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A Practical Guide to Herbal Remedies - Part 1

Lee Wellard




  • October 22, 2019
    2:06 PM
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Father in heaven thank you for this beautiful day for the opportunity to commune together to learn together and to absorb the presence of your Holy Spirit which is why we're here it's really what we need and it's really only the wisdom from above that can help us to rightly apply the word of truth and so I pray you give that wisdom to our brother today speak to our hearts luminesce we pray Jesus' name amen Good morning. Would you like me to speak to you in a strongly in this morning. I speak 3 languages English American in the strongly and. Oh that I could talk in the language of Canaan All right well. It's been a few little trials that have happened along the way so I anticipate a big blessing this morning. Just to give you a little bit of a background. My As mention my mother was a hit list growing up as a young man and I was the guinea pig had to hold my nose and hope for the best and so that was my introduction to Herb's had no interest whatsoever in studying them but my wife and I we traveled to the Philippines just off to America about 14 years ago now and my wife got a very serious case of insomnia that lasted nearly 6 years she could not sleep us midnight every night she was in a very serious condition she was on a good lifestyle we with it to teach the locals about health and here's my wife very sick and so that's put us on a long journey we sought out the best of the best no one could tell us what was wrong or how to treat it. And tell people you know. Suffering is someone else's medicine. So whatever your going through whatever God is bringing you through just know this that it's working out to be the someone else's salvation and it may even be your own. So that that was something that really put us on a different track because I had been a little cynical actually of hoops and it's amazing how the world works to. Change us around. I used to teach lifestyle medicine specially Applied Physiology I see teach you tradition and somehow there's a bit bit of a block there you know I was advocating lemon juice Gallic he and all the that good calorie hips but I didn't realize there was another component there that was. There was lacking and so through our own journey God put us in the position where we could learn this and I know there's a lot of misconceptions with with Herb's and there's a lot of things that we need to be aware off as some good things and bad things about it so I hopefully want to present to you today a little bit of a balance to have all remedies. So we're going to be looking at an evidence based approach to Hubble remedies I like to actually I was thinking the probably a better title would be a crisis and that approach to Google remedies change. And looks like this isn't going to work for us Ok now in the end you go back to the beginning right and made off things beautiful. And he said Behold I have given you every hear bearing thank you didn't work for me attended on. Those. We didn't have a hope for that one thank you very much. All right. Because so be all that given every bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is of root of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for meat Ok so I want to give you a quiz Can you spot the herb here. Left top any one else. Your right you are correct got a good bunch of students yes they all hopes. Yes Yes And you will understand that they are all hips if you understand what is the definition of a hip. Now the Bible uses the word herb in a very broad sense as we read in Genesis chapter 12029. In the sense of plants right to Taishan. Fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains of. But it also uses in the context of medicinal hooves as well but basically or your food is a medicine right if God has made it it has some medicine and properties in there so really a the definition of a who. Is a medicine or plant. And because there's medicine of value in all these things that you see here that puts them in the category of hips but classically we think of herbes as things like red clover Ecan a ship or goldenseal things like that but in a board sense it's a lot more than that and I hope I can show you something here. Ok this is a little seed. Can you see it starting to grow. A little seed it's a hip and it's sending out a chute it's amazing is that you know this this this gives me chills just thinking about this Have you ever seen because that is not a main. You taught it to do that. Yeah really it should be the power of God or the power of God. Now there it there is a little root the 1st root that goes out is called a radical radical. Now have you ever seen a tree growing out of a rock. That what you see what you believe was that this seed it was in a crack in the rock and it just grew out of the crack no the seed made the crack the seed made the crack seeds have such incredible power what they basically look can you get the next one they don't let anything get in their way radical doesn't let anything get in the way of its growth doesn't let anything in the way now this is. You can't see very well here but this is actually cement cement and. We've got some shepherds person in there as well I typed in Google cement so it may be as for you maybe more yeah maybe asshole but it works with both works of but you've probably seen. It maybe some of you haven't seen ship as person but it is so powerful it will recycle concrete recycle asphalt if we didn't have we killers it would just recondition it would break it apart to pieces and the reason why this is a powerful friends is because of the spiritual application that we can all be a radical right we can all be like that little seat that doesn't let anything get in the way of its growth and that's the power of God right there this is a hope shot it's not my hope shot. At. You you're probably being I don't know if any of you have been and I hope shove like this but the problem is that I've been 90 percent of herbalist that you meet do not give glory to God they give glory to the plans they give go Lawry to the spirits of the plants and this is a problem because that devil he hijacks thinks and he tries to get things in his control and give it a certain twist and flavor and it becomes poison doesn't mean the plants become poison but the philosophy that spikes the plants become poisonous by the way this is a store shop Grange Indiana we carry thousands of different hoops there we do not use herbs that create. Side effects or the toxic or that addictive and so we we are very glad to help people walk in the door a lot of people think that we are a place that sells marijuana. When they see shop All right so now in America you say. Yeah so we say Herb So I tell people we should have caught that the a strangely and shot that would have been better. Now the world is waking up to remedies in fact it will remedies increasing at a exponential rate in the United States the hip industry is increasing 20 percent every year even the World Health Organization is fully aware of the importance of remedies for the health of a large number of the population in today's world that will remedies I recognise as valuable and readily available resources and their improper use is in carrots this is actually from the World Health Organization website so there they they believe there's a place one more interesting fact is that the World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of the population of the world is now using hippo remedies and I'm not talking about using Cullen ery herbs just a flavor if you would I'm talking about using them for elements Ok 80 percent of the world's population that's a lot of people isn't it. In fact what we have before modern medicine in fact that would droop comes from the old Dutch name which means a dried plant Yes So this was really the progress in fact 100 years ago. Well people still used hoops in very readily fashion in the United States because they were so objectionable to taste often what happened is they started to make him into pills and this led the way for. Pharmaceutical developments so herbal medicine is getting in the spotlight it may not be altogether the best spotlight it may not be it may be controversial spotlight but it is getting some recognition in fact. The Bible says about Christ a poll said that you know whether the Christ be uplifted a whether he be put down basically it's still helping the cause so from the National Geographic the Mayo Clinic to top celebrities remedies is not going away the problem is that many a time. The news does not portray Unfortunately this may be of a shock to some people but sometimes the news is not altogether accurate All right. So this is one study that was done. This is that a peer reviewed journal they concluded a finding of negative coverage of herbal remedy drugs is contrary to the posit trends in most published research based primarily on anecdotal accounts our results highlight how media coverage is not providing the public with the information necessary to make informed decisions about medical treatments most concerning is the lack of disclosure of trial funding and conflicts of interests that could influence the outcome or reporting of trial results this lack of reporting may impact the medical research community which has the most to lose by way of public trust and respect. So let me just share something with you often people think because I'm in the Hippel field that I'm against medicine I I am not in that category I believe there is a place for both and it takes wisdom to know when to use one over the other Ok so I'm not against doctors I'm not against using surgery or for acute situations drug medication but that being said I believe if we understood more about natural remedies then we'd be able to help us a little bit better then maybe if we hadn't got educated if we don't get educated we're going to get Medicaid right all right so I don't read in the Bible he says My people die from lack of medication and education is the problem right all right and let me tell you this that these herbs are not a substitute for poor lifestyle habits there and I just therapy and they fall under the category of nutrition and they used for selective situations it doesn't mean with the tree of life yet Ok there's not one hope that works for 100 percent of people sometimes I see people get well sometimes I see. Conditions slow down don't get any worse but that it may not necessarily get any better and sometimes we don't see results but we believe that we've got because he is the one that and it may not necessarily be that you are the person that can help that person individual I can't help everyone but. There's a lot of people we can help if we impart to them the education they need bias in someone for 14 he causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the hip for this is of Nann. That what service means ministry and hips minister that means they give a 7th as they give back to the body what it needs we're all made up of what comes out the ground right and so it's have high amounts of vitamins that have high amounts of minerals and fight a chemistry and when we get disease off in this and in imbalance in the body it may be lacking certain elements that we need to boost it up and so Hoops can help in that area this is the 4000 years of medical history Ok in 2000 b.c. he eat this route Ok then to 1008 d. that route is he then it say this pray 865 that precipitous dishes Here drink this potion 935 that potion is snake oil Yes well of this bill 1905 that pill is ineffective take this antibiotic 2000 that anybody poison eat this route. All right. In the end we go back to the beginning. Now of course the Bible is not a book of herbes but it does have many different. Texts that incorporate herbal remedies as ever a 100 different Bible references to sin spices. And see here the wise men. I tend to remind people especially around Christmas time at 2 of the 1st Christmas gifts were hoops all right and if you ever if you understand frankincense and you know why these men gave this gives they they both heal the deepest of wounds and nothing else will heal. And that's Jesus right he says and let me remind you friends and I have to remind the people that come the story it's not the hippie he was you Christ he was you he's in doubt hoops with properties that typify his character right so there's not one who bit concerned that she's given us many different hips and just says in the sanctuary everything in the sink tree pointed to the work of Christ and the character of Christ and you'll find that too with hoops Now not all hoops are created equal and many hips have been changed and many hoops a poisonous Ok so they want anyone to leave with the impression that oil has a safe and we can just eat anything we want. You know when the Israelites left Egypt they ate the positive lamb and they ate with bit ahead. And they had to leave in the hungry remember that they had to go on a long journey you wondered why they were given bit of now symbolically it points to the suffering of they had all the bitterness of Egypt but just from a physiological point of view didn't a bit of hips help with digestion and they will also help digest lamb help with with eating Yes increases hydrochloric acid production and it won't give you a. Yes if you have to leave after a bit of meat and travel miles through the desert night and day you probably need some bit of hips Thank you. Even the same tree service you'll find hips We used the anointed of the priests they use frankincense they use frankincense on the table of showbread it was it was grated like salt it was a symbol of the righteousness of Christ covering. His people. It was also use for a new 100 member and Timothy if any sick among you let him call the elders in on him with oil that oil that was used in those times it had frankincense oil in there could be mixed with all of oil and also the altar of incense there was a compound it. Herbal preparation that was used for the incense and part of that was frankincense it was also with Calum OS. Sorry Calamus which is. Also known as Lemon. Lemon Grass lemon grass and also cinnamon and you know as you got closer to the sanctuary you would smell this beautiful perfume especially the frankincense. And the frankincense did you know that Frank it's and is an anti depressant so as you came with your sacrifice to meet the priest you would smell the frankincense and your anxiety would be lifted. To Leslie Harding one of church story ends in the same tree they used Boswell the answer rather is 6 different kinds of frankincense we use a bus Well I serrata in a store and it's one of the best for relieving tension just having that in your room just breathing that in is great for anxiety it can help with stress. Boswell serrata parallels of her absent Jesus they are often the last resort for healing it takes faith to try them. They are both within the reach of everyone. They have been used successfully for thousands of years the ople Nations tongues and languages they can be trusted to help with many complaints and conditions they often despised and taken for granted and science is still trying to figure out how they were. You remember it said in the book. That Jesus was a root at a dry ground and if you've got a root in dry ground what have you got for the plot you've got medicine because when a plant gets stressed it actually increases its fight of chemistry and plants have their own little cell phones they send they will text messages without Apple and when another when a plan is eaten it may be under attack by a predator it will send these little chemicals bit like pheromones through the year to notify the other plants that it's being attacked and to get ready because you could be next in so it puts its its energy towards nutrition. And find a chemistry any new function Ok so it you know they said that the stress that doesn't kill you makes you stronger it's as it is in the plant world so it is in our will to sow so maybe you feel like a routine the dry ground sometimes and then I have been but God is working that out to be medicine right it's amazing. In xs shape 3725 says they sat down to eat bread they lifted up their eyes and looked behold the company of lights came from Ulead with camels bearing Spicer and they're going to carry it down to Egypt. You know when modern medicine attributes its origins to Egypt and Jeremiah 46 Webb says go up to Gilead and take bomb a virgin daughter of Egypt in vain now she has many medicines shown not be cured of course the ones they had in those times were just as poisonous often as they have today. The Pilgrims they bought hoods Eva did you know that you know a common hoop that we have all around us the pilgrims sportive from England and a lion and a line yeah you can play embodies Brits all right and I. They wanted a remind of the meadows of England. That I bought them of a you know you can eat every pot of dandelion just make sure you wash it duck may have been used to it and but the fall out the roots the stem one of the best heads for nutrition I'm vitamin a vitamin c. Anyway I'll go into that bit later Ok herbal medicine sometimes referred to as herbalism overtechnical medicine is the use of hits for that there appear to commit a single value and it is a plant or plant pot valued for its Mitzi no aromatic savory qualities her plants produce and contain a variety of chemical substances that act upon the body now this different kinds of forms of herbal remedies Ok some are in capsules some in extract some. Compressed tablets and then you have syrup and. All kinds of different. Powders for smoothies and formulas at the form is very much dependent also on the effect of this and the most effective way to get a hip in your body is either at t. or as an extract go straight in the bloodstream doesn't require any digestion and unfortunately I hate to say this but a lot of people pills do not even have the original ingredient in them and they often use Philis and. They questionable they may come from China could be 5 years old and very low in potency so. If you have a little herb garden if you have a 10 by 10 foot job and you can grow what you need for a family of 4 or year round just in the Square Garden of 10 by 10 square feet I could get $100.00 different hoops and you could be loaded with a lot of things in the end stop with colony hips you know things that you add to your food you may want to just you know put some basil in there or a time Rosemary oregano. Things that you like and enjoy and add a few things in there that you're going to need for different complaints. Ok. I skipped out a slight previous to this but it's for the reasons described the previous section here but was prefer using plan extracts from the whole hip or various parts such as roots flower seeds except for a rub extracting a single active ingredient from them maybe a place in that it will extracts have many components and I usually too complex to manufacture synthetically by the pharmaceutical industry and Yukon Peyton it right in fact. Some of the most effective medications that we have in the market it will derivatives and been around for 100 years or so like we have aspirin which aspirin come from well a tree with his queen come from a quinine sorry I mean America. The Cinchona tree from the box Ok what about digitalis Fox go up right and that still used by many physicians today but they isolates right so that they can like Sally so I could gas it from aspirin and yell Get rid of it headache and and have a lot of therapeutic effects to it but you can still use the the original source you just need to work on those trees cases these components containing medicine all his work together to produce their puting effects while at the same time moderating potential side effects often associated with preparations several herbs often used together to enhance effectiveness and Cinna just take actions to reduce toxicity alright for example. Let's say cumin all right to commend his from way to mark his gym work the same as kick human know the different turkey men is an isolate from tumor it right so if you isolate kick human from to Marie it's still going to be effective as an anti-inflammatory but because it's an isolate the body will get rid of it in less than 20 minutes that's why they recommend black pepper because it stops a limited raid in the victim and but if you took the whole tumor if you swap. It will last in your body several hours because it has all the facilitate is encapsulated as gov gave it can we improve upon God you know we just we try to we try to man does his very best to I don't believe you can improve on God I mean he gets the glory because he's the one that makes them right yeah so what I'm saying is there's a reason just like when Jesus said about marriage he said what got it put together let no man pull a Sunday when you pull apart things you often end up Ok no worries don't worry about it is fine. The server just recording. So the when you pull apart the properties then what can happen is that you end up with an imbalance All right so this is not one thing you can take in the body in excess that does not create a deficiency somewhere else all right. And that goes for supplements and that goes for people escalates as well you can create an imbalance or hit too much fighting and see you can end up impeding fagot psychosis if you insist I mean too much in any need too much exercise too much water too much sunlight right so everything in balance as God has given us so the whole hip is greater than the sum of the individual pots it takes more than a good soup pronto to make a quiet right and it takes more than a good fight of chemical to make it happen in fact speaking of tumor if you took to Kumin out a tumor and gave the person what was left it would still be antiinflammatory and what you find often with hips is a certain chemical gets famous overnight. And then next year it's another chemical they found in the plot cd it was really actually this one Ok so just keep that in mind it's important to bear in mind that it just does not have one single use but has multiple actions affection multiple body systems take and John's What for example is a new being that comes anxiety stress and anxiety related pressure but it also aids repair is when nerves have been damage it has an antiviral action it also is helpful for healing damaged intestine the Uka and it needs new cosa and it can be used for men to pools all nervousness and metal cramps therefore and John's Wart is just not a head for a single issue but a complex head that works for many underlying issues in multiple body systems now. What I like to do is I try to find a job that has a major function for specific conditions and not worry too much about other hips I have mana functions that can affect the system so usually a herb has a major function something it's well known for and then it has multiple secondary effects so if you're dealing with Ace and conditions you may want to just use the hoops that have a major effect on that body system all right and make sure you understand that her before you use it. Now all the time I've been involved have a remedy as I can count on one hand the side effects that I have seen. And usually it's because people have been here a sponsible they've taken too much they thought it Little was good therefore Well it was better or they had it with a medication and it had a competing effect and it didn't have any major implications but nevertheless it's something to be aware of. L. want she she did use hips as needed in different situations she didn't have them every day but there were times she used them there are hoops that are harmless the use of which will tie the over many apparently serious difficulties but if all would seek to become intelligent in regard to their bodily that sets at ease sickness would be rare instead of common and an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure and I just want to back this up by saying often people use hips as a crutch or they use them in a way that they would a medication that's a fix up a temporary problem but they don't get to the underlying cause right so here's work better with a better lifestyle all right for example if you know if you didn't if you just took hurts and you didn't exercise then you won't get the full benefit of the good because the circulation carries the nutrients you need through the body to do their work right and it also prevents the body up taking the nutrition right so it's important to keep in mind that it's a holistic approach from the not from the New Age holistic but from God's perspective. The Lord has given some simple hips of the field that at times up beneficial and if every family and family she were educated in how to use these hips in case of sickness much suffering might be prevented and dot the need we call these old fashioned simple Herb's underscore this should be on school used intelligently would have recovered many sick you have died on the drug medication I think the key with there is using them intelligently all right and says Here there are simple hips and routes every family may use for themselves and report need not call a physician any sooner than they would call this up and I want to clarify. This does not negate the use of doctors Ok I don't want anyone to think that we're putting down doctors or the I'm going to place what it's saying is we could help treat ourselves to certain conditions that would not necessitate the use of a doctor if we had the education and if we also follow the lifestyle of case. Education is key Let's look at some principles of herbal medicine herbs must be preserved to maintain effectiveness and if you have to go to a hope shop or even just a a big outlet like Whole Foods or fresh market you'll see hoops in plastic Oh glass containers and. What that tells me is that those hips are getting destroyed because light would destroy every property of a good except the 5 it would destroy all the fighting chemist chemistry of that plant. Oxygen would destroy the head most ships and heat that will destroy what we do in our stores we protect them by putting them in contain as a suck out the air that you be protected moisture protected and temperature regulated it will tease and extracts of the best ways to take hips. Does anyone here have Hubel teas on a regular basis Ok anyway it likes to use tea bags Ok I hate to say this. But. Then the very effective and the not very healthy Ok and fact the teabags unless they say it again ik they put a what we call dykes and it's a clue or at derivative and it can cause cancer at the trillions of a pot Ok and I'm not saying you going to get cancer if you take it Ok All I'm saying is just be aware it's better to make it all right that's that's what I'm trying to extract from that Ok here will teasin extracts of the best way to take Herb's those switches vary depending on that have used weight of the person the form that taken in and the condition of the person Ok so I. Don't think that if you are you know it says on the bottle one serving that your 5 year old child could be taking the same amount right so you got to this is what common sense comes in all right so you go to vary the dosage according to needs So for example we have people come in a store and they may have serious inflammation so sometimes I may suggest you know if you want me I would take the high recommendation just because it's more serious. So if the best used if the quarter of the disease is ascertained this is very very important because I always have people come up to me and say hey I've got a problem with my. Let's say stomach right what can I do for it. While I don't know what caused that problem so I have to find out was it because they ate too much they eating under the golden arches. You know. They read in the fridge at 12 o'clock at night they skipping meals What are they doing they drinking water and so I have to sort of be like a private investigator find out what their lifestyle habits like but then I also have to find out what is the specific cause or causes of that problem usually there's not one cause to a problem it's multiple causes bearing down converging manifesting that condition so if you've got a headache think about it you know was it stress was a deal hydrated not get enough sleep you know did I eat that piece of cheesecake that was that what what happened so finding that the cause gives you more specific direction to what head to use Ok For example there are over 100 different hoops you can take for sleep. Ok most commonly it's stress Ok but it could be problems with whole months it could be metabolic it could be related to nutritional deficiency could be a problem with. Let's say cicadas rhythms all. Your work situation it could be a mineral deficiency it could be muscle tension so if you know the specific at least the system in which it's working and which is causing that problem then you could be more specific as to the the exact remedy because there's over 100 different hoops you can use to sleep so my wife she had as I mentioned before sixty's and they sleep she tried several hips before she found the right one because the one she were using when addressing her underlying problem she had a deficiency of electrolytes and when you have a deficiency electrolytes in if contrast if and this kind of rest then you're in a constant state of hyper sensitivity you know everything's a big deal noise is a big deal lots a big deal you know you emotions are heightened you know and within 3 days she was back to 8 Owsley after getting the right hip Ok. Come to this often then I'll tell you it's no good your. Eye to also. My wife she was $34.00 and she was perimenopausal Ok 34 year old should not be perimenopausal right and we tried for several years to have children can have children now I know God opens the womb Ok he gets a glory for this. But that being said he does direct us to natural remedies so my wife she got ahold of the Who called by ticks and I'll be speaking about that this afternoon if any of you want to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant you better come to this afternoon. Ok remember Sarah locked remember that. There I think I had. I have some interesting phone conversations something I had a had a lady call me up one day from California she said I want to get pregnant being in the mission field and you know and I'm ready I said How old is she said that well I'm 62. And I felt like laughing and I said to you know what the Cole if it's a son Isaac. Anyway I don't know she's pregnant today but anyway you never know God does amazing things now my wife is nearly 50 and she is I don't think she might be saying this she's not perimenopausal and she has normal cycles and she had p.m.s. issues 2 weeks of the month every month and so she's that to use in by takes and when she started use that within 2 weeks I'm not saying this will happen to you but within 2 weeks she was pregnant we had a 1st child around the age of 39 and then we thought up to see in 3 years of selfishness we thought we'd better try again and so we had another child a little girl this time called Emily and. She was Beth around 43 and now we use hips to keep up with them and to calm them down. Works really really well. Ok. Yes they've got too much too much energy so. All right so hips hips and those substitute Ok should be used intelligently and in therapeutic levels deemed appropriate for the condition it's all right so you know with it dosage let me explain something there's no one license in America no doctor physician pharmacist but in this chemist that can prescribe a hip that you know that so that means they're not going to write out a prescription on a letterhead headed medical you know form take 3 teaspoons of to Merck every day so so this is. It can be good understand the legal implications but also it's hard for people that want to get involved to know exactly what's required for them so how to get around that is we say if it were me this is what I would do so if you hear me saying that you know what I'm doing Ok All right. That's my disclaimer look you know sometimes people just take what you say and they just you never dreamed what they were going to do with it you know I had a gentleman one time he he took half a bottle and never even told him to even put this in his mouth but he took half a bottle of tea tree you essential oil because someone someone else got rid of the candy to so you took half a bubble essentially all ended up in the. You know it's crazy so so you know I are on the side of caution so you know be careful that's why I say the intelligent use because a lot of people don't use that approach. So Herb so not to be relied upon continually unless if a nutritional support so it's just like if you have a break it. And you've got a cast on right it says that fixes up and you can take it off Ok However there are hoops you can take just like nutrition just on a daily basis bit like people take the green Bali juices and things like that and so there's a lot of good hips that can help with nutritional support and those things I mention if you come back this afternoon All right have drug interactions. There. Is a moment of caution that we need here and let me just give you a general principle if you get the principle then I think you'll be on the safe side if you're taking a medication that say balance in your blood pressure and say without that medication you would be 188 or 800 all right and with the medication you 140 and you come and see me and you take it or thumb Barry and you've now got 2 agents working to lower blood pressure Well if you if you get your blood pressure too high too low too quickly you can end up with a stroke right so so this is what I do if people in a critical situation work on their lifestyle of this to get them in a safe zone when the safe zone then you could start you know suggest in certain things that could be used but so if if they're on a medication that's balance in them in a critical situation so their life could be on the line here right that's when I just. Focus on lifestyle all right because that's what they need the most All right and then if you do that and things are looking really good then we can maybe talk about the next step so if they're on seizure medication Caddick rhythmic stabilized medication you know Siri antidepressants and blood sugar medications and hypertensive you just got to be careful with. Yes that's right and seizure medication so anything that stabilized them when they're not like a hospital situation you've got to be extremely careful let's talk about the safety and effectiveness of herbal remedies. I got this from the poison control center and now I don't want anyone to think their hips have never killed anyone but this was the last report I can get I can get up to date. The latest statistics on this is this is going back to 2008 but out at 60000000000 supplements consumed in the United States there was 0 reported deaths 21 major reactions 527 reactions 3 and 603 money reactions and this is from this includes people you know having say a bottle of say it can they sure in their home and they will top the grabbed it and stuff it's a you know eat and that type of thing. So there have been reports of deaths and let me tell you what they've been from They've been from mainly energy formulas or weight loss formulas and guess what both of those products have in them caffeine that's right and also there's a lot of people that choke from the pills right that that can happen so if you took those things out it would make a dramatic difference in the outcome. Fact is to consider when assessing safety all right in general a number of board factors must be taken into account Firstly as traditional use of the plant revealed any knowledge of toxicity as a plant contain constituents with established toxicity and other inherent risks unique to the form in which it is administers for example does topical use of the hippo's a different level of risk and internal use does objective data for both toxicity and if it can see exist. The reason. Research results valid enough to form some basis for approximate risk assessment and others evidence compared with the perceived risk expressed by the f.d.a. practitioners of orthodox medicine or less. How's my time going how much time do I have I got 5 minutes Ok thank you all right so. We got I had to slow down time Ok school part 2 nights it came back so. Ok so should should I open up for questions or should I just keep going what do you think just keep going Ok so as I said before there's a lot of misinformation and this is what I found a lot of the hoops that. Reported to be effective and good for us actually not good for us and a lot of the ones that are reported to be toxic actually often good for you and I would go into some detail maybe in the 2nd part here. The soft in it but for example let me give you one that's common green tea anyone here like green tea and put up the hand. I used to drink green tea I grew up in England and we I grew up going on green tea and I lived in Japan and that's a tea drinking culture Well it's really good for you as Nick Green tea it's a high in poly phenols any oxidants protective against you hot and free radical damage and all that type of thing well what they want to show you is that it also is high in aluminum it's high in fluoride especially in Europe up to $300.00 plus parts per 1000000 of fluoride That's $40000.00 cancer deaths United States attribute fluoride every year 40000. Also it has tenants a block iron absorption and it knocks out gaba gamma I mean I'd be tearing gas it and you don't want to drive a car with no brakes and Gaba is your brakes and one of the if 1st reports the Ellen White gave or counsel and against injurious substances what's the use of tea that you know that yes and the effects upon the mind and she even say that you say things that you wouldn't normally say that's because Gabby is not doubt gives a loose time I think she uses loosens the tongue she said gaba g. a b a I call it God's appointed blocking agencies Yes you see temptation is is central around Galba see when you get tempted and you have Gaba is low you just go along with the flow see so we have chemical chemical. Proteins hormones that actually block. Nervous transmission that leads to the hypothalamus being in control of the frontal lobe is the direct Exon connection between acts on connections between the frontal lobe and the hypothalamus and Gaba is involved in blocking lucky and the electrical activity stimulating the bottom the brain to the top of the brain and so that's why I think it says in the Bible what sort of you eat or drink or do all to the glory of God So if you want poly phenols get peppermint tea so 100 times more than green tea Yes peppermint is on the top of the list number one as poly phenols. So so that's a common drink common drink is over a 1000000000 cups of tea drunk in the world every day all right and there's so many reports focusing on the benefits of green tea but in my opinion we don't actually so green tea in a store and that becomes a bit of a shock to some people because we're a shop we should have everything we should have the marijuana right 1st the 1st that you see is you walk in the door. Yes. If you come this afternoon it's on my list in fact I was encouraged to talk about it yes so you get to come back for that yes c b d is in the spot like yes so my 5 minutes unfortunately is up but I want to thank you all for coming I have a cut at the back if you want to graps grab some or so for those who aren't coming this afternoon. I should do church him and us if any is interested I'm happy to come to church and if you need any help if you've got any health things that you need help with more than happy to talk to you over the phone so thank you for coming. In. So late lives here in Michigan he had his stories in South Bend and he is excited to share with our Michigan family and do seminars for you and he's going to be covering a lot of great stuff the say after noon so let's close with prayer and to remember everything we're doing. Well you're making signs cards business cards we'll check that out let's buy our heads Heavenly Father you have given us information today and I pray that we will take this and use it to your glory that we can understand the beauty that you have put in the plants in the and the growing things that and help us to to be excited about eating these great foods in this lifestyle and these natural remedies that you so given to us in such a loving way and we thank you Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w w w audio verse or.


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