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Pillars of a Higher Loyalty - Secret Sauce for Endtime Missions

Jonathan Walter


Jonathan Walter

Jonathan Walter, an Austrian native, is a pastor who currently serves with the General Conference Ministerial Association as well as the Vice President of Missions for GYC.



  • December 7, 2019
    10:30 AM
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Father I just thank you for the Sabbath yet another reminder of. Your beauty and holiness a reminder of the fact that you have been faithful to us this last week and all of our lives and so as we pause to focus our attention on you We pray that we who are dust yet jewels in your eyes that we will be reminded this morning of what your plan is for us and how you desire to transform us a pretty that your spirit will be here today if you will drive away any distractions and influences are not holy We just pray that your word will speak and then Jesus will be seen this is our hearts desire for prayed in his name and then. The message today this is part number one by the way 2 messages on encourage you to come this afternoon as well at 4 pm. But this message this morning is entitled pillars of a higher loyalty secret sauce for end time missions hope you like the title I agonized for an hour to find a good title. Maybe someone will appreciate it open a Bible to the Book of Acts the book of Acts is where we're going to spend our time today for the most part and I want to have a little drone fly over. Over the 1st couple of chapters in the book of acts acts we're going to be mostly in Chapter 8 but if we're going to book of Acts in chapter one it's right after 40 days after Jesus was resurrected from the dead Jesus spent some time with disciples the Apostles and now he's about to ascend to heaven he gives them a final charge and then goes to heaven and the disciples have to figure out what to do next. And this we continue our fly over here in Chapter 2 we see that they come together they pray they unite in prayer seeking the Lord's guidance for this incredible task of Jesus given them to reach the whole world and the Holy Spirit comes down and Pentecost power early rain falls on the believers and thousands are converts Peter preaches powerful sermon of repentance chapter 3 we see healings taking place we see more and more people joining this movement that has began now here in the year 31. Before Peter and John are before the council they arrest some of the disciples to try to stop them from preaching the word and try to stop them from sharing what they have seen and handled but it doesn't end there they cannot stop sharing what they have experienced to Jesus and so they pretty believers in chapter 4 pray for boldness is the God help us in the spirit falls again and they have boldness to share the message chapter 5 and a knife and a fire a very solemn moment in the history of the early church where these believers were not faithful to God and be allied to the Holy Spirit and God had to intervene to help these young believers understand the salinity and importance of the work that God has given them and then the Apostles are rested and freed again incredible miracles taking place Chapter 6 that the movement grows to such an extent that now they need to have some organization so they say we need some deacons we need cement full of the Holy Spirit who will who will who will who will take care of some of these things that we as apostles can do and and so the choose 7 deacons one of which is Stephen who later on shortly after is executed and killed by. The leaders of the Jewish nation. And here's where we're going to pick up a message today when we look at the Book of Acts whose acts are we talking about recently called the act of the Apostles but is it really the Apostles Isn't it much more of the acts of our Living God Isn't it much more God who is working through individuals who are willing to serve it really is a testimony of the incredible things that the Holy Spirit wants to do through people who love and serve the Lord and I believe that the Book of Acts is an open in the book yes it ends in chapter 28 with Paul Paul story in Rome but really if Luke was alive today he could have or throughout the centuries he could have recorded the faithful amazing things that took place that that fateful Christians have been doing over these hundreds and thousands of years now the question is if Luke was still alive today would he be able to feel his book with the stories of your life would your life fit into the narrative of what we just saw glimpse of are we not in Christ live his life within us living a life radically committed to this mission our prophetic identity and saving the lost seeking to finish the work in this generation chapters one through 74 mostly focus on what happened in Jerusalem and indeed in the proximity of Jerusalem but if you remember Jesus told them to go beyond and in chapter 8 Things changed the perspective changes now away from Jerusalem Torah it's what's out there and further beyond Israel that's reverse one through 3 into Acts Chapter 8 x. separate versus one through 3. This is right after Stephen was killed and solvers won and saw the proof of his execution and their roles on that day great persecution against a church in Jerusalem and they were all scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except the Apostles were to develop men Bert Stephen and made a great lamentation over him but saw those ravaging the church and entering house after house he dragged off men and women and committed them to prison and stop right here here we see Saul unconverted infused with satanic fury starting to persecute Jesus' followers this young movement they're scattered into all their actions away from Jerusalem it's a very intense time for the young Christian church when you think about this for a moment what about what must have been like to be in that situation here thousands of people who gave up everything to follow Jesus earlier and in the book of Acts talked about how they shared their their resources and the things with each other they would want to court they spent much time together they were not living their individual istic lives they were a community they gave up everything to believe in him to claim him and now as a result of persecution breaks out which is what always will happen when you stand up for truth persecution will come they have to flee and many probably with not much more on them than just what they were wearing fleeing for their lives this leads me to ask myself and maybe you will ask yourself as well some important questions how much the Steve says and his mission really mean to me personally enough that I'm willing to give up everything for its costs enough to go through the often painful experience off persecution enough that I'm willing to lose my reputation friends and family enough that I'm willing to not have a big paycheck. Is Jesus and his cost so precious to me that I'm willing to die for him because I'm hard questions aren't Day It's especially hard to most of us have never gone through a situation like this maybe some of you have but I doubt that the majority us we can somewhat dismiss these questions because we assume well we'll never really face persecution here will Melinda this is as the central there's no persecution happening here or will there it's hard to know if our value of faithfulness today would manifest in actions of faithfulness in the future when persecution and pressures come and make no mistake they will come in fact Christianity today is the most persecuted religion in the world daily people are being massacred and killed for standing up for Christ we just don't really hear much about it but it's taking place growing up in Europe Europe is as many of you know it's a science worshipping atheistic stronghold and growing up in that surrounding as a 7th Day Adventist is a really weird situation we don't have these massive institutions like here you don't have cities full of Adventists there are very few of us over there and so growing up you you don't you don't feel out of pride you can really brag about while we have you notice massive hospital or we have this t.v. station on this it's a weird thing to be an Adventist in Europe and growing up in that way I didn't the well you can experience some form of persecution certainly not in the horrific ways in the ways that we see here in the book of Acts or even in other place of the world but the kind of persecution that I could have experienced and I'm seeing could have on purpose here is shaming loneliness and being publicly ridiculed by students as well as teachers. I was able to mostly navigate around such an experience by not actually revealing much if any of my faith it was cowardness on my part fueled by a desire to be liked and accepted and mostly because of a lack of a personal relationship with Jesus I didn't really know Jesus I mean New off him but he wasn't my friend and Jesus didn't shine through my life because I didn't let him but praise God We have a testimony here right in front of us of individuals who have been faithful despite the circumstances and it's my prayer that what made them fail made them faithful will do the same for you and me let's take a look at verse 4 acts separate verse 4 you see the songs ravaging the church during scattered verse for now those who are scattered went about preaching the word I love that verse that's my scripture reading for today try to put yourself in their shoes and they were scattered to life situation was fragile dangerous and from a human perspective miserable being Christian now meant that you were haunted refugee not knowing who to trust where to stay and where to find safety but what does the Bible verse say that they didn't response to this persecution How did this attack from Satan affect Christ's followers to start to complain about their hardships and how difficult it is now to be a Christian to give up on Jesus and His mission they went about doing what preaching the word it's fascinating what was it that got them into trouble in the 1st place preaching of the word what are they doing in response to the trouble preaching the word friends Jesus commissioned to share the Gospel does not change when circumstances change the call to glorify God does not end when you leave this are the Tory m when you leave the church when you leave this campus when you take on this new job when you move into a new town. God desires to reveal his love in character through people no matter the time the inconveniences or circumstances you're always a Christian and the early church was full of consistent Christians these unbelievers had an incredible love for the truth as it is in Jesus nothing could stop them from sharing what they had personally heard seen and experienced they couldn't stay silent even if sharing was the very thing that got them into trouble in the 1st place but to accept a 20 verse 24 will come back to excerpt read but quickly accepted 20 years 24 Paul makes a powerful statement here about the situation about the reality of being persecuted as a Christian and being in trouble and not living the comfortable life that you can have in the world x. 20 verse 24 The Bible says here Paul says none of these things and he's referring to these hardships these problems these troubles none of these things move me neither count I my life dear unto myself so that I might finish my course with joy and the Ministry which I have received of the Lord Jesus to testify of the gospel of the grace of God none of these things move me it's incredible statement to make especially knowing what Paul went through for all this stuff it doesn't matter as long as I can testify of what Jesus has done to me and who he is powerful why would these when men and women live like that what compels a person to defy the law of the land to go against society against the powerful the rich the leaders yes even against family what let these individuals to engage in what many would call rebellious behavior at the risk of being arrested tortured and killed and fulfilling the mission of Jesus what makes somebody else's life. Faithful no matter what comes to feel to that mission how can we have that experience where we see none of these things move me I will continue preach the word that's what I want to focus on this morning as we study the powerful pillars of a higher loyalty Let's go back to accept the one. I believe there are probably more but I want to focus on 2 pillars of a higher loyalty of this and powerful faithfulness to God I think the 1st pillar of the high a loyalty is the prophetic identity that these young Christians had accepted one verse 8 famous scripture Jesus is about to ascend into heaven and his last words he says x. 108 but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my what witness says in Jerusalem in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth the 1st pillar of a high a loyalty is prophetic identity Jesus is prophesied in here he's foretelling what they're called to do there was no doubt room for doubt in the minds of these early Christians this Jesus who had walked and talked and healed and lived amongst them he was the resurrected Messiah he was the Son of God they experience Christ as a real and living being amongst them all the predictions about his death and resurrection came true before their eyes all the Old Testament prophecies were perfectly fulfilled in him he was the real deal undeniably and now he's ascending into heaven and the Gospel that he proclaimed the good news had had transformative power in their own hearts they could not deny this experience in every sincere follower of Christ that foundation in the truth and the facts. In the prophetic identity of the word awakened a radical dedication to the cause of Christ it awakened complete confidence in knowing that what they were doing was right and above any human law or human threat Christ prophetic calling to his followers transcendent and still transcends all human philosophies perspectives and plans yes even our own his mission his call his prophetic calling our prophetic identity transcends any personal desires the gospel message of free so they should friends in Christ is too good of a message not to be shared Yes it's proclamation is even higher higher importance than once owned preservation of life for the early Christians there was no denying of their prophetic identity and calling so adamant hope do you have Advent hope are you living your Adventist identity of hope and speaking to you individually right now have you grasp your 7th Day Adventist identity in Jesus do you realize what time you are living in today are you aware of the reality that Jesus just like in Acts 18 prophesies specially about you and me and our mission today in case you need a refresher I brought a little 70 ad to Professor identity crash course for you you ready for this this is Mike on now here we go to getting closer can still hear me are you ready for a crash course yes Ok I could have just done is in question answer but I'll just give you the crash course just overload you all right Daniel Taub Chapter 8 you don't have to open it then Chapter 8 tells us when the end times and the judgment began when was that. 844 I say or 60 describes the Christ character will shine through his people in the last days Joel to promise us that there will be a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the last days Revelation 3 shows our greatest need complete surrender to Christ Revelation 10 directs us to prophesied again despite the bitter experience of our pioneers Revelation 12 and then defies God's remnant as a beat into God and guided by the Spirit of Prophecy relations 13 portrays the political context in which we are called to witness Revelation 14 in this chapter 3 angels lay out the content of our message today which is the glorious truth that Christ our Creator loves us so much this world that he's giving all people a final invitation to be rescued and transformed into the likeness of his character revelation 18 is the equivalent of us they are 16 a New Testament and reveals the last moments on earth when the beauty purity holiness and righteousness of Jesus will shine through his faithful remnant individuals to lighten up the world one last time with the glory of God and Revelation 22 points us to the soon 2nd coming of him who holds our hearts friends Ours is an incredible undeniable prophetic identity Jesus has spoken to us with a clear purpose to belittle its significance as some do or to completely ignore this reality is one of the worst decisions you can make as an adamant hope believer fellow brothers and sisters the 1st pillar of living out a higher loyalty is your prophetic identity in Christ. Understandings of why and what you believe and especially who Christ is to you personally realizing the time that you are living in right now and how to prophetic word gives you as an individual a clear direction powerful principles and tools to become all that which Christ prophesies you to be we have the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy to guide us through these last days it's not just devotional books it's a blueprint. The 2nd pillar of this higher loyalty exemplified by the early Christian is found in 2nd Corinthians 514 seconds 514 where Paul tells us that the love of Christ what is there constrains us compels us the love of Christ compelled these early believers it was the driving force the energy the fuel the Tesla power back just much more than Tesla brother and sister do you truly love Jesus. Heavy experience his goodness his perfect work and his incredible love. And does his love compel you constrain you define you and impact you day by day with your choices and things you make and do and plan is Jesus is love and your love for him the foundation the motivation the inspiration the power and the driving force of everything that you are and do you know a lot of people like Jesus a lot of non christians like Jesus I recently saw a video of a I don't even know what he is but some kind of Buddhist. Guru thing and he talks about Jesus and very much appreciates Jesus a lot of people like Jesus a lot of evidence like Jesus. But we're not talking about liking Jesus we're not talking about merely appreciating Jesus we're talking about a love that is thoroughly and deeply rooted and anchored in the core of your being a love that is stronger than death. A love that is fundamentally deeper than any other affection a love of such quality that it is manifested in a willingness to sacrifice all even your life for him it's a love that is imparted and awakened by God himself for the reality is you and I we cannot produce such affection on our own we don't have that love in our hearts from ourselves it is something that has to come from above but it was such love for Jesus that let the early Christians to joyfully go where Christ sent them to do with excellence what he told them to sacrifice what they had even life itself to live fully a completely surrendered life for their precious and beautiful loving friend and Savior Jesus and it is such love for him friends that Christ wants to develop in us still today in amazing he wants to do that for us friends without experience of such Divine Love in your life I guarantee you and I speak from my personal experience now that your Christian walk in experience is and will become empty and undesirable if there's not a circuit of the kind of love flowing between God and you you will consciously or subconsciously try to make up for the void by seeking all kinds of pleasures elsewhere you were designed to love and be loved by Divine Love and if is not an experience we have we as humans will try to desperately find other sources for that fulfillment that only God can give but as we all know those only leave us with temporary moment of pleasure to quickly fade away. And we make us feel even emptier than we were before. And we come to the religious Well in our churches in a teaching and are preaching all truth and all doctrines all rituals and all righteous behaviors and the like a skeleton very important but a skeleton without flesh and blood and life it's not really worth much if our doctrines are not truth and our preaching is not soaked and baptized in and vitalized but a love of Jesus and then a love for Jesus we're missing the Gospel you might be struggling with your faith today and that's Ok maybe you're serving with Adventism But I want to encourage you there is adamant hope there is hope and victorious and wonderful joyful Christian experience is more impossible it is the love of Christ that is key fall in love with Christ and your Christian walk will come alive and you will experience the book of Acts in your life how do we do that how can one learn to love God like the early Christians did it is I believe through a real experience and face to face moment with the grace of Christ through letting the Holy Spirit make the simple yet eternally profound truth that God is love a personal reality I remember many years ago I had given my life to Jesus but I don't think I fully understood what surrender and complete reliance and and loving him really meant and God very clearly in a very short amount of time pointed my my thoughts and my mind to solve 51 we're going to go there today we're going to study at today's And that's a different sermon but I'm sure you're familiar with some 50 wonder that famous on that David wrote as a reaction to Nathan calling out his sin with Shiva. It's a powerful Scripture in which we see true surrender true repentance come alive and and God appointed me to that place and show me clearly how important it is to give your complete heart to him but not only that in there he describes how he's cleanse from all sin and the garble give him renewed strength and heal the broken bones so to say in his life he experience grace and forgiveness when you experience the forgiveness of Christ when he takes away the shame and guilt in your life it changes everything it changed everything for me I was broken with joy and and and I was glorifying God because he was forgiving me understanding that we see it all time we talk with me this is our message but do we experience it we understand what it means have we been bathed in the grace of Christ John the love apostle writes that that which we have heard and seen and handled an experience we share with you I want to encourage you please friends gift yourself some time to handle to see to hear and experience the most beautiful reality and most wondrous study of all Christ and Him crucified spend time at the cross behold and study the cross what took place there unlock the entire gift of salvation when you see the incredible beauty of a sacrifice. How justice and mercy kiss when you studied and depth and and engage with this these realities it is incredible what will happen to your heart and life when you see how God himself goes through the anguish of the 2nd death so that you don't have to when you see the true darkness and ugliness of sin. As the most beautiful and innocent being of all time is tortured and killed and filled with all of our disgusting since when you see the purity and beauty of righteousness in contrast I can guarantee you that your indifference that you have the boredom you might feel in your Christian experience the annoyance you might have towards Bible standards the unwillingness to forgive and serve others it will all melt away in the light of a true face to cross experience you will fall in love with God and you will come a life that is the experience we all need I need on a daily basis without it and nothing and that love that these individuals had every going to study more about this afternoon and what that looked like that kind of love can only come from an experience with a cross so please give yourself some time with the cross it's Christmas time for gifts you can give yourself that kind of gift you had no know everything about the cross you might think that way but in all honesty I doubt that anyone here can really say that or know what happened across Yes but do you really know what happened and what is the plan of salvation will be to study the theme of our study of the Redeemed throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity if you can feel any Turnitin we studying the plan of salvation let us not be so prideful think we understand everything that happened there there is a lot to learn and as more we learn the more we will love Jesus you can appreciate and like Jesus through prophecies and understanding the logic of our believes and a beautiful beautiful complete holistic message of the I'm just message you can be converted to the logic of Adventism But what really need is a conversion to Christ who is the manifestation of all of our beliefs and together. Love and Truth has the power to transform our hearts and empower our lives to overcome when you behold unstudied across his ultimate life of love it will awaken a Supernatural Love response in you for him which is never happy for it will revive your spiritual life it will empower you to trust him it will enable you to actually overcome that favorite sin of yours it will compel you to engage in his mission with joy and your every day life will actually build fulfilled in fact the speed of prophecy says that we will be the happiest people on Earth I believe I've I've grasped just a little bit of that I'm really happy when I when I think of these things and experience it but I can get so much more that's what I want and it's what we need to share a little in the university to make Man whole that's part of that so it is these 2 pillars the prophetic identity and the love of God and an able to the early church and faithful Christians throughout the millenia to consistently live out and share and reveal Christ to the world with a joyful attitude no matter what the circumstances were I want to share with you the story of Dimitri maybe you know the story Dimitri not too long ago star the forbidden home church in Russia and communism the authorities found out one night as Dimitri spoke the door to his house suddenly violently burst open and an officer and soldiers pushed through the crowd the officer grabbed Dimitri pushed him against the wall started slapping him left to right and left or right and he slammed him against the wall and said the Cold War is we have warned you and warned you and warned you I will not warn you again if you do not stop this nonsense this is the least that is going to happen to you as the officer pushed his way back toward the door. A small grandmother took her life in her hands stepped out of the anonymity of what of that worshipping community and waved her finger in the officers face sounding like an Old Testament prophet she declared you have laid hands on the man of God and you will not survive that's boldness. That happened on a Tuesday evening on Thursday night the officer dropped out of a heart attack the fear of God swept through the entire community at the next house church service more than 150 people showed up the authorities couldn't let this continue so Demitri went to jail for 17 years once in prison he was often beaten and was even told his wife had been murdered and his children were taken by the state and so under this emotional pressure Dimitri finally broke under the strain agreed to sign a document renouncing his face the guard said they would bring a document the next day that very night was a true story the very night he sat on his jail cell bed he was in deep despair grieving the fact that he had given up at that same moment a 1000 kilometers away his family Dimitris wife and his children who were growing up without him and his brother they sensed through the Holy Spirit the despair of this man in prison his loved ones gathered around knelt in a circle and began to pray out loud for him miraculously the Holy Spirit allowed Dimitry to hear the voices of his loved ones as they prayed Can you imagine the next morning when the guards marched into a cell with the documents. Dimitri's back with straight he looked at his captors and declared I'm not signing anything the guards were incredulous they thought that he was beaten and destroyed I mean it tortured this man for years. What happened that demanded to know Dimitri smiled and told them in the night God let me hear the voices of my wife and my children and my brother praying for me you lie to me and know that my wife is a life and physically well and noted my sons are with her and I know that they're all still in Christ so I'm not signing anything he was kept in prison for many years for 17 years every morning at daybreak Dimitry would stand at attention by his bed and as was his custom he would face to East raise his arms in praise to God and then he would sing what he called a heart song to Jesus he didn't have a Bible or anything he just from his heart praise Jesus out loud every morning for 17 years saying his heart song the other prisoners I mean he has some of the worst kind of people they would laugh curse and jeer they bang metal cups against iron bars an angry protest through food and sometimes human waste to try to shut him up and extinguish the only true light shining in the dark place every morning at dawn one day Dimitri found a full sheet of paper and a pencil in the prison yard he was so excited he rushed to his prison cell and wrote every scripture reference every bottle verse every story and every song he about Jesus he could recall on that paper he posted it on the on a damp pipe in his cell as an offering to God every time the the guards would find him doing that he'd hear he would sometimes find small papers that would of course take it away and it would be to him but this is the this was the time when he found a full sheet of paper and he did it again he put it up there as an offering to God where shipping God came in the officers his jailer saw it they did beat him punish him and threaten him with execution. As the jails dragged him from his cell down the corridor the strangest thing happened before they reached the door leading to the courtyard before stepping out in the place of execution 1500 hardened criminals stood at attention by their beds they faced east and they began to sing the heart song that they had heard Dimitri sing to Jesus every morning for all those years shocked his jailers released their hold and backed away from him Who are you one demanded to me to straighten his back and stood as tall and as proud as he could i am a son of the Living God and Jesus is his name the guards were turned into a cell shaken and shortly afterwards he was released and returned to his family every morning for 17 years Dimitri sang his heart song in the face of intense opposition and persecution he offered praise to God in the darkest and most hopeless of circumstances he clung to the Lord Jesus and proclaimed his faith friends Dimitry knew his identity in Christ he loved Jesus consistently because he had an encounter with the crucified Christ and this awakened in him a love born of heaven for God and for all around him wherever he went he boldly preached Christ and let Jesus live out his life within him there are some people here today from all walks of life someone here may be used to have a real connection with Christ but life sins and distractions got in the way and you might have lost that 1st love that you once had maybe somebody here has never really fully taken hold of the powerful prophetic identity that you have as a 7th Day Adventist. You haven't accepted that amazing calling God has upon your life to be a consistent light to this dying world or maybe you have dismissed as as inconvenient for the lifestyle that you think will make you happy maybe somebody else here today has not fully yet given themselves to Christ maybe you haven't really spent much quality time at the cross and allowed yourself some time to bathe in the grace that flows from Calgary Maybe your heart and pride has not been broken by beholding the savior of the world being broken through the darkest anguish just for you maybe you don't have a heart song yet whoever you are and wherever you are I want to appeal to you today let the Holy Spirit speak to you like he spoke to Dimitri let him speak Jesus into your life so my question to you today this morning as we come to a close your desire to to continually to surrender to Jesus like Dimitri like his 1st Christians to take hold more firmly of the prophetic identity that God has for you as a 7th Day Adventists if you desire to let your heart be touched and broken by the man of Calvary and be filled with His love if you desire to like Dimitri start living for that higher loyalty shining the truth hope and love of Christ intentionally and actively to this dying world and just like the early Christians preach Christ with your life despite your circumstances engaging in God and time mission if this is your desire this morning I want you to stand where you are saying Lord I want that heart song. I want to love you so much. That I'm willing to die to give all to surrender everything I want to call of that prophetic identity and live a life of faithfulness of high a loyalty something that Christ will do through the Holy Spirit in you Jesus you hear this Hearts on the virus right now. Lord we recognize our need of understanding our prophetic identity the incredible call you've given us in your word we just saw glimpse of that today lord but I prayed each and every one of us here will take hold of it understand it and know it live it but Lord even more than that we desire a face to cross experience on a daily basis break our heart. In Grace. Take our shame and guilt and awaken in us the love that these early Christians have that we want to love You Lord and we want to have your love in our hearts or we can love others the way you loved us we recognize that only you can do all the stings that's why we come to you that's all we sang. Our life will be a life of faithfulness because Jesus is love. The Spirit. Is our desire we pray. For people. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. You would like to listen to more sermon. Visit w w w. Or.


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