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Addiction & the Devil's Battleground: Power to Heal

Angeline D. Brauer DrPHMHSRDN


Angeline D. Brauer DrPHMHSRDN

Health Ministries Director for the North American Divison of SDA




  • June 20, 2019
    8:45 AM
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Father in heaven thank you dear God for the closing work in the sanctuary of thank you that you're bringing conviction conversion that you're not only giving grace to remove the guilt of sin but the grip of sin father we need you and we pray that all of these weaknesses we have will be weaponized as a major terror against the kingdom of hell because you are building your kingdom of broken things for this we thank you for this we praise you please heal us rebuild us and remake us in your image we pray Jesus' name amen. I guess I should use this all right so last night as I was thinking about the definitions the things we learned in class yesterday I thought what came to my mind is leprosy leprosy you know having been a runaway and started running away from home when I was 5 and then getting into drugs and believe me out for 20 years by age 11 this so I'm pretty familiar with being a train wreck but don't you think that God is in the business of making messes into miracles Amen that's what he wants to do and I want every weakness whether it's heredity genetics whether it's stupid choices I want to be weaponized for the Kingdom of God turning every curse into a blessing and I know that that's why you're here to so sin is really like leprosy number one it's isolating our addictions isolating Yeah they separate families do addictions separate families and if left untreated they become fatal they become fatal I want to share a quote with you today it's actually several quotes but I've learned in press my heart of these beautiful promises and they're found from a couple of sources but it's just a short reading all Vo man we could insert our own names or a loved one or Rick's son or a daughter although a man may have sunk to the very depths of sin there's a possibility of saving him many have lost the sense of eternal realities lost the similitude of God they hard. Really know whether they have souls to be saved or not I have a message from the Lord for the tempted soul who's been under the control of sane but who is striving to break free go to the Lord for help go to those who you know love and fear God and say take me under your care so does this sound like a process take me under your care for Saint temps me fiercely I have no power from the snare to go keep me with you every moment until I have more strength to resist temptation Perseverance is a miracle in a brown wrapper that's what we all need Christ is able and longs to deliver he will set free the captive that is held by weakness and misfortune and the chains of sin he has promises he has power but he has a plan and that's what and he's classes are all about angels are helping in this work to restore the fallen and bring them back to the one who has given his life to redeem them the Holy Spirit is cooperating with the ministry of human agencies is that you to arouse the moral powers by working on the heart so there's a moral fall here there's a physical fall there's there's decay and destruction and brokenness of every stripe but none of it is too strong for our conquering savior. When you surrender yourself entirely to God when you fall broken on Jesus you will be rewarded by a victory the joy of which you have never yet experienced Amen how many of you would like to have that in your life every day it is the joy of the Lord that is our strength and let's not forget this that it's a process and it's not what you get when you receive this goal it's who you become as you are achieving it you can turn your setbacks into comebacks you can learn from your mistakes and that's what victory is all about Amen thank you Dr thank you so much Vickie. Weren't those inspiring quotes really those passages should give us much hope that they they are God's word is true amen he speaks and it happens we just have to take hold of it by faith and it can happen for every single one of us regardless of whether we are struggling with. A clinical addiction or a hurt a hang up a thin all or all of the. God's Word is still effective Well I am so thankful how many of you were here yesterday let me just get a feel Ok so just a few of you who were here yesterday that's perfectly fine you're welcome to be here again with us today but we are going to talk today about the recovery process it's one thing to know what's wrong. It's another thing to then get on the right road to recovery so we're going to talk about that and I hope that we all no matter where we are in our journey with the Lord I hope that we all find something that we can gain and implement in our personal lives hey we've got to have information that is practical and that can help change our lives just a quick reminder. About our Web site and a.d. Health dot orangey this is where you can go to find lots of our health ministry resources. This is the health ministry department for the North American division I do want the ladies to know that we do have we're working I am working with the women's ministries to have their women's convention in September if this year the entire convention is about women's health and women's health issues so I'm sorry gentleman I know you love women in your life but we are not expecting you to be there but anyone high school age and above any woman is welcome to come you can go to our Web site to our schedule and find out information about that I hope to see you there again Also we do have our addiction recovery program that was developed by the Adventist Church and tomorrow afternoon and after the session so at 3 30 pm we're going to actually do session one so I invite you all to be here for that as well after tomorrow's presentation we are having our training program for you to be able to run this program in November in Florida so we're going to be in Florida a few times this year. Now yesterday after the presentation in conversations with various people the topic of sexual addictions and pornography came up and so I want to let you know upfront that this is not an issue that the administration is shying away from we are taking this on and we're dealing with it because quite frankly even though we don't like to say it it is in the church it is in our church and we need to talk about it we need to bring it out not for the purposes of crucifying the people but for the purpose of healing. And. It's a very very difficult issue to talk about it's very there's the personal emotional situations that come up are really really mortifying but we want those who have been victims or who are victims to know that we support you and we support we support your recovery and we want the victimizers to know that what they did was wrong and it's not acceptable and we want them to be healed as well. So what I've just put a few of the pornography addiction recovery resources that we have available if you go to our website and 80 Health dot org Or if you go to Advent Force dot org you'll find many of these listed there some of these are books some of these are programs that can be run at church through a video presentation gateway to wholeness this is a fairly new program developed by the g.c. health ministries and it is an online program on Pernod graphy So anyone who is struggling with pornography can go online in the privacy and confidentiality of their home and rather than spend their time on their point pornographic sites go to this site and help find help Ok so we want people to know that that these are real issues and we we want whatever your hang up we want you to find help Ok so please let people know about these resources. Just let everybody know because we don't know who's really struggling with them. But they know. Also the issue of abuse someone to talk about abuse later on the issue of abuse is very strongly connected to addictions and the ad been a stretch is also dealing with this directly we have had the summit on abuse for a few years every year and our next one is coming up September for and I believe they are doing a free live stream so wherever you are you can watch this and you can go to the Web site and it now North America dot org And you can sign up for it free there as well I believe you can attend live as well but also we're encouraging you to watch it live stream and maybe even organize your church to watch it together very important issues very difficult issues to talk about but we have to we need to if we want real healing deep healing we need to talk about these issues and not let them get bottled up again now yesterday I started talking about the opioid crisis I want to give you just a couple of lives of information on it to catch us up to what I wanted to share yesterday. I just because it is such a huge issue and it's coming into all of our communities so we talked yesterday about this story that was published in The New York Times just a few weeks ago about a teenage girl living in Ohio and her mother. Became an opioid abuser and it just completely destroyed their entire family and now this young girl is living in a fairly unstable home with her grandmother and really struggling about what her mother is going through and what she is going through as well I want to share with you. A passage from the article about the mother because we part of what we want to do is understand what the abuser what the person with the addiction problem is going through what has been their life course so let's I'm just going to put this on the screen so her mom Nikki whore by the way was a hospice nurse so she was a someone with a very stable life a stable job family she was married with 2 children but she was secretly stealing bags of morphine and other painkillers from hospice patients who had died so just from that one line you you can tell that there must have been something in her story that was troubling that this was now what she was doing there had to be some background. To what was going on. Miss whore who is 38 years old said she stockpiled the pills at home her plan she said was to sell them around town so apparently she didn't feel like she was stable financially she needed to sell these pills that changed one day when feeling overworked and overwhelmed at work she began dabbling in those pills. So a stressful situation occurred and she thought well since I have these pills let me just take one just to help me through the situation drug use was not new to her Ok here's a key point about about drug use about addictions in general as a teenager Miss whore said that she had snorted core cocaine with who. Her parents as a teenager so a couple things here she had early exposure during her teenage years and what was the family dynamics like so that her parents were giving her cocaine right not good so there had to be something going on in that family that was already setting her up on this negative trajectory and life. In 2013 after hospice officials discovered she was over prescribing those narcotics those opioids she was given a drug test which she failed and was promptly fired now what do you think that kind of event is going to do to her. Is it going to make her turnaround No unfortunately when you're already down that trajectory and you don't have a nother coping mechanism you're just going to go further down deeper Ok now I'm not saying that the hospital did the wrong thing I think if they probably did the right thing right this is not acceptable behavior what she was doing it was not in any way stealing it overprescribing it planning to sell it none of that was legal none of it was good moral decision making. She entered outpatient rehab and stayed clean for a while and we often see that story with people struggling with addictions they will go through rehab and they stay clean for a little while but unfortunately it often doesn't last but after losing an appeal to regain her nursing license during her daughter's freshman year of high school Miss horse said here's another key she what she lost her result. Hopelessness sets in I can't ever get my job back I can't ever get my career back I can't ever get my reputation back hopelessness. There's nothing else for me to do and the pain and the guilt and the shame pick up distraught she tracked down one of her sisters who introduced her to heroin another key point the people that she's connected with probably close to at least Family Ties in this way are the ones that are enabling this here and these choices so can you see this tangled web that she is caught in. And it started with some pretty bad decisions on her part. Which stemmed from a very unstable family life. And who knows what else is part of her history but the road that she's on just takes her deeper and deeper and this is really important to recognize that this is not unusual this is very often the story of someone who is struggling with any kind of addiction and so recognizing those stories is actually one of the key components to recovery because unless she deals with these underlying issues actually the recovery is near impossible so talking about opioids again Ok let's look at what is the problem and this is in the u.s. more than 100000000 people suffer from chronic pain in the us if anybody has ever had surgery or anything like that you know what pain is Ok or if other situations you know ill health we know we all know what pain is now chronic pain it's just the one that never doesn't go away right so opioids are pain relievers they help with dealing with that pain so 11500000 people report misuse of Chris Christie opioids not the legal ones but prescription opioids and this is starting at age 12 and older. 12 and older Ok. And doctors this is was cut also part of the alarming story is that doctors say that they are not trained well enough on how to proceed cried the opioids who's prescribing the opioids the doctors the doctors are saying I don't know how to I don't have enough information for doing it appropriately you see the problem Ok. Who are the people who are using opiates long long term this is another important key as we're talking about the opioid crisis because we don't want to get stuck in the trap of thinking that these are just you know people who have no. You know they're just going out there and buying it on the street corners k. unless it's true but let's see what the numbers tell us the majority of people this is a research study done by the counties or Family Foundation and they found that the majority of people started prescription pain killers for medical reasons already 4 percent said it was chronic pain 25 percent after surgery and another 25 percent after an accident or injury so the vast majority are legitimate health issues. Cank. However what these individuals told the researchers is that not that the the physicians who was prescribing the medication warned them about the addiction the potential for addiction so 75 percent of the them said yes my doctor told me that they're supposed to 10 Szell that I might become addicted However 61 percent said that there was no plan for how to then get off the opioid. And this is the thing about the opioid when they're prescribed for surgery for chronic pain for these issues is that. Once you get when once you get started on them there has to be a plan for getting off of them as well and that plan actually has to be pretty well medically supervised because of the high risks and if you do it too quickly if you automatically drop it or you drop too much of it at one point you're going to go into withdrawals and the pain of the with drawl can be greater than the pain that you were taking the a prescription for so you're going to get even more dependent on the drug. So unfortunately physicians many of them are not really trained on what that process should be the good news is that now there is training available in fact the c.d.c. has has a very nice little brochure that will help the physician know exactly how to taper off those medications did you have. Absolutely working with your doctor and bringing it up if they don't mention it you you have every right to bring up questions with your physicians with your healthcare providers. Just to them nice respectful way I've done some clinical work I've seen you know how patients come in and they just want to hammer you it's very very difficult to work with patients like that but when you are working with talking with most physicians will really walk you through that very gently in very carefully so so make sure that you are bringing up those conversations. It. Yes Absolutely no you don't want to completely drop it very suddenly it's like jumping off a cliff you don't want to jump off a cliff right you find the safe route down. Yeah Yes Ok so let's keep going on there let's talk about the issue of pain because that's what opioids are for they're there to help us with the physical pain sometimes the emotional pain that comes along with it there is a cost to not treating pain and we want to be real about this we can't just say well you should never use x.y.z. because in some instances. You know they need it it does help them actually in their recovery it helps them in their healing process you know if someone is just riddled with pain the quality of life they're in able to do anything to get themselves to a better place so pain is not it's this is not something that you say we should just never use it Ok so please don't ever give anyone that information that message but we want to do it responsibly and we want to make sure that we're also going to work off of it. You know a lot of the pain that drugs are used for is for cancer patients and you know if you've ever known someone going through cancer treatment it's very very difficult but I want to end the issue of opioids with this quote from thoughts from the mount of blessings. It says this God's purpose is not merely to deliver from the suffering or the pain that is the in evitable result of sin all of this is the result of sin. But his purpose is to save from sin itself so we don't want to make the mistake of making pain the enemy pain is not the real problem it's the sin that has caused the pain and when I'm saying that I'm not talking about your individual sin although yes our sins do cause pain but. The fact that we are living in a sinful world it world that is sick because of sin filled with sin there is pain and suffering add to that our individual choices our individual sinfulness and that makes more pain but that pain is not really the issue. God can save us from the pain but he wants to save us from the sin the cause the underlying root cause of all of it. So unfortunately the timing of when he saves us from the sin problem is something only he knows in the meantime we are going to do our best to manage the pain the suffering with his help man Ok so let's talk about b. the recovery process now and actually as we transition to this I do want to have another word of prayer. Either in heaven Lord thank you that you have all the saving grace that is needed for all the world and we want to claim your promises and embrace your power and fulfill the life that you have planned for us so be with us as we talk now about recovery and the power that you have to heal we pray in Christ name Amen. So recovery counsels on health page 30 says this The world is a vast last or house house of death and suffering but Christ came to heal the sick to proclaim deliverance to the captives of Satan he turned away how many 9 men who came to receive is healing power and that's what this is all about this is about Christ's healing power he knew that those who petitioned him for help had what brought disease upon themselves. All we are like we all are like sheep who have gone astray. Yet he did not refuse to heal them so it doesn't matter o. the depths of our degradation if we come to him in Sincerely of heart he will not refuse. And when virtue from Christ entered into these poor souls they were what convicted of sin and many were healed of their spiritual disease as well as of their physical maladies hugely important you know I often say that this is what sets of sets the administration's health programming apart from anyone else because everybody lots of people out there have great health information but they don't tie in that genuine spiritual healing and this is what really makes the difference the Gospel still possesses the same power and why should we not to day witness the same results good question isn't it. Christ feels the woes of every suffer even those suffering from addictions even those who themselves chose to go down the path of an addiction. He feels the will of every suffer and he is just as willing to heal the sick now as when he was personally on earth Christ servants are his representatives the channels for his working he desires through them to exercise his healing power so he's talking about she's talking about here not just the healing power that God has available but that he wants to use the us in that process. He desires through them his servants our representatives the channels for his working and this is a hugely important key when it comes to addiction recovery. No one recovers a lot. No one recovers. Ok recovery let's talk about what is recovery according to the substance use and mental health administration of the u.s. government a process of recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness live a self directed life and strive to reach their full potential Ok so keen the 1st point it's a process life is a process you know it individuals who have an addiction did not become addicted overnight there was a whole story behind them that led them to that point and yesterday we talked about the 5 stages of addiction that it's just starts off with occasional use that's new that's it's a problem but it's not something that that is clinically an addiction it takes a process to get there it's going to take a process to go back so when individuals are struggling with their addiction it's better that they're struggling than that and that they're just giving in because the struggle means that they're actually trying to get out of it they're actually fighting somehow so it's a process and they need to improve health and wellness. So that's the health message that we're used to talking about Ok. They need to live a self directed life they need to have freedom to choose that's what self direction is the ability to choose and yesterday we talked about the chemical changes in the brain that takes away their ability to make sound decisions so we need to reverse that in the brain and they need to strive to reach their full potential and that means their full potential emotionally mentally physically socially and also spiritually recovery emerges from Hope remember the story we just read a little while ago on the opioids the mother who pretty much lost hope when they said she couldn't have her license back that whole plunges them into despair and seeking to deal with that pain so we need to give them hope again I don't know what greater hope there is than the Gospel story so we need to give them hope it is a personal path so it's very individual the recovery process is very very individual so what may work for someone else for one person may not work for someone else they need to find their personal path down that road there are principles that will apply to everybody will talk about some of those. Here's another key holistic That is what our health messages about is very holistic it includes the entire person the mental physicals spiritual and social components of who we are it's supported through relationships and social networks and it must include respect for one another those are really important keys that we need to include in that recovery process and that's a one of the big things that a lot of the recovery programs now do the 12 step programs social networks you're giving them a place where they will feel supported in their recovery process and it they have very respectful interactions in those in those support groups so recovery recovery includes prevention Ok we need to prevent the things that cause us to go down that negative pathway risk reduction changing those unhealthy behaviors to healthier ones Isn't that what we talk about in health ministry all the time you've got it when you take away the bad stuff you have to put in something positive in its place so if the problem is pornography addiction while they're addicted to looking at these books or looking online you've got to give them something that will be positive for them to see and and to use up their time with. Recovery in Gauge meant means building a network a community again hugely important having a positive community that's going to support you through this. And this includes things like housing you have people who have really gotten to the depths of addiction have probably lost their housing are probably living in terrible conditions surrounded by other people who are struggling with addictions and so we need to get them to a healthier place as well job placement some of the most successful recovery programs out there are employers who hire people in recovery In fact I know of a. A company there are several companies doing this now who it was someone who themselves recovered from addiction or they really they just felt impressed that they needed to help people recovering from addictions so they started a business and hired the people who were living in recovery houses. And there's one company that makes purses women's purses out of old material and beautiful purses and it's these women who are in halfway houses make these purses they sell for hundreds of dollars They're handmade and these women are now finding ways to get out of their addictive cycle it's absolutely amazing there's another one where a gentleman started it wouldn't work in company and he hires men who are going through recovery to make beautiful tables and chairs and these these men are finding that they're they're useful like and that they have a sense of self accomplishment and they're breaking the cycles these are really powerful methods for for the recovery process so you know the old saying idle hands. Are the devil's workshop right so give them something positive to do with their hands and if they're able to make you know good clean money out of it it's going to help in many other ways as well recovery maintenance is another part of it maintaining the state of health hope and respect. This is also a key huge because it gives them a feeling again of self-worth of purpose of reason in their life. Treatment can also be necessary for some people some people may not need it some people do again it's an individual path but it's important to remember that medications don't bring recovery medications don't do the recovery they support the process they help you get to the spot where you can you are able to accomplish more but they themselves are not the recovery also detox programs they support the process but they don't take care of the underlying problems so there's the bad news about addictions I mention this we talked about it yesterday and briefly mentioned it again the bad news is that nearly all addiction not just drugs but all addictions target the brain's reward system we talked about this causes changes in the brain the good news is that the brain is very few pliable. It can be restructured our brains can change back again and this is why having the medical understanding the physiological understanding of what addiction is doing is really important because it helps us understand where they are and why they might be limited in their ability to make healthy decisions to stay sober it's because these pathways have just become so out of whack that they're they they just have no control and then anymore their power to choose and again we're talking about you know extreme cases it took them a while to get there they were making choices along the way but at some point they lost the ability to make healthy choices so we need to help that brain restructure and get back to where they can make choices again practicing healthy habits. We've all done this before you've got it you know you have a unhealthy habit we all have had unhealthy habit but once we replace them with healthier ones and we continue doing them over and over again they get easier it's the same thing for individuals struggling with addictions as they practice the healthier habits and stop practicing the unhealthy ones the healthier ones get easier to do so for anyone who is struggling with an addiction find a healthier habit get something that will distract you from those negative thoughts negative associations negative feelings find something positive to put into that space. So the other piece of the good news is that complete recovery is possible and that thank you for saying amen Vickie. Complete recovery is possible. Amen. You can say it. And now what the science tells us or what the. Scientists tell us is that success includes changing behavior and medications Well I said Ok yeah medications are you know depending on the individual circumstances changing behavior is a necessary ingredient but then I added power of God Ultimately that's where the complete restoration comes from. Again treatment must be tailored to each person we want to remember that addiction is a chronic disease meaning if you go back to some of those unhealthy habits you're going to very likely go back into those addictive cycles again the same is true for someone who has diabetes if you do really well you get your blood sugar is under control and you're you're doing really great with your health but then you decide to go out and splurge on donuts what's going to happen you're going to get back into that the day that poor health care with addiction you can't ever say I can go go back and do it again you don't want to go down that road. Ok the brain question does our brain rejuvenate this is a picture of dope I mean transporter now Dopamine is the feel good hormone that your brain produces when you're doing something that makes you happy Ok and in the brain the dope and mean we can track and see how it activates different parts of the brain so in this picture the Reds the Greens the yellows those are the areas where the Doppler mean is active and this is a healthy person you see there's a good amount it almost looks like a pear lungs right there right in your brain it's just a picture of where the dopamine is working for a methamphetamine abuser this is one month after they've stopped using meth do you see the difference not a whole lotta Reds in there Ok there are some similarities but still you can see it's very clearly different this is one month after they've stopped using now when you look at them 14 months after they've stopped using We're back to some Reds aren't we and that's a good thing so the brain has started to rejuvenate it sell it took 14 months to get back to something very similar that's a long time that they had to be state that they had to be off of it but wouldn't it be great to see what it was like 1020 years down the line so the answer is yes the brain can recover now the extent to which it recovers is very individual but the good news is that it can recover and this is hugely important because then you're now able to get back to making those healthy choices again for yourself. So Vicki is going to talk more about this on Thursday but I couldn't help but put in the gut brain connection because this is so important by the way this give so much validity to why we have been talking about diet nutrition for over 150 years in the administration. Were the we're finally getting the scientific evidence to back up what we had been saying all along I wish we had been practicing it as well but anyway sorry Side Story Ok here it is a research that was published in 2017 this was done a research done in rats so it's preliminary You don't want to draw too many conclusions but it's some promising information they looked at gremlin which is a gut hormone it's produced in your gut and it when when it is produced to tell you that you're hungry and you should go eat something now some of us have disordered Grell In fact it tells us when we're hungry when we're really not Ok so we need to get our Grell in working appropriately but when it's doing its job appropriately you know when it's time to eat so what they did was they took these mice and they you know what forgive me this is not mice This is human beings i forgot i was another research they took human beings who were heavy drinkers who had no. No intention to stop drinking and what they did was they injected Grell in into their veins through their arms and these when they got that Gremlin floating around in their body they wanted more alcohol it drove them to drink more significantly more than people who did not get the Gremlin. Who very interesting how the hormones produced in the gut affected the behavior and this is what we're seeing about the gut brain connection what happens in the gut drives a lot of the choices we make so when you have a healthy gut. You're going to make healthier choices healthier decision there here's another I found this a press release just in October 2018 about a new research that has just been funded and I can't wait till they put out their results about the micro biome and addictions now you know about the gut bacteria all those bacteria living in the gut they some of them are good bacteria they're healthy they do good things in your body some of them are not so healthy and depending on what you eat. You have more of the healthy ones or the not healthy one so you want to eat the foods that are going to give you more of the healthy bacteria and that includes things like fruit vegetable whole grain and a vegetarian diet that the administration has been talking about her long time. This is the science by the way you know just reminding us of what we already knew so what did it what this research group are going looking at now is looking to see how the genes of those bacteria in your gut interact with the genes of our body and how they may. Promote addiction. Very interesting by the way we already know that the genes of the bacteria interact with our genes that's pretty well shown in the science now they're looking at will does that influence addiction so very interesting another important key is getting back to those health habits that we know about those lifestyle choices they actually help promote recovery from addiction so with our addiction recovery program something that I encourage any church that's doing it is don't just tell people this is all you have to come to know if there's another church down the street running a healthy lifestyle program tell me go there to or you run a healthy lifestyle program get Vicky and Evelyn to come and do some healthy lifestyle teaching in your church get the individuals who are in the recovery process also working on their physical health their healthy eating habits their exercise their sleep and their stress management all of those things are going to actually aid them in the process. I think I'm going to skip a relapse. Although it's good to know that relapse does happen in majority of cases so expect it Ok it doesn't have to happen by the way this is it does you don't have to go through a leap relapse but if it does happen don't give up. Here's keys to recover from the relapse recognize you know yes it was a bad decision. I failed in that but I'm not giving up the battle Ok important to recognize but then work again think of relapse as a learning opportunity develop coping plans in this is where that social network really helps is having a recovery coach for example a recovery mentor an accountability partner who can help you back up and remember that God gives complete freedom Proverbs 2416 says for a just man fall it how many times 7 times but what does what. Rises up again you know 7 is the symbolic number for what completion a just person can completely fall. But the point is that they get up again and that's the focus they rise up again but the wicked fall into mischief and that's period so we want to be the ones that even if we fall we can get back up again through the power of God we don't have to fall God can keep us from falling in men but if we do he is able to pick us a back up this is from manuscript 113 published in 898. The power of God Oh Ok this is this is one of my favorite quotes in the Spirit of Prophecy absolutely you should take a picture of this one it's so good it's absolutely this is this is so key to our entire life story Ok whether or not we're dealing with addictions this is so key the power of God is the one element of efficiency in the grand work of obtaining the victory over the world the flesh and the Devil How many how many elements are there in the 1st line line there's only one element and this is the the power of God is the one element it's not it doesn't say is a one and it is the one element of efficiency it is in accordance with the divine plan that we follow every ray of light given of God Ok hugely important God is the one who makes the victory period and it is up to us in His plan to follow every ray of light that's part of his plan I'm going to go to part 2 of this quote to take a picture of this $12.00 man can accomplish nothing without God and God has arranged his plans Well listen are you getting are you paying attention or are you awake Ok and God has arranged his plans so west to accomplish nothing in the restoration of the human race without the cooperation of the human with the divine. God can do it but in his divine plan he says I'm not doing it without you the Condon sentient if. He could do it but he says I want you to be part of it and what part Listen to this the part man is required to sustain He is in measurably small. Yet in the plan of God It is just that part that is needed to make the work a success I Can't Help Falling in love with him when I read this because he says look I know you just have nothing I mean what you've got what you can put into this is just nothing really but guess what I'm not doing it without it I'm not doing it without you because I want you to know what your potential is I want you to know where I can lift you up to and I'm going to do it come with me Christ 1st words to His disciples were come and see I think we probably have to stop here. Tomorrow's presentation I want to talk about how addictions is very relevant to an end time church. We'll touch on the issue of the moral more more ality issue of addictions but we're going to make it really really practical. So I don't know. In this room. What your life stories have been but God does He knows where you've been you know what the struggles have been he knows the pains you know those things that are still Naing each one of us and he says. Those things are small and compared to what I'm going to do in your life. He not only want to do it he can do it and he says just come with me and I'll show you how and he's going to walk with that that entire journey so I want to pray as we close for each one of you the prayer is that the sickly for you and I pray that I hope that you know take some time. In your quiet time just talk to God about it let's pray together dear Father God. Lord we are just these little things on the political planet kind of roaming around in this massive universe. But Lord you put so much importance on me that you sent your son. Here to live a life of victory to show me what can happen when the human and the divine is is together and Lord you then something Holy Spirit and you said that he will be with you everywhere and Lord You also promised that we have guardian angels surrounding us. What more can we do what more can we ask for and then Lord you said I'm sending my church and sending my human representatives to be as lights in the world and we don't know how you can make light out of these broken thing. But you said it and so we're going to accept it and we thank you Lord that in my life in the life of everyone here you're still working and you're still reclaiming us. When you're given that power to go day by day either. Eternal victory is at the door. Almost Here we pray that you will now give us the strength for our days. And we thank you because your word ashore. You great is your faithfulness. Pray this is a precious g.-d.. 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