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Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • November 16, 2019
    12:00 PM
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Thank you Lord for a beautiful Sabbath with the sun shining that your hope that is reborn I'm praying Lord may be reborn again in this moment in testimony and in your word I'm asking now Lord that you would bless us as we enter into a special time of year while we're here in America perhaps citizens perhaps gaster students I pray now bless the words that I share your spirit anoint us and guide this journey in Jesus name I pray Amen. And Title my message this morning my top 20 and yours we're coming up to a time of year in which the devil would like to drag a survey from the blessing how will he do it with an amazing appeal to discontented ness it used to be that Christmas didn't start till after Thanksgiving and then Christmas started starting on Thanksgiving and now Christmas is starting before Thanksgiving I can remember as a boy going down to the parade in Peoria Illinois it was the day after Christmas but now we're bombarded with the capitalistic and consumeristic mindset and those things what ought to be sublime and reflected upon our run over in the race to get ahead the best bargain the best deal now I just told you about 10 basketballs I like a good deal as good as well as anybody. But I want to make certain as we come up to Thanksgiving and Christmas that our lives are properly focused in that we realize that someday soon the order of life is going to change and we're going to need to be in an experience with Christ that gives us the peace we need knowing that we're going to go over to that Beulah Land to that better place to heaven I don't want is caught up with our the roots of our life down into the things that are shallow and superficial and so we're headed up to what used to be the quintessential American holiday Thanksgiving it was the time and the place to stop with no financial entrapments and remember what really matters most and this morning I want to make sure as we approach Thanksgiving that we're approaching it in such a way that we aren't robbed of the blessing we spent the fall focusing on prophecy seminar material looking into the amazing themes and the efforts going on between the forces of good and bad light and darkness but this morning I want to do something just a little bit different I want to have a little bit of a family moment with everyone and I want to encourage you to be very family with intentionality as we approach Thanksgiving life is not about how much you can get done and how hard you can work life isn't about filling every 2nd with something to create security or significance life is about filling the divine purpose of God and He Himself said Come your par and rest a little while so my hope and prayer as I reflect this morning with you is that your life will have the highest quality because you're processing according to the leadership of Jesus Christ take your bulletins out for a moment let's read this quote I want you to highlight part of it and I want you to live by it not because it's my will but because it's God's to many cares and burdens are brought into our families well that's natural it happens. And to little of natural simplicity and peace and happiness is cherish let's look at this little tree again simplicity peace and happiness there are very very related we're living in a complicated society we're living in a complex arena everything we do is tied to so many other things but simplicity peace and happiness are to be cherished their natural things our lives are constantly drawn away from them because the devil knows there's an internal reward there's an intrinsic cycle of satisfaction in living in simple and peaceful there should be less care the quote goes on to say for what the outside world will say hit the pause but how much does it matter to you what everybody else thinks of you does it matter enough to fritter away what makes for happiness I hope not there comes a point time. When somebody has got to say I don't care what the Jones' are doing Ideally it ought to be mom and dad the comes a point time when people have to say I'm Ok with me this is what God made me to be I'm not supposed to be him I'm not supposed to be her less cared for what the outside world will say and more thoughtful attention to the members of the family maybe you don't need that extra degree maybe you don't even want that promotion maybe it's going to take you away from really living out your calling and living a life that's joyful It's not that everything you want is one step beyond you you always need to be focusing on God said that today is the day to live without worrying about tomorrow lest display. And affectation of worldly politeness. In other words let's do away with the polite courtesies and much more tenderness and love. Cheerfulness and Christian courtesy among the members of the household many need to learn how to make home attractive a place of enjoyment this last sentence is my favorite one in the quote thankful hearts and kind looks are more valuable than wealth and luxury and contentment was simple things will make home happy if love is there thankful hearts and kind looks now it's hard to have a kind look if you don't have a thankful heart but this morning friends I want to tell you the most beautiful celebration of family and God's provision is just in front of you. If God has permission to arrange the way I think and the way I live. It's not very often that I take the time I've never done it since I've been your pastor here to talk about Thanksgiving but I don't preach next Sabbath and I'll be gone celebrating Thanksgiving with my family this weekend after that so this morning I want to talk to you about my top 20 the top 20 things that I am thankful for you may not get to hear them all because I'm not going to keep us very long but I'm going to share with you some of them when I was repairing her scene after the 1st message some of the things that I'm most thankful for one of the things that comes to my mind is all the stories of all the people who have encouraged me thankful Let's get it down thank for hearts and kind looks I'm thinking back to that time in Cicero we had no money. I was a new pastor when you know the devil wants to run you over it's like he's got this big steamroller you know one of those vibratory rollers they flatten the asphalt out with in here you come in here and new young pastor and you want to do something and sure enough there's no money I mean none they owed more money for the revolving fun than they had in their bank account so they were upside down they were broke and when you know it not too long after being the pastor there I find out that we have probably about as many shingles on the roof of that church is there on the roof of this church but we have no money and so the idea is brought out why don't we do this ourselves well every time you try to do something is going to Vance God's cause by the way friends why would we try to do it ourselves with 2 reasons number one we didn't have money and number $2.00 doing it our service would save money and bigger than that number $3.00 doing it ourselves would turn us into a high functioning team and that's one thing the devil doesn't want and so here we are having discussions about whether or not we can do this ourselves the pitch on the rope was 312 so it wasn't a very steep pitch we had 2 layers with over $100.00 squares of shingles so this is thousands and thousands of square feet of shingles and I can I can remember after the board meeting was over you know they had never done anything like this it was outside their norm. It was a lot more intense than Christmas behind bars but it was going to be a wonderful experience we could pull it off and after having the meeting nothing had been decided I'm walking through the hallway of the church and there meets me Keith Brewer I can only wish Keith was listening to this sermon today Keith was retired maybe not at that point time but he worked for Delko AC Delco in Kokomo and he stopped me one of the things they all said in the in the meeting was if we do it ourselves it might leak. Keith stopped me we weren't professionals everybody knew that and I can still see where I was standing in the church and he looked at me with that Hoosier way was it in the ne in there such a word and he was. He was a down to earth guy and he looked at me said pastor he said when the professionals put it on the 1st time it will eat. Those of you who choose you lived your life looking at the glasses have full you don't know how much you do for other people I want to tell you we went on to do it we had kids on the roof and adults on the rough and senior citizens on the river everybody had a hammer in their hand no air nailers we did it that way on purpose it equalize the playing field everybody was a contributor we when the sun went down on Saturday night. We had light towers out there and a big telescope in forklift which was a lull and we started tearing that thing off and we worked till way into the early morning we filled trip dumpster after trip dumpster full of shingles and the next morning with just a little bit of sleep we were back out there people on the road risk loing down to look at us there's little kids hammering their shingles in we finally got to where it looked like we were going to have to speed things up and we broke out some air nailers But I want to tell you we had our ice cream at the end of the day and the joy of it was all started probably got us just far enough to go the rest of the way with people like Brewer said Pastor elite when the professionals put it on how are you looking at live friends do you really believe there's a god out there that can make this work do you really believe there's a general the over the Lord's army that can make a victory where it looks like there's a defeat Why are all these stories in the Bible that explain to us how grim and dark it looked and why does god wait till the last moment because God is teaching us to believe in anticipation of the final battle that it can be done there's all kinds of people in the church but the ones with thankful hearts and kind looks are more valuable to the church then any body else even more than the ones that can write big checks all of us doing our part but a thankful heart and a kind look you've got that worker at your work that's grumpy and unpleasant and nobody else wants to deal with them you give away kind words kind looks and you just see if your witness doesn't have a lot of credibility to where the people when you speak they listen our life is to be full of all kinds of heartfelt offerings to other people that cost us next to nothing. One of the problems with having these devices in our hands all the time is that we're missing out on the opportunity to be intentional with a thankful word and a kind knock the world is weighted down with oppression the world is weighted down with discouragement the world is weighted down with self-made misery but what we need are thankful hearts and kind knocks on my list of 20 things to be thankful for today the 1st one well the last one but the 1st woman talk about of my problems all the problems I've had through the years whether it was getting told I couldn't go back to church school or I couldn't come back to the university or whatever it might be all of these problems are what God said or his workmen to make me who he wants me to be take your Bibles and open them up to the Book of James James Chapter one James tells us that God's at work all the time and he's working through the difficulties which we can't get out of anyway but how we get through them and how we come out on the other side that's the issue James Chapter one little book just after Hebrews a few books before the Book of Revelation so find the last book in the Bible and Page backwards and you'll be there James chapter one but some of us don't want to be in a real family but I want to tell you God is the ultimate father and mother and he takes care of his children. Consider it all joy verse 2 James one my brother 9 when you encounter various trials knowing that the testing of your faith produces in durance Now most of us don't really want to consider it pure joy when we get into trouble when we're up against hardship heartache heaviness I don't I can't really tell you that I naturally look at everything that way either but I do turn to God so that I can learn something in the midst of it all it's the testing of my faith that's going to produce in durance verse 4 let in durance have it's perfect results so that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing now we're right before a very famous verse we're not to lack anything but the main thing we're not supposed to lack is the knowledge that God does it work in the midst of our problems to make us the kind of people that can be reinstated in the heavenly citizenship. Perfect and complete lacking nothing it's face it's perseverance it's the things that are going to actually give us confidence to face bigger problems in the future but if you're in the midst of a problem right now and you don't sense got it work you've got versified but if any of you lacks wisdom let him ask of God What is the wisdom it's the wisdom to see God it work in your problems let him ask of God that gives all generously without reproach and will be given to him turn over to the book Corinthians Chapter 10 1st Corinthians there's something more to know about all of your problems every single one of them come metered through the hand of Christ and they nail pierced hands 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 God's wanting to show the world how he's tutoring us to a transformation of character 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 no problem no trial no temptation has overtaken you and other words nothing's going to sneak up on you and ambush you and get you down on the ground and destroy you destroy your faith destroy your hope destroy your strength that's not going to happen oh you'll be surprised at times but you're not going to be overtaken because all of these temptations are trials are such as is common to man. And the bigger party as God has meted out God is faithful and he's not going to allow you to be tempted or tried beyond what you're able but with a temptation will provide the way of the scape so that you will be able to endure it friends every day of your life is architected by God to teach you something that's why some of the smartest people I know have never attended a high school or a college or a university there's not many of these folks left my wife's grandpa made it to the 8th grade. But I want to tell you something intelligent you bet a wise which matters more absolutely life itself every day itself is to be an educator and this is why the Bible says show honor in the presence of the great headed person whose ways are found in the ways of righteousness life itself is the ultimate educator some people have skipped life and thought a college degree would make up for it but it doesn't life itself is to be the educator This is why age and experience in the life of a humble and submitted person adds up to so much for so many if they listen on my list is not only a thankfulness for problems but it's a thankfulness for the older people who have walked the narrow way there are all kinds of people in our churches still who ought to be honored instead society saying they should be ignored they're in the way of progress where they surely are progress to perdition they're in the way praise God they're not just speed bumps they're stumbling blocks for those who are pressing on to self-destruction and as you age if you're humble God will make you an instrument of righteousness from which you can say speak and do things that a younger person could never do yes I'm very thankful for the older people in my life who understand and they've been buffeted and tried and tumbled around in the polisher of life. Friends this morning make sure that you're listening to the seniors in your midst they may not get it all right but hear from their heart what they're saying and by the way you seniors you can pass out more meaningful thankful looks and kind words than probably anybody else and when you do it it means the world don't pass them out cheaply don't pass them out too freely don't pass them out as a pacification don't pass them out for the wrong reason but pass them out generously to those that you see could use them and give them away even more freely than that because even those who are showing the waiting s. of life are probably feeling certain heaviness even still problems I'm thankful for those problems every problem God has given me to face that I've overcome has prepared me to face a bigger one all the problems that we had when I went to Cicero were preparation for solving problems when I came to village and when I'm done in village and I'm sent somewhere else everything we solve here will be for solving somewhere else my faith is ground since I've been here where least when I went to Cicero we didn't inherit a 1000000 dollar building project that was waiting to get underway but I tell you what what looked like a big challenge in the beginning was actually God's mixing pot for giving us a new sense of new chemistry a new faith and we're sitting here today every time we run into a challenge we need to turn to the Lord knowing that he is the great problem solver that his arm is not short and that he's able to solve all that we bring to him. When I think about my lists I think about my woodstove you say Pastor that's so trite you're right it is it's very very simple except for this one thing after I've started my day very early and work through the morning the afternoon of the evening and I get home and when I chop up my can lean and I throw it in there and I light it when it finally gets up to speed I have these few moments where I sit down I lay my legs across the arm of that big chair. I get warm I get relaxed if I have a little bit of time I read a few pages out of a book it's my little window to be a person I love my church family and I love my job but I'm not I'm not beyond needing to just sometimes stop and since comfort and I want to tell you turn up your thermostat if you don't have a wood stove that's fine get your little heater and sit by it I don't know what you do but for me it's going to be awfully hard to improve on the fact that for thousands of years people looked at flames or at least they felt the warmth off of an earthen stove or something else like that this represents for me my get out of the fast lane and travel on a little country road kind of experience I'm thankful for all the gifts including Would that have made my woodstove burn and I'm thankful for the fact that all the world can be pressing on me but when I'm watching the flame flicker through the glass and I'm holding that book in my hands God is just enriching me I'm thankful for slow cooked food too there's something about a microwave that's wonderful in our fast paced world but there's something about a pot on the stove or a crockpot just slowly cooking up some Lentulus I'm thankful for things that go slow all I like to go fast sometimes but I want you to know something there's something about slow that's becoming more and more rare in this society but slow is for many things that matter any tourney better than fast and friends I hope that you'll put some slow time I hope as you come up to your Thanksgiving you'll have a little family covenant where you say you no way today for at least this many hours these things are all put in a basket and we're not going to turn the t.v. on we're just going to talk which is going to be with each other we're going to rediscover the interest that comes from what happened to you and I'm going to be interesting as I tell what's happened to me all kinds of stories when I think about my list of 20 I have love at the very top of my list where. Would the world be able to clear out love it be so terrible I experience in so many ways God is the author he flows very beautifully through my wife my children my parents my friends my coworkers through you all of these are categories of thankfulness that I have and as God reflects through you into my life I'm a richer man hope I want everybody here to have hope my wife was telling me a story that her teacher had shared with her recently that took some mice and they stuck them in a bucket they want to see along the white mice could live in water how long could they swim So these mice are in over their head but they're floating in their little paws or are beating the water and they're going to the sides of the bucket but they can't get out there's nothing for them to grab onto the mice lasted about 20 minutes they took the mice out before they perished they allowed those mice a rehabilitation time I don't know how many weeks but then they took those same mice and they stuck them back in the bucket how long do you think they swam get your number how long would mice who have been in a situation of duress for 20 minutes come to their very end where they can't keep swimming how long could they swim the next time they 2nd in the bucket now we can't prove how my stink but we can postulate they stuck close same ice in a bucket of water and they hung on for 32 hours. They postulate at least some do it in the back of their little mice mind. They knew deliverance might become mean we can't prove it but I want to tell you if I was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean because my airplane had to make a landing and I knew somebody was coming I'd hang on a whole lot longer than if I thought it was all over and nobody knew about me. Ferenc the good news is somebody knows about you he knows your very d.n.a. all of those encyclopedic list and volumes of of all of the chemistry and the biology that makes you you it's not just hairs on your head if the book of Matthew was being rewritten God might not say don't worry you're of more value than many sparrows and the number of hairs on your head are numbered if it was being written in the 21st century he might say Don't worry I know better than the genome knows everything that shapes you and is reshaping you and remaking you and every little component about you I know hang in there friends we have real hope this god who's made the cosmos has become one of us and he understands the vicissitudes of life the heaviness the heartache the uphill battle he knows what makes you laugh and he knows what makes you cry and he's hoping that you'll put all of yourself into his hands and trust Him I'm praising the Lord today for God's patience for his grace and His power I'm so thankful I can turn to God There are moments when I see things about myself I don't like there are moments when I've done things I wish I would know I'm so glad God is not put off with me and I can come back over and over again as a matter of fact I'm so glad he woos me back and for that grace that covers and for that grace that cleanses and for that grace that empowers I'm thankful I'm thankful for every time God's told me No no. Man I've got a long list some of it doesn't hardly matter and some of it matters for every thing I pass it almost 20 years and my last district was a wonderful journey most of the time but there were phases of my life and it's like Lord would you deliver me. And he wouldn't. I may have told you the story once before but I'll tell it again the audience changes. I knelt on my knees. Probably a Wednesday or Thursday I said God if you want me to take a call send me a call today of course when you pray that kind of prayer you're paying attention to the phone and most pastors aren't in one place nearly as long as I was and so the longer you're there the more you can appreciate my prayer because sometimes you know more than you want to know and sometimes you have less faith and you need to have the next day I got a phone call from a conference President a friend of my. To a church that would have been a lovely place for me to raise my boys right next to the Rocky Mountains The only problem was it was a few hours too late. Man I wanted to say sure I'll come out luck I waited a week to call him. Because I didn't have the courage to shoot my opportunity in its own foot but I finally did and I want to tell you as I look back on the trajectory of my life my ministry and my family were God was doing his was say Now listen wrong Kelly. And the light says there's no less a place prepared for you right here than there is in heaven in effect what God said all right I'm listen so you think I'm not listening I'm listening the call won't come today it will come tomorrow so that you know that I'm listening and that the answer is no we're going to stay right here. And I want to tell you something what you feel in the moment is what you may not feel in the future but I'm going to tell you standing here before you today. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there have been dozens of things were gonna said no to me where if I would have gotten a yes it would have turned out to be the wrong answer not only just for me but for my spouse and my children and how many others I don't know friends rejoice when God says no you're looking through a keyhole you can't see what he sees it's like one of those boys said that the cademy he said it's like it's like life is this great big computer screen and we get to see one or 2 pixels. You just remember that we're just in God I'm thankful friends this morning for my passport I am a citizen of the United States and I want to tell you something I'm thankful for the liberty it stands for the freedoms that has protected the opportunity it's given and while this is not you should be proud of your country wherever you are from today we all happen to be right here who are listening in the live in this presence you're in the United States of America it has its problems it is not the it is not the heavenly land but while we have opportunity and while it represents what is represented around the world which is liberty of conscience freedom of speech and all these other grand freedoms we ought to exercise our power and take advantage of it I'm thankful for my church not just locally although this is where I'm thankful 1st and foremost I'm thankful for every single thing we've done together I'm thankful for every person we facilitated a better education to whether it's in Benton Harbor or whether it's an El Salvador I'm thankful for every prisoner has received a package and by the way I'm guessing it's getting upwards towards 15000 packages we've sent praise the Lord I'm thankful for every ministry that happens that I don't know about that's personal which is the most important ministry base one on one no orchestration but God I'm thankful for that and I'm thankful for every single thing we've done to minister in every way we've done announcing the grand and glorious themes of the Bible I'm thankful for the hope and the happiness I'm thankful for the church school my list can go on and on and on but the most thing I'm thankful for are the thankful hearts and the kind of looks that encourage each one of us and give us a life that is better than wealth and luxury I'm thankful for my health some of you are battling health as you're listening to me this morning. Listen. If you walked into the sanctuary today praise the Lord if someone had to push you in or you've got to control yourself on the way and praise the Lord there are people who would love to be here but they can't if your mind runs on a relatively steady play and you can remember things praise the Lord. Friends don't take it for granted it's the cornerstone of so many other blessings and I'm inviting you to invest I'm so thankful for the message of this church just having finished proclaim that in Jesus I'm probably I am grateful to be a part of something so grand and glorious and respectable so true and so solid. And I'm thankful for the layers of our church this this union this division this General Conference this worldwide family of faith I am so thankful that I'm part of an organization that takes Matthew 28 seriously by the way I'm thankful for real books with real pages. And I'm thankful especially to my dear Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross so that all these things could be given to me my life is rich and full. And so is yours but it can be fuller and richer if you hardest thankful and you're willing to give away kind words and kind looks friends look around we're living in a university setting who should be invited to your Thanksgiving celebration and when you get there some of you may be leaving town to go to go put a hug on somebody go give a thoughtful her life is heavy life is hard you can go down into the pits and come up to the mountain top all in one day depending on how things happen. I'm encouraging you don't miss the opportunity to put a inappropriate touch on somebody lay a hand on a shoulder squeeze it as you walk by put a hardy hand in another hand and embrace. Write a note one of those rare things now you can send a text that's fine and you could send an email that's probably a little better but do something kind of prehistoric and get a piece of paper and write on it people might stick that in their Bible which is hard to do with a digital version sign your name spend a little extra money on a nice card show the world that you're thankful. Wherever you go don't take them for granted maybe it's the store clerk I stood in line in Houston you see funny things in the airport. But I watched 2 people come up to the line and they didn't know it was going to cost them more for their bag. The attendant at the desk was nice so as I'm going by with my ticket stub in my hand I mean I did it on my own even she was still sort of dealing with them and I put my little barcode down there on the scanner and just as I'm walking away I just said thank you for such nice customer service and I want to tell you something such a big smile broke out on her face go the extra mile with your words and your attitudes and I promise you. What David say Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life why not leave a trail of green verdant see relational happiness you can do it and you know it's a great Sabbath afternoon activity get a piece of paper out and write a note of encouragement somebody stick it in the mail. And pray that will do more than you anticipated it would do friends we have so much for which to be thankful I'm also thankful that it's still day Jesus says the ones coming when no man can work can we go to work for and I have hope. I work with some of the most fantastic people so many dedicated leaders in this church a beautiful united spirit what can stand before us friends let's press together and press on l.-y. says there should be 100 workers where there's one How you going to do that we have to focus our lives more more around the work and the work is organized at the church make sure your homes are too but we come together and we press together what's God want to do with you I am the happiest when I know God is using me. And friends I promise you study all the psychology you can study. But you know mass love could only get it partially right yeah you got to be you've got to have a little something in your tell me before you move on to the next level of actualization if you want to be truly actualize if you want to be truly fall give yourself away for Christ. And may God bless us as we come up to these next $56.00 weeks may we not be sucked into the vortex of regular Americans celebrating May we fly higher no greater joy and hand out more thankful words and kindly looks and may God bless this is a people as the most thankful people and may we simply say Lord I want to bless you bless the Lord Oh my soul and forget knowledge benefits friends your sins have been separated in that chapter it tells us farther than the east is from the whence you know much that cost you know how wonderful it is stop and think about it and pass on a whole lot more thankful attitude actions and words and may God bless this may all things now living the song of Thanksgiving carry in their hearts into these next 6 weeks in May we go finishing strong for Jesus and his cause as we anticipate the year 2020 Please touch us. Please heal us. There are some listening Lord who live lives of fear they're afraid all the time there's no peace and constantly Lord they have nothing to give but they absorb they take they drain no human can fix this Lord but if they could turn to you and tell you how they really felt what they're really afraid of they would learn something of themselves and they would learn something of you I'm praying for these people. I want to pray next Lord for those who might be better at the center of their life has been self and when others don't recognize or appreciate or put them at the front they are frustrated this frustrated self plays itself out learn in bitterness or in pride or both. I'm praying Lord touch them and help them to know that they were made special none other of the 7 or so 1000000000 people on the face of the planet are just like them you need them together in the womb there's something special for them to do and faithfulness in the ordinary will open the doors up for faithfulness in what is not so ordinary I'm praying Lord for those who are carrying a weight today they're worried about a loved one they're worried about their health they're worried about their financial future whatever it might be I'm praying Lord give them a window show them that you're at work give them a stronger Fe and a peace that surpasses circumstance and that they actually enjoy this Sabbath and in to supinate the blessings of being thankful as we approach the holiday I'm prayed for Lord those today who came rejoicing spiritual strength in spite of physical well being perhaps they have physical mental and social strength I'm praying maybe they give out generously thankful words and kind looks and I'm just praying Lord make the fragrance of this body so beautiful that wherever we go after we separate that it's clear that we were fragrance in our worship in your presence. Blushes now to that in a May we come up to the season simple. Obedience and thanks in Jesus name I pray in this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more Sermon on the visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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