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A Practical Guide to Herbal Remedies - Part 2

Lee Wellard




  • June 19, 2019
    2:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you Lord for the sunshine of Jesus Christ thank you for the hope of eternal life that frees us not only from the guilt of sin but the grip of sin I pray that we will be able to move forward and and that you will add value to what we hear today so that it may illuminate each individual heart that we may hear with the with the reasoning of the Holy Spirit and not even the orientation of our own hearts we pray for clarity we pray for wisdom we pray for your presence in this room today we thank you in Jesus' name amen. Ok Well welcome back. Who was here this morning show of hands Ok so I don't have to spend 20 minutes with my disclaimer is Ok good all right so. This presentation I want to share a little bit more into specific hopes it could be used to a specific conditions Ok says an medical advisor this is education right if we can swell some education we can avoid a lot of what medication that's right Ok. So we are getting back to this approach on HIV all remedies that what we need is these things coming together we need common sense. It's not so common nowadays as. I remember saying that said it's common sense is not a gift it's a punishment because you have to do it with all the people that don't have it. Anyway but. So this is that was saying just because a little is good doesn't mean you can take 4 times the amount right and then we also need a clinical base approach we need to see the scientific evidence and we will soon need to see. That it's working in a realistic way in people's lives that we have not just the science of support it but we have the men of his station of seeing it in people's lives and then we will soon need to have it based upon the would have got and I think if you got all those things together all those things converging together you're on a very safe path when it comes to remedy. This is very interesting in a study a study in title to get between acceptance and knowledge of who remedies by physicians the need for educational intervention it revealed that of 192 physicians interviewed most it was 60.4 percent believed that herbal remedies were beneficial to health 78 physicians that's 40.6 percent at mid haven't used hips in the past and 60 of these or 76.9 percent was satisfied with the outcome so even the doctors. Us actually sort of closet hopeless in a way. So there's a lot of doctors that are using hoops personally and it was even recommend in them and if we were to go back to $970.00 s. that would be a totally different picture than we have today in fact from 1932 to 1970. S. run out of town in nice States many cases they ended up in prison but we have much more acceptance even in the medical community than we've ever had. In the recent history in America patients are reluctant to tell doctors about the hippo medicines I wonder what. Nearly one 3rd of Americans use hoops unfortunately a study in New England Journal of Medicine found that nearly 70 percent of people taking him medicines most of whom were well educated and had a higher than average income were reluctant to tell the doctors that they use complementary and alternative medicine so there is a fear about that because they're maybe afraid that the doctor will be right them all maybe tell them to avoid it and as I mentioned earlier you know it's a good idea to tell your doctor what you doing. Don't be afraid that they probably may be taking the same pitch as us. Just telling but sometimes there is a problem because if they don't know that you're taking a hit for particular problem it could potentially conflict with a medication. So let's look at some of the common hoops that you could find even in some cases your backyard. That you could use for many different complaints and anyone there what we're looking at here elderberry That's great that they are very good now we have an American elderberry that you need to cook if you use the beer wild make sure you cook it because it has cyanide in it and so yeah we don't want anyone this is not enough to kill you but it can cause a stomach problem indigestion or you may have a little bit annoyed so. We use this sand because Niagara which is from Europe and you don't even need to cook at you could take it. But we use it dry and we we make it or the caution out of it you can make great elderberry syrup this is a great way to get your children children grew up on elderberry and one of the reasons for that was because we had a son that couldn't breast feed my wife had rain out syndrom of the breast and so the milk wasn't letting down and so we had to put him on a formula and he was getting sick of his life. And so we thought there's got to be a remedy for this and the look directed us to a natural remedy the Berry didn't necessarily stop him getting sick however it did greatly reduce symptom times as it had been having a cold for 3 weeks we found 2 or 3 days oftentimes of be his recovery time so we were really really thankful for that. Elderberry has been used in times of pandemics with this being viruses going around that cannot be contained or quarantine. Historically elderberry has been a go to or viruses and member few years ago Ebola was stopped looked like it was just on the break out in the United States people would buy it up elderberry just could not get ahold Elsberry it was just so rich so if you got viruses given the cause done if you run down maybe should think about taking the berry it tastes great and it doesn't take too long to kick in most of the time you'll find that you know if you get it early enough that's a key if you start to feel rundown and you take it quickly you've got more but chance for it to be effective All right said look like something yeah. Ok. Ok Ok. That's a good question. Boy I bet it changed my presentation here. This is not actually what you think yes this is not the real thing yes you got to be careful of counterfeits this is actually hemp this is him that hemp looks very similar to marijuana. All right and. That's Leigh. I was invited is that the right when invited to speak about this. So let me talk a little bit about c.p. The Because this is a big topic anyone here has not hit about c.b.d. just a few of you Ok so most you're familiar with c.b.d. and c b d is to do what we call Canada cannabinoids and this is particularly helpful for pain and so it's often educated in the place of opioids so these are. A lot of chemistry that helps with walking the pain transmission and so c.b.d. has become very popular now c.b.d. you can get from him and you can also get it from marijuana now. Marijuana is very high in t.h.c. Ok that's tetrahydrocannabinol and that is what produces the psychotropic affects all right so if you you know at some pitches of hippies in the sixty's along here and saying it look like they've been up up all night. They may have. Taken some marijuana. But don't confuse marijuana with hemp Ok even though it's within the same family all right so the word cannabis we often think of marijuana right Ok but cannabis is a family name right so you know it's sort of. Like you know we say God is a family you know the Trinity they share the same name. So hemp is under cannabis as well all right under that family umbrella Ok but it is not the same as the marijuana Ok it doesn't have the high amounts of t.h.c. which is what causes you to flip a switch. And in so. This is been very popular because it's been helpful for a lot of people who aren't serious opioids and speak to doctor about this is well and doctors are becoming more open to actually prescribing even c.b.d. And I think it's actually accepted now in all 50 states so there are some good things about c.b.d. And these are some of the things that it's report it to help with antibacterial and diabetic Flamma Terry and man it is Gene mix r.-e. and t. epileptic anti prophylactic and sporadic and his best monic of m.t.c. bone stimulant anti psychotic. Elliptic and m m z z in their protective So lot of people that come in the store that taken c.v.t. for pain. Most of them also feel benefits from anxiety and sleep and so forth that being said I believe that some negative things about c.b.d. that. Need to be discussed and one of the things is not the it's necessarily harmful to you we don't see a lot of side effects from c.b.d. oil. But it's just getting so much attention and spotlight that it's sort of eclipsing a lot of other things that can be just as effective even more so than c.b.d. itself we even have it dresses around us selling c.b.d. or. You know so just be careful not o.c.b. these created equal This is one of the things that I can't go into that would take too long to explain but if you have any questions of be happy to talk to you privately so the good side of things is that. A lot of things it does that can take the place of some more serious medications the bad side is that is probably often overrated in certain things it's employ a fight to the point where it's like the tree of life you know I'm saying so this is not the Tree of Life Ok. All right so. To Merck we mentioned about tumor this morning and this is by far the biggest thing that people come in to us still for and to Merck has a had over 6000 clinical studies done on it. It's very effective for pain and inflammation I think it's been studied for about every chronic element or at least major chronic illnesses out there from cancer to generate illogical disorders to diabetes to hot conditions even for the pression and it works very effectively especially for pain. It's an excellent one if you've got some inflammation of course getting to the underlying cause is the way the I'm at it but just dealing with the side effects of information this is a great to take. Dandelion Yes we can thank the Englishman for bringing this over. And I briefly mentioned this is morning but dandelion is great for the digestive system very high in vitamin a vitamin c. it's very good for the g.i. track as far as test until he reaches either or cast it helps with elimination of the Bowels it can also help with stimulating bio flow it can help with improving their retina as far as vitamin a that's very good for the Skins very very good for the liver and the kidneys. Yeah it's amazing so God has put the dandelion around us for a reason. Do you know dandelions even recondition the soil yet that if in testing for that. How do you ingest it well it depends what form you take it in you can make it tea out of the leaves of flour you could also use the roots and make the caution out of that Dick option is basically like how you cook rice you bring it to a boil lesson with the 20 minutes Ok so if it's a leaf it only takes a few minutes to fill a heap to rupture the cell is membrane and allow the contents to go into the would have but if it's a root Orbach will bury you want to make the caution out of it so that requies sorry can you yes you can eat it yes yes absolutely you can eat it just make sure the dog Embiid to it. All right. This is this is another x. one you want to hear a lot about but I do want to bring it to attention it's called Jamaican dogwood. Now this is excellent for pain all right and we have a pain formula that we use with Jamaican dogwood and it's very very effective to help with I mean we've had people use it for coming out of surgery. People use it for a kid when they're 8 they've got cancer and they go pain from the cancer. Had a friend of mine he had a serious accident he was working with a circular saw and he was holding it with one hand not a good idea and he was trying to cut a piece of wood in it it just went back fired and went run his groin and. It just about some of the men cross the legs. And yet 7 his testicles and it it was one dilute meat away from severing his from a lottery and so is wife came home and the place was surrounded with tape and police offices. The place anyway we heard about this and we wanted to help we did offer him some c.b.d. or well but we also gave him some Jamaican dogwood and he said that the Jamaican dog with the painful new we gave him that she worked more effectively than the c.b.d. and he was back to work in just a few days off all his pain medication which I would give him serious amounts of. Koda which is very very hard on the liver and kidneys and he was really really thankful that he was able to get relief. Ladies this is one of the best friends. It's also great for men. Because whatever helps the women helps them. All right so a man been in the head to mean a man's a. Ok So yes vi takes is also known as Chase Berry or chase tree monks or Chase or berry or monks pepper booklist the Peppa. It's all the same thing but it's very very good as a hormonal normalise Yes Now my wife had years and years of just terrible p.m.s. she was you missed symptoms for 2 weeks of the month until she started taking chase Barry and it really helped normalize her pain went away it cramps went away. All the symptoms of p.m.s. went away I mean that just just that isn't that good news see so you know God has put all these things to help us to see how how gracious he is you know that but if you don't know you don't know right we don't know what we don't know but Che St Barry is an excellent hip to help with hormonal normalizing this is good clinical support to help to show this helps with things like endemic truces Picasa fibroids. And fertility member this morning I was telling you yet this is the hurt by ticks right. Yes my wife couldn't couldn't have children and when she said that taking this within 2 weeks some of since I have been to you but within 2 weeks she was pregnant and. Second child a $43.00 of the permanent error in a pause at $34.00 and if you are clinically minded you know that that is not normal. All right so this helps with the Denies in Houma and which actually stimulates the production of projects and that's where you get all you months from and so if you want to. You know take something to help regulate you this is excellent. Now Tavia for this don't take it if you on. All month supplementation if your birth control pills. The bio identical hormones will clash with that this is just because I do take it you can take is a t. we can take it as an extract all right it's a very yes b. just just be careful be careful all right. This is a big caveats Ok disclaimer then said in warning this may get you pregnant Ok. It may not but it may all right. I have a friend of mine his wife was heaven terrible p.m.s. pain and we gave us and by Texans. She said it was it was just helping tremendously with the pain and a month later we thought she probably ran out I wonder how she's going we didn't hear from a lot behold she was pregnant. And I didn't hear from my friend after that. I hope she's got over it. But 5 years 20 years. Anyway. Arabs can have powerful effects or. Respect them. Supplements we have a lot of men who have prostate issues and this is a wonderful wonderful group for that. Ok it's cell palmetto Sapa meadow Ok yet s. a l. p a m e t t o and a lot of these plants down there in Florida and they will bury and very good to help with swelling of the prostate and to help lower the p.s.a. levels had a lot of men that have been helped through a meadow. I mentioned this morning about straw and this is a straw here and it's very high in minerals as I mentioned to you my wife had had no sleep for 6 years after midnight and this was the only who helped her. It's very high in in the electrolytes the power of the Never system All right ever been so tired you can't sleep all right well it seems an oxymoron doesn't that you know you so tired you should be asleep but often it's because undef Khan wrist and so what this does it feeds back to the nerves what they have been depleted up and helps them to relax your sleep Senates can stay switched on and my wife was taken oats but it didn't do anything until she's used in the straw and I'm not a get so it's a great food but. The straw is very very high in that particular actual lights that feed those nerves red clay but this is a quote actually found from 2nd selective messages peach 3 a one that says if you come to my house. I will show you the bag that contains my drink I sent to Michigan maybe it was around here across the mountains to get rid of a top Ok so this is the Trifolium pretense that's the botanical name of the red clover different varieties of Rick Loba and this is very very good for you and it's no surprise Elam White had this maybe there was. Some reason she was using Rick clover because Rick Loba is extremely good for the hot Ok it's good for the hormones it's actually Fido estrogenic Now if you've got breast cancer that's related to the the receptive is taking up estrogen and promoting cancer growth. Often the recommend you shouldn't take things like soybeans and red clover because their ice estrogenic how web the fire Wester gins in the plants instead of increasing the estrogens they actually block those fake estrogens. Xeno estrogens o.-s. regions and the extra dial that often comes from animal products actually help lock that so that the cells don't even lodge and the cancerous. So the recliner has ice if Levin's in there just like soybeans in the ice if Lavin is converting your body to what we call grain derived nootropic factors or grain fertilizer All right so they can help the brain to create more dendrites to help you have more connections the expands your brain. Is amazing how God can use it to expand the brain. Yes. Trifolium pretense score Trifolium great it's. Actually got the roots Ok now I should go on the roots is very helpful for people with adrenal fatigue Ok and exhaustion and let me tell you I see more and more people who are having problems with a condition called stress Epi-Pen about that Ok All right that's so. Stress is I believe this is my opinion this is this is just off the record here but I see at least 9 tenths of people having directly or indirectly been affected. By pathology directly through stress All right so. When you cortisone goes up that stress hormone it causes an inflammatory cascade can go anywhere in the body some people say thyroid for other people is digestion some people some muscles and so what about it as it relates to Oh Ok well this is slightly different than village route but Ok actually gunned helps mitigate or control the cortisone level it's Ok It also helps with function and it modulates and what I mean but that is if it's too high it can bring it down if it's too low it can help bring it up Ok so Belair and Root is often used for people with stress problems that relate to insomnia and it's also n.t. spends Modoc. And I'm sorry oh it has much more uses to that but usually people take the layer and route to relax in them and they take it to sleep Ok this is more of a tonic So this yet with the awareness root it it can be helpful to certain degrees who about 70 percent of people especially if it's combined with hops up some delivering go Well Ok but this this is not for sleep. This is for energy helps with energy and it also helps with balance in the cortisol levels reducing the inflammation it helps with as n.t. inflammatory It also helps with the immune system and let me tell you if anyone's got fired issues the biggest cause of thyroid issues stress because when that cortisone goes up it's sabotage is $23.00 conversion it also causes a disruption in Interleukin c. so mediate is between the white blood cells and the thyroid starts attacking sorry the white blood cells stat tech in the fire and gland and so if you can reduce the cost of course is always great in the right amount but when it gets too high too long then that's where the problems come in. What form is a chemical is the roots so you can make it because action out of the root You could also get an extract that's already prepared. This is why we need Jesus I mean look you know just the sino here Jesus is the one that made these things but he uses these things to illustrate what he's like right come on to me I'll give you stress is that what he says. Yes please place this wasn't planned but you have the floor. If you want to like I think. So just a quick nutritional tie in when a person is insulin resistant or has issues with metabolic syndrome chronic obesity chronic inflammation baseline cortisol levels are going to be high it doesn't have anything to do with being stressed it has to do with metabolic your metabolic house being on fire and it's actually a protective mechanism. And so what is happening with those cortisol levels that are high is it's causing the liver to release fatty acids to glom onto those sugars to produce triglycerides and Stuart has made body fat so this is really important but can you see how getting out and exercising and a high fiber diet to lower and getting sleep is your 1st line of defense and this is going to come back around it and probably help even with some of these other metabolic issues so I just wanted to share that. Yes licorice is extremely good for energy unfortunately let me just dwell a bit on stress here there are 3 stages to stress we have the fight of flight response then we have the adaptive stage of stress that's where your body is getting accustomed to it over a longer period of time it's changing to accommodate it and then you have the 3rd stage which is the exhaustive stage of stress Ok when you get to the exhausted stage of stress often what the body does to protect you is to lay you low to keep you in bed. Or maybe give you some condition that debilitates you to the point you can't function All right it's God's last resort all right he does this in mercy to teach us to rest in Him All right. You see God never gives a stress he gives us rest from stress right and you know when we often get stressed because we're out of control if found that the truth is we were in control to begin with. Yes God has a thousands 1001 ways to get attention and he often uses chronic conditions to put us in a position where is become open. And that's not to say you've got a chronic condition you're not listening but unfortunately that happens a lot and hit his his him back to this often when you help people with adrenal problems and they feel better they think they are better and that's the one of the worst things that you want them to think because you know what they're going to do they're going to go right back to what they were doing before the cause the problem Ok so the body needs rests right hate speaking of rest I got to tell you this I learned this one of the top it was he said that heads work better when you have a day off every week. Yes Yes Well that would be a good study is it Sabbath Well let me. Well it let me tell you something familiarity breeds contempt right. And so if you're taking at her job or in this even works with medications if you're taking it without a break day after day after day your body loses the sensitivity to that here Ok it gets too familiar and it doesn't use it the way I could use it if you have one day off a week all right so there's an amazing God put that little gem in there. You know everything in nature needs rest in our heart rest between beats this is an amazing cord nettled in anyone here love never know you you all hate it right Ok. Listen God says he takes the things that are lonely and humble and he come found the wisdom of the wise I think this is perfectly illustrated with metal if you put your hand in know what's going to happen you get a good start but it's got little little bobs on the end and it's got formic acid they're just like those fire ants and it will give you a nasty stink but if you make it to yet of it it will actually denature the formic acid and it will give you any histamine properties to take away the allergy caused is that mazing Yes and. It's right in our backyard you know I don't know any other. Food or her that is as nutritious as Neville as the most packed of nutrition and. Yeah it is amazing it has vitamin a b. c. d. e. came he. It's one of the high sources aplomb protein iron. Is loaded with minerals and it's what we call trough restore to www truffle restore it if you haven't heard that word before it means it helps with every body's system All right so it's good for. Helping with homeowners says homeowner regulated it's very good for the skin it's good for the liver it's good for the eyes it's good for the hair. In fact we had a gentleman came in the store he was a he was a Mormon he was completely bald and he started taking nettle he came back a few weeks later he said you remember me yeah. But he looked different and he said my hands grow back. He said it but my b. it isn't growing as fast have you got something from my being. So it was really really funny as I said What did you take he said oh I just took Nana let's all I thought. Now I'm not saying your hair will grow back if you think now however when I did a study on the Trisha nettle carries a lot of the nutritional elements that a hen needs if it's nutritionally deficient in those things very good for allergies by the way especially seasonal allergies Neville is a fantastic have to take is very good foot blood pressure blood sugar. And of course just you know keep in mind as it said before this morning if you're in critical condition you stabilize a medication you just need to be careful Ok but never will is very high in nutrition and it's it's a good blood purifier it's very high and chlorophyll and it's good for all the organs of elimination and if you go on a website we actually got a nettle soup recipe. It's. Oh it's w w w dot American herb shop or should I say Shop dot com but shop is s e h o p p e r at American herb shop s h u p p e dot com All right and you'll find. You can you can cook at but you want to cook it in a way it's going to have some good flavor to it yes if you want to take it for medicinal reasons you can make it into tea taste very pleasant or you can use the extract Ok so you can't yes you can dry it use it fresh as well. If you cook it you're not going to get stuff all right this is going to go below bond and where I live we live right next door the end Druce and they have trees over there and if you ever forget where you are you can take some leaves. Very good for memory. It's one of the all those trees. You can go sides in there that help with. How. Leaf. Leaf Yes So g i n k o Ok And this is one of the most common hoops used today specially in Europe. And in Germany in particular they use this a lot specially for us people 60 and over and it helps to increase blood flow to the brain in particular I mean it helps systemically was secure lation but it's very good it can even help with things like tonight as it can even help if you combine this with other hips a vitamin a can even improve the retina function and it's something that you want to keep in mind and I have people keep coming back for this it's working. Very good for cognitive disorders. This is actually all thought on also on Bury. Orthon Berry is often used for hot disorders effect if you go to any shop or health food store and find something for cardiovascular problems you'll find Hawthorn will be in virtually every single product and it helps with left much out of contraction this goes calcium channel blockers ace in if it is it helps with systemic sickie elation it helps with Besser dilation ups lowering cholesterol. Is a very good have to take if you're not in a critical situation all rights of people on blood pressure medication just be careful and talk to physician uses but very good for circulation we're told the perfect health depends on perfect secure lation and that's where exercise play such a crucial part. As I mentioned before hips work better if you exercise that you know then yes yes. Yes you know in Alijah was under a juniper tree and then that you know that the smell of juniper berries helps with depression yes and if you will if you're fleeing from a wild lady girl Jessica. You may need a juniper tree. Ok this is come free a right. Interesting when we had a shop in in Michigan we couldn't sell Comfrey but we could sell marijuana. But if you get a little Comfrey plant and it's like this big in 2 weeks' time it's like that big. It's it's very prolific it's got a chemical called Allentown when that helps with production and it's particularly good for helping if you've got an injury see you broke a bone or you're trying to repair damaged tissue you can put it topically and you can even use the crushed leaf in you can apply that topic Lisa poultice and it had some remarkable results with Comfrey Yes It's also called bone in it that's it's of a name all right bone it all right. Morley and this is another one is sort of looks similar to come free it's got that fairy leaf to it don't eat the seed it's very toxic the seed but Mullin is very good for respiration and we use this for people with c. of p. d. people who have maybe asked Ok this is not for critical situations but if you've got a little bit of a smear and it's not serious then only n. is a prank you will dilate it can help relieve. Office some symptomatic relief of that is another herb I don't have it up here but it's called lung warts lung wart is very good to help repair to shoot damage to the line and it's got a lot of good uses for people who have maybe x. Mochas or people who've. Got restrictive lung capacity. This is another hip cause gin sink. This is panic students saying this 2 different types of panic students and we have American and we also have the chinese korean a religion says about 20 different names to it but Jin Singh is very good for energy. And don't take it at night if you take Jansing it will keep you awake and. Yes it is very potent be ware and respect in saying because if you do take too much it can lead to hop up Taishan. And this is one of the 1st halves that we used by the Russian astronauts because the Russians they wanted to find a medicine that could help with the effects of stress on the astronauts protect them against disease and and just give them and that death to Janick response to what they were going to have to go through and this was the that was recommended and this gin seeing is also. Very very powerful for helping with it can help control blood sugar some people use it for that but most people use it for adrenal if you really really fit tea this can pick you up very quickly especially if you really down if you're really low on energy remember I went on a trip around the world I had a buddy pass and I was 4 days getting from the Philippines back to America and having to sleep in airports and so forth and I was really wasted and I got home took some gin Singh and within 20 minutes I was feeling 20 is young a. New lease on life. However be careful because if you take too much it can cause hop up it tastes. All right so just if you go by the way a lot of Jensen products they spike it with caffeine all right and so they want you to have that rush and Jensen is so expensive you can pay up to $15000.00 a pound Genting And if you have Jensen plantation in your backyard it's like having gold on your back because it's is don't tell anyone if you grunge and sing All right. How much time do I have 15 minutes Alex. Ok Ok you want me Kev if you get him to sleep Yeah Ok All right well here is his some nice ones that can be used. Now leavened ever on the top left they're not all Lavender is created equal no Will lavender to sleep in fact common leavened saw that Spike Lavender it's a hybrid and it is a stimulant it can actually keep you awake and so be careful about the type 11 to 300 different subtypes of lavender So what you want to get is lab and do a fish analysis Levon do the Folia and smells beautiful some people some historians believe that Mary Magdalene when she anointed the feet use leavened is Spike. And I've got spike that at home. It doesn't smell nice the smell light but Lavender the smell nice and you could understand why that would be used. And it's very good for children and you can also use it as an essential oil now I just want to touch briefly on the essential oils. Lot of people talk to me about essential oils I have different reps a chemist my store and let me just say this it's not a good idea to take essential oils internally All right now I work with essential oils out eat through plastic they can take the skin off they can burn your throat. I've had people who've had kidney stones as a result taking internal essential oils is about 8000 reports to the poison control center every year from the toxic effects of a century or as nearly all cases is because they've taken internally All right so even if they're pure 100 percent unadulterated they can still cause problems. They may be natural but they're not in a natural state what I mean by that is that you cannot find the concentration of these 5 of chemicals in the state that they're extracted through distillation So it may take you $1000.00 pounds of lavender to get one pound of oil all right and it's only the volatile ols it's not the. It's not the complete arrayed what a solid vitamins and minerals of fight of chemistry you find in the plant so it's the ethers it's the reactive oils it's the esters alcohols the the fight of chemistry that's in there and they're very good they're very effective but you want to take them either by breathing them in or die leaving them with a little bit of oil planning topically but please don't get in the habit of using them into and really they can cause. Some trouble. So in John's Wart syndromes warthe is. Often recommended for mild to moderate depression this does conflict with selective serotonin read we have taken him because you need to be extremely careful if you're on those to make sure that you work with some of those what they're doing talk to you physician about that. And as Mission before Bill Aaron root is another good one who is sleep and it smells like socks dipping Golic with vinegar it it's sort of not the nicest mouth Ok. But it can be very help for it as a relax and as and he spends monic by the way a lot of people get a muscle cramps all restless leg at night and one of the best hits with that is called robust teeth comes from a Bush in South Africa and robots are oh i b o s and I can tell you from personal experience it works like every time it's this relaxes you and and it really really helps if you've got some restless leg at night you know what we lack in exercise during the day we make up for the night right in this type of thing Ok. Lemme bum is another helpful one full is sleep. I don't use that as much Kemah Ma is a good if you have raided the fridge at night and that may be keeping you up you don't want to raid the fridge but chemists particularly helpful for stomach complaints. That can create insomnia. And it's very good for infants as well and if you go the little ones even even infants can take safely Kemah mile and if you're worried about breastfeeding with hooves if the mother takes the hood the infant still gets recycled Isn't it is not a blessing all right and we have mother would passionflower California Poppy this is not opium by the way all right just want to make that clear. We've used this to help us stop bouncing off the walls. Works quite well and make no it is another one this is a really good resources. And I'm happy to talk to more about this if you want to look at the Medical Research. University is a good one database is excellent one is a lot of good websites out there but just be careful there are a lot of new age components that come in. This a lot of theories about vibrational therapy from the hoops that change or and change a whole personality Yes just from being in their presence. So that subscribe to any of those new age based ideas but nevertheless when used with God's blessing tells me they can't produce an answer results yes meant how far it Ok. With Yeah out. Off in this in the. Sin in the feet specially around the big toe. Cooler than the pov of the body so you're a Cassidy it's built up in there so you got to be careful of purine which go back to diet nutrition as far as therapy goes I highly recommend hide if they're pretty hot and cold treatments 2 minutes hot the 6 cold today 4 times. Also choco poultices another excellent one cherry juice but make sure it's 100 percent cherry juice that can help is also to break roots is another excellent one and anything that stimulates secure lation you can put your of. Feet in water with some must it must seep out and it can help increase security. More than just the what if it's. So what we've got a 5 minutes do we have 5 minutes use timekeeping we have 5 minutes of fire worried. Ok serve out that with already issues 90 percent ahead she motos out of hypothyroidism which is what I mean inflammatory condition and again it gets back to the stress it's not the only cause but it's by far the biggest cause and so I'd recommend the extra Gonda Rhodiola that sometimes I recommend things Hine I diet but usually it's not either and related but nevertheless I dine is a problem nowadays especially because we don't get in the diet used to be given bread actually up until the 19th seventies and then they decided to take it out and replace it with bromide and the i.q. of the population went down 15 points in America as a result so we're very deficient in I die and so that's sometimes you can find that in good sources like c We products like Irish ma splat Iraq we personally use the atomic I dine this one drop a day. Yes mint chocolate mushrooms. Yeah. Right right right yeah you look this is about 3000 different varieties of mushrooms is 700 edible mushrooms and is. I'd say that is around about dozen to 20 really good quality mushrooms. But that on the you know I'm not a big fan of mushrooms I must admit I don't like the taste of mushrooms. There's nothing in mushrooms you can get from somewhere else how web however for the mushroom love as. There are some good quality mushrooms Chaka is one of those that is. Yes Right right yeah yeah it can be helpful it can be helpful. Yes And listen a lot of times let me just share this with. A lot of times it's not even the herbal things that we're taking that's causing the effect you are us and I want to say. When God sees we making efforts I believe he gives an additional blessing right and I also believe that when the human soul comes in contact with someone else that cares for them there is an additional bonus kicked in and so a lot of people they just need sympathy they need someone to care for them and listen to them and something that does much more than all the other things you're recommending All right so. You know it's hard to isolate these things because there's no studies that can separate what's happening on a physical level from the things that we're taking and what's happening on the spiritual level that God is bestowing upon that person for listening to his counsel right so this work is largely a spiritual work and this is just an adjunct therapy where we get an opportunity to work with God to use the things he's created intelligently. And when God sees we do in that I believe he he steps in because we're told when that's remedies used according to God's will it produces supernature results now that being said we don't always see supernatural results and sometimes disease becomes a means whereby God can use that to save us right you know so whatever you know whatever the law reveals he's willing to heal. But what can't be cured can be enjoyed so either way in us suffering Ok that that particular condition or bearing that condition through His grace we have help we have divine help all the time right so. Anyway I I don't know my type keep is creeping up on me here so so. I always get You've always got to give give the lady is the last word here so we'll pass it back to you but I just want to say thank you so much for coming you have been a big question. If I can just say this. If I would give you us with by the way but if if you are interested in a natural more than happy to come I do a lot of stamina as usually a long way away I have to get on the plane so it's nice to do something local So if you want me to come be more than happy to come over and. You can also call me there's no charge to calling me and I'm happy to answer your questions don't call me at once but. I bought a 100 cats and unfortunately didn't bring enough of them so but I'm more than happy to give you my do you want me to repeat my phone number or Ok my website Ok w w w dot. Debbie Debbie Debbie you know that one right not American There's no Americans that work the shop. Be shop s h o p p e dot com and and my phone numbers 8 to 8 i Phone 56 you are 49 and so give me a call you've been great really enjoyed it us there round if you have any questions and yeah 828-545-6049 God bless you and. Keep taking keep keep keep walking in the light and use hips intelligently for the glory of God It meant. Amen thank you so much thank you so much brother Wellard are you grateful today for all the many tools that God has given us and gives us different burdens different part of the wall but Joel Chapter 2 has a wonderful beautiful Army walking in rank together doing God's work and it's really interesting in Joel tap Chapter 2 there are no doors just walls and windows and so learning to overcome those obstacles learning to endure by faith the things that God does not heal learning to lessen suffering and bring care to others is part of God's gospel plan so we're very grateful for brother Lee giving us some insight and some science and most of all I'm thankful for the philosophy that he brings to us and how to communicate with people using those 3 t's we talked about a natural remedies touch tenderness and time but it's good to have a talent with us and God has blessed brotherly with talent so let's just stand to our feet we're very grateful that he has given us his time I'm thankful for the understanding and wisdom and training he's worked many years to learn these things and so I'm grateful for for all that he has contributed and all that you are going to do in the Lord's work and as we approach the Sabbath day what a precious time of worship that's going to be for all of us so find someone today to encourage and bring hope and strength into their lives Father in heaven thank you Lord Jesus for this time of contemplation this time of actually looking at the beautiful simple things in nature that can relieve suffering ward off problems and serve as a beautiful 1st and 2nd line of defense thank you for the lifestyle that you've given us Lord Jesus but we need your power we need your promises and we need your plan. Because knowledge only imparts information but not the power to execute so I just pray Dear God that you would give us wisdom as we go one choice at a time when day at a time one step at a time trusting in our heavenly Father as you prepare us for your soon coming we thank you in Jesus name in men this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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