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Creator: Why Did Jehovah Create?

Jed Daniel Lee


Born and raised a Seventh-day Adventist, Jed Daniel Lee was blessed with godly parents and a Christian education. However, while attending a secular university, he did not live as Daniel did in Babylon. Jed virtually forsook God; yet God did not forsake him. Through a series of events, Jed was eventually re-baptized at the 2003 GYC. Jed (JD, MBA) serves part-time as the Administrative Partner at NEWSTART PMR Clinic PC. He is also earning his ND and MScN in the hopes to augment his ability for medical missionary work and integrative health clinics. Jed enjoys ministering to young people and sharing with others the truth about the Creator God. Jed is happily married to his wonderful wife Irene. They are proud parents to Theophilus, Helaine, Heliya and Jeriel.



  • February 6, 2010
    10:00 AM
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in one I like the acoustics of this place to hear your folks saying with such as soon empower from up there while those incredible and the dynamics of this room this add to that follows good thing I wasn't here when Paul introduced me because I have no idea what he said about me but the I do want to throw out a little caviar the warning a disclaimer so to speak before I begin that's typically when I do a presentation or a sermon I will and provide a scriptural reference I will typically usually repeat the scriptural reference to her three times however with respect to our time constraints and due to the brevity of time allotted versus the thirty or forty texts that will be covering this morning I will not be able to repeat the references multiple times and therefore I urge you to find a writing utensil something to write upon our user neighbors hand if necessary and right ferociously but friends I ask that you not only writes go home and read them and see for yourselves also I understand I'm being recorded so if you want I am assuming you could obtain an audio copy afterwards and leisurely listen to it at home pause it whenever you need to having said that before we get into the message proper I would like to and to entreat the throne of God once more our father in heaven let the words of my mouth and the meditations of our heart it's acceptable in your sight O Lord our strength and our Redeemer made a Holy Spirit bless us with his intelligence his wisdom for we want to be more like Jesus father revealed Jesus Christ to us we ask and pray in Jesus name and that they become better acquainted with the creator we will seek to answer the question why did Jehovah create however in order to properly answer this we need to take in perspective the significance of names and titles not certain everyone here has a name yes but does anybody here have a title won't let the fact is we all do allow me to demonstrate how many of you do not know who I am razor hands again keep them up if you do not know who I am raised hands as fine keep your hands up for those of you with your hands still love how many of you know either my sister Sue or my adopted sister Melody keep your hands up just to be clear what I'm try to say is if you do not know who I am but you do know my sister Sue or my sister Melody keep your hands up okay are I to feel you what this means is you know me by my title to choose Sue's brother or melodies brother you understand now the masculinist have you ever refer to somebody by their titles knowledge of parents right and you call you your female parents mom and you call your male parents that but interesting none the you later learn that mom and dad actually have names I know some of you in the Western American culture actually refer to your parents by their names but for the most part we refer to them by their titles did we not open why is this important while living flame of a person 's title defines that person 's relationship to you all persons name defines the person said it in a different way type titles tell others what you are names until others who you are now both names and titles are very important in defining or identifying a person however names are more specific their more definitive there are more descriptive get me wrong titles are important right I'm in fact probably the most coveted title in America maybe in the whole world is the final president of the United States right but a massive with me for a moment that you will somehow work at Copenhagen this last December and you are able to secure yourself that little orange nametags and you are able to meet with all the other actually was pink and you are able to meet with all the other pink badge holders and he entered into the room whether having their meeting and you cried out Mister President what would happen while there are over a hundred thirties heads of states and their including own president so which one would look at you now will see this is the problem with just titles titles are important for defining roles and Roman as soon however the name that provides definition and identity there is a story that took place in Korea just a couple years ago it was in the newspaper is pretty sad actually the two -year-old who decided to walk outside when his parents decided to have their last and final flight and while this kid was wondering outside getting lost the mother packed her bags and left she thought oh the father will take care the boy the father thought oh the mothers going to take the boy with her eleven years past five for their divorce to finally convenient courts and it wasn't until then that they realized neither of them had the child through various ways and means they were able to locate this boy in an orphanage in the orphanage they changed his last name to slow because they didn't know that his last name was Lee now it's a sad story but think about it it illustrates something for us if you know your title in this boy had a title right what was it son exactly right or another one would be orphan right that was his title was not enough for him to know his identity no he had to know his name to understand his identity you go one step further you could say if you don't know your power rants you don't know your identity in the Bible tells us Seth was a son of Adam was the son of so why are we talking about titles and names how is relevant in our discussion about the creator while one way or ask the question do you believe in God most of us would nearly all of us here would answer in the affirmative but have ever thought that the person asking the question might be referring to a God different from your own I minimize it feels a Hindu was asking this question his word God could be referred pain to Krishna Rama Sheila Connolly or any of the number of avatars that represent the supreme bottom line what if that person was Baha'i or she heard God would be different from your God and I know this because I've dated both friends we live in a time and age when we cannot simply answer yes to the question the believing God we need to specify which God we believe in so friends do you believe in God why are you laughing do you believe in God which God do you believe in okay I hear creator here Jesus can we all say we believe in the God of the Bible are as great let's turn in our Bibles to Genesis chapter one verse one the Bible on the very onset tells us about his God and in Genesis one verse one if we can answer a few questions that's good to hear all the Bibles turning some feminists have you been practicing throughout the week today in a real workout RI let me answer to ask you some questions you can answer this one what when in the beginning who did what this makes them for one did he create while you're very good incident may have never thought what role did Moses write these words to begin with I mean honestly the Holy Spirit impressed him to do it right but think about it what is the purpose for the reason that we have this book in front of us why do we have a Bible in the first place isn't it to tell us about Jesus Christ in his power to save us I mean John goes through this in John chapter twenty verse thirty and thirty one he tells us not to Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples which are not written in this book but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and that by believing you may have life in his name he also goes on just in case you lost the point in his Gospel he says in his episode first John five thirteen I write these things do you believe in the name of the son of God that you may know that you have eternal life and Jesus himself as recorded in John chapter thirty nine says you search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life but these are they to bear witness about me in other words the Bible sets forth in the Bible was written with Christ in the context of salvation so than when it makes sense to start out this brand-new book this book of salvation with awards all I have your say there will deliver you from sin right but instead the Holy Spirit inspires Moses to write about the wife the creation story long ago in Korea there was this poor man who lived next door to will there read wealthy are rich neighbor entered in the difference in socioeconomic status he never associated with his rich neighbor but from time to assign time from his house he could see over there and noticed that these gangsters these monsters these hoodlums would come over and visit this rich man and every time they would leave the rich man was just shaking in his boots and quivering and the hoodlums were carrying weight bags of the man's possession what would a doorknob error extorting him right well this format decided you know what I need to really help my brother out and so he went over there and he was invited in for some tea and over some tea they were talking and getting to know each other and after visiting for a while he then asked the rich man about his unwelcome visits by the hoodlums while the rich man then shared his sorrows to his newfound friend and after politely listening for a while the poor man said to the Richmond sir I'm a ninth degree black belt in tae kwon do a ninth degree black belt and giggle and I also have a fifth degree black belt in Google abuse all names of the Korean martial arts what the polls he said these things was he bragging knowing it wasn't bragging he was letting his name or know that he was more than capable of protecting him right so if this is a case to take a look at the Bible Genesis was written by Moses around fifteen hundred BC this is moonlit neons after sin and so you have this all filled with people who need of salvation and yet God tells Moses to write the book of salvation started by telling the creation story what God is declaring years I am the creator who made something out of nothing which is why I can take the nothingness of your life and save you and make something hot now do you understand why the creation story is there on the onset will going back to Genesis one one we see that God made everything in the beginning in other words this God is a what kind of a God our Creator God that's right but isn't the word creator just another title while if we look at the original language here and we look up the word God in the Hebrew you will find that it's the word does anyone know an old game Elohim that's right but I want you to notice these interesting passages with me turn with me to Leviticus chapter nineteen verse four Leviticus chapter nineteen verse four why got two references from Leviticus chapter nineteen Chris Floyd says do not turn to idols nor make for yourselves molten gods I am the Lord your God now what kind of dogs should you not make molded or molten gods rightful make any idols for you because I am the Lord your God did you know that if you look at the Hebrew here the work God 's and the word God are both from the same Hebrew word Elohim so you could read it do not turn to idols nor make for yourselves molded Elohim I am the Lord your Elohim in first Kings chapter eighteen we have the story of alliance on Mount caramel and while there is challenging the concept the notion of Israelites got first king Chapter eighteen verse twenty four it says there and again on this one insert the Hebrew word Hebrew is needed it says then you shall call on the name of your Elohim and I will call on the name of the Lord and the Elohim who answers by fire he is Elohim so all the people answered and said it is well spoken what was the name of the People's Elohim bail right they were calling on the name of mail so pale was there Elohim but aligns it refers to fail as Elohim but he also refers to someone else is Elohim who is it Lord look at that word Lord you notice anything unusual about that don't have like federal sudden exodus five to school is the Lord that I should obey him listen Lord does anyone know why everything is in capital letters that do you know why but it's all in caps L ORD all okay it's translating the Hebrew word actually probably more accurately the Hebrew letters Yahweh it's why age WH okay otherwise referred to as the tetra grommets on how many are familiar with that term okay some of you also bring more of you would be because that I could skip this but it's all right the master rights were the ones who invented fouls for the Hebrew language and they actually came in to being a few centuries after Christ died and rose again I went back to heaven so they would use marginal notes extensively when they felt that something should be read differently than the way that it was originally recorded but they would not change the original textiles one other principles so when they came across the name Yahweh or the letters that's been translated into our English Y H WH they would not know that this word you shouldn't say it because it's all holy name and a Jewish person would care not to profane the name of God and so what the mass riots did was they took the vowels from another Hebrew work at oh nine and the inserted in their in the consonants of why age WH which is why today we pronounce this word job way and this is probably very close to how the ancients pronounce that word as well but every initiated June when they would come across this passage in the Old Testament and they would see the Y H WH and in the bowels of the agile night in there they wouldn't read it is Yahweh they would read it out alive and although nine means Lord so in essence you have two words in the Hebrew that would be both read aloud this exact same way I deny in its original form with its consonants and vowels and Yahweh with the wine agent WH but with the vowels of Adonai while during the Reformation indeed the principle this principle wasn't understood by the Christians and so when they started to translate the Hebrew Bible and they came across Yahweh with a little vowel sounds they just transliterated back into their language and so that is why today we say Yahweh because that's exactly how the Nazirite rolled the touch of grandma taught but because the tetra Grammophon was pronounced although night by the Jew the word is Lord this is why now in the King James and the RSV we have Lord for both Yahweh and Lord for auto nine but there's a difference one is John away the name of God the other one is simply a title Lord how do they differentiate the two this is why you have capital L O R D anytime you see just the L would o R D this is referring to Adonai whenever you see the award Lord in all capital letters or even the word God in all capital letters this is translating the original Hebrew Yahweh and it's significant because access on one one translation of ASV that renders Yahweh Jehovah and in in English this is significant because the name of God is Yahweh or Jehovah not just as much as I would prefer to be known as Chad as opposed to Suze or Melody 's brother I think God would prefer that we know him by his name not just by his title to see if you look and look and exes chapter six verse three you will know that this tetra graviton or the word Jehovah or Yahweh is indeed it is indeed God 's name Exodus six versus creative says and I'm reading here from the ASB and I cheered on to Abraham unto Isaac and unto Jacob as God Almighty or else to die but my name John Holm on I was not known to them in fact in your King James it says Jehovah yes yet in all capital vets right on incidentally this is one of seven times you will actually find the word Jehovah spelled out in the King James every other time it's L O R D now I just wanted one record though in state emphatically that I am not one of those restored name fanatics okay on but like I said I would rather be known as Jed then by my title and that is why I think it's very important as believers in the Jehovah we know what his name is more than that which also know what it means just to summarize real quick Genesis one introduces us to the creator Elohim or the Elohim who is creator and a Genesis two we learn that this Elohim or this God 's name is Jehovah in fact the word Jehovah in the Old Testament is found over six thousand five hundred times whereas the word Elohim or God is only found two thousand six hundred times typically we don't use the name Jehovah when we're referring to God but when you consider the fact that the Bible uses the term Jehovah about two and a half times more than the word Elohim or God this should indicate how important the name Jehovah is God himself said to Moses mine name is Jehovah well this gramophone actually comes from a shorter word and this is where we can learn what Jehovah actually means in fact actually does anyone know what Jehovah means was pretty silent or limited access chapter three verse fourteen potential gramophone the wine into WH comes from a shorter route and you can find it in Exodus chapter three verse fourteen and in various says God said to Moses I am who I am any say and he said saying to the people of Israel I am or how Ya has sent me to you high job or IM is a primitive Hebrew word that means exists or be therefore by extension is gone away means self existent one I would clear so far you and I we cannot exist in of ourselves right we have nothing in us that gives us life or sustains us which is why incidentally this is why you use drink in brief is another it's trying to teach you with every breath you take with every morsel of food you eat and with every drink you drank that your life has to come from outside of you and the sustainer and the provider of that life is none other than Jehovah God and Jehovah God is the only being who does not require an external source of power or life why because he is life itself let's talk a little bit about the fact that Jehovah is Elohim remember Genesis one Elohim is the grid Dennis is due to name of Elohim is Jehovah all you know that Elohim we saw some examples are little bit earlier the Elohim that word has been translated into God or at times it has been translated into God 's the reason for this is in the same sense in English outward show friend children is a what plural word very much like children refers to more than one child the Hebrew word Elohim refers to more than one person or entity is not in fact this second fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church states Trinity there is one God father son and Holy Spirit and what I usually see of three eternal what person 's look at Genesis chapter one verse twenty six with me it says and God said let me make man in my image right now it doesn't it says and God said let us make man in our image this verse teaches us that the plurality of God decided to make man in the image or the plural image of God how many entities and persons are we talking about here the goal back or go for it to Matthew chapter twenty eight verse nineteen it says go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit now how many persons are we talking about here three one fax kids than it appears Matthew made a grammatical error right because he says that size then in the how many name languages said there was three is that grammatically correct or not it's incorrect to write grammatically but it is correct biblically why couldn't it be that there really is only one name for father son and Holy Spirit could it be that this name is in fact Jehovah and if it's true that the father 's name is Jonah the son 's name is Jonathan Holy Spirit 's name is Jehovah that all three persons or entities have one name and what is that one name Jehovah so be that the concept of the Trinity or God had means three persons with one name all three father son and Holy Spirit are referred to as the Diane that I am all three father son and Holy Spirit are self existence independently equally and individually self existence and yet it says in Deuteronomy six four the Lord is one and incidentally if we translate that properly we would say what Joe Holloway is one actually can turn them to run his six four it says here all Israel John Paul the our God Jehovah is one this oneness refers to their self existent characteristic when you look there and he argued Ronnie six four the word one the word one comes from the Hebrew this word is a numeral and is derived from the concept of unifying or unity thus I caught is properly translated United or one this is telling us there's more than one who have come to gather as one Jehovah is one and we need to read this very carefully because friends it states that the Lord or Jehovah is one notice it does not say God is one is his jaw home is one this is emphasizing that the characteristic of the Godhead is singular and what is that characteristic it is the Terrace characteristic of being self existent to be able to exist without an outside source of life the good Zechariah fourteen nine Zechariah fourteen nine oh began reading from the ASV and reads and Jehovah shall be king over all the earth is that they sell to hold up the one Jesus name one the word one here is also from the Hebrew caught so what this is saying what this is called quote corroborating is the fact that in this universe the only soft existent beings are father son and Holy Spirit this is why in Isaiah forty four verse twenty four at the all the Santa Jehovah my Redeemer and he that formed the from the womb I am Jehovah maketh all things that struck the forth the heavens alone that's right abroad to your and then some translations lab this phrase in their cruel and let me go declaring who was with me when I stretch forth the heavens who was with me when I created everything what he is saying is so hot alone created all things there was no one else who created except for Jehovah only Jehovah creates so according to Isaiah forty four verse twenty four whoever was present at the time of creation were either was even Adam there no whoever was present at the time of creation that by de facto by default makes that person Jehovah so who was present at the time of creation look at me look with me and John chapter one verse three most of us know this my heart right in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God what an England anniversary all things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made we jumped on the verse fourteen at thousands and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us right who is this worth Jesus Christ of who was involved in creation Jesus Christ Psalms one oh four versus verse thirty it says when you send forth your spirits they are created and you renew the face of the ground they are created when Hua sent forth the Spirit was referring to the Holy Spirit who was involved in creation no Holy Spirit enjoyed thirty three versus Warren tells us the spirit of God has made me again the Holy Spirit right and that is and the breath of the Almighty or the sci-fi gives me life who was the Almighty the father friend Scripture points to three beings who were involved in the creation of all things father son and Holy Spirit and according to Isaiah forty four verse twenty four this means that whoever was present at creation by default their name is Jehovah there are other places in Scripture where it reveals that the creator is pluralistic more than one or my favorite is the Ecclesiastes chapter twelve verse one and most of us probably memorize us when were growing up but it says remember also in your Creator in the days of your youth did you know that the Lord Creator here is actually a participle of the same firm that's used in Genesis one one in the beginning God created here in Ecclesiastes twelve one the word creates for the participle of that same verve but you know interestingly enough the participle is rendered in the Hebrew for rate cut which is interestingly enough a plural rendition so quite literally what we should be reading here in Ecclesiastes twelve one is remember also your create followers but when the translators came across as they said some wrong here this is the only place you can find evidences of this in Job thirty five verse ten Isaiah fifty four verse five songs one forty nine verse two talks about how God is my maker and the word maker there is actually a verb that is reserved for the plural usage Isaiah forty four twenty four were looking at it the question interrogative it is a variant who is with me I know that's not imaging things but it is found in some manuscripts this question tells us that the only one who created at the beginning was Jehovah and based upon the other text that we just looked at we realize that the only beings who can create our father son and Holy Spirit this follows that because father son and Holy Spirit were all part of the creation process and because the only ones who can create our name Jehovah this tells us that father son and Holy Spirit all are called Jehovah iPhone Midsummer so if that's the case should the Bible reveal the name of the father son and Holy Spirit as Jehovah in which Alexis Seda I turn with me to Deuteronomy chapter thirty two verse six Deuteronomy thirty two verse six is set as and I will be substituting the word Jehovah wherever you see the word Lord in all capital letters okay do you thus repaid Jehovah are useless and senseless people is he Jehovah is he not your father who created you and made you an established you is referring to Jehovah as your as your father will need to Psalms chapter twenty four Versace you do see how the father 's name is Jehovah I nobody told me that the I might be trying to compact way too much information in the short time and I I don't know if that's the case right now but you are little bit more responsive in the beginning but it's all right were almost done songs chapter twenty four first aid it says foolish this King of glory Jehovah strong and mighty Jehovah mighty in battle friends who is this King of glory I know analyst says Jehovah okay but who is it literally is a Jesus I do not look at Matthew twenty five or thirty one Jesus speaking him here himself Matthew twenty five or thirty one he says when the Son of Man is the Son of Man Jesus Christ comes in his glory and all the angels with him and he will sit on his glorious throne friends who sits on a glorious throne what kind of a king if you have a glorious throne the person who sits on it is a glorious King another words it is the King of glory right so who is this King of glory according to Matthew twenty five thirty one the Son of Man or Jesus Christ of going back to Psalms twenty four percent who is this King of glory Jesus Shaw Hall the Jehovah strong and mighty Jehovah mighty in battle so the Bible reveals that Jesus 's name is also Jehovah interestingly enough in Isaiah says and his name shall be a wonderful counselor what are Almighty God and with way I thought Jesus was the son you call everlasting father is a so how can you see how this man can be applicable to all three okay with Linda for the Holy Spirit all I love this one here Hosea chapter six verse three it says let us know let us pursue the knowledge of who Jehovah are and we need to pursue the knowledge of Jehovah his going forth is established as the morning he will come to us like the rain like the what kind of range folks the latter and former rains according to Jewell chapter two verse twenty three and acts chapter two verses one through four was there a former rain okay cool rain down like Tom the fire the Holy Spirit so who is the former rain the Holy Spirit who is the latter rain Hosea six three says the latter informal rain is who Jehovah on the Bible reveals that all three persons of the Godhead is Jehovah they all have one day Jehovah they are the only ones with this name Jehovah this is why they are the one and only Jehovah in that context we can understand Deuteronomy six four which said Jehovah our God Jehovah is one so on the onset I said that we have to become better granite with the creator we have to understand names and titles before we can answer why Jehovah created while missing the significance of names and titles we learn that father-son and holies there are all titles more portly all three are named Jehovah and Jehovah means self existent one so then why did God create why did Jehovah create or we can use a song that we probably all know beloved let us love one another for love is of God and everyone I love it is born of God and know with God he that a lot of thought no it's not God for God is the fact that the essence of God 's love removes the plurality of God think about it catalog exist with only one being no love is only evident when you have more than one if you are alone the matter how much love you have Kennedy expressed no the assets of the Godhead it is love which thrilled that his love was in existence when God existed does that make sense in other words because God existed in the triune form this is why their essence is love this is proof that the Godhead is more than one in other words father son and Holy Spirit the triune Godhead not only did they dwell in unity in love with each other Jehovah referring all three full of life and love got together and decided to make you and me so that we could dwell in unity and in love with them in short they created on us so that they could love us and we could longer this is why Elohim said in Genesis one twenty six let us make man in our image and so God created man in his own image in the image of God created he them him male and female created he them and know what in in one word the image of God is love this is why Jehovah God says in Genesis two eighteen it is not good for man to be alone this is why only after both man and woman were created only that in Genesis one thirty one did God say everything you saw behold it was very God made man and woman that seek so that together they could care God pluralistic image to entities yet they become one father son and Holy Spirit yet they are one of friends you and I we fallen away from the divine image this is why God presents that creation story from the onset to prove to prove that the Jehovah God himself exists who created all things can and will re-create and restore Jehovah 's image and you and me when this happens we will no longer be like that orphan boy who had only a title but no identity in fact first John three one Intuit says behold what manner of love the father has given unto us that we should be called the sons or children of God is on your final today I used sons and daughters of the Almighty Jehovah Doctor title but in fact that's not all in short in a short while will be given a new name you know that Revelation two seventeen do you have an ear let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches due to the one who conquers I will give some of the hidden manna and I will give him a white stone with a new name written on its own and then he goes on in Revelation chapter three verse twelve our final text the one who conquers I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God never so they go out from it and I will write on him the name of my God name of the city of my God the new Jerusalem and at the very end and ever since as I will write on him I was my old she drawn not only wants you to have the title children of God but he wants you to have his own name gave us not only want the title that God bestows upon us but also this new name will you this morning acknowledge Jehovah as your creator if you want to do that and I invite you to kneel where you're out with me before our maker as we close father God Allah father oh what a privilege it is for us to be able to call you father and Malachi you told us that the final day work would be turning the hearts of the father to the children and turn in the hearts of the children the father the father I ask that you pour out you Holy Spirit Jehovah upon us may he actually our thoughts our minds our desires so that we will have our hearts turned back to father Jehovah and we know at this time that our older brother Jesus Jehovah is in a most holy place on our behalf and for this ministry were grateful father help us to claim what he's done for us may his righteousness imputed upon us for we long for the day when we will not only have the title children of God but we will be able to bear your name on us blesses to that end we pray in Jehovah 's mighty name


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