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  • December 21, 2019
    7:30 AM

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Coming to you from Silver Spring Welcome to. The Bible based conversation or. Contemporary Issues. Just in within. We have so many things to remember in our day and age but I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning and this episode of anniversary when I look at the power of forgetting and the power of remembering Stay with us. Just in from it got a whole series of topics prepared just for you for young adults and we want you to get even more involved in our Bible study so we prepared a Bible study and verse Bible study guide and you can access it by going to Bible. Topics you guys blogs and want to study the Bible join our conversation here on hers. And welcome friends to this episode of end verse where we look at the power remembrance as we study the Book of Nehemiah from the perspective of leadership we've gone through a lot of chapters and here in the studio with me are my friends we're going to read the Bible together price to get her and hopefully by the Holy Spirit's power get some deep stuff and maybe have some fun time in the process so you're going to read the Bible before but before you do we're going to go to pray for us let's pray. Loving Father we come before you with humility that you would help us to understand these deep things that we find in scripture and give us the gift of the Holy Spirit so that when we come away from this experience will know that we have had an encounter with you previous things in any game and even now we go to Cali going to Bible for us a Chapter 9 is where we're at in the a minor and let's just start not too long this is a long chapter traverses a lot of material in how many verses of 38 verses but we'll get to by God's grace most all of it let's go to chapter 9 versus one through 3 please Ok now on the 24th day of this month the children of Israel were assembly assembled with fasting and sackcloth and with dust on their heads then those Israelite many had separated themselves from all foreigners and they stood in confess their sins and the iniquities of their fathers and they stood up in their place and read from the Book of the law of the Lord their God for one 4th of the day and for another 4th they confessed and worship the Lord their God Thanks Jonathan what was the context of what how we enter into Chapter 9 Yeah so in Chapter 8 we saw that Nehemiah and Ezra and the Levites and and the spiritual leaders of Jerusalem have this time of Bible study they're reading the book of the law and they're in Turkey and they're explaining it to those who don't understand fully and which is the revival taking place and then they are to celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles as well so it's just a really wonderful time of rededication and now we are just 2 weeks a little over 2 weeks later so you know 24th day of this month so that's really that. They're saying there's some assembling again here but this time the tone is a little different then sack a lot of fasting dust on their heads which is you know a very strong image of humor. T. and come bling before the Lord and so now they are looking to confess their sins and to have an encounter with God to clean their hearts from sin and trying to have a renewed commitment in covenant with them and if we follow the structure of Nehemiah again all this causing with this mountain or the subway sandwich I always call it but you have prayer in chapter one that that's set up and that prayer in a sense kind of looks forward to what Nehemiah is going to do that he goes to a revival and there's a list and then opposition on the outside because at the apex of talking about jesus jesus his character and the conflicts that are happy and insight that comes back down a mountain of extra opposition and another list revival and if it matches the pattern we should see a prayer here in chapter 9 of which we will see Kelly can reverse 4 and 5 there and if you can get this through the names they were given the medal. To. Then just to us Bonnie Cobb meal. Bonnie Sarah bya went Ok and to Naani stood on the stairs of the Levites and cried out with a loud voice to Lord their God and the Levites just cause me a bonny hot tub on me Esera be a stop laughing doesn't hurt a toad I just 70 and pest he said stand up I'm blessed Lord your God for ever and ever blessed for your glorious name which is exalted above all blessing and praise good job Kelly thank you thank you. You do your students proud as an English teacher of reading if you want to room names there there are some names there that over there are funny Bonnie is there Boonie in any of those names and themselves are very interesting but we now instead of seeing an individual prayer in chapter one now we see a corporate prayer and then all those names you read there are not done in vain but show that there is a multiplicity of people here and the kind of. Together as a community this is a very interesting prayer this prayer is well let's we couple verses of and see how we're going there before we get in that case to brief comment on under those names because often we read over names and that's that but I mean I'm not saying that these people were not involved before but it's cool that they're mentioned we see I believe a growth of faithful leaders you know the Lord is working and slowly but surely the wall is restored a temple is restored spirituality is restored and these people are emerging as new leaders for this new time for Israel so I just want to mention I think Utah God brings that together and you actually do see the Levites coming out and taking a more prominent role you were you wonder where were they before and maybe having a good restore restoration leader as Nehemiah Iraq them out of the woodwork in a sense that's something but thank you for that insight let's go to verse 6 and I'll start reading here you alone are the Lord you have made have been the heaven of heavens with all their host the earth and everything on it the seas and all that is in them and you preserve them all the host of heaven worships you you are the Lord God who chose a broom brought him out of earth of the Chaldeans and gave in the name Abraham you found his heart faithful before you made a covenant with him to give the land of the Canaanites the Hittites Emirates president just by his good sites to give it to his descendants you have performed your words for you are right you saw the affliction of our fathers in Egypt and heard their cry by the Red Sea you showed signs and wonders against Pharaoh against all his servants and against all the people of his land for you knew that they acted probably against them so you made a name for yourself as it is this day and you divided the sea before them so that they went to the midst of the land on the dry land and there persecutors you through into the deep as a stone into the mighty waters Moreover you lead them by day with the cloudy pillar and by night with a pillar of fire to give them light on the road which they should travel. You came down also on Mount bonus by night and spoke to them from heaven and gave them just ordinances and true laws good statutes and commandments you made known to them your holy Sabbath commanded them precept that you some laws by the hand of Moses your servant you gave them bread from heaven for their hunger and brought them water out of the rock for their thirst and told him to go in to possess the land which you had sworn to give them well it will stop there any observations that you see from the 1st on the 1st half of the 1st quarter of that chapter because you kept emphasizing the you. But that this is the to begin the prayer by addressing God and the 1st the 1st couple lines of the prayer itself is blessed be your glorious name which is exalted above all blessing and then you alone a lawyer it is a recognition of who God is and that becomes the foundation of how the approaching God which is yes we're talking about recipes for prayer beginning prayer with an understanding an awareness of who it is that we're talking to and this is where they start that you aside from what he's even done in the past just you are the Lord and then you have done x. y. z. x. and all these this god need to be established in prayer why do it why do they start off prayer that way I found you know I have I don't think I'm this because of my prayers but I found when I'm when I'm discouraged or I need to be reminded of who God is or when I'm going to ask him something great like I need to remember what God has already done and I was like we have in the past like what did God actually do and it's a way of encouraging ourself in the Lord of reminding who we're addressing and not just not just leave lofty titles like your loving your powerful your Great thanks so much but like you literally took us out of Egypt you parted waters you and very specific and for me doing that like that emboldens me and encourages me from talking to the 1st show it does praise God On one level but also. Places you in in relation to who you're talking remembering like any other home praying to I'm not doing it on supposed to be like oh yeah this is the God that I'm addressing I think that often we have to remember here that again the people of Israel they are weak in their understanding of spiritual matters to forgotten there is just a lot of stuff going on this mixing with the multitudes you know years of exile so they need to be reminded of all these things here it starts out with pointing out that God is to creator you know that's a very very powerful statement he's not just a deity of rain or a deity of you know you make the crops grow you not God does that but God is not just that this is the creator of all everything you have because they have all that there's you know all of the other religions around Israel had deities for all kinds of things but this is the God of gods he is the king of kings so establishing that for minding them is a powerful thing and I think for our presence in my prayer life when I keep reminding myself that God is the creator he can speak and exists out of nothing I mean that informs my faith strengthens my my trust in the Lord in my prayers and makes me bold to ask him for things that you know the deity of grass couldn't do you know he is the God of all things that occurred a start off that way but it's actually looking through the chronological history of Israel as you notice in verse 6 about creation or so isn't the 1st 7 we're going to a couple 1000 years ahead. We're getting into the Abrahamic narrative and then the verse that's all of Genesis right there in verse 9 we're going to Exodus I mean this is kind of a recollection of history but the remembering is done in the midst of prayer and that's an interesting exercise how many of you guys do this this remembrance prayer some time some time. It's I'm good very often to be on a normal spiritual exercise Yes And I I think would would benefit I would be that much from doing this more. And I would just talking to my my son one time you know his. He got maybe a little over excited and he went to hit his dad you know and. And I said to him like Son you don't hit Dad you don't hit your dad and he's like Why mama was like Can you see how big. He decided to hit you back you think you'd be Ok it's like you know and just just having an awareness of who it is that you are interacting with you know just even at a human level. If you're walking down the street and there's a car coming and you're like Ok I'm going to I'm going to cross the street Ok Did you look at your body compared to the vehicle Oh you down or the laws of physics. Or just an awareness of the reality that you're facing and doing this the power of thinking about the reality that is before you because truth is powerful but it only really impacts you when you're thinking about it you know so it's true God is big and God is great and he has done all these things but if you're not thinking about it then it doesn't impact your current reality even if you knew it from before you know we need to be consciously thinking and recollecting what God has done in order for it to impact our lives right now just and think oh yeah so I've noticed in my life when even on this show right now it's sometimes people asking question directed right to me and I have no idea what I'm supposed to say I don't know you know right like I know. The kind of person as I speak our process and I think and so when what he what they're doing here are going sort of process the history of what happened and as you go through the thinking process remembering all these all these things that have happened in the past. A picture of God emerges and maybe question. Answers to the questions you want to address God would already come to you because the creator or he has done this yeah I can address you on this I mean there is a process when you remember. That that helps you in in finding answers really hold the font and we come back after the break we're going to look at power of remembering and the power of forgetting and how that impacts us in our contemporary modern age so stay with us and don't forget remember to come back here on embers remember. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments all feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us that sums up my handle again and invest Bible L.-Space Now back to the discussion. Everyone you don't forget you came back 8 or so happy Hey John did you go back to your saying well I was saying that as you remember you process. Your history with God and it informs you your your picture an understanding of the character of God sometimes better than if you're just going to pray and ask God for something so remembering helps you to see who is God And sometimes but he end of a prayer or or a process like this you'll even have to ask God for anything anymore because your faith has been built up by remembering the power of God and his activity in your life sometimes gets to overwhelm the character the history of your current position just just evaporates and your problems like whatever are subsumed in the galley So going back to we know why don't we pray this way normally I think some of that comes to my mind is the inconvenience of prayer and the you know I want to do stuff like I'd like to make it thanks and just go but this requires like a detailed recollection and thinking like process is not like she has blessed the while Jesus was His people it is like for 5 months right after one of prayer or going to God this is who you are like I'm going to sit here and fellowship with you. I'm not here just to like check the selfless I mentioned to God I'm moving on but I'm here to connect with God and leave my burdens leave my burdens here and not pick them back up again but that requires remembering who God is that remembers that requires detailing things and that requires being intentional not timely do we do this enough in our culture in our generation with all the all the all the stuff that's gone these these modern inventions should help us save time and give us more time to slow down evidences are showing us that it doesn't it's speeding up alive we don't have the time to even reflect on the past because we're constantly on our tech center and whatever were we on this show we blast a lot of our smartphones and here we go but we do it how how do we do this this process of remembering and I mean how does that can you give us principles we do have to go back Lord you you brought my parents from across the ocean and brought him into their board and I know what I was you were there when I was born and I don't remember that you were there and were you I mean do we need to do that or is that it or I mean what are some some practical ways we can we can operationalize are. One of the things is at the beginning of the chapter it says that the children of Israel assembled that there's an intentionality to this experience so maybe not every time when you're praying for your breakfast Lord you know you can you find that very few days man a. Little. But there is in intentionality to a time of reflection so be intentional about creating spaces in our lives where we will have time to reflect on who God is and what he has done who we are in relation to him and just I think intentional is the way about it I have these journals that I've given out to my teammates here and those journals are there not diaries men do not use diaries or use your. We use captains and logs that we do in these these these journals are ways for us to slow down to put aside our our devices they're not that in themselves but just to spend time and to reflect and to look at the things that God has done in our daily lives and even to look back and be thankful for different things I think is one way to take your life history and make that into a prayer ups and downs things like a logically biologically and because of a situation where we are in a sinful world we're not able to comprehend something immediately and you know we have a form of standing of the situation we need to process we need to think of it and as you said this generation and we're all part of it we have a hard time doing that you know and everything's about the moment right now I mean you have divine apps that you share something but then it will disappear so it's not about you there's no reflection just now but there's a blessing in processing I think God wants us to chew on this you know like eat the Word of God You're supposed to have 3040 times when he eat right and then really something like that well I'm not going to be 40000 well for me 40 Ok maybe 60 but you're supposed to spend time processing right and so we need that in our current situation that we're in and that way double really then also transform our lives you know we're still obsessed with living now that we don't we don't realize that without reflecting without a realisation of where we're coming from you can't fully experience the now without a realisation of what was in the past and slow is not wrong like we see something being slowed down is seen as like a slow download you know like a so slow and my phone is so slow and the computers like yeah and so we have this thinking if something takes a long time that's bad yeah but not always and sometimes I think it could be the exact opposite I was listening to. Someone recently because something super powerful I said is if the devil can get in front of you and stop you he'll get behind you and push you and it's like there's there's so much because if we're going that there's no time to reflect it's like oh there's God's moving somewhere my life I don't know where it was he said some powerful That's Tuesday I don't know like you're just always moving and we but that's a thing like we need that intentionality because sometimes Roy is waiting for that that that we can do that they cation or that whenever when this project is done that I'll wait but it's going to keep coming so we have to choose to have that irony is one of the commandments of the 10 Commandments is remember the Sabbath a we take that as to keep the Sabbath saying don't do anything bad on the Sabbath day and then we're looking at the doing and the not doing of the day but it should be a day where we focus on being and to remember I mean I got to be honest I don't remember what happened last August and what is the before that I know we went to church and it was a good day but how do we bask in the providence of God and we have one day set apart for that one and if we can any other comes from we push on what you do I guess my comment was kind of a push on you have just the same for 17 Ok well there's a little bit of this gets I misread and will come back to you over. This issue for the 1st half of what we just read the word that's repeated is the word you use you you you and you see that but in from 16 on words there are these transitional words that are going to be emphasized and then I'll try to inflect for 16 but Ok so you see that there is a turn of events but they and our fathers acted proudly harden their necks and they did not heed your commandments they refused to obey and they were mindful of your wonders and that you did you did among them but they harden their necks and in their rebellion they appointed a leader to return to your bondage but you are a god ready to pardon gracious and merciful slow to anger abundant in kindness and did not for sake. Take them even when they meet a mold in molded Kaffir themselves and said This is your God I brought you out of Egypt and worked great provocations yet in your manifold manifold mercies you did not forsee them in the wilderness the pillar of the cloud did not depart from them by day to lead them on the road nor the pillar of fire by night to show them light on the way they should go you also gave your good spirit to instruct them into not withhold your manna from their mouth and gave them water for their thirst 40 years you sustain them in the wilderness wilderness they left nothing their clothes did not wear out and their feet did not swell Moreover you gave them kingdoms and nations and divided them into districts so they took possession of the land of sea whole and the land of the land of the king of fund and the king of all good King about Shawn you also multiply their children as a stars of heaven and brought them into the land which you told their fathers to go in and possess so the people went and possessed the land you subdued before them to in Happens of the land the Cananites and gave them into their hands with their kings and the people of the land that they might do with them as they wished and they took strong cities and a rich land possessed houses full of all goods cisterns already dug vineyards all that grows fruit trees and abundance so the ate and were filled and grew fat and delighted themselves in your great goodness not going to be the rest of us but you see in verse 26 there's nevertheless 1st 27 therefore verse 28 but Verse 29 if you look there there's another but I mean there's these transitions and it's kind if you have a chance this is kind of a poll in a sense you see is direction and they did this but this and these these turns are you taking what are these terms and what is the 2nd half of this prayer really emphasizing things emphasizing how how how God is treating his people but then how is people treat him like God lavished all these things but they turned away from him but God still had mercy on them but they turned away again and God gave them more things and I feel like now and it's just what. It is consistent in the contrast over and over again and then God brought them back by then I went away and I got out and then I went to. See who to go to before they are back. Where they refused to obey and they were not mindful of your wonders the prayer begins with being mindful of what God has done and is also like the sets the the actions of the children of Israel were based on the lack of mindfulness about who God is and what God had done for them so no matter what God did like they were not mindful of it like you could be the best God the most awesome God like so in showering them with the love and kindness and yeah maybe it was for a little bit and then you forget who who gave you the gift that you have to get them the giver of the gifts and you stop focusing on the gifts themselves so that this lack of mindfulness is was kind of the the foundation of this waywardness and the rebellion that the child of Israel continually experience over and if you are saying is that there is a certain power not a very good bad power there is a certain force with forgetfulness. In some way it could even be a sin to keep forgetting the goodness and the and the disproportionate grace of God over and over and over again so that sounds interesting as like they did they did remember something but they remembered like a man to leaks and. Like they remembered the things they weren't supposed. But then they're like oh yeah oh yeah. But it's like oh man but that's food though like and so I did think you know that is true this isn't this isn't necessary part of this but I think there's some ways there's a blessing and forgetfulness of the right things I think about in my journal when I'm really mad at someone or really upset I won't detail what happened and I simply write like I'm really upset and praying to God but may all be forgotten that's what I was right because I just I don't feel like an e.m.i. entry and I did hear the Lord may you know sometimes I miss your presence there and you have to say like or please guide me through this and like I put the details but maybe forgotten maybe forgotten so there's a certain blessedness and forgetting the right thing or remembering the right things but like they had it completely switched and they remember the bad stuff and they forgot because I remember like we had bondage I mean wasn't that bad like do you you clearly don't remember punch it was like. If I can interposed with the complaints happening in Exodus that's what they're remembering you're saying it over and over again the complaining murmuring murmur and that's what they were there general that's what their kids remember their grandkids remember and they remember that and their world words are reacting upon themselves you know in a way I'm thinking here you know at the end of my life what do I want to remember what do I want my life to be remembered for in the Bible you have these kind of declarations over and over again where they recount the whole history of them in the book of Psalms you have it you have Stephen who have in the book of Acts retelling the whole history of what happened even Deuteronomy and so. How is my life story my life song. Going to look like I'm going all those twists and turns or is it going to be you know faithfulness and you know I'm just thinking about that right now and I'm I want to I want to ask God to human to help in that in to have a life that is can be remembered in such a way let's go to verse 36 and this is how he does conclude here we are servants today in the land that you gave to our fathers to eat it's approved and it's bounty here we are servants and this year this is a conclusion yes and as ultimately verse it is and because of all this we make sure covenant and right at our leaders our Levites and our priests that we've come to our end of the episode here we've covered this prayer of remembrance but here they sign a covenant and we'll find out next week on what they're actually signing and what parameters they're promising themselves to this comment on thank you so much for joining us we hope that you remember this episode we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation telling what is wrong with Jonathan. Bass and back. Just. In verses brought to you by the. Television that changes. But this and more inspiring than ever so there's that embrace. Your. Bias on social. Integration. Until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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