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Satan's Last Deception

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 16, 2019
    9:00 AM
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Father in heaven we are thankful to be here at the Michigan Kant meeting with so thankful for the privilege we have to come together as like minded believers to study your word and to understand your purposes for our life better Lord especially as we believe we live in a generation that will see Jesus come we want to be ready for that day and so we ask Lord that you would use this and other presentations here can't meaning that would help us to be ready and help us take to help others be ready as well for we ask and pray the things in Jesus name Amen Now I want to give you a little little bit of a background for myself some of you perhaps have heard this before my family grew up I grew up Estefan Aves my mom and dad were 1st generation Adventists and they actually all left the 7th Avenue Church in the early 1980 s. during the Desmond Ford crisis now I don't know if you know about that or not not necessarily not necessary that you do but I want you to understand that for our family the subject of Ellen White was not a positive one. And so that when I was in my mid twenty's and the Lord was able to stir my heart and bring me to conversion and give my life to him and I was looking for which church to attend. I looked at the evidence her to mung other churches and you can believe I had a sticking point with the Spirit of Prophecy and it led me to maybe a deeper study than many would go into into the subject so I want to know a little bit about where I'm coming from from this I came from a position of having a lot of skepticism and some of the things that I'm going to share throughout this week and things that that I'm sure many of you have heard about Ellen White about her ministry about whether or not she was a plagiarist and and whether or not she had failed visions and all of these kinds of things that was something that I had to answer for myself coming into the face and and the Lord has has impressed me to share those with others because I think it's very important you know the Bible tells us that we're to give this last message to 3 angels messages with a loud voice and that loud voice implies personal conviction you can't give anything with a loud voice without personal conviction and so we need to be settled on this matter of the Spirit of Prophecy as well as many other things so I'm hoping that this seminar will meet that that need among us now. The title for the week seminar is white out as you see it on the screen whatever happened to give to prophecy and. I want to tell you that attacks on Ellen White and her ministry are not anything new in fact I'd like to determine your Bibles this morning and I hope you have your Bible throughout the week we'll be referring to them quite a bit here we're going to book of Revelation there are a lot of things I'm going to bring up today that I'm not going to substantiate will do that as we go through the week I just need to lay some. Groundwork this morning Revelation 12 and verse 17 The Bible says in the Dragon was what. If you're reading in the King James is the word Ross and the New King James is the word enraged the dragon was in raised with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ I'm not going to break this passage down but the 7th heaven is we believe of course the dragon right there in the passage earlier tells us it's the devil representative of the devil and that woman represents the church and Revelation 12 brings down to the last days which we believe Revelation $1217.00 points to where the dragon isn't raised with the church that keeps the commandments of God It has what's called the testimony of Jesus Christ we believe that refers to the gift of prophecy the ministry that was manifested through Ellen White and other prophets and we're going to talk about that further in the week but I don't want you to miss that 1st part a lot of times when I haven't is talk about this verse and we say well there's 2 characteristics here of the remnant church they keep the commandments and they have the testimony of Jesus but there's a 3rd characteristic that too many people overlook and at their characteristic is the devil is enraged with this church you've got to be clear on that and especially what to think the commands of God and the gift of prophecy and so we should not be surprised that attacks on the gift of prophecy neither outside the church or inside the church now I want to share with you a statement here our title of our message today is Satan's last deception is going to come from a statement going to share in just a moment but I want to share the statement from selected messages Volume 3 page 83 Ellen Weiss says all who believe that the Lord has spoken through Sister Wives and has given her message will be safe from the many delusions that will come in the last days I want to tell you that the devil knows this statement better than any of us knows it and that's why he can't stand this gift of prophecy is one of God's ways to help ensure his people are ready for the coming of Jesus. The devil as has attacked the spirit of prophecy as we've mentioned. And today in the church I'm afraid we're just complaint just we're just plain confused about the role of Illinois a gift in our church. I was just talking a young man yesterday's going to the seminary said that one of the professors had brought up the swan of the statements where Ellen White says that the Lord could have come to our Earth air this before now had God people of God's people done the work that god given the do and he said one of the other students this one of the theology students said well wasn't that Ellen White just elements opinion was not her opinion and the teacher the professor responded Well no that was something she received by inspiration Well the response came back well how do we know that that came from inspiration I mean it sounds kind of like just her opinion to me and that would be I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if it were a very isolated comment but it's not an isolated comment and fact many of the students who ask questions like that are getting their ideologies from some of our other teachers I'm just saying that this issue is a widespread issue and so this week we'll be addressing the some of these questions and God willing some of the answers today I'm going to be sharing some examples a little bit of history and as we progress throughout the week I'm going to temp to provide clear answers from leaders scholars but more importantly from Ellen White herself I think she gives very clear answers to some of these. Accusations now I've shared some of what I'm going to share today in a presentation I called at one point betrayed with a kiss you know taking from Judas who betrayed the Lord not with he didn't put it Jews didn't betray Jesus with a punch in the mouth he betrayed him with a kiss he betrayed him in a way that looked like he was on Jesus' side. I chose not to use that title today because today I'm going to share with you things attacks from within the church from outside the church and from within the church and I and I maybe even should be careful and use the word tax because I have read in some of what I'm going to share today are actually labeled as defenses of Ellen White's ministry but the net effect of the defense is to weaken it not strengthen it and I'm not using the betrayal with the kiss title because it implies that the people who are maybe presenting some of these views that I want to share today are intentionally trying to deceive I don't believe that I think we have many sincere leaders and scholars who are trying to make Ellen whites writings relevant in our day but I'm afraid that in the way they're doing it they're making her writings have none effect now that this is what I mean by that I want to take it to a statement where Ellen White talks about what she calls the very last deception of Satan you should see this on the screen so that the message is Volume 2 page $78.00 notice what it says the very last deception of Satan will to be what. Notice the language there to make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God Now she's comment about coming in on her own ministry in her own right and then she quotes Proverbs 2918 where there is no vision the people perish we're going to look at that another translation as we come toward the end of this presentation she continues Satan will work ingeniously in different ways and through different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God's people God's remnant people in the true testimony now in the context of this she's talking about her writing and she says the very last deception of Satan will be to make them of of none effect now as Ellen White often does he's using the language of Scripture here we're going to look at that in a minute because for us to understand this terminology is key what is what does she mean of none effect what is she really saying this very last deception will be I need to interject here that if you read in the writings of Ellen why you're going to find that she uses She talks about last deceptions in other areas I don't think she's talking chronologically I don't think we're going down through time and saying the very last chronological thing that's going to happen I think that's what she's saying I believe that when Ellen White is talking about the very last deception what she's addressing is something that that when this deception takes hold Satan will know his suck his causes for security and last in the terms that once the devil pulls this one off he's got it and you're going to see what we mean by that as we continue today. Let's go to our scriptures here this morning let's go to the Lord scriptures and look at this. Seek to answer this question What did she mean by the phrase have none effect we're going the book of Matthew chapter 15. Matthew Chapter 15 I be reading in the New King James Version of Nun effect is King James language of no effect is what it will say in the in the New King James but the idea you'll see is the same we're going to Matthew Chapter 15 starting in the 1st verse and we're looking at what this phrase of none effect means Bible says in Matthew 15 verse one then the scribes and Pharisees who were from Jerusalem came to Jesus saying why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders for they do not wash their hands when they eat bread he answered and said to them why Also do you transgress the commandment of God because it was your tradition for God commanded saying honor your father in your mother and he who curses father and mother let him be put to shame but you say verse 5 I'm sorry but let me put to death a part me verse 5 says but you say whoever says to his father and mother what ever profit you might have received from me as a gift to God Then he need not honor his father or mother thus you have made the commandment of God What of none effect of no effect by your tradition I understand the practice here in some places where you read this passage they pronounce the saying over their possessions called Corbin they say it's Corbin you may read that before it's a gift to God That's what it meant the Jewish leaders you know God in his teachings had had a head enjoying to pawn people to provide for their parents in old age. But what the leaders have done is they've made this this this way out where you could take your your property your possessions if you could pronounce it Corbin that was a way of dedicating it as a gift to God In other words you're saying hey that everything I own I get I pledged it to the church what that meant is you can live on it the rest your life you can use your money your property everything else is yours but you can't give it to anybody else because it belongs to the church so you can use it but you can't give it your parents can't give it any and then when you die it goes to the church to the temple whatever else and so what Jesus is saying is you guys have adopted this custom that has basically exempted you from having to follow the commandment of God You have this tradition of pronouncing this blessing this Corben upon your this dedicating it as a gift and what you've done in effect is you have you have again exempted yourself from the commandment of God you are you following the practice there now here's here's the question and that's what we want to get to the bottom of in this practice of pronouncing their their property as a gift of God Did the religious leaders deny the commandments of God Did they say we don't believe in the Commandments of God We don't believe they exist we don't believe they're important is that what they said listen carefully the net effect of this practice was not to say we don't believe in them the net effect of the practice was to say they don't apply to me are you following that this is the language that Ellen White is using when she says the very last deception of saying is to go to me is going to be to make of her right make her writings of none effect to the people of God Not that we're going to say oh no they we don't believe in Hell why don't we don't believe she's a prophet we don't believe what she wrote was true don't need to go there all we need to do is get to the point where we say but they don't apply to us today have you ever heard that the very last deception of Satan we're told. And so in the same way that the Pharisees and scholars didn't deny the Word of God This simply stripped it of its authority in their personal lives in the same way Ellen White points to the very last deception of Satan not as leading 70 ad is to deny or openly oppose her writings some do but to regard them in such a way that it nullifies the gift and robs the testimonies of their authority Ok hold on to that thought and let's talk about prophetic authority now some of you may be aware that our denomination our fundamental belief number 18 is on the gift of prophecy and it was changed in our last general conference session in 2015 are you aware of that now let me just assure you the change did not change our belief I have heard things I've seen things on the Internet the avenues have given up their belief that's not true but I'm going to give you a little history lesson on that here's the belief from the 2005 edition of 7 day having a fundamental belief and also you'll find it in the 2010 Church manual fundamental belief number 181 of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and was manifested in the ministry of Ellen g. white as the Lord's messenger her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth which provide for the church comfort guidance instruction and correction they also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be what must be tested now that is or was fundamental belief number 18 I want you to continue on here this need to go on the screen as well telling your guys of this phrase this phrase has caused the some challenges and I don't disagree with the phrase but you'll explain what I mean by that a continuing and authoritative source of truth that's been a rub for some of our critics So let me give you some examples. Dennis Palmer. A former Adventist wrote an article and he is cited in Judge Lake's book Ellen White under fire which is very helpful book on the ministry of Ellen White covered a lot of things we're not going time to he quotes Dennis Palmer and this is Judd lake and you'll see the quotations of Dennis Palmer so in his book just like book on page 149 while her statements element statements on the relationship of her writings to the Bible may give the appearance of Orthodoxy write the Bible superior we don't you know my writings are not about the Bible whatever he says sounds good she really takes away the Reformation teaching of sola scriptura only the Bible by asserting her writings as authoritative now you're going to understand as we continue on today and through we're going to look at this I believe it's on Tuesday very much in depth but there's this mindset that if we allow our own rights writings to have any authority then we are placing them on the same level as the Bible if not above the Bible this is this is what's being communicated in this with the stillness thing as soon as you accept her writings authoritative you're denying the Protestant principle of Sola script or now I don't believe that and we don't believe those have the evidence but this is the accusation similarly as far back as d.m. can write. In his book Life of Mrs e g y s e a prophet false claims refuted and in and can write had been an s.t.a. Vangelis prior to this he says it is the Bible and something else it is the Bible and the writings of Mrs Right for 7 day haven't they don't believe in just the Bible they can believe in just the by they have to have the Bible and the writings of Mrs White. And again will expound on this is we go I need to say this here I'm going to say this here we say that I have a problem with that we say we believe in the Bible and we believe in the writings of l. why it sometimes will say the Bible and the spirit approximate use it together but let me just be very clear on something the reason 7th Day Adventists believe in the right is the Spirit of Prophecy is because of the Bible in the Bible Only when to tell you if the Bible did not tell me that there was to be a prophetic gift and that I was to pay attention to it then I wouldn't but when the Bible in the Bible only tells me that God has manifested the gift of prophecy in his church and that in the last day church has a special man but a manifestation of that gift for me to ignore it is to ignore the Bible the Bible and we'll get into that a little bit further now going on Dr Walter Martin some of you are familiar with Dr Walter Martin wrote the kingdom of the cults the rise of the cult at one time had classified the 7th Avenue Church as a cult and after meeting with administrators he'd keep pulled back on that said well they're different but there are other docs enough to be Christian Church in an interview on the Jonica Berg show now if you I don't know if anybody ever seen the interviews with the John Edgar Briggs show Ok we have incentives 144 up to over 21844 actually October 22844 was the great disappointment if there was a 2nd great disappointment it was a Jonica Bruce show and interviews with with William Johnson and I I won't say more than that I'll just say the answers that he gave. Elder Johnson was the editor of the evidence reveals and they just were not Dr Martin was was pressing him now this set of interviews came in 1905 as in the wake of the Desmond Ford crisis or ministers leaving the church wall to raid written his book The white lie all kinds of questions about the spirit of prophecy and so he was he was grilling William Johnson on these things and was asked the question Dr Martin what would it take for you to reclassify the 7th Avenue as a cult and this is a piece of his answer he says there are people who have specifically stated that Ellen White is the interpretive authority and you involve yourself in circular reasoning because if the bible is supposed to be the judge of everything and there is someone who judges the Bible or interprets the Bible for you that that's the final court of appeal to you now that sounds like a very reasonable answer and we're going to look at there's a part of it that's reasonable there's a part of it that's not and I'm just telling you this is the mindset that that people had looking at 7 Day Adventists that continuing an authoritative source of truth is a rub makes it sound like the evidence they say they believe the Bible to say the Bible's the foundation of everything but it is not the case this is this is been the mindset of some of these outsiders they all rants left former 7th Day Adventist minister who has he's the. What's his ministry here I had it jotted in my notes. Life Assurance ministries he's behind or was behind the proclamation magazine I think he's still involved proclaiming the real Gospel and drawing people out his ministry is to basically pull people out of the administers you get a big former avin as ministry in his book The Truth about admin Astrud he said Ellen White as a source of truth. Drawing from that fundamental belief Ellen White as a source of truth is perhaps the underlying error that's his emphasis the underlying error of the s.d.a. church while the admin a search claims to be a Bible based church the leaders know very well that Bible study without Ellen White interpretation will lead members out of the church her writings serve as a prism through which avenue center Brit scripture in another place he says Ellen White is the prism that colors Ab and every evidence Dr now we're going to get into that I wish I could get into more of that today we're not going to so that's it we'll get into further So in light of a lot of these types of statements and misunderstandings really we reworded our fundamental belief number 18 in the 2015 general conference session I was there for the vote what have you and this is the statement you've got on the green or you will hear the Scriptures testify this is the new one the Scriptures testify that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and we believe it was manifested in the ministry of Ellen g. white her writing speak with what prophetic authority and provide comfort guidance instruction and correction to the church they also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested Ok now I'm going to share the other one the primary difference here if you look at that on the screen again. Now than it did this is this was the previous one notice that underlined part her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truths which provide for the church comfort guidance instruction correction and here's a new one her writings speak with prophetic authority and provide comfort guidance instruction correction the thing that was taken out was the source of truth because we didn't want people to get mixed up with the idea they read source of truth as well the Bible the source of truth and Ellen White so you have 2 sources of truth well we don't believe that way and so we clarified that in beliefs I'm perfectly fine with fundamental belief number 18 as is as it reads now and the reasoning for it but I'm going to tell you that for those who want to find fault with Ellen White that didn't help matters now what I've shared with you so far Incidentally when I share with you so far has to do or comes from those outside the church we would expect those responses from people outside the church More recently though we've heard similar concerns expressed among an increasing number of 7th Avenue Church members and leaders and that's where some of my concern. Begins to grow the annual Council session of October 7th 2000 to the recent story the results of a survey conducted by the Strategic Planning Commission of 70 avenues were share those results for the general annual Council is like a general conference session between the general conference sessions an official world church meeting that happens in the fall of the year. The results were shared indicating that 50 percent of ave a spell a reinterpretation of Ellen White's authority was needed for today to note the word authority that's what we're really going to 0 in on here. New ideas of Ellen White's authority and so the reinterpretations have been coming for some time beginning at the edges. You know if where where maybe it's from a perspective of all this is over on the liberal edge of things. And you know what we would expect that somebody might present something that's maybe not as fully Adventist and then marching right into the mainstream these interpretations have been coming beginning on the edges and marching right into the mainstream and I'm going to try to demonstrate that with just 2 examples that span a 13 year period of time starting with a gentleman by the name of Graham Bradford Graham Bradford was a when he wrote his book more than a prophet another book very similar 1st he wrote a book now grab Bradford was a retired professor from Avondale he was a Avonex evangelist and what have you in Australia. He wrote a book called prophets are human and in the book was a it was a story dialogue between a person a fictitious person giving Bible studies to some new people who had questions about Ellen White and so this his Bible study you're in the in the book prophet or human was trying to help these new believers understand Ellen White's role better and so in that he was propagating his view of how to help people with some of these you know the year Almighty Creator plagiarist here Ellen White had had visions that failed in all of this how do you handle that so his book prophets were human did that in a story format and then he put it in more of a explanation of the ology format in his book more than a prophet that I've retitled less than a prophet and you'll see why in a minute his book was an attempt as I said to defend Ellen White's ministry. And reeducate in fact that book was when it was published the I don't know who paid for it to be handed out but it was handed out to ministers free copies to ministers I believe teachers I don't know if I'm totally sure about it were teachers I know for the ministers the book which is widely distributed as a resource to help ministers explain Alan Weiss ministry Here's some of the here some of the conclusions in or are some of the reinterpreted views of Bradford that he shares in his book and I'm just summarizing these Old Testament prophets are more authoritative the New Testament prophets so in the Old Testament prophets it was more the voice of God the New Testament not not so much now you can see where this is going to go concluding that and following up with that New Testament prophets are more fallible because they're not as authoritative they're not as inspired and incidentally surprise surprise Ellen White was a New Testament prophet he goes on to say that we all in the New Testament era share a level of the gift of prophecy. So that comes out his book profits made via logical mistakes in their counsel was something that he shares because profits are human after all. In I want to tell you that as we go on this we going to talk about this we don't believe Ellen White was infallible we don't believe we do believe she was human we do believe she made mistakes but we don't believe those mistakes we came out as counsel to God's people we believe that the Lord preserved let the writers of the Bible were human one of the things that we're going to address as we go through the week is this inspiration is inspiration wherever you find it it comes from the Spirit of God and if somebody is inspired by the Spirit of God is not a different inspiration for Bible prophets than extra canonical Bible prophets that is outside the scriptures if it is the Spirit of God inspire somebody with truth then the Spirit of God is going to maintain that truth and what I mean by that is this whatever fault we find with Ellen why do we say well you know the Ellen White was human she made mistakes and and listen if the lord couldn't stop Ellen White from publishing those mistakes then how can we be sure he could stop the authors of Scripture from publishing mistakes once you start to find fault with inspiration in one point you're going to be in trouble with inspiration on every point which is why own wife says that those who give up faith in the testimonies are going to end up giving up faith in the Bible and I will get into that as we go on so his view this new view prophets mixed messages were often a mix of truth in error and prophets grew in their theological understanding that again this is one of those half truths you hear that how many of you heard this Ellen White Gruner understanding absolutely true but then what happens is that people will say that now put this spin on it as if to say since she grew in her understanding what that means is the earlier writings were not as maybe reliable as the later writer his point prophets go in a theological understandings allowing for potential erroneous that is false theological ideas to be communicated in the earlier material. That means they I'd be better off as not to read and write earlier materials because they may contain error in them and then how do I know when the when the transition point is anyway this is the Biblical research institute responded to this book Dr I have a Rodriguez he said this if we consistently apply the hermeneutics found in this book now he's speaking about Bradford's book profits or human it's the same the same theological concepts shared there in that story form if we consistently apply the hermeneutics we found in this book to the Bible its authority would be drastically I'm sorry would be seriously affected the drastic they caught me between thought and word offered by Bradford and others now I'm picking by told jump into examples but there is a whole spectrum of tween by Bradford and others is damaging to the biblical concept of inspiration we'll be talking about the biblical concept of inspiration this week but just understand that this. This is his comment on Bradford's book now as I mentioned Dr Graham Bradford was not well known in the states really wasn't well published and he was also considered a more liberal scholar you can almost expect some of that feedback or hear that viewpoint now we're going to fast forward 13 years and we're going to come to one of the most well known well published and well loved avenues to authors Dr George Knight and I don't know I can't say I'm not trying to read anybody's motives here but I'm just telling you some of the things that I'm hearing and reading that are just plain wrong and they're going to trip up God's people in a big way tonight has just published a book called Ellen White's afterlife. And I've just gone through is I'm not I read the book so you don't have to let me say let me tell you that I wouldn't wait there are books that I have had to read in order to present things and I I'm going to tell you I seriously battle wasting my time there are so many things I want to read I'm like oh Lord do I have to do this there's so many good things I'm recommending not to waste your time on but I'm going to give you a little synopsis of of Knight's book now look at that statement in a minute it's an interesting book again this book is to try to help 70 avenues to better understand Ellen why it's writings and I've read some good and positive things from Dr Knight but the tenor of this book let me tell you this just as with well I'll get to it in a minute. He begins his book with a chapter called The Wonderful World of Ellen White in the 1960 s. and he characterizes most advantage in that time period is almost And these are my words almost like a gullible simplistic we believe everything else might says we just do it she says in we're happy in our ignorance kind of. Society not just from from laypersons but from the most common lay person to tenured professors of the ology like the Leo van dolphin like Robert Olson like Carl Kaufman like William I all of whom according to night held Ellen White to be centrally authoritative authoritative in every way a deciding authority knows that word authority keeps coming up in it and he's not using it in his book in a positive way it's a pejorative it's very negative ways like this is the way we used to do it in the wonderful world of l. white we are all ignorant about reality. That's the gist of that chapter he says in that chapter as I had up here on the screen commenting of that period of time the Bible of course was important most important theoretically but in practice Ellen White had the final authoritative word. There's a lot I could say I there's so much I'm trying to share and get done in my time this morning but let me say this I am not discuss acknowledging that Ellen White has been misused we're going to talk about that this week he has been misuse he has been misinterpreted people have been beat over the head with all white that kind of thing has happened and I won't deny that but let's just be clear outside the evidence church they don't say I They beat me over the head with Alan lie and they say they beat me over the head with the Bible that's what they say down south in the Bible Belt So are we going to just stop I don't read the Bible anymore because people beat me over the head with it really that's really smart isn't it let me ask you a question somebody beat you over the head with any kind of theology who you think is behind it is God behind it there's only 2 ways you can go right if God is not behind the devils behind it now here's the important follow up question what do you think his purpose is to get you to read more of it or less of it and if you're like I'm not reading it because I got beat over the head guess who you just listen to you understand the devil come his purpose so I'm not denying that that there have not been things that have been misused in writing but this blanket statement of the sixty's for example in Notice we saying the Bible was important in theory but really it isn't true don't you notice that this is what we just read from Walter Martin from Del rats laugh from right the critics outside the evidence church only this isn't the evidence church this is an outside this is inside it is not grand Bradford on the fringes it's mainstream conservative Adventism George I says I'm a conservative some of the avenues and right here it isn't like oh well you know and too many Gods people read this stuff and eat it up without knowing. Where to go and I'm hoping that the seminar gives a little bit of direction one of things he says in the close of his chapter of the wonderful world of element 160 he says this the most remarkable thing about those early 1960 s. perspective. Related to Ellen White is that she herself did not believe them nor agree with them and neither did most of those of her contemporaries who worked closest with her that is not a true statement and you know there's partial truth in that so as Knight finishes his his 2nd chapter is 2nd chapter then is to highlight these things that didn't read back to what is it titled I had it here in my notes that the 2nd chapter is called. I don't have an in here it's something like Ellen White didn't believe in the wonderful world and it goes into what she didn't believe me summarize it into 4 points this is this is what I want to share with you and we're coming to a close here Ellen White never claimed verbal inspiration Ok that's true that's a true statement we're going to talk about that and the implications of that his 2nd point Ellen White did not believe her work should be viewed as a divine inspired commentary on the Bible or that they should be used to settle doctrinal issues I hear this all the time in our day it is fall and it is listen to me carefully it is demonstrably false that means I can demonstrate it you're not going to take my word for it I'm going to show you this week not from a scholar from Ellen White's own mouth this is not how she views her writings Yes there are times that she was very clear don't use my writings to settle this controversy but there are other times when she was very clear do use my writings to settle this controversy and we're going to talk about that as we go but you know that. Let me continue to more points not everything in Ellen White's work came straight from heaven as divine revelation I call that true is. It is true there are things ill might wrote that didn't come straight from divine revelation but what happens is statements like this are made and then they're slanted to give the impression that because they didn't all come to the from divine revelation we really don't know in her writings what did and what didn't and so we can be sure that some of the things her writings in her writings were really from the Lord and so we're better off just to read her writings more devotionally and not let them be an authority which kind of stems back to that last statement his last point here and I hear this a lot today Ellen White was consistent so Helen White said this and believe this film I was consistent he says that her works were not to be made prominent in sermons and other public formats and he goes on in his book Ellen Wright was not supposed to be used in sermons and this didn't used to be the case and we should be bringing it we should be preaching from the Bible. I know that there are people who are going to be upset because I brought up George ties and they love Dr Dr Knight is a great guy is a wonderful guy and I'm not coming on that again I don't know his motive but the statement this statement here it attacks are Speaker this weekend Finley's already brought up spirit or was he not understanding counsel Belin why she was clear consistent that it works and be and how many of our preachers and I as a preacher I've had people say this well you know it's supposed to use all white writings in sermons that's that is not only false it's blatantly false and again demonstrably false and I will show from her very own writings that she says exactly the opposite Now having said that that's not to say I mean the point yeah are our proofs need to come from Scripture but that doesn't mean we can't share a spirit of prophecy and we're going to go into that. As we go on through the week so I want to conclude what we've looked at here these claims of Dr Knight as with Dr Bradford as with rats laugh as with Martin as we can right as with the many others who might be named both inside and outside the church I purpose in the name everybody. All of these strike directly at Ellen White's prophetic authority in essence making of none effect the Council of God to the Church of God Folks this is this is a prophecy in fulfillment authority is what makes the prophetic ministry effective can you imagine David going to argue rather Nathan going to David and saying Val aren't the man without prophetic authority and David saying well I'm not sure if that's inspired or your own opinion what would been what would have been the effectiveness the the whole history would have been changed if because David recognized and incidentally Nathan was a non-canonical prophet he wasn't in the Bible David could have said well you're not one of the Bible prophets and I am by the way David was right but he took that counsel as counsel from God and it saved his sole authority is what gives the prophetic ministry its effectiveness without it everything the prophet says is it best good advice or at worst the prophets own unenlightened opinion and authority is also the underlying cause for contention among fallen humanity authority and elder Micha brought it up in the opening sermon at that's why surrender is such a big issue and that's why it's so hard for us there's one of Thora to see that fallen beings recognizing that's me that's our self that's our nature and so to submit to another Thord he is not natural for us and if we can find a spiritual way to do it we do it is this issue of authority prophetic authority that demands the submission of our will to Christ and leads even the professed people of God sometimes to resist him. In a very telling statement in the midst of Bradford's book this is when he when he goes over these new ideas of a prophet prophets or New Testament prophets are different and Ellen White was a New Testament prophet and sometimes they have errors and who knows what's true what's not from God and that kind of thing in the midst of it he shares this paragraph and I think this hits the nail on the head he says the question must be asked are we what a free people what does it mean by free free to grow in our understanding of the bible free to disagree with what she has written in the areas of science health history prophecy and education etc What should a person do if they find they have come to some other conclusion than what she has written do they surrender their private judgment yes. Are we free he says free to what free to maintain our own opinions this is to me this is at the heart of all of this reinterpretation I want to share with you in closing a couple statements Ellen White made in regard to these things notice this verse from selective messages Volume 3 page 68 many times in my experience she says I have been called upon to meet the certain I'm sorry the attitude of a certain class who acknowledged that the testimonies were from God Notice that part they knowledge the testimonies were from God but took the position that this matter or that matter were what Sister White's opinion and judgment No I believe they're from God but I believe there are certain things he said that's your opinion and Otis What do you think was the deciding factor was this next slide. Everything to sustain their cherished ideas is divine and the testimonies to correct their errors are human sister White's opinions Notice the wording they make of none effect the Council of God by their tradition this is the very last deception of Satan God forbid we fall into it now Satan knows this is the very last deception as I said not chronologically but he knows if he can get us to that position then there is no voice left to save us from the deception of the enemy that will be so powerful in the last days even the elect to be deceived noticed this final statement I want to share with you this morning the enemy has made his masterly efforts to unsettle the faith of our own people in the testimonies are you seeing that happen and when these errors come in she's talking about just the different errors people bring in our notice they claim the people bringing the errors they claim to prove all the positions by what by the Bible but they mis interpret the scriptures and after men have done their work in weakening the confidence of our churches in the testimonies look at the language here they have torn away the what oh and what is saying my writings are serving by God to as a barrier to God's people to keep the errors out of the church but when the faith of God's people is weakened in the testimonies the barriers are torn down and now what's left when these people come in and say oh no it's all scriptural right they claim to prove these things by Scripture but they misinterpret what's left notice the same and again after men have done their work in weakening the confidence of our churches and testimonies they have torn away the barrier that unbelief in the truth shall become widespread and there's was no voice to be lifted up to stay the force of error this is next life please. This is just as Satan designed it should be and those who have been preparing the way for the people to pay no heed to the warnings or proofs in the testimonies of the Spirit of God will see that a tide of errors of all kind will spring into life as it's happening that's happening in case you hadn't noticed that's happening and that's why I'm giving the seminar rather the sisters Lord help us not to lose our confidence in the biblical foundations of our faith and those biblical foundations include our belief in the gift of prophecy now Dr Knight wrote about the wonderful world of Illinois and I've countered that with a wonderful world Georgia night and if you want to live in the wonderful world of George Knight and others and just assume that Ellen why I didn't know it was she wasn't inspired and we can't trust what she says and and she wasn't supposed to be used to a pulp and not you can believe that fairy tale world and when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven you will find yourself on ready and calling for the rocks in the mountains to fall in you this is a serious matter very last deception of Satan so I hope that you can benefit this week from some of the things we cover in this seminar it will be live streamed it will be recorded for those of you who came in later I asked specifically I was going to do it in the Commons I told Elder Nelson I want it on good quality video because I have is talking to somebody yesterday. And I praise God for His mercy I don't consider myself an expert on The Spirit of Prophecy I don't consider myself an expert in much of anything but I have I have to share what God has given me and I've had many people say they've been blessed by things I've shared on the street a prophet helped them to gain confidence that's why I'm doing this so I talk to them I want this to have I want good quality video that's going to be accessible you're not going to have to pay for it I'm not going to be D.V.D.'s you want to buy something like that we're going to put it online you can download it it's going to be you can give it to friends that's the purpose I want people to under Now this yes I want people to know the foundations for why we believe what we believe so I hope it's been a blessing this morning it's just beginning we're going to get in some good stuff this week and the entire camp meeting it's been a blessing so far hasn't it and I'm sure it will be as we continue let's finish with a word of prayer this morning if you value has with me Father in Heaven Father we looked at a number of things this morning as we're considering the times we live in as we're considering the Devils attacks as we're considering the gift you've given to this last day church to help us to be ready for the coming of Jesus Father I pray for all of those that I mention today those outside and inside the church Lord My intention is not at all to demean or discredit somebody as a person I can't read motives but Lord the truth needs to be clear and clear to us as a people we pray the Spirit of Truth When Spyer the prophets would give us that clarity this week I pray for you continued blessing in all the different seminars of this camp meeting I pray for our adult seminars I pray for all of our youth programs and youth departments Lord I pray the Spirit of God would be poured out and that we all would receive or experience a real revival this week and we thank you father that we have this privilege to come together. Thank you we can pray to be heard by prayer hearing impaired answering God. Thank you and we ask and pray all these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Or his faith in the building of. This media was brought to you by Audioboo a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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