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01-The Secret of Prophetic Understanding

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco


Power habits that unleash physical, spiritual, and intellectual ability.



  • January 4, 2020
    9:30 AM

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There is one power habit that unleashes physical spiritual and even intellectual ability find out on this episode of inversed. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Post just until within. A friends are so excited that you are here on inverse we're starting a new quarter on The Book of Daniel so if you're starting some new habits this new year and you want to change your life and change your body and change whatever Start with us and start reading the Book of Daniel Webster what the word of prayer and if you're out there get your Bibles out and turn to the Book of Daniel and we'll have a word of prayer and seek you know so it's so I think God was so thankful for the gift of life and most importantly with and fulfill you would because in it we find life and pray that as we study the Bible as we delve into the Book of Daniel that the Holy Spirit will teach us things that would enhance our lives on the right and that we can be a blessing to others as we have blessed by you would in your name Amen Amen Amen special going to go to January chapter one chapter one and for those who are those who are out there and you're with us and you've been with us every week we saw appreciate your support and you may be wondering what they're studying Daniel if you want to look at our Bible study guys we have new inverse Bible study guys go to inverse Bible Dorji and you can study with us along every day every week and we're going to go through the Book of Daniel in a really different unique way and the angle that we're taking is what we want to tell you you got to stay with us to find out so so nationalise go to Daniel chapter one and also from verse one and read until you get tired Ok for sounds good. In the 3rd year of the reign of Jehovah came king of Juda now because Nasser king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and received it and the Lord gave to hold him king of Juda into his hand with some of the articles of the house of God which he carried into the land of shine or to the house of his God and he brought the articles into the treasure house of his God Then the king instructed the master of his eunuchs to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the king's descendants and some of the nobles young men in whom there was no blemish but good looking gifted in all wisdom possessing knowledge and quick to understand who had ability to serve in the king's palace in whom they might teach the language and literature of the Kal Deans stuff there in Israel what's going on a set us up here and the Book of Daniel I know we read the introduction there's a history there what's the larger context so the Bible tells us that Joel Kim is in the 3rd year of his reign and at that time what the Book of Daniel does is that it pulls away the curtain in history and it tells us that he was overcome by King them because they're the Babylonian King this was done as God's form of intervention you know God steps in and he handed Jehoiakim into the head of never can as or never can has or takes not only part of the treasure house of of the Israelite nation but in addition to that he takes some of the king's family some of the some of the nobles of that time and then also some of the cream of the crop of the of the nation's best and brightest individuals and so the Bible says that Ashton as was in charge of bringing in these people so that the Babylonian knowledge and education can be they can benefit from that and then they can actually go back to their home countries so this is really setting up a new chapter in Israelite history and people conquering people all the time so the Bible is true but this is now the Babylonian stage and this is totally new and as a. So this is the cream of the crop. Can you start reading from verse 5 or something happens your turn to and the king appointed for them a daily provision of the king's delicacies and of the wine which he drank and 3 years of training for them so that at the end of that time they might serve before the king not from among those of the sons of Juda where Daniel had a Niamey shout and as a riot it's going to verse 8 particular but Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's delicacies No With the Wind which he drank therefore he requested of the chief of the Unix that he might not defile himself going there but now God had brought Daniel into the favor and good will of the chief of the Unix and the chief of the Unix said to Daniel I feel my lord the king who has appointed you of food and drink for why should he see your faces looking worse than the young men who are your age then you would endanger my head before the king So Daniel said to the steward whom the chief of the Unix had said over Daniel had and I am a child and as a riot please test your servants put 10 days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink then let all appearance be examined examined before you and the appearance of the young men who eat a portion of the king's delicacies and as you see fit so deal with your servants who is over 14. So we consented with them in this matter and tested them 10 days and at the end of 10 days their features appeared better and fatter and flesh than all the young men who had to portion of the king's delicacies thus the steward took away their portion of delicacies and the wine that they were to drink and gave them vegetables as for these 4 young men God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom and then you had an understanding in all visions and dreams now at the end of the 10 days when the king had said that they should be brought forth in that they should be brought forth in the chief of the eunuchs brought them in before the book and as you know you hear that the King interviewed them and among them and all non was among them all none was found like Daniel and I am a shown as Araya therefore they serve before the king in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king King examined them he found them 10 times better than all the magicians astrologers who were in his realm this is a long passage but we kind of need to know the narrative so Daniel is one of the 2 apocalyptic books of the of the Bible apocalyptic meaning talking about the last days but this is really weird because we're going to start off in prophecy you want to talk about going to happen in all the stuff and then the 1st chapters about and then the vegetables show Sebastian what is going on here in chapter one why is this chapter the 1st chapter Daniel and what is it setting us up for when I think it's setting us up for the reality that prophecy is not so much about the predicting of events but also the preparation for when those events are going to take place the fact that Daniel receives these prophecies later in the book The foundation is being laid for how the choices he's making in terms of his physical diet the spiritual choices that he's making in his life at this stage early you know. Being being captive early on in Babylon now is setting him up for us regarding the future so a lot of times we do. Connect what we eat and how we're living in practical ways this aspect of our lives from our spiritual understanding and insight but the Book of Daniel actually harmonizes those and says there is a direct connection to the wisdom that God gives to the vegetables that the unit gave to them. I'm going to add to that this being the 1st chapter not just a connection but a foundational link actually your ability to comprehend things intellectually even your ability to connect spiritually is foundational related to your physical health if your if your mind is unable to comprehend what you want or what you're reading then you're not going to be able to draw benefits from it so you're saying that the way that we take care of our bodies is actually foundational to our spirituality to our understanding of prophecy to to all of these spiritual things your body and the way you care for your body is actually important to that not just connected but it's fundamental in verse 17 there that Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams and it's as if because he had this kind of discipline or we called temperance habits that set him up to understand these things and then the invitation is that if we also partake in these ads you'll also be able to understand so I think what's beautiful about this is it shows that God is not a respecter of persons that God does not change so here we see that what he did for Daniel here in this time in Babylon he's willing and able to do for me in 2020 he's able to say that Sebastian if you give your body the best thing to have a clear mind strong frame I'm going to also give you wisdom and understanding in matters that would not be accessible to you otherwise and I think that's what makes the Book of Daniel also beautiful for us and relevant in this time God hasn't changed in God is willing to provide this equal this blessing equally to me as well and it's a positive this is this is actually a powerful philosophical reality because you know philosophers wonder about this connection between the mind in the body you know how how is the mind connected to the body are they separate and. But the Bible demonstrates that there's an intimate connection between what happens you know in your physical body and what happens in your mental life or your spiritual life and the Bible's unapologetic about it that there is a connection so how what you do with your body the way that you eat the way you sleep your daily habits is connected to your mental habits and it's it's actually a profound thing softly. Not to disagree with with Sebastian and he could not agree with what they're saying 100 percent versus 19 also gives us a lot. Yeah it gives us a unique insight into what's happening and it says as for these 4 young men God gave them knowledge and so there is I agree that there is correlation between what we and how that affects our intellect but also here there's also another narrative that is inserted here and that is the divine. Connection and interaction with the human agent of Daniel right so in other words you also have this other principle that says that those who want to God God will also honor them and so what emerges to me from Daniel Chapter one is the fact that 1st of all temperance is a reveal or of character like it's a habit so our habits reveal who we are and then you could have said I don't want I just want meat that is not offered to idols or instead of wine I want to have you know some some other kind of drink but Daniel and his friends they actually went towards the simplest form of of a diet right and they developed in other words they developed habits that formed or that give us an insight into the kind of character they had they had simple lives they had you know they weren't gluttons right food was not important to them it was a for most of their you know they they ate to live they did not live to eat right and I think that's that's profound because. As in in the beginning of the book where it tells us in verse 2 that in the Lord gave Jehoiakim king of Juda into his hand with some of the articles of the house of God which he carried into the land of Sharon or to the house of his God This lets us know that God was involved in this defeat right that God had a hand in this and this this idea of the great controversy in and what's happening between the God of Daniel and the God of never Knesset it seems as if Daniel is losing right his god is losing but yet Daniel in the midst of Babylon is deciding to still be on God's side even in his diet as a connection with their intemperance here while I'm simply saying that making that decision on your diet was establishing where Daniel stood in this controversy right he was establishing the side that he was on moving forward and so when we look at our physical bodies in what is was bringing out that God gave them wisdom it's not that the vegetables gave the wisdom it's that the vegetables told that they were on the side of God Ok Hold that thought the vegetables are not provide the wisdom in action chapter one there are 3 times where God as is giving. To Daniel so stay with us after the break you know find out. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we're in Daniel Chapter one is a very exciting pattern that you've seen chapter 13 time as the Bible repeats what the 1st time is found in verse 2 that Sebastian talked about that the Lord gave joy came king of Juda into his hand that word gave you in Hebrew if you will is all not time which is the name of my 2nd. And so that. There are they sure he watches this episode so here God gives political victory and so I appreciate your point as it has gone ahead that's the source of all sin that's not the veggies right in the 2nd time it's mentioned as a verse 9 Now God had brought Danny into favor the Hebrews had given social favor the political favor got social favor and then the verse that we've been talking about this entire episode for 17 was mentioning is there something that God gave them knowledge skill and and so intellectual blessings and spiritual blessings the source of all things is God that needs to be underlined because sometimes you think I'm going to get a veggie burger and be a vegetarian I'm going to be like Daniel that ain't the case or you will be like to know because then it was just Although the point is there are all of us there's all these are registering people out there you go to Burger King for us the 1st time in like 10 years and you're eating you're possibly whoppers and you're ready now for a spiritual blessings but the source is from God So let me ask you this question this temperance thing like he's not being vegetarian here is a bit more than that what what what what is temperance What are the actual details what's going on in the physiology of the actual temperance Dr. I think of what's the what Israel had said before about the lifestyle the simple lifestyle temperance simply put is doing not doing those things that are harmful to your body and then those things that are good for you doing them in moderation so if something is bad for you you just skip it altogether but there are things that are not necessarily bad you know but if you do it in excess then it's going to become harmful is just too much of a good think it also can be kind of right so temperance is good things in moderation bad things never you know Ok another way or another way I think temperance is self-control you know it's so there's temperance and food there's also temperance and other things that are good temperance is essentially the principle of temperance is controlling yourself having the ability to control yourself so what's the connection here that on God is on this level and he's giving giving giving giving in on our level it's self control and when the to link up then you have this blessing factor why why self-control why why you know moderation like what's what's the link there temperance temperance self-control is an attribute of God It's Christ likeness when we when we practice temperance we're actually being like Christ we're being godly God himself is an individual that has self-control like if you think about all the different times that we would get angry if someone said something bad about us right if someone cursed us all if I was God I would zap you to death right now right so it takes a lot of self-control from God to interact with humanity and so when we practice self-control we're actually being godly but there's what strikes me and Daniel is and the reason why Daniel want to so important Daniel himself has to be he has to he has to have a connection with God in order for him to be able to reveal God to others through prophecy so prophecy is a reveal or of God That's the whole point the reason why God gives us prophecy is to say so that you know that I'm God and so in the in order for Daniel to convince me. That God is God I have to be convinced that Daniel himself has an experience with God that he knows who God is and so Daniel Jefferson and such would have to see the authorship of the building. And that's I think that's what Daniel one does for us in the word that the weather comes to mind when you're saying the connection and his saying revealing God is character and that that temperance is exercised by someone with a certain kind of character and the kind of character include South control the ability to control yourself and that character is a reflection of the character of God I love that I love that I'm seeing that a saw a kind of. Summarizing. Synopsis sizing so that God is giving giving all this power political power social power intellectual intellectual spiritual power but on our end he gives all this power and we don't have self control we may not be able to handle all these gifts that God is giving with much power comes much responsibility as yes somebody says but it's true it's evident absolutely doctor and it will be it will be reflected actually in the life and who can answer and who has this power and can handle it because it is a rich man that is. 00 that So let me go back for now because. That's good that's good specially you know one person said we are what we repeatedly do right therefore excellence or any character trait is not. It's not just a one time virtue right it becomes a habit so if I am what I repeatedly do Daniel in this place is like I don't offer titles that's not what I repeatedly do that's not who I am so we talk about the formation of character in temperance is not something that's like well you know intemperate on Tuesday but then on Wednesday on this That's not self control I have to develop the ability to repeatedly control my soul which is what makes God amazing going back to Israel's point is that he's never lost control even on the cross. When everyone is against them the forces of hell you know the Jews his own people it's like I created all these beings but I could just zap them out yet he's manifesting the utmost of self-control which is the true sense of power which I believe is why God reacts that way to says I can trust these groups with this person because they've shown in a very limited way they can control the power that they possess therefore I can be still more you know in greater measure faithfulness their mascot I may be a personal question Have you had instances like this in your own lives where you can vouch that your your dietary temperance and dietary just regular temperance has resulted in spiritual benefits and intellectual benefits and social benefits and political. Victories in different areas put it that way and can you go for that for one thing temperance in finding a time to sleep and wake up. Just having regularity actually speaking if you don't know out there who just has has Can I Can I mention it is you want to tell the ones. That she just gave birth. To a baby and so this lead factor as many of you are. Aware of the dynamics of after having a baby stuff so yeah sleep sleep for the dietary is important but all the lifestyle I'm going to start interrupt I want to get this is very important. Point and yes maybe that's the 1st that's why it's the 1st thing that came to my mind but I should think about back in college. Ok Ok Ok All right thank you to just having a time to sleep and wake up helped me a lot with my devotional life I can't do that right now because I have a little baby so I don't have anything that time but even with that even with children regularity in sleep time and waking up time helps them tremendously with him with all day they're not used to cranky pants all the time but. Spiritual benefits personally speaking just having a sleep time and a wake up time made it so that in the morning I'm not stressing the snooze button all the time instead of getting up to have my devotions and I find that being able to be well rested at night makes it easier to be patient with my little children you know when they're driving you nuts because when you're tired it's hard to be patient and patience is a virtue right. But if you're sleepy you're tired exhausted it becomes very challenging right Justin Vaisse I fundamentally agree with someone who has 2 young ones myself and and traveling in jet lag sometimes I don't get the right to get snarky with your co team members Sebastian at Rye or smirking Are you ready to confess and I want to. Tell the world so for me I see temperance also benefiting me spiritually in terms of work a lot of times we think about the time in which we live we're very busy and work is a good thing right being productive being the fishing but I found that using judiciously in recognizing that there is a time for me to turn off work and take time with my kids my wife to pray to spiritually invest and I see the results of that house for me in terms of God helping me to grow through certain things to work on my marriage to be able to look at my work at the proper balance and also invite God into what I do professionally because if I'm so busy working I have no time to come aside and ask God for counsel but I found that recently I was doing this and putting side of time to pray and to just connect with God in my work and do that prayer time in writing my reflections from prayer God gave me an insight that I went back and did it in a completely transformed the direction of a particular project I was working on and so it just showed me how God can give you wisdom even in practical areas of life when you exercise temperament This is not only a spiritual insight or secret I mean I've been a review about a book about the 7000 habits that all rich people do this one guy interviewed the most richest people in the. World and he found out that these rich people all had the 17 habits exactly the same they all woke up early early it all had 7 hours of sleep they didn't eat between meals they had to spend about 15 minutes of doing nothing about disengaging from phones and for Media and just thinking about life you may thinking what can you do when you do in 15 minutes but in this day and age with all the stuff going on 15 minutes can be a very long time and that's in secular success how much more when it comes to spiritual success in communing with our Lord so this is habit that really set us up for success and this is what Daniel is really telling us we're in the spiritual world will have it's all timidly will develop character and this is what it shows and what what it shows about the character of Daniel was not was not formed in the Chapter one it is revealed in the Chapter one why because character is revealed in of in times of crisis and so now you have a crisis but Daniel has been set up to be the person that God needs at this specific moment in time and the reason for that is because Daniel has developed his habits of temperance and whatever that ultimately have shown that he is faithful in the little things and that's essentially what Daniel chapter one was saying when Sebastian was speaking earlier about what you normally do what you a bitch will you do that is true but what we cannot miss is the fact that Daniel under no circumstances was willing to meet offered one it's not something that he just didn't do typically or something that he would refuse to do no matter what and you think to yourself why that's such a huge deal it's such a small thing but when you go back or when you go forward sorry in the rest of the Book of Daniel you're going to see there are other seemingly small tests that have a larger consequences and so God is saying Who can I share Who can I give a message of prophecy to that is going to reveal who I am I can give it to people who have a yearning desire to be like me even in the smallest of things and so down. Character reveals that faithfulness in the little things is what God is looking for and I love and love what you said is all just made me think of that I had thought to say we've mentioned 3 things that God is giving giving giving in general have to one not thinking God gave Daniel the ability and his friends the ability to have the temperance in the 1st place you know the strength of will you know to to make these decisions and what he brought to mind with what you're saying that this was set up from before the Book of Daniel was that these victories the victory even over what I'm going to eat that victory was given before Daniel's have to one right so Indians have to one the victory is revealed like you have had a victory in this area of your life so it was a victory that God gave before that and it just made me think the importance of those small victories with God on a day to day basis you know just building our relationship with him because sometimes you know where like when the crisis comes and I'm going to be faithful but really the question is can I be faithful to him right now in the small things can he give me the ability to have this small victory because that sets a foundation for Daniels has what exactly to what will happen the new chapter 7 yes let me ask you this question and we're winding down here but I think it's a very important question that many people get up get mixed with is which I have it is power and power have a set up for success. Is it easy to confuse these habits with salvation like I need to and he to do these things in order to be saved and why is this chapter a answer to that kind of thinking they're certainly helpful you can see that these habits are helpful in not just Daniel's personal salvation but salvation many people read the book of death but we can never forget the fact that God is able to save instantaneously at any moment in time a person who seeks elevation and so there is although there is a connection the power of God is eternal and with that you know if we want to say we want you to engage in these power habits to engage in spiritual things and spiritual success join us next week we'll continue the Book of Daniel here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the Kalinga is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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