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Beyond the Reach of Evil, Eternal Celebration

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 21, 2019
    6:00 PM
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Now there. You've heard our songs of praise we've petitioned and praised you we have brought our offerings now Lord I pray warm our hearts help us to understand what a great and awesome deliverer you are in Jesus name I pray Amen this morning we are celebrating. The Communion service I have in title my sermon beyond the reach of evil eternal celebration thank you Bibles and turn to our scripture reading in the Gospel of Luke Luke Chapter 22 all of the gospel writers record the story of Jesus in the Upper Room John give us the most complete picture Matthew and Mark 10 to reflect similar facts and actions and Luke gives us a phrase that none of the rest of the Bible writers include and this morning I want to focus on this phrase. Luke Chapter 22 looking at verse 14 now before we read verse 14 in my Bible I have to turn the page I just want you to go over and look at verse 24 I want this to be a picture frame the right way on that Thursday night I just want you to know everything was not well in the Little Church of Jesus it says and there arose a dispute among them as to which of them was regarded to be the greatest on this earth there are going to be challenges. The biggest ones are how to relate to each other in that room that night were gathered at least 13 people. Verse 14. When the Allred come here reclined at the table and the Apostles with him and he said to them I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you. Before I suffer from before time and eternity God creating creatures with free will in His image who could freely choose to worship and who could freely choose not to understood that that privilege could create a crisis. In preparation for that crisis the Father the Son and the spirit had pre-determined a solution that would explain the mysteries the recesses the deep inner secrets of who God was God revealed in his magnanimous nature with beneficence and kindness ruling the universe appeared not to be enough for one angel His name was Lucifer. And slowly Lucifer came to the place where he did not even know God Christ now at the end of for millennia of human history has been walking the planet for 33 and a half years he has been with his little church for over 3 of those years and he has spoken time and time again about his coming suffering and they don't want to hear about it. Peter has pulled him aside at one point time and said you need to stop talking like that and Jesus said no you need to stop and now on the eve within hours he will be beaten and whipped and made naked and hung on a tree. And yet he can come to this Thursday evening with the squabbling little church that still arguing about whether or not they can get to the same place Satan wanted to go of although of course they don't see it quite like that. The elemental issue of humanity surrounds the central idea of self of me and in this moment those disciples still can hear Jesus but he says it anyway i'm earnestly desiring to eat this Passover with you before I suffer how could you March to Mount Calvary knowing. That you will be abandon and denied and Betrayed How can you March up into the home that evening sit down recline at the table and say to this little group whom you've sought to reach but have resisted the elemental essence of your kingdom they have resisted the dynamic of your humility they have resisted the fact that you're willing to be nothing. In order that they might have a future how can you say I've earned a sleigh desired to eat this Passover with you. Now want to understand when you look at the silver trace the small and we are celebrating the Passover. Some 1500 years before when Moses had given direction that they should gather in their homes and with the hyssop put the oil put the blood on the sides in the top of the door post the Israelites with their staff and their hand had gathered as 9 play Igs had played their way out the 10th one would inflict a liberating compulsion on their community. And White tells in a rather unique way and unusual to her writings the story of a legend so when she includes it there must be some credibility to it but she tells the story of a little girl who was sick she was one of the children of the children of Israel and as she lay in her bed on the eve of the Passover she called her daddy to her bedside and said Daddy are you sure there's blood on the door post. Yes honey yes daughter I'm sure I have directed the servant to place it there we've sacrificed the lamb and there is blood on the doorposts you just lay here and rest and you'll be Ok but she could not rest she laid there and fitful sleep for a while and woke up and said Daddy come here are you sure there's blood on the door post and later in the night as time moved towards the darkest hour towards the midnight of their deliverance and the execution of judgment on the oppressors of God's firstborn Israel she woke up and she said Daddy are you sure there's blood on the door post she said Daddy I want to see it. He scoops are up in his arms he walks or through that little Hebrew hall he steps outside and turns around only to his horror to see that the Lamb has been slain but there is no blood on the doorposts quickly he finds the hyssop in the blood and applies it this morning in France the application from the writings of l. Why is such that what has been provided is our privilege to claim for our self it is putting our lives beyond the reach of evil as Lucifer's evil hand sought to reach into the hearts and the homes of those children of Israel it was limited in where it could go because of the deliverance of one who would and could and did pay the price you see if the devil had his way the blood would flow freely for ever our lives even the lives of those Egyptians every human being on earth is living under the goodness of limitations put in place by God but on that night the borders were decided by the owners of the homes when Jesus comes up to that Passover moment he's and kissed a painting the deliberate it's of the world he's in to supporting the deliverance of his people Jesus can come to this hour knowing that what has been symbol and promise is about to become reality and foundation for a completely new experience and a hope in Christ there is a journey to this table and on the way God wants to make sure we understand who he is take your Bibles and turn over to the Gospel of John Chapter 13 I want to focus for a moment on the foot washing you Adventist are unique. You amongst the myriad Protestant denominations almost you exclusively washy chatter see why John Chapter 13 there's something about this washing of feet I want you to understand in the Communion service today there is no blood we have the unleavened bread representing the strength and sustenance of God to be made strong to be made able to receive from heaven that which grows us into citizens of heaven and we have the fruit of the vine which represents the blood but there is no actual blood here today that blood would cease when Jesus blood would flow Today we're celebrating a bloodless Passover it is bloodless because of the commitment of Christ to embrace the whole of fallen humanity to gather all of his sins to himself to carry the burden of the world suspended between heaven and earth to take my seat and which I've sort of bled for and your sin which the devil would love to make you bleed for Jesus bore that burden to the cross and in the washing of the feet we experience the cleansing power of the blood Jesus is transitioning the service from that of a sacrifice to that of a celebration and I want you to see it it's a better celebration than you might have known. It says in verse 3 Jesus knowing this is John 13 that the father had given all things into his hands and that he had come forth from God and was going back to God got up from supper and he laid aside his garments and making a towel he girded himself then he poured water into the basin and he began to wash the disciples feet and to wipe them with the towel with which he was girded. And so he came to Simon Peter and he said to him Lord do you wash my feet Jesus answered and he said to him what I do you do not realize now but you will understand here after Peter said to him never. Wash my feet and Jesus without missing a beat said if I do not wash your feet you have no part with me Peter of all the 12 the 1st to speak was able to articulate the hesitation and the discomfort of the moment it was a collision of 2 worldviews King as power or king as servant and he had not released the one fair frame or paradigm to embrace the other yet but he knew in his the economy and society of which he was in Jesus was not the one the roles were in reverse and while he was not offering to wash the feet of Christ he was resisting the washing by Jesus the Greek more appropriately it says I believe Lord you're not washing my feet are you. Jesus will not back up one moment from this encounter this conflict because at the heart of the encounter is the joy of the celebration it's a little bit like it was in Egypt 1500 years before this moment when on that same night the anguish of loss in the anticipation of Liberty was just before the nation of Israel it is a bitter sweet moment. And with every communion we celebrate there is some element of those combined components there's a side of us that is uncomfortable with and the knowledge of our human nature and sometimes a quick look we're more in-depth look at our record in life our thoughts and our actions and Peter can at least articulate that things are quite right even though he doesn't know how to fix them but Jesus to us and he says Peter you don't understand. There's a lot of people who don't understand what's going to go on here today my hope is that they understand better when we separate to do as Jesus did in heaven. Satan it had a chance to repent of his evil he had a chance to declare the legitimacy of God's government but he refused to bow the knee to the legitimacy of the good sovereignty of God. When Satan came to this earth he thought that he would separate humanity from its creator he did not understand the nature of God From the moment that sin happened Jesus arrived in the garden to say they are your bond servants but they are not sold to us slaves they can choose still to follow me that choice was provided by the blood that choice was the promise of a space of a sacred sacrifice. And well represented by the lamb and the ball and the goat Jesus was here to make a fuller provision and anchor in history that which had been promised for millennia Simon had not been willing. But Jesus was unwilling to deviate from his plan. Jesus said to him 1st. He who has bade needs only to wash his feet but he is completely clean and I want you to think about this next phrase especially you. Are clean but not all of you of the 12 men who speak would be washed held in the hands of the creator of the universe. There was ambition there was pride they were unconverted men but one was in direct rebellion and refusal of submission to the lordship of his master that was Judas but I want I do not want you to miss this moment as Jesus is nearly there washing the man's feet who will deny that he ever met Jesus. Jesus by divine feel by a gift from heaven by representation of the type ology of the Lamb and its blood and by the assurance that he would go all the way through and and die for Peter is declaring as he holds Peter's dirty foot in his hand. And washes it you are clean every one of those men would run away but Jesus was giving them assurance that the presence of his life in their life was sufficient to create in time what he could create in a moment and he declared them as he declared the 6 days of creation he said it and it was so even though they had not yet come to see themselves as they really were Listen friends 5 years from now you're going to see things about yourself you've never seen before. 10 years from now there's going to be a Pitney's these little moments when all of a sudden you realize that was motivated by this and I didn't see in Be of good courage friends the covering of the robe of Christ's righteousness the cleansing power of His blood is sufficient to declare you clean as a child of God even as he is working out the complete restoration of his own nature in yours throughout the rest of your life and nobody should go into this this morning without understanding that Christ is proclaiming again as he proclaimed each of those 6 days you are clear. What an awesome gift to give your salvation is not hanging in the balance of your performance your salvation is safe in the arms of Jesus your life is in those nailed peers hands you are a child of God if you're in rebellion against God You could fall into the category of the one who refused the cleansing but if you're just like Peter who gets ahead of yourself and can't see your motivations and really doesn't want the cross you want the crown Be of good courage Christ understands you he made you your his child and he pronounces you in this service today through the application of the blood and the reception of his spiritual power in the bread I am sufficient you are clean and what I have begun I can finish this service has its bittersweet moments because we come to it at times realizing that I need to make something right which from body else my own heart is tainted with the root of bitterness or evil surmising this service is an amazing service when we consider that the squabbles that preceded it and maybe followed it were about climbing on top of each other to make sure when Jesus got this thing worked out we'd be in the a one prime position yes they had just come. This week it been an amazing one from a Sunday of celebration and palm leaves and Hosanna to a moment within hours Jesus will be prostate on the ground shouting great drops of blood but there's one more thing I want to bring to your attention before we close go back to the book of Luke Chapter 221 more thing you cannot forget you cannot miss you cannot go away from today without a sense of encouragement verse 17 Luke 22 and when he had taken a cup and given thinks he said Take this. Shared among yourselves for I say unto you I will not drink of the fruit of the vine from now on until the kingdom of God comes so there is that catapulting of the children of Jacob out of literal Egypt there is this amazing opening up of a flood of grace at the cross and then there is finally the appearing of Christ in the eastern sky and after we make a 7 day journey to heaven we will sit down at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and of the 7 festivals that are celebrated in the Bible we know that every time we go to a camp meeting we're living out the experience of Tabernacles. But I want to tell you friends one festival will be celebrated in time and eternity and it will be the Passover. For the small orning we are celebrating a bloodless but not lamb bliss battle. And when Jesus serves us as we sit at the Marriage Supper of the lamb he will be looking forward to drinking the fruit of the vine which is the sweetness of the plan of salvation brought to a complete and successful finished glory hallelujah and this is what we celebrate today it is celebrated in the past the children of Abraham who were prophesied to go into bondage liberated with the righteous right arm of God It was celebrated in the hours before the cross Jesus earnestly desiring to complete the work to show the world to show the universe Satan didn't believe he'd go all the way down on to his knees Satan didn't believe he'd allow the creatures to destroy him Satan didn't believe you'd hang on that cross in abandonment because Satan good and no god. But we have the privilege to know him. And to serve him. Friends. 3 phases of Passover celebration liberation from Israel from Egypt liberation from a wrong understanding of God and finally liberation from this planet. And why writing the book education says speaking of heaven no Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will afford opportunity for temptation no tempter is there no possibility of wrong every character has withstood the test of evil and none are longer susceptible to its power Listen friends were you there when they crucify the Lord yes you were there take the time to go there again the God of the universe was ancients to have this moment of communion with you so that you could know that he has made you clean and so that you could know that when your human nature starts seeping back out because it's not all the way finished on the inside that you could stay close to him and his purifying love would keep doing what by feel he's already dug he has pronounced you clean your name is written in the Lamb's book of life don't go from this place today thinking anything different but don't let anything intervene between you and him to know him is to love and to love him is to serve him and may God be glorified in our lives knowing that he has not only made us clean but he is in to supinate in celebrating the completion of salvation and redemption let's pray Lord. Your word is. Worthy of our reflection our prayerful contemplation. We don't deserve to be clean we can't make ourselves clean but we must receive what you have offered us I am praying Lord they would not be afraid we were not focus on ourselves may we understand that you pronounce us clean in the midst of our bad habits and poor genetic make up. Now we know that your love it both cleansers and is cleansed. And oh how I pray Lord may we not let the world invade and of the precious fear of our walk in communion with you blast this time we spend May heaven look down and say yes they're just like Jesus. We'll take the lowest post they'll suffer for love they'll serve with their whole hearts help us to see who you are learn and please keep placing us beyond the reach of Ebola and we look forward to the day line when we'll be at home with you. The great enemy of our happiness conquered the great celebration of your gift received bless us now though as we take a Ford taste and experience the joy of living with and for each other and within for Jesus lessons communion service now as it goes forward I pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons. W.w.w. audio or.


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