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How to be Offensive Like Jesus

Callie Williams


Callie Williams

Software developer and writer in Nairobi, Kenya



  • November 9, 2019
    5:02 PM
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Father in heaven we then do you so much for your Sabbath and we thank you for bringing us to this place at this time father you know very well that I have no words of life to share with my brothers and sisters here for those words come straight from you and so I ask that by the power of your Holy Spirit you transform this sermon into whatever we need to hear that you would take any distractions good or bad and help us to hear from you in a practical way that we would leave this time more in love with you and more deeply convinced of your everlasting love for us give us clarity Lord and may we see the truth with perfect clarity we ask these things knowing that you delight to answer because we ask in Christ's name Amen Amen when I was 17 and a half because I'm a person I became a Christian I was raised in a something of interest home by wonderful parents but up until that point I was good because I didn't like to be punished my dad knew how to punish me and you know what grounding was like you know I don't want to have that happens I'll just be good both 70 and a half I had a wonderful encounter with Christ and I decided I remember actually it was you know it's I was more of those like a gradual kind of gradient conversion wasn't quite a moment but I remember my final decision was Jesus I have no idea what I'm doing but you can have all of me and you can take me wherever you want just please be with me because it's scary out there so please walk with me and as I came into the church in a more official sense I you know was immediately. I mean I encountered idea of evangelism right so sharing the gospel sharing the truth of God Other people but as I spent more time I kind of noticed there was these 2 different sides of Angela's them now this could be true in many different senses but there's one sense in my case and there was a pendulum as it were. And I think that you and I all of us please don't take this stuff no offense offense but I think all of us naturally swing one way or another in this pendulum the 1st side is overly passive Christianity and to the extreme is I'm a Christian. It's Or I'm a Christian and I will share Jesus with you but like in the really subtle You never know what's me way on the other side of this pendulum is overly aggressive Christianity this is where I'd put megaphones on campuses. Or I would put hello you have no idea who I am but these are my judgments about you right now. Both not so good now as you might be able to tell already I personally my struggle is the overly passive Christianity I don't like to be offensive I'm a millennial So that's kind of built into my d.n.a. we don't offend people. And that's just where I naturally swing so when I need to tell someone something I really don't want to so the idea of overly aggressive Christian and like they need to be converted that's that's their problem but honestly it's a problem both sides because we need to love people enough to be truthful with them Amen so both of them have problems but you know what's fascinating about these problems is both sides can use scripture to defend themselves let me show it looks like I've heard things like Jesus always was direct I mean he called people white washed up will curse. Pretty tombs with full of dead men's bones little direct kind of insulting I wouldn't do that but you just did that and so you know he was right but then other people say Well Jesus was always in direct he never blasted Judas outright not once the closest he came to it was whoever dips his bread with me as want to betray me then he did it no one's paying attention because the disciples were always distracted and then he said to do this what you do do quickly. That's a very indirect though he didn't say you're going to betray me Judas it still wasn't direct so I would say yes it was always indirect with that about Jesus but he was also direct other people say Jesus always prioritized ministry over family I mean when his mother and brothers came to visit and someone told him he said who are brother and brothers these are my mother and brothers those who do the will of God So clearly a ministry family very obvious. But then also when he was on the cross he very much prioritized his family. Mother behold son behold my mother getting confusing Ok Well he did also he always net disrespect right in the bud always I mean people were exchanging money in the tabernacle he flipped tables he had a weapon stuff very intense very scary Jesus so clearly when he sees this respect he's like no. But then there was that one time and John that the Jewish leaders said he was an illegitimate child very very rude very disrespectful and he didn't even respond Ok Well again we're now seeing the interesting thing is Jesus doesn't even walk the line of balance he seems to go back and forth all the time so I was supposed to follow someone who doesn't follow a pattern that's kind of hard for us to be like Jesus but which will be erratic in our behavior the answer is No it's not the answer so I was never one of these sides that you swing to I want you to self diagnose we're not all that we're not all doctors here so if you are but I'll everyone is but I want you do your best to be like Ok what do I naturally go to we all want to be centered a mouse you always want to be but one of us we all struggle with one of the sides of self diagnose for a 2nd and which one is your go to are you more like I'll tell you the truth as long as I don't offend you or are you more like I'll tell you the truth full strength the no adaptation What is your natural inclination think about it and then I want to be able to answer how was Jesus always perfectly balanced I'm sure there's a 1000 principles I'm not going to do that to you this morning you're welcome just going to share for that I think if we follow these 4 biblical principles if we can live our lives like this we can live the kind of balance that Jesus did the fair yes. Amen for people with me all right more people come with me so the 1st principle is help people understand the truth not just hear it. Help people understand the truth and not just here is there are 33 unique parables recorded in the 4 gospels unique meaning I'm not counting the ones that are said over and over again like I've said ones that count as 133 that number can go up to 60 if you want to include phrases and conversations Jesus had like when he was talking to naked Demas and he equated the Holy Spirit to the wind going here and there that's not a parable to like it as a parable So we're going to say it is so 33 to 60 parables to count how you count a scholar say that it accounts for one 3rd of all of Jesus' teachings. So why did Jesus spend one 3rd of his time on earth telling stories about very kind of sometimes boring things why because you want people understand he want people to understand not just here in the crazy thing is Jesus would have had every right in the world to come down here to Earth and speak to us about the Kingdom of Heaven in just the language of kingdom of heaven and we would have done what he had the perfect right to do here's the truth I don't get it well I told you. He had the perfect right to do that he's either he can do that but Jesus focus was that I'm just doing the bare minimum Jesus wanted us to be saved and to live lives after his pattern so we become so the cycles he comes to people listening to him and he says Ok the kingdom of heaven is like. Ok so it's like it's like a guy who finds a buried treasure and because of the joy of the buried treasure he sells everything else just for that treasure to get it Ok. If you listen to me and do what I say it's like it's like if you built your house upon the rock and the storms of life would come but it stays put because it's on the rock but if you listen to what I say and and you don't do it it's like building your house on the sand and it washes away at the slightest storm Jesus could have just said do what I say. Or don't but bad things will happen I guess that is a stick in the mind as much right as for the last 7 years being a teacher and my favorite things about being a teacher is every single person is a puzzle I love semi-colons if you want talk about that after Please don't talk to me I love semi-colons but there are so many different ways to teach also be koans work I can teach it to one student I get it I said to the student they're like That makes no sense Ok new sentence but that's how Jesus is with us like how can I talk to you about salvation that's why there's so many parables of talk about the same thing because all of us are different all of us were elated us in different ways and because Jesus wants us to understand and not just hear the truth so my overly aggressive brothers and sisters I encourage you to take the time to adapt to your audience I encourage all of us to take the time to think not just how do I tell you because I'm supposed to tell you because my responsibility to tell you and hear you go but more of. How can I say this in such a way that doesn't compromise truth. But still adapts perfectly to this person so they can understand the truth and not just hear it. If that makes sense please say man. Second point. Love. More than their opinion of you love others more than their opinion of you can you tell which side of the pendulum I'm speaking to right now. My overly passive brothers sisters love others more than their opinion of you go with me in your Bibles please whether it is like this or a phone. You still welcome here go to Matthew Chapter 19. Matthew Chapter 19. Matthew Chapter 19. Matthew Chapter 19 going to start in verse 16. Verse 16 says and behold a man came up to him him meaning Jesus saying Teacher What good deed must I do to have eternal life and he said to him Why do you call me good there's only one who was good if you would enter life keep the commandments verse 18 he said to him which once and Jesus said You shall not murder you should not commit adultery you shall not steal you shall not bear false witness honor your father and mother and you shall love your neighbor as yourself the young man said to him I have kept what do I still lack Jesus said to him if you would be perfect go sell what you possess and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me. When the young man heard this he went away sorrowful for he had great possessions. I love this story because I can't imagine myself doing that as Jesus. I can't imagine myself knowing someone is asking the right question he asked How can how can I like what I need to do give me a list I'll do anything and then Jesus why did you have to go there. To bring that. Here you did so many great thing just being offensive again Jesus but he says to go and sell everything that you have and follow me but why did he say that I mean that's not part of the 28 fundamental beliefs we don't have to go and sell we possess right Ok we don't we don't have to go and sell everything we possess to be a Christian we don't a small part of salvation like Jesus is bringing up non-self ethic issues right now why is Jesus doing it so rude but why because that's what he needed to hear because it revealed a condition of his heart and maybe you and I are willing to go and sell all that we have and follow God Maybe there's something else that we clutch to our hearts we see Jesus you can have everything else just not this one thing. But that's what the young man needed to hear and Jesus looked at this young man and he loved him and he told him such an uncomfortable truth and it was so uncomfortable but the rich young ruler walked away when I was a canvasser I learned a lot of beautiful good things but there's one thing I was told that I disagree with and that is that of Jesus was a canvasser no one would ever close the door and Jesus face I have the local evidence to differ. I think he would I think people would close it fit their the door in Jesus' face because Jesus says things that we don't like to hear sometimes and not everyone is open and so sometimes we see people are like this is going to go well so I'm just not going to do it. But my overly passive brothers and sisters sometimes me to say the difficult things because they need to be heard. Let me give you 2 examples from my own life. I used to work for mission organization and I worked with one of my dearest friends name several So I will have to listen to this some day. And we got on a call once and I can't recall what it was he did something to annoy me probably in a big deal on the easy a normal person and so you're going to annoy me I'm gonna call for their people and I basically took just like side jabs at him in this conference call for their people the whole time and I'm with those people that can do it and make you think you're crazy. But really I'm the mean one who needs repentance and I didn't talk to him about what he had done that annoyed me I just did the side jobs because I'm a mature and need Jesus and we got the call and I knew what I did was wrong I'm not going up Pollak eyes and I'm going to do that so I got the call and we're going to talk later and he text me that he would talk right now I said Sure of course well then. So he called me and he basically said Cally you owe me an apology. Don't. You owe me an apology for being annoying. Calley you were very unprofessional not meeting and if you a problem with me you need to follow Matthew 18 and talk to me and you should be more mature than that I love you and I want you to grow in this way but I did not appreciate the way that you treated me. But I will say that no you are like there's nothing there's no way I can have my pride recover from that but he was right and I praise God that I said you're right. And I'm sorry and you know it's crazy he never treated he never was like passive aggressive towards me he was just nice I love people like that forgive you that's the main thing and that's what I needed to hear but you know sometimes people will Cali's clearly in a bad mood we should just let her be. But that's not what I needed what I needed was my brother to speak to me straight and say what someone else might have been scared to say lest you think I only receive it and also get some things about a week ago I was at a meal with one of my very closest friends whom I love and I have us from Mission to tell the story. And we were talking about his life and his journey and he made a comment about being single and I have been praying for him about him for a while and I had a conviction to say something that terrified me to say Jesus if you win this friendship right now it's your own fault and so. So he asked me a question and the answer Well said you know brother of mine. There are people that I would love to introduce you to but although I don't know your heart externally the young ladies that I know God is a much higher priority to to them than he is to you and I would not introduce you to such young ladies. And he said you know Kelly. If you want to say that to me a year ago I don't want to talk to you again. But I needed to hear that and then you for being honest with me. But that's terrifying to say something like that you me think it you might even tell your friends about that friend but you don't like to tell that person because you have feelings but honestly the most loving thing you can do in many of those cases is to say it to that person. We need to love other people more than we love being liked more than we love being called when they're in trouble more than we love being their favorite person in the whole world now granted doesn't mean go home and tell everyone things you don't like about them is not what I'm saying but when Jesus convicts you to say something don't be like quality is this that's me. Sometimes you need to say things like you know God isn't a high enough priority to you right now or you know you're being very unprofessional in Christ like in that conversation and that hurts but sometimes we need to hear that and sometimes we need to say it if that makes sense please say amen. 3rd point and it's my favorite point except for it is. If you're in a burning building but don't believe in fire how do I help you. This point. So I don't know if you have heard this analogy before but people talk about the fervor we need for evangelism is equivalent to someone in a burning house kind of at this stage of burning basically very very bad and we need to get them out of there that's the kind of urgency we need for the gospel and I completely agree with this phrase inserted if you're in a burning building but you don't believe in fire how do I help you. He's my friend Michelle here as my example Hi Michelle has gone Ok so. So if Michelle is in a burning building not at the squad at this stage let's say she lives in a 3 bedroom apartment and a fire has started in one of the rooms so Michelle in the living room she's like feel it or hear it or see it or smell but she I know it's there because I'm a friend and I'm a firefighter apparently and so she's there and I want to tell Michelle that if she stays there she's going to die I'm a good friend I love Michel. The thing is though if I wrote in I said Michelle Those are good you're going to tell me but she doesn't believe in fire how my going to look to her she listened to me probably know Kalie you in your fire things very adorable I mean about my book. Doesn't really help anything because she doesn't I can drag her out forcing people she might be like Ok please let go of my person I'm going back into my apartment that could happen so how do I I can knock her out no it's not good how do I get her out of her apartment and away from the fire Well 1st she needs to know what fire is she needs to come to understand what fire what burning is what this building falling down on her means she needs to know that sometimes and what I love about this this point though is it's on both sides because overly aggressive sometimes is just like won't tell you the truth your house is on fire going to die and I believe you good luck that's that's not but the other side is all I don't like a friend so I come in and sit next to me like a how are things. Good thank you shoes. Nice apartment you have here same thing like how to do it. I think that's good God bless them but. Ok both of those are wrong it's one of them we might tend towards the other but this is the balance the balance is I need to go to Michelle and say Michele there's this thing called Fire Ok weird word and I explained to her how fire is formed I explained her how fire destroys where it is and I explained to her how if she stays where she is she will be consumed by fire and I love her and I want to take her somewhere else. That's the adaptation side. I see this much how. Many of us have grown up in the Adventist circle we have a lot of Adventist jargon you need to be justified by faith. In the you in the need of the that's it Ok what is justified as they don't hundreds like we use that word of faith we believe in some Ok thank you for your conversation good bye that's very weird or we say well this person needs to surrender their burdens to Jesus he uses the word burdens It's very weird word again very archaic So how do we but this is how we appeal to people you need to surrender your burdens to Jesus Good to see you too Karen Ok this is where there is no conversation there's no adaptation there's no telling me what fire is but at the same time we don't want to take the friendship evangelism to such an extent that we forget they are in a burning building there is an urgency there there is a responsibility there is a real danger. So when you see someone whether it's your family member or your coworker or your friend or just someone you just love for whatever reason think of it as you want to help them you don't want to yank them out somewhere they're going to go right back to you if you just yank them they're actually helping them but you also want to freak them out because that's the 1st point of helping people understand the truth and not just hearing it so go with the fervor and the dedication the lifesaving focus on a firefighter but go also as appealing to a friend who may not know that they're in a burning building and to adapt their context so they will come with you and see it clearly so one last point is go with them don't just toss them out and find someone else to say. Go with them out into safety and health and safety as well if that somehow made sense. It's the last point. Is this so everywhere and trust God with the results go with me to Matthew 13 please. Matthew 13 starts out with any guesses the parable of the. Very good you Bible Students You Ok the parable of the sower and as much as I'd love to read the whole thing to read certain parts start in verse 3 of Chapter 13 and this is when Jesus tells the parable he explains it later is what is going into how he says it 1st verse 3 it says and he told them many things in parables saying a so were went out to sow and as you sow to some seeds fell along the path and the birds came and devoured them other seeds fell on rocky ground where they did not have much soil and immediately they spring up so they had no depth of soil but when the sun rose they were scorched and since they had no root they withered away other seeds fell among thorns and the thorns grew up and choked them other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain some a hundredfold of some 60 some 30 he who has ears let him hear. As much as I'd love to talk about soil right now actually is one talk with the very beginning of that parable and that is just the sower went out to sow. Now because the seed fell on things other than good soil we know that he put it on things of the good soil makes sense right he did so good soil here when I look for more good soil everywhere you go just see its seeds seed seeds seeds its And what happened to that was dependent on the soil but the solar wasn't looking just like I'm just going to so everywhere what happens happens great make sense yes people. So is going and but sometimes you and I are more picky of sowars. We evaluate someone to you look like good soil you know Ok We're going to over here is that this person looks ready for the Gospel you clearly know Ok maybe you and we evaluate the soil and then we decide whether or not we're going to so there. That if we think is our ability to perceive someone being good soil or not is wrong just in general it's very very flawed it's kind of like a parable later in this chapter which I highly encourage you to read of the weeds the we in the tears of them growing up together and people how do we we should take up the tears now you won't actually know what tears are yet to wait and sometimes really you're going to be a tear you're going to eat I want us here but we don't we don't actually know because to be honest we kind of all looked like that spoil at one point Amen but someone through the Lord Jesus Amen sold into our lives and you'll be back like man looked like really about soil who I am so glad someone took the chance and so into my life. Let me give you an example a few years ago I was at a missionary college and we gave our studies to people and time was limited. So sometimes people would want us to give them Bible studies and have time to get everyone by was that it which for the record is a fantastic problem but still a problem because really 24 hours a day and I was thinking about the student friends that I had and one of them I was convinced she was very about sort of. Her name is Marina and she's from her time a story so when I met Marina she was a lukewarm Christian of a different denomination and I remember our 1st meaningful conversation was yeah and I'll think like that really is the truth deftly about soil let it go nowhere real fast so clearly I need to go to someone else who like at least believes in truth I need a starting place that's confusing but I want to pray that the Lord is like he needs to spend time with Marina Ok but isn't even Truth to do with that nope the buy will show why you believe the Bible explain to us that it's weird because the heart but I did I spent time with her gave our studies to her and long story short as I'm sure you knew where I was going she is a baptized and very very active member of the church and she ministers to me to this day but she was about soil she didn't believe in truth you and I can't see things clearly our call is to so everywhere and trust God with the results don't choose the good soil. One more example because another part of sowing everywhere is sowing. Everywhere profound I know so I have an example a little while ago I lost my debit card for the 4th or 5th time pray for me and I called my bank to get it to cancel the card to get a new one and so on the phone call. It was like well you know you've been talking to a lot lately which is a very nice way to blast me. And so we need to set up a phone password for you so your phone password like I do also is no longer my phone passwords I don't have a big break into my bank anyone so I said something you would know my Ok told 9 and 10 so who for a specific Ok that's a guest of disperses I like to go Ok what do they say oh well memorized but they talk about. When Paul is pleading with God to remove a weakness of his and God responds that his strength is sufficient for his weaknesses and then Paul's talking about how he'd rather boast of his weakness because he hasn't got strength and yet a cool verse to go why do you stay only well costar Let's go back to you let's go back to your potential as we go back we'll talk about that for about 10 minutes and she was also my issues it was very good thank you and I'm 1st on the phone and at the end of it she's like yeah so and they also help me with no I'm good thanks so much she Ok. Question for me though so I actually had it closed out of your count but could you remind me what was bible verses were I sure it's 129 and 10 Ok. I'll try to read them later anyways you have a great day thank you so much for your service and have a great pressure day you too felt it. Sometimes you and I forget that all humans are human. Cashiers are human we forget the flight attendants are human forget that waiters and waitresses are human and I think those in particular because especially in those times we're the customer they're the servant so you need to do very self centric I mean like minister to people like evangelist experience we're not bad people but when we're just walking by people anywhere all of them Jesus died for just as much as he died for you and I and so we would do well to so everywhere be kind all ways have a Bible verse ready always have be ready for a conversation always and don't be sad if the end of it or not we've been asking for baptism Ok we're not always cold to see them sometimes like all we're going to station but they didn't ask me about Jesus like you can just be nice you can just be nice and bring joy and light to people's lives and just because we don't see the harvest it doesn't mean we were not part of the sowing we can be a part and come to heaven and someone's like you were part of my conversion story you're like your name Who are you but God can use us in ways that we don't have to even notice we just need to be in a posture of faith and a posture of Lord I will so anywhere. One last example. Go with me to John chapter 4 please John chapter 4 this is my favorite story in the whole entire Bible it's the woman at the well she just this is such a great person so great John Chapter 4 I want to show you how Jesus had all these 4 principles Lest you think I'm just making them up and I'm crazy so I'm going to get even local evidence. So you can have that so just a quick recap of the story of the one with the well Jesus is on his way through some area he stops at a well his disciples go to get food the Samaritan woman comes and he engages with her through a series of conversations that range a lot and topic actually and she ends up believing he is the Messiah goes and brings people as a great time disciples like why talking to her because I want to for good story Ok so for. The 1st principle right was to help people understand and not just here go with me to verse 9 now it's just getting 1st 7 I tricked you 1st 7. A woman from some area came to draw water Jesus said to her Give me a drink for his disciples had gone away into the city to buy food 1st 9 the Samaritan woman said to him How is it that you a Jew ask for a drink from me a woman of some area for Jews have no dealings with Samaritans Poz if Jesus would have offered help that would have been offensive but the fact that he asked like he put himself at the mercy of a Samaritan that is unheard of which is why she's like why she she's even bypassing the courtesy of has given the man some water I mean it's very strange that is how crazy it is a Jew is even talking to her this way and Jews use of this example this this encounter for spiritual truth verse 10 Jesus answered her if you knew the gift of God and who it is that a saying to you give me a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water. Skip down in verse 13 Jesus said to her everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again the water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life Jesus is like the best teacher ever because he sees someone and he was for the gods with them like closest thing water all right and the full story that is that is exactly what she is doing so Jesus sees her he sees what she's doing she comes to this well all the time because she's thirsty and because she needs water so he sees that need to say Ok How can I help you understand this I'll use the very thing that you are experiencing at this moment because Jesus wants us to understand and not just to hear 2nd one is love others more than their opinion of you pick it up in verse 15. The woman said to him Sir give me this water so that I will not be thirsty or have to come here to draw water verse 16 Jesus said to her Go call your husband and come here for 17 The woman answered him I have no husband she has said to her You are right in saying I have no husband for you have had 5 husbands and the one you now have is not your husband what you have said is true why did you have to go. She just wanted some water come down. But do you this is appealing to her heart's need there is something more going on here than just a physical thirst and Jesus is willing to go and say the thing that there might be thinking about and dancing around and she responds verse 19. Said to him Sir I perceive that you are a prophet. So you. Our fathers worshiped on this mountain but you say that Jerusalem is the place for people to worship and this is a 2nd part burning building but don't believe in fire so notice what she asks about worshiping and the place of worship and what's what's actually right and he says in verse 21 Jesus said to her Woman believe me the hour is coming when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem where you worship the Father you worship what you do not know we worship what we know for salvation is from the Jews but the hour is coming and is now here when the true worshipers will worship the the Father in spirit and truth for the Father is seeking such people to worship Him God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth Jesus takes the time to explain worship at this well I don't want to say stop doing the Says You worship what you do not know you're just up there doing a wrong thing get out get back No he comes to her and says this isn't correct this is what is correct and this is how you can have a meaningful worship experience with the father and then the last part of sowing everywhere 1st 25 The woman said to him I know the Messiah is coming he has called Christ when He comes He will tell us all things Jesus said to her I who speak to you and he she was one of the very few that got a direct revelation that Jesus said yes Messiah me hello. Very very few people got that but this some marital woman who by the way very scandalous love life right by our self and then she's a Samaritan she is the worst soil ever she'd Why would Jesus taught everywhere Jesus sowed in the night with a Jewish leader Demas was here to talk to him Jesus so with fishermen who could not get their whole I'm better than you complex straight Jesus sold with Samaritans at in the middle of the day Jesus so did everywhere Jesus never saw someone that was unworthy of his time or his affection or his reaching hand towards them so then whether you are naturally an overly passive or naturally and overly aggressive Christian. I hope that she is spoken to this morning in just a way that we can be a little bit more balanced as he is I hope and pray that evangelism is not a scary of a word for you as it was for me for so many years evangelism can be a scary it's a responsibility I would say people who are so scary but it's really just living the life that God has called us to live and sharing in the ways that he's given us opportunities to share don't let the devil make it a curse words don't let the devil make it a word that evokes fear from your heart but may have vandalism just be a descriptor word of the life that we live as Christians and they will be balanced balance Christians just as Jesus always has been let's pray. Father in heaven we thank you for your love for us and we think you that even though sometimes things look contradictory in the scripture we can see that Jesus was a perfect example of who we are to be. I don't know the struggles my brothers and sisters I don't know how the word evangelism may feel to them but Father I pray that if any fear he would completely override it with your peace and with your truth and with your clarity I pray Lord that you would help us to love others that you would help us to love others more and there are opinions of us that you would help us to go into burning buildings and save those around us and help us to sow everywhere. And that you would help us to see truth as it truly is. Father take our burdens from us we trust them in your hands and then we trust that you can take care of everyone just as well as you can take care of us love you leave these things at your feet in Jesus' name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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