace of Christ our works have nothing to do with our redemption. Now Iran and dissolve the time in the evangelical world lot of good friends out there good people but you don't mention the Sabbath you pass today. Not under the law. Where we're saved by grace. I don't have to keep the commandments anymore. And I always like to say we're really. Which ones are you breaking. It's Ok to sin you say that a Christian no no no no they're usually a promise just for the 4th Commandment. Of course there's some Christians got a problem with the 2nd Commandment about a Dollar Tree too but. They saw were not and were saved by faith they think that any idea of keeping the law what Jesus was pretty clear. Is that whoever shall teach men to break one of the least of these commandments will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven Matthew 5 but whoever will do and teach them to do and teach them will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven God wants us to be obedient you can come to Jesus just like you are but I've got news for you he loves you too much to leave you just like you are. You need to turn from your sin and repent of your sins are you not going to make it and you're going to lose everything it's not worth it this is what the devil told Adam and Eve all I'm going to lead you into a more exalted experience this is going to satisfy the pleasure will be a magical you're going to experience bliss they listen to the temptation of the devil they thought they wouldn't have to face the consequences he said you won't really die are you going to believe God said Sin die obey live. For God so loved the whole world that He gave His only begotten son. That whosoever be lives in him will not perish but have everlasting life there are 2 choices life or perish. And the Bible tells us that we must turn from our sins if we would live. Now God gives us what we need to obey and God will never ask you to do something without empowering you to do it but there's a lot of counterfeit voices out there and false teachers talked about it briefly in our scripture reading look also at 2nd Timothy. Paul warns about the 2nd These false teachers 2nd Timothy $35.00 says they have a form of godliness but the NY it's power what kind of power is it when you come to Christ he gives you the Holy Spirit he gives you power Jesus goes to heaven last thing he says is all authority all of power is given unto me Go ye therefore. Second Timothy 4 verse 2. He tells the young disciple there preach the Word be ready in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort exhort rebuke convince with all longsuffering and teaching why for the time is coming when they will not endure sound doctrine there is a deadly doctrine but according to their own desires because they have it is because it's attractive and it sounds better they'll heap up for themselves teachers and they'll turn their years away from the truth and be turned aside to fables Paul Warren Acts 20 verse $29.00 he said something similar. For I know of is that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock also from among your own selves men will arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after themselves and friends it's tough to say this but. You know I wish I could say that our the nomination is a mune to this. But the devil's the same in all ages it happened then is really a true prophecy of false prophets and even among God's people it will infiltrate any denomination be subtle ideas that you can continue a life of sin and still be saved. Is not true. Now again I want to reiterate it doesn't mean as a Christian you may not make mistakes you may not fall but if you are held captive by sin if you will only surrendering to said if you have no regret or remorse for sand you're not saved because sin is what killed Jesus if you think sin doesn't matter look at what it did to him and tell me God is indifferent. He wants us to be new creatures. Isaiah 30 verse 9. That this is a rebellious people lying children children who do not want to hear the law of the Lord who say to the seers do not see and to the prophets do not prophesied to us right things speak to us smooth things prophesied to see they want to hear lies they want to hear God came so that everybody could be wealthy and healthy Have you heard those preachers before. You know they have different terms for this one is called sloppy ago it's love love love and they don't talk about holiness the other one is called. A gullible grace and then you got blab it and grab it that's where you can just say anything you want God's going to give you whatever you want that he's your you know a slot machine in the heavens and you just he's just there to make you prosperous and that's not the teachings of Christ Jesus said If you're going to follow me you mustn't deny yourself take up your cross and follow me Bible talks about striving against sin wrestling. We must endure we must resist there's effort involved in being a Christian pastor Doug I thought you just said to believe it is true we are saved entirely by faith you've got the example of the thief on the cross he turned to Jesus and by the way what's happening in this story there in Luke Chapter 23 is that. This thief when he was crucified to crucify with Jesus they both were 1st the engaged in the mocking of the mob but they were there 6 hours something happened. Somewhere along the way he saw them gambling for Jesus clothing. And then he heard cries say My God my God why have you for sake of me and his mind went back to something you probably heard as a boy in Sabbath school that Psalm 22 begins My God my God why have you for seeking me and later it says they cast lots for my clothing and as mine became quick you know when you're dying they see your adrenaline's release and things happen very quickly and his mind's quickened by the Holy Spirit then he looks at the sign above Jesus hand. And says this is the king of the Jews and he heard him pray Father forgive them they don't know what they're doing in the Holy Spirit revealed to him this is the Messiah. And he had the faith to say. Lord you can as the samples and call of Lord of the cross remember me when you come into your kingdom he did not look like a lord he did not look like he had a kingdom but he said Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom he said Lord save me. Jesus I so wonderful you know even though the devil nailed his hands to the cross he couldn't keep the Savior from saving. And Jesus immediately because of that man's face in him the reached out to him and he said I am telling you today I am making a promise today and say you'll be with me in paradise that they cause Christ in Google that day read John 21 he said I'm making you a promise today you will be with me in Paradise and that man die saved by faith by believing through God's a great. And here's a question hypothetical but you have to ask this question suppose before that man died a factory accepted Jesus. Pilot sent the soldiers out and said All looks like we got somebody's name wrong you really weren't supposed to be crucified we're really sorry please forgive us you can file a lawsuit later and they pry him off the cross take out the nails and bring him down the bind up his hands and he somehow heals. Would he go back to stealing and murder. Or would the grace of God if he was really saved would it have transformed him. Would you have lived a different kind of life. I surmise that if he was really saved he would have then had the fruits of obedience all the cross he repented he said to his friend said Do you not fear God seeing or in the same condemnation we're getting just. Punishment for our deeds this man speaking of Christ has done nothing amiss then he said Lord remember me he publicly confesses he repents he believes. He testifies in Jesus he confesses Christ publicly as his Lord and is king right it's one thing people want Jesus is Lord they don't want his king. They want to save your little one of his lord is what I should have said that they don't want him telling them what to do they just want him to save them from their sins but they don't want to be safe from the power of sin in their life just the penalty of sin if you're going to be saved you need all 3 you need to be saved from the penalty of sin the power of sand and in heaven you'll be safe from the presence of sin. But. If the sun will make you free you should be free what does it mean to believe. You know we often quote and sometimes abuse the verse in Acts 1630 where Paul and Silas talked to this Philippian jailer and he said What must I do to be saved Oh I love when someone asks me that question I remember studying with a couple and finally the wife is blurted out What do we need to be saved I thought I'm glad you asked. So Paul said Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you'll be saved you and your household now what do people think typically when you see believe they think that means believe that Jesus is the Son of God Ok believe that he died for the sins of the world and even that he died for my sins I believe that. And that means I'm safe all of got to do is believe that. That's not the way Jesus meant and that's not what we Paul meant that's not the way the Hebrews understood it believe means believe what he said and what did Jesus say deny yourself take up your cross and follow me Jesus we need to turn from and repent of our sins let me tell you the part that people don't read read a little further next 16 verse 32 after they told the Philippian jailer believe in you'll be saved then they spoke the word of the Lord to him and all who were in his house that's why they could say you and your household because they taught them the word what did they teach in the word Jesus what they haven't said teaching men to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you they were taught the commandments of God. That's why you can say I believe in you know what does it mean to believe suppose you're walking down a path when the path comes out to a meadow and also there's a great precipice and down a long way down there you get is raging river in a canyon system Gulf longer than the Grand Canyon and there's a bridge. I understand I've not been there I'd like to see if they got this bridge at the Grand Canyon now that just goes over the canyon it's a class class floor bridge doesn't go anywhere people are just struck when they walk out and they look down see nothing under a minute and some people that crawl out there they can't handle it. We were just in Singapore and we went in Taiwan we went to the top of the Taipei power towers there and you can get right up there and there's a spot where you got a glass you can stand on the glass look it doesn't bother me at all because like fly and I fly all the time so you have seen that before but some people walk out on that mass thing and they just a hard start to race it's like the they're afraid of this bridge to nowhere and they say I don't believe it you know you can something could be an earthquake and I could fall off in the canyon they get back. So you come to this I haven't forgot my story and so you come to this bridge across the canyon and someone asks you Do you believe that bridge will take you to the other side. And you say I believe it. Why do you believe it had a sign there that says this bridge is solid it will take me to give a side but you don't get on the bridge then you see other people going down the bridge and they don't seem to fall off and some will say Do you believe it I do believe now they're making it nearly heavier than me. Do you believe yet. Not really it's still just up here. Finally how do you show your belief. You walk out on the bridge. You believe it will hold you up. And until you come to the point where you say I believe that Jesus can save me from my sins and I am going to turn I mean to repent from my sins I'm going to confess I'm going to 1st say I'm going to start doing some tangible things then you don't really have belief James 219 you believe there is one God You do well even the demons belief so it's good to believe but that's not where it ends the devil's believe you remember reading and look for this demon possessed man cried out and said let us alone to Jesus what have I to do with you Jesus of Nazareth did you come to destroy is all I know who you are the Holy One of God Demons always said we know who he is do the demons believe you are God They believe more in his power than you do. To the demons believe he died on the cross as the devil believes he died for your sins yes you tried to stop it from happening is it going to save the devil you know so it's not just believing that he died it's believing that he can transform your heart and give you a new power. So friendless as Paul says in Galatians 416 and my your enemy if I tell you the truth. You want to hear these things. There is no sin and having. The devil was cast out for sinning if the devil was cast out for sin and we are not going in sinning. Is that. Reasonable. As he killed 2816 you sin to Therefore I cast you out as profane. First Corinthians 69 Do you not know the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God Do not be deceived neither fornicators or idolaters or adulterers it's a pure in heart that are going to see God or homosexuals or Sodom minds or thieves or coverages or drunkards or revelers Partiers work store Shinners like Bernie Madoff will inherit the kingdom of God and such were some of you Paul is talking to the Corinthians is that you have these problems with evil he's got a pretty big list there says it doesn't matter what your sins are God can forgive and save you but if the you were now you understand that in English that means past tense you were that means you're not anymore but you've been cleansed you've been saying to 5 donations 519 the works of the flesh are evident which are adultery fornication uncleanness lewdness idolatry sorcery he tree can go around being heedful contentions argumentative jealousies outbursts of Wrath bad temper selfish ambitions dissensions heresies envy murders drunkenness revelries and the like of which I've told you I tell you again as I said it before policy and like I keep telling you those who practice these things will not inherit the kingdom of God I want to inherit the kingdom of God. He says you can't continue to practice of saying that it's not just believing and continuing to live like the world God is calling the church to new holiness. Revelation 21 verse 27 there shell by no means enter into it anything that defiles or cause an abomination or a lie speaking of Heaven they give me no sin and having God must save us from our sin Hebrews 121 who lay aside every weight in the sin that so easily ensnares us and I appreciate that Paul assuming he wrote Heber's I appreciate Paul admitting that we can be easily ensnared san is very tempting. The sin attracts us in our minds it attracts us in our bodies it attracts us in our pride and our selfishness the devil is always saying Oh just one more time and then you can repent later and it'll be this time it's going to bring you satisfaction and there may even be some temporary pleasure in sin. But it doesn't last it's a big lie and so we struggle. Bible says we're running this race in the devil's always trying to trip us up with sin it's so easily besets us but what does he say lay aside most of the weights so lays out every weight. Have you seen it's amazing to me that you know the a limping athletes now the links they go to. I remember when I was a kid I'd watch the swimmers they'd jump in the water and they'd be as big old baggy bathing suits and they're swimming along they have long hair and. And they started realizing you know that suit a little bit of a difference they win by fractions of a 2nd they started when Speedos. And then the guys started shaving their hair off their chest to go even quicker. Then they start shaving their heads or they put on the. Swimming caps and they don't want anything to slow them down. And the runners they've got super technical white running shoes. They lay aside every weight anything that can slow them down but you and I we kind of just go slogging through the world is this going to make me aware of what difference will this make you not give them when the race unless you realize that you must be by God's grace I mean cumbered by the sins of the world. One of the ways you can tell a person that's on their way to heaven is they are constantly striving against sin. They don't blow it off they don't get comfortable with it that's when you're at risk of grieving away the Holy Spirit. When he does actually go it doesn't get I don't care it's not that big a deal as long as I sin less than other people because of the kind of exceptions the devil has a fusion for 22 that you put off concerning your former conduct the old man the girls corrupt according to that seat for let's put it off. There must be repentance going back to. Chapter 33 verse 13 now when I see the righteous that he will surely live. But he trusts in his own righteousness and he commits iniquity none of his righteous works will be remembered because of the iniquity that he's committed he will die don't get discouraged Listen to this again when I say to the wicked you will surely die if you turns from his sand then does what is a lawful and right then you get specific if the wicked restores the pledge gives back what he stole and so you got sin in your life and you borrowed your neighbor's leaf blower and you have forgot for the last 2 years to give it back. Because your neighbor moved. 4 blocks away and you figure he's not thinking about it so you're not going to remind him because you don't have your only floor. But you come to Jesus the Holy Spirit says every time you pick up at least lower. You borrow something for 2 years is called stealing. You say But I want to go to heaven Jesus said You need to take him back his leaf blower. Lord You're not going to keep me out of heaven for a leaf blower Yeah. Because your heart isn't right you know you can go to heaven Now wait let me say this again you go to hell. For stealing a pen just like stealing a $1000000.00. If you go in and you figure their bank they got a lot of money and I put my money here so I'm taking this spin that they didn't mean with me you just robbed a bank. The pens are not free. You've got the spirit of faffed in your heart it doesn't have to be a $1000000.00. You just did what Bernie Madoff did. After the hard. What do you have to do he says if the wicked restores the pledge gives back what he has stolen walks in the statutes of life I heard about a preacher that went through Scotland he was doing a revival and he was preaching near the shipyards and he talked about repentance and he talked about restoration sometimes it means you go to a person you apologize you write whatever wrongs you can now you and I know I mean I used to be a thief I can't go back and replay all the people I ever stole because I don't even know who they were where they lived it was dark. I mean the some things you can't do right sometimes you cannot as they say unscramble scrambled eggs is this but when the Holy Spirit put something on your heart there was one particular case Ryan knew I had stolen from an employer and I went back years later to make it right. And I had to apologize to my stepmother for stealing her jack or x key and wrecking it and I wrecked it in reverse I was backing up and I wrecked it and then I drove it home it still drove parked in our circular driveway in front of the house and went to sleep she woke up and thought somebody drove into our driveway hit the car because fortunately it was wrecked in reverse and then were drove away and she was ranting around the house as someone had wrecked her Jaguar I never said anything. Years later I became a Christian I said Betty we need to talk. Well by that point you know I knew she was going to let off the hook she had a Lamborghini. So. You know finally I had to because it bothered me that I had lied to her I probably lied about other things but that's the one the Holy Spirit put on my heart so being a Christian means you might need to write some wrong. That's what repentance is gives back what is stolen walks in the statutes of life without committing iniquity he will surely live he will not die none of his sins which he has committed will be remembered against them. He has done what is lawful and right he will live I love that is he you got the gospel right there in the Old Testament Zeek you of all people talk about saved by grace you repent you can turn God is merciful he's long suffering but he will in no wise clear the guilty meaning if we persist in our lives of sin. What more should we do if we continue to sin wilfully Hebrews Chapter 1026 after we receive a knowledge of the truth there's no more sacrifice for sin that doesn't mean you won't make a mistake but it means if you if you resign yourself to a life of sand after Jesus died to save you from your sin and you're not doing all you can humanly to combine with his divine power to walk in the newness of life. There's nothing more he can do. You want him to offer a 2nd sum for you. There's no more sacrifice for sin. God is not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance Jesus said Luke 131 I tell you but unless you repent you will all likewise perish Jesus is warning us John 514 afterwards Jesus found this man of the temple he had been healed a cripple in the pool of Bethesda he said See you've been made well sin no more do not turn back to that life of sin lest the worst thing come upon you he says to the woman who's caught in adultery she's guilty of sin he said I do not condemn you go and sin no more you notice Jesus never said Go and sin a little less. You never say go and see if you can cut down on your sand. And sinless in the people around you. He tells us here in James 4 verse 7 therefore submit to God resist the devil and he will flee from you draw near to God He will draw near to you cleanse your hands you sinners purify your hearts it's not just your actions your hands it's your hearts in your mind the pure in heart will see God So God once was pure in action and in thought. He says cleanse your hands you sinners purify your hearts you double minded lament in mourning we sorrow for your sin let your laughter be turned in mourning but he doesn't leave us that way humble yourself in the sight of God and He will lift you up he doesn't want to keep you there but we need to realize when we say and what it costs it's not enough just to be here of the word he wants us to be a doer of the word. It's not everyone that says Lord Lord but they have a do the will of My Father Luke 646 Why do you call me Lord and do not the things what I say Matthew 724 he that hears these sayings of mine and does them is like a wise man who builds on the rock blessid Revelation 2214 are those who do His commandments John 3 a 3rd John I should say 3 John 111 Beloved do not imitate what is evil but what is good he that does good is of God He that does evil has not seen God It is so clear all through the Bible that God is wanting us to be new creatures you know Moses in his closing appeal at the end of his life I really like the way he puts this. Chapter 30 verse 15 of Deuteronomy I have set before you this day life and good death and evil in that I command you today to love the Lord your God a lot of people stop right there period love the Lord your God I love you Lord. Jesus said well if you love me how do you show that I keep my commandments noticed Moses as love I'm commending you love the Lord your God to walk in His ways and keep His commandments His statutes and his judgments that you may live and multiply you'll prosper and the Lord your God will bless you in the land that you go to possess but if in your heart you turn away so that you do not hear and you're drawn away and you worship other gods and serve them I announce to you today you will surely perish notice he says you gotta live on one hand and perish on the other like John 316 you will not prolong your days in the land that you cross over the Jordan to possess I call heaven and earth to witness today that I've said before you life and death blessing and cursing therefore choose a life that both you and your descendants might live how do we choose life when you choose Jesus and you choose the grace of Jesus the grace of Jesus not only means his mercy and his favor the word grace means we are empowered. God does not give us grace to sin he gives us grace to keep us from sin. And when you're tempted if you turn to God He will send all the angels of heaven to help you most of the time when we're tempted we wait until after we've fallen to pray if we would pray when we're tempted if you draw near to God then submit to God resist the devil he will send supernatural forces to your help that will enable you to succeed you believe I did it was very important I hope I made it clear. That you my love the Lord your God that you might obey his voice that you might cling to Him for He is your life and the length of your days that you might dwell in the land of the Lord swore to your father's day Abraham Isaac and Jacob Well there's a lot of. Counterfeit Christianity that is being spread around there you know why. Everybody wants to see our church is growing we want to look successful. And the real Gospel is tough walked away from Jesus if people walked away from Jesus when He gave it to him straight he had asked the disciples are you going to leave me but truth is sometimes tough. And pastors are mourning to make the narrow road wider. And it doesn't matter what the pastor says if it doesn't follow the Word of God That road has not changed in size or direction and we're more interested in quantity than quality. I was an evangelist for years you do have Angelus like meeting 1st thing at the conference President or whoever is going to ask you as you have a good meeting had a great meeting how many were baptized we only had 2. I said well you know there are others that wanted baptism but they weren't ready. And I traveled and worked all over the world and I've seen it where I've gotten into arguments with pastors and even conference leaders where they want to baptize all these people I say Have you studied with them do they know what this commitment meets are they ready to Were they in church last week No but they're going to go people getting baptized through some emotional event and they've never even attended. And it's like these people who get married the 1st day they meet someone those weddings might look nice but they marriages don't last. So in their effort to try to grow Christianity we're often hurting people into the church we're lowering the standard to make it more attractive pastors are doing market surveys and saying let's find out what does the community one of the fill needs in the community and I realize you want to minister know what the needs are but to build your whole service around people don't want to have to look respectable when they come to church because it's too much work to dress up so tell them just come in their shorts and a t. shirt and flip flops. They're hungry when they come. Donuts that tired given coffee to find out what they want. You can grow a church they don't like the hands given some livelier music. Just make it fun that's kind of the mindset many churches these days and I visit some people that are you know. Be careful what I say here. You know what I'm saying. Where we're lowering the standard of holiness. We're trying to broaden the narrow way change its direction so that we get more people in the world this is what the church did during the Dark Ages they said you know we'll get more pagans in the church if we let them keep their idols. I started compromising to try to grow the church. As well as a result pretty soon yeah you had a lot of people in churches just in a meanie thing anymore you could barely tell the difference between a church in the world. So. The devil of those seeking to dilute the gospel. To try to get more people and let me read something to you this is from review in Herald 1904 our churches are becoming in feeble old by receiving for doctrines the commandments of men and many are received into the church who are not converted men and women and children are allowed to take part in the solemn rite of baptism without being fully instructed in regard to the meaning of this ordinance participation in this ordinance means much and our minister should be careful to give each candidate for baptism plain instruction regarding its meaning and its solemnity as sacrifices that are involved in what it means to follow Jesus. You know when a good pastor when a couple comes and says we want we want to get married will you marry is a good passing say Look forward to it but we're going to counseling 1st because we want the marriage to last if you baptize a person too soon you're not helping the church you're hurting them and you're hurting the church help them know what the commitment is so when they make it they stick someone once said that every person pops in the church to quit typically pop out also you want to let them put their roots down bring forth fruits that are evidence of righteousness John the Baptist said well I got more sermon but I'm out of time let me close with this a few years ago. Our member hearing about this. Lady who is dying from cancer who sued her pharmacists and she won a lawsuit of $2200000000.00. Now what the world would make a jury award someone $2200000000.00. This pharmacist Robert r. Courtney. What is a serial killer but the way he killed people is by diluting their prescriptions you see some of this medication for cancer and other serious diseases they're very carefully measured you don't want too much or you had stad side effects from the chemo you don't want too little or it has no effect and he thought you know if I don't loot this and split it 2 or 3 ways I can get a lot more money so more medicine. And he never really cared what the consequences would be for the people who were dying and over more than a decade he filled out 90 over $90000.00 for scription where he diluted the prescription and there's no telling how many people die from that. Well that's of the devil is doing with the Gospel he's diluting it to the point where it is without effect. And watering it down. It's like people in a prison of war camp they just keep adding more water to the soup until they are it has no more nutritional value. And the devil is doing that with the Gospel friends I hope I've delivered mine so from your blood today it's pretty clear that. From the wrath of. The problem. We're perishing. Wages for sin. Under that. There's only one way of escape. To accept the sacrifice of Jesus to receive Christ to believe in Christ and then to follow. His teachings. The fruits of the spirit of joy peace goodness faith temperance in our lives. That's what it means to be saved Please don't be deceived by devils most dangerous deception that we can have a form of godliness without the. Bottom line is we want to be like crises are example and he was holy Amen father. We thank you for the message in your word it's so clear it's sometimes it's amazing that we can become confused and begin to doubt that the claims of the gospel have not changed and that your law and the penalty for sin is still the same as always Ben and that you have set before us today a life and good bless seen and curse. And I pray that we will choose life. Lord help us to recognise that you would not send your son to suffer what he suffered in the die as he did unless it was entirely possible for every person here to be saved the you've made the provision help us not fall for the deceptions of the devil that's. Somehow temptation in the sand are going to bring us real satisfaction. Forgive us for our sins and Lord we know that even in the future we may stumble and fall but I pray that will not be satisfied until we perfectly represent you. Bless each person here we know that there may be a broad spectrum of different sins and struggles represented. We know Lord that some may need to. Experience for form right some wrongs in their life show them through the Spirit what that means and how to go about and give them the courage and most of all help us to have the peace as we humble ourselves that you will lift us up the Gospel still is good news thank you Lord for your blessings your presence help us to really walk with you both today in this week we ask in Christ's name Amen. And much more if you would like to know. This.


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