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The United States Attorney General, Democracy, Prophecy, and the Future Religious Liberty

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • November 18, 2019
    2:32 PM
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Lord thank you for the glory of this morning to see your church doing more than it's done before I pray the Lord made matter to us and I'm asking or that will change our priorities in our focus in such a way that our words and actions will line up together with the knowledge that we're living near the reproach in the return of Jesus blessed this message now Lord prepare the hearts that will hear it prepare the heart that will preach it and I do pray make it a divine worship aureus now in Jesus' name amen. All right this morning I want to talk with you about something very important on Friday October 11th United States. Tourney general the highest law enforcement officer lawyer for our country made a speech at Notre Dame it was just 25 miles from here that speeches elicited all kinds of fervor and fear were and this morning I've been titled My message United States attorney general democracy prophecy and the future of religious liberty now I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do and then going to do it so you don't get confused because I'm going to share a lot of history today I'm going to show you how Revelation 13 talks about 2 beasts it's a beast that comes up out of the sea and persecutes God's people for 1260 years that beast is unequivocally not by 7th Day Adventists invention or definition but by Protestant exposition of the Word of God and by Myriad dozens and hundreds and thousands of preachers pastors and scholars developes 500 years that beast without animus and without any negative intent to anyone that's a member of this church represents a little horn power from Daniel Chapter 7 which is the papacy. I didn't make it up it's not new with me I don't want to offend you my family has. Catholic ties very distinct Catholic ties my father was raised as Roman Catholic loosely I have the most wonderful people I know I have a wonderful aunt practicing Catholic lady the Says nothing to do with people but it has something to do with prophecy intent and history now the other beast in Revelation 13 is a lamb like Beast that appears on the scene while the 1st beast is being wounded the beast that was an oppressive Beast The dictated conscience that ruled through civic power and allowed for no religious liberty that beast the papacy was wounded about 200 years into the present Reformation when the Polian took the pope and imprisoned 2 of them some wondered about the future of the Catholic Church at that very same time in the end of the 18th century the 1700s there is a new country arriving on the scene it is America and America will be uniquely different it will make allowance for religious liberty like no nation ever on the face of the earth has done there were republics before and there were democracies but there were not republics and democracies like America that wove into the fabric of their constitutional law protection for religious freedom this makes America unique in the history of the world now what I'm going to show you is that from the time of the deadly wound in 798 I'm going to show you the trajectory of papal history and its attempt to reconstitute its authority and its power. I'm going to show you how America becomes great while the papacy is losing power and how America starts becoming immoral and godless and indulge it while the papacy is regaining power I'm going to show you all this this morning with a purpose I want you to understand something when they take that doomsday clock and they move it closer to midnight back and forth that has to do with all things non religious but I'm here this morning to tell you the clock is ticking down I know America's been good to most of us and I know we really love our ease in our comfort but I'm telling you today we are to start planning for our heavenly inheritance God is coming back what he said would come true is coming true the word of the prophets is more sure than even what we've read already that's happened God has it planned out and it's happening so what I'm really saying to you as parents you can't be too busy to memorize those Sabbath school verses you can't be too busy to do your Sabba school lesson by the way to cue from the Spirit of Prophecy this is what Ellen White suggested do with your families study the entire Sabbath school lesson on Sabbath afternoon together and then you can talk about it through the week and by the time your kids show at the Sabbath school man don't have something to say because they'll have found out that their parents and the Bible are the most exciting dialogues that can be had in the spirit gets in the mix and it's very very wonderful. It's time for a start memorizing Psalm 46 Psalm 91 they're both Psalms that we've been directed to memorize and in to patience of the trouble that's coming and if you weren't here for my presentation last Saturday night on the 7 last plagues in the battle of Armageddon get online and watch it you need to understand when Daniel sees and Daniel Chapter 12 verse one that Michael stands up in a time of trouble is coming on the earth you need to know what it is and you didn't know how it's going to turn out but I'm going to tell you the short version right now so nobody goes away worry the real traveler for those who don't have Michael standing up for them. I want you to understand this the Devils tried to do a little and run on 7th Day Adventists and make them afraid of what's coming the people that need to be afraid of the ones that don't know they need to be afraid and need to be told there's a save and a haven there's a sanctuary there's an arc for them to come into it's a relationship with God He knows his own and he takes care of his own All right let's go all right pendulum swings some of you have clocks in your houses that are still not completely electronic when the pendulum goes like this and it night when nobody's around you can hear it ticking and you can hear it talking I'm going to be talking to you this morning about pendulum swing the papacy overexerted its influence and actually created a backlash in the form of the Reformation nobody wanted to break away from the mother church but it's oppression it's absolutely overarching oppression created it and you've got a backlash now we see that the papacy looks like it's about to fall and when the papacy attempts to come back the pendulum swings way over I'm going to show you this in this sermon and finally I'm going to show you liberty this American country was birthed on the idea of freedom and rule of the people it pushed the pendulum way over here but all of their license and all their liberty has led to licentiousness in the bud Sharee and self-indulgence and so we're imploding on a moral social level and the pendulum swinging way over here now but I'm here to tell you there's one more pendulum swing that's coming and that pendulum swing will be when we consider the weighty ness of societal ills too great for all the freedoms we've been announcing and proclaiming What's a democracy it's a system of government by the whole population of eligible members now we don't have a pure democracy in the sense that every time there's a decision to be made all $300000000.00 of us don't get together and vote we have a republican form of democracy where we elect people that represent us and there's a little bit of a disk. That between the raw vote of the people and the actual enactment of law it's done by people who am usually a higher level of education and social status most Americans occluding many of us would be surprised to learn the word democracy is not in the declaration or the Constitution does that mean it doesn't exist no it's just not there constitutional republic the form of indirect democracy where representatives are elected and the rules are set down in a written constitution it's often the simply called a Republic John and said that a constitutional republic was a government of what laws and not people that's very important because in the end of the day law and obedience and respect of law is what keeps our society say now we all know that some 400 years ago there was a effort to achieve at great personal sacrifice liberty and so these pilgrims many of who died on the way a many more who have died when they got here risk life limb fortune and future and yet they were hoping for a better future and they established this country they believe that whenever the state seeks to enforce religious beliefs on it says citizens persecution results that's why they're on the beach there at the Massachusetts Bay in our Constitution it says no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof shall be May The Bible tells us of this lamblike beast remember I described 2 beast in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 I have not created the identity of the 1st now the identity of the 2nd is the United States of America is not all is not only shared by myself and those of my religious faith either but the interpretation that I'm going to show you here today is probably somewhat unique to my 7th day admin his fate I saw another beast coming up out of the earth he had 2 horns like a lamb and he spoke like a dragon there's a dual nature to the beast for the last. Yes 200 some years we've experienced primarily lamblike dynamics but there is a dragon dynamic on the way where does this beast power arise from coming up out of the Earth we know that in Bible prophecy corny Revelation 17 the sea represents peoples and populated places this beast came up out of the earth indeed after the Prophet Reformation is well underway for a few 100 years and while the papacy is experiencing this deadly wound society is fed up with her overreaching power we see across the pond on the other side of the Atlantic the United States of America emerging in a relatively sparsely populated place this newbie's comes up out of the earth an unpopulated area one is this beast power rise towards the end of the domination of the papal sea for 1260 years sometimes called the Middle Ages sometimes called the Dark Ages dark because of the kind of oppression and ignorance and overreach of the church we come to the end of that period in which there is redress pendulum swing to these problems birth da the French general sent by Napoleon took the Pope of Rome kept it as a matter of fact both Pope Pius the 6th and Pius the 7th where held by Napoleon How does this power arise it comes up out of the earth and it has 2 horns like a lamb there are no crowds on these tours it represents a balance of power without a monarchy the mystery of her coming forth said a secular historian from vacancy like a silent seed we grew into an empire echoing the sentiments of the bibble Bible symbology emerging amid the silence of the earth adding daily to its power and strength indeed the United States has had in a sentence of power and might. We think about the great freedoms we enjoy and we stand thankful and blessed the nation speaks as I noted before through law that was in a previous life but what the Bible declares is that eventually what was once separate in America will unite there will be a combination of church and state today I'm going to show you why instability injustice and confusion wrote James Madison in the Federalist Papers have been have in truth been the mortal disease under which popular governments everywhere have perished now pause Do any of you listen to the news if you don't you should a little bit if instability injustice and confusion are not abounding right now on the more American political scene I want to know what it would need to look like. You want to certain line of news you go over here you want to certain line of news you come over here somebody probably everybody has a problem going on and the problem is they're determined to see through their lens no matter what the truth Don't confuse me with the facts if there was ever a confused moment on the landscape of American political life you are living it and I want you to understand that according to Madison in his Federalist Papers this is how popular governments everywhere have perished it's time to wake up friends these are not ordinary days we're not just problem I'm not saying we could we could see all kinds of strange things happening we might go through another period of relative calm but I don't think so because the fabric of American society itself is what is bent you look at the polls should we impeach the president should we not they line up almost completely in a 5050 split based pretty much on what you've already decided in regards to your political predilection. It's not a very good day truth doesn't rain anymore the fact of the matter is is that truth is your truth the post-modern mentality has made it into politics and it's painful painful and response now I want to I'm going to shift gears now I'm going to tell you why we're close to that church state union John Cornwell got permission to go into the pontifical archives and write a book about pious the 12th Eugenio but Shelley Why did he get permission because he had heard that this pope was somehow complicit in the slaughter of the Jews through an agreement with the with the German government leaders he went into the journey planning to exonerate the papacy that's how he got access to the archives he came out of the journey with the book entitled Hitler's pope you can see that there is a not so subtle intimation of guilt in the title of the book now I'm going to show you something very important I'm going to chase for you the history of the deadly wound and its effect for the last 200 years I'm going to do it quickly and there's going to be a lot of Pope names I know you don't deal in this very often so I'm going to try to be clear you may have to go back and watch a sermon more than once I hope not but I'm going to show you now what happened to the Catholic Church after Napoleon imprisoned Pope Pius the 6th and 7th. Now this is going to be talking about a pope who was pope from the 1938 or 39 to 1958 I think Eugenio put jelly Pope Pius the Twell he says in response to the political and social changes that gathered pace in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Right where at the end of the 18th century the late 17 hundreds the papacy had struggled to divide and in exerting influence in a climate of liberalism secularism science industrialization and the evolving nation state in other words there was a crisis in the papal governance system because it wasn't prepared for the ideas of the Enlightenment secularism you don't have to believe in God liberalism a state about personal rights science no longer dictated from Rome industrialization wealth to the masses the church wasn't ready for this the Catholic Church quoting from his book became an object of oppression in Europe throughout much of the 19th century you know that's the 1800s so the church was in trouble it had fallen out of favor by by way of the masses and political structures its property and well systematically was plundered religious order and clergy were deprived of their scope of action schools were taken over by the state or shut down this was the experience of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the 1800s of popes have been obliged to fight on 2 fronts they were primates are leaders of an embattled church the Roman Catholic Church and as monarchs of a tottering papal Kingdom. The Vatican the Holy Roman see is an actual nation state and the truth of the matter is many of their properties were confiscated by Italy and so there was a question is whether or not the Roman Catholic Church would even survive that's why it looked like a deadly wound caught him be willing series of confrontations with the new masters of Europe the papacy had been attempting to protect the church universal while defending the integrity of its collab scene and one of the next 2 words temporal power now the 7 day of his church has no temporal power neither do the Baptists or the Presbyterians. The Kalak church is always sought to combine church and state and I'm going to show you in the sermon how they not only recaptured it I'm going to show you how they currently have it and why it should alarm you the papacy itself was repeatedly humiliated 2 popes were held prisoner by Napoleon and papal Tory Tories have been constant danger of dismemberment and an exaggeration as the forces for modernization gained strength the papal autocracy which means absolute power undoubtedly have been a principal cause of the Reformation what's Cornwell saying he's saying that this absolute power in this overreach running over people's conscience and personal rights created a backlash I want you to think pendulum swing if you go out of this church today without thinking pendulum swing I have failed now and then let's go back when the 1st Vatican Council Vatican one was held over a period of years the main thing that came out of this Vatican Council was the infallible Billiton of the pope now that did not exist before the pope was taken captive in 7098 now I want you to think the pendulum swing the Roman Catholic Church for the 1st 1500 years was actually built around more than just the authority of the pope. It was built on other components of the church but now that there's been a deadly wound when it starts coming back it's going to reach for more than it's ever had before now Pope Pius the night was the one who oversaw this take your bulletins out I want you to look at the quote in The Bulletin this quote comes out of great controversy he hated modernity he was not a modernist he did not like the enlightment ideas he was bitter about what it had done to his church now this quote comes out of the great controversy I want I want to assure anybody that's watching or listen to me Get the book and read it to know what's in it if you've never read the book you are walking blind into the future the Constitution of the United States guarantees liberty of conscience nothing is dear or more fundamental This is all white right Pope Pius the 9th that's who's on the screen overseer of Vatican one infallibility of the papacy it is in cyclical letter of August 15th $854.00 said Now notice the sarcasm and the contempt the absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a most pestilential air of past of all others most to be dreaded in a state let that sink in this is the pope who establishes papal infallibility when he teaches ex cathedra. The same pope in the encyclical letter of December 8th 864 anathematized In other words he put at the peak of hated things those who assert the liberty of conscience and of religious worship and also all such is maintained that the church may not employ force listen France this isn't that long ago and it is doctrine that has not been repudiated by the Catholic Church out of this becomes papal infallibility I think the pendulum swing the decree states that the true successor of St Peter this is now a papal infallibility has full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the whole church that he has the right of free communication with the pastors of the whole church and with their flocks one of the things that you see starting to develop is the privilege of the pope to appoint anybody he wants on the cardinal level or the bishop level and that is primacy includes the Supreme teaching power to which Jesus Christ added the prerogative of papal infallibility whereby the pope is pursuer of free from error when he teaches definitively that a doctrine concerning faith or morals is to believe by the whole church Vatican one. About 130140 years ago but this pope. Was not very much appreciated and when his funeral procession was leaving San Lorenzo to go to St Peter's several of you have been to Rome and they were crossing the Tiber River again got a hold of the entourage and was threatening to throw his his. Casket in the Tiber River if the military witness showed up he never would have made it to his final resting place I want you to see this is in the 860 s. I want you to see how absolutely unappreciated and how much contempt was held still for the Roman Catholic Church this is in Rome and this is the middle 800 but I want to show you how it's changing now this pope here pious the 12th is the focus of Cornwell's book Hitler's pope Eugenio put jelly I don't want to confuse you as I go forward he worked his way up through the ranks of the papacy and found himself as a key lawyer redrafting the Canon Law 1919 this law is still in effect slight little adaptations to it and I believe in 1903 but this law is still in effect and this law is the governance structure for the Roman Catholic Church Ok it's like our constitution and bylaws are our policy books this here is how the church works he was part of the redrafting of it and what he did was he brought he coalesced the power of governance closer and closer to the pope himself so that this infallibility of Vatican one and now this canon law is giving the pope more and more power he was the Nuncio that means an ambassador to Munich Amber Lynn in the 1930 s. and he negotiated something now before I go into that negotiation let's come in on the code the code describe it a Catholic clergy throughout the world created the means of establishing imposing and sustaining a remarkable new top down power relationship that's what the. Code of 1917 did that code is still operative the pope after the deadly wound has much more authority and power than he ever did before in 1903 project he found a successful negotiating partner for his right concurred that in the person of Adolf Hitler Now this is where things are kind of dark. At this moment in time we find that put chali is now negotiating this is a picture in Rome this is potentially right here he will go on to become He is not the pope yet he will go on to become Pope Pius the 12. What makes this so significant is that what put Cheli was after was civil power to enforce the edicts of his code on the German prelate on on the German members of the Catholic Church and the priests and the bishop he wanted civic power and so he goes to negotiating with the developing Nazi. Political Establishment and along the way he strikes a deal that will forever change his name this treaty authorized the papacy to impose the new church law on German Catholics and granting privileges to Catholic schools and clergy now most of you don't know this some of you are from Germany I've had the privilege of going several times and I can still remember writing in a train when one of the Germans was explaining to me how their ties if you want to call it that their contribution to the state church was automatically deducted like taxes from their pay we don't do that in America. But what I want you to understand is that this was an agreement in which special favor from the government and special power would come for the enacting and the benefit of the Roman Catholic Church in exchange the Catholic Church in Germany its parliamentary political party so all of its political activism and its many hundreds of associations and newspapers would voluntarily look at the quote marks the direction would come from Rob you are no longer to oppose the political actions of the Nazi party and you can see the set up as Hitler and self boasted in a cabinet meeting on July 14th 1033 Patel East guarantee he would become Pope Pius the 12th of nonintervention left the regime free to resolve what the Jewish question. And thus the church which is supposed to be a part of the collective conscience of speaking to its leaders steps out of the way so its leaders can do as they wish and that's the Catholic Church especially Pope Pius the 12 Eugenio put jelly bears the blot of complicit in this in the destruction of so many millions of Jews one of the German chancellor's and $130.00 wrote all successes the celli believed could only be admitted by papal diplomacy the system of can core dots or agreements led him in the Vatican to despise what. Democracy and the parliamentary system this is in the 1940 s. and fifty's little bit more rigid governments feel it folks rigid centralization and rigid treaties were supposed to introduce an era of stable order of an era of quiet and of peace his vision of the papacy was unchallenged power mystically bestowed by God This is coming from Cornell's book Hitler's pulp and what he did in the interest of the survival and unity of the Catholic church friends what if I replaced instead of in the interest of the survival and unity of the Catholic Church I replaced the survival of civility and civilization. Decency in order law in order what if I change those things could we come to the place where rigid structures of government were once again not only needed but wanted. The most absolute it's pope in modern history and that my friends is only 6070 years ago now let's move on Vatican 2 but Shelley has died there is let's think pendulum swing everybody that was around him that didn't like what he was doing wanted to see the pendulum swing the other way if we had absolute power in the papacy we wanted to see it swing back over here to where it was a little bit more dispersed and so Vatican 2 is overseen as a by Pope Pius the 23rd or Pope John the 23rd and it's seen to redefine the church it's no longer the institution in power structures it's now supposed to be the people of God The 2nd thing that comes out of it most of you are aware of is that mass is no longer in Latin so the Catholic worship service is no longer done in Latin it's done in the language of the people and the 3rd thing is there is a call for collegiality this is what I want to focus on instead of one person having all the power it's to be share now I want you to notice there is a call for collegiality this is not a lot of redefining the structures of governance in the church so it's going to be up to the good natured this and the operating the Operative's up the church to respond out of some kind of potential moral obligation John the 23rd did not live through the entire duration of the meetings that lasted over a period of a few years and the Pope's that followed John the 23rd according to Cornell were unwilling to let go it's kind of hard to let go of power once you have it there was a moral obligation on popes to apply collegiality but no institutional mechanism why does this matter well I'm about to show you he was followed by Paul the 6 from 1963 to 1978 now we're getting into memorable times then one of the shortest pope's ever to reign 33 days from August to September in 1978 and now we're going to come up to a time that most of you will remember because now we have the 1st nonattendance. Pope in more than 400 years poor John Paul the 2nd and we think of him with this beneficence smile is magnetism and charisma we think him as one who truly reshapes and reestablishes the primacy of the papacy and indeed he does but the question at hand for us today is does he embraced collegiality or does he continue to solidify the structures of absolute authority out of the papal see there are deep contradictions corn corn Well right and what do you Ola's papacy taken in the round that means in the whole advocate and enabler of social and political activism in Poland in the seventy's and in the eighty's he emerged as a traditionalist autocrat as despotic in his management of the church as put Shelley ever was now mind you this is written by a person who wanted to exonerate put Cheli and probably would like to exonerate John Paul but his assessment as a historian and a Catholic I believe is that John Paul behind the scenes is no different than put chali no different than Pope Pius the 12 John Paul has canonized more saints during his pontificate than all the other popes put together since the formal process was established you say Pastor what does that matter I'm going to tell you what it matters who didn't want to canonize making pious the 12th a same would be a decisive victory for the traditionalists over the progressives in the interpretation of Vatican 2 Vatican 2 was about collegiality if it's all about clearly geology and if Hitler's pope went way too far and becoming an absolutist maybe we ought not to be putting him forth as one for beatification or sainthood no. He is going to be moved along the road by jump ball himself for the sainthood Hitler's pope was made a servant of God by Pope John Paul the 2nd in 1900 that's the step and Pope Benedict declared Pius the 12 it was Pope then arrival as a saint under similar 10020091 of the things you want to know before I'm done is that John Paul the 2nd beatified Opus Dei He's the founder of the founder of Opus Dei who is which is a questionable Religious Society of the Catholics and it will come up as we go to the speech Benedict the 16th was the protector of religious dogma hardly a progressive you would say and that brings us up to Francis Now Francis we know is reasserting his political abilities very astute at connecting with people and I have no desire to write him down Personally I am acknowledging that he is rising out of the tide of dysfunction and as a potentially functional credible honest responsible leader and we all know about his endorsement of the global Educational Alliance in a video message it says here Pope Francis launches a global event that will take place at the Vatican on May 14th now friends I didn't dig for this it's right off the Vatican news website Ok I'm not a conspirator if I haven't had to dig for anything I'm showing you here today all I've done is reacquaint myself or acquaint myself with Cornell's book Hitler's pope and things I'm going to show you on William Byers speech and all the responses came almost all of the 1st page if you just want to google it there's nothing secretive here. Pope announced a few weeks ago the Education Alliance meeting will see the attendance of representatives from various regions non-governmental organizations academia and cultural and political leaders at the invitation of Pope Francis that's maybe 14 of 2020. Now let's go to the speech for just a 2nd I'm going to region just a little bit the speech I'm here to tell you there's almost nothing in the speech get online and look at it 9 pages just Google it get online and look at it I assure you there's almost nothing in the speech that you will disagree with so I'm in a region just a little bit of it some of this I may bring up on the screen as well but quoting Madison Barr said we've staked our future on the ability of each of us to govern ourselves he's going to make a point that a independent society without a monarch will have to be governed individually so that there can be collective self control you can't have a democracy without having some kind of governing influence in the heart of the citizens of the country as Jad John Adams put it we have no government armed with the power which is capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people it is wholly inadequate for any government of any other type I'm going to skip about 3 about a 3rd of the way and he gets to talking about social pathology What does he mean by that what are our social diseases he says virtually every measure of social pathology continues to gain ground in 1985 the illegitimacy rate was 8 percent that's ladies having babies without being married to their daddies 8 percent in 1985 in 1902 when I was last attorney general because he was in turn a general also I believe under President Bush it was 25 percent. Today in $21000.00 it is 40 percent and in many of our large urban areas it's around 70 percent. Along with the wreckage of the family we're seeing record levels of depression and mental illness dispirited young people storied suicide rates increasing number of angry and alienated young males and increase in senseless violence and a deadly drug economic epidemic as you know over 70000 people die a year from drug overdoses that is more casualties in the year than we experienced during the entire vait Naam war I will not dwell on all the bitter results of the new secular age Suffice it to say now this is where it gets very kind of personal. That the campaign to destroy the traditional moral order has brought with it immense suffering wreckage and misery. Just a little bit more in the past he says society is threatened by moral chaos and the over social cost overall social cost of licentiousness ultimately recoil and re avail valuate the path they are on but today in the face of increasing pathologies social ills instead of addressing the underlying cause we have the state in the role of the alleviate or of bad consequences. The solution for the break down the families for the state to set itself up as a substitute dead for the substitute mother the call comes for more and more social programs to deal with the wreckage then he says the refusal to accommodate the free exercise of religion is a relatively new or recent event just 25 years ago there was broad consensus in our society that our laws should accommodate religious beliefs let's go a little bit into the reaction now. He quoted when Burke men are qualified for civil liberty an exact proportion to their disposition to put chains on their appetites society cannot exist unless the controlling power be placed somewhere and the less of it there is within the more of it there must be without What's he saying when there is no it Holy Spirit controlling he didn't use the words Holy Spirit but when you don't have the Holy Spirit telling you No you need a law telling you no and the less the controlling of the Spirit of God is in a person the more you're going to laws in Atlanta tell you what to do it's ordained in the eternal constitution of things that men of intemperate minds cannot be free their passions forge their fetters. The Guardian picked it up a threat to democracy William bar speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics the attorney general is taking positions that are essentially undemocratic because they demolished the wall between church and state Anderson is a Roman Catholic professor at Fordham University so he is a liberal clap Catholic critiquing William Barr who is a very devout conservative Catholic and the lead lawyer for our United States of America bar speech at Notre Dame was a reminder of a fact often overlooked in the analysis of Trump's political base now while the president enjoys the support of many high profile right wing Christian evangelical leaders. He has also surround himself with conservative Roman Catholics associated with organizations that some others in the faith consider experience now we're going to come back to Opus Dei and the beatification the sainthood by John Paul the 2nd for the founder of Opus Dei one example Barr and Patrick simple loan terms White House counsel have both served on the board of directors of a Washington based organization staffed by priests from the secretive ultra orthodox Catholic sect Opus Dei. This commentator says this should put the fear of God in anybody who cares about freedom democracy in the separation of religion and politics said John O'Brien president of Catholics for Choice a group that advocates for Catholics who support a woman's right to abortion and other reproductive freedom by the way friends this is not really part of the sermon but I'm going to throw it in. If you haven't been paying attention to the news you know there is state after state that is lining up so that Roe v Wade can be put back on the dock of the United States Supreme Court I'm making a case here's the case I'm making there is a pendulum swing coming there is a religious response Comey there is a return to a call actual pleading for somebody to institute some kind of new moral order order back into this country bar speech he said shows that Christmas is coming very early for conservative Catholics and other Christians who want to see an end to abortion rights but in his Senate confirmation hearings in January Barr was asked a few questions about his faith and how it might bear on the actions of the Justice Department bar was not questioned in any detail for example about his membership on the board of directors of the Catholic Information Center in Washington the Opus Dei linked group that offers as a meeting place for prominent Catholics in the capital the center's Board has also included Leonardo Leo of the Federalist Society the right wing legal group task by trying to help pick up federal judges including members of the Supreme Court Leo led campaigns in support of the Supreme Court nomination of Roberts Alito and Cavanaugh all of them Catholics who now serves on the court All right how about Mother Jones so-called progressive to be concerned because he's about to wreak havoc on American society again 1st page on a Google hit do it bars depiction of the war between the non-religious in the people the faith shocked legal experts who saw bars defense of religious freedom as an assault on the 1st Amendment protection against the government's establishment of any religion All right this is from The Washington Post. On Friday in a closed door speech at the University of Notre Dame tourney General William p. Barr talked at length about a campaign to destroy the traditional moral order now she's accurate this far he does talk about it he says it's no longer just a regular implosion but he says everybody with a microphone my paraphrase everybody with a microphone is lining up to destroy traditional Judaic Christian values he does say that in his speech so she's right thus far but I want you to see where she goes the alleged perpetrator of this campaign militant secularists who insist upon keeping government institutions free from the influence of any faith or creed pretty soon most people are going to say some religion in the laws of the land would be good it's a lot easier to put it in the law than it is the put it in your heart it's a lot easier to dictate it through fear and legal action than it is for a revival to come back to the churches of America. To be clear this was not merely an affirmation delivered by a devout Catholic while visiting a Catholic university of how privately taught religious values can contribute to character development or stronger communities know this to Peter to be a tacit endorsement of what word would you put there this is the one she put She's a prison educated countess for The Washington Post for some of you that would be a liability for others of you know and probably mean left leaning of course the Washington Post is but look at what she fills in the blank with. Theocracy I want you to know what people are thinking what people are saying here is one bill bars 1st a pistol to the heel and this is heathens the attorney general believes the Christian hedge of money which means dominance is essential to American democracy and wants to leverage state power to uphold it Paul Krugman warned that bar is sounding remarkably like America's most un hinged religious zealots the kind of people who insist that we keep experiencing mass murder because schools teach the theory of evolution and guns don't kill people Darwin kills people the attorney general believes the Christian dominance is essential to American democracy and wants to leverage state power to uphold it the attorney general is the nation's top law enforcement officer what would you put in the blank not. Its top theologians. But I want you to see is that this individual along with Mike Pompei you who gave a similar speech maybe on the exact same day somewhere else touting Christian leadership is causing all the people on the left side of American society to get worried because they think it's the own doing of democracy this dynamics are not healthy for American politics and those who found a moral and ethics foundation beyond Christianity interesting phrase I don't know where they found it at aren't going anywhere so Bill Barr what's he doing he's an outlier he gets it he's in a position of power. Am I suggesting that his speech was appropriate No I'm not here to endorse his speech many of the sentiments in the speech I think are true in regards to our societal ills in our social pathology but I tell you what Bill bars doing he's recognizing the pendulum is about to swing and he's a leading voice and he's telling all of us even though none of us were invited to this private gathering there on the campus of Notre Dame he's telling all of us that he knows the pendulum is going to sway and the more thought leaders that are brought into positions of power who understand that something's got to be done some rigid control some rigid structure something to save this democracy he's doing it now how far is the pendulum going to swing Now listen I want to put a graph up in the 1900 centuries America had ascending power this is the 8 hundreds it's also the time for the miller movement is the 2nd great awakening you have to remember at the early part of the 800 William Wilberforce was alive in England pushing for the abolition of slavery and Wesley was still alive you had this great religious awakening there was this tremendous sense not only of American military might and political power but there is also a moral ascendancy to the overall this is very painting with very broad strokes I know but you see America who did Tocqueville the French philosopher historian was the Namur twit and as much as the phrase has been debunked it still remains. Is still remains say that America is great because America is good when America is no longer good she will no longer be great. So I want you to see American fortunes rising at the same time that the papal fortunes in the 800 are sliding down words I want you to see the inverse relationship of the 2 Now I'm going to take you to the next slide now I'm going to put you into the 20th century in the 21st century I want you to see America with wealth and I want you to see its decline of interest in spiritual things even though its military interest is and power has increased in its political power but I want you to watch that a nation increased with wealth and goods starts to lose its interest but I want you to see in the 1000 centuries I've just taking you back over from Vatican one infallibility the pope to Eugenio put Cheli Pope Pius the 12th who codifies absolute power for the papacy we spent a lot of time on on the agreement between Mu Saloni and the Pope about reestablishing the Vatican see and we spent too much time on Reagan putting a embassador to the papacy we need to step back and look at the big picture because behind the scenes inside the Catholic Church itself there is this. This coalescing this bringing together of power inside the church base of self centered in the papacy and in the 1900 the papacy and this and the church itself is strengthening in its image and its internal sense of structure and controls on this side of the graph is a 20th century now where the lines curve is where we are today because the morality of America used to be happy days and Little House On The Prairie and now it's a fight over which bathroom you should be able to use because you've declared yourself to be a different gender and what I want you to see is that while our American democracy is mired down along with England I went over this. In Jena some promptly while our democracy is mired down in the fact that nobody tells the truth and nobody wants the truth. While our more reality is plunging into the tank the pope's respectability and the mechanism of the Catholic Church is taking a distinct upward climb into the stratosphere as of respectability. I want you all a think about it we are living on the cusp of the pendulum swing now I don't have this book up here I have multiple copies of it it was written in the eighty's the struggle for world dominion between Pope John Paul the 2nd he's gone Mikhail Gorbachev he's gone and the catalyst west now while Pope John Paul the 2nd is gone the institution he represented did not embrace collegiality but it continued to embrace the Canon Law of $117.00 and the absolute authority of the pope and that power is continue to be codify an established there's a reason. When the pope lost his power back in the late 17 hundreds and the Papacy almost died that's the deadly wound the Bible talks about it didn't it didn't really tell us but we shouldn't be surprised that since nobody ever expected that somebody would actually imprison a pope and confiscate their lands and people think about throwing a Roman pontiff body in the Tiber River we shouldn't be surprised that when the organisation comes back the pendulum swings the power of the organization beyond what it's ever been before. Now it hasn't yet acquired all the civil power of the Dark Ages so don't take me to say more than what I'm saying but what I'm telling us is that when he gets that power back there will be more centralized autonomy in the eyes of the little horn with a voice that speaks blasphemous things in there have never been before. John Paul is gone but the papacy is not Mikhail Gorbachev Soviet Union is collapsed what about the capitalist west well in 2008 in 2007 we came perilously close to at least the capitalist part of it tanking you tell me what America has today if it doesn't have a juggernaut economy you pull that economy out of the mix and where goes everybody's hopes societies go into the toilet many people believe and I do believe this by the way I'm not going to ascribe to it any political bent but there's no doubt the world is waxen old like a garment the climate is showing signs of the age of the earth. What do you have left the American dream gone if you can't bank your bucks in the bank and you can't drive your nice car have your multiple houses and set or set your set of what's love I want to know what it would take to bring down the capital West and I wonder if the Federalist Papers are little bit on track if indeed you can look around and recognize that things have gone from bad to worse even though the economy keeps chugging into the outer stratospheres we might all come to the place where we say something's really wrong here and we've got to get back to God. Listen friends I could wish that everybody listened to me would make that decision but it's not for the top lawyer of the United States of America to make for you. Nor is it for any pontiff or pastor yes the pendulum is about to swing and what I'm saying to you this for God's sake recognize the time in which your litany. It's not time. To keep planning for a great glorious future it is time to start anticipating meeting Gees. It's time for us to realize that the battle is going to break out again and by the way I'm not going to quote it on the speech but William Barr basically said it's time for all those Catholic lawyers to take the field and make a difference for this society my loose paraphrase Oh yes France it's time for a lot of people to take the field and I'd like to suggest the best way you take the field is take this book and start hiding its words in your heart because its words are sharper than any 2 edged sword and it cuts to the dark. Give up on all the other things that are not of value quit wasting our time more than that quit feeding the appetite that puts our roots on planet earth and makes us citizens of the devil's kingdom it is time for us to recognize that our salvation is nearer than when we 1st believe me how does this picture make you feel you want to be there. That's pretty soon society's going to feel just like that that's what's happening we're edging closer and closer. And eventually somebody is going to say something's gotta be done before we fall off the cliff. Instability in justice I'm coming back to Madison and confusion have intruded been the mortal disease under which popular governments everywhere have perished friends you listen to your news and you ask yourself if instability injustice and confusion are not prevailing. Or something for us to do church and state will unite to force religious practices for the sake of society and democracy So here's what's the irony. What's the irony of this whole message. Yes the democracy is in peril. And yes we need to get back to God. Bill bar is right. A family that doesn't govern itself individually is not set up to govern itself collectively and yes all the critics of Bill Barr right to it means the end of democracy is on its way but we've known that it's just now it was 25 miles away on a Friday afternoon friends it's time to start thinking about your holdings your bank accounts your focus he's a time to start thinking about how organized is this church to actually get the word out before the sun goes down on the day of opportunity where to work for the night is coming when the work I'm inviting you at the end of this message to know there will be a false and a true revival one will point us back to those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus and one will point to a false revival through a false prophet. That does not in Shine the Bible as its highest authority but instead embraces a doctrine of papal infallibility which is built on tradition and the dogma of the Pope those revivals are in front of us we have the choice to withdraw our affections from the world and say Jesus please give me a deeper love for you and your church. I'm inviting you not to be afraid but I'm inviting you to not March for blindly and join the loads in the fishes of failing to prepare to meet Jesus Christ has called you and me to be fishers of men. Yes Christ is inviting us come to me embrace a relationship with me obey me the bridges built friends our faith is in Jesus. We have a more sure word of privacy which we do well to heed as a light that shines in the darkness are you a 7th Day Adventist friends. Wait a 2nd. I said are you 7th Day Adventist. This is been preached for over a century. And it is getting ready to happen. How about if we get ready for what's going to happen by drawing near to Christ I am inviting you this morning. Drawing nearer to me Jesus says and I will draw near to you let go of what the Holy Spirit's been talking the About come out to the religious meetings and bond with the other soldiers of Christ. Pray for each other get your check at check books out and your on line give me let's go somewhere and do what we can do and let ascend to support the fact. That God gave us an inside story so that we could wake up and tell the rest we were of there is a shelter in the time storm of Jesus. But now is the time to design this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon they visit w w w Dunn audio verse or.


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