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02-The Key to Prophetic Understanding

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Callie Williams


One prayer changes the course of history.



  • January 11, 2020
    9:30 AM

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Indiana chapter one prayer changes the course of history find out more on this episode of In verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary. Thought provoking. Post just within the. Welcome Friends we are in our study of the Book of Daniel last episode we looked at the secret to understanding the spiritual mysteries of the universe practice of temperance now up to 2 and it was another key habit power habit if you will and we're going to if you have your Bibles we're going to go into chapter 2 open it and chapter 2 and we'll read and before we read and ask that's about openness with prayer because yes pretty awful there we are privileged to be able to study your word and father especially the Book of Daniel Lord we ask that as we meditate upon this chapter specifically the power of prayer that you would grant us understanding in that you would inspire a sword. To continue in your presence trusting that you would open up your word to us is our prayer in Jesus' name and then in going to change gears I'm going to go to Cali here for and ask her what is Daniel Chapter 2 about I mean Chapter 2 is like the quintessential prophecy chapter Yeah and if you guys out there you don't know anything about and a Chapter 2 you should know something about Diana chapter 2 and it's it's a very nice easy prophecy to understand but set us up with the story at least we're not going to get to the prophecy in this episode but the story the narrative and how that feeds into the understand your prophecy so the chapter opens where nobody can answer has a dream and he calls Wiseman and he says Tell me tell me the perpetration but also tell me what the dream actually was like people can't do that and the things like who are going to die and then says that. It's enough they're just skipped over Yeah that's also good then you can go comes and ask for more time and he prays and he gives the interpretation and he's like hey you're right and that's the end Ok. That's also. That's not actually 0 you know. Keep going to keep our let's go to verse 14 and this is this is very well this is a weird dream like this isn't it about never can these are like eating too much pizza the night before and having a weird dream and this is like a supernatural weird dream of which really the course of history would be changed as I said in my opener when I was 14 and Israel can be 1st 14 to a verse. 19 yes. Then with the council and wisdom Daniel answered the captain of the king's guard who had gone out to kill the wise men of Babylon he answered and said to Arioch the king's Captain why is this decree from the king so urgent then Arioch made the decision known to Daniel so Daniel went in and asked the king to give him time that he might tell the king the interpretation then Daniel went to his house and made the decision known to head and I. And as a writer his companions that they might seek mercies from the God of heaven concerning the secret so that Daniel his companions might not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision so Daniel blessed the God of heaven. And then Sebastian I just I'm going to ask you can read verse 20 a it's because I just like it going into up to 2 Verse 28 please it says but there is a God in heaven who reveal secrets and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days your dream in the visions of your head upon your bed with these right so let's let's let's break this down Ok We're going to we're going to look at the actual prophecy and then a Chapter 2 later on in a different episode and all the prep the process will be together and it makes sense but for the narrative we're looking at different aspects of Daniel's character or his spiritual life that in many ways we need as we live in these last days in understanding these apocalyptic visions to happen what's the key thing that's happening in the passage that is really just as red So that's the key element here is Daniel turns to God in prayer in a crisis he decides that he's not going to destroy penned on the fact that God gifted him in chapter one so it's interesting that rather than saying we've got gifted me with understanding I'm temperate and now he's giving me understanding of visions and dreams no he seems gone and so prayer is something that underlines our prophetic understanding and that's how God actually reveals it to us and that's how he reveals it to Daniel in the chopper so the practice of prayer is key I love what you're saying is that sometimes we treat God very personally like a god has given me these things God is some x. channel entity I pushed a button he's given me these extra entities things and it's just I'm going to use these things prayer really. Re Re envisions that whole dynamic and says hey it's a relationship I got to ask him which is a personal. What's what's going on in verse 16 Daniel went in and asked the king to give him a time that he might tell the king your interpretation he went to his house and made this isn't known to heaven I'm Michelle and those are his companions What are some of the conditions of this part let's actually analyze his brain is not going on like kings hold on a 2nd I want to pray and like Well and what's going on here is so as we mentioned the previous episode 1st of all Dan the the life of Daniel doesn't begin with Daniel Chapter One there's a character that has been created prior to these crises and so. What does that mean to us now or what does that mean to Daniel Chapter 2 will we know that Daniel has a certain understanding of who God is because he comes to God not only does he come to God but he says to the king got I'm going to pray and God's going to give me the interpretation so Daniel trusts that God is in control and then you'll trust that God is available to him another thing that's very important is in verse 17 it says then Daniel went to his house and he made the decision known to man and be shown as and so not only do we have what Sebastian has already mentioned that that Daniel goes to you know every crisis is a is a call to prayer but also he brings his friends together to his house and there in his home they experience communion with God and so communion with God is not just distant but it's personal it's intimate it takes place in the home and also it's a time to bring together your friends and to and to and to corporately seek after God And so you have Daniel not just seeking God but seeking Him corporately so let me let's look at I mean it's in some ways the surface and can kind of make cliche of hey we've got to pray more and then God got into your prayers and that's true but we're saying in a lot more profound and or. Understand implications of that is why does the having more people in your prayer does that make the POTUS prayer more powerful is God more inclined to hear a corporate prayer or you know why why including your friends that's a question that I think many people may be asking but to me what it shows is that the spirituality of or that the friendship that dangling this 3 friends has have is spiritually founded and so I think it speaks more of the relationship that exists between Daniel and his 3 friends it's powerful that an individual by himself by herself can come to God and move the throne room of heaven in answer to prayer there have been many times when by myself in a closet I have prayed to God and I've seen God answer so it's not that 34 people have more access to God than just one person by himself what what it what it displays more is the relationship the nature of the relationship that Daniel has with his 3 friends that in a moment of crisis are more of a horizontal thing rather than as I want to or more vertical power here I would say I was slightly worrying I was slightly deviate in the sense that slightly deviate me Jesus going to are going right in 70 he invited his 3 closest companions to join me sit and watch with me so I while I agree that it's not that oh well for Bush showed up to daddy and now that he's going to listen because all 4 of us are petitioning him as if we could convince a god to do something contrary to what he thinks is wise I don't think of it in that light but I do think of it in the light that it does encourage the petitioner in terms of faith to know that I have these people agreeing with me which does increase in a sense the profundity in the power of the prayer because as I'm coming in to have these people praying with me and we are in agreement on that and maybe just was going to say something in prayer or claim a promise I didn't think of that is increasing right the likelihood that God is going to respond in answer as we're seeking mercy So you're saying it's not the actual a number that increases. The activity of the effectiveness of the prayer but it's just more people more and more more more more petitions going up more power. I guess I would I said. The way I see it is this and in so in going to 15 area the king's captain and it's very funny to me he's the one that's going out and verse was a 14 who had gone out to kill the wise men of Babylon so this guy is the executioner like he's going to kill Daniel and I and then he's the one with the actual knife and then he was like I'm going to talk to you before you kill me why is this so hasty and then he's going to talk to his friends because his friends are also on that list so they had by the way you guys are going to die so you want to pray together and you're like yes that's all that you know it's not like Daniel is like Hey can you all intercede on my behalf yes and help me understand this like we're actually in this all together and we need we need to ask the Lord something mercy from God And what's what's profound about this experience is the fact that the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision not in prayer so they're praying and then they go to sleep trusting that God has heard their prayer is going to move notice that God doesn't give the vision to all 4 he gives it today which saves him and I shall and as a Raju who joined him in prayer saying we're so let me ask you this one as a way because we're there's a lot about relationships and in relation to one another and it's not it's not only good I'm this is this is this is this is God This is the Bible. I Ok so in my mind's I'm very efficient and we get very very like to the point Ok Why didn't God just reveal the vision to Daniel Daniel writes it out and then boom or even you can just bypass didn't want to reveal it to us and then boom right why does he feel it as or now because he doesn't know you want to kill everyone he Daniel Botanica dance going to his friends and it like it gets a little bit convoluted and it's a great story but why can't let the cat out. So. To me it's a chain of dependence Ok that comes back to full dependence on God so that we can as or who is this powerful king right so he can do anything except for remember his dream and remember it was important so then he's trying to be dependent on the magicians who fail him and then he's different on Daniel's also depend on God So in the Nebuchadnezzar is led back to God and then it could have been you know immediately as soon as Daniel hears about it they are going to die kind of like with Zach to his brain and he knows the vision but he needs to go to God in prayer and us about Same be dependent and then also going to sleep in the Peace of God So to me every single person and there's even the magicians like man Daniels God did that so every single person is being led in a change actually taken away from hearsay is the moral Kambal looted their actual at that track is the more blessings have branched out from that and I'd rewrite the word convoluted because I think it only needs it's only convoluted simply because God needed to go so far to teach these people to depend on God could have just so that's never been as or not because I'm like Well God's amazing and I do know that when I think it all goes down as I can I don't like it having Ok so if he goes on then so by my humans they're always to think that it's the dumbness of us that God has to go through that route Ok Well Ok well I was going to say with the with the limitations that exist right this exactly is the problem that's coming into play well hold that thought it's about just getting started we don't know where he's going to end so come back come stay with us after the break and we're going to hear what Sebastian has to say I know you're waiting suspense but stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching ends or spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us our best sums up my handle again is in 1st Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back sorry Sebastian to have interrupted you but this is the door for government we're in and just just mind the clock at your comment so let's go and sin no more. So the limitations of humanity are being revealed through this situation even Daniel Yes So when you when you start with never can answer himself he's a king he's he's got limitations whereas my wise men who have such and such connections to gone here's your limitations Ok now we're going to go to Daniel Well here's your limitation now he has to bow before God in prayer even I as the chosen of God who's been faithful to God have my limitations and my friends limitations and then God comes in and now we know as that virtue asked me to read in church just read you but there is a God in heaven that reveal secrets Yeah so this establishment of the reality of God in that he is beyond us and that's what commands in the book and there's worship at the end of the chapter so I see this this dynamic playing out why God would allow it which we see is in His grace and in his desire to reveal himself and make himself known to every single individual and yet in your limitations is where we see that our extremity is God's opportunity so not against any of that man's extremity of God's opportunity I'm sorry interrupt is the only time. That man's extremity is God's opportunity or woman's extremity Yeah absolutely human human and I don't mean impossible to live by an opportunity that I love where we're corporate editing his is no problem no no that's a still powerful point if we take that prince of an appliance or any one of our situations we have impossible situations happening all the time yes and we fail to realize this is an opportunity for God but also I find that encouraging because so many times we find ourselves kind of standing back from situations like I can't do that God close and call me to that like maybe God is calling you to something you can't do yourself not that's the point of the extremity of and I mean they're fresh and go there and God like no you have to go with me so he incorporates the human individual into this and there you go and. I think the ultimate answer from would tell us about it are seen as a why did God reveal to know because as a user of Daniel. You know why did God give the dream there's a 1000000 reasons you know $1000000.00 reasons why God would do that I think the the fundamental conclusion like the common denominator there is found in verse 2828 yes where says but there is a God in heaven who will we got to read verse $27.00 it says Daniel saying the seeker which the king has demanded the wise men the astrologers the magicians and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king so. All to mentally God's purpose in the Book of Daniel is revealed in that God wants never can there is or to know him and us to that's the whole point of prophecy is for us to know God it's not so that we can you know strengthen our minds with knowing dates and history and the future you know if anything it's we need to know God That's the whole point of prophecy and then I love verse 20 and I didn't see it this way until just today it says but there is a God in heaven who revealed secrets so why is it that God gives the king a secret and then gives the interpretation to someone else he's saying so that you never can as Or knows that God reveal secrets number one and number 2 and he has made known to King the book and as of this is to me powerful because it shows here that God knows secrets but he also knows never can answer so it's like if you're the king It's like the God of heaven knows who I am right and then there's a lot of implications of that like way Dizzee know that I just you know completely took over his nation and that I'm holding him captive in my courts so it's like God no secrets he knows you and also it says so that you will also know and he will reveal on the latter day what's going to what's going to come to play so it's like God no secrets God knows you God knows what's going to happen in the future and you contrast that to what the astrologers don't know and he's saying look human a t and divinity they're very very they're far apart I mean they're close together and they're far apart same time so close that the great God of heaven knows who you are so far away that you cannot begin to understand how he is not bound and constrained by the limitations of the you know in capabilities and so you have this you know this this place this time where why does God do it this way so that never can as Or can come face to face with. The great God of heaven and and so that Nebuchadnezzar the greatest king in the world can see through his own eyes how small he really is so this this prophecy was revealed for us to know what will happen in the future but you're saying the original intent was this is a whole this complicated convoluted not really convoluted but this whole this whole environment it was all to save this one yeah I think it all goes all out to save this one. Yeah and it makes you wonder like to what extent that we don't know with in front of our eyes what he does to save save all of us this is leave us to right we all to mitigate the prophecies and it's like look at what I had to do to save you I had to go to number. 4 You know I had to introduce myself to him because you know I was I had almost killed Daniel and his 3 friends I had to kill a bunch of other people just so that you could know. How to how to how to be prepared for when I come and well get to know we can as or in a couple of us as a minute this is what I mean that's when someone is kind of pause a minute but. I was just going to add to Israel's point when you read the end of chapter of verse 28 Ok when he says your dream and the visions of your head upon your bed where the verse 29 asked for you will King thoughts came to your mind while on your bed about what would come to pass after this he was aware of the anxiety of never can this or he was aware of the things that were keeping him up at night and when we're dealing with the preparation of prayer never connect or didn't know God to turn to Him in prayer but Daniel did and so we see the one who is sitting up at night who can't sleep is the one that's having the dream which is responding to his anxieties but he can understand how God is answering his anxieties I'm going to show you what's going to come to pass because never can is was thinking Will I be a king forever all this investment all this money all this work that I'm putting in to building an empire what's going to become of it because every man comes face to face with his own mortality you won't live forever and yet through this dream as Israel is talking about God reveals Himself to know because or in the context of his anxieties of his worries and yet in those areas of life that's the part that we like to put aside that's what we like to put into the basement of life no one likes to talk about their their anxieties and that's why we say the most overused phrase in English is how are you no one really answers that question because in the in the in the true sense of human nature because of our fear of revealing our limitations and what we're bound by and what's worrying us we don't want to speak of that it's almost as if I don't say it it doesn't exist but the truth is God knows it and that's the beauty of it even the King with all his power all his money all his servants has worries has exile and yet the God of heaven response to his anxiety and uses that as a pastor his own it's. It's cool to see the juxtaposition of as you said he had a night time and he's going to sing and you have Daniel in chapter 2 verse 19 he's in the night vision which assumption these He's sleeping they had a prayer meeting they hey I'm going to go to bed and see what I do with the morning and he goes to bed and I like to know we didn't read about go to verse 20 to 23 he kind of busts out in this spontaneous you know recent great precession here and verse 20 Daniel answered and said bless it be the name of the name of God forever and ever for wisdom and might are he is he changes the time in the season he removes not because those are his and raises up other kings but he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding he reveals deep in secret things he knows what is in the darkness and the light dwells with him I thank you I praise you out of my father's you've given me wisdom and might and have now be known to me what we've asked of you for you have made known to us the king's them and I meant I just love that and this comes from a genuine prayer life and so I want to ask you like what what are some keys to make prayer real you know I mean people are watching out there and they're like Man we got to pray more Ok I think people knew that sometimes prayer can get rote. Sometimes we need like crazy situations like this and then that really intensify our prayer devotional. Volume. If this is analogue still. What are some help us out here. The foundation here is that Daniel trust in the person that he's praying to he's not just praying to hope he's praying to God And what's fascinating hope in the abstract sense not to hope channel network. I want to make sure what are your hopes I was Ok you're going to buy Ok. So there is another. What's what's fascinating here is that in both situations God. Doesn't immediately reveal the answer to Daniel he doesn't immediately reveal the answered another can as a right in other words Daniel prays and then he sleeps he sleeps without an answer to prayer because the answer to prayer comes in his sleep right right and so never can as Or also has a request unanswered right they both they're both in the same scene. But you have 2 different responses to an answer prayer right never can as her is going to kill people because he can't get an answer to his prayer Daniel can go to sleep and so why is it that that happens why the reason why that happens is because Daniel is confident that no matter what happens that the God the great god of the universe who answers prayer is his personal friend and has his personal interests in mind so it's like Daniel comes to God he and Daniel is is asking for his life he's saying God give us the answer so that we don't suffer like these other magicians have suffered right so he's he's essentially saying God I don't want to die but after he has made his request known to God. He says Right this is on your record now and he said peace I'm going to go to sleep whatever happens happens right and we'll how was it that he can do that he can do that because he has a personal relationship with the great God of heaven that he's praying to and how does that happen it happens in crisis it happens to Daniel Chapter one it happens to be for Daniel Chapter 0 negative 123 that's where it happened and just kicking off a previous previous episode it's these small instances that he's developed a trust and that gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so that now with this crisis now it's just as Ok like you've done in past places in your hands goodnight Lord he goes to bed I love that I love that going back here other question about how to have this kind of prayer life yes something I just want to mention is sometimes we see this and we kind of we don't see the negative 12 and 3 we do see this amazing prayer life sites that have a prayer life that means I need to pray like 3 hours a day with my friends that's a paradise and I can't do that I mean I have apparently And just like other relationships it comes through growth you know when you meet someone for the 1st time you don't have like a 3 hour and that's conversation about your childhood you might have that later but you start out with the small conversations and the biggest thing about a relationship with God is that there are there are clearly things that are different about it but there are a lot of things that are similar about our interactions with humanity meaning it's you know it's gross so I don't really want to encourage people who don't have a prayer life I never predict for my food maybe sometimes it is just start talking to God as to a friend about whatever's on your mind and that might be an hour it might be 3 hours it might be 5 minutes but talk to Miss to a friend and don't think like Ok need to fulfill this need to just talk to God some supposed to any miracles a great insight great insight that God is instruction God is similar to interaction with human humanity and it's very funny is funny if we actually take our current bad if we take our current interaction with God and liken it to a human being any human being would walk away exactly I'm going to Sebastian thank you for. Beautiful day and thank you for the. Kind of this I mean that's not even a human relationship that I have and can only and I would I would only add the brief. In prayer life I always focus on what's going on in my actual life so each day it's going to be different because I'm dealing with something different for that day and I think a lot of times we feel like when we're coming to God in prayer serious prayer is say for a crisis versus Daniel has always turned to God in every small matter even in Babylon and I think that's the real key to developing a prayer life like that is talk to God about what's going on in your actual life today and as you do that you're developing that relationship in common not some meritorious ritual that earn salvation but prayer is just a human interaction with someone who created humanity and this is something that we all struggle with here I can say and that we all try to endeavor but the key point is that it starts today and that sets the trajectory for success success in the future on your relationship with God hopefully even encourage with the exercise of prayer and we have thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to invest a Bible based to see how the world is wrong with Jonathan Ross Sebastian Baxter good doctor or. Just an. Investor is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like that and more inspiring than ever so those that embrace that. Or. Find the source also. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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