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Jesus on Prophecy

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 26, 2019
    2:45 PM
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Father thank you for a dry place on a cool wet night and I'm asking now Lord that our hearts would be encouraged that we would know in whom we believed and I pray now may we have a better understanding of this topic and serve you with confidence and without fear in Jesus name I pray Amen right tonight Jesus on Armageddon when we think about the world we realize that without any kind of particular divine punishment or retribution against sin and I want to emphasize that against sin there are tremendous tragedies that are on the face of this planet the winds are blowing again in California and while we could hope that the fires would go out it appears that it's just become a habitual part of certain parts of our even blasted America there's trauma all around the world we have an increasing level of earthquakes which are often associated with these events above land and underwater and it causes us concern the world's in arrested and what this concept of Armageddon will be there are probably 2 distinct lines of interpretation about what this battle is some think for certain that Israel and the rest of the world has to face off in a plane in northern Israel. But tonight we're going to be learning that really this is the final battle between good and evil and God himself is going to find it fight it we know that we are living in robust economic times now but we absolutely need to understand that the party of what we might call irrational exuberance under Alan Greenspan will come to an end we came perilously close to world financial collapse about 10 years ago it seems like a long time away but it affected many of our lives especially if you are in business for yourself it is absolutely certain that somewhere along the way a greater level of control will be existing over the finances of people and as for global conflict it appears that the nations are indeed angry and this is a sign it must be the breaking of the day God's Spirit is being withdrawn from the face of the earth and we see this rising level of tension these are all signs we make the Bible our source book our security and our study if it's not taught in the Bible then we ought to be questioning it because like Martin Luther we believe this book was inspired by God is profitable for doctrine for correction for instruction in rites isness if you don't want instruction and correction this is probably not the place you want to go to God's church or to his book. Our key text is Revelation 14 there are 3 messages in it I saw another angel fly and in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people I want to assure you friends the story of Armageddon and the 7 last plagues is a Gospel story that means it must be good news there are millions of people that are afraid of the future some of them are in the 7th they haven't as church because they don't understand the gospel of God Himself and that he will care for his children from the start to the finish nobody gets listening to me tonight whether it's live or whether it's over the internet signals that are going around this world or will listen and later nobody needs to be afraid not now not tomorrow not next week never the storyline of Christ's presence is comfort when he was walking on the water and the disciples were in the boat after Jesus fed the 5000 they were angry that he would not let them make him king he told them you get in the boat and go to the other side he will not on the mountain and started praying for them why because they had wrong ideas about his messiahship and while they were discussing what a terrible mistake Jesus had made Yes they were he was on the mountain praying that they would have higher views than messianic glory as had been discussed in the ranks of Judaism and when the storm came upon them they had something else to talk about he came walking on the water they were afraid he said Don't be afraid if it would have been me I would have said let him scream and cry for a little while and don't die don't talk about me like that while I'm up there praying for you but it was Jesus and Jesus said don't be afraid it's me. Peter gets out on the water and Jesus saves him in in spite of his pride and perfidy and Jesus gets them all back in the boat and things are Ok whether it's the night Jesus the sleeping in the back it doesn't matter where it's at he can still command the winds and the waves to obey him he is no less interested in us now than he was when he walked the face of the planet and we are to be imbibed imbibing of this divine love with a focus so that all the world could know who uses the 7th day eminence churches to wake and to rally and to go. This is our call saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come mercy is wrapping up and worship Him who made heaven in the earth and the sea and the springs of water friends the devil has tried very hard to make life so good in everything so casual even while there is a rising tide of evil all around us it's very strategized and then he's planning to burst on the scene of civilized America and other places all around the world and scare and hurt everybody into allegiance to the beast. But God's people there to be paying attention they are to be sober they're to be diligent and villages they're Jaylen get my words right here God is to be directing them and they are to have a certain focus and a certain joy while they gather in a harvest from amongst the fearful and the ignorant they are to be rejoicing in the power of God that he can still do what he did and that's our focus and that's our goal that's why it matters that you're here tonight that's why it matters that when you're going through your financial leather ledgers whether it's on a smartphone or a computer in an old checkbook God wants our lives focused for the strength of his cause there's to be bread on God's table where to give glory to God because our opportunity will be aided by his presence the Spirit will make this work and when it's working we have a joy kind of like the Apostles did who were rejoicing even when they were beaten for God suffering imprisons they were being used God was winning heaven was victorious they were the instrumentality and there was a great joy and friends that joys to be ours and as we spent those 12 nights together without a break in Jesus I'm prob seeing as we take these lingering weekends to tie off a few of these doctrinal and prophetic presentations we need to remember our lives have a purpose so whether you're cleaning teeth or whether you're picking up garbage or whether you're building a wall or whether you're designing a molecule for medicine. We are on the job for Jesus the work place is the missionary endeavor for most of us and we're hoping that we might bring somebody to Christ the creative this earth is Jesus this is been up for grabs with ever increasing. Intensity Jesus is on one side of this conflict and at the center is a call to relationship that relationship is a pit in my eyes and signified by the commandment at the center of the 10 that says Remember the only one the world has forgotten remember he says I have an appointment with you it's an appointment for blessing and joy and rest during the week we should be taking time to commune with God but it's limited but on the 7th day we can relax and worship a 3rd annual followed saying with a loud voice if anyone worships the beast in his image and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand. There's 2 images at the end there is a image to Jesus there is this day we are to be worshipping our Creator remembering the Sabbath day and there is a image set up to the beast which becomes a false invitation to worship they are both very religious they will both be built around churches it will not be an easy deception to discern but eventually there is a time coming when those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus will be pointed out as Earth problem makers and a great invitation is coming when I quoted my comp alar secretary of state this morning or at least reference to what he said laying a lot of society's ills at the feet of secularism what I'm telling you is this The world is starting to get fed up with on. Mitigated freedom to indulge itself we're coming to a cup that's fall of dissatisfaction in regards to life without self-control revelation is predicting a final conflict between true and false worship and that true and false worship is going to be built around the commandments of God the great conflict in the last days of verse history's a struggle between God and the devil in the mind of man this is the temple of God He wants to live in our heart and mind in the great battle is a battle for the soul it revolves around worship Now if you think that worship is just where you are on a certain day of the week Saturday or Sunday or Friday depending on which of the main religions that you subscribe to think again friends the greatest part of our worship is how we live our life it has to do with issues that I discussed even earlier in this morning as we were worshipping together but indeed the culmination of worship is gathering in His name according to his Biddy according to his directive and his command and offering up our praise and our physical worship this worship will be a test of our loyalty God will be showcasing his faithful servants to the universe he will be sane as he did of Abraham I want you to see my friends do you want to be a friend of God Listen you've got today and by God's grace you'll have tomorrow live for Jesus so he can say before the angels he can confess your name in heaven as one of this papal friends we know that he had 3 friends on the plain of Dura their names were Shad tracked me shack and Abednego had an admission Alan Azariah where there Hebrew names I want to tell you I'm in perfect agreement with one of you who came to me between the services today and said there were a lot of other Jews on the plane of Dura. Oh no doubt that 1st capture of Jerusalem in 606 b.c. when Daniel was taken away it wasn't a bloodbath it was a clearly superior power taking away potential vassal or subservient trainable princes and princesses future potential Kings to go out brainwashed though they be by the the operation of the Babylonian educational system and they were to be able to go out as puppets vassals of never can answer these 3 men were surrounded by others who had been taken from Jerusalem but there were only 3 who stood up that day on the plain of Dura it's one of the most sobering stories in the Bible the privilege of representing God was sacrificed out of fear and nothing's ever going to change the mark of the beast at the end of time is a leveraging of fear fear was the 1st function of sin and will be the last function to drive a wedge between God and His people Del live your life afraid you have a Father in heaven who is watching over you and if he knows when the sparrows are parish Ian He knows when you are fretting and his invitation is to turn to him if he's not faithful figure it out and give it up. But if he's faithful turn to him in the moments of duress and find the peace that passes understanding it's not easy we'd all like an easy life the only problem is no such thing exists on this planet God's promise is not that life will be easy but he'll give us strength these 3 men had decided along with Daniel in chapter number one that they'd be faithful to God in the ordinary things don't miss this what prepared them to stand out was standing out on something much more minor there was no death threat in chapter one when they said hey we don't really think we can eat this what do you mean you can eat this you're a prisoner you're a guest you're being treated with favor Who do you think you are but the way their Christianity had so transformed the nobility of their person they went about it in such a humble and noble way that people listen to them they weren't spitting and and cursing and resisting on that long journey to babble and they were muttering under their breath about the cruelty of their oppression they were trusting God who had allowed them to suffer like David when shimmy I was up throwing dirt clods on him as he was fleeing his son Absalom and they hit type system would you like me go up and cut off his head and never said Let him curse maybe God has sent him to curse there's a period and an experience of suffering for people that there is a measure of peace for it least will lead submission to not wanting submission to but Willie. And these 3 men along with Daniel had distinguished themselves in spirit of person long before they asked for privilege of a simpler diet but in that Daniel one moment what they were saying is God touches every part of my life and I'm not embarrassed about it and by the time they get to the plain of Dura Daniel's God is well understood. And what God will be able to deliver you is never can answer is vain threat but I want to tell you friends there was a gun Revelation says I saw another sign in heaven great marvelous 7 angels having the 7 last plagues for in them the wrath of God is complete it's important for us to understand what God's wrath is is he angry up there just waiting to put his divine thumb on the rebels or is it something completely different it's a matter of fact it's completely different similar to our doctrine of hell fire god is not anxious that any should perish in his wrath is not against people but his judgment does have to come on sin because he's going to bring this to an end so let's talk about the events at the end number one there's going to be a worldwide preaching of the Gospel we should be a part of it right here I don't know where people are watching from tonight but I know that in the series we had people watching probably in most every time zone where there are inhabitants of the world at least lots of inhabitants on our final night we had at least 2000 which is pretty amazing just because we're just one little dot in the southwest corner of Michigan but they'll be worldwide preaching of the Gospel it just so happens that that's what I'm doing right now I'm here tonight to give you the good news about Armageddon in the 7 last plagues But you know what the preaching is going to be by you. As well your life and your words will come together to make a divine impress all humanity is going to make a final eternal choice in that moment or in that period of time our prayers will be ascending that people will see that God is legitimately Lord of all and surrender their lives the mark of the beast will be enforced in a final conflict over worship we have not really identified yet what that mark of the beast is but we will potentially do that in the future God's loyal people will lovingly obey him the 7 last plagues will be poured out Christ will deliver his people and we will be rejoicing the Bible says that no one was entered able to enter the temple until the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were completed what happens the 7 last plagues will begin when Jesus ministry of atonement is finished when he finally leaves the temple and smoke fills the temple no one will be able to go in Jesus is ready he's going out he's getting ready to get us the 7 last legs will take place in a very short period of time and Jesus will still be available for us to commune with although the transformation of our lives will have become complete and thorough. This is his work as one artist Harry Anderson well rendered standing there at the Ark of the covenant which has the 10 Commandments inside of it the angels and the golden lid represent the mercy see the place of the dwelling of the shoot kind of glory the incense represents the prayers of the saints the prayers of Jesus and the Holy Spirit him self taking our words and giving them divine Durance and God Jesus who was a man is there as our advocate and our judge he will know what in no ways pardon those who refuse to recognize their wrong but anyone who brings anything to Jesus for forgiveness receives a ready and assuring word he was unjust when he leaves the sanctuary will be in the same state and he who is filthy will unfortunately be filthy still when Jesus walks out of the sanctuary getting ready to get us this will be the beginning of the end for the world the Holy Spirit will no longer restrain. The winds of strike the evil of man will be unleashed and it will become a terrible terrible thing now I didn't say this when I preached on the doctrine of hell and the State of the dead but I need to say it tonight. No human b. has ever lived under the unmitigated authority of Satan listen to me. We are living on a little globe in the midst of a big universe it is temporarily a usurped piece of property Satan is squatting on the earth he's a squatter it was given to Adam Adam seeded it over to him and yet Adam really had no permission to do that while we have lived our lives. God has set boundaries for the dominion of the devil. If you want to have a sense of how good God is I want you to know this if you stayed alive forever in a burning hell this is a total side show you have to go back if you haven't studied this before and look at the sermon I preached on the doctrine of hell if you lived for ever in hell which you do now. You would be living in a place where there was no barrier between you and the evil of Satan the worst person on earth has always lived with the shielding hand of God keeping the the. All force of Satan at bay yes we see wickedness all around us but could you imagine living to where the devil was in charge and there was nobody said in some boundary story. Living forever in an eternal burning hell without Jesus to draw the barriers to to limit the fiendish unus the evil the cruelty the hate with a being so superior in power and mental might would be a torture beyond anything we could begin to imagine but there will be a brief moment on the face of the plan. When everything comes undone. The angels will release the winds of strife the Holy Spirit will no longer constrain man. And the 7 plagues will begin and it will be a fearsome and terrible moment Jesus has walked out he who is righteous he says let him be right still he was holy let him be holy still the sanctify our sanctified in power of a relationship with Jesus has done its work and you don't have to worry now. Every once in awhile you hear the sentiment of somebody that's going to going to go with the world thinking they can change lanes. Just at the end where they see the signs unfortunately salvation doesn't work like this or I should say fortunately the truth of the matter is is that if you don't cultivate a desire for the presence of God and the Holy Spirit drains out of your life you won't all of a sudden the actual presence of God When you see the signs happening all you'll really want is his deliverance and those are 2 very different things. Cultivating a love for God and deepening a relationship with him where his spirit 3rd Person of the Godhead fills our lives is a transforming experience salvation is not just about a stamp on my heavenly passport that says forgiven it's about another one that says sanctified and transformed that's in a living relationship and the problem with people who think tomorrow some day in the future is they don't understand you won't want God anymore several years from now or months from now then you want him now it's a sober call that people when we see something about ourselves that rebuffs and rejects and has no desire for God We ought to earnestly and in great pleadings say learn why do I feel this way what do I love about this world that makes me not want to be with you it's not some kind of momentary transaction it's a daily experience that's changing us and by the time Jesus leaves the sanctuary. Our lives will bear the impress of his character the final crisis that's coming upon our world with lead men and women to make one of 2 decisions it's happening daily but when it heats up everybody's going to have to decide I'm in with Christ the Holy Spirit is speaking to me in the word and I know it or they will go completely against Jesus I heard a voice from the temple saying to the 7 angels go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the air I wish I would have included a picture from my previous unlock revelation in which there is an angel visualize that with me there is an angel standing with a vile in his hand it's a very large angel standing tall over a city it has its own hands over its eyes it has turned its face away and it is pouring out its vile like this. The artistry of that image is explicit and the power of the impress that it makes is like none other that I have seen God has no desire but as the spirit is withdrawn the fiendish nests of the evil one is now left to work his wrath upon the lives of humanity go pour out the back of the bowls to God's people go through the tribulation Well yes indeed the Scriptures make it very clear the type is in the experience of the Israelites there were 10 plagues that fell the plagues were all around them the 1st 3 they saw and engaged in measure but the last 7 that were going on they were aware of and had to make some decisions regarding in this picture you see a rendition of the pharaoh holding his firstborn and you see a humble Israel in the land of Goshen Dobby the blood of the Passover lamb with the hyssop plant which represents purity on the lentil on the doorposts of his home God's people are not whisked out of the world before the tribulation they are here while it is going on type ology assurances of this and the Scriptures affirm it just as the Israelites were present through the plagues and delivered at the end of the plague so God's people are present but protected through the plagues and delivered at the end of the plagues we're back to Shadrack me shakin to Bendigo what God is there that will be able to deliver you out of my hands there's this one and they were familiar with the promises of Isaiah where he said though you walk through the water it won't overcome you in the fire won't burn you friends I'm here to tell you you better get familiar with the stories know they're true take delight in living openly for Christ and don't be afraid everybody else is hearts are going to be failing them for fear but. Remember Jesus came from nowhere and walked with them in the furnace and there wasn't even the smell of smoke on their clothes can you say a man listen it is not for God's people to be afraid don't save up all the money you can don't invest in all the alternative energy you can just so that you'll be saved during the time of trouble the Spirit of Prophecy is clear houses and lands will do you no good you'll have to flee them but you will flee to the captor Jesus Christ who will make you a prisoner of hope and he will take care of you and your bread and your water will be sure the Bible is very clear in describing us we are the ones who come out of the Great Tribulation it doesn't say we were exempted from it and so what are the 7 last plagues plague number one is source now by the time these plagues fall there is no more read demon work for man. He who is faithful has been declared so and he was filthy has been declared So the good news is that God's people are the only ones that are going to be shielded from this moment in time I want to tell you we need to quit worrying about some of the trouble that's ahead and start praising God that he's assured us that he will be a shield in a protector to us the ones that ought to be worried are the ones who have never bothered to acknowledge that they were created and read Eve but with the price and the very molecules that make up their amazing human machinery made by God it's all his the earth is the Lord in the fullness thereof including you and I and every heartbeat and every breath and every thought come courtesy of the unrelenting power of God flowing in us and in the world around us but we're not to be afraid as we go to the future the 7 last plagues are not falling on us there will be loathsome sores on other people and what a sad moments going to be spared prophecy tells us people are going to come to us for deliverance at that moment in time and the sad thing is there won't be anything we will be able to do. Pretty serious friends of foul and loathsome sort of the Bible says that all visits the physical security is in crisis some of you listening to me right now may be battling a serious life threatening disease some of you may be worrying for somebody else I told you this morning that my dear wife when she was the 18 year old young woman had cancer talk about worry and fear it was all around some of you at this very moment are fighting for your very life I want to assure you the peace of God can pass all understanding and we need to keep praying and cooperate with the laws and help but take good courage friends if we rest in Christ we will be raised to see him with no more of that. Degradation of the human frame. Gods our refuge and strength and by the way this saw the Spirit of Prophecy tells us we ought to memorize for the troublesome future to some some 46 some 91 we're going to look at both of them in this moment in this in this message tonight God's our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore we will not fear even though the earth be removed and there are going to be moments when we want her and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea trauma on the face of the earth plague Number 2 the sea turns to blood the 2nd angel poured out his bowl on the sea and it became blood as a dead man and every living creature in the sea died do you get the reminiscences of the literal exodus that happened some 3500 years ago indeed God tried to get pharaohs attention in this case the last legs are simply coming to take care of the settling of a problem that has put the worst Dignam me and the worst accusation and the worst cruelty on God's people and God is here declaring that he will make things right. All of our economic security is in Christ it's important for us to understand that let's go back to the slide here there is going to come a time when you can't buy or sell the world's going to be pretty shook up and all of the avenues for human sustenance will be taken away but all economic securities in Christ listen John Wesley said make all you can save all you can give all you can but friends don't save it up because you think it's going to save you it will not. The 3rd thing is the rivers will turn to blood this is a plague that kind of wraps up the whole h 2 o. scenario then the 3rd engine poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water and they became blood and other words were coming down to a moment in which the simplest things of life are going to be impossible to achieve like quenching our thirst water is a symbol of life in the Bible I want everybody to remember that not only were they a group of grumbling vegetarians on their way out of Egypt but they were also being fed being given water from a rock to drink and it wasn't a little dribble it was a mighty gushing stream and it followed them through the wilderness and that rock Paul says in the book of Corinthians was Christ God has no problem providing for his people bread and water is a simple thing for God to provide. I heard the angel of the water say and you are right yes oh lord the one who is and who was and who is to be because you've judged these things for they have shed the blood of the saints and the prophets and you have given them blood to drink for is their just due listen some people before this time will have sacrificed their life in the proclamation and loyalty to Christ during the plagues no Christians are die not one there is no merit in it the day of probation is closed God knows who are his own this is not a time where anybody needs to be afraid yes some will have stood up to the point of death and surrendered their life for the love and the proclamation of Christ before this moment by God's grace could we all be worthy Martin Luther lamented that he did not die as a martyr there ought to be love for Christ and love for man that leads us to be willing to do great and noble things in the name of Christ but by the time the 7 plagues are here nobody who has been sealed in their forehead is going to die all of our life is in Christ our bread and water will be sure friends somebody said to me after the sermon today which generated a lot of dialogue I want to assure you somebody told me fasting and prayer will give you a different kind of freedom and why I had a terrible time giving up me but I tell you what you fast and pray for a day or 2 you know and tell you a crust of bread looks pretty good I'm being practical. And beyond that there are spiritual strongholds in our hearts that sometimes the devil has a hold of it's his little campout place his little fortress inside of us and for those to be overcome we have to go on a journey of soul searching and surrender that says Lord deliver me bread and water simple food it's not too far off from what God provided on that wilderness sojourn from Egypt to Sinai and from Sinai to Canaan are we Ok with simple foods or have we trained our palate to where it has to have a lot of spice and fat and salt and sugar bread and water it will be a simple diet it's good for us every once in a while you know the method is fasted 2 days a week they took their cues from the Jews modern science is telling us now that while you're fasting your body is doing some rebuilding it can't do while you're eating you have a peculiar disease or dilemma that you're fighting physically you might consider looking in to what fasting might be able to do but there is a type of fast that's not even dealing with food and yet in the future you need to know we will be having the Elijah diet bread and water brought to us maybe by the birds I don't know the 4th plague will be scorching sun we're going to go from trauma on one side of the physical spectrum to the other the 4th Angel poured out his bowl on the sun and power was given him to scorch men with fire and men were scorched with great heat and they blasting the name of God who has power over these plagues and they did not repent and give Him glory we see the hardening of hearts. The plagues reveal that they've trusted in the wrong sources the sun is not the source of all of our prosperity as most pagan religions have related Actually that is God All true worship should be given to the s. o. and not the s u n Jesus is indeed the one who dwells in the secret place of the most high with us that's a reference I believe friends to living in the shekinah presence of God under the angels that are on the mercy seat we've been invited straight in through Jesus that's where he's ministry and that's where our prayers are going and when we dwell in the secret place of the most high we're abiding under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord this is Psalm 101 another one that we should be memorizing he is my refuge and my fortunes my God in him will I trust trust him now friends you need to stand up for Jesus about that job you need to stand up for God about integrity in your educational journey you need to stand up and be honest with your spouse trust him now friends that's how we learn to trust him in the future now the 5th plague is an interesting playing and some of what I'm sharing with you now comes out of a book called great controversy I'm not embarrassed to tell you that's what I'm taking some of the information I'm about to show you and some that I've shared with you already in those 1st 4 plagues the world starts thinking a certain way and what they start saying is the problem is those people. And they actually get ready to destroy the people of God Now when Jesus was hanging on the cross there came a 3 hour period of time when darkness covered him and he was not able to be seen this darkness stymies those who want to destroy the people of God It's an interesting moment God will use his ability. To blind with darkness to protect us because the next plague is going to be about deliverance the 5th angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast and his scheme to became full of darkness and they nod their tongues because of the pain I'm not sure what kind of pain that is but I tell you in knowing your tone it sounds like a terrible experience produced perhaps by a foreboding of a hopeless future. All light is in Christ there will be light around his saints Just like there was light in Goshen when darkness was over the land of Egypt can you say man we don't live in darkness we are walking in the light God says his word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pat I Jesus said in the light of the world and we will not be in darkness they blasting the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores and they did not repent of their deeds it's extremely dangerous to turn from any teaching of God's word you know if we do this will be journeying towards the darkness you can be a scribe or Affairs see a student of the law and still be in the darkness the good news is God comes to find you that's not resist the light friends no matter what it's about don't tell God He can't touch that part of your life don't say no he can't have the relationship of what's on my plate or what's on my body or what's going on in my mind don't tell God no give God permission to be lord over all and you will be walking in the light what's better the light will be in you what a glorious thing. The 6 play Armageddon. You see there is a final battle on this earth but it's not about the Jews and their allies against everybody else. That has nothing to do with the Land of Israel even though it wouldn't surprise me if the devil tried to pull off some great distraction we know the devil will impersonate the very coming of Christ should we not think that the devil will try to make it look like the wrong theories of prophecy are coming to play I'm here to tell you friends this last battle is a blight of destruction and defeat to the enemies of God but it's the hope and the glory of Jesus showing up to deliver his people the battle of Armageddon is the final showdown between good and evil and I just tell you if you want to get a good book on this there's a book called Last day of vents and I encourage you to get it all right here this comes out of the 7 day evidence Bible commentary but you can find it in the book Last Day events I believe. She says. This is in reference to. 2 I believe really played number $6.00 and $7.00 together although she starts out say we need to study the pouring out of the 7th bile She says the powers of evil will not yield up the conflict without a struggle but Providence has a part to act in the battle of Armageddon so that's plagues 6 when the earth is lighted with the glory of the angel of Revelation 18 Ok that's the final call the come out of her my people come out of Babylon that's the 4th Angel we talk about the 3 in Revelation 14 fear God and give Him glory Babylon is fallen and don't receive the mark of the beast but there's one more angel and that's the one we've got to be a part come out of her my people. When the earth is lighted with the glory of the angel of Revelation 18 the call to come out of her people the religious elements good and evil Did you catch that. Evil religion and good religion will awake from slumber and I really like this friends now I'm not here to promote in the slightest little bit modern sports but listen to this next phrase it just really thrilled me when I when I read it she says the armies of the Living God will take the field man you talk about Encourage I might be standing on the sidelines I might be in the midst because I desire to be a soldier of Christ and we sing soldiers of Christ to rough days and I want to tell you it's going to look like one final David and Goliath moment and I don't totally understand how the the battle is going to work I don't know if God's people in prayer started and it looks like a total smash because I don't get too far ahead of myself I'm going to go through this all right let's let's do it I hate to break up my thought like that Armageddon comes from the Hebrew Hiram a good old meeting mountain of slaughter This leads me to imagine the plague number 6 is really a showdown between God's faithful people on earth and gods they're not gods and those that have a pasta sized if it really looks like the mountain of slaughter it starts out looking that way for one reason and it ends up looking now way for another. The Bible encourages us not to be afraid of the arrow that flies by day or the pestle walks in darkness nor the destruction lays waste at noonday a 1000 may fall at our side in 10000 and our right hand but it shall not come near you listen for a chance when David went up against Goliath he didn't get him because he was a better shot he got him because the angels said all right this rock is going to hit the target and no matter how it came out of the sling it was going to hit his forehead. It wasn't because he was a marksman although we knew you know there were people in Israel that could you know hit a hair at so many feet but I'm telling you that was a victory of God He got the privilege in the honor of being the only one to say I think God can do it and God said Ok I'll do it through you and that's how our lives are to work in Christ were secure and sheltered and say only what you're I shall you look and see the reward of the wicked behold I come as a thief but that is he watches and keep his garments that's today that's tomorrow lest he walk naked we're walking with the provision of Christ we've been cleansed and covered by the life of Jesus no shame for us what sense would it make to see that Christ delivers his people before the tribulation when the Bible says he's coming as if the after the tribulation Now here's what I'm believing that the battle of Armageddon is looking like a final showdown between God's faithful people and God's once potentially faithful but now a Pa state people and I'm I don't have my arms totally around this but this is what I believe the 6th in the 7 plagues are tied a very close to each other so God's people come onto the field and it looks like it's going to be a slaughter but the 7th plague Can you imagine this. The 7th plague is actually how sad this would be is actually the coming of Christ and what looks like is going to be a slaughter one way reverses itself around because Jesus comes down him self on to the battlefield and he delivers his people can you say amen Christ shows up the angels say let's go there peeling out of heaven the trumpets are sounding Jesus is on a white horse and they're coming down to make sure the battle turns out the right way it looks like we're going to be the ones that are conquered instead we're going to turn and look and we're going to say lol this is our God we've waited for him and he will deliver us friends I'm here to tell you though be of her a be faithful with your money be faithful with your time be faithful in your witness to Christ in the life style and in words but know this thing God can completely deliver his people read the bible study the stories think about their future significance and remember Jesus is going to tie it all off this picture hangs in our foyer painted by one of our own burying County 7 they haven't a Snape in green and it's a story of absolute certainty and hope he will come the 7th angel poured out his bowl into the air and a loud voice came out of the Temple of Heaven from it's their own saying it's over it's done and God comes there were noises and thundering and lightning and there was a great earthquake such is a mighty and greater quake as has not occurred since men were on their earth why because the prince I'm out in the creator of this earth is coming down and he's going to shake it up and make it right every island fled away and the mountains were not found Jesus is treading the face of the Earth great hail fell from heaven upon many channels known about the way of the talent and causes people to say glory. Alan. I'm telling you friends it's nothing like we'll ever have been seen no trouble on the face of the earth has ever equalled it but you know what that is not to make you or I afraid this trouble is not coming until Christ has sealed his servants in their foreheads and when it finally comes he's going to pour out His Holy Spirit and give us the confidence we need now I'm here to tell you in the book great controversy she tells how the pastors who failed to give faithful warnings and who were once the most admired man I'll read the very ones that once in my or them the most she's talking about Val Paul Sheppard's upon them will be the pronouncement of the most dreadful curses. You can suffer as a faithful father or teacher or pastor or mother now because some people don't like to hear the truth or you can suffer under the calumny the criticism the hatred the remarks the bitterness of people who depended on you to tell you the truth either God can sustain a faithful ministry and parenthood and teacher is good now and judiciary or he's not able to do any of it. The messages that are born in the name of Christ to get ready to meet Jesus will be met with his shielding hand for the pastors that are faithful every bit as much as God's people will be shielded by his hand in that hour. And we need to be able to trust him and be faithful low this is our God we've waited for him and he will save us all and with this story tonight years ago there was a woodsman who left his cabin he went to do some work it was in the age before modern telecommunications as he was coming back with his axe in hand he smelled smoke. As he came over the crest of a ridge he could see that his house had burned. It was a pretty sobering moment could have crushed him discouraged him he walked up to the Ashes and he began kicking them around he saw near one of his buildings the remains of a charred hen he was kicking at it and then he heard something. Underneath the hen for little chicks. Him pulled away the carcass of the faithful mother hand. Picked him up in his hands. Had quite a powerful abject lesson about love and what we would call a dumb animal if God will that kind of care into the heart of a bird brain how much care as we can see it in the hearts of a loving parent which is but a dim reflection of the heart of gun listen 7 day administers spent too long being afraid of what's in the future when they should be boldly proclaiming there's a God It can take you through this is where we're at Don't be afraid to give more money don't be afraid to give more time don't be afraid to represent Jesus in the uniqueness of advantage Christian living trust the Lord don't be afraid our hearts are to be proclaiming that there's nothing to be afraid of because Jesus is our God the Father is on the throne he shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings you shall take refuge this is some 91 again friends his true shall be your shield now Buckley no evil shall be fall you nor shall any play come near your dwelling Yes friends we're going to go through trouble some of you are going through trouble even tonight is I speaking but when this time breaks upon the earth and this psalm is written specifically for this future moment. We will be walking in the light of God unafraid unashamed seeking to be right with him yes indeed friends when Jesus died on the cross. He said more than could ever be said by any ordinary human being. And he was basically saying. If I loved you this much rejected abandon betrayed denied mocked scorched naked abused embarrassed if God could be embarrassed hanging on that tree thirsty suffocating. Heavy if Jesus died for us is there anything else he wouldn't do to take care of us the sufferings we experience are part of the purifying work of God We're not saved from all the evil we're just saved from evil without the hand of good the heartache the sickness the sorrow the grief that we go through is all part of a transformation from being a regular worldly with a carnal heart to being just like Jesus. Friends. Never give up never be afraid don't focus on what's dark don't look into the future the only way to look forward is to trust completely in the God has brought you thus far don't own tomorrow's troubles worries and fears most of them aren't even going to come upon you. Let us trust the wounded hands of Jesus and let us go forward committed to a proclamation to the world that there is a God You can love and many more people be heralded in the ark. A shelter in the time of storm let stand as we pray Lord. Too many Adventists with too little understanding of the future have been too much afraid of what's coming and not enough in love with you. I'm praying Lord help us to turn off the t.v. spend less time on the computer. More quiet reflection more joyful service more active worship may we rally around the cross in the great message of righteousness by faith a gift of God the provision of God The transformation of God the assurance of God Thank you Lord thank you so much May we care about the people who have been lied to and are living in ignorance and false assurance bless this church with a greater fidelity to its cause and its calling may we not be afraid. Thank you that you're the shelter in the time of storms in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons they visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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