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Garhett Morgan


  • March 2, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord we come to this Sabbath knowing that we are not good enough to be in your presence but Lord we know some day that's coming very soon that we are going to be directly in that presence what a glorious day that will be before other Today we know that your presence is here that your angels are in this place and father we want no man to receive the glory from this truth but only you so father be with me and help me not to mar your perfect message with my imperfect lips Lord Father speak as only you can we pray in the name of Jesus Amen. Transmeta book of revelation if you would revelation that we're going to go to a chapter that we often go to on Sabbath and that is Revelation Chapter 14 Revelation 14 is very important to some of the Adventists because we are called in fact not just by the church but more importantly we're called by God to preach the 3 messages amen the 3 angels messages will be proclaimed with a loud voice right before the 2nd coming of Jesus and there's so much that we can say on the 3 angels message now if we're doing this by memory let's do this together the 1st angels message says Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour his judgment is come that's the 1st angles message the 2nd angel's message has to do with Babylon as anyone know what that message is about it's Babylon is fallen right so the 2nd angel's message is Babylon is fallen spiritual confusion is no more and the 3rd angel's message to put it briefly is simply this don't get the mark of the beast right those are the 3 angel's message in very simple language fear gone for that our judgment is come and Babylon is fallen and the following don't receive the mark of the beast receive the seal of God and those are all very important topics for our day there are so many things that we can impact in these but we're going to take a look at the 1st angels message this morning it says this in Revelation 14 verse 6 and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach on to them the dawn of the earth and to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice pause here is this something that we should say as Christians meekly. And quietly My friends this is something that we should be boldly proclaiming Amen same with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters my friend there is a very important part here in this verse it does not say that the hour of his judgment is coming it doesn't say that the our vision it has come in the past but it says the hour of his judgment is come my friends you a 7th Day Adventists know this but ever since 844 in the historical understanding of the same cherry and the New and Old Testament of the Word of God we have found that Jesus your high priest is in the heavenly sanctuary and that high priest is battling for your soul right now in heaven in the holy pool in the most holy place we see Christ atoning for his people are sins now to put this very basic each and every one of your names at a point in time is going to come to judgment there is going to come a point where your name comes before this judgment throne in Heaven there is going to come a point when your children's names come before this judgment there is going to come a point when your pastor's name comes before the judgment the wonderful thing about it is this everyone is judged by the same law. Everyone is judged by the same judge and every single one of us has the same lawyer. And as we take a look at that judgment scene that is happening in heaven even now we've been living in this day of atonement sin 8 since 844 we find as we look at the law in Romans 323 in 623 we find that we have all sinned Amen we can agree with that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and then the next text continues to say but the wages of sin is death Think about that for just a moment for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and Romans also tells us that the wages of sin is death now this is a common theme the 7th Day Adventists have been preaching from the Word of God for quite some time is simply this sin is universal every single one of us in humanity has sinned except for Christ Jesus alone and because each and every one of us has have all sinned we all just slightly deserve to die however and I always say this in my evangelistic series the verse the wages of sin is death does not end there praise the Lord it says the wages of sin is death and there's this wonderful 3 letter word after that it's says but there's an exception however but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord my friends each and every one of us deserve to die and from the courts and the law we find that that's a just judgment however Christ the loved us so much that he could not allow that to happen without us having a chance a chance that we could not find ourselves but a chance that only we can find in Christ's return with me if you would to the Book of Exodus Exodus Chapter 25. This is a very basic verse for understanding the same sure he message Exodus Chapter 25 I know many of you have studied the same story message before and when we study this there are literal but mean we could study the sanctuary for years we could have an entire year in fact maybe even decade that's no exaggeration of sermons just on the same cherry it's possible it's so complex and it can be so complicated and there's beauty in each and every one of its complicated little details but my friends let's not lose the message with all those details they meant look what it says here in Exodus Chapter 25 and verse 8 this is the purpose for the same cherry of God while it was here on Earth with the Israelites it said it says and let them make me talking about God a saying should wary that I may do well among them according to all that I show the after the pattern of their tabernacle and the pattern of all the instruments there of even soul shall you make it my friends we know this is some Devenish Christians but just as a reminder we know that there was not only saints were here on Earth but that same tree that was here on earth was made as a replica of the one where the one in heaven there's a heavenly sanctuary as well. Not only is there heavenly sanctuary but there's a high priest in that heavenly sanctuary and the book of Hebrews tells us that we do not have a High Priest that cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities right but he was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin Christ Our Heavenly Father both of them the Holy Spirit the Trinity every single one of them the only thing that they have wanted is to be with us when we look back in Genesis Adam and Eve lived in perfect harmony with God there was full of peace. Joy bliss and being able to commune with God face to face and once Adam many if were tempted for either further knowledge or whatever it may have been there's a few different things the world fell into a separation from God because of said the entire Bible Genesis the 1st few chapters so as show us a perfect world in the last few chapters of revelation show us a perfect world everything in between is God battling to get humanity back to where it should be that's what the Bible is the battle of God to restore humanity to where he longs to have us and yet sometimes if not most of the time we stand in his way as soon as Adam and he fell the Word of God tells us in Genesis that God made them cloaks of animal skin where do you suppose that animal skin came from it came from an animal that had died God began to set up a system of sacrifice to illustrate what God was going to be doing for them in years to come in fact the 1st murder that took place on Earth of all things was over the sacrificial system and just think about that for a moment the 1st murder that happened on Earth was over a warship ironic isn't it in fact we find we've come discuss this in prayer meeting on Wednesday but when Abel brought that lamb before God as he was supposed to in us he was commanded he did it in a way that was righteous but when Cain brought in the works of his own hands and brought it to God it was unrighteous in God's sight my friend Spirit of Prophecy tells us than the end of times there's going to be 2 types of worship. There's going to be those that worship gone the way that God has told us to and there's going to be those that try and do it on their own My friends let's make sure that we don't do this on our own but that sacrificial system was set up and it began and it continued until Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins a couple weeks ago. A few of us passers were talking and we were talking about camp meeting when can't meeting ends we begin planning for can't meeting next year and that's no joke like we start getting ready for campaigning as soon as the one previous answer like it's there's people that work on campaigning all year round to make sure that it happens and as pastors were we all are given certain jobs and this year I transferred from the team tent to the youth tent and we were a bunch of us team leaders were discussing what we should do with the young people and our theme this year is on the same. We're calling it our theme is called an r.t.c. shirts we're going to put in tents which is kind of fun funny right and we were we were discussing how we were going to make this more realistic for the young people because it's one thing to just talk about this but young people need to see it right need to feel it they need to experience it they need to hear him to smell it and so we were thinking about things that we could do like building different articles of furniture that they could actually see it and experience and all those things and you know pastors joke around to sometimes we were thinking you know it would be really cool if we brought in a baby lamb that would be wonderful and we brought in the baby lamb and one of the pastor said kind of tongue in cheek Can you imagine what would happen if we sacrificed it and that kind of struck me for a moment truly Leviticus 14 and then I'll let you know why I was why I thought on this for a while Leviticus Chapter 4 stuff one thing Scuse me for living in chapter 4. Leviticus Chapter 4 verse 32 and it talks about this system that supposed to take place Leviticus Chapter 4 starting here in verse 32 talking about the sin offering there reminding the Israelites and it says and if he bring a lamb for a sin offering forgiveness of sins He shall bring it a female without blemish and he shall lay his hand upon the head of the sin offering and slay it for a sin offering on the place where they kill the burnt offering and the pre-show take of the blood of the sin offering with this finger and put it upon the horns of the altar of burnt offering until poor out all of the blood thereof at the bottom of the altar and shall take away all the fat their oath as the fat of the Lamb is taken away from the sacrifice of the peace offerings and the pre-show burn them up on the altar according to the offerings made by fire to the Lord and the pre-show make an atonement for his sin that he has committed and it shall be forgiven him so let's discuss that for just a minute if you had sinned in the camp of Israel this is this this is what you would do you realize that you have sinned you were your house and you would take or buy or whatever it was you would take this land that was perfect without blemish Now there were a few other things that you could do depending if you were a little bit wealthier you would bring a calf if you were a little bit poor you could bring a pigeon in depending even if you were very very poor you could even bring in flour but anyway the lamb was the most common one that was used and this lamb would be brought in and can you imagine it's estimated there was about a 1000000 Israelites in the camp the same 2 hours in the very middle so you had sinned and you would take that lamb and who knows your tent might be on the outs outskirts of the camp you would have to take that lamb and you would have to walk it to the same sure and I don't know if that's what you would double walk of shame or not but that's what would happen. And you would take that lamb into the same where and in the same sure there in the outer court there was only one way in a man just as Christ says that there's only one way to salvation and that's through Jesus and he would take that lamb and you would walk in next to that brazen alter there and you would take that lamb with the priest assisting you and as the priest held it in position you would take your head and and put it on the Lamb's head and you would confess your sins and as those sins were confessed it would symbolically transfer about sin from you to the Lamb Now this is where some people get a little bit mixed up but the priest was not the one that killed the lamb it was the center and not to be graphic at all but this is what happened the sinner would take that knife and he would slip that poor lambs throw and the blood in the life would come out into a basin that the priest would have and as the lamb died the sinner would walk away having faith that he was forgiven Now here's the thing the plan of salvation didn't end there the priest had to go and do more didn't he but for the sinner that was it he came back and he accepted out and he was told to go and sin no more this is what this is what gets it it was interesting as I was talking those pastors and one of the made the tongue in cheek thing can you imagine if we sacrifice that lamb here's the thing we talked about this in in prayer meeting a little bit if we were to actually do that can you imagine the horror of those youth for just a minute like if you were to take a little baby lamb in front of 120 young people and kill it you might have a ride on your hands or a lot of tears at least probably have a lot of upset parents too but that's what God intended it to be. God wanted this example of what his son was going to go through to be horrific God wanted this sacrifice to be got turning and sometimes I don't think we see sin that way we know as Christians that are send killed Christ and we mention that all the time but do we actually visualize what sin causes for the Israelites they saw it firsthand daily they saw their sin causing death right then and there and the Word of God tells us that even they grew hardened to that over time it was something that they simply got used to and it didn't really affect them that sounds very similar to us in modern Christianity a little bit we have gotten so used to the idea that Christ came and died for our sins that it doesn't really affect us anymore can you relate to that like we know that Jesus came and died but do we remember what Jesus did there's another verse here that I would love to take you to when we find it here there's just so much it's an exodus 40 Exodus 40 verse $34.38 this is a verse that I think we've gone to before this is why God needed his Can't his camp atone for in the Old Testament this is why God wanted to saints worry there in the 1st place Exodus the last chapter verse 30 $4.38 it says that a cloud covered the tent of the congregation and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle in verse $38.00 for the cloud of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day and fire was on it by night in the sight of all the house of Israel throughout their journeys. My friends just as much as God wanted to 12 Israelites back in the Old Testament God wants to dwell with you just as must you believe that God longs to dwell with you God will not only wants to be here in our church sanctuary but the Word of God tells us that our bodies are a temple of God Amen God wants to dwell with you God doesn't want to make you God but God wants to do well in you. And my friends the same God that said let there be a light is the same God The says let you be forgiven him and now here's the crazy thing we as Christians we know and we say all the time when God speaks that is brought into existence we have no problem saying that if God said Let there be a tree there there's going to be a tree there right we all believe that but as soon as God says Let your heart be forgiven we have a hard time believing it like really God can really forgive my sins the same God that created this world with just a with with just with just words is the same God that can cleanse your hearts. We should be excited about that right God can create in you a clean heart just like David was longing for and yet often we limit God and God for the past 7000 years in Revelation Chapter 12 and we read this for Sabbath school last week I believe in Revelation 12 it says that there was war in heaven you will know that verse right there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon and his angels 5 sometimes we think or at least I'm tempted to think anyway that as soon as the dragon or the devil was cast out of heaven to earth that the war and have been seized but my friends when the devil was cast out of heaven the war really began. Heaven has been in a state of war for thousands of years ever since sin entered into heaven and then sin corrupted this earth that the goals of heaven have shifted before God in all of his glory was simply dwelling with his creation for all time but as soon as we sin God shifted to battle mode and for the past thousands of years the thing that has been on the heart of God and His Son the most and this baffles me is you of all of the things that God has to do and of all of the things that God can do I mean God is limitless right God can do I mean I'm sure his schedule can be pretty packed with things a lot more enjoyable than dealing with sin but for the past 7000 years 6000 years and counting you have been on the heart of God humanity has been what God has been focusing on I don't think we realize how much God loves us and how much he's willing to do for us like the Bible says that you are the apple of his eye we know the verse that says that not a sparrow falls without God even taking note of it he knows the number of hair on your heads God knows everything about you and he wants to lead you in men not only was he the sacrifice but he's your priest as we look in that throne room in heaven we find a son and a father and a holy spirit where all that they're doing is striving to do their best to make sure that you have every opportunity to get into heaven but yet they respect our choice all of the power that God has God has the power to make us do something but he chooses not to use it. Because God wants us to choose for ourselves. And that choice that God has given you isn't just something that you do a baptism that choice that God gives you is a choice that you can refresh it every moment and a choice that you can deny it any moment I mean I wish I could stand here and tell you not I would I honestly I really wish that I could say that they would come a time a nurse history where the devil would look at you and go oh. You know what Louis I really think that I'm going to leave you alone for a while now. Or you know what Larry you've been you've been walking with the Lord so strongly the past few weeks that I'm just going to give up on you and I'm not going to tempt you anymore the devil doesn't do that I wish I could stand here and tell you that there was going to be a time here on Earth before Jesus comes where it's going to get better as far as temptation is concerned but that would be a falsehood in fact the opposite is true if we think about it Revelation tells us for a reason that the devil is angry with the God's church the devil is not just aimed rebut the Baal use the word Ross or enraged the worst form of anger that you can get in the devil being that angry isn't is going to give up on you he's going to pursue you till your last moment before he's the Lord that Jesus is as well as hard as the devil pursues for your soul Jesus is there right along and he's pursuing for your soul just as hard but it's your choice we started up talking about the judgment and as that judgment is going on in the heavenly sanctuary my friends the battle has been won when Christ died and rose again the battle has been won for your soul he really has been. But my friends God wants to demonstrate in you something that is so powerful the same God that can create at a word is the same god that wants to help you I don't think we realize that I mean we get so excited and this is probably a very basic example but we get so excited when you have one of these phones that has a little extra memory right or the Internet that's a little bit quicker I mean there's a lot of power knowledge here in just those little box men get really excited when they sit behind a vehicle that has a lot of power right I mean it the opportunities are fun but in Christianity if you have God on your side then as far as your spiritual engine is concerned it's got less if you do not have Christ center in your life then your marriage is going to fail if Christ is not a center in you in your marriage that I'm not telling you this but the Bible is clear that your marriage is not what it should be and that goes with everything else if Christ is not central in your life then you're not going to experience joy you might have a false sense of it you might get a taste of it now and then but you're not going to happen and that's really we've been talking a lot lately about justification sanctification that all leads up to glorification in my friends here it is it's allowing Christ to perform that good work in you that's what that is and we can talk about what that looks like and we will as we continue want but my friends we can't even discuss it if we won't allow Jesus to work in us are we willing to allow Jesus to do what he wants to do what are we waiting for there's an old song that the. I man I think it was the baths that used to sing it it was it was sung back in the 1920 s. and don't ask me how I know it I don't know but it says I'm quoting It says there really ought to be a sign upon my heart don't judge me yet I'm an unfinished part but I'm still perfect according to his plan he's still working on me he makes me what I ought to be took him just a week to make the moon and stars the sun and the Earth Jupiter and Mars and then it continues to talk from there my friends Christ wants to vote for form that good work in you and the Word of God says He will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ Christ started he authored you he will finish what he set out to do if. You will do that. Don't step on it. As tempting as it is to step in. 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