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09-Through Hidden Opposition - Discernment

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter



  • November 30, 2019
    7:30 AM

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Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to in the Bible based conversation of. Contemporary Issues and thought provoking. Here's your host Justin within the. Secret informers and double cross sounds like a spy novel no. Just in from Him You got a whole series of topics prepared just for you for young adults and we want you to get even more involved in our Bible study so we prepared a Bible study guide told the inverse Bible study guide and you can access it by going to any verse Bible God or Jesus from there you can see all of our topics study guides serials blogs and whatnot study the Bible join our conversation here on and welcome to in verse we are in the midst of a study on the topic of leadership throughout the book of Nehemiah we've been coasting through chapters 12345 I think which after 6 and we're talking about Nehemiah on how he gets through all this opposition that's happening in Jerusalem at the time so I have ordered prayer is broken pray for us or against the text father we think you through Scripture you give us answers to the challenges that we face in everyday life and also as leaders of so we pray that you would be with us as we study your word today in Jesus' name. Amen John somewhere in chapter 6 of Nehemiah chapter verse 10 through the end there Ok let's read afterward I came to the house of the son of the. The Son of Man had tap tap all who who was a secret informer and he said let us meet together in the house of God within the temple and let us close the doors of the temple for they are coming to kill you indeed at night they will come to kill you and I said should such a man as I flee and who is there such as I who would go into the temple to save his life I will not go in then I perceived that God had not sent him at all but that he pronounced this prophecy against me because to buy and some ballots had hired him. For this reason he was hired that I should be afraid and act that way and sin so that they might have a cause for an evil report that they might reproach me my God Remember to buy and some balance and courting to deny their works and the prophets No I Diot and the rest of the prophets who would have made me afraid Ok let's stop there and take a break there and she could can you kind of give us contact we did look at the rest of Chapter 6 on our last episode the kind of give us a preview and get into the top end to the discussion Ok Well we're coming off of chapter 5 which was the climax of the book of Nehemiah and I think in the previous episode you mentioned the coyotes Matic structure of the book so Chapter 5 is kind of this pinnacle point and then from there you see elements marriage throughout the rest of the book that you saw at the beginning and in chapter 4 we had this these opposition from some ballot as the ring leader and you see that happening again here in chapter 6 and where they came from at the beginning of have to 6 what they call the my and they say let's go and meet in the plane of Ono and he says oh no. I was just. I did well. And then that opportunity coming up in exchange for their chance and how we come to the place which now they're using. Religion to try and trick me to my into into walking away from the calling that God has used him that God is calling him to and so they call him to to go into the temple and do something that would be contrary to His what's right to do but they are using the religious connotation. And then Johnson what's going on with the part that you read there well it's just it amazes me that you know to what extent they go here to try to deceive. The work I mean you had a social deception military deception you mentioned spiritual deception going on so you have this guy named Shammai a similar. I don't know you know anyways he he's like this prophet it seems has a reputation of the prophet and says hey come let's just let's hide this is you know going to kill you and. Through that deception God gives him discernment and so snow on the going to do that going to the 1st section we see you know digital messaging social media conniving going on propaganda wars by invest then now this is a this is spiritual deception this is this is internal internal This shouldn't be there's a transgression almost blasphemous here and it's coming together let me ask you what is so bad about meeting and in the house of God I mean what does one of those dynamics mean why and how how did Nehemiah I mean how one yet talk about 1st Not everything that not everything that's religious is holy you know and a lot of times the attack that's religious is holy you know that's a lot of a lot of times we think oh because this is a religious because this is a religious meeting or because this is a religious project or because this is a religious approach then it must be good or only and so they're inviting Nehemiah who is not a priest to enter into the temple and to be a part of this religious gathering you know let's come together right let's me come to the temple to save your life this is going to be the protection that we will provide for you the fact that these people will not come into the temple to kill you and so he's using here the things of God to provide protection for his spiritual or for his physical life the thing is that Nehemiah either Nehemiah is doing the will of God of the work of God or no if he's doing the work of God if he's in the will of God and God decides to take his life God desires that it's time for Nehemiah to die then who is Nehemiah to say no I want to live longer right so this is you're putting a set you're being put in a situation where you're distrusting the character or the calling of God upon your life. Saying look I cannot do this right the other thing is that what to me said what struck out to me as John was reading in verse 11 he says should such a man as I flee write he's processing like a you know essentially what Nehemiah is saying is look. This does not make any sense that while doing the will of God I should be afraid these 2 things don't go on we should be afraid when we're not doing the will of God when we are doing the will of God We should never be afraid and so he's saying sure such a man as I flee and as he's processing this doesn't make sense in addition he understands that he does not have the right according to Scripture to be to be doing what he's been asked to do and so he uses the calling upon God his previous experience combined with scriptural authority to conclude and then you have the key word in verse 12 then I perceived that God did not send them so he uses his previous experience and the Word of God in order to come to the discernment that what is happening is not holy and so here we find the biblical leader should always function based on Scripture and God's previous experience with them my doing the will of God If I am I don't need to be afraid each of the are moments of me in my eyes life it seems like he always goes back to the original calling and is calling is not based on his ability or his qualifications it's those intimate times we have with God that gives us strength for the for these hard times and and as a leader we often forget that with him and that's what's that's the temptation to be swept with all that's going around you you know I think there's a key point to bring out here it is individual relationship an experience with God that keeps him on the right track here he is in the Word of God He knows what he's called to do when we don't have that certainty that we are in the will of God but we might just be that you know we think we're doing what's right so we think you know we're where we might not be completely convinced there's a temptation and you know maybe we don't have such a strong connection with God If then a religious authority comes to me and says hey you know we should do this and that to just be like oh well you know he's a prophet I mean I think about it if a prophet comes to your door and let's say we have a prophet right now you know and that is recognized as a prophet and he tells you this. You would trust that spiritual authority figure and then he leads you into a trap not something you would expect. So it is only because Nehemiah hath a personal connection with God and is rooted in scripture that he's able to to navigate this very very tricky situation that I'm a very trusting person which is the problem in this group because we're all human front of me and I but I would never expect you guys to be so you know exactly. What I would never I would never do. But you know if you're just a caring. But if you are very trusting you know so if you guys tell me something I will believe you I will believe you you can ask a lot I believe anything it's probably so. So we believe you but then the lesson that I take from this is really I want to have that kind of discernment I need a connection with the Word of God and with God to be able to navigate the tricky situations that the devil will throw at me and all of us you know I think it's it's important just underscoring that every experience so far from the Miami experience is rooted in God's Word even that that they might have to one experience of praying and struggling with this burden that was on his heart it's rooted in an understanding of what God said in his word in the past and always it seems that you know in trials come one should win when temptations come he can look back to that 1st experience which was already rooted in the would have God and he still has the word of God presently to guide in discerning what is God's will and what is not God's will and just just to go on something is all said look right at the beginning of his comment using religion the way that using religion or using spirituality to manipulate people this is something that has happened no game time yet and and nowadays I just speak to this you know I'm from Zimbabwe and there's kind of like this backlash you know in. African thinking I guess in general a backlash against religion which was used to colonize Africa he had to cause you know people over and it's kind of this backlash Well you know religion is just a tool that people use to dominate and you know to take advantage of people which is the case indeed but the difference is having a personal relationship with God and a personal experience with God's word so that I'm not taken I'm not swept away by the abuses of religion which I think that I react and just parrot statically to to what you're saying missions was used by many colonial powers to subjugate the different lands but history also tells us that the missionaries were often the ones that fought against the abuses of the colonial powers and brought in democracy and so there is a duality to that it's a lot more complex but I just wanted to make sure if anyone had that idea it's not it's not supported by my speakers comments even more. This Nehemiah distills for us the great controversy in a very simple way and for and especially the context of leadership saying the tax ultimately boils down to one thing and that's fear or intimidation that's ultimately when you when you distill every single attack on the amount it boils down to intimidation and fear or bullying you know I'm going to bully you to stop what you're doing and and God's counterattack every single time to intimidation is confidence in God I have confidence in God don't have don't focus on yourself don't focus on the wall don't focus on the people don't focus on the enemy focus have your confidence in God and confidence of in God through this is always built on established upon the Word of God So you have the Word of God that always combat's and this doesn't make a lot of intuitive sense because we think all right you've got to fight politics with politics. You've got to fight physical fire with fire and God says No actually in every situation in every context v.m.s. are always boils down to the Word of God when you're physically attacked the Word of God when you're spiritually attacked the Word of God when you're attacked in any way shape or form the word of God builds confidence in the God of the word and that's what we need we come back after the break we're going to get back into the Word of God and when to see and this 6 chapter episode of building the wall comes to a conclusion but that's not the end and even the end goal of Nehemiah will look at that when we come back. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments all feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching ends or spyware on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again in 1st Bible Mel States now back to the discussion. About Friends we are in the middle of an assassination attempt on your life where they use a false prophet and the question is are there false prophets in the Bible yes yes there are and rather than this one chapter false prophets take a larger role throughout the Bible in especially in the last days was a lot of over link and a good study here verse 12 was were like to read and then I perceived that God had not sent him at all but that he pronounced this prophecy against me because to buy and send had hired him to see does develop this discernment from where is he getting this I was. Picking up on these cues. Well I'm thinking in verse 11 when he talks about if he has a right to be going into the temple in the 1st place based on you know God's would and what to the law into the testimony if they don't speak according to this then the truth is not in them so he just turns from his understanding of what God has already revealed that if you're not speaking accordance with what God has previously revealed then you cannot be speaking on behalf of God because God will contradict him this is such an important thing because it's so easy there's this whole idea out there that you know just because you have maybe a spiritual title or you are in a spiritual position that you know you must speak the truth I mean we expect somebody who who is in charge of a lot of people like a pastor or you know maybe a speaker or maybe someone who calls himself apostle a prophet and all that is still very much happening today you would expect you know. That they fear God and they would not want to deceive and maybe some of them truly are not trying to deceive but they are themselves as even so whatever their share is deceitful but. The point is that. We we need to have that the sermon that Nehemiah had Nowadays it is so easy to be deceived it is so easy to hear things that sound right even scripture that is being you know misapplied or are twisted or taken out of context just to you know inform and support the agenda of whatever the person wants to do so I just feel like we need to get more more back into the word with a very surrendered mindset say Ok Holy Spirit in light in my mind as I read this word I don't want to be deceived we live in a day and age where this is happening on a lot of a lot of t.v. channels and a lot of a lot of places and lot of churches when you read this and 1st glance sometimes at wow he's got this super power of discernment and I want that discernment I'm thinking for myself here why why do I want that spiritual discernment and we can often want the spiritual gifts for a very selfish reason and end up being the false prophets that we are trying to go against here the Lord gives him spiritual discernment in the midst of a trial in the midst of hard responsibilities to help him survive a lot of times we want these spiritual gifts free from the hardship and that negative context but with good Lord gives it to edify us and build us up which is what the spiritual gifts are it says in infusions as you know God gives an efficient job to for God to give the gift to match the situation of the circumstance and like you said a lot we want to build a bank of gives you a just in case we ever need it I just want to show I want to wear my gift of discernment today so that people know I own it you know right I want to have the give the wisdom just so that people can see I'm a wise person but God always gives gifts for a practical purpose and that's because you need it you know otherwise he's now. Going to give it God is not into building banks of gifts right and so the thing here that struck me is that there's this person that's coming to Nehemiah he he's he's not just a prophet but he's a leader you know and here he speaks or I think the Bible speaks to leadership he's coming as a form of a leader and Nehemiah's relating to him 1st as a leader and then he's relating to his message as a prophecy and the I think the key component when it comes to this is that Nehemiah's experience has grounded him to in such a way that he's learned how to make God his leader and when God becomes your leader it changes your whole dynamic like like you know Moses says he was not afraid of the King of the pharaoh because he had seen the invisible God and when we a true leader sees the power of the invisible God every other leader falls into place and we have I mean we ought to have a healthy respect for leadership whether we agree with them or not there needs to be a healthy respect for leadership but that does not mean Respect does not automatically demand a surrender of the God given responsibility that he's given to us to build this wall and so Nehemiah doesn't just have the gift of discernment here but he also has the ability to to relate to the leader in a way that is proper within that situation and we have many prophets in our world today we have many leaders who will come and say you have to respect me because I went to a seminary because I have a degree because I am a minister because I have been appointed to do something and the am I says Na No no no no no no my experience and my relationship with the Word of God is going to be the determining factor in how I live and my life and how I lead my God given you so at your point I like to bring out in verse 10. The shin Maya guy says quo. Let us meet together in the house of God within the temple and let us close the doors of the temple comma the reasoning is for they are coming to kill you in your point maybe if I can add to it here in your mind if I were Nehemiah and these guys sent on to buy after me and this guy saying hey they're trying to kill you it's easy to kind of get into a binary mindset they're bad you're anti them then you must be good and just just good black and one just look in these 2 things what you're saying is we can't be binary anyone who's the enemy of my enemy is my is my friend no we've got to be unitary to God and question everything that even if this person is binary of it's making sense on the level that Gnome and discerning and is looking through that why come to the temple you know he's a lay person he was not allowed in the temple at the temple guards saw him after hours after 5 a 5 pm close the temple and he's there hanging out I mean they had every right to kill him on spot so this is a perfect setup where assemble and Tobiah would have been you know I don't know what he was doing an example or an abuse of power I mean he would be this would be an abuse of power just because he's able to find himself in the temple you know and so Nehemiah will not abuse power even to save his life it speaks very very dramatically to the character of the person that Nehemiah is and ultimately when you read the the entirety of scripture leadership is defined by this quality the quality of character and that's the only thing that got overlooked. This is there's to the list by a thing yes. Our our view of what it means to be a good Christian sometimes falls into that it's either this or that as opposed to being a Christian and following Christ and so it's like you know I'm not liberal I'm not conservative you know I need to be balanced but being a Christian is not about being balance that being a Christian is about following Jesus and sometimes that looks very radical you know and sometimes it looks sometimes it looks liberal sometimes it looks conservative but it's about following Christ and so not I just want to think that like in general isn't just following God and having God as a focus that is the essence of alcoholics centrism is not is not about is that's not Christianity but a verse 14 and he busts out into a prayer and it's very interesting that this this narrative is is dripping with Nehemiah's prayers and often he never says and I prayed it's just he just you know spontaneously goes into the prayer 1st 14 my God Remember to buy and send ballots here he's not binary again he's unitary to God and saying hey remember them according to their works and the prophetess no idea and the rest the prophets who would have me me made me afraid who in the world is no idea or you have no idea this is no idea. So we have no information on who this new ideas I have no idea where this person is coming from but it's apparently not just Maya that is being the false prophet a whole gang of them and again it follows verse 4 there and they sent me to smash for time just persistence and then in terms of numbers are different people different prophet a female prophet a male prophet a gang a prophet succumbing and here Nehemiah maintains his focus throughout it all and he can only do it in the midst of his prayer and it just shows us sometimes we do prayer as like you know I'm going to pray for you that's all I can do and it seems like prayer is a minimal least common denominator but in this book Prayer is the most you can do. Yes the highest nuclear bomb you have in yours I mean firstly I appreciate the inclusion of women you know women can be bad too. Ok. But then also that that the way that Nehemiah plays about this he puts them in the hands of the Lord you know and he calls and calls no idea prophetess is not diminishing a position like prophetess like that respect for leadership and respect for the positions that people have that he's like but God Remember what they're doing you know and I appreciate that in his encounter and his experiences he still he realizes that God alternately will deal with these people like he's got a work to do and God can deal with them and so in our experience when when we're facing opposition and sometimes from when we are experiencing a negative response from people that we would have expected to be in leadership that we would have expected more from not to get discover is to keep working and put them in the hands of God. I think is part of if you continue here in verse 15 and 16 it says that the wall is finished on the 25th day of your well and 52 days and it happened when all of our enemies heard of it and all the nations around the Saudis things that they were very disheartened in their own eyes for they perceive that this work was done by our God I love how the comes right after the prayer he's like you know. God remember them and you know you see the situation and boom the next thing the wall is finished all these these these attacks that we've been working through in our studies here you know Satan was not able to stop the work of God and everyone's realizing that this was I mean they're understanding these things you know they were disheartened but they perceived this was done by you know this is amazing that even 52 days even by modern standards that's a very amazing accompli entire wall but he used that using primitive technology but you know the unity of the people and. And the Lord obviously helping them out John can you finish the rest of the church go 279000 in 1000 or 17 also in those days the nobles of Judah sent many letters to the letters of Tobiah came to them from many in Judah were pledged to him because he was the son in law of 2nd I had a son of a year and his son to hold him then had married the daughter of Misool I'm the son of Barack. Also they were 4 of his good deeds before me and reported my words to him to buy a send letters to frighten me again you see a lot of more emails going on and I mean nation a propaganda war very interesting there that there was a last tactic of the enemy is mentioned there this is in-laws and there is not the all in laws around not saying that at all but through marriage connections and how many churches break up because of families and interactions and politics and it gets all messy in different clans and tribes and whatnot and all through all this speak get a of a mess in my is a laser line focus and maintaining it and in the middle there which often run $151617.00 that even our enemies heard of it and all nations around us heard these things that they perceived that this work was done by Israel the the what I love about this passage is the fact that it shows who got it gives us a picture of God There's nothing that God is afraid of he's not like God is never frightened or frazzled by the fact that he's given us something too large to accomplish you know like God is never frazzled by that but here what emerges because twice it is mentioned in verse 14 in 1000 this concept the fear I feel like God's biggest fear is that his leaders will be afraid and when we can overcome the fear of fear God is able to do amazing things I mean you out there are needing courage in your life this book shows us that there is nothing new under the sun especially in the Lord's eyes the Lord will give a scourge at the right times that we need it in our my my take away from this lesson is let's have a laser line focus to be unitary. To the person in the presence of God And that's our prayer hopefully that's yours thanks so much for joining us thank you for being a blessing to us on social media thank you for sending your letters of encouragement send more letters not the letters of assemble and Obama but more more encouragement the better we'll be praying for you guys God bless thanks for joining us here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation with Sally worth that's wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton he could tackle your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks that are with television that changes along with this and more inspiring than ever so there's an inverse that to a large bias on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't bias.


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