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  • December 7, 2019
    7:30 AM

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Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter a Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issue and thought provoking. Post Justin with him. On this of a so we discuss on how to build a city not just its walls but all the people here on inverse Justin Freiman got a whole series of topics prepared just for you for young adults and we want you to get even more involved in our Bible study so we prepared a Bible study guide called the inverse Bible study guide and you can access it by going to enter 1st Bible God or Jesus from there you can see all of our topics you guys blogs and want to study the Bible join our conversation here on and. Welcome to enter $71.00 we are in the midst of studying a book of the Bible it's called the Maya and we're looking at leadership different perspectives and each week we look at a different portion of the chapters in the book and here we are in chapter 7 and in the studio with me are my friends my dear friends and Sebastian and we're going to look at it of the have all together or have a word of prayer so that we keep our Christianity in check and you know be nice to Sebastian here and let them can you please pray for us please. Father are so thankful again for your word and we are so blessed as we study them in lessons on leadership in the book of Nehemiah and we come to you now and ask for more lord you have promised that you will provide and that we ask for insight clarity and we ask that everyone not just us here but everyone watching and studying this book will be so blessed and it will transform our lives our families our ministries our churches and will enable us to do your work into your will thank you Lord and we praise you in Jesus' name amen amen amen we are going to get straight into the verse here Chapter 7 verse one Sebastian can read read from verse one to 6 please yes cut be done then it was when the wall was built and I had hung the doors when the gate keepers the singers and the Levites had been appointed that I gave the charge of Jerusalem to my brother $190.00 and henna nigher the leader of the citadel for he was a faithful man in fear to God more than many and I said to them Do not let the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun is hot and while they stand guard let them shut in bar the doors in the point guards from among the inhabitants of Jerusalem one at his watch station and another in front of his own house now the city was large and spacious but the people in it were few and the houses were not rebuilt then my God put it into my heart to gather the nobles the rulers and the people that they might be registered by genealogy and I found a register of the genealogy of those who had come up in the 1st return and found written in it these are the people of the province who came back from the captivity of those who had been carried away whom never can answer the king of Babylon had carried away and who returned to Jerusalem and Judah everyone to his city. Thanks Sebastian So Kelly what's going on in a while so let's go to chapter 6 or what's going Chapter 6 we can get into Chapter 7 Ok so one chapter 6 there's the conspiracy against him there's more craziness going on there but also the walls completed and so that's the big shift at the end of chapter 6 in the chapter 7 and now I love like Ok we're done here later but he set in stuff up as it's completed Yeah that's a that's a huge pivot here because if the wall was the only objective he had to accomplish you can just say I'm done and check out like you said he did it but he's not I mean it was so what is he building now he's not only building the city as I mentioned the opener but he's so they want to rebuild it of evil the community yeah the fabric of his actions or yes I want to know you know what to do if you knew that that was going to happen he might have thought hey you know these guys came back with They've built a temple they're excited maybe thought is going to be pretty easy Who knows but then he realized I mean clearly over the last couple chapters and and weeks there is a deeper issue here these guys are emailing you know with some valid until they're having these There's mixing going on between Jews and others and there's other issue he's realizing the spiritual problem here and so he's saying hey I don't I have more to do bigger responsibility here is our spiritual if we can we evolve we wind Chapter one Verse 3 when g.m. I guess the initial reports verse 3 says and they said to me the survivors these are people who are left in the cavity in the province they are in great distress and reproach and the number 2 the wall in Jerusalem which is the project that is broken down and the gates are burned with fire and so there is all there is always this dual objective that he had in the beginning but what he love about it is the 2 are intimately intertwined that the people impacted the project and the project impacts the people yes sometimes I think in our experience maybe in my mind my personality you can see we focus. Either only on the people or only on the project and Sebastian because you are the extrovert here because of the people and I'm not ourselves layered introvert but we had this layered this ongoing ongoing debate but there's others who I think I think the 3 of us are more project oriented I remember oh you know we'd go to church one time and all these people are coming in to say hello and shake their hand and you know being nice and all that stuff but then I'm like I got I have my programs the bulletin you know on the bulletin is not done yet and you get into that you know that might the collaring mindset and you not mean you're not ignoring these people and and choking your focus and then after that you know the photocopying is done and you're folding fully folding in the Ok next objective I see how did you know it's this is a one track mind but here is the 2 are intimately intertwined and I appreciate that about Nehemiah. In verse chapter 7 this go back to Chapter 7 and he's now handing off leadership to other people how does he do this and what are some of the qualifications he's looking for Yeah so he's realizing. My time here is coming to an end eventually and I can't just be the one guy we have to have to pass on leadership and so inch in verse 2 you see here there's a nonny in heaven either 2 guys that we already saw in chapter one that brought the report and he's asking them because my brother had 10 and I had the leader of the citadel for he was a faithful man and feared God more than many Ok so the qualifications here are very clear those 2 things he's a faithful man and I believe this is not just talking about 50 to God this is just this is a man I can trust. And we know didn't have a lot of people trust I mean even the prophets were talking against us right but now he's a faithful man and he fears God more than many so this is a man who is as we mentioned I think a term earlier in the season holy boldness this is somebody who who has has emerged as a. Spiritual leader and so he's saying hey these are men and we know Nehemiah has good discernment from the previous chapter these are men I can trust with the responsibilities of the city here we talk of maybe we'll look at a little more about the qualifications of thanks for that Jonathan but this concept of passing on delegation Why is a prerequisite and assess a different leadership and especially in Biblical leadership How's that little bit different special Well reading in which when you when you think about. The oxygen helps my mind think clearly when you think about successors we always say that success without a successor is ultimately failure because the word success without a sense assessor is always Failure is always fail always failure always is like the wordplay that you know because you recognize the fact that if you succeed someone in the work is always going to outlive you right the project is always going to outlive you even if it's dying as you will in your way out it's still present and without a competent faithful dedicated successor it is going to die and in fact you know we we oftentimes focus so much on being the leader that the project needs to get accomplished we seldom we consider what is going to take to maintain and sustain which may require a different type of leadership but in my eyes Kerry does not like someone like me someone who has the same abilities but he's thinking he needs to fear God He needs to have a fear a regard for the work a burden and he's got to be competent he's got to be a faithful person not only to go on but faithful in the task that are assigned to him that ground Wise's even if he's different than me he approaches things different that's Ok but I know that I can trust him with this responsibility when we say to people who are in people and circumstances that that were Leadership is not passed down there are many young adults who are in churches and these young adults and end up growing there now there are adults. They're now 30405060 years old and then you have the elders or whoever the leaders are who are 9100 honored 30170 years old and they refuse to pass down the leadership to a 60 year old because they're not considered experienced enough or mature enough well how do we how do we handle that in our Christian experience Kelly what can we say to that in your in your experience that. Well I have 130 Yes Ok. But my point is on the younger side where I'm trying to get into positions and it is. First I want to say before I say that question like it's a blessing to be trusted even especially religious it is and it's it's so nice because it gives me confidence that I want to have myself I've been in ministry positions where it's like I can't do that I guess you can't do it and I can't I can't do that but then by God's grace I did do it but I never would have been like hey I like to this position so there are some people who clamor for leadership and there are some who are like please don't ask me to do anything I'm scared but those people still need to be put in those positions because they're going to be used by God in that way and I was one that would never clamor for it and ultimately you failed the next generation if you don't pass it down you basically make them at you're essentially neutering their ability to be the leader that you will need because you're not guaranteed to live tomorrow you're not guaranteed to be here forever and at the end of the day those myopic to only consider of the time when you're absolutely you know you think well you know I'm here in is long as I'm here things are going to be fine in this I Well let's be realistic here will you always be here have you accepted your mortality Have you accepted the fact that perhaps your opinions are not necessarily appropriate as the congregation has evolved and we need new leadership that's more connected to those kind of elements the call of God transcends your life time yes not so self-centered during your life time is the right question it's a good question I think about the problem is the people who refused to pass it on. I have the fear that what they pass on will be destroyed I'm messed up will be changed it will not be perfect as my ways are perfect and but ultimately when we think about it we have to remember in the work of God God is in control and if I refuse to give another person an opportunity to grow and make mistakes but grow through them I am hindering their character development and I think it's it is appropriate to give people responsibilities according to their age and. Experience because it will develop them it's more important that they have a character experience character transformation but a grace of Christ than me holding on to a certain view of how I see this project has to be so let's go to the other extreme before we get there Kelly really quick comment I just think that also a barrier and passing things on is the lack of self-awareness and the sense of like you you didn't you weren't born at 50 you were born with all this experience and you made mistakes and tripped along the way and so like and that's like so it's not like oh I really want to get like the perfect young person there's no perfect young person just like there's no perfect old person or between person so in order to like you have to allow you have to give someone else the grace that you were given yourself and so that's self-awareness like I'm a mistake so you can't where we are we're on well let's go to the other extreme is the other extreme is I don't want this and I'm just going to give it to any young person that that is alive oh yeah and we have this philosophy of like hey pass it on to the next generation and there's another generation is like hey we want any responsibility that you're willing to give us they may not even be they may not even believe in God They just want the position for the positions correct what do we say to that is about I mean that's that's a personal pet peeve of mine to consider the fact that you're giving people responsibilities they're not qualified and haven't proven faithful enough to actually be worthy of them and I think that's I mean you're doing that's actually killing the. Church is worse than holding on to the position to be honest because Nehemiah found himself in the same position but recognize I got to give this to quality people and I feel like in churches when we just pass it on just to pass it on and say you're the next generation we're undercutting the church and its growth and when we come back after the break special going to talk about this this pet peeve of passing on the responsibility to another generation to deserve it and how does that take place in the context of Nehemiah rebuilding the city Stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching the spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to out there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Welcome back friends we are looking at passing on the responsibility to the next generation and Sebastian should we pass it on just to any young person out there and you're getting a little bit heated yes it's a personal put people on because we should be passing on the work of God not just to people because they are young but because they're converted because they love gone because they fear God more than let me just find any young person that's nearly 9 young person yes especially for the work of God Yes precisely I mean it's a disrespect to God to entrust the responsibility to be protecting his name in furthering his kingdom to an individual that lacks an ounce of the passion and doesn't even have a sense of the transformative power of the message that they're going for to bear and lead the congregation let me be at this point I'm going to Cali in verse 2 faithful and fearing God are the 2 qualifications that I mention and is it possible is it possible to have faithful people but people who don't fear God and who they do they do the work well they may be logistically mine but they don't really fear God and then there's other extremes that they may have a good spiritual devotional life but they're really not good at a particularly work that they're given to us so just because they have awesome devotional life doesn't mean they're going to make the church treasurer or even a church position but really any any any whatever direction that's like here he's looking at the 2 qualifications one he did have a they actually have the checklist of all the things they need to and 2nd the relation with God It's due. And I think a very very practical point to true and so is we're talking about this this tension of like trusting but also not trusting too much and trust in nothing and she finds me when I was 19 I was called by a very insane person and asked to run mission trips all over the world and I still question that person sanity a little bit but I really a little bit name rhymes with her a bastion Raxton and Ok. So it's called to do that is what I'm 19 and I'm I'm a high school English teacher I asked her and that's when the focus. When I said you have to post this when I think about my like my students of a 90 most are 1718 like I would know a lot of things but like that person Sebastian also other people working like they had that trust in me but it wasn't like Ok Go do it by it or yeah like there was mentorship and there was accountability Yes So was it like here do this anyway the spirit leave goodbye but like there was already a relationship there like Subash and the people on the team knew me and so there was like there was the trust but there was still the standard so wasn't you take this and do what you want but like you can do it in the callee way but it still needs to meet this standard to find and so yeah I'm trusting you to meet that so there's that balance of trusting but I'm also giving you direction and a standard to meet you know what I think is beautiful that God is willing to work through us and we are all different so God's will is not confined to one personality type or one kind of person or one kind of person spirituality it is he works through our individual ways and God who can be worked out in different ways in fact you know I can do something in one way and you can do it in this one way you know you can fold the bulletins this way and I can fold of all things that you don't fall buttons that way John right Ok Well I think you could pass it on. To the one from the big It's. But you're exactly right because God is is is the type of person that he is responsible ultimately for the work he's the one that told. I have not I commanded you would you say I'm the one taking the responsibility for the results right you do what is right because it is right you leave the consequences with gone but in every single instance Joshua was not Moses Moses is not Paul right Paul is not Christ like they're all very different individually room but yet instead of as you ality but yet God is the one that's in control of them I think we need to make that clear to young people in the church today because often I mean I remember growing up I thought there's only one way of doing a certain thing and if I don't do it this way if I don't copy that perfectly you know and you know in many ways ministry you can get all you know this guy preaches this way so I have to preach this way because he's successful in that way no you have to fight in your own armor sanctified armor because you know you surrender to God he's going to use you in a beautiful way and he's going to use your individuality God loves the way we are and he wants to shine through our characters and through our lives now that he's built up the leadership for the next generation of leaders he goes into verse 3 and he says Do not let the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun is hot and he now he's creating. Say Transportation Security Agency for more for Jerusalem 1st for now there's immigration services and customs are input in and then he's issuing visas I mean he's getting into the very fabric of city building here but I want to ask you all why does he. Why does he filter through the people coming in and out of Jerusalem's emotion I think Nehemiah is concerned about obviously they've had a lot of enemies a lot of individuals after trying to oppose this. Particular work that God has begun yet and when he's looking at reviving the Jews and reviving individuals who are inheritors of the promises of Abraham understand the call that is upon their life that all the families of the earth are to be blessed to them so Nehemiah is very very concerned that these individuals are not allowed to come into the city and that the individuals that are there are pure Jews who love God who who have been had we talked about a previous episode that that sort of message passed down to them. Been through this revival of the of the true Jewish faith in religion he wants that to be built up before we start getting into evangelism there's almost a sense is like I got to have revival myself I have to be confident in my identity then we can start reaching out in spending but we've got to be grounded in who we are. By words to support what your thoughts are saying chapter one of Nehemiah one verse 81 verse 8 and the in mind this is the prayer of Nehemiah if you remember he actually quotes an Old Testament verse he says that if you are unfaithful I will scatter you among the nation's worst 9 but if you return to me and keep my commandments and do them though some of you are cast out to the farthest part of the heavens yet I will gather them from there and bring them to the place which have chosen as a dwelling for my name and that name specifically is Jerusalem and if you even do a deeper say without me I want time for this but the name is in his people yes right now in the New Testament take that and broaden it but he's saying that a very literally for the Jewish you know I think is important understand that you know we often work with like well you know the Jews overdid it here and this is not right and this time this period sots plan was to use through Salaam and the Jewish people as a light to the world it was not until later that it was because it was opened up because they it was always open the reality is as a foreigner you were and as a stranger within your gates you were allowed to fellowship with the Jewish people that didn't mean you were a member of the Jewish people but if you wanted to be you could be and now was always the plan and then Jesus had to say Look listen guys this is this is the way it's supposed to go and so Christianity now it sounds like it's different it's really always been God's plan so anyways without going into too much detail there I think that here we see something that you know in the in my is trying to follow God's will and to go the right way but as. As you said we need to focus on revival we need to focus on our identity 1st and then we can grow and grow from there so he's setting boundaries where he gets very specific here in verse 5 then my God put in my heart together the nobles religious people that they might be registered by genealogy. I found a register of the genealogy of those who are come up on the 1st return to found it and then you go into the list of which we are not going to read just so we have all those name did all the down and skip down all the way to verse 64 or 73 verses in this chapter I go to verse 64 and the Bible says those sought their listing amongst those who are registered by genealogy but it was not found therefore they were excluded from the priesthood as the father though that's just the priesthood. Later on was it oh yes I guess that's the verse I was thinking of but here they were so focused on the genealogy that from this point on and through even to Jesus time all that the Jews are really talking about is what was your genealogy. In the wood they would get into the state as you know and without your genealogy you couldn't get to Jerusalem the question is this so how do you reconcile that is is Jesus exclusive is he enclosed so how do we how do we reconcile this what seemingly looks like an exclusive right to be in Jerusalem Jonathan you are you want to bring in Holly. Again I think there's a thing in there is a I think both God is totally exclusive because at the end of the days there will only be 2 groups of people but until then there is the opportunity to have fellowship learning grow and if you want to be become a member you can you can be part of God's people God's imitation is there and you can you can explore him you can get to know him but at some point you will have to make a decision do I want this or not and so God is exclusive but he's inclusive and he says he. Inviting all the time he's calling he wants us to be part of his family and so when we make that decision and say yes god you're so beautiful I love you so long you're so beautiful I want to be with you you're amazing we become members of God's family and we are included it's a beautiful concept and should inform the way we reach out to this world I also find that this idea of exclusivity and appreciate you know that word especially an emotional word like that is an exclusive that's like bigotry but in order to have standards in order to have some kind of fellowship there has to be the option of not right so in order for there to be God's people like you have to choose to be there and say Ok Well everyone's got people no matter what all the time and everything all contacts like that that means nobody is because writers want to and there's also safety going on and he's also defined in the enemies who don't want Jerusalem to exist at all absolutely and to and to contrast them with people of God's people but in the larger picture we see that that Paul and they were into all the genealogies and I love that we said God is exclusive I was with his standards of exclusivity the only person who meets the standards of God exclusivity it's just Jesus Christ is right yeah and there's a Later on Paul says like hey of void you're geneal you genealogies have no merit whatsoever you got to get in with Jesus and have his genealogy flow in your blood and then in Jesus we have access to use and in that sense there is a there is an inclusive idiom in G.'s a correct because because you had to prove through the geology that you had a blood relationship with Aaron yes and in a jew different people were rotating through David in the separation of the priesthood for you to serve you had to be a Jew yet had to prove a relationship to Erin you had to prove the release of the Abraham so in the same sense we now move to a inclusive of the in the sense that proving that you have a blood relationship to Christ. Right the Bible says in John 112 that to them who believed in him he gave power to become the sons of gone to becoming a child of God is not something that happens simply by my own ability or in the by my own Mary it's simply something that Christ gives to me in exchange for my faith in him and now we have a blood relationship with Jesus because I trusted in the blood of Christ and love this because in around this table here we all have different kinds of blood and we have we have Sebastian Blood of the Caribbean we have John his blood of Europe we have blood of America and I Blood which is all of Asia. And you know we are all different genetic one maybe 2 of your mortgage and realigned But anyway there's different backgrounds we come from backgrounds or from but in Christ we have the same blood flowing in all of us not just the 4 of us every every team member of inverse every member who believes in the Lord Jesus and you're connected with the blood of Jesus and the blood of Jesus gives us access into the New Jerusalem and we want you also to be part of the blood of Jesus as well flowing through your veins if you haven't made that this isn't all you need to do is ask thanks for joining us here on in verse We'll see you next week you've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation with the world is wrong with Jonathan Sebastian Baxter could I. Just turn to investors brought to you by the full tithe television that changes like that and more inspiring than ever so thank those that embraced that goal to forge the response also. In verse 5 ton next time this is enforced.


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