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Dangers of Ecumenism

Garhett Morgan


  • November 3, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord we thank you for this Sabbath day that you've given us Lord we know that there are millions around the world right now that are worshipping you in spirit and in truth in the Lord what an awesome thing that is Lord we ask that as we study your words today that this wouldn't be the words of a man because I'm a sinful human being like everyone else lord that you'll be able to speak in spite of me and when I stutter or say something that I shouldn't Lord speak through that they wouldn't hear me but that we would hear you we thank you Lord in your name Amen I want to take you to a few familiar passages and you're going to your bible say I can promise you that we're going to be looking at quite a few verses here and some of them will be familiar but we're going to draw a message from them that's very relevant to today's time and we're going to be spending most of our time in the Book of Revelation to begin with let's go to the Book of Revelation if you would Revelation Chapter 12 and if you were a prayer meeting this last week it might sound a little bit familiar Revelation 12 and we're going to be in verse 17 Revelation 12 for 17 if you dare say amen if you're not say Have Mercy we'll wait Ok Well wait just a little bit Revelation 12 and verse 17 is a very familiar passage and explains itself very well so let's look at this Revelation 1217 says this and the dragon Now let's hold up pump the brakes for just a minute what's the dragon in Bible prophesy. It's the devil write the chapter write the same chapter identifies that in verse 9 right the great dragon was to the devil and Satan has it right there so let's continue on the Dragon is angry 1217 and the dragon was Ross not Emmanuel Roth he was angry mad bitter enraged was wroth with the woman we'll talk about it and went to make war with the what's that word remnants of her seed which keep the what's the commandments of God and have the what's the testimony of Jesus Christ Ok so a couple things here 1st of all we know that a woman in Bible prophecy represents what represents the church and then it says that there's a remnant people who the devil is extremely angry acts Well we know and you probably read this before but this is a review if you're a seamstress you know that a remnant isn't a large piece of cloth is it it's the smaller piece that's cut off of something bigger right so this remnant piece has a few different characteristics 1st of all it keeps the commandments of God writes 8 of them none of them but how many of the 10 commandments of Jesus and this is something very familiar to us but secondly here it says that they have the testimony of who the testimony of Jesus now I don't know if sometimes an Adventist Church is and not just administrators but churches in general we have our own language and jargon Have you noticed that will be like well the spirit of prophecy says or this is the test this is present truth right but what do these words mean so what is the test what is the testimony of Jesus if you could define it what does it mean the testimony of Jesus anybody the Spirit of Prophecy were going to go Revelation 1010 in just a minute but what else is the testimony of Christ besides the spirit of prophecy which is a big aspect of the life of Christ Ok. Inspiration the gospel message Jesus dying on the cross for your sins offering eternal life for all who accept it this is the testimony of Jesus so the characteristics of this remnant church are those that keep all the commandments of God and have a belief that Jesus Christ came and die so that we could all have salvation Amen but that's not the only part of this and some of you already know the text we're going to turn a Revelation 1910 Revelation Chapter 1910 identifies this almost just like a dictionary it hears the question that we have what's the testimony of Jesus Revelation 1910 gives you the answer. Revelation Chapter 19 in verse 10 and it says and I that's being John he's looking at an angel here he says I John fell at him is the Angels feet to worship Him So hold up for just a minute I just so we can get some clarification you have confusion on this verse John here is being led into vision by this angel in the Angels kind of his tour guide if you will and John sees this angel and is overwhelmed and what does John do he looks to bow down and worship the angel is the angel happy with that the angel freaks out does any and so the angel says later on he says see that you do not do that notice what the verse says he says I am your fellow servants and your brother and so the angel says to John listen don't worship me for I am not true I'm not God you'll find in the Bible and this is kind of a hit later on but you'll find in the Bible that angels never receive worship image because they're created by God So angels never receive worship and the ones that do want to receive worship were cast out remember that that was Lucifer the devil which we know today however there is one Arc Angel in the Bible that does receive worship and that's Michael the Archangel we don't have time to get into that today but Michael actually does receive worship that's a topic for another time but revelation 1910 look look at what it says here it says and all of my brother in that have here it is the testimony of Jesus going on worship God for the testimony of Jesus is what is the spirit of prophecy there it is so gods and last day church will have keeping the commandments of God It will believe that Jesus Christ came and died like he said he did but it would also have the Spirit of Prophecy now when Adventists says to the spirit of prophecy says you all. Automatically assume that they're talking about Ellen White correct and that is true we use the word Spirit of Prophecy to reference Ellen whites writings and that's a part of it but is Alan White's writing the entirety of the Spirit of Prophecy you know it's a good part of it but what are some other parts of the Spirit of Prophecy Daniel revelation I say it pointing to the 1st coming of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins all the way back to Genesis we find the 1st prophecy when God says that a man servant would come and crush the serpent's head does not prophesy the Bible is in itself an entire prophecy of restoring mankind back to what God wanted them to originally be right that's the spirit of prophecy so 3 characteristics of God's remnant day church which should be pretty familiar with you number one they keep all the commandments of God Number 2 they have the spirit of prophecy which includes the testimony of Jesus and number 3 the devil's mat you pretty straightforward right now when you look at those qualifications there are many others but those are the 3 that were given noticing it today when you look at those 3 characteristics I come to the conclusion that the people that are sitting in this church today because the church building is in the church Amen it's the people in the church I believe that the people sitting inside this church are doing their best to fit into that mold would you agree we as Adventists are we self proclaim that we are the remnant Church of Jesus in my true or is that accurate that's accurate right we're the remnant Church of Christ which is true ever lation 10 tells us that we've covered that in the past however there's more to the story just because you might claim to be a part of the remnant Church of Christ doesn't mean you're part of the remnant necessarily. Just because you claim or you might have your name in the church books doesn't mean that you're part of the remnant but what was this remnants cut off Rob That's the question Well let's take a look here we're still in the Book of Revelation go back to Revelation 13 verse 4 Revelation 13 verse 4 here we find more prophecy Revelation Chapter 13 and verse for what was this remnant date people cut off from what's the other part of the cloth here Revelation 134 says this and they kind of being the people of the earth and they worshiped the Watts' the dragon which we are identified as the devil right they worship the devil who gave power unto the Big East and they worship the beast saying who is unto the beast who is able to make war with him so this beast is the anti-Christ power and is the same beast that was to give you the mark of the beast in your forehead or where your hands Ok so this is the beast the anti-Christ power of the false church the son of perdition the Bible calls him by many names but here it's in the form of the beast and if you worship the be just who in essence are you worshipping. The devil right because the devil gives the beast power its the front's right he's the puppet master of it all but continue on here verse 5 and there was given unto him the beast a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies blasphemy simply the Bible defines blasphemy as claiming to be God or claiming to forgive sin right that's what blasphemy is there was given him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and powers given to him to continue 42 months we don't have time to get into that today and he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blasting his name his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven and it was given to him to make war with the Saints and to overcome them talking about that remnant church he wants to overcome the Saints and power was given him over all kindreds tongues and nations but here is that here is the crux look at verse 8 and what's that next word all that's inclusive isn't it and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him when I 1st read this verse and it says all that dwell upon the air show worship the beast I was scared to death however the verse doesn't end there amen it says all the while upon the earth shall worship the be East whose names are not written in the book of life someone should say men whose names are not in the book of life of the Lamb slain the from the foundations of the earth so we find of the sting in here there's the remnant church which represents a small number of model believing Christian people and then on the other side we find a group or 8 religious power that blast beams the name of God I want to ask you today and this is not to be judgment so but it's an observation because of the time that we're living in please understand when when you look at modern Christendom today not talking about the 7th Day Adventists but you look about at the evangelical world. If you take a look at Christianity in and of itself as a general whole what would you say the state of war most Christians are cold lost you know my friends most of our grandmothers know our Bible much more than we do Christendom today as a general whole including Adventists and some parts have lost sight of where they came from Would you agree we live in a time where the Bible is readily available to anybody that would want to read it but we live in one of the most Bible illiterate times in Earth's history and when people don't know their Bibles they are easily deceived Revelation says that even the alack have a danger of being deceived right Hosea tells us I believe it's the book of Jose that says My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge most of Christianity today are confused about who God is most of Christianity today are confused about so many things that's the world that we're living in and that is the claw that the remnant church should be cut off from is that making sense Ok but the Bible gets even clearer here when it identifies this this this Anti-Christ power and the reason we're doing this today isn't so that we can cover the anti-Christ but it's for something else let's look here go to Revelation 17 now. Revelation 17 verse 3 so we know that this Anti-Christ power which we know as the papacy is blasphemy we know that a lot of the a lot of people are Bible illiterate talking about most Christianity today but it's not just the papacy that is talking about look what it says here in Revelation 17 verse 3 says so he carried me so the angels taking John again into the spirit into the wilderness and I saw a woman represents a church right upon sitting upon it was scarlet colored beast nowhere to be seen that before the great red right red scarlet it's the only the only beast that has that color in the books of Revelation and Daniel so this is the same red dragon right so this woman the anti-Christ power is sitting upon the Dragon not much of a difference in what we see already full of names of blasphemy against sounds familiar having 7 heads and 10 horns and the woman this false church was a raid in purple scarlet color decked with gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of perform occasions we don't have time to get into that but verse 5 and upon her forehead was a name written mystery me who Babylon the greats the mother of what's the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth and then it goes on to talk about that just a little bit more so my friends this Anti-Christ power this papal authority not only is the only one that is against the Word of God but in fact this harlot the Bible's calling him that not me this harlot is a mother to who to daughters rights so we look upon most Christianity Today and this is not to sound our trumpets a 7th Day Adventists or Bible scholars but it's because we find that most people today most nominations don't know the God that they claim to serve. And they're confused about who God is or they're deceived in think they think they know who God is so we see these 2 sides forming and this isn't new to you we've always known that there's a remnant church a small amounts of people and we know that the vast majority of everybody else is confused some innocently but here we get to the crux of our message the past few weeks in our Sabbath school lesson and this next quarter we have a topic I'm really glad we're studying it and what's what's the topic of our quarterly this quarter unity right let me ask you does God want his people to be united absolutely right when Jesus comes back to bring us home that sounds like Unity doesn't it God longs for his churches God longs for his people no matter what religion they're in to be united in Christ when you look across the world today and denominations and not just Christian faith but you look across the world today politically and in just our society we see anything box unity don't we were divided across any issue that we can divide across whether it be politics whether it be race whether it be whatever it might be we always find a reason to be disunited and that's not what God wants now some of you might be worrying what are you saying here Pastor you're on shaky ground come follow with me just for just a minute go to the Book of John John Chapter 12 and verse 32 John chapter well and verse 32 this is Jesus talking here about unity and we find in the Christian faith today that there's lots of the nominations that are not unified and in these nominations often were not unified within the nominations themselves. But what does it say here and John Chapter 12 and verse 32 this is Jesus talking and notice what he says he says and I being Jesus if I be lifted up from the earth will draw how many men and see him Jesus will draw all men on to Christ and that's what he longs for he longs for us all to be united in spirit and in truth here's the catch the movement that we're to be talking about today is the ecumenical movements what a word how many of you have heard the term ecumenical before some how many of you feel like you have a pretty decent grasp on what ecumenical means there's some of you that do how do you have no idea what i.q. Menocal is Ok about half and half ecumenical is a word and I'll read it to you here this is what ecumenical means the dictionary ecumenical means promoting or relating to unity among the world's Christian churches sounds great at 1st glance doesn't it ecumenical simply means it's a Christian word that means everybody coming together under the same faith in Jesus that's what ecumenical means however there is danger there there is a lot of danger there when you see the war ecumenical movement today when I see that word I automatically have red flags and it's not because I don't want to be united with Christ and His people that's what I'm longing for I want to be united with Christ and His people however the word ecumenical has a different spin on things that's deceptive. Let me read to you a few things that or written by some pastors of the papacy the Catholic Church some angelic and some Anglican noticed with us Kenneth Copeland was one and he went on to say and I quote the Protestant Reformation is over all right the Protestant Reformation said on the Bible the Bible alone Christ and Christ alone righteousness by faith all of the things that we as a church stand for today the Lutheran stood for one time he said the Protestant Reformation is over Kenneth Copeland continued on to say that oh sorry Tony Palmer Excuse me Tony Palmer a little bit later on by the way he died a little while ago Tony Palmer stated that all should come back to the mother church of Rome and there's been other statements that have been said somewhat along those lines start the current pope that is in right now is a champion of the ecumenical movements it's something that he wants terribly and he's pushing it as much as he can here's the thing God has called us out of spiritual confusion Amen God has called us out of Babylon God has called us to preach the 3 meals message of don't receive the mark of the beast Babylon is fallen love gone keep His commandments all of these things but remember our text in the book of John all men would be drawn together so where's the balance here between ecumenicalism and being lifted up to Jesus here's the catch I cannot unite with the religious system that presents a false image of Christ that's the key many churches lift up Jesus but it's their version of who Jesus is not the biblical identity of Christ not the biblical identity of who God is now some people might tell me that I'm a hard nosed. The current pope said that people that are of this understanding are mere fundamentalists but where should we stand on all of this will tell you where I stand I cannot unite doctrinally with a church that tells people that my God burns people forever in hell that would be doing God a disservice understand so by my convictions in the Word of God and by my loyalty to God in trying to proclaim his word accurately I cannot unite with that I cannot unite with the church that doesn't keep the commandments of God and preach the free gift of salvation I can't do that I cannot unite with a church that prays to their priest and not to God directly that's not who God is that's obviously what the Bible says is not accurate and that is a false version of Jesus and so I cannot be united I cannot be part of ecumenical movements that wants us to become doctrinally United because many of these people that want to have the ecumenical movement and want to be Dr Lee I've become one church it sounds great but somebody is going to have to give up their beliefs and it's not going to be the Mother Church it's going to have to be you so you come to a decision do I want to be united quote unquote and leave my biblical convictions behind me or do I want to have my biblical conditions my biblical beliefs or Bible based and be at odds with the Anti-Christ power that's what the Book of Revelation lays out for us we have a choice I've said it before you can either have man mad at you and be with God or you can have a man loving you. And God after you know those are the 2 choices that you have and I don't know about you but I'd like to stand with God Amen However with all this being said I believe what I say very plainly I believe that this congregation is a part of the remnant Church of Christ statement we're not perfect but I believe that we're part of that Roman Church but with that there's also a danger it's called spiritual pride I have often heard 7th Day Adventists look down upon those that don't hold the right belief Have you heard it I have often heard people talk down about certain members of other churches or that faith with malice and almost hatred and I understand where they're coming from because it does anger me to have God misrepresented like that doesn't sit well with me either however we have to understand that for the most part people in other denominations are willingly deceived there are some that are but most are not willingly deceived and we're not going to show them truth if we're not winning them with love to understand so we are supposed to stand for truth and be part of this room that day church but we're still called still called to call people out of Babylon and you can't do that if you're not mingling with people of other faiths just because someone has a different belief than you doesn't mean that we shouldn't talk to them a minute that's what you call spiritual elite ism you come to the point where you think I've got it all you don't. If you think you have it all then you've lost the point of the entire message right. We can we cannot be united if it comes at the cost of lowering the standard of God and that's the choice that we are faced with I want to take you to $1.00 more verse here well. I'm trying to get out of saying that habit is not the last verse it's just another one go with me to the book of Matthew chapter 26 and you might be thinking why are we going here of all places you'll see Matthew 26 we find Jesus Jesus has just finished the Passover he's gone through the good 70 experience and he's on his way to be betrayed and as he's there we find all of this play out Jesus is in the midst of a conversation and he's interrupted look what it says in verse 47 of Matthew 26 and while he yet spake talking about Jesus Lo Judas one of the 12 and who is Judas we all know this Judas was the one that betrayed Christ from the inside right Judas is also termed in the Bible as the son of perdition the Son of Perdition is a type of the anti-Christ and you know that so Judas and Judas is a symbol of the anti-christ power is this making sense look at how Jesus treated this Anti-Christ symbol noticed and while he spoke low Judas one of the 12 came and with him a great multitude with swords and staves sounds kind of like what will happen towards the latter days doesn't it from the chief priests and elders of the people now he that betrayed him gave them a sign talking about Judas saying whomever I shall kiss that same as he hold him fast and forthwith he came to Jesus and said Him Master and kissed him what audacity but check out Jesus does. And Jesus said to him What is it call him friend friend why are you here then came they and laid hands on Jesus and took him Jesus had every right to say what are you doing man do you realize what you're doing do you realize that you've walked with me for he had a right to say all of that but Jesus looks at the one that's about to betray him again a symbol of the anti-Christ and says Friend What are you doing we know that towards the end of times and it's beginning to start with us ecumenical push that we're going to be betrayed by the rest of Christianity we've known for a long time we need to be treating those people that will betray us like Jesus treated Judas Jesus did not form an ecumenical movement with Judas but he loved him anyway we cannot unite in doctrinal beliefs that are not Biblical it's not possible for me I can't do it because I love God more than I love my dad Amen but Jesus still calls me to love my neighbor so there's a balance there isn't there doctrinally stand firm on what the Bible says but don't treat your friends in other denominations like garbage either they met if we want to win souls and we want to share with them what the truth of God says we should probably show them a little bit of love and care about where they're going to end up for eternity when you think I think sometimes we might miss that mark just a little bit sometimes we see them as the enemy and us as the elite. I used to be there but I've come to the understanding that I'm not a leak I'm just blessed with truth and these people on this side for the most part have been blinded by truth and it's my job to love them and say hey do you do you see what the Bible says why are you there. Look what the Bible says that's what we are called this a people to do that's how we deal with the ecumenical movement we want people to be united but not man's teachings a minute but united in a true sense of who God really is Jesus often rebuked and we as Adventists are called to rebuke to that's what preaching the mark of the beast anti-Christ does it's a rebuke but he never did it with hate malice he did it with pain in his voice the desire of ages says I hope that we have no faith hatred or malice towards our fellow man Jesus never lowered his standards when Lucifer made that decision in heaven they didn't have an ecumenical movement Jesus cast him out one other thing here go this is our last verse go to Matthew chapter 25 verse 31 Matthew chapter 25 verse 31 we find a parable that Jesus says here and here's the truth of the matter not everybody is going to be in heaven you know that don't you Heaven is not an ecumenical movement but it is a uniting movement but united in the right way look what it says in Matthew chapter 25 or 31 when the son of man shall come in his glory you looking forward to that and all the holy angels with him then shall he set upon the throne of His glory and before him shall be gathered all nations he shall separate them one from another as a shepherd divides the sheep from his go by the way if you haven't noticed the sheep are the good ones the goats are the bad ones but there are still people that God loves it's his strange act that he has to go across the separation for 33 and he shall set the sheep on his right hand it's always good to be on the right hand of God but the goats on the left. Then show the king say to them on his right not the left come you blessed of my Father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world I was hungry and you gave me meat I was thirsty and you gave me drink let's stop there that's not talking about physical there are people in other churches that are spiritually hungry spiritually naked they're empty although they're going to church to try and be filled but they're not getting it because they're not being presented truth it's our job to put our arms around them love them and show them truth Imma 2 stories and then we'll close this week I was at the gym with my wife my wife dragged me early in the morning I was not happy that early in the morning but I went with her it was a sacrifice but anyway I went and she has become pretty close and we might have told you about it before there's this there's this lady that works there at the gym she's a sauce therapist she helps my wife every once in a while when something happens and it's not just some random lady that massages on my wife like she's like certified in this just so you know and so my wife has made a good relationship with her and this woman is like. She's a hippie pretty much she wears hemp skirts she listens to some wax stuff she has like oil on that she has a holster literally right here because she's a massage therapist so she has like on a draw and she's got one right there and all this stuff she's a nice lady and she likes my wife and she thinks I'm all right and she's told my wife before she said I'm I'm not a Christian at all she's more she's kind of a pantheist if you know what that is but. Some of the Adventists are my favorite brand of Christian that's what she said in the past which is cool but anyway we can maintain a relationship with her and this time this this last week at the gym I was there and I was lifting weights and this lady comes up to me the massage therapist and says Are you on duty so you heard this already are you on duty and I said What do you mean and she said Are you on duty for spiritual counseling and I said Sure I'm always on duty for that I figured it was her and she said Ok I'm going to bring someone so you'll be back and she left she was gone and then she bring someone in that I had never seen before but I could tell she had been crying she had mascara running down her face and they said on the couch there in the entrance so I went there and the massage massage therapist said hey this is Garrett I like him trust him talk to him Sia left I've never talked to this woman before in my life all right and it was I was like All right this could be awkward for just a minute so we started talking to this Laney and it turns out she had tried to commit suicide a week ago and she said you know I tried to go to church and do all these things but I'm feeling spiritually drained which she said 2 things from that my wife and I don't agree with pantheism but we still love that massage therapist anyway and that led later on to help this lady that was really in need we didn't join an ecumenical movement but we still put our arm around her and loved her you know what I mean there's a difference there you know there have been a few pictures floating around the Internet and some of you actually brought them to multiple people and brought it to me and it shows a few Adventist officials in an ecumenical meeting we've seen that with World Church leaders and all of that and they're shaking hands and there's our Adventist representative there and a lot of people think that that means that the Adventists have joined the ecumenical movement. If I was invited to go to an ecumenical movement like that that was such a big of a deal I would go to simply because I would like to voice my opposition against it just because some of them have been there doesn't mean that they agree with it understand they're there because they want to do what Jesus does and call these people friends but it doesn't mean that they're having an ecumenical movement with them they met this want to get out there I want to close with this story some of you. The some of you know I like history and this is where we're at I just read and listen to a pod cast and I posted about something earlier it was about the u.s.s. Indianapolis and the u.s.s. Indianapolis I hadn't heard of it before and then I found out about it and my wife when I get on a kick she goes oh boy because it turns into 2030 hours of research on that particular topic and I get obsessive and then she's like enough already just please move on go like stop we just did one on David correct and she's scared to death now. Of that kind of thing but anyway us into the Apple it was something I was really into I had listen to a podcast on it and the u.s.s. Indianapolis was the ship that went on a very secret mission it was the flagship of a certain division fleet and this flagship went on a secret mission without any any other ships to protect it or anything like that that wasn't equipped with sonar it was forbidden to have any radio connection with anyone else because it was a secret mission they were to go undetected The reason for that was that there were 2 big crates on ship and these 2 craze would be to live to be delivered to an island that was outside around the coast of Japan. Now of course the people that were on that ship they were Marines they were Navy men of course sailors they all wondered what was in these boxes right of course you would they saw the boxes being lowered in and it was heavily guarded and of course scuttlebutt like the military says gossip started going around on what was in these 2 crates some thought that it was some secret weapon some thought that it was. Dishes for somebody else like some high ranking commander something like that some thought that it was Betty Grable Heights something like that there was lots of different things that were floating around the ship of what it could be Turns out and they found out later but inside these 2 containers where the components to make the atomic bombs that ended the war well they started to go on their on their on their on their mission they made it there and they headed on the way back and as they were on their way back they still had no escorts a Japanese submarine saw them outs and it was a dark night it was in the middle of the night and the Japanese submarine torpedoed the ship and a few hits the u.s.s. and you hapless the u.s.s. in Annapolis which was a very fast ship that was a little bit older went underwater in under 12 minutes which is staggeringly fast they were a little bit over $1200.00 people on this ship and within a matter of minutes only I believe $500.00 made it off the ship most a lot of over half of the crew went down with the ship the captain was the last one on the ship and well he made it off he was actually standing on the top and as it submerged he just kind of floated but anyway there were lots of men in the water. Over 500 and these men were in the water and as soon as they came up they realised something was dreadfully wrong because 1st of all lot of them had forgotten life jackets there were only a few life rafts floating around some of them were off on their own on their own there were only little groups of people and as they came up for air there was oil everywhere because of the rock and as up when they came up the oil just burned their faces and burned sensitive parts of the body as they tried to swim it was terrible in fact some as they went up above water the oil was on fire it was an inferno and so lots of people died very quickly in fact a few of them survived but because there was no radio messaging allowed a few radio messages went out but no one listened to them and so there they were several 100 men alone in the South Pacific Well the ones that had forgotten forgotten life vests quickly started to realize that they couldn't tread water for very long so a lot of them ground to life preservers and the life rafts some of the officers were in the life rafts there was no water or little food to talk about nothing they were out there in the elements a few of them began to become very thirsty as the 1st day passed by and just think of the irony of this they were thirsty but water surrounded them some of them began to drink the salt water but you realise that if you drink salt water you're pretty much a ticking time bomb you die very quickly pretty much the worst situation that you can imagine right but to make matters worse as these men look down there were sharks hundreds and hundreds of sharks every few minutes a man would just disappear sometimes violently sometimes quietly but they started to be picked off one by one. This u.s.s. Annapolis was made famous and put in the public eye and not condoning this movie it was made famous by the movie Jaws later on there was an actor in there that was supposedly a survivor from the u.s. And you know Apple was only 300 a little over 300 people survived this rock they were out there for 4 days in the in the ocean when they were come to be rescued they were in salt water for so long that the pilots would lift them up into the plane or into or the into the into the ships that rescued them because they were in the salt water for so long their skin would just kind of come off it was awful it was a terrible situation in fact so many hundreds of people died the captain lived in fact the captain was. Court martialed he was the only captain that was ever court martialed for losing a ship an act of war he was court martialed he was found guilty of negligence which he was it's and shipmates will tell you that to this day and he was dropped rank and he lives but every year around Christmas time or a random parts of the year he would get letters from family members of those that had died in the ship wreck and the letters would read something like this merry Christmas captain it would be a lot jollier around here if my son was he still here thanks for killing him and he would get multiple letters like that throughout the year and he kept them all bundled up in his sock drawer and it haunted him for the rest of his life I don't think he was a Christian years later decades later after the ship wreck the ship claimed to the crash ship the crash claimed its last life when the captain ended his own life but the reason I tell that story is to tell you this there was that survived off of the ship a man he was a chaplain he was a Catholic chaplain his name was father and I wouldn't Father Conway. Father Conway everyone loved Father Conway no matter what the nomination he was in you were in this chaplain Chaplain Conway knew the men he he he would eat with them he did all these things and he was one that made it off of the ship and he had a life jacket and the sharks being around most of the people were in his many life life preservers in a life raft that they could and all the officers were given a guaranteed seat on a life raft and this man was an officer but he wouldn't have it because he spent his time during those days going from man to man ask them or their religion and he would pray for them in their religion Oh you're a Jew let me pray to your god for you you're Catholic and he would do his thing all these things he did countless funerals in those days to come it came to the point where this Catholic father came upon a man that didn't have a life preserver didn't have access to a life raft and he was in the process of literally drowning Mr Conway trying to hold him up for a while but it wasn't working very well and so he took off his long own life vest and gave it to the drowning man and continued to swim around and greet these people encourage them and pray for them one day he that day before the rescue he became exhausted and slipped below the sea and he died the man that he gave his life vest to lived on to tell about it you know I don't agree with the doctrine that he agreed with but he saw past that to see people in need and he prayed for them and gave a big blessing to them Do we see the difference here we cannot become doctors really united with something that isn't truth but we're still called to love people no matter which nomination they might be in is that pretty balanced do you think. Amen father Today's your Sabbath and we thank you you've given us this blessing or we ask that we remain faithful to you through these last days is beginning harder and harder to be so bored help us to remain faithful and still call people our friends even if they betrayed us we all have a Judas in our life Lord we ask that you we that we would deal with them in the way that. We pray you need this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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