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Babylon the Fall and the Call

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 4, 2019
    6:30 PM
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Lord we have gathered in your house where only you can bless. So we are looking to you one more time it's not one last time it is the last evening in our series You said Lord that when we seek 1st your kingdom everything else will be added unto us help us to hunger and thirst for righteousness so that those things are added into us as well and now Lord I pray guide in this presentation and bless us I ask in Jesus' name amen Bablon the fall in the call something has happened to Christianity in the world and that is that somehow it's gone from representing one value system and 2 apparently not believing in that value system anymore it's created quite a crisis it's created a crisis in our culture we have a new problem with violence in line and immorality that we didn't used to have not in the not in the degree in intensity it's created a problem in homes where children are finding themselves more often without the sui banner of mom and daddy love over them and you know the Bible says that God's banner over us is love he invited us to the banqueting table and his banner over us Islam and this United States of America which was born out of a quest to be free to know God and worship God took on a reputation as a Christian nation. But what we've seen over the last 50 or 60 years is that that Christian lifestyle has been abandoned and now there are parts of the world who wonder and some who even resent the fact that we call ourselves Christian but we flood the world with more evil through our media outlets than any other nation on the face of the planet there are people out there of different faiths who look at America and realize to call it Christian is a contradiction of terms and. There's a resentment that builds him because culture that comes out of Hollywood is now become global and there are people who see their cultures and their traditions being ruined by the almost irresistible mental food if we want to call it that it's surely mental junk food it's worse in that it's spiritually soul destroying food for the mind so we find ourselves in a place to where the world's wondering if anything's real Does anybody tell the truth. And we're left with science saying that God is a figment of our social imagination it's a desire of our hearts that all these things were just created So when Dr Herb Dr Gallus was here he could take us through all this redactor e criticism of the Bible and the end product is that most modern Christian denominations unless they are called by the word fundamental which is another dirty word at least in the minds of the new modern liberals and progressives if you are in the category of being called a fundamental Christian your church probably does not even believe that the Bible is inspired. And that is always big news for some people but it's a fact. So in many Christians you nominations today the Bible is a good historical book about Jews and it tells a story about Jesus that does leave them some real logical. Quagmires because if Jesus says he's the son of God and he's the only way to eternal life you're stuck he's either the biggest liar where he's the absolute truth teller and I better find out for myself if this book is different than other books and if it is what it says it is inspired by God The only way to know that and to do that is to read it for yourself and pray to God. And ask God to guide you and ask God to save you from deception and find out of God Israel why do you think there's a command that has al should not make any graven images and me most all over the world for most of its history has wanted something it could see and something it could bowed down to and there are even Christian denominations where there's images and idols but God does not want a visible worshipped representation of himself I'm not here to say it's wrong to have an artist's rendition of a picture of Jesus he was a historical earthly figure but God specifically does not want us having a an idol a creation to which we worship because he wants to know us in a living relationship he wants to inhabit our experience as a human being speak to us walk with us talk with us guide us provide for us he wants us to have communion with Him through the day to talk he loves to hear sing our praises. These are all things that God designed he wanted to be the unseen but known God and that knowing is deeper than knowing any other human being the best illustration we have is marriage but even 2 married people don't always know what each other is thinking genuine Christianity is a item that is costly to have but priceless to have and the beauty of it is is that when my life is fully surrendered to God and the Holy Spirit lives inside of me and the witness of Christ whose change my life is evident and everything about me it's impossible not to notice that I'm no longer really operating like most earthlings like most human beings you see it's how Christians live that is the greatest advertisement for Christianity it's not that a preacher like me tonight is standing up here telling you what the Bible says somebody smarter and more informed could maybe do a better job but the truth of the matter is it's not enough to know Christian doctrine we talk to other night it's like the bones in our body but we need to experience the love of God and live out the salvation he's given to us by living above our natural inclinations and when that happens to the indwelling Christ you can't do that on your own but when that happens it's impossible not to notice there's an there's an app most fear there's a sense there's a sense about a Christian I mean I can sometimes tell when I'm in the grocery store and I think some of them can tell when they see me. It might be just a smile or a joy in my eyes kind of this indomitable which means you can't put it down hope. And sometimes I'm sure just passing people in places because. I think Christians are often making eye contact with people just passing on a smile or a good word I mean it's like the tea ladies I come here early in the morning I walk a parking lot. And we have some of our public school instructors that park out in the back of our parking lot you know just a small earning just greeting them I could have just kept walking with my head down but you know I'm a Christian I've got the everlasting fountain of life flowing inside of me and I can pass on a good word to somebody I'm going to do it so I made eye contact with him we had just a really short wonderful little discussion friends you can't skip and you cannot live a life that's not architected and oriented an engineer for knowing God you can't stay up so late that you can't get up in the morning and do a day that he said he said Lord in the morning you'll hear my voice Psalm 5 read it you must begin your day receiving a fresh draft of fresh drink from the well of life and you've got to go into that day having had a chance to talk to God about everything is on your mind praise him for what he's done put everything that's going to happen him before him and ask Him to guide and direct you and there's nothing like it and I tell you what I'm afraid and I'm stressed and I'm worried I can find a quiet place where I can get down on my knees and pray and when I'm done praying I get up I feel better it's going to be Ok I gave it back to God and God gave some assurance back to me and I have got strength. Genuine Christianity Now this slide is the 1st of several I'm going to show you tonight but I need to tell you something when we look at the Book of Revelation and we see these fantastic symbols. Some of them are pretty easy to figure out but a few of them you could wonder about but I need you to know something when Jesus came to this earth who did Satan work through to destroy him think about it 2 entities who did Satan work through to destroy Jesus when he came he worked 1st through the church don't miss it there's always going to be a true church and a false church there's going to be true people in any church in false people in the same church Jesus told that parable about the weeds and the wheat we call it the wheat and the tears and after those plants come up and get big enough the workers look at him say master some of those are we. Should read poem up Jesus said no because you might pull up some of the other stuff some of your gardeners and by the time to play it gets big enough to distinguish It's got its roots out into the plants next to it and if you go pulling on those weed you're going to yank up some of the other stuff Jesus said no you let them grow together until the harvest that's what Jesus say the saying You show up at this church tomorrow morning you need to know some of the people in this church are very much in love with Jesus some are here because that's all they've ever known all their life and their best friends are here but they've not cracked a Bible and they haven't been on their knees in decades and they might not treat you the right way so whatever church you go to just know that the wheat and the weeds the wheat and the tears are growing together but you know friends. There are some that have never met Jesus even though it's been their culture to come there but being here they might medium because Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God So the message that's preached might get through but what's my point I'm about to show you tonight that there's 2 cities and there's 2 women. And there's 2 fates in the Book of Revelation but I don't want you to think because in the Bible a woman represents a church I'm not going to take time to show you that but it's in the book of Jeremiah a woman represents a church so we've got a wicked woman and we've got a pure woman that beast with all those horns I hate to say it but that beast represents a church that has a masquerading facade you know what that is it's like a hollowing costume and when we get down to the very end the knockdown drag out battle that leads up to Armageddon is between a false god of the false church which is in the majority and it's massive and God small minority like David going up against Goliath but when we look into this book what we need to understand is that the devil's most effective work as a false prophet is to masquerade as a true church that's why you need to be prayerful and in the word so that you have a discerning spirit all right the near reproach the end of verse history the stronger and more numerous will be Satan's temptations he will work with all deceive a bonus of unrighteousness this is a quote from a woman by the name of Ella like so that if it were possible he might deceive the burial lect he will bring in every device to hinder our preparation for that which is to come upon the earth now don't miss this let's go back I want you to see that the temptations will be let's just get these words they will be stronger and more numerous Oh God have mercy on all of you that are raising little children right now I'm about done with that none of mine are little anymore even though I'm still taking care of one of them at least financially. But. If right now you've got the oversight of the discipleship of children you need to know something stronger and more numerous All right so what's that ever going to do to the parents of the Devils since he doesn't want to fact of ministry in the home he's going to bring in every device to hinder preparation So what does that mean we give up family worship in the morning we give a family worship in the evening we don't read the Bible together we don't sing together we don't study the Bible and the Sabbath school lesson together we give all that up you know what it means it means you might get out of Egypt and leave your children behind and it means they might not get out when we're talking about Egypt we're talking symbolically Egypt was the country that held Israel in bondage it becomes a symbol for being stuck on this world which the Bible will refer to as a in general as spiritual Egypt Jesus came to deliver us from sin so you can imagine the devil is going to make stronger more numerous temptations and he's going to create every device to hinder our preparation so I want to ask you friends what's so important in your live tonight that you're willing to let go of hiding God's word in your heart that you're willing to never learn those songs never sing those Him never know the joy of kneeling in a family circle What are you willing are you willing to let the devil come into your home and type programs into your mind and your kids' minds to where the Bible is a very very boring book did you ever notice something about this book there's not a single picture in it I better have some pretty good stories. It's got the most amazing stories in the world. And some people haven't read him in a long time and they haven't let their minds the imagination work with what's on the printed page All right let's go on a Final Crisis is coming upon our world will lead men and women to make one of 2 decisions either completely for Christ we're completely against Christ you know and you know often you have to make that decision every day and sometimes multiple times in the day but that's what you have to do so tonight I want to go to the 2nd angel's message take those Bibles out of the pew in front of you and open them up to the Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 14 if you are not familiar with the Bible it's the last book in the but in the book it's the last little sub book in the book we call the Bible so go to the back of the book and look for the book called Revelation and go to the chapter entitled 14 and I want to look at the 2nd angel's message now last night we saw there's a message of judgment. I was in a mosque today and had a very nice experience learning more about. My friends that are Islamic in their faith and I want to tell you judgment is a big deal and there communion they know they're going to face a judgment and the person who explained what I watch today made it very clear to me that everything I've done or do will be written down it might not be known on Earth by men but will be known by God I want all of my friends from that faith to know as Christians we believe in 3 messages at the end of time that need to be given because we know we have a timeline that tells us when that judgment begins in heaven and we're living in the day of judgment but when we go past the angel which is declaring that the hour of judgment is come we come to a 2nd angel Revelation 14 verse 8 and another angel a 2nd one followed say fallen fallen is Babylon the Great now I have a New American Standard Bible I'm reading out of here which is slightly different version than the one in those pews but the message is the same she who is made all day sions drink of the wind of the passion of her immorality there's something wrong with this church which is referred to as a her did you notice that Babylon is called her. John the Revelator no less that this term for Babyland represents the false church the wicked church the woman who rides the beast in Revelation 17 and what he's saying is whether you can see it right now or not with a discerning eye you can Babyland is bad on the inside. She's fallen now even though she is fallen she hasn't fell yet the Bible says some people sins go before them some follow after them in this case when we look at Revelation 17 and 18 we see that Babylon will fall in one day just like the literal Babyland fell in one day all right the city of Babylon as we remember our 1st prophecy in the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 was represented by the head of gold Daniel knew the King's dream which was his credibility for explaining the King's dream nobody else could remember it but Daniel remembered what the King dream and he said the image the vision upon your bed was this you saw a great image whose head was gold whose arms were silver whose midsection was bronze whose legs were iron whose feet were iron and clay and a stone cut out without hands struck the image Daniel said you are never can as are your kingdom is the head of gone we move through this and what we see is that after Jerusalem is smashed it's crushed it's destroyed after the Israelites are dispersed the kingdom of God going to start daily Where is the king who has taken his people captive. And what we see as we progress down through here is that Babylon goes farther than God wanted Babylon to go now explain to you that never again as we came 3 times to Jerusalem he came in 6060605 b.c. and he took Daniel back and all the good looking young men that he could make into ambassadors and and subject governors for his kingdom he was going to brainwash them he came back about 9 years later and that's when he took his e.p.o. and all the artisans all the skilled craftsman. And basically every time he came back he was basically saying now quit rebelling quit making me do this I don't want to come from Babylon again and do this and the last time he came back it was after 11 years of rebellion It's like soon as Babylon is gone Joe Israel's back to rebelling and whenever can answer comes back the last time he does more than God gave him permission to do he tears the place down people are dying left and right remember I told you Jeremiah had been telling them surrender and it'll be Ok surrender and it'll be Ok yes you're going to be punished for your sins of departing from God but surrender and you'll live he even went to the king and told in a surrender and you'll live but the king was afraid because after all these years of rebellion he figured Jeremiah couldn't be right King never can as there had to be man and they threw him down in that pit and he bed Melich the Ethiopian said to the king you should have done that you need to get him out in the Bible so detailed the king even tells the bed Melich where there's a pile of rags go get him and time together so you can put him under his arm so when you pull him up out of the bit you don't do him harm and God sent a message to Jeremiah telling event Melich your life will be spared for this Listen friends when those Babylonians came to the city that time it had to be scary most people were dying a bad Melich had a word from God that came through Jeremiah and said because you looked out for my servant Jeremiah I'm giving your life there isn't going to be a person who perishes through any trouble that's coming on the face of this earth without permission from God and God knowing. They're either ready to lay down and surrender their life or his needs to protect them so that they can have confidence when they face death or the next challenge they face friends don't be afraid but when when we can answer came in he killed little babies he killed women young girls young men the blood flowed in the streets and God never forgot God basically said he's going to have to pay for this his kingdom well. What happened was was it 2 generations later 3 you could say were downed and never can as his grandson and the Babylonians had become so proud so cocky so confident they didn't know the God it prophesied in the book of Isaiah the median and Persian king by the name of Cyrus was actually going to come in and take the city. Now we can as it was pretty confident the King spoke saying Is not this great babbling I've built it for a royal dwelling by my my power for the honor of my majesty and I'm going to hit the play button on this it's a little I don't know why it's doing this but it might work right and it might be a little jerky but what I'm about to show you is how Cyrus conquered the city Bablon was so fortified a river ran through the middle of it along the river where walls of fortification just like the perimeter walls they had Gates Babyland had enough ground inside the walls that they could perpetually growth mood and they had the mighty Euphrates river running right through their city you could never get them their walls were so high so thick so strong. That nobody on the inside had the slightest bit of worry that the meads in the Persians were sitting outside waiting for an opportunity and what is Bell Shaz are doing the grandson of never can as Or he's in their party it's a drunken immoral orgy It's a festival in which the celebration is going to go so wrong that even the God that never can as or gave his life to because when you come to the end of never can is there's testimony after he was made to live like a beast for 7 years so if you haven't read it read it it's an amazing story though never can answer so proud he's already seeing God's God and he's declared Him as God but he's so proud he won't humble him self and Daniel tells him You need to humble yourself and he doesn't and it becomes a beast and he eats the grass like a cow I mean everybody knew this never can answer is last words in recorded scripture are a testimony to the living God I plan to see never can as are in heaven. But here's his grandson and you know it's hard to keep faith alive hard to keep it alive in your kids especially if you don't engage in the mission of proclaiming your faith and so on one night. 70 years after Daniel had been taken captive they're having this party and Cyrus comes along with his army and he diverts the Euphrates River and he goes under the gates that go across the river he comes in side the city and nobody is guarding the gates along the river bank they're open That's how confident they are and Cyrus goes in and takes the city hardly without resistance and babble and falls in one day which is exactly what the Book of Revelation says will happen to the spiritual babble and that we're going to face so let's see what happens all right here we go under the riverbed under the gate. Along the river bed and the gates in the wall I think this computer's little better than mine that's how Cyrus came in he took the city never can as your head fortified it fortifications of the sig Lia and Babylon I strengthen and I status a name of my reign forever but on October 13th $539.00 b.c. Babel and sell the Babylonian Empire ended in a day that is phenomenal unusual and an amazing function of prophecy and in Isaiah $45.00 about 180 years before this happened God told this is what would happen thus says the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus Cyrus is a type of the messiah he's a deliver whose right hand I have held to subdue Nations before him and loose the armor of kings and opened before him the double door so that they gave will not be shut you see Cyrus is going to give the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem he is God's anointed monarch as never can as or had reverence for the true God So did Cyrus and God gave him victory it's an amazing story and when those guys came in it must have been a dream come true they didn't know God was making the way for them not too many of those median and Persian soldiers were going to die but when Belle Chasse or the grandson the Kings in there all of a sudden the parting comes to an end the banquets plane the laughter dies because written on the wall is many many Tekel in Farson that are weighed in the balances and found Lonnie Daniel is even brought in to interpret and the kingdoms gone that's the literal fall of Babylon Why did Babel and fall because of their barbarism to Judah God was going to repay them for dashing their infants against the stones I don't even like to put the words on my lips and the other isn't is it that night Belle Chasse or in the midst of his rebellion against God says hey those Jewish people. I mean Daniel had only been a mark for decades but it appears I mean not a monarch but a the highest prefect or the highest governor but it appears that Daniel was marginalized when Bill Shatner became king take courage prince in your career you may occasionally feel like you're marginalized too but you know what God can resurrect your career any time he wants and when Cyrus comes on the scene guess who rises right up to the top again Stan you your career is in God's hands stand up for your values Daniel did for his and my guess it cost him being the chief prefect over the entire Babylonian territory so 2 women are in the Book of Revelation of pure woman wearing a crown with 12 stars and a wicked woman that's writing a beast there are 2 churches the Bible declares that he's like and Zion to a come Lee and delicate woman we don't make these things up on our own most all of Protestant Christian dumb except the fact that a woman represents a church it just so happens there's 2 churches represented in the Book of Revelation one is immoral and commits adultery and she's made all nations drink of the wine of her for occasion it's almost like she's invited the world to a party and as a matter of fact the truth of the matter is one church and now we're seeing more churches do it are glad to imbibe the principles of the world and let people go right on sinning not pronounce words that would create a moral consciousness produce some measure of 2nd guessing maybe even leave people with the sense of guilt that they already have in the eyes of heaven and in a deed today we see many Protestant churches that have abandoned their prophetic role and they've imbibed business principles and people get the kind of live the good life. And there's not a call to do for the poor and him preach the Gospel there's 2 cities told about in the Book of Revelation one is the New Jerusalem and one is babbling and the strange thing is is that both of these cities fall Babylon has a curse pronounced over over tries to raise it up again and there's 2 destinies in the Book of Revelation if you throw in your lot with the false church you will experience that moment when you realize too late my assurance was false the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and I ignored it because the preacher said my mom and dad said my teacher said none of that's going to take the place for being on your knees and opening the Bible and hearing what the Holy Spirit says to the Word of God Now I want to talk about the development of Protestantism I mentioned the other day when Martin Luther rediscovered righteousness by faith it changed the world it changed the world because people like Wycliff in Tyndale had had sacrificed security and even life itself to put the Bible in the language of the ordinary people Luther building on that put the Bible in the language of the German people and thus was born Lutheranism But along comes others who further develop the doctrine of grace like Calvin and along come others like the Anabaptists who say you know what you shouldn't baptize babies they can't make a decision for God they're not destined to hell when they're born because of the original sin they need to have time to grow and and make a decision and they should be baptized when they come to an age of understanding and it should be by immersion and then we move on to people like Wesley who said our lives should be different there should be system and method thus we have the term Methodist and all things should be ordered by God as a witness of holiness in lifestyle and we progressed through the the admin through the Reformation and we see this rediscovery of Bible true. And we come up even to what I believe the advantage churches role is where the admin is church adds to the I don't want to use the word pantheon but to the the the the well to the collection of rediscovered truth it adds the knowledge that when you die you're dead and you don't burn forever in Hell and there is a heavenly sanctuary and the law of God is unchanging including the 4th Commandment it calls into a relationship and also that there should be and will be in God sometimes people they'll keep the commandments of God This is from Revelation 1217 look right there they keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus and friends we learn that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of what prophecy Yes there is a continual reestablishment of Bible truth but there's been an implosion of proselytism and you may not have known this but starting in 1965 the Protestant churches of America grew every year for 200 years but beginning in 1965 they started losing membership and if you were to study the statistics I wish I had them up here in a bar graph to show you how drastic it is the Presbyterian church the Methodist church some of these grand classical churches for whom I have much respect their membership it's like they have fallen off a cliff and they are losing what was gained by sacrifice by their founders and Pioneers Why that's an important question. Kinda Creasy Dean wrote a book called almost Christian you can't perhaps well maybe you can what the faith of our teenagers is telling the American church she coined a new term she called it moral therapeutic deism What's that past your moral therapeutic deism it's the idea that the gods like a big buddy and a good counsellor up in heaven and he knows I'm really kind of good and he wouldn't want to make me feel too bad and so churches make sure you don't do that either and I'm different than all of you and I'm special and I have special needs. We're living in a strange day it's a day in which the dysfunction of a wrong understanding of what love is is ruining and destroying liberty freedom spiritual confidence why did you respond fall on the talk about this for a minute why was it whenever can answer finally came back the 3rd time why was Jerusalem destined to fall 2 reasons and why do you think the apocalyptic church looks like it's about the fall when I say apocalyptic What do I mean the true Church of the Book of Revelation why does it look like it's about to fall there's 2 reasons conformity to worldly customs will always convert the church to the world it never converts the world to the church and right now for the last 4050 years the church has been conforming to the world. As a matter of fact if you listen carefully to the news and you think about the progressive agenda that you hear spoken of and which nothing's immoral The only thing immoral is for you to call something immoral please I wish you could be taken back by that statement the only thing immoral is for you to call something immoral especially if the new. Grace based approach to socializing people and making sure everybody feels good is in place now I think Christians should be the nicest people in the world the agree. But I'm here to tell you we're living in an age in which the church has lost its voice and no longer has the ability to hold the collective conscience of our society in check the church is finding itself weak because it is conformed to the world drew slim fell because it lost its 1st love and its faithfulness to God Jerusalem had gone so far that they were sacrificing babies and I want to tell you how they did it gruesome. They had a god called Mullick he had his arms out like this and they would heat him up red hot in the fire and then they would take a baby and they would put the baby on the arms. Can you imagine and it would be seared and scorched and burnt to death now you know why God pronounce judgment on the Canaanites and all of those who possessed the land before Judah got it for things that weren't even as wicked is that they had left behind more ality they still kept a lot of them still kept going to church and you know the other reason Jerusalem was destroyed Please don't miss this because they ignored God's true prophets now for some of you tonight there are books sitting on your shelves and one of my preaching friends in this town by the name of Pastor Dwight Nelson said we ought not to call those the little red books we ought to call those the unread books oh it's a powerful phrase it's never left my mind. He was my pastor when I was a college student. Those that are living in the last days who do not listen to the prophetic voice given by inspiration those who are too busy to hearken to the prophets may find themselves in the same situation interesting book by Larry had Tata destroyer the gods all go through this kind of quickly does anybody know what all of these gods have in common. They were all part of the Roman pantheon and some of your familiar with something like Poseidon because Hollywood makes movies out of things all of these were part of the many gods that the Romans had and what I want you to see is that the dominant view of Christians was negative it involved wild rumors among the general populace and and it was studied ridicule and critique among the elite you know the the people that were way above everybody else a new and wicked superstition is what one such negative characteristic of Christianity by a Roman writer names who Tony has to be a Christian was to be looked down on I mean it was to be made fun of and during the 3rd century there were even occasional imperially sponsored Empire Lite efforts against the movement in spasms of violence as pression especially under certain percentage is death Yes In other words plenty would say in his segment of the Roman empire if you will bow down and kiss this image you'll die because he knew a Christian wouldn't do it and there were lots of people who died and many more that were made fun of and ostracized and endured economic hardship sets itself as disc characterized Celsus disc characterize Christians as lower class simpletons easily deluded and their faith more to be pitied than mired if you were but if you were to go out into the streets of almost city any city today at least in most western nations and you were to ask people Do you believe in God. You would probably get one of 3 replies Now I started this slide with a bunch of Roman deities didn't say I just want you to remember that was the mightiest empire to rule the globe the longest duration the hardest fist the strongest in armies robe but if I were to take a survey down here an Apple Valley or go into Benton Harbor and stand in front of Meyer and say Do you believe in God They wouldn't say well let's do the next line they would say yes no I'm not sure likely no one would ask what you meant by God which deity you have in mind now I want to stop and think about that there's a story behind there these poor simpleton Christians these made fun of people these people who died they conquered the Roman Empire they spread and couldn't be stopped why because they were willing to be different why because they love Jesus their difference was a beautiful difference but they weren't going to be forced into submission to something they knew was empty they knew if they died they would wake in the resurrection morning and see Jesus the Christians won over all the pagan deities and when you go around the world today all Christians can have a great confidence and know that the shoulders of the faithful ones they're standing on who even gave their life gave it and in the process changed and broke the back of the Roman pantheon of gods so much so when Constantine came along he knew it was politically wise for him to make Christianity. The religion of the day Christian ideal is now been tried and found wanting it's been found difficult and left on chide one writer says the church may appear as it's about to fall but it does not fall Listen friends you have the false church in Revelation and the true church that Falls Church is represented by entities that bring confusion give false assurance bring oppression give false doctrine they make all the people drink of the wine of their her fornication the false doctrines of this church which is what the wine represents are spread all around the world and the day is coming in which spreading those doctrines are going to get a big boost there's 2 beasts mentioned in the Book of Revelation in Revelation Chapter 13 the 1st beast is wounded the 2nd beast comes along and gives it a big pick me up and in the end of time people are going to be compelled to worship against their conscience the liberties of this country and the free democratic world are going to be rescinded there is going to be a crisis that trumps our liberties there's going to be enough fear to where we're glad to step on them and in that moment the world's going to be directed back to God and the false woman with false doctrines is going to tell people they have to worship a certain way it's going to come at the point the Bible says to where you won't be able to buy or sell if you don't follow or and eventually you won't be able to live. But there's good news Franz in the Book of Revelation Chapter 18 the Scriptures say there's a 4th angel and it's a call to those who are in Babylon there are people right now who are in systems of confusion and false doctrine who are yet to hear the call of Christ to come out of her Revelation Chapter 18 it says after these things verse one I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was illuminated with His glory and he cried out with a mighty voice saying fallen fallen is Babylon the Great she's become a dwelling place of demons in a prison of every unclean spirit and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird verse for I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her and this is a precious phrase my people. Listen friends there are people listening to me right now for whom some of the things I've shared are completely new and they've been taught through Futurism and what's called Dispensationalism about the secret rapture and the idea that Jerusalem's the temple is going to be rebuilt less than friends the temple on earth is not where the story line is anymore Jesus went up into Ethen that's where the temple that matters is and if the temple on earth is rebuilt it's a huge huge distraction but they're teaching their teaching doctrines that damn people to eternal torment take away the freedom to choose because if I've got to burn in hell or be with God I guess I don't have much of a choice do I. And then lack of freedom to know God for myself according to the dictates of my own conscience but the Bible tells us that Babylon is going to fall in one day and where do we get that from what happened a literal Bablon spiritual balance going to come undone faster than anybody can imagine and what looked like she would stand forever is going to be gone but God's people represented by that other city the New Jerusalem are going to hang on to their hope and Jesus is going to come on that white horse in the Book of Revelation he's going to save his people there's going to be one final battle between the confused forces of this world babbling became a phrase inside of Judaism that meant confusion but I want to tell you the word babble itself means gate of the gods so they've got their own teachings on God but those that are following Jesus know that it's confusion and that city that group of people there are taken under the wings of that wicked woman and find that temporary assurance they can keep being worldly they can keep doing what everybody does in the world they can go get their indulgences and their consciences clean by a human being it's not sell and then there's a country group who says My conscience is captive to the Word of God and to go against conscience is neither safe nor prudent that group is going to look like they're going to die because Satan is going to try to wipe out all of God's people just like never can answer would have been happy to wipe out all those rebels are Satan cares nothing for us and he would love nothing more to add to wipe a representation of God from the face of the planet and the last acts of planet Earth it looks like he's going to do it. But before he does this. God mounts his heavenly steed and the angels come down through the sky and the trumpet sounds and it's the greatest comeback story and underdog story that's ever been told and friends that's the side I want to be on how about you. We've come into the end the church looks like it's about to fall I want to tell you right now inside even this denomination there are signs of weakness we're being called to come back to faithfulness it looks like it's going to fall but instead the author says it remains while the sinners in Zion will be sifted out the chaff separated from the precious wheat This is a terrible ordeal but nevertheless it must take place now I love this verse is one of my favorite verses in the Bible and I'll probably use it tomorrow for a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgment and for strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate you know what friends the world has besieged the church here maybe the world has camped out around God's people as a matter of fact it used to be called a Christian nation but now if you listen to the news media Christians especially traditional Christians are the bigots and the ones that are creating the problems for the new society where all is accepted and everyone feels good. The world is camped out around the church and the church is slowly losing its strength I hate to say it but in this country churches are closing at a phenomenal an alarming rate. Yes indeed somebody is going to have to do the counter intuitive. And I want to talk about this a little bit more tomorrow but somebody is going to have to say inside the city I'm speaking symbolically now inside the the outpost that every Chait church is my favorite author says the church is a fortress of God in a revolted world somebody inside the fortunes this going to have to say you know what France Here's what we need to do we're going to have to come back to our founding documents to the Bible we're going to have to recognize we've done some things wrong we're going to withdraw our affections from the world and we're going to have to summon God for strength and then here's what we're going to have to do we're going to have to muster the little bit of strength we have left and we're going to have to open the gates of the city and attack them why. Because you never win in a defensive posture you just exist you just survive but Jesus said Go and the gates of hell won't be able to prevail against you I want you to think about it you feel like you're in the retreat you don't have much spiritual power you're not committed much time to Bible study to prayer to offerings to witnessing it feels like the world closing in on you there's a formula friends come back to Jesus give a simple surrender to him and declare that you're willing to be whatever he wants you to be and I get Ian's 300 you can take on the masses and not worry because the commander of the host of The Lord's army is by your side and he knows how to set the enemy to flight yes indeed the Church is b.c.g. right now and Jesus gave only 2 commands to his apostles after he left one was wait them pray and the other one was go and when we stop waiting and pray and stop going we can expect that the enemy is going to say oh that's around the city it's the devil's way it's always worked. But this city is not going to fall this is God's Kingdom love the Lord your God and keep his charge his statues his judgments and His commandments always you see the book of Daniel's for the time of the end it's all about worship Daniel was told he couldn't pray did he stop praying No he opened the windows he knelt in the same place he always did they knew he would they thought they had him but they didn't and how about those those 3 boys young men they were gathered to worship an image that was all gold it wasn't the same image that God gave to teach it was one in which never take as or said well I'm going to teach everybody something my kingdom will stick around forever and when they got out of the plain of Dura they went out there knowing what they were going to do and they stood fearless and erect before an earthly monarch because they had bowed low before the King of Kings and you know what he was my head and he said what God is that they will be able to deliver you out of our hands and he got to see he said the 4th person is like the Son of God and he beckoned him would you please come out there wasn't the smell of smoke on their clothes and the only thing that was burned off was the ropes and I'm going to tell you friends those pale in significance to what God's going to do for his people in the end we are not to be afraid as we face the future we're to relive the stories pray our lives into a similar closeness with God and not be afraid the Bible says declaring of those that are going to be taken home they are the ones who came out of great tribulation but they have a great savior everybody gets to make a decision am I going with my friends or am I going with Jesus and my going with the Bible or tradition Jesus or other leaders God's law or man's teachings his instruction or human doctrine God's way or man's way now I told the story some of you heard it before but you know I ran in this marathons about 10 years ago 43 some 1000 people. And you know I want to tell you knowing that October was coming that year everything in my life changed I started out my legs hurt so bad I actually spent some good money on some shoes I changed my schedule all around I was still in my forty's I think everybody in their forty's needs to prove they're not getting older themselves so I tried. And you know I went out I ran a few miles I started doing it every Sunday I'd run about twice as much as I had ran the days of the week I got up to where I was running 10 miles No sweat I can handle 10 miles I got to where I probably ran 181920 miles before the marathon and then that last week you just take a rest you want your body to be ready to go I was so far back in the marathon in the corrals they call it so I guess they think of us a little bit like cattle but I was so far back it took me a half hour to get to the starting line where my bid would register with the computer that would keep track of how long it took me to run that race and there were people watching him all alongside and then there was that guy you know I'm starting their Millennial park and I'm across the line I'm actually in start jogging I mean I'm never jogging thousands of people before hundreds and all of a sudden I'm running under that street there in Chicago and that guy comes up alongside me and he says jogging with me talking to me and I knew the guy wasn't going to finish the race I can tell I knew without a fraction of a 2nd of deliberation this guy will not make it you say how do you know what I could have closed my eyes and and known for one thing I looked at him and he had not a stitch of running close on not a stitch now there are people that run barefoot they run in all kinds of clothes so that wouldn't be enough. But if I would have closed my eyes I would have known he wasn't going to make it because I could hear his cowboy boots clanking on the asphalt. He just was into the excitement so he jumped over the rails and wanted to act like he was part of it listen friends I finished the race praise the Lord and I pry ran 13 miles and everyone felt tired I made it all the way up to about 20 miles before I started real feel like I don't know if I want to go all the way and I even had to walk for a little while but I want to tell you something when I saw the finish line when I knew I was within a mile the finish line you can I'll use an expression of my dad you can bet your sweet bippy I started runnin again because there was no way I was going to walk under the finish line now listen I readjusted my whole life to run that race you don't run 20 miles on a Sunday in a few minutes you don't run 5 or 6 miles in the morning for 5 days a week what is Paul say doesn't he say since we're surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses let's throw off every weight and sin that in tangles us and let's run the waist keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus the author and finisher of our face faith is now what he says you think excellence comes easy do you think the battle with Satan is just something that you just fall out of bed and when no we don't when it in our own strength but Jesus doesn't say I'm going to come down and stand in front of you and we'll do the sword he doesn't say that Jesus says I'm going to come down and live inside of you and give you the armor and you're going to fight my strength and I'm going to show you you can win in my strength. Jesus didn't say I'm going to run the race for you says no this is how it works put one foot in front of the other and follow me and we're going to make it Jesus doesn't say all the hills the hills so steep here you can't do it Noel do you know when they're training Navy SEALs there's a phenomena I think it might have been a Navy Seal that discovered it when you think you've gone as far as you can go you've still got 40 percent left more than you know amazing Now I'm not teaching you right you since by works on the last night of the seminar about righteousness by fame I'm just here to tell you that the victory you get is when you surrender your life to Christ and He lives in society. And you can go in that yoke the cross together and you start getting in the battle and winning the victories friends it's counterintuitive but if you want to break out of what you're in where you're be siege by the world get on your knees and pray rededicate your life to Christ and say All right let's open the door I'm going out to do battle I have never pastored a church that has not done that or at least one in my district that's chosen to do it and every single time God shows up and the victories are one after another because. The church is the one object in feeble and defective as it may be the church is the one object of God supreme regard why because it is a fortress and or evolved world it's a city set on a hill it's a light in the hope of God It's a hospital for sinners and it's a training establishment for soldiers in the army of Christ to go out and take more prisoners of hope would you be willing to help the church go forward then be willing in your home to make your home a church Listen friends some of you need to declare a fast. You need to say I'm not getting on the Internet I'm not listening to the radio I'm not watching t.v. I've got to recalibrate the appetites of my heart because right now my appetite for the things that ruined me and make me weak and afraid yes indeed Babylon is going to fall the New Jerusalem is going to come down and this is how wicked Satan is he's going to try one more time after the New Jerusalem is sitting on the face of this planet it says in Revelation chapter 20 that $21.00 The city is there it says that they come up on the face of the earth and surround the city they b.c.g. it one more time can you imagine God's going to show Himself strong to say one last time and then the battle is going to be over and the jubilation is going to begin in a way it's never begun before us friends tonight let's run that race looking into Jesus deacons if you pass out our cards I'd like to ask you to make a decision on the last night of this I'm not going to make this long you're about to receive a card called the fall in the call has 6 boxes on it please put your name on it put the date on it. And I want to go over the 6 boxes with you while you're getting this card the 1st box says I want to love and follow Jesus all the way I hope everybody here will think and pray about checking that out it least checked Jesus out if you've never checked him out before I want to love and follow Jesus all the way I certainly would check that box if I was listening tonight to a presentation the 2nd box says I'm interested in bad His them or read baptism as a public confession session of my faith in Him Some of you may have so broken the Covenant by worldly living that you'd like to say to the church family to the angels in heaven and to Jesus himself I'm really committing myself to you in re baptism but there may be some listening to me and on the internet friends I'm inviting you to to make a decision in your mind write it down I'm interested in baptism or re re baptism as a public confession of my faith in him listen in this fellowship nobody's baptized right away Jesus said count the cost make sure it's what you want to do the 3rd box going down says I want to schedule a visit with a pastor or spiritual leader about questions I have listen I'm a very busy person but I would love to visit with you if you have a question and it might be that would be one of my friends associates elders or deacons in this church but there's somebody that would be glad to sit and talk with you about the questions you have top right box I would like to study more about the things I've heard during Jesus I'm probs the folks I encourage you study to show yourself approved and have confidence to be able to explain what you believe put other things out of your life and put bible study in the 5th box I choose to keep the 7th day sabbath as Jesus did I talked about that last night I talked about it. Because it's right there at the center of the commandments it's the relationship commandment it's the one that says Remember you know I learned something very interesting at the mosque today that in Arabic the word for man means forgetful I said to my wife when we left the mosque I said it's interesting that the relationship with God The commandment says remember. I find that is a very interesting and not coincidental thing we tend to forget God said in the 4th commandment Remember the Sabbath Day And lastly I want to come out of Babylon and all the confusion that surrounds false teaching Listen friends Babyland for you may be a life that's full of confusion and disarray as you're the God of your own life it may be that you're in a church that's teaching false doctrine and you've learned true doctrine in this short series we've had checked this box if you want to come out of Babylon and the confusion that surrounds false teaching. Tonight friends Jesus has protected our decision to choose but there was an invitation I stand at the door knock if anyone hears my voice I'm going to end Jesus on privacy for the evening sessions like I started it if a man comes into your meeting Paul says in 1st Corinthians 14 and the secrets of his heart are revealed he'll fall down on his face and worship God I don't know what God saying to you but I know the Holy Spirit's alive and he's speaking what's God Calling you to do. Jesus stands at our door and he knocks is the door to our heart is the door to our church if anyone hears my voice and opens it it's that inner witness I've talked with you about I will come in to him and dine with him and he with me and to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne as I also overcame and said down with my father on his throne friends don't give up Jesus is coming I want to encourage you make a decision now this card I think inviting you to turn it in we've got Pathfinders at the back of this sanctuary just turn your card upside down and drop it in that offering plate that they have there let me know how God has been speaking to you and where your journey is going if you would and friends I hope that you can join me tomorrow morning for the last in this series and on next Wednesday night when we start on sealing the Book of Daniel be a 60 minute program a little simpler than this one teaching format friends follow Jesus wherever he's leading make him the priority of your life there are storm clouds on the horizon but our hearts are not failing us for fear is a matter of fact Paul says our lack of fear is a sign of perdition to those who persecute us and bite you to stand friends tonight and let's ask God to have a benediction prayer on the last of our 12 nights in Jesus some prophecy Lord. There's not a person here tonight. That you did not call him bring by some invitation your spirit is alive your love is great your word is true. And so I pray now Lord bless us each of us have been given a chance to make some sort of a decision Lord whether we're watching on the Internet or whether we're here in this auditorium I pray may we be sensitive to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit who brings to our minds and our hearts conviction. Oh Lord May we follow conviction as it is verified in the word may we not be taken advantage of. By feelin but when these feelings line up with the truce of the Bible I pray Lord May we follow them to the freedom they represent now Lord the Sabbath is come I pray for a Sabbath rest in our hearts and minds I pray for a gathering tomorrow morning and I as learn as we come to the last of what will be of the Jesus on prophecy seminar series may live where we find hope and strength and may we determine by taking advantage of the choice you protected that we could make to follow thank you for being a patient and gracious God thank you for all my friends that have been here tonight. And please bless them now as they go quietly to your home their homes in Jesus name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version you would like to listen more sermon or even w.w.w. audio or.


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