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Blood on the Hands of the Remnant

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 5, 2019
    6:30 PM
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Lord thank you. You have sent us light and leadership. That spirit of the prophets is inhabited the hearts of mothers and fathers and teachers. And preachers. Down through the ages I pray Lord May we embrace it again for edification. For exhortation. And for consolation in Jesus' name amen. This morning and entitled My message blood on the hands of the remnant and the American dream I mentioned last night that the world is hungry for genuine Christianity a principled Christianity at not one that says My dog is now we learn that doctrine is very important it's the bones upon which the heart and the flesh of the body can operate maneuver but a principled Christianity is what like Jesus spoke to the woman at the well he said those who worship me must worship in spirit and in truth it's not enough to have a head in the game if the heart's not in the game there's a serious problem I didn't get married over my head although my head was in the game. And I'm not going to stay married and be at the Marriage Supper of the lamb without my heart being in the game I have to tell you at the beginning of this message for many there's a lot ahead game and a little heart game a. And I'm here this morning to invite you to make a decision to change it you can change it by starting with your head when somebody wanders outside the sacred circle of marriage and they allow the heart affections to go out to someone else it doesn't mean the original marriage is over what it means is someone's going to have to make a really hard decision is say the relationship by man has in it birth really grown to be wrong. But I can choose to go back to the original source of love and the promise I made knowing that my head can lead my heart so this morning I'm going to challenge the church I'm going to challenge any 7th Day Adventist that's listening to me and I'm going to invite those who are not 7th Day Adventists to consider of whether or not what I've told you over the week is truth and if it's truth to follow it so when it's all said and done I'm not here with any misgivings about where I'm going I'm going to issue an invitation for you to move for you to move why is there a hunger for genuine Christianity because materialism hasn't done it you can get more you can have better you can trade in the last model on the new people do it with people too but it doesn't satisfy and of course pleasure hasn't found itself in the pantheon of lasting satisfaction either you can shoot up you can watch something exhilarating on a screen you can sit down and eat yourself into the pit whatever it might be when it's all said and done whether it's watching people get blown away in a video game in which you're pushing the buttons or just on a screen or somebody else's engineer the entertainment for you pleasure doesn't satisfy long term either I didn't say these things don't satisfy it all the Devil isn't dumb. There's not a quick there's not a situation he presents that doesn't have a quick dopamine hit to it there's pleasure out there it just leaves ashes in your mouth and of course technology's got a little bit of a thrill on the front side too but in the end it may be the emptiest of them all but God is calling today a people on this earth to come into a emotionally spiritually relational intimate relationship with him in which their joy is the joy of knowing they are loved and loving back and loving around there is a group on the earth today the God calls his church. For 120 years God was seeking to redeem the earth as I mentioned the other night if the people would have repented God would have called off the flying just like when Abraham was mediating on behalf of Sodom at least he thought he was mediating he didn't really know the heart of God like you would you won't destroy that city for 50 people will you and when Jonah had to be in that insecure posture is a preacher which is which unless you've been in that position you can't empathize with them but if you're a prophet it's because you tell the future and how many of those people after the fire didn't consume the city of Nineveh said I wonder if he was really right or if this was just a bunch of psychology and sociology all wrapped up in one he thought about it he knew that he might be considered a false prophet and he didn't like it but God does have a heart full of mercy and when the conditions change he's willing to change long after the Jewish nation has rejected the special covenant that God sought to confirm with them in the life of Jesus Peter is writing these words you speaking to a Jew and Gentile It doesn't matter where you're at it's the New Testament Church is comprised of both your chosen generation a royal priesthood a holy nation his own special people now I'm not going to glide by this slide because it's about you you me we're part of this special family of God chosen paid for with the Royal Blood of Jesus a holy nation we don't have a geographical border or boundary that defines us but we are nonetheless known by God written in his book and he's looking forward to bringing us home into the kingdom. And what's our job we are to proclaim the praises of him a called you out of darkness into his marvelous light so what you think the devil's one ambition is to make sure that you forget your oil your chosen your special and you know what else you've got a job are we doing it when you take a step to follow truth become part of God's commandment keeping people you do not deny any truth that you believe in the past and want to tell you when I've shown you the progress of God's restoration of his church starting in the early days with the translation of the Bible on the righteousness by faith and grace with Martin Luther on 2 other truce like baptism sanctification etc With Calvin The Anabaptist Methodists we're standing on the shoulders of those who are looking to recover from the Dark Ages trues that were lost but they were regained in the freedom to study the Word we are on a journey with Jesus and while we may appreciate our past we commit ourselves to go in with Jesus a man I don't know where you're at you may never have heard about the 7th day Sabbath until the last couple of weeks you did come to a 70 as sure so you probably thought you would eventually but some of you have been going to church on Saturday for decades does that mean the journey is over you made it to your destination not hardly we're going with Jesus it's a journey and he's going with us praise the Lord so those who are looking for truth should be looking for a church that embraces as much of Bible doctrine as anyone can find that stands on the solid shoulders of the prophets. The preachers and the teachers of the past but always only tested by the Word of God Timothy was written to him Paul said this I write so that you may know how to conduct yourself in the house of God which is the Church of the Living God and the pillar and the ground of truth I want to remind you of friends one of my favorite author says in feeble old and effective as she may be the church is the one object of God's supreme regarding. Churches sometimes in feeble sometimes it's very defective Why is it defective because you collect all of us with our core and you create a corporately defective group except for one thing with our eyes fixed on Jesus and his healing touch on our shoulder our hand in his the heli is going on in the midst of the stumbling and sometimes the missteps John was writing when he recorded the words of Jesus Jesus said sanctify them by your truth your word is truth when these words come into our experience when we actually surrendered to them and let them be the guide of our lives our very nature is changed that's why Peter could write through the exceeding great impressions promises we become partakers of the nature of gun Listen you want it fixed from the outside in put the word on the inside and what's happening on the outside will change we will know the truth Jesus said it will make you free and so we come down to this book of Revelation and as I mentioned last night we have 2 cities Babylon in the New Jerusalem we have 2 women the adulterer and the pure woman the pure woman has the pure doctrines she's giving the life giving water of life whereas the other woman is making people drink of the wine the corrupted fermented ruination to see if there is such a word wine a false doctrine these 2 women in the story of the end Paul would use this metaphor of the poor woman and marriage he would say speaking of the Corinthian church I'm jealous for you with the godly jealously for I have be trust you to one husband who is that one husband Jesus Christ that I may present you as a chaste virgin period t. of life and doctrine is important he wants a church without a spot or wrinkle we know a battle began in heaven where the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and then Satan who deceives the whole world. Called he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with them throw Thus we see the battle lines drawn up he wants to devour and destroy especially the woman and her offspring let's look at a few episodes in the great controversy Satan rebels against God in heaven Fortunately Christ wins Satan loses Satan comes down here to earth and he knows God is going to try to redeem the ones that he has stolen away out of the family of God And so he's there waiting to destroy their deliver waiting to take the one who's going to give birth Jesus was the focus of all of Satan's animosity and hatred but she did bear a child the child would rule the nations and we're looking forward to that day when righteousness will reign no more sorrow of no more pain the good news is Jesus was caught up to heaven after he finished the ministry of sacrifice to go on with the Ministry of mediation open up a relationship for us to go straight to his father and eventually onto a ministry of vindication can you say amen this is one of the main things we've learned this week the ministry of salvation is complete and full in the cross but it's applied it's made efficacious in other words it's made to work the blood of Jesus now allows him to bridge the gap between rebel centers and a redeeming God and that relationship changes us and eventually Jesus can declare our names before the angels that's what it says in the book of real revelation we sing it and before the angels we shall know our name confessed in heaven wouldn't it be something to have Jesus put your name on his lips and says C'mere I want you to look at this he's like Abraham she's like Abraham they're my friend and I want to bring them home look at the record you've had a chance to look at it they are saved to save in the angel says amen Jesus Amen The good news is that the life of Christ though difficult it was was a victory. He died it looked like and finished by the enemy but he was not finished off Jesus was caught up to heaven Satan Chuy's to destroy Christ but Satan loses Christ wins can you say man we're starting to see a tendency here but now he turns his wrath on the church there's a lot of suffering and persecution in those 1st 3 centuries last night I quoted from Larry Hurtado is book destroyer of the gods even though the Christian church were looked at as simpletons and an ignorant though they were made fun of and looked down on and persecuted over the 1st 3 centuries the Christian church broke the back of the Roman pantheon of gods their group of gods and when Christianity was done it was now primarily a discussion of monotheism so that like I quoted on the screen last night if you were to walk onto the street and say Do you believe in God someone when say which one because it's not Poseidon and all the others that were in that great grouping of Roman gods Christianity won the day the love of Christ was more powerful than the animosity of the Roman government all but one of the disciples died a martyr's dead and a tradition is true they tried to dip John in boiling oil couldn't kill him it would have been a perfect flush if they could of the church and state united in the days of Constantine it led to great persecution and we call this period of time the Dark Ages the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared for by God there was a point time for over a 1000 years where the church was civil power had such control that if you didn't bow down to her dogmas and worship in her ways she had no problem snuffing your life out taking your estate torturing you into submission the Bible actually predicted in the days of John the revelation of Christ that Jesus knew there would come a point time when the church would be small and it would be hidden in the recesses. Of the mountain fled into the wilderness that God should feed or has the overtones of the Elijah and by the way this period of time is 1260 years the Bible describes it as 42 months and is a time time and half a times it all comes back to that same period of time that relates to Elijah is 3 and a half years of hiding and the angels beckon that the Ravens should get food and take them to a light and they did it was a dark and unfortunate period we're not going to go into this probs see we did see during the week that in prophetic literature a day equals a year and God had actually prophesied for $1260.00 days that the church would be in a difficult spot we call that the Dark Ages it was a time in which God's Church went into hiding in order to survive reformers paid a high price they were separated from family sometimes they gave up their lives they often lost their states and their freedom Martin Luther stood before they died of arms and declared that he was not backing up if it had not been for the Spirit of God and those noble leaders of Saxony and parts of Germany that stood in the way and actually worked behind the scenes his voice would have been shuttered just like everyone else's Satan tried to destroy the church during those 1260 years the good news is Christ won and Satan lost can you say man. We're on a roll friends we went past 1798 when those 1260 years ended and strange thing happened in Lightman theory democracy certain revolutions and rebellions in different parts of the world and we find the church past this 1260 years God's people have been finding their way towards freedom which has led them towards the United States God has always had a chosen people we tend to think of that as a reference to a special group of people for a period of about 800 years from Abraham to the cross we call them Hebrews or Jews the truth of the matter is as we saw in the book of Peter Long after God had changed the way he was relating to Israel to work out his salvation now he was going to work it out for the world through the church there was a church in the wilderness there was a church in the Old Testament there's a church after the cross that also went into the wilderness and coming out of the wilderness it has a work to do a man. The Book of Revelation describes the identified characteristics of God's last a people and I want to talk with you about it now you know this text is on the wall behind me and turned around and pointed to it many times it is perhaps one of the most elemental cornerstones of identification for what God's remnant were chosen look like in the end the dragon was enraged with the woman he went to make war with the rest of her offspring Let's read it together who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus we let the Bible interpret itself the commandments are 10 the only one most of Christendom doesn't agree on is the one that says to remember I was in a Muslim mosque yesterday I had a wonderful experience learning more about our Islamic brothers and sisters and I was surprised when one of the teachers there told us that in Islam the word for man means to forget. I wonder if it's because man is prone to forgetting the one commandment that's been forgotten is the one that says Remember the one commandment that the devil doesn't want to sing gaging in is the relational commandment that would put Jesus in our heart to allow us to keep the other 9 let me tell you he's a he's an artful strategist and an amazing deceiver so he's tried to substitute other works of Christ Ministry in place of the one that recalls creation following 6 days of making us and also the Sabbath Jesus rested on that after he read deemed us and you know what else when we get to heaven we're going to be resting in Christ who we're going to be celebrating what he's done the Sabbath will be celebrated cording the book of Isaiah throughout all time and eternity why because being with God is what makes heaven heaven it's not bad unless you've fallen in love with the world keep the commandments of God and they have the testimony of Jesus those to at testimony of Jesus is The Spirit of Prophecy Bible tells us in the Book of these equal as well as an Hebrews that God will put the law into their hearts and into their minds David love the law of God because He loved God and you know he understood that holiness was beauty he had been lied to and deceived people had tried to kill him when he was around people who followed and loved God He rejoiced he wrote songs about Jesus and he led in a Christ like manner so they keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus we know the Bible describes what that is the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy that spirit of prophecy is important Paul in the book of 1st Corinthians 14 not the slide that's on the screen right now tells us that there's lots of gifts you can have. But if it comes down to a decision about tongues or prophesy said I wish you all had the gift of prophecy not just the preacher not just mom and dad but actually the child there are times when your kids will say to you mommy and daddy I don't think we should do that you know what that is friends that's a young operative profile prophetic voice in the heart of that child says Mommy Daddy I don't think you should do that I can remember when I was a kid this didn't happen very often my parents were quite solid on the 10 Commandments even though they didn't go to church but I can remember you know back in the old days before they could tether you with a pager or a cell phone my dad worked with computers when computers filled whole rooms and every once in a while some would go wrong and they call on the weekend and every once in a while my parents it's a my mom would say when the when the company called tell them your dad's not home. She said in a done that it's very important that young people aren't stifled in the development of their spirituality. There came a point time when my mother who no longer has this habit for years my parents smoke cigarettes and I want to tell you the devil came to do it to kill and destroy and cigarettes will do it and don't let the vapor in industry make you think that what they've got is much better it's none but I'm here to tell you there came a day when I said my mom I'm not buying any more cigarettes so it was her money but it were my legs that were walking over to get him for and it was proper for me to say No God comes 1st and you're making me contradict my own convictions I'm not going to help you to the grave by buying you a weed that destroys an addict. Paul didn't want the spirit of Probst see to be an overlooked gift he wanted the church to be edified that's taught and trained in righteousness he wanted the church to be exhorted which is to strongly encourage and to bring people back to truth and he wanted the church to be comforted because they would suffer when they did what's right Oh you bet the devil is there to make you pay you're going to pay don't be worried Jesus pays much better wages and the best one is His peace in your heart when you've done what's right but Paul didn't want to come in short in any gift he knew that the coming of Christ we need gifts because spiritual warfare was going on around us he tells us in the book of infusions we're wrestling not against flesh and blood but against principality empowers you know what you're not smart enough you're not well enough trained neither am I to go up against Satan so to wait and I need some spiritual gifts. And he knew Paul knew every single believer who gave their heart to Christ would get some you may not recognize what they are but if you want to recognize start serving Christ and heal guide you into the place where you discover them surveys are Ok but the best way to discover your spiritual gifts is to serve Jesus this 7 day have been his church is probably the best educated religious group. One of the best for sure and the gifts of the Spirit poured out on doctors and teachers and preachers and engineers and construction workers contractors he just go down through the list one of the sweetest give someone gets money the most beautiful is the gift of time the gift of speech the gift of hope you can give those out when you have been trained to do anything yet and we ought to be teaching our kids how to serve God Church is to be a spilt filled church that does what friends. Impacts the world that's what I want to talk with you about today are we impact in the world or have we collected around ourselves the blessings built a little wall that insulates us from the pain and convinced ourselves that it's Ok because like the Jews in the age of Christ were chosen we've got intellectual truth we've got theological certainty Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and the son on the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I've commanded you and lo the good news is wherever you go in his name he goes with you a man I'm inviting people today for whom this truth is new or for whom there really connecting with Christ I'm inviting people today to make a decision to follow him to go down into this watery grave that represents the life of Christ he came he lived he died he was resurrected that power including the resurrection power is for you and for me God can break the chains that would make us forever a servant of Satan and the joy is a fantastic thing but this final last day movement can be identified very very easily in this 1st angel's message is we've looked at it we see that they have the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth and indeed it is a global and them for we also saw that they understood worship and prophesy because the hour of judgment has come we give glory to God by how we live I must say it again friends we give glory to God by how we live and what you do here on Sabbath is just icing on the Cain. Listen to ever read a book a malaka last book in the Old Testament God says Isn't there anybody that would close the doors of the church quick coming. Why because now for generations by the time Mallika is on the scene they're bringing their offerings they're standing in the courts listening to the Levites. The singers of a staff but during the day they're robbing and stealing an extraordinary their line they're in love with money and God says you don't understand what you do on Sabbath is built on what you do during the week so if Christ isn't Lord all of your life as Paul said what he eat or drink or whatever you do then what you do here is really not the see same sweet smelling incense that it ought to be now Christ is the one that makes our offerings fragrant anyway. But I tell you will find a heart that's lovingly surrendered to Him will gladly represent him in the ordinary things of life in an age of irresponsibility God's calling for moral responsibility part of our moral responsibility less you don't get it from the sermon title already part of our moral responsibility is understand that the blessings we have received are for doing something for the world not for just having a nice smooth glide path to come out of the storm and land on the other shore. We're not supposed to just make things good for us we're supposed to let the world know that God is coming and they can live forever the hour of judgment has come this great work that we're a part of today was begun by William Miller and the miller movement they were wrong on what the cleansing of the sanctuary was but they were right on the fact that ministry that something significant was transitioning and indeed it did worship is at the heart of who we are part of what separates this is not only that we worship on the sabbath but that the world does not find its way into our lives and into our worship service worship wars are indeed what's in the heart of the Book of Revelation and it's going on now for the heart and soul of Protestantism what is worship mean how does it happen the Creator made us in 6 days 6 a day we were created and he gave us the 7th day to rest the Sabbath is a part of God's last day message why because the Sabbath is at the center of the saving relationship now I I want to be as positive as I can be but I'm going to tell you something that's true when you know just when we started this series 2 weeks ago we were in the work up to all the climate strikes that were going to go on and the climate summit as a part of the u.n. gathering and when we come to the appeal by the Church of Rome. For the climate summit gathering in the reeducation of civilization that's going to take place on May 14th 20 twentieth's look friends if I was writing a sigh fine obl I couldn't write it this good. But on May 14th there's a reeducation of the world for the future global civilization and it's happening in Rome we're going to be reeducated about how to live on a planet that's getting too small and too dirty and the rich are too much too rich and the poor are too poor and that global educator will be the Church of Rome we shouldn't be terribly surprised since for years we've been preaching that the deadly wound would be healed but I'm afraid right now we're kind of just you know Driving Miss Daisy along here and we think everything's going to be hunky dory and we're going to drive our car into the American dream sunset it ain't going to happen the Sabbath where was I going with all that in the midst of all that climate strike and climate summit as soon as there's a video about what's going on May 14th 2020 in Rome it's a reference back to the encyclical no doubt though see which is the encyclical in which there is a call to Sunday worship it's not a game God invites us to be a part of his last day movement so whether this is new to you or the movement is what needs to happen in the new movements new to you and I don't mean the message I mean the movement God's Church is not to sit on its laurels and enjoy its blessings when there are over a 1000000000 people who have never even heard that there is such a thing as the word gospel God's true church is going to recapture the pure faith of the disciples that's what's been happening from the days of. Tyndale House Jerome Wycliffe swimmingly it's going to recapture the pure faith of the disciples it's going to have the dual dual characteristics of keeping the commandments of can and having the gift of prophecy in its midst it will be a worldwide mission driven movement friends I am so proud to be a part of the 7th Day Adventist Church that in a few generations from its inception had already made it around much of the globe but is still seeking to enter the hundreds of language groups dialect groups that have never ever gotten to look at a bible or hear the name of Jesus it's to call people to total commitment to Christ whether they're living in a 1st world country or a developing country and it is to lead people to the Bible Sabbath it will encourage people to give their bodies to Christ in other words their lifestyles all parts of themselves eating dressing entertaining recreating a schedule checkbook all of those things and for Jesus that's going to require a relationship because how are you going to know how to live your life but you are called to a daily sacrifice make a final appeal to accept the truth that's what we're doing so in this church I wish I had the statistics up here every so many minutes the Church is organized in the 7 them this church and I don't know how many people will be baptized just during the time it takes me to preach the sermon but it's hundreds and I it's not enough it's still not enough and the idea that we don't need missionaries with their checkbooks with their calendar with their youth with their full scope of their career we need a mindset that says everybody ought to know remember singing this song now is a good song. Everybody ought to know. Go ahead everybody ought to know. Have everybody know. Who are g s c. S he is the. Only of the. The he is the bride and more means. He. Can. To moonlight. God's Church is not going to be the biggest church at the end it's going to be a David and Goliath showdown it's not for us to say well who's who's the most people going that way because Jesus said look it's a super highway to hell it's a narrow mountain path to heaven you get to decide I'll walk I'm walking this way if you want to go with me. The church is not in a majority and you can Never base your truth on a majority of opinion we learned that the spirit of prophecy according to 1st printed chapter 4 about verse $23.00 or so when a nonbeliever comes in and the Spirit of Prophecy is operative the secrets of his heart are revealed in other words he's convicted that God is in this place reading all the truth about him personally and Paul says he'll fall down on his face and worship God's Church is not meeting the approval of other popular religious leaders it knows that truth stands as truth and God will one day be the endorser now I have in my hands here about to small certificate. Do you know how many bullet points there are on this certificate there are some preachers in the audience I was pleased to see our union president here this morning Mr Director from the Rocky Mountain conference is here with us this morning and I don't want to forget that we have Pastor Esther with us regularly and so many retired pastors as I look out and of course there's my staff here God staff to serve you how many of you know what number 13 is my wife knows because she heard the sermon for service. Plus I talk with her about my sermons ahead of time she's a great advisor and a wonderful prayer partner I'm going to read it to you. I once had a physician when I was a much younger man asked me not to read it. When I baptized people. Man fact when anybody in this Church baptizes people we actually him come up and actually confess their faith before men and women and children. And even as a young pastor I would do this and one day a very respected physician happened to be one of my friends came to me and said I don't think you should read number 13 it might make some people uncomfortable. Now listen. I brought with me this morning. A book called peculiar speech by church ministries professor at Duke University he uses an entire book to basically say that preaching to the baptized in the converted is different than preaching to everybody else he calls the book peculiar speech I'm going to quote out of it in a few minutes I'm glad for you to bring your friends every Sabbath morning but you ought to warn them. There's going to be gospel preaching and it's going to be for conversion and you don't know what that preacher might say and you don't want to be embarrassed by him so just give him a warning you might find yourself hearing something you never heard before don't let it don't let me sneak up on him like you didn't know who I was or who mandated me to preach or what my message was going to be it's going to be log race every weekend it's going to be the cloud and the cross every weekend. Now I don't ever want to do anything to embarrass you with a lack of good judgment or culture I don't live my life in a vacuum it's not like I don't listen and watch and learn about what the modern media is doing to shape our culture I know how it's being squeezed into a mold but when I stand before you on the Sabbath morning it's peculiar speech I'm preaching to those that came into a church to hear a word from God and if it disagrees with what they heard somewhere else go talk to God get your Bible out was the preacher right it was the preacher wrong I'll be cold quoting Walter Brueggemann in a few minutes here for all those preachers that are too timid but number 13 says I accept and believe that the 7 to have his church is the remnant church of Bible prophecy Oh. Really well what about all those others well the Book of Revelation is all about that. Number 13 doesn't say I believe that everybody in the 7th day of church is going to heaven and nobody else is doesn't say that France is man fact before we're all done here this morning I'm going to tell you that there may be dozens the a 100 j. thousands in the 7 damaged church that Leo the 7th Day Adventist Church fast and glad and forever and I'm going to tell you why because before you abandon the Sabbath you abandon the Spirit of Prophecy. I didn't say that only 7 they have minister going to heaven and I didn't say the 7 day of his church was perfect or better all I said was is that I believe this some of them in his church is the remnant church in feeble and defective Ishi maybe she is trying to keep the commandments of God and she has not yet corporately rejected the Spirit of Prophecy. And that the people of every nation race and language are invited and accepted into a fellowship of this local congregation of the world church I hope you're not embarrassed now if you're not behaving like a Spirit filled Christian you probably ought to be and if you're one of those that Vanessa. It embarrasses me this is a little town here in Berrien Springs with probably way too many 7th day administering it don't have to say amen. Most of them. Are seeking to be spirit filled. A few of them forgot that religion's a whole lot more than a green to 13 bullet points is equal chapter 3 and when I look at 3 scriptures with the Open your Bibles I didn't put them all on the slides today's equal chapter 3 the sermon isn't going to go on and on but I want to look at his he killed chapter 3. I'll be reading from the New American Standard. Then he said to me Son of man. Eat this scroll and go speak to the house of Israel in other words personalize it internalize it I open my mouth and he fed me this scroll. The Book of Revelation talks about eating a squirrel that was sweet in the mouth and bitter in the stomach it's a description of the miller movement and their disappointment when Jesus didn't come in 1904. He said to me Son of Man feed your stomach and fill your body with this scroll which I'm giving you then I ate it and it was sweet as honey in my mouth you see revelation quotes the Old Testament over and over again then he said to me Son of Man go to the house of Israel and speak with my words to them for you are not being sent to a people of unintelligible speech or difficult language but to the house of Israel nor to many peoples of unintelligible speech or difficult language whose words you cannot understand but I have sent you to them who should listen to you yet the House of Israel will not be willing to listen to you since they are not willing to listen to me when the prophet speaks. When the prophetic voice is operative when we come to a house of worship and we've prayed for the divine worship hour. When the elder has knelt here like pastor has now and prayed it doesn't make me incapable of making mistakes but it ought to assure you that somewhere between the. The frailty of my humanity and your desire to encounter God the Holy Spirit will get in the middle and do something. But if you're not in the habit of listening to God during Sunday morning before you get up and get out the door and Sunday evening when you come back and in all the parts in between but if you don't have time to get to know God in His Word which is where you learn to hear his voice What makes you think when the prophet speaks you're going to listen any better as a matter of fact the Prophet has the undesirable dynamic of having to endure the animosity that really ought to be going to God That's what makes the preachers job so difficult. They're not going to listen to you because they don't listen to me surely the whole house of Israel is stubborn and obstinate. Behold I've made your face as hard as their faces and your forehead as hard as their foreheads like Emery harder than flint I've made your forehead Do not be afraid of them skipping over the verse 17 Son of Man I've appointed your watchman on the House of Israel whenever you hear a word from my mouth warn them for me and when I say to the wicked you will surely die and you do not warn him or speak out to warn the wicked from his wicked way that he may live that wicked man shall die it is Nick ready but his blood our require as your hand. Turn over his equal 33 it's like a repeating the story line is equal 33 I'm going to read from the 1st of the chapter again and the word of the Lord came to me Saint son a man speak to the sons of your people and by the way he was a prophet in exile he was carried off to Babylon in the 2nd seed. If I bring a sword upon the land now I want you to watch the imagery if I bring a sort of upon the land and the people of the land take one man from among them and make him their watchman and he sees the sword coming and he blows on the trumpet and warns the people we've got the sword and the trumpet I don't want you to miss this then he who hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take a warning and a sword comes and takes him away his blood will be on his own head his he heard the sound of the trumpet but he did not take warning his blood would be on himself but had he taken warning he would have been delivered of his life can you say man. But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet and the people are not warned and a sword comes and takes a person from them he is taken away in his iniquity but his blood I will require from the watchman's hand and can I not hear the echoes of James same Let not many of you think to be teachers for you're going to be judged more strictly And by the way in our system we could include those teachers who are really Pastor teachers or teacher pastors but he is certainly most pointedly speaking to those that are religious teachers in the church every pastor listening to me here today who watches this on line but are make sure they understand something God speaks clear enough to be heard and he wants to be echoed in your life and in your ministry and in your preaching. God warns and it's a gospel warning because person that's of any intelligence can hear and understand and move but now let's go to the Book of Acts Acts Chapter 20 and we are very clearly convicted that the apostle Paul has read the Old Testament probably many many times accepted 20 he's leaving ethicists remember this is where they burned all their magic books and scrolls friends don't sell those video games God tells you to get rid of that are no good burn them don't sell those C.D.'s when it's time to cleanse your m p 3 file or choose a different listening John on Spotify you can leave that behind but if you've got the actual substance destroy it lest it pervert and prevent someone's future progress in Christ it's not worth money he's leaving this town where they destroyed 50000 drachmas of books and I'm telling you it was an expensive bonfire. And before he goes he says in verse 25 now behold I know that all of you among whom I went about preaching the kingdom will no longer see my face and I want you to hear the echoes of the Old Testament prophet in the next verse therefore I test you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men why for I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God and then he says Be on guard for yourself and for the flock among which the Holy Spirit is made you overseers elders deacons deaconesses pastors administrators This is for us to shepherd the Church of God which he purchased with his own blind and know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock and he goes farther and he says some of them are going to come out of your own membership so there is a 7th Day Adventists doesn't mean that there is pure as the driven snow. Here to test the fruits of their life especially the attitude. These 3 verses are a clear warning that when God in trust a man or a woman or a group of people with a message and they don't give it. There will be blood on their hands some of you have read this book it's not a particularly new book can you see the subtitle here the house is upside down and the subtitle is taking back your faith from the American dream I want to read a few quotes to you here we stand in the middle of the American dream pick up the reaper reoccurring word dominated by self advancement self esteem self-sufficiency individual isn't materialism and universalism you may not know what that last word means but it's the idea that everybody's going to be saved and it'll all be Ok. That's not what we believe unfortunately we'll wait for that one. Platt was about to get a new church I don't know if he still is but he was the pastor of a megachurch big Baptist Church. And on the eve of getting his church he had found himself just a few days before in India standing up on a high hill I'll read you the story just a few months before becoming a pastor I stood up on a mountain in the heart of Hyderabad India this high point in the city housed a temple for Hindu gods I smelled the offerings that had been given to the wooden gods behind me I saw teeming masses in front of me every direction I turned I glimpsed an urban center filled with millions upon millions I've been to Hyderabad we have a wonderfully large 7th they have been a school there that is full primarily of Islamic people and their on waiting list to get in there can you say man and they talk freely about Jesus and then it hit me the overwhelming majority of these people had never even heard the Gospel they offer religious sacrifices day in and day out because no one told them that in Christ a final sacrifice is already been offered on their behalf as a result they live without Christ and if nothing happens they'll die without Christ I stood on that mountain God gripped my heart and flooded my mind would to resound in words wake up wake up and realize that there are infinitely more important things in your life than football in a 401 k. wake up and realize there are real battles to be fought as different from the superficial meaningless battles you focus on wake up to the countless multitude who are currently destined for a crisis grave and then one too little paragraphs later he says I remember when I was preparing to take my 1st trip to Sudan in 2004. The country was still at war and in the dark for region in western Sudan and they had just begun to make headlines a couple of months before we left I received a Christian news publication in the mail now he doesn't tell what it is there's some good dignity and judgement in that he says the front cover had to headline side by side I'm not sure if the editor planned it or we just missed it in a really bad way on the left headline it said 1st Baptist Church celebrates new $23000000.00 building a lengthy article followed celebrating the church's expansive new century where the exquisite marble intricate design beautiful stained glass it was all described in vivid detail on the right side with a much smaller article the headline for red Baptist relief help Sudanese refugees now listen if you have a Baptist background praise the Lord and I'm thankful for the way you seek to live out the principles of your life this is the Baptists I believe writing the book so I'm just reading the story he wants to make a point unfortunately it applies the 7th Day Adventists every bit as much as it does to the Baptist on the right was a much smaller article the headline for it read Baptists relieve help Sudanese refugees knowing I was about to go to Sudan my attention was drawn the article described how 350000 refugees in western Sudan were died of malnutrition and might not live to the end of the year it briefly explained their plight and suffering for the last sentence said that Baptists had sent money to help relieve the suffering of the Sudanese I was excited until I got to the amount now remember what was on the left 1st Baptist Church celebrates 23000000 dollar building on the right side the article said Baptists have raise fill in the blank Baptists and raise. $5000.00 to send to the refugees in western Sudan. He goes on to write $5000.00 that's not enough to get a plane into sedan much less one drop of water to people who need it $23000000.00 for an elaborate sanctuary and 5000 dollars for hundreds of thousands of starving men and women and children most of whom are die apart from faith in Christ what's the problem quoting out of Will women's book in this case Walter Brueggemann if you're a coward by nature is talking to preachers but if you go for parents if you're callid by nature it told us news that come to you naturally then you can get down and hide behind the texts talking about the Bible I didn't say that God said it go argue with them Elizabeth act Meyer says as a preacher your job is to preach the text not to apologize for are there any men's out there preachers Oh congregation good you want that that dismal preaching recognizes the canon a Caltex that's talking about the Bible is the norm we live or die as God's new people by our ability to listen to these text without killing the preacher for speaking. Now I have on this nice little wooden table. Books This one is a compilation it's called Christian it's called Principles for Christian leadership Christian service testimonies on sexual behavior yes that's a book compilation. The admin is home. Messages dealing people councils on speech and song and then 9 books in titled testimonies for the church I have at the end of the stack a newly launched series of the conflict of the ages which is a commentary on the Bible patriarchs and prophets prophets and kings desired ages which is on the life of Christ actually Apostles the New Testament church in the great Conover's It's called Conflict beautiful it's been out in our connecting corridor they are launching this with an attempt to bring as much class to the subject matter as it deserves by the way it's packaged and put together and it is just truly an amazing rendition but I've wondered in preparation for this sermon if there aren't some Adventists or some Adventist churches who maybe are to back up and reexamine number 13 because if you never read the Bible and if you never read what the Bible says In time people would have could you be ignoring the prophet like the inhabitants of Jerusalem ignore Jeremiah in the days when the sword was on its way is it possible that maybe we're not as much of the remnant church as we thought we were is it possible that the Spirit of Prophecy is not really operative in the church and that the culture of acceptance and affirmation and self esteem has hijacked the family of God have we been squeezed into the worlds mold or do we still have peculiar speeches will Willum and challenges us sober sober. Why is it that churches are backing up and schools are closing down when Jesus told Joshua if you don't turn to the left or the right nobody will be able to stand against you why is it when Jesus said If you go I'll go with you maybe it's because we don't have much of a an admonition or a determination to go and maybe when we don't go things slow I've never seen I mean when I was such a poor kid it was embarrassing but we drove junky cars. My parents did put me in church school but I've told you the stories before that big band Chevrolet station wagon with the big 350 v.a. but it didn't run right there was no fuel injection in those days it was all carburation and things were finicky and my mom used to have to sit there put in a neutral the stop line rev the engine like she was at a drag race and then drop it into drive and we were the fastest people away but if she didn't do that it would die and we'd block traffic. And every day my momma took me to a church school but there are people listening me who don't think our church schools are good enough for their kids. That's not what these books say I was in a mosque yesterday I found out that they don't have music in their worship service you know why it's the same reason we don't let p.m.c. does the same thing we don't take canned music in this church and there's a reason because soon as you bring it in you bring in the spirit of the world because all those things we would not have up on the All those things we wouldn't put up here like a rock n roll band as long as it's in a track and we can see it's like it's Ok last night we had 4 Islamic young women here in this church and afterwards I talked with them about it and I explained to them that we have the same concern why do we have that concern because these books caution us and warn us but we're not reading them so we're not very unified on how we worship. I don't know how to unify a church that won't listen to God through inspiration and the profile of prophetic message if they wouldn't listen to his ego because they wouldn't listen to God I used to think well what I need is an advanced degree nothing wrong with an advanced degree but I did figure out before I read what is it you'll settle before it registered me that my doctorate ministry or my Ph d. wasn't going to be the thing that put me over the top with the rebel church member. Are we really embracing the spirit of the prophets I don't think so. And you know what there's a world if there's billions that have never heard the voice of Jesus there are other billions of Christians who have never heard the plan of salvation explain through the simplest terms of the sanctuary but we've decided in America that we price shouldn't keep doing it the same way I want to tell you we've had 300 people here every night over a 1000 people on different nights online and I want to tell you we got stronger as the 12 nights went by not weaker I didn't say you didn't get tired. I looked at Pastor Page I saw a member walking through the basement this morning tired you see friends I'm runnin with you. And when I say amen to this sermon I cross the finish line on Jesus on prophecy 16 sermons in 12 days really 14 sermons 2 of them preached 2 times and I want to tell you I am so thankful for every one of you that watched online sent me words of encouragement and showed up here night by night so that I wasn't doing this by myself. I had a member tell me on the way out for service pastor. The reason this turned out so good my paraphrase is that we were all praying. Jesus I gave 2 commands before I went back to heaven one was wait and pray and the other was go you know I we quit going. Not completely. The remote controls God as a whole men are lazy boys God is turning into lazy men and women. But I'm here to tell you. If you're going to be the remnant and not go and not care God's going to say I gave you this message yes it's a warning and yes it's an imitation but you knew the sword was coming you didn't blow the trumpet there's blood on your hands. Nathan Greene was nice enough to loan me this. We're not going to have any church discipline moments right now. I was driving home to change into my suit for one of the meetings this week brother Jim I was listening to our radio station I've got it says a preset. And there came on a little advertisement. It was forgiving and one man was talking to another and he said when I sense that materialism is getting a hold of me he said I get out my sword. What your sword said I get out my checkbook and I draw my pen out and I sharpen my sword and. I've got a slide I didn't put it in this series but it's the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and there's a motorcycle hanging from it over here and there's all the other little delicacies that life offers hanging around the tree and there's a man in a woman standing there and she's got her hand on his shoulder and he's reaching over to get something. Now listen. Every member of the array of the remnant is going to have blood on their hands I don't want the blood I described a few minutes ago. I want to pull the sword. And I'm not letting the devil get away with my kids or my wife or my church on my church members I'm going to pull the sword and I'm going to fight in the name of Christ with the sword of the spirit and I'm going to get a little blood on my hands but it's not the kind the devil wants on my hands some of you have got your sword so thoroughly sheet and tied up because you've got cable t.v. in your house. And you've got to have the latest this and the latest that you've never learned about frugality and thrift Maybe it's because the great call of Jesus and the love that made you the Pearl of Great Price and the apple of his eye and the treasure which he'd give himself away for has not been discovered this morning I'm appealing to you pull out the sword which is your pocket book pull out the sword which is your datebook pull out the sword and know this. There is going to be blood on your hands one way or the other whether it's the fruit of the fight or whether it's the evidence of the fright and self-preservation is up to you and me it's a David versus Goliath battle and when David went to the priest of knob and he asked for food they gave him the showbread he said Do you have any weaponry and he said just Goliath's already said that's a good one I'll take it. It isn't changing there will be a 1000 reasons why you can't do and don't have an interest in but lead with your head and let your heart come along behind friends but pull the sword and let's put some blood on our hands there's a whole world out there that doesn't know that people don't burn in hell forever and you don't pay your way out of it there's a whole host of people out there that don't understand that the real grace is not that which cleanses the record but it's what opens the door to a life changing relationship with God and that judgment isn't about condemnation it's about wonderful hope and that if you were going to be in Heaven forever you'd be glad you could be there because God is the good news. So France. If you want to be the remnant you have to get some blood on your hands. What Paul say unless the Gospel is is empowered by the Spirit of Prophecy the trumpet won't give a certain sound. And remember that trumpet gives a certain sound because you're in a war and that's why the Book of Revelation says the devil the dragon was angry with the woman went to make war with the seed but you know what. God's given you the chance that the trumpet make a certain sound a man Amen The Lord forgive us when the American dream has been allowed to become our dream our main dream. Forgive us Lord when we've been wooed way seduced by opportunity and money popularity and freedom. Forgiveness Lord when we've forgotten that there are 26000 young people every day who are in the dying of starvation or disease and much of it preventable. Lord may we go forth from this place knowing what a glorious privilege has been given us to represent you in the final lead up to the final battle. Thank you for these 12 nights thank you for what will go forward on Wednesday night as we continue studying the book of Daniel and I'm praying to Lorne wrestle with this as you may but in the end may we hang on while you're setting us free career spouse pocketbook datebook all things Lord given over to you please reconstitute inside of us our love for you our love for each other and our love for those that are be invited into this fellowship thank you for every person that's come before sim been faithful thank you for those that are too tired to fight like they used to inspire the young to know that they are to live a distinctly different life. And their mentors to be principled consistent Christians now learn to take us on to the high places where we have blood on our hands in this gospel battle and maybe the blood of the dragon as we take back prisoners of hope in Jesus name I pray Amen this media was brought to you by audio post a web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you'd like to listen to more sermon leave that w.w.w. audio or.


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