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Fulfilling Kim's Dream

Kyle Allen


Kyle Allen

Vice President for Adventist World Radio. 



  • October 26, 2019
    10:00 AM
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Heavenly Father thank you so much for the Sabbath Day Thank you for bringing everyone here today to have been hope Lord we pray that in this message today that Jesus would be lifted up we pray that you would speak to our hearts Lord because we know that we are living just at the close of time and you are calling each and every one of us to do our part to take the Gospel to the world so Father we pray that you would just be with us now and we thank you in Jesus' name amen how many of you know what happened this past week Does anybody know where this picture is from just by a maybe a show up and they want to guess and or Blumberg I see your hand went up 1st where is that Andrew ascension rock in upstate New York that's right at the William Miller farm have any of you ever been there by a chance by chance a few of you have this is one of our administering sites and by the way I would encourage you to go if you get a chance to but this last week actually last Sabbath we had the 175th anniversary celebration I don't know if you would call it a celebration but it was a commemoration of 175 years since when since the Great Disappointment October 22844 Now the purpose of the message today is not to go through the history of that but I do want to tie something in very important now this is William Miller smarm here the house behind you that you see in this picture. And of course they call it the birthplace of Adventism in America but you know the story and by the way we had over a 1000 there last Sabbath elder Wilson preached we had doing has been from the white estate preach the theme Viking to come it was wonderful but the story of William Miller now without telling the full story of William Miller I want to focus in on one particular aspect how many of you know a little bit about William Miller Ok Was he a preacher. I'm hearing those and yes he did preach but was he a trained preacher was he a pastor No he was a he was a farmer right he was a layman in fact talking of a.s.i. William Miller was your consummate a.s.i. member he was a layman who was interested in God's work and he was and always interested some of you may have heard his story he was a actually a deist believe that God kind of created the world and just let it run on its own many of our founding fathers were deists but he had an amazing experience in the war of 812 where he almost lost his life and that experience led him to believe in God and believe that God was actually preserving his life for something very important and you'll remember if you've read his story that William Miller decided that he wanted to go through the Bible verse by verse to understand what the Bible was saying and so he goes through the Bible verse by verse by verse and if you go to his house you can actually stand in the very room and on the at the very desk where William Miller went into his Bible and study verse by verse where Ellen White says that angels guided him as he studied. And it was there that William Miller found that precious truth in Daniel chapter and verse $14.00 and to $2300.00 days then the sanctuary shall be cleansed now of course we know the Miller writes understood that William Miller and those who later followed him they understood that to mean that Jesus would come in about the year 1903 or $844.00 we won't go through the whole history of how that movement developed and how they ended up setting dates and eventually they settled in 1904 1st it was April then that didn't happen and then finally they set a new date in October it took William Miller a long time to accept that that October date was real but of course October 200-2844 came and went and Jesus didn't come but. William Miller wrote these words which are on the screen here after the great disappointment if you can imagine the disappointment that the believers felt when Jesus didn't come back on that on that day William Miller did not lose faith in the fact that Jesus would still come he said I have fixed my eyes on another time and here I mean to stand until God gives me more light to day to day to day until he comes that's what William Miller said he believed in the soon coming of Jesus until the day he died and Ellen White says that angels actually guard the precious dust of his too so William Miller the farmer turned preacher Now here's what I want to tell you today William Miller didn't actually want to preach you know that he didn't want to preach he studied the Bible he found the truth of Daniel 814 but he didn't want to preach he actually was was was scared but he he prayed a prayer which is a very dangerous prayer pray he said Lord I want to make a deal if within half an hour I'm going to I'm going to say Lord if within half an hour no one comes and says to me Father Miller I want you to preach I'm I'm released from this burden of having to preach I'm not going to preach about these prophecies Well it's a dangerous thing to make a deal with God right because guess what William Miller prayed that prayer and there was a knock on the door many who heard this story a young man had come what was he asking him to do to preach and not only to preach because he had preached before but to preach about the prophecies and Miller was so upset he was like and so he goes he goes out into that maple grove of his house and he wrestles with God but as the old saying goes as one of our as one of our pioneers wrote about that ice incident he went into the Maple Grove a farmer and he came out a preacher. But I want you to catch this you guys William Miller was a lay person he was not especially gifted at speaking but what did he have he had a willing heart he answered the call of God he was willing to go home where God sent him like it says in Isaiah Chapter 6 and verse 8 here I am Lord send me that's how William Miller responded to the Holy Spirit working in his life and he believed that Jesus was coming soon brothers and sisters do you and I still believe 175 years later that she's this is coming soon Advent hope do you believe that are we 7th Day Adventists Amen and it's amazing if you look at the history of our church how God took the disappointment of the Miller right movement and turned it into an up point meant a man to take the Gospel to the world God brought together the precious truth of the Sabbath of the state of the dead of the sanctuary into a beautiful package of truth powered by the belief that Jesus is still coming soon and friends I believe today that he is still coming soon that is why we are 7th Day Adventists Amen by the way there's one other church that is still operating that comes out of the Advent movement there the advent Christian church I just learned this last weekend but there's only about 50000 of them but we are a church of over 20000000 and growing God Is it work in this movement Amen I want to turn your attention to 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 9 verses that talk about the soon coming of Jesus and our part that God is calling us to play 2nd Peter chapter 3 in verse 9 and then we will look at verses 11 and 12 the Bible says The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some count slackness. But is what longsuffering toward us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance So what does that mean friends God is longsuffering In other words God is patient Amen God is patient he wants as many as possible to come to repentance to be there when he comes Jesus loves everyone and he wants as many as can to be there ready for his soon return so God is longsuffering he's not slack but he's long suffering therefore since all of these things will be dissolved what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness looking for and this is the key word here what does it say hastening the coming days of god. And hope I want to ask you today do you and I have a part to play in hastening the coming of Jesus Is it possible and I realize that God is sovereign he is he alone the father alone knows the day and the hour when Jesus is coming in men never believe it by the way if someone tells you that they know exactly when Jesus is coming because no one does except the Father but we have a part to play in the coming of Christ if God's church will rise up to the calling of taking the gospel to the world Jesus can come sooner if we would stop being distracted and taken down by the things of this world it enables God to work more powerfully in our generation so that he can come it is time to go home and the message of the mill right movement the message that Christ is coming again is still just as relevant today in 200-1000 as it was an 844. And we as a 70. Have been called to take this message to the world this verse Matthew 2414 you guys know this police say it with me together and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all of the nations and then the end shall come so we are told in this verse Jesus says that the gospel must be preached to wear all the world to all nations the Greek literally says in this verse ethnos which means to every ethnic group in the world do you realize that we still have a long way to go you realize that the Bible is only translated in $600.00 something languages but there is over 8000 languages in the world we have a long way to go friends but God is working powerfully in our generation I believe by the power of the Holy Spirit that the world can be reached in this generation as we trust in God and as we as we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit so I want to ask you a question today as we go through the message I want to ask you this question how do we take the Gospel to the world there was something in that circle but it disappeared so that. The 1st key is the power of the Holy Spirit and then the power of the Holy Spirit that's the 1st thing that we need to pray for remember what Acts Chapter one Verse 8 says but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all due data and some Mariya and to the end of the earth now. God gave them this promise and of course we know the day of Pentecost came and God poured out His Holy Spirit as they prayed and as they united together as they put away their differences as they humbled themselves God was able to proud a spirit and they began the work of reaching the world and in a generation the entire Roman world was reach for the Gospel but as as time went on and as the Christian church continued to develop and and of course we you know as we look at church history we see the the stumbles and the but the growth of the church over the last 2000 years we've seen how the Holy Spirit has moved upon each succeeding generation to move them to take the Gospel further and further to more and more people and not only that God has moved in every generation to use new methods and new technologies to reach more and more people with with the power of the Holy Spirit Now here's an interesting question and you guys know I work for evidence world radio right now for thousands of years well let me say from the time of Christ up until let's say. The middle of the Middle Ages around the time when Gutenberg prison invented the movable type what was the fastest way that they could communicate the Gospel word of mouth right word of mouth I could shout it or I could hand copy it and give it to my friends or give it you know what I'm saying with the invention of the movable type Now we were able to print the Gospel and share it more readily. With each advance in technology the Church of God has moved his church to use the advances in those technologies to speed up the proclamation of the gospel is that right so with the invention of the printing press that enabled us to print print print and to get the gospel quick more quickly into the various parts of the world now still if you imagine this with me even in the last 100 years you look at the span of human history until about 100 years ago the fastest way you could hear the gospel the only way you could hear it was by what. Me talking to you without a microphone right there was no recordings there was no we don't have you know recordings of Ellen White who are pioneers speaking but imagine think about the advantage the at the advancement of technology just in the last 100 years and then of course we saw the invention of radio and the way that radio enabled us to reach into the furthest corners of the earth very quickly and that's where the vision of taking the radio and television eventually to reach into all these parts of the earth came in you know the avenues tourch with him as Richards started the 1st syndicated radio broadcast that was right here in Southern California and it grew and grew until the voice of prophecy of course came out of that and h.m.s. Richards had a vision to take radio and to use radio to reach in the furthest parts of the world. And that was that vision became the foundation of what is today administers World Radio this you see on the screen a picture from Guam these are our shortwave towers that literally reach over a 3rd of the world's population from this one location have been if you've been to Guam just out of curiosity if you have a few you amen amen as I see some very enthusiastic one any and so is that right. Yes So it's a beautiful place but shortwave continues to reach into the hardest to reach countries of the world not only shortwave but a w.r. broadcast on more than a 1000 stations in over $100.00 languages around the world I would ask you please pray for having a small radio pray for the ministry of reaching the hardest to reach places our motto is no walls no borders and no limits because the Gospel needs to go everywhere and then the gospel needs to go everywhere in fact I was going to share this story but I'll just share this with you some people say shortwave is outdated and it is getting it to be an old technology but it's still working to reach people just a few months ago we heard a story from Afghanistan where there had been a group of former Taliban who started listening to admin to swirl radio on their shortwave radios they were listening in their homes they studied and they began to believe what they were hearing they started beating together in about 50 or 60 of them until the Taliban threatened to kill them because they were becoming Christians now these believers are still meeting and they're still growing their numbers but they're meeting secretly in homes but they've never had an Adventist missionary go because it's too dangerous we just heard about this through telecommunications through the internet but I ask you to pray for these new believers in Afghanistan Amen God does it work God does it work you guys reaching people around the world but. Even though shortwave and the traditional forms of radio are doing amazing things still we are seeing incredible new advances in technology meant Think about the think just for a moment how fast the world can be reached from right here literally in your pockets all of you right now have a publishing house you think about that you can reach the world right from the right from your phone and so we're trying to enter new ways of using technology and social media to empower lay people to take the Gospel literally around the world I can tell you so many stories and I will save a little bit for the end of people who are using their cell phones to literally reach communist rebels assassins in South America people who are in darkness and needing the truth thousands of people coming to Christ because people are sending them messages sermons through their cell phones it's incredible what God is doing but what I want you guys to know is that through all of these avenues of technology no matter what is out there God is using to to get the message to the world one thing remains the same God is calling each one of us to do our part and then we reach the world. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and God has been moving on every generation since the generation of the apostles to take the Gospel to the world but we must have the Holy Spirit but secondly we must be willing to go where God leads us now it admin a small radio we have we have a new focus we've taken. Historically our focus of broadcasting we've combined that with the focus of total member involvement or t.m.i. and you guys know it's him I know it's not too much information nor is it as doing Mickey says too many people in Indianapolis that will be true next summer it is total member involvement Amen total member involved in other words every member doing something for the gospel so a.w. are broadcasting the Gospel via airwaves reaching the un reached plus church members connecting people to the local churches because the local church is where it set Amen Aben hope that's where the rubber meets the road equals completing the cycle of end of the circle of evangelism connecting the dots are 360 the reason we changed our name is to indicate that it's not just a one directional thing it's a circle we must bring people from broadcast all the way to baptism Amen that's what we're called to do now a couple of quick illustrations of how God has been working recently have any of you been to Sam bia. And even a Zambia Ok if you hand Africa generally been Africa Africa is a wonderful place on encourage you if you get a chance to go on a mission trip please take it we were in Zambia last summer we had a 1000 evangelistic meetings in the capital city of Lusaka a 1000 in one city most of them done by lay people and you know the people eventually early on in the planning they said it's not going to work because it's in the winter time for Zambia and the local people were skeptical but we said no we got to press forward and eventually they got on board and they said yes we're going to pray for the upcoming The Holy Spirit and I'm standing here before you today they had the largest baptism in years 18000 were baptized in this pool last summer Amen. The amazing thing is about that baptism I was in the pool you guys I was in the pool I can tell you 1st hand the water was freezing cold in Africa it was freezing cold and I was in the pool for 2 and a half hours baptizing and we're not talking about long you know very emotional baptisms these are like Ok Next the Deacon is taken Ok Next this is like mass baptism Ok but there I mean it's powerful it's wonderful experience but at the end what you saw at the beginning the color of the water was blue at the end dark brown Those were being washed away in the waters of baptism and those people were coming to life in Christ God is good Amen Well friends that was Sandia I want to point out the next key in taking the gospel to the world's number one we need the power of the Holy Spirit Amen Number 2 we need to follow Christ method alone now you guys this is Loma Linda praise the Lord can I get a witness This is Loma Linda Yes All right let's go here we go Loma Linda theme statement Christ method alone a man who is method Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people what is the Savior do he may gold with men as one who desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them ministered to their needs and won their confidence but he didn't stop there it says then he bade them follow me this is the charter for medical missionary work this is why we have Loma Linda because God has told us that we cannot just preach we must show people the practical love of Jesus we must meet their physical needs we must show them sympathy when their confidence and then bid them follow me that is why this institution when it started it was the College of. Thank you the college of medical evangelist you are not just doctors you're not just nurses you're not just psychologists or psychiatrists or whatever you are you are medical evangelists Amen you are business evangelist whatever your profession you are called to be an evangelist and use it for Christ this is what we are called to do and so are we said we cannot just go into towns and cities and do a broadcast to do evangelism we need to show them the practical love of Jesus and so by God's grace how many of you have heard of your best pathway to health and then some of you have your best pathway to health is a large scale mega clinic that has been taking place for the last few years they go into a city and they set up a mobile hospital and they treat thousands of people with medical dental free medical dental and I care it's incredible I've been blessed to be a part of this ministry over the last few years here in North America but we said we want to take this idea of a large mega clinic combine it with the broadcasting and the evangelism and take it on the road because the world needs to see how much Jesus cares for them amen and so last year we went to the Philippines praise God went to the Philippines I love the Philippines Amen and he Filipinos in the house today I see you praise the Lord we love the Philippines and I love your food mega clinic in polo and credit Princesa over 10000 people came in 3 days last summer do you know how many volunteers we had just 30300 volunteers but over 10000 patients came and here's the amazing thing you guys they came in they came in droves we did free medical care free dental care but what was really awesome is that it wasn't just we didn't just leave it there you see here's a story for you June brother June we'll call him I don't actually know his actual name but do Filipinos understand you. He was in a wheelchair from the time he was born he was always crippled and he you know he led a pretty rough life he got married and had a family but he was never able to really work because he was he was crippled Actually I got that wrong he didn't have a wheelchair he was just crippled you follow me they didn't have money for a wheelchair and he was just crippled his whole life never could work never could do anything really productive Well one day last year early last year the family for the 1st time received a you said wheelchair you're getting ahead of me. Or him is a radio they received a radio and they began listening to the radio and rather June heard on the radio about a medical clinic that was coming to downtown Port au Prince Esa and he was so excited he thought maybe I can actually see a doctor because he hadn't been able to see a doctor in years they didn't have money for that and so the whole family went to the medical clinic and they saw the doctor and they were prayed for but more than that they felt the love of Jesus and at the medical clinic for the 1st time ever he was offered his very own wheelchair and brother Jim was so moved by the love that he felt at that clinic when he was invited to the evangelist meetings that started the next friday night he brought his whole family and they came every single night to the evangelist meetings and I can tell you today that brother John was baptized carried into the water by his friends at the end of that evangelist meeting and today he is a something. Because he experienced the practical love of Jesus through the medical ministry and then was invited to follow Christ why do you say that is what we're called to do in men now I'll just tell you those preachers in Philippines and I'll go through this quit my time is going but they were not professional evangelists they were students in fact they were students many of them were from Australia and just one quick illustration to tell you how in experience they were one of them actually the leader of the group I would encourage you if you lead a mission trip to do this but the leader of the group actually told them when they were in Australia he said come to the Philippines it will be a fun trip will go around we'll meet people you might preach here or there but just come and one of these young men thought Ok great like he had never preached before and said I may have to preach once but at least I'll come and have a good trip he didn't know he was signing up to preach an entire evangelist meeting so when he gets there he finds out that he's preaching an entire evangelist meeting and you know what he was a good sport he said Ok I'll try it but he got to the topic of the Sabbath and this young man had been going through a very hard time in his life he'd been struggling with things back home struggling with addiction struggling with partying hard and all this stuff and he had not really been close to Christ but and he told he told our group leader he said you know I just don't feel like I can preach this message on the Sabbath I don't believe in it frankly what do you do in that case he's already been preaching you know he says he doesn't believe in the Sabbath What do we do well thankfully Su Hankel our group leader she had a lot of wisdom she said I won't say his name Ok because she's he's young but she said this young man. Son just read it even if you don't believe it just read it tonight read the sermon and see what God does He was kind of frustrated he said Ok fine I'll just read do you know what happened friends that night after he came back preaching reading that sermon he came in at the end of the night as all the preachers do they come into the hotel and Sue saw him and you know what he said. He said she said how did it go and he said I believe in the Sabbath now more than I ever could I was convicted as I was preaching that sermon and you know what friends every single doctrine as he preached those messages he became a convicted that that was the truth as he shared his conviction deep and he is a committed to day because by God's grace as we do God's work is we do our part to share God uses that experience Amen to strengthen our own spiritual walk so I want to encourage you guys maybe you don't think you could preach maybe you don't think you can give a Bible study but all you need to have is a willing heart William Miller Right he was a farmer he wasn't a preacher but look what God did for him what can God do through you how many guys would like to have that opportunity to preach for Jesus Sunday I meant you may not have been able to but I want to encourage you take those opportunities you get and step out in faith and God will bless you in a mighty way so God blessed in a huge way in the Philippines over 500 were baptized at the end of that series we're moving quickly now. This was this past summer in India and we did another medical clinic there in India and we were treating people there as well in Chennai India and the Lord blessed in a powerful way India is a much harder place to do evangelism I do want to show you a quick video this is 20 seconds how long is anybody here and I surgeon or in the eye industry is that a word not industry specialty sorry how long does it take to do a cataract surgery 15 minutes all right what would you say if I told you that I know a doctor that can do it in less than 5 minutes. How about less than 4 minutes how about less than 3 minutes try 2 minutes and then now behold cataract surgeries done in less than 2 minutes this is a time lapse video done with the i Phone This is Dr Jake a problem car watching as he moves from one patient to the next Ok boom patients down over the next patients patients up patients down moving over there goes back to the next patient areas Ok patients up patients down moving to the back the next patient Ok boom boom boom back and forth 46 patients into our same men 46 patients now you think that's good doctor probably car has operated on over 500 people in one day and then now here's the thing Dr Jacob not only believes in healing the physical sight but he wants them to be restored spiritually and that and so all of these people they come to the evangelistic meetings with their glasses right you know you know that they have been seen by Dr Jacob because of their glasses and they come walking in smile and they had been seen for years but now they're able to see but more importantly they're able to see spiritually because we teach them about Jesus Amen and some of these precious souls were baptized as a result of the series that's Wilson preaching in Calcutta a city of 15000000 with only 270 Ad so we have work to do in Calcutta but you know by God's grace now we have 230 minutes because we have 30 baptisms out of this series some of those came through the cataract surgery Amen and there's a couple of them right there on my left. Precious people that love the Lord and are growing in their faith and coming to Christ God is moving in a powerful way. I want to tell you very quickly mindful of the time but our our focus I've taken you back through what happened this year and last year but this year we're going to be in popular excuse me 2020 poor New Guinea point of Guinea a country that has tremendous tremendous needs this is the Mount Haagen General Hospital I was there just a month ago friends this hospital is in the words of Dr Leila atrocious Ok they try their best but this is a rough rough place they were so excited when they heard they were coming to do a medical clinic in Mt Hogg in p. and g. Now how many of you want to come. Ok I saw you and I meant I thought you all raise your hands but that's Ok All right. I do want to invite you to this medical clinic is March 26th 272-829-2028 has been put exactly at the time of Loma Linda spring break you know why because we want Loma Linda to come no more excuses Dr Hart endorsed this message all right. This are some of the beautiful people of p. and g. they struggle with chewing beetle nuts so their their teeth are red and you see this red junk on the ground everywhere you go the people are very sincere but they struggle they have basic health issues public health issues you know hygiene sanitation dental issues but they really need our help friends if you can come to be a part of this effort and encourage you to be involved and show us light at the end with more info Ok here we are there's Dr Lila myself a cup of the locals and we are at the site where we're going to have this mega clinic do you know how many people they wanted to have come we thought we had a big vision with your best pathway to help they wanted 100000 patients and we said Ok guys when you submit 100000 that's all. But it's probably not going to be that much praise a whole herd but we'll treat as many people as we can a man now here's the other thing I want to pray because they have a huge vision for how to reach their country you know that one conference alone by the way how many members in the southeastern California Congress you know we're in the southeastern California conference just to put some context and then lay people as do some Church Education All right 70000 approximately in southeastern California you know in p. and g. in one conference alone it's not even a conference it's a mission guess how many people they have in that dismal classes and want to guess more. How many things take 50050000 in one mission in baptismal classes already in preparation for next year you know they built 300 churches in one conference in preparation for next year but now all those churches are already filled. They anticipate that the need will be for over 2000 new churches after next year they're about to is no goal is over $200000.00 if that happens and we don't know if that will happen but if that happens it will be the largest single baptism in the history of the minister now if someone says to you that the Lord is not moving in our generation God is moving he may be moving in the same way everywhere in the same numbers but God is moving Amen he's looking for people who have a willing heart and the people of p. and g. are willing and they have faith so friends I want you to pray for p. and g. And if you can come in the medical clinic if you can come for the evangelism which by the way is May 1 to 162020 over Wilson is preaching a series and not Haagen will have other sites ask young professionals by the way this group that you saw here they will be coordinating a remote mountain site if you like camping and then kind of get a if there are some campers out there are you good with the Bush let me tell you p.g. is the Bush Ok we're not even the 5 stars like a negative star hotel Ok but I'm telling you you guys God is going to move in powerful ways and p.m.g. there they have these shirts that say soul winning is our business my business Amen it's all of our business so winning is all of our business p.m.g. for Jesus 2020 we're moving quickly. How do we take the Gospel to the world Point number 3 we must recognize that each one of us is called Total member involvement that's what's that's the spirit that's that's there and p.m.g. each one of them doing their part they don't have to be a pastor they don't have to be a bible worker but everybody no matter if they're a business person or a medical person or a teacher or a lawyer everybody recognizes that they need to do their part to share Jesus with their friends and their neighbors Amen you were chosen generation 1st Peter 29 a royal priesthood a holy nation is own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light this is what God is calling us to be friends each one of us recognizing that we are a chosen generation. Now I'm going to have to move past some very powerful stories because of time. Can I just hear this really quick All right that you guys have to hear that there is like the quick fast version Ok there's a lady in a church in Tanzania her pastor is preaching the pastor says all of you need to be involved in evangelism this lady she doesn't know what to do because she doesn't have many gifts or talents for God but she pray she said Lord use me I want to I want to follow what the pastor is saying I want to use my gift for God well what she does have is a garden and at that garden she goes every day and she tells us soil she plants or vegetables and you know what she does when she's in the garden she puts in the middle of the garden something very special dizzy and I want to guess what that might be a radio Good guess I don't know how you guys do that and she turned up the radio and guess what was next to the garden. Good guess another guy actually it was a bar and these lousy old men or in the bar drinking their lives away and they are listening to the radio that this precious lady puts in the middle of her garden and you know what eventually one day the owner of the bar. Ok there's the radio I get behind myself there's the bar he's listening and says you know what what is that message that I'm hearing and what is this lady she is doing this and and he starts listening and he realizes the message is very powerful and so then more of the guys that they're still drinking but they're listening and and eventually says you know what forget this we need to get our own radio we want to we can hardly hear her let's get our own so he buys his own radio tunes that to me are in the middle of the bar now they're drinking and they're listening to a w.r. Now here's a problem you can't keep drinking and listening to the gospel for too long so eventually they start they give up their drinking Amen and they're listening to the radio they get bibles and they start studying the Bible in the bar and eventually they've said you know what forget this we need to become something I've been ists and so they go to the local administrators and they are baptized they meant not only that. But today the bar is a church. They planted a church in the bar a man God is good that is the power of the Gospel friends that is the power of the gospel but you know what if that young if that lady had not been willing to just use what little she had God would never reach those guys you know I've seen this time and time and time again as a pastor It's not about your abilities it's about your willingness because God can use you if only you say Lord use me and I want to close with one final story in a blast past these are some of the 1st believers in sick and witches in India they were reached through Facebook and then God is using social media to reach people all around the world I wish I could share that full story with you. The work of God in this earth friends gospel workers 352 I want you to remember this quote the work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership What rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers in other words Ellen White says that the work will never be finished until all of us men and women answer the call of God do our part because there are people that only you can reach there are people that only you can reach in your sphere of influence you may not be a mark Finley you may not be a dog bachelor you may not be even the male deadly Dr but Guy can use you to reach someone for Christ if you are willing to be used by him amen here's what here's how h.m.s. Richards put it the work will never be finished until all the preachers are put in jail. I mean you know there's some truth to that all right so how do we take the golf out of the world number one the power of the Holy Spirit Number 2 we follow Christ method and then number 3 we recognize that each one of us is called t.m.i. total member involved in number 4 we need to be willing to go wherever he leads Matthew $1625.00 for her ever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it that is what Matthew says and Isaiah 68 I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for us then I said Here I am Lord send me this is what William Miller said amen he was willing to answer the call of God he was willing to say here are my lord send me are you and I willing to say Lord here I am send me wherever you want to send me I'm going to go I want to close with this final story rank and I for one final story my good Ok. How many of you know the country of North Korea are right North Korea North Korea is a very difficult place for the Gospel we actually are not even able to broadcast currently in North Korea because we get our signal gets jammed by China. But we still broadcast shortwave in a few years ago we were actually broadcasting on an am station directing into North Korea praise the Lord there was there is a place on the northern border of North Korea with China where there is a river and this river is crossed by people from North Korea who are trying to escape they're trying to escape for freedom and these these people they swim the river but if they're caught they're sent back to prison if they're caught actually there's a 3 strike rule the 1st time they're sent back to prison 2nd time they're punished more severely but if they're caught a 3rd time they're executed Now there was a young lady named Kim Kim desired free and she wanted to escape so she could make it out of North Korea escape to Mongolia and then make her way to South Korea so she could earn money and help her family that's what she wanted more than anything now when she escaped she was not a Christian she did not know God but she tried to escape the 1st time she was caught she was sent back to the prison they warned her don't try this again something worse will happen to you if you think that stopped him now she tried a 2nd time she swam she tried going in the cover of darkness but someone with a light found her and they captured her and took her back she was punished more severely they warned her they said Can you try this again you will be killed next time if you are caught do not do that do not try to escape again. If you think that stopped him now she wanted what she wanted freedom and soul for the 3rd time at the risk of her life under the cover of darkness she swam the river a 3rd time this time she made it and she made it to the Chinese border and you know there was a very kind Chinese family that took her into their home and as she was in that home for several months they gave her a very precious gift what do you think it might be a radio and then you guys you have a smart man I tell you Evan hope Loma Linda. She's listening to the radio and as she's turning it she finds the familiar words of the Korean language the amazing thing about that testimony is that there was another young person named Kim This time it was a guy not a girl but he had also escaped North Korea and he was found in Seoul just last summer and he was someone study the Bible with him he heard the testimony of this Kim and how she gave her life because she wanted to share the gospel with her family North Korea and this young man by God's grace today is a studying at Samak University because he wants to go back to North Korea he wants to swim the river the other direction in honor of Kim to reach his family for Jesus. Brothers and Sisters today I don't know where your North Korea is most of us will never go to North Korea but it's not North Korea that's I mean North Korea we need to reach a man North Korean We need to reach but the whole world needs to be reached there are people even here in Loma Linda you're North Korea maybe right here there are people that God has put in your life God has given you a calling God has given you abilities some of you God has placed here at Loma Linda University with incredible gifts that he has given you God is calling you to use those gifts to fulfill Kim's dream to take the Gospel to the world in this generation like William Miller You may not think you have everything it takes but you need to be willing to answer the call of God on your life like William Miller and like him we must fix our eyes upon another time to day to day to day until he comes this is God's calling for the 7th Day Adventist Church today avin hope will you answer the call of God when you go where God wants you to go where you say here I am Lord send me I'm willing to go I'm willing to go wherever you send me friends please I'm giving you these opportunities these are a few of the opportunities you can get involved with take a picture of it remember these dates whatever it is get involved use your talents and your gifts for Jesus he must come and we pray it is in our generation Amen we can hasten the coming of Christ if we answer the call I'm going to close now but I have 3 appeals number one friends I want to ask if there is someone here today that you have been convicted that God is calling you God wants you to use your gifts to lead someone in your sphere of influence to lead them to Christ to help them to know Jesus if there is someone that God lays on your heart even just now actually let's just let our heads and list this have this a moment with you and Jesus Ok if God is calling you friends. 2 to use your gifts and there's someone he's put on your heart like Kim who wanted to reach her family and her friends back home in North Korea there is someone in your life someone that you know that you need to reach out to maybe if this afternoon you need to call them maybe you need to write them an e-mail maybe you need to go make a visit but God is calling you to reach someone for Christ that you know would you just raise your hand in a in a show of commitment the Lord seizure hands the Lord sees your hands and then you can put them down it may be giving a bible study it may just be helping them but God is calling you to reach that person for Christ may God empower you to answer that call here's my 2nd appeal many of you here have been called to mission service there are some here today who God is calling to dedicate their lives to mission and I'm not just talking about necessarily short term maybe God is calling you to go long term somewhere some place around the world but whatever it is whether it's short term or long term you feel the call God has put tugging on your heart to be a missionary like him you want to answer the call to be a missionary to reach others for Christ somewhere else I pray that you would just stand your feet right now just just as we're closing just stand your feet if you sense the call of God to be a missionary for him just stand up right where you are God bless you all God bless you the Lord needs a generation of missionaries Ellen White says there should be a 1000 where there is now one if God is calling you to be a missionary short term or long term just stand up right where you are God can use you God can use you and finally my appeal to all of us here today if you have been touched today and you want to say to the Lord Lord. I want to respond I want you to use me however it is whatever it may take I'm willing to go Lord here I am send me I put my talents on the altar this morning would you just stand your feet if that's you if you want to put everything on the altar for God This morning Lord Jesus use me here I am send me God will answer your prayer he will empower you through the Holy Spirit to be his messengers until the day that Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven let us pray Father in heaven this morning your people have stood before you Lord we thank you for the amazing calling that you've placed on each and every one of our lives father we are not worthy of the trust that you have given us to take the Gospel to the world Father we are broken people were simple but by your grace you have saved us you have cleanse us with your righteousness and you have empowered us you have called us and you've chosen us to take the 3 angels messages to the very ends of the earth in this generation and father there are some standing here today who are going to be called to go to hard places maybe even close countries maybe places where it's not going to be easy Father I pray that you would seal their decision to be a missionary for you help them to follow through with that decision and empower them as they step forward in faith. Father there are some of stood and who are or raise their hands because they want to reach their friends their family for Jesus Lord help them if they made that commitment today Lord help us to realize that we only have one life to live and every day counts Lord help us to use every ounce of our energy and our abilities to reach souls for Christ because that's the only thing that matters in the Nothing Else Matters Lord none of the stuff of this world matters except for the people we can take with us to heaven Father please empower this generation empower your something. With the fire of the Holy Spirit so that we can see the Latter Rain poured out in this generation and we can see Jesus coming in the clouds look police we pray for that not because we are worthy but because Jesus is worthy and Jesus because you want to come back even more than we want you to. Lord seal our decision to fill us with the spirit and send us for. With your power your strength Christ. 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