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Everyone has a Story

K'dee Elsen


K'dee Elsen

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Host of “The Brain People Podcast”




  • November 15, 2019
    12:00 PM
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I was born in Rome or know how or Yam knows where gods are oh a good number somewhere in their day I was in grave there and so I'm a serious kid and I've done some reacted already you know the. 0 May have judgement about that but the past 3 months just gets me troubled around Southern California and just experience to pastors It is very different from each class was it I was very. Close knit family where my father went through a lot of hardships but we went through it together as a human so I don't know of a showing and here is a p.k.. A kind of. A passage. And so our pastors kid growing up in the church has a lot of hardship I looked around and saw the broken families I looked around there's a lot to Forbes list of items I want to question and that's within the church in front of the church and so as I grew up I start to question week you know what's going on here what's leading to this brokenness with me to this family discord raising Do you want to run drone lives and the wonderful scene faith and so I saw this and especially in the church and wonder like people in the church have like the full glory the hope of the something underneath How could we still struggle when some people will cover this weekend I mean donkey and I verse and see the suffering without knowing it will be a good doctor and a serious and you know with a doctor it's a beautiful calling but I notice a lot of times when people have physical healing and still be suffering so the girl answered to drive them towards psychology but I have my own experiences when I was. So I would think that I went to public school and so in public school I was. Out every kid I was very thin and really care about being boring but it was still so far is really hard the only solution I remember going to a new school and then try for a little bit to try it I try to go here with the popular kids I started person more to try to like David and it is really this is not neat if the very end of the scrape it into great to grow once but I have this pressure greater fear of it include in high school also the same pressures and I make often would you know Lol I often don't know or I had an older sibling is that went to the school but you know you know there is there's really no one going to the dealer family and so on the experience is really just you know or even Absolutely you feel very strange that you just don't get it and a lot of the intensity of it and so on through high school I was experiences went to college and every little wanted to didn't quite fit in because I had this connection with God and it was heartening to sometimes try to fit into the world when I had this relationship with God sometimes I'm a result but I remember one time I went to Pete and our various great guys you know what are we going to do for peace are they going God I only remember this week and now to be like the letters there's such a blessing to be with why we had the will and especially in school again it's a given that I did it in the b.b. you are in the right to decide you know in schools may be needed and then it's hard to know whether they are continuing to stir personally mind and. If you guys are not. I know very different but he said there was we just. Had this even from a lot of people to want to do writing. Yeah a lot of mostly what you do you're kind of going to disclose a lot of the income of this huge opportunity for new services as is my heart and none of those apologies. Why understands a simple De Lay So I along with the d.l. more now than he gave police I didn't have that experience the gun was slowly getting the Navy and so on and live a friendly nations and policy and I'm much for school I was like Ok I didn't follow says I was living in my own house for them and after my last years a kid would make this a call they're like he's like oh yeah of these are identical and so I went on to ask. All this is saying we are going to experience it go through it all I want to touch you and to talk about with you guys the same together beings see. You know what you are going through around. You might eat you haven't been your best friend we have the media you don't know each other's stories right you might have a tendency when you have some judgments when a person with yes but I have a story each and every one of you have a story and I want to read a story already knew that I really really trust your purpose and I believe junior high and this is like one of the stories that I've heard also inspiring to become the psychologists of this talked about. 2 high schoolers so it says I want to dig in he was a freshman in high school and he saw or one of the spell of the student is walking in this neighborhood and I want you guys to Magic this because so he's walking through his neighborhood he sees this this other student he's carrying all of the drugs and with. Me on the bus and he thinks why our what on earth he's carrying all of this long in his books home for who we need to study right behind those judgments on some people or what is very scary and the term there's a never be the end why would it be the one room or the books on the birthday and things like you know for me I have a weekend planned the whole world then suddenly he he was popular in school and certainly was alongside whatever and then there's these other kids that come by and he's certainly this other nerd and this or bullying or he and then finally not go over him and all these books go flying. So again I want to imagine so and then he went into the bowl and I had to turn. And one of the reason that was watching him I was a little. And so he's human so I went to him I will need to go myself and I want to hear that believes in watching me see that nobody is around to go home and help I'm going to come in both and then they didn't talk a little bit and he was like oh were and were you going with the guns around the corner here even realize that there are actually movers and so he said I want to take your books here whole they're watching in the new hospital going by the time actually pretty cool and so sometimes happens in the scene again and then they were good meters Gnome's around and sort of spending time here welcome home together we have to we are building a friendship. Over the call and the nurses and judgments on the job as well I've. Been there really was the one who was home and then become friends. And so when that happens you know he said Tim thank you so much for helping me with this huge smile reading to. Tynecastle Now there are the end of the high school and the nerd becomes the valedictorian of their school and it's graduation time and the nerd goes up to the podium and is going to give a speech so I want to read it to you he says you know over the next 4 years Kyle and I have a nasty brands you know going to each other all the time of whether the nerd in the jar but we were friends good friends the nerd and also became a little human a little particular because of the Jar Jar going with smarter than him and maybe I'm going back and he said I want Graduation is a day to see things thanks to those who need a difference he says you know you think you see things your teachers is nice your principal always thinks to your parents be a Bush but mostly your friends he says. I'm here to tell you they're big enough friends of mine and if the basket he's giving them and he says I'm going to tell you the story anything continues on steak you know 3 years ago I and my friend I was walking home from school carrying all my books and condone my longer because I was going to kill myself over the weekend. He said I was cleaning out my locker because I didn't want my mom to do it. And nobody knew nothing mom not my friend. And he looked at the program or he knew this is between these and being fully I was 8 he said my friend Sue me for doing that unspeakable and I heard a gasp go through the crowd and heard the gasp. Here and reminds that once and walk up to the friendly hands one simple act of kindness over seems no one else's story or being open to seeing someone else seems with. The reason why or why I want to share this story is one that we have a saying in psychology that how do you know someone's surprise for how you know swords inside Does anyone not only counts. If you say you're smiling. And we see them because you're very good at finding other brokenness we are very good at 18 we're going to do the most difficult times or guard rides this individual he was able to I mean you know he just carried his books was big and his friend who didn't see what was going to happen just because of the pregnancy that he still using it to see it live. And so I wanted to share this with you our Because there are people here according to the stats there are people here in this room that are calling the box of suicide or they're the gods of the significant Prussian in society you mean men and nuns not uncommon that's not something that to use a devout. But that's a saying as a community it is our responsibility you know how do parents do this how can you prevent these things from happening is exactly what this story tells us is truly chap you don't know who the person next to you is strongly you know not your hood the person next you doesn't know who you are the person that struck. And so I just want to be read a verse of the Bible that speaks to me and I think the Russians executed right your Bibles or you don't then you just put me read a mission is 6. 6 1st 2. Simple nations 1st chapter 6 verse 2. Does anyone have that we're going to meet. The mission mistakes 1st you. Go back to life what. We're. All very one another's burdens and soft pillow Barnett's. Think about done to our right to do differently and here instead there are one another's words. It is your responsibility you are all speaking as we talk about going to help the reason why I want to talk to those individuals is great here this is one who didn't really know how your mobile likes to have your friendships are you guys are responsible for one another a person you didn't like the least your response about right now that her sense of obligation and a sense that you didn't hear. It is a commandment to where one another's burdens. And so this is a challenge for you are. To rely on one another not just who your friends are but those who cannot see if you are broken and those that need not see their stories. You can be used by God to be to say these militants. So on so it would close in order. To God in heaven. Or rethinking you order. Your mercy toward us or if you are your unconditional love towards us more be noted that love that we need Spirit through you comes with the responsibility of reaching out to others. Or are you going to other people in this room traveling or that they're struggling by darkness the can't see the light or they are creating this weekend in bringing someone in the moment their minds are going to break with the last one of the acts that passed this week in order that here it is a category that the need of the flow is communion barely into the experience. Not just the scaffolding for students but the students here helping 100 or so recreate a couple. The spirit in touch the one here going to have a sense of honesty and moment of voting in mind when it's hard work to be on is to say that I'm sure we're going to get there he invited me into his warm and welcoming and. Nurturing a new we have people here can change because we can't do it by ourselves and so we ask for your love and then we just pray that you will be present here this week and on weekends and last each person here bless their friends who are special. And we're going to the movies in. 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