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Family Worship

Garhett Morgan


  • January 19, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord I just want to thank you for this Sabbath and Lord you have given us so many opportunities even if the opportunity to be here today you've given us the opportunity to worship you the opportunity to give back to you in ties and offerings Lord the opportunity to learn and to change father we ask that as we are here we would we would follow your We're leading hand that we would be guided by you. Father may your spirit be here and speak Lord help my words not to mar your message father bless us we pray in your name Amen by the way praise the Lord that Jeremy and Christie had their baby this baby's this week. Benjamin and Bethany right those are their names and they came in there didn't seem to be any issues are they home yet you know this afternoon they'll be coming home soon that a blessing praise the Lord will have a couple new church members here very soon so God is good and then well today I just want to open up with a verse here go to Psalms chapter 95 if you would some chapter 95 and verse 6 Psalm chapter 95 if we're going to read verse 6 and 7 and David always the man good with words writes this and notice what he says Psalms 95 of verse 6 and 7 All right so $9056.00 and $7.00 says this ope come. Let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the Lord our maker that's what we're doing now a man worshipping the Lord in spirit and truth but then it says in verse 7 for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture and the sheep of his hand today if you will hear his voice that it continues hard and not your heart. My friends are we commanded to worship the Lord we aren't we it's something that God commands us to do now we don't always have to listen to that command but if you've ever read David in his psalms or even some of the even some of the other places that he writes you'll find that David doesn't just worship the Lord but he enjoys worshipping God You notice that like when Jesus comes before the Lord and prays to him it's something that David actually looks forward to doing Amen we've been talking about a few things here the past few weeks a couple weeks ago we learned about the importance of Bible study and how this is a living word Amen in the past we've been taught we've talked about prayer how important it is to the Christian life and these are very simple things they're not things that you don't know they're things that you do know very well but we often need reminded of the importance of these things don't we and that's what we're going to be doing the next few weeks and we've discussed it already but in the next few weeks to come we're going to be discussing things like what a Christian attitude should look like like how we act as Christians what should your attitude be where we talking about stewardship financially I'm also Spears steers will stewardship as well where are we talking about lots of basic If you're taking a college course Christianity one o one but today we're to be talking about something that is probably one of the most important things that we can talk about here especially if you have young people in your home and by young people I mean under the age of 16 today what would be talking about is the importance of family worship. Now you might be thinking to yourself Well if you have kids this message is especially for you today if you're thinking well I don't have kids maybe you're looking forward to having kids soon I don't know well if you're looking for to bring someone into in this world in the future this message is also for you you might be thinking well my kids are grown and they're out of the house and now it's just me and my spouse or this message is also for you to maybe say well I'm actually alone I don't have a spouse anymore I live alone this message can be for you too personally but today what we talking about is the importance of spending that time in family worship it's no secret that when you look around the world today when you look around our country today especially because that's where we are when you look around the country today you'll find that a lot of our homes are falling apart if you notice that and when the family circle is falling apart and crumbling is unstable we find that society is only as stable as the family is and because we have unstable families we're finding that we're living in a very unstable society not everyone has the privilege of growing up with a father and mother that has family worship with them. My friends today if you have children and you're not doing family worship hopefully by the end of this message you'll see the importance of having it want to read you a quote here from the 7th testimony of the church page 42 it's pretty short quote but it really hit me this week it says this and yet in this time a fearful peril that's where we're at right some who profess to be Christians have no family worship they do not honor God in the home they do not teach their children to love and fear him. Many have separated themselves so far from him that they feel under condemnation in approaching him at all they cannot come boldly to the throne of grace lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting they have no living connection with God There is a form of godliness without the power my friends I don't know if you have ever been going through something in your life maybe you're there's a temptation that you're dealing with maybe there's just been something that's thrown at you that is really causing lots of stress and you know that you should be able to overcome it but it feels like you're powerless to overcome it my friends I can tell you this if you're connected to Jesus you have the power to overcome amen because it's promised to you Jesus can overcome anything but here's the point that I want to make today we all want our homes to be hedges where Jesus lives and then we want our home to be a place that we invite invite Christ into and we don't let him go but he actually lives there right that Jesus doesn't leave but he stays and one of the best ways to have Jesus continually live in your home is consistence family worship but what does that look like we're talking practically here aren't we what does family worship even look like well there are 3 main excuses for why couples or families with children don't have family worship there's 3 main excuses and these are the 3 excuses that I always hear when it comes to people that struggle or don't do family worship at all number one is the lack of time right I just simply don't have time for it I get home from work and then there's some cleaning to do and then someone calls me on my phone or we have to go grocery shopping and I just don't have time for family worship. The 2nd one that a lot of people say about family worship is this that there's simply a lack of interest in it you know I think of families with young people I'm the oldest of 6 soon to be 7 and all of my siblings are younger than me so it was part of my job to help my parents with family worship and corral the younger ones and there's just a part of young people where it's hard for them to sit still sometimes for 10 minutes right let alone 15 minutes but sometimes younger families with younger children have a good difficult time with family worship because it seems like their kids just are interested in it all you know and I mean like they're just trying to corral them in for something upon them to instill this in them and it seems like it's not doing any good so why even bother I understand we'll talk about that today but the 3rd one the 3rd in the last excuse that I'm going to be talking about for a while people don't have family worship is probably the one that I understand the most we don't know how right it's very difficult for someone to have family worship when they've never actually seen what a family worship looks like it all like a lot of people that are just come into the church in our New have never had parents that have family worship with them each and every day so what does family worship even look like practically speaking well that's another thing that we're going to be covering today you know family worship is more important even than supper in your family as you know that remember growing up the supper table was very important for my family because everyone sat down and there was no technology around allowed at the supper table Amen supper was a time that everyone gathered together we ate and we talked and communicated as a family it was very important for us especially but when it comes to family worship we need to make sure that the basis of our home is Jesus. Let's take a look here we're going to look at a parable go to Matthew chapter 7 if you would this is a parable that isn't often used for this purpose but I think it applies very well that you Chapter 7 we're looking at verse 24 and if you ever talk Cradle Roll you know exactly what this parable is the rains came down and the floods came up and the house on the rock stood firm right but here we find it in Matthew chapter 7 and we look here at verse 24 who's talking here is Jesus right your letters are in red this is again the Sermon on the Mount the greatest sermon ever preached and in Matthew chapter 7 verse 24 we find a very interesting story Jesus says Therefore whosoever here if these sayings of mine and do with them I will liken him into a wise man which built his house upon a what's upon a rock and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell knots for it was founded upon the rock Amen there's so many different ways that you can look at this parable but this is the way they were to look at it today if we do not have our homes built upon Jesus we're going to read that in just a minute it's going to fall apart him at least that's just when it is going to happen but when you're home when your house is built upon the rock of Jesus collation chapter 2 verse 20 tells us that Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith Amen Jesus is the rock of our foundation Amen so Jesus should be the basis of our homes and one of the key ways then we can make sure that Jesus is the key focal point of our home is family worship my friends a lot of our young people growing up a lot of my friends that I have now know and they claim that they're Christians but they don't know why and even to that before I don't know. My friends one of the reasons that our people our children especially don't know why they are a Christian or why their 7th day adventists is simply because they're lacking being taught what they believe through family worship you know family worship is important because you remember that you remember maybe you've grown up in the church maybe you came into the church through a prophecy series or something like that but do you remember when this message really took meaning for you like that moment when you learned something and you just fell in love with this belief remember that moment remember that time that experience it right now but that experience where you just you just knew that this was the church for you right now remember that moment you're young people don't have that moment yet like the love for this church doesn't just come naturally in fact the love for Jesus doesn't even really come just naturally it's something that must be instilled in our children Amen you know proverb says Train Up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old you know the quote right he will not depart from it could it be that we're not having family worship enough or we're not having it very effective So let's talk about this lack of time notice here in this parable that we just that we just read it said that the rain to set in the floods came and if you read for this next part which will in just a minute you'll find that the floods and the storms and the just the terrible trials that came upon this house did not just come to the wise man's house but it came to the foolish man's house to right just because your house is Bill is built upon the rock doesn't mean that the devil is not going to attack it Amen In fact if your house is built upon the rock the devil's probably going to attack a whole lot more than the guy on the sand right. So when your home is under attack and by the way your home will be under attack countless times mine has in just the few years that we've been married when you have young people the devil attack your home even more how can we make sure that when the storms of life come our house stays up here it is by having Jesus living in your house Amen but here's the thing it's difficult for Jesus to live in my house and some would say impossible I would I would argue that they're right it's difficult for Jesus to live in my house when there's things there that contradict who he is for instance my rule of thumb if that is if I'm sitting around the television set and I'm about to watch something I wonder if I would be comfortable watching this if Jesus was sitting right next to me that puts a whole different no on it doesn't it what you're listening to would you be comfortable listening to that in your car if Jesus was riding shotgun with you Jesus wants to live in our homes but sometimes we don't invite edges into our home in fact sometimes we invite the devil into our home through the things that we're doing I believe you want Jesus Amen. But are we inviting him every day to continue live in our home or my dad when I was a lot younger all of my friends and every single one of them went to movie theaters that was a big deal and you know my dad said Well you know spirit prophecy tells us a 7th Day Adventist should not be found in movie theaters and you know I am a pretty decent debater in our viewer and so I did some reading into that and I said Dad the movie theaters back in the 1800s were nothing like movie theaters now you might have heard this argument movie theaters back in 1900 was a place not were just there were you know plays and things but it was a place where gambling was done it was a place where alcohol was served a lot it was places where prostitutes hung out it was a gambling hall that there were some live shows that was where the theater was that the it up today is nothing like the theater back in the 18th hundreds and he said that may be true but I'll tell you what if there's a movie that you want to see if it passes this test I will let you go and see it whenever things are true whatever things are on missed whatever things are of a good report you know that verse think on these things he said if that movie that you want to watch passes this test then you can go and that sounded fair to me Ok that makes sense and so I would look at these movies that my friends were watching and I would research it and I'd find the description and then I put it through my dad's test and guess what never once did I have a movie that I could watch and then my dad broke it down to me he said the reason why I don't want you to go to these movie theater is simply this you might be going in to watch something that may appear innocent like Disney or Pixar something like that right you might be walking in to watch something innocence but if someone sees you going into that theater they don't know if you're going to watch Finding Nemo or 50 Shades of Grey it's the appearance of evil. And that made sense to me and one of the reasons that this made sense to me and it's something that I'm convicted about today is because that that's something that my parents taught me in family worship you know family worship is the place where our young people are tied Amen but it's not just a place where young people are taught if you don't even have young people in your house it's a place where you and your spouse will close together a man but let's take a look at the end of this parable here it says here in verse $26.00 of Matthew chapter 7 and everyone that hear these sayings of mine and do with them not shall be likened to a foolish man which built his house upon the sand and the rain descended and the floods came up the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell and great was the fall of it I love He adds that part of the house didn't just kind of slump over but it says Great was the fall of that house so it was destroyed like splinters of it everywhere like the house was just no longer there great was the fall of that house that was built upon the stand and now I'm no profits but I believe the Bible is true amen So I believe it would be fair to say according what we just read in the Bible if your household is not built upon the rock of Jesus then your house is going to fail is that fair if your house is not built upon the rock of Christ and its built upon the sand of this world then your young people are not going to succeed like the Lord wants them to do if your house is not built upon Jesus and is built upon the sand of this world then your marriage isn't just going to splinter but it is going to fail beyond recognition and I'm not saying that because I'm a prophet I'm not but that's what the Word of God says what does it mean to have your house built upon the sand my friends who are children look up to. You know young boys might look up to the latest football player they might look up to a music star I don't know who exactly who our young people look up to exactly but I know this they all fall short of Jesus it could be someone like Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr We just talked about earlier and those are good people to look up to but I tell you this unless they're focused upon Jesus and our house is built upon the rock of Christ then our houses will fall and they will fall greatly I don't want that to happen to our church Amen I don't want that to happen to our homes I don't want to happen to happen to our marriages and one of the key components of making sure that our house is built upon the rock is and I sound like a broken record family worship but let's get very practical here for just a minute what this family worship look like well the 1st argument against family worship not necessarily Gansett but excuse for not doing Family Worship is this I don't have the time well that's going to prophecy talks about family worship a little bit especially young people and she says this family worship should be short to the point and interesting Amen so if you're having a difficult to family worship with their young people and it's going for an hour and a half too long a man at that age anything hour and a half almost it's going to be boring and they going to get restless right like for most young people a movie they can't sit through let alone Family Worship family were should be short to the point and interesting to the young person 10 minutes 15 minutes depending on your young people right how can we not have time for 101520 minutes with our kids or with each other a spouses we've gone back to this before but we find time for a priority is amen let me ask you a question if you knew. That having family worship with your kids would guarantee that they would not get flu during the winter season do you think that you would have family worship with your kids a little more probably this would never happen but this is just a for instance if the church find you $20.00 for every day that your family did not have family worship would you have family worship probably right we have all these things that would motivate us to do family worship but they're all they're all motivation and the thing is we know the importance of family worship we know that it's a good thing but sometimes we don't value it like we should another reason why is a lack of interest in family worship our young people just it's difficult for them to sit through it well 1st of all if you train them from from young ones as they grow up that will get a little easier but there's an element of kids that just are restless that they're in the same place for too long right now I understand that and some of you are a teacher so you know exactly who I'm talking about but here's the thing you know your wife you know your husband you know your kids a lot more than I do and each and every one of us has something that we're interested in right you know how to get your loved one's attention don't you find something that your kids your spouse is interested in and here's the thing Family Worship is boring when you don't plan for it if you just open the Bible and read a chapter and then pray for 10 minutes and call a family worship your kids are going to think it's a waste of time because they're not under going to stand it and they're going to sense that you didn't put any time into planning family worship out so put some thought into family worship I remember growing up my my mom always did worship in the morning because Dad was at work by like 545. Mom always did worship in the morning and dad always did worship at night that's how things worked in our family no that's not possible for everybody but anyway at night my dad would deal with He'd go through a lesson about 10 minutes or so and then at the end he always read us a chapter out of a book now this isn't to throw down our generation or our generation or anything but I tell you this the mission stories and books that were for kids back in the forty's fifty's sixty's and seventy's of our church are far better than anything we have today hands down and I don't know why it is and that's something the archer's needs to work on today but I'll tell you if you can get a mission book from back in the sixty's or the forty's or fifty's you've got it made because there's so much better and there's so much more substance in them and they're all designed for family worship all the chapters end on a cliffhanger. And so the kids are looking forward for family worship the next day because they want to know what happened in the book so they will be quiet and listen during the time of reading scripture so that they can get to the story and find out what's happening Amen and before you know it a few years goes by and they actually begin to love reading the Word of God just as much as they did the story they meant Now if you're looking for some of these books that were written back in the day there are so many of them actually you can get them they're readily available if you just look on Amazon or E.-Bay and there's places here in Michigan that we can find them but if you find anything by like Eric b. hare buy it read it for your kids it worship powerful stuff if you can find anything by Josee thing coming to an Ad Words buy it read it with your kids they will love it I guarantee it for instance there's one by Justin connects an Edwards called Swift arrow swift arrow is a story about a young settler in the 800 and he was a boy and he got captured by Comanche Indians and the whole book follows this boy through Comanche Indian life he was trained to become one of them he became one of their b. young braves he would die his skin with so he would look like a Native American and all these things but he kept his faith through it all and at the end of the book he escapes and makes it back home how could a kid not like that right and has broken up in the chapters where at least I'm hanging so they want to come back the next day there are so many other great ones if you want to list I've got one but like Nile in the white crocodile you never read anything like that that's an awesome book and a lot of you adults might be thinking I've never even read this book I tell you what I still read those books today hands down they're really awesome stories and the wonderful thing about the stories is this number one they're true. Number 2 they instill in our kids not just the love for the Church of Christ but they instill in our kids a passion for Mission work for global missions for other countries educates them on at different ethnicities it's so powerful all these things and I tell you what these stories that we've had from back in those days of early Adventism or just a few decades ago we're losing it today and one of the reason we're one of the reasons we're losing our young people today is because our church doesn't have the passion our church used to have we don't have these books coming out anymore we might have a few here and they're not saying that everything that we publish now is bad there's some good stuff there but my friends family worship should be interesting Amen it should be something that our young people look forward to it should be something that your spouse looks forward to find something that interests your spouse and your kids and do it with them amen Now you might be in a situation that I've never been in before maybe your spouse just isn't interested in spiritual things really maybe your spouse might think that it's Ok for instance my grandmother. Before she was a very solid so in the Avon's she married my grandpa they're still together today but he's an atheist he isn't believe in God at all and so growing up in my mom growing up there was never family worship she had worship with their mom but Dad was never involved because he just wasn't interested in it and he still isn't really today that might be you he might be thinking why I'm having a difficult time having family worship when this guy or or my wife doesn't even want to do it we have to respect their decision right but there's nothing more catchy than an excited Christian Amen. You don't necessarily have to study the Word of God with them because they might not be open to that but throughout your day share with them some things that have excited you that you've learned about God Amen share with them exciting that God has done for you in your life it might be something small but share with them these things you say what you know the Lord is just so good to us because look at our financial situation right now we were struggling a few months ago but I've been praying about it and you know the Lord is blessing that's powerful Amen or you might be talking to your wife or your spouse one day notice they're having a really difficult time and you call them on your lunch break me so you know what I know you having a hard time this morning but know that I'm praying for you that don't know their heart and it might not work overnights it might take years but it's worth a try isn't it because I'll tell you this it talked about our foundation of our homes our homes or a weighty matter they weigh a lot on the heart of God and I'm sure you love your families a lot as well and they weigh heavy on your heart Jesus wants to be the center of our homes let's read a couple verses here and then we'll close we'll just one he actually Deuteronomy Chapter 6. Deuteronomy Chapter 6 were read 5 through 7 here Deuteronomy Chapter 65 through 7. And now I shall love the Lord thy God with all the heart with all thy soul with all the I might sounds like something Jesus said a little later doesn't it. And these words which I commanded the this day which we just read shall be in your hearts and you shall teach them diligently to the children and shall talk of them when you sit in one house no walk by the way when the Elias down and when that rises up sound like family worship to you my friends I can't stress enough the importance of having that time with your spouse with your young people especially. Of keeping Jesus central in your life because my friends I tell you this right now the Bible already told us today that if Jesus isn't the center of your family and your family is not built upon the rock of our salvation then great will be the fall of your house keep Jesus center Amen we'll make sure that your house stands and stands well I want to close with the story. I've talked about before but one of the most inspiring places that I've been to was the Lincoln Memorial in Washington d.c. and it's just great to go there and you know there's almost a reverence there you see Lincoln there and in what they call the Temple and you see the words on the wall and and then you get to see where m.l.k. spoke there on the steps and then you look out over the over the reflecting pool and you think about all the Vietnam protests that went there it just awesome place of history but did you know that the Lincoln Memorial that we see is only about 40 percent of the building underneath the Lincoln Memorial there's about 60 percent that we don't see when they were just building the Lincoln Memorial they actually built on a really terrible spot it was actually a place that was flooded a lot by the river that runs right behind the Lincoln Memorial there and because the river flooded a lot it was very marshy place very wet ground and this thing that they were building as the plans were finished they realized that all these marbles pillars and the statue and all these things were very very heavy and if they built this heavy monument upon this marshy ground where you can imagine what would happen right it would be a disaster area to topple over would be an event and eventually the place would crack and would it would be impossible to build on and so they hired someone to go and they hired a crew of men and it took a very long time for the Lincoln Memorial to be to be to be built. But they took big huge iron and some marble pillars and they drove down 66 feet through this marshy ground until they hit bedrock and so the Lincoln Memorial that we walk up the steps that we think is flush with the ground is actually suspended as a platform on all these massive pillars that go all the way down to bedrock in fact you can actually well you can't actually right now but actually in 2022 they're going to actually open up the bottom of the Lincoln Memorial so you can to work the underground caverns there and you can see all the pillars it's really cool because all the workers that built this memorial sign their names on the pillars and they drew pictures and stuff as I don't think anyone else would either ever be under there so there's like a couple 100 year old graffiti that's under the Lincoln Memorial they're going to open it up it's going to be really cool but anyway my point is this and it works very well for a message today you have to build upon the rock a moment if you try and build something on your own understanding or by the world's standards your life your marriage your home your kids. Are going to topple over just as sure as that Lincoln Memorial would have cracked on that marshy ground let's make sure we keep Jesus central in our lives and homes him and. Father may we keep. The path of our hearts and minds. To you clear. Father there may be things in this world and in our hearts that may appear harmless but Father sever that relationship with you so Lord help there be nothing between us and that communication can be opened in that ward our homes will be built upon the rock which is the year we pray to Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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