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Peace be Still

K'dee Elsen


K'dee Elsen

Clinical Psychologist, Co-Host of “The Brain People Podcast”




  • November 16, 2019
    10:45 AM
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When I say Jesus a lot of times people start thinking oh we're going to talk about his death and resurrection Amen and that is important right his death and resurrection is important and I hear a lot of people sometimes say you know if you're a Christian how can you shoulder with mental health you know don't you believe in Jesus Dechen resurrection and how many people do you know we talked about pastors and church leaders who have attempted and completed suicide they knew about Jesus' death and resurrection are you saying that his death and resurrection is enough you know don't stone me yet. The Bible tells us that that's not the only thing that we need to be focusing on you notice here in Luke Chapter 9 it says that the Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders the chief priests and the scribes and be killed and on the 3rd day be raised after we focus on the how the latter half of this verse he should be killed and the race but what precedes that it says of the Son of Man and maybe will suffer seeing who's paying attention here is says must suffer it's not an option says that he must suffered and be rejected. So I want you to think about death and resurrection is important but does anyone know that the gospels cover 33 and a half years of his life prior to that there must be something important in his life that we're not talking about we talk about his death and resurrection again important but what about his life what is his life that can help us understand this mental great mental health great controversy and the role that he plays so he says he must suffer Luke 17 also says this kind of uses the same language but 1st he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation and I like how you add this says but 1st it is important that he 1st suffer and not just suffer but many see. And we see that throughout the Bible even prophecies we think about prophecies of Jesus as oh he's going to come to be born and he's going to come to die but there are also prophecies in the Bible that talk about his suffering you notice in Psalms 2214 to 18 says this time of Jesus I am poured out like water and all of my bones are out of joint My heart has turned to wax it has melted away within me my strength has dried up like a pot cert and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth you lay me in the dust of death dogs have surrounded me a band of evil men has encircled me they have pierced my hands my feet I can count all my bones people stare and gloat over me they divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing This is talking about the deep anguish that Jesus was one day going to suffer so you wonder why is it so important that Jesus must suffer anyone have any ideas I like dynamic presentation so anyone have a thought immediately get if. To make him relatable to us yes instead of this far off from God in heaven. And he had other ideas yes. To be our example. Have this idea that we have a savior that's relatable That's an interesting thought to notice here in the cover some of these verses in his presentation about talking about the vulnerability of Christ but you see in Hebrews Hebrews emphasizes the law actually says for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor I don't know about you but most of us when we think about death is not crowned with glory and honor that he by the grace of God might taste death for every one who cried therefore in all things he has to be made like his brethren again this is not an option then say maybe suffer may be made like his brethren if said he had to be me like his brethren and I love I absolutely love Hebrews 415 it says that we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin and I like the way Paul writes this because he's not saying we have a High Priest who can he's almost assuming kind of like yesterday's verse also he's assuming as if you believe that you don't have a god that can sympathize He says For we who cannot sympathize kind of some double negatives who's trying to emphasize a point as you think you don't have a god that can but I'm telling you that you do somebody that can sympathize with our weaknesses but was all points tempted as we are yet without sin I want everyone to turn with me to their Bibles ties they a 53. Does anyone know where we're turning to. We're turning to a prophecy about the Messiah there's a fascinating You Tube video about some Jews who had read this for the 1st time and began to weep because they never knew that there was a suffering messiah so the power of this chapter and the thing is as we read this I want you to start thinking about what my sister said over there the idea that we have a Savior that is relatable so I want as we read about Jesus's experience I want you to think about your own personal experience and how you can relate to Jesus so we're in Isaiah 53 and we're going to start in verse 3 Do I have anyone that can read for us and love enthusiasm yes please the loud voice it says he is despised and rejected by men I don't know if you caught that but it's in the present he is despised not was but is despised and rejected by men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief he knows grief and we hid as it were our faces from him he was despised and we did not the steam him again sir thinking about how this might relate to you personally I know when I read this at a time in my life I resonated with the part where it said we hid as it were our faces from him I was in high school I mentioned yesterday I was I went to public school and this verse to me stuck out to me because in public schools very large public schools often you're walking and your bought a say hi and that person turns a face and they pretend like they don't even see you right we hit our faces from him so the questions here are have you ever felt rejected by someone Did you ever have you ever felt despised by someone has anyone here ever suffered with grief. It says that Jesus was despised rejected he knows will agree feels like a cry and let's continue to have a volunteer for a verse for yes go ahead. Surely if you have any doubts as surely he has borne our grief. He has borne it for us he with them word means born is he's carrying our grief for us he carried our sorrows yet even though he did this for us we steamed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted Has anyone here ever felt smitten by God attacked by God or saying God why me especially with mental health mental health again feels like this very very heavy heavy burden and you say God Why need a God why don't you deliver me from this it says that he felt smitten by God he carried that grief he carried our sorrows verse 5 any volunteer Yes So I want everyone to read this verse but instead of saying our I want you to read it and say my rights we ought to read these things but we don't personalize it we don't think about how it was my iniquity so I'll just reason read it for myself but he was wounded for my transgression. He was Bruce for my iniquities and the test ties meant for my peace was upon him and by His stripes I am healed I want to point out there this last phrase he says and by His stripes we are healed What is that need we say it but what does it actually mean we often think about we are healed or we are saved by his death but here it says that we are healed by His stripes. This is alluding to this idea that we are healed by Christ suffering not just by his death and resurrection but there's something in his suffering that heals us just think about that for a moment right there something in his because he suffered there's some healing in that suffering for want he takes our sorrows and griefs but there's something about his suffering that brings us healing which we'll talk about and cry and it continues on in verse 6 and 7 to continue to develop this idea that Jesus suffered an all points every single type of suffering you can imagine he suffered both for himself and for us he took on all of our sufferings. So I I was thinking about Jesus' suffering and I decided to put to come up with a list and I don't think you can see it that well but I thought about kind of just writing down the things that came to mind because often we just think about the 70 or the cross but I want you to realize even before Jesus is born Jesus comes into the world with a shameful birth. Like his mother got pregnant out of wedlock that brings a lot of shame you could have asked why God why didn't you just wait till they got married but there's something about this that Jesus again he starts off his life in a way that is already in suffering so he's had a change will birth he was rejected by family the Gospel say that his brothers rejected him he was then rejected by his own hometown and again as we go through these things I want you to personalize what this means to you might say you know I've had a shameful birth you might say I've been rejected by my family or perhaps I have a broken family a family that I wish I could be there for me and they're not there for me rejected by his hometown rejected by his followers we think about just the 12 disciples There is a point where in John 6 says he's had this powerful sermon and many many left him and I love what he says to his disciples his of will you leave me too and Peter says Where would we go if you know the term or the words of eternal life is rejected by his dream jacket abandoned betrayed by his closest friends so he was betrayed by Judas these individual spending 3 years with him going everywhere together the best sister a friend. And it's even l. one talks about Jesus loved Jesus we think about Judas as doing something horrible this is somebody that was a close close friend of Jesus how much it must have pained Jesus rejected by Peter abandoned by all of his disciples except for one in the his last moments where he needed the most for me when I was so I was a leader of a Bible study group and. I was struggling a lot at that time and I remember going and I'd teach every week and I'm from Loma Linda which has a lot of young adults Adventist young adults and I was like God like I need help I need help and there's many people I said and I asked them Can you help me teach Can you help me teach and for different reasons they said no and how strong I was like I am going to graduate school and study em in ministries too much for me and every time I teach I see people you know when it really pains you when you see people reject Christ right and I go whole after a Bible study after teaching and I cry I weep. Every week crying and crying and I came to this came to mind God brought this to my tention that Jesus felt alone in ministry that Jesus cried for his disciples and that's Jesus suffering when God brought that to my mind for me so much peace I was when he brought that to my mind I started going to Bible study with a whole different attitude I said God like although I feel alone in this I'm not like Jesus can empathize with me and that brought me a lot of peace and a lot of healing at that time in my life could use been rejected also rejected by us and he goes on you know people try to kill him he was fit physically abused if you've been physically abused if you watch physical abuse in your home uses understands it was verbal immensely abuse I think about the time where they blindfolded him and they hit him they spit on him they said prophesies was hitting you he was a verbal e. and mentally abused deeply sorrow there's many times where Jesus wept or he sighed he had so much pain and sorrow shamed and humiliated I think about being stripped naked and on a cross display in front of everyone that's huge is humiliation right something we're fearful are just coming up front but imagine Jesus being displayed before the whole universe tempted to numb his pain even on the cross and for sake and feeling for sake and by God right why God have you forsaken me in all these points Jesus suffered and many more and so that makes us think well what is our experience Jesus suffered in all points so that we could have a Savior that can truly empathize. Empathy some people say how do you do it being a therapist right here in people's problems all day then you go home that's a lot and I say you know I can't truly empathize with my patients and they look at me like what you're not a very good therapist and I say to them I don't truly empathize because I can't pretend like I truly understand what they're going through I don't people say to you oh you're going through something I understand when people tell you that we don't like it right you're like no you don't understand you don't know what I'm going through and I don't pretend like I do I cannot truly empathize with the pain that my patients feel but I know of somebody who can because Jesus purposely writes that he must suffer in order for us to have a Savior that can empathize and be with you in that pain so we now know that we have a Savior that can empathize with every single suffering that I have endured that you have endured he knows what that pain feels like some of you here in this this morning are carrying a heavy heavy burden carrying so much pain in your hearts us morning and Jesus says I know what that feels like. We have a personal God that is present with me with you in every suffering you're not alone one of the biggest some patience of mental health the devil comes and says your love nobody understands nobody knows what it feels like and maybe you're the person sitting next you may not understand fully but God can Jesus can. He suffered so that I do not have to carry the cross of suffering so it's not only that he can empathize but he says that he carried our sorrows he carried our grief he bore it for us so that we don't have to hold on to it sometimes we like to we've identified with the anxiety the depression the mental illness for so long that it becomes almost our identity right set of I have depression I am depressed so the thing I having Zajac I have ancients and it becomes your identity because you've struggled with it for so long but Jesus is saying you don't have to hold onto it you can bring it to him because he is able to know what that feels like and he's able to bear and so Jesus not only empathizes with our pain but he has the power to heal our pain and so this 1st portion was focusing on Jesus his role as a sufferer but it doesn't stop there his life yes is about death and resurrection Yes It's about suffering but there's another point that is key to understanding his role in this mental health grey controversy and that's his role as healer So Matthew $93536.00 tells about tells us about his ministry and it says that he came he went about all the cities the villages teaching preachy and healing and it doesn't doesn't say just healing it says healing every sickness and every disease among the people how many of you here believes that Jesus healed Ok I figured everyone right most of us when we think about Jesus healing we apply it to physical health how many of here have thought about how it applies to mental health. You know like what the Bible doesn't cover that the Bible talks about you know healing the physical talks about how he healed the lame the deaf the new it doesn't really talk about him Huling mental health and Rick I think alluded to this earlier this idea that throughout the Bible that you see here in some 3417 and 80 the righteous cry out the Lord hears of them he delivers them from all their troubles the Lord is close to the what the broken hearted and he saves those who are crush and spirit there are other translations that say he heals the broken hearted and those who have a depressed spirit songs 101473 says he heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds some of the wounds of the brokenhearted that's not a political to physical health that's talking about emotional mental health and Luke 418 says time out his his calling he says he has sent need to heal the progun hearted we think about he has sent Jesus to come and die for our sins that's spiritual salvation or he came to heal diseases physical but this is talking about he was sent to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are oppress right we talk a lot about oppression in today's society whether by race or gender whatever it may be. And we see that there's a solution in Christ that He came and he continues to offer this to us all to set liberty to those who are press but you might say Ok I understand he heals here you know he heals a mental health and mental illness but maybe you have some excusive we all do right maybe he can heal me for many reasons one thing that I love about Jesus in the Bible and in the Gospel specifically in his miracles is you know that the miracles they're not just you know reported by coincidence like that's an interesting one on food in the Bible if you study the miracles Joe realize that each one is part of a bigger puzzle that all of them together when you study them comprehensively they demonstrate a holistic picture that Jesus can heal every type of sickness so for every excuse that you might have this morning we have good excuses we all do that you say God can heal me for x. reason we're going to address that today you say he can heal me for maybe it's been too long maybe I've been depressed for too long I've suffered too long there's stories about how woman bled for 12 years we're going to address that miracle in our closing powerful miracle there's one about a woman who was crippled for 18 years some of you here not even a t.v. imagines that long suffering and a man for 38 years and even some from their childhood from birth they were struggling Jesus says give these examples in the Bible to say if you have doubt that it's been too long that God cannot heal you he can cry God can heal you no matter how long you've been struggling. The 2nd excuse maybe it's too severe maybe my anxieties too severe maybe I've endured trauma a trauma since I was little and I have you know certain symptoms I've just trust of others it's too severe God cannot heal me there are many many miracles in the Bible that are trying to speak to you personally to say I can heal you there is a story about the lepers think about back then to be a leper right falling on body parts with 6 tree to be cast out from society so much shame you had to go everywhere saying unclean unclean imagine we talk about isolation you know sometimes we choose isolation but imagine if you were isolated because of your condition you're saying it's too severe or what about demon possession there are so many stories in the Bible about demon possession and how Jesus rebuked the demons and even conquering death itself Jesus remember the story of Lazarus he could have gone and saved and healed Lazarus before but why did he wait. Does anyone know why did Jesus wait to heal his best friend test their faith I would say he probably knew right there something no use a says for his name to be glorified for glory to be given to be able to say I am able to conquer death. Because if he had just killed them until there's another excuse right you could feel but not tax and just saying no matter the severity of your condition this morning I can conquer I can heal or maybe you say I don't have enough face I hear this one all the time and sadly a lot of times in church we also feed into this misconception that you need faith in order to be healed how many of you here have heard that before you need to have faith in order to be healed right sometimes they say oh you're not being healed because you just need to have more faith you need to pray more but you notice in the Bible and sometimes we use examples in the Bible to say you know all it says when Jesus turns to the person says Your faith has healed you or your faith has made you well so there are circumstances where Jesus says Your faith has healed you but again the miracles are a comprehensive picture of what God can do and so for some people it is based on their face but others I want you to notice so I love the examples that the Bible presents because sometimes they're healed by other people's faith remember we saw the last night which which miracle. The paralytic man and because of whose faith was he healed his friends not as all these affect did it say that the paralytic man had face you know it said because of your faith and so there are examples in the Bible that says because of friends that an individual's healed there are examples in the Bible that says because of family that because of mothers or fathers bringing their children to the Lord or sometimes even like this says boss is the center area he was the boss even the boss has faith he brought him his servant before the Lord and Jesus healed so there examples in the Bible where it's not the person's face but other people face. You might say though but I don't have people that are taking me to Jesus like I feel alone maybe they can't their faith is not enough I love the story of Mark Chapter 9 actually let's turn there because it is so powerful Mark Chapter 9. Verse 14 to 29. So Mark Chapter 9 verses $14.00 to $29.00 and we won't read the whole the whole story but this is a story about. A boy who is demon possessed and this father brings him before the Lord but it's interesting because Mark gives a lot more details than Matthew or Luke and he says that when the father brings him he says I try to bring him to your disciples but your disciples were not able to heal him so this is saying this is a really severe case he's saying that you're disciples couldn't even heal them and could do the cycles heal at that time yet God gave them Jesus gave them the authority to heal but they brought him before and they couldn't heal him and so the father then brings him to Jesus and 1st Jesus rebuked you know the disciples but then it says that let's let's move to verse 21. Jesus asked the father how long has this been happening to him and he said the father said from childhood So again a severe you know possession as well as early on in childhood and the father continues to kind of really give Jesus a picture of what's going on he said not just from childhood but then talks about severity of it he says he's often thrown into the fire and into the water to destroy him by the demon but if you can do anything Jesus if there's some doubt there if you can do anything have compassion on us and help us if Right there's this disbelief here if you cannot I know you can but if you can and what is Jesus respond he says if you can believe 23 verse 23 he kind of throws it back on him he's like if I can do something no you saying if you can believe all things are possible to him who believes so do say some things are possible all things let's all say that all things are possible this verse alone if you have any doubt of God healing you just quote this verse all things are possible immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears Lord I believe help my unbelief he said if you can do anything and use responds I can basically if you believe and he responds very sincerely he says Lord help my unbelief it's like I know possibly that you can but there is something in me that still doesn't believe that you can and I would guess today that there are many people here that probably have the same this bully. And same thing that was taught earlier this idea of when you don't have it yourself ask Jesus to provide it for you he's saying help me believe give me faith because I can't even believe on my own so here we have an example of if you don't have enough faith others can bring you to Christ if you don't have others to bring you to Christ maybe you do have others we have disbelief you can ask God for belief so what happens is the Lord will I believe help my unbelief when Jesus saw that the people came running to get the root unclean spirit saying to him you deaf and dumb spirit I command you come out of him and enter him no more the spirit cried out convulsed him greatly came out of him and he became as one dead that many said he is dead but Jesus told him by the hand I love how personal Our Savior is took him by the hand and lifted him up and heroes and when he had come into the house the disciples asked him privately why could we not custom out and he said this kind could only be cast out by prayer and fasting Ward help my unbelief and still there is one word example I want you guys to see as to the story about the widow of her son if you want to turn there with me Luke Chapter 7 so we're still touching on this idea of if I don't have faith can God heal me. With Chapter 7 verses $11.00 to $70.00 so this is a story about the son of the widow of name. And since it's short we're going to just quickly come to read through it it says Now what happened the day after that he went into the city so this Jesus he went into a city called name and many of the disciples went with him and a large crowd deals was always very popular when he was healing in and so it says when he came near the gate of the city behold a dead man was being carried out so I want you to picture it so far right so Jesus with his disciples and a large crowd there in name the coming near the gate of the city and there's a dead man being carried the only son of his mother so this mother and her only son who is now dad and she was a widow right so not only was she didn't have her son now but also she was a widow. And it says and a large crowd from the city was with her when the Lord saw her he had compassion on her and said to her Do not weep then he came and he touched the open coffin and those who carried him stood still and he said young men I say to you arise and he who is dead sat up and began to speak and he presented him to his mother so let me ask you this was this dead man the son did he have faith no he's dead within a trick question he's dead the dead know nothing they don't have faith to them they did mention that the mother had faith didn't say so here is an example where it was not because of the son's faith wasn't because of the mother's faith there was another prerequisite for this healing does anyone know what was the reason for what was the prerequisite what was needed for this healing. I hear it compassion. You'll notice that if you study all the miracles one of the most reoccurring themes is this phrase he was moved with compassion more so than faith more so than the faith of the individuals is says that Jesus was moved with compassion so just a couple examples it says that when he was in Krauts he was moved with compassion so overall his ministry read already that when you say healing people says he would see the multitudes he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered both in the feeding of the 5000 and the 4000 years performs the miracle because it says he was moved with compassion but you see even more so in the cases of individuals so here are just a couple examples there is the story about the 2 blind men where it says that Jesus had compassion and because of that compassion he touched their eyes and immediately their eyes receive sight and they followed him but also in the story of the leper says and Jesus moved with compassion he put out his hand and touched him and said to him I am willing to be cleansed I love this story because it says if you are willing and she says I am willing he wants to heal you you noticed a progression here if 1st starts off by saying that he's moved with compassion and then he does the act he extends his hand he touch their eyes so it is the compassion that is a prerequisite for Jesus doing his healing there's also the demon possessed man in Mark chapter 5 it says that he had compassion on you and then the one that we just read about the widow he had compassion on her he saw that she was a widow he knew that she had just lost her only son and Jesus out of compassion heals. So you notice here again I talked about the comprehensive picture of of miracles that if you go through all the miracles age is not a factor he heals any anybody from a child to adult gender is not an issue male female status there are people of high status like this in Turkey and there are people of low status the Centurions and the. Woman He healed in many different ways he's not limited to one way either which speaks to us a lot right because you say Oh God I want this because maybe you saw somebody else or you have this idea of what how God can heal you but God has healed in many different ways sometimes he touches and sometimes he speaks and at different times sometimes this morning sometime this evening sometimes it Sabbath in different places sometimes and it's our home sometimes it's in the church in large groups and sometimes in small groups I love the ones that says that he pulled them away from the crowd and he had this one on one interaction but he heals in different places he heals different diseases and he heals everyone friends his closest friends and strangers people he just met so the miracles are in the Bible to teach us that God has the power to heal he's willing to heal and he is moved the reason why he heals is because he's moved by compassion some of you might be saying but I do have faith I do believe I have asked for Healy but it doesn't come. Why kind of touching on this idea will what's the purpose of miracles we're going to turn to Mark Chapter 8 verse 222268 very short miracle but powerful This is actually my favorite miracle of all the miracles so Mark Chapter 8 verses 222268 lot of people refer to this as the miracle of the 2nd touch So Mark 822226 says Jesus came to best Saida and they brought a blind man to him and begged him to touch Him Who how did this blind man come to Jesus. They brought a kind of like a paralytic man right there some friends here again the power friends importance of friends you can come to do this on your own have your friends bring you to him and they begged him to touch him right there asking him to touch him so he took the blind man by the hand again personal touch and left him out of the town he wants to be one on one with this individual which is important for understanding the purpose of this miracle he leads him out of town and when he had spent on his eyes and put his hands on him he asked him if he saw anything and so imagine this right Jesus spits he touches and then he asked men what do you see and the man looks up and says I see men like trees walking. Jews did you make a mistake Did you to heal the man completely he can't see clearly right what why did Jesus not heal him completely he can see a little bit more right he says I can see men like trees walking. But he doesn't see clearly just yet so then it says in verse 25 Then he put his hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And what happened he was resort and saw everyone clearly and he sent him away to his house saying neither go into town nor tell anyone in the town many times we read stories in the Bible more like Oh that's wonderful but we don't make it a political to our lives I believe that God included this miracle for a purpose and the purpose is many of us have this experience where you say God I was healed but seems like I was I was healed partially or maybe I'm asking for healing but it's not coming this man had he could have said like God like I see kind of fuzzy figures walking around I'm not completely healed why this delay in healing and the key to this is the idea that God has a higher purpose than just an immediate Huling So what we find in this Miracle is the reason why he leads him out of town is because and why he is brought by his friends is this individual does not have a personal faith or encounter with Jesus Jesus wants him more than just the physical healing the physical healing is important but more than that he wants him to have a Huling of his relationship with God He wants him to understand who God really is so the purpose of healing is to reveal God's glory as we talked about with Lazarus but also we know that it's in God's timing we often think that we know what is what's best right and maybe say you know I want it now but God knows that there's an eternal purpose so I love Isaiah 558 and 9 that says for my thoughts are not your thoughts. Nor are your ways my ways says the Lord present heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts what these verses are saying is there are things that we do not know where God's plans his thoughts are higher than ours their thoughts and plans that are good we just don't quite understand because there is eternal purpose perhaps the delay as we saw in this miracle seems like a delay that God doesn't really care but it's because he cares more for an eternal purpose does that make sense so for example I love this I was reading about this online and I found this and I want to just read it to you it says time and again the Bible depicts instances when God does not immediately eradicate suffering you say why God I'm suffering like I want healing and peace now but there are many depictions of this it says but rather he engages with it for good a thorn was given me this is Paul talking a form was given me in the flesh and he says 3 times I pleaded with the Lord about this 3 times like God healed me take this away from me that it should release me but how does God responded This is a verse that we often quote but we don't realize the context my grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness sometimes we want the heli more than we want the healer we want the healing more than we want the healer but it says here God responded to Paul's prayers for healing not by curing him but rather by working through Paul suffering to draw him nearer to his glory. God wants more than the healing he cares right he knows what the suffering feels like he's not saying saying you're suffering and I have no idea what you're going through no he says I know I know what that suffering is but I know that if I may not in for some people to me to healing others he says you know perhaps by rather working through Paul suffering to draw him nearer to score it he has an eternal purpose to draw you nearer to his glory because if you think about healing the purpose of Heli is restoration of his own image in you God doesn't want you to suffer he doesn't he knows what that feels like but sometimes that suffering can bring about eternal consequences for his glory and draw you closer to the life giver so when we read this 1st before focusing on the adversary we also see that says Jesus he says I D's as have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly what's so powerful about this verse is that the word abundant we think oh that's that's nice it's a lot it actually means like a lot a lot and means overflowing like an exorbitant amount and constant flowing so he says I want to give you life and that you may have life that is overflowing like the the more than you can even imagine like the 1st I says like I has not seen nor ears heard right what he has in store for each and every one of us so these questions of do you want to be healed more than we want to heal or do we want the blessing more than we want the one who Plus has to we want heaven more than we want to dwell with him eternally do we want peace more than the peace giver. And so too close we're going to read the miracle about calming of the storm again there's so much power in these miracles and we'll turn to Mark $435.00 you'll notice that I use the ones and Mark a lot Mark 10 said focus a lot on God's miracles on Jesus' miracles and he has extra details that I absolutely love so Mark tapped her for verse 35 to 41 so this weekend we're talking about having a peace of mind I mean In closing I'll talk more about what is that peace but this these verses talk about peace in a storm so verse 35 says on the same day when evening had come he said to them let us cross over to the other side so what time of day is this evening is evening typically light outside is a door dark right so picture that it's dark and you says let's cross over to the other side so now when they had left the multitude they took him Jesus along in the boat as he was and other little boats were also with him so this is a detail that Mark adds There's also other little books and verse $37.00 says and then the great too when storm a rose and the waves be into the boat so that it was already filling so I imagine it's dark this huge storm arises so much so that the waves are beating against the boat and it starts feeling right this is scary many of us can't imagine it because we don't ride in boats like this raven we don't experience when storms like this but as much as your imagination can imagine what they're going through. And also think about the contacts a lot of Jesus' disciples were of what profession fish or men were they a custom to a couple storms or was this brand new to them they were custom to it right so when you're custom to it probably not as scary but you'll notice that this time it is an even bigger storm than what they're custom to because it says that the boat was already filling with water 1st 38 but he was in the stern he being Jesus was in the stern asleep on the pillow why in the world is either sleeping during a store. Says you sleep on the pillow and they awoke him and said to him Teacher Do you not care that we are perishing So imagine that it's Imagine if you're in the boat you're scared for your life right it's dark there is a huge storm and the person that you think can help is sleeping Jesus is you know call me and sleeping through it and they said Do you not care that we are perishing. Verse $39.00 that heroes are rebuked the wind and said to the sea Peace be still and the wind ceased and there was a great call but he said to them Why are you so fearful howzit that you have no faith and they feared exceedingly and said to one another who can this be that even the wind and the sea obey Him So why is this relevant to us this morning we know that we have storms in our lives and sometimes with mental health especially as we talked about concerns for suicide the one thing about suicide that people don't understand is a lot of times it's not that this conscious decision that you say I want to take my life we are all born with an innate nature to want to live. But what happened is we get overwhelmed with what's going on overwhelmed if feels often like you were drowning so when it says here that the boat was filling that they were perishing. A lot of times with mental health you feel like you are perishing they're drowning you're at the point the brink of death and then you say Jesus don't you care that I'm perishing but I want to point out some details for you Jesus is the one who asked them to get into the boat. Not only did he ask but he's with them throughout the storm right so that tells us Jesus is with us during the storm when the storm comes you know he was there when the storm comes and you say he doesn't care don't you care he doesn't care that I'm perishing you have to understand when he says that Jesus sleeping that shows his humanity Jesus was tired right we talk about Jesus is suffering this is showing his humanity but also his divinity so he rises he wakes up and he says Peace be still that's all you have to do his divinity and his power to heal it shall and so for this for us all here today with the storms of your life whether it is you know you're struggling in the depths of mental illness or perhaps you're just struggling for something that's happening in your life currently there's a storm that you feel like you're perishing Jesus is saying this morning that he cares he's there with you he's in the boat with you but he has the power over the winds and the waves to say Peace be still he has the power to command into your life Peace be still so whatever your problems are here this morning. Jesus is saying to you Peace be still so I'm going to have an appeal if anyone here feels like you're going through a storm in your life today and you say God I want you to wake up and to command for this storm to be still I want you to come to the front if your how the storm in your life and you saying God I want you and your healing power to be able to command it to my life peace I invite you to the fore to the front we're going to have a word of prayer. Dear God in heaven Lord Your word is full of so much truth and so much power for We've learned this morning that you are a god that is a personal God a God that came down and suffered you chose to suffer for it and you delighted to suffer so that when we suffer here on this earth forward we know that we are not alone for I know that there are people here whether surrounding me right now or even listening to the voice or to that they are suffering for I pray with all my desire Lord that they may know that you are a savior I can truly empathize with their pain that they are not alone in this that we have a suffering messiah not just on the death not through death and resurrection not just on the cross but Lord you lived a life purposely so that we can have comfort in our time of need when I pray also for those who are here that have come to the front Lord pleading not just for comfort of of in their pain but true true healing board where they want to have peace in their life Lord a peace that passes all understanding board. And Lord we know that in your timing in your perfection for your glory the you want to give it to us Lord as with the miracle we talked about Lord it's not but if you are willing or you are willing and you desire that for us or for help us in our unbelief Lord let us truly this morning clane your promises and hold on board begging you and persistently asking for that healing for so Lord I pray for hoist spirit to fall afresh on every single person here but I pray for their families I pray that as they leave here they may know that the peace they've committed into their lives also is a peace that you want to give to their families for their broken families or to restore families or to anyone that they love dearly more so Lord May we leave here transformed by your pings this is our prayer and we praise Jesus name him in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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