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A challenge to a generation full of malaise and apathy.



  • January 18, 2020
    9:30 AM

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On this episode of inverse a challenge to this generation a generation full of Malays and apathy Stay with us. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary. Vocal. Yes your post just in time with him for. Everyone thanks for joining us here on in on this episode we have our 2 resident millennial is here and as I said in my opener we have a generation before us that many sociologists say are full of apathy and Malays and non-committal attitudes and the question is is that so it was the Bible have to say about that we are in the Book of Daniel in this 13 week journey looking at the characteristics that we need to survive and to endure for the last days and not a study through prophecy only but looking at the narratives and the Book of Daniel we are in Chapter 3 so if you have your Bibles get them out and we're going to have order prayer by Kelly to get started on this episode yes. Father in heaven we thank you for the gift of your word and I pray right now as we study that you'd open our eyes we may see the things you want to see and I pray that you would give us understanding and maybe walk away not just with more information but change because of your love we pray this in Christ's name Amen amen and thank you Jonathan we are going to reach after 3 and are going to read from verse. Verse 24 I guess but where before we actually get into the taxman to ask seek to set us up here chapter 3 is kind of long we're not going to read all of it and Daniel has wonderful chapters and a kind of neatly packaged chapter by chapter in chapter 3 what's going on here have to 3 follow from top to 2 where yes yes. Interrupted to never good news I have this dream and Danielle helped to reveal what that dream was and the contents of that dream had to do with this image that was made of different metals Yes but in chapter 3 I guess never could now as I think I'm going to I'm going to have a physical representation of my dream but I'm going to alter it and instead of having a multimode metallic image I'm going to make an image that is made of solid gold and everybody is going to come watch it symbolic of the fact that my kingdom is going to last for ever and that's where we get to in chapter 3 where Jonathan's going to start reading is everybody is called together to worship this image to give homage to never can as ever lasting call Kingdom and we have God's people among that group of people who are called and it was a reminder of how this yes yes we're going to look at the actual details of the prophecy in a later episode as he can mention the mole time Metallica Only if that's even a word of the prophecy is there but the point is that never has a sensible goal damage meaning his kingdom will endure that's what he wants so he gets really mad in chapter 3 verse 19 and when to see Jonathan the why that's the case starting with 19 then then we can if it was full of fury. And the expression on his face changed towards Shadrack me 2nd a bit Negro he spoke in command of the day that the heat the furnace 7 times more than it was usually heated and he commanded certain mighty men of valor who were in his army to bind Shaddock Michigan the better to go and cast them into the burning fiery furnace then these men were bound in their coats to trousers to turbans and other garments and were cast into the midst of the burning fire a furnace therefore because the king's command was urgent and the furnace exceedingly hot the flame of the fire killed those men who took up shattered music in the bed in a row and these 3 men Shadrack Michigan Abednego fell down bound into the midst of the fiery burning fiery furnace then they were going as I was astonished and he rose in haste and spoke saying to his council those Did we not cast 3 men bound into the midst of the fire they answered and said to the king true o. King. Verse 25 verse 25 Look he said I see 4 men who's walking in the midst of the fire and they are not heard and the form of the 4th is like this. Ok So Cal you what what's why is God because those are man there what's what's the what's the detail so he's mad because you set up this image of goal trying to rewrite the dream that God gave and not just had a goal but the whole thing is gold they told I'm going to bow down and shout at me checking Abednego like thanks but now and so they're like he's like he's like Cool going to burn you then they're like all right and that's how we got here. Thank you for the. Smart money or Asian very welcome I will then address let me let me ask you about the millennial residence here we have ask. Ask us this is kind of an unreasonable chapter you know what I mean is like a just or do we really need to risk our lives it's kind of a little too extreme. What do you have to respond. To what we want so well I feel like you're assuming that millennial Zen is going to stand up for us or it's like yes. I definitely agree on aeration So yes. Wow Yes Now there is no way I could wear this to go Ok. So I guess I think it's true that in general there is this thing with our generation that is very much of a lax a days of course we don't really care but I also think we're in a very very obsessive generation as well where there's no in between and either we don't care at all or we care. I mean because people in our generation making changes all around the world about things that other people don't need more because like what we're like really obsessive so I think it's both but in there you know and so clearly and those 2 options haddock me talking about in a go are the obsessive side but you know obsessive does have this kind of tension of like Ok like over the top but there are certain things that we should be obsessive about and one of them is Jesus Christ and obeying God no matter what and that's that's just how they see it because you know I go to a 1st yes yes. No every one verse Yeah. Ok so verse it's from 30 to 3 just 3 Verse 16 so after that because it's like hey I'm given the chance to bow down so verse 16 they said we have no need to answer you in this matter if that is the case our God who we serve is able to deliver us from the burning furnace and he will deliver us from your hand Ok but it's not let it be known to your king that we do not serve your gods nor we worship the gold image which you've set up so what I love here is their obsession is it like God going to do what we ask him to and that's why we trust him you know God will deliver us going to take care of us about what I'll be perfectly fine saying God can deliver us but even if he doesn't we're still not going to obey you that's how devoted we are to our cause and how devoted we are to God and how devoted we are to our faith in him. So this this idea here of just just like it's so crazy to because these are young people and they're so devoted and it does contrast but it's also I think this is going to make me sound like I think when I was about everyone and I don't but I think something about money is we don't care about something unless we see a really good reason we don't do something because we're told to which is unfortunate perhaps we don't do things because you're supposed to like we have to fully believe that it has to fully be committed and if that's the case that even if will die doing it. Well I think I mean you bring up some good points and this is where we said it as a generational thing but this is transcends generations I mean I mean and you have defended your generation Well thanks let me ask John I mean on the millennium perspective in the European motives and you're going to your. Soul I mean let's let's go let's double a little bit of philosophy here modernism say there absolutes absolutes absolute absolutes and you're right or wrong and impose my will not real and you don't really have to go that far and perhaps the European context has really embraced the post-modern especially after World War One and 2 and all these world. Wars Europe is really vibing with this and this chapter is kind of offensive to even willing to die for an absolute Isn't that what caused all this world problems anyway how would we how do you answer that thinking a bit like that I mean just to add to the bill you. Know you got it where is it if. That is we already have a foreigner and. 7 times hotter right now isn't this idea of the absolutes and being willing to die for stuff yes that's when people think about terrorism nowadays Yeah that's true that's the kind. Of people who are flexible and you know and just what I believe is what I believe and I'm right no matter what Jonathan how are you not and it's shocking is there's a certain fraction to that from different parts around the world yeah yeah yeah Ok So John Well the answer to all of these questions even if you know. Well you see in mean in history after World War 2 there were absolutes of war people standing for you know their mock received people's I mean for fascism all this stuff going on you have to call me an ism and so after World War 2 a lot of people like you know no one has the right answer everyone just do your own thing and just let me have my own truth you have your truth let's just get along and let's compromise but at the same time we still have absolutes in Europe for example right now science is the God I mean if it's proved by science that's what it is we're going to go with and not the times is bad we believe in science you know science reveals a lot about God's nature and so on but it has become the benchmark It's what we look at as as as absolute truth so to say so there is still absolute truth but we it's this weird paradox really because we on the one hand we feel you have just the only experience and have my own experience but then when it comes to especially in religion and then we say well science says so your religion must be wrong it can work that way it's interesting we are entering into even a post post modern era where enough of this friendly fire alley stuff going on and then people can Very get very absolute about being on my 6th experience and then that's kind of they get so adamant about and I would submit that we have not yet experienced biblical absolutes coming into play up to this point in earth's history and we're going to we know that from prophecy a time like that will happen in the future we're looking at the narrative of Daniel Chapter 3 and look at how how Daniel is standing on that Daniel actually is history friends are standing up for the right though the heavens fall and come back after the break when I look at the actual dynamics on how to have radical commitment in your life stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we're Drac grappling with these big idea for loss of modernism and post-modernism and everything is distressing a little too high these are all ramifications and all these ideas come to a coalition point in prophecy but here the point we're talking about is how do we develop this kind of radical commitment it's a connection Oh let me ask you this I want to say what is the connection between between love and death. Because your visitors are saying hey we love God there we're going to die and to the postmodern mind as that's kind of extreme that's the connection there I think the story the narrative here in then you know it's very interesting because we're starting to chapter one with a situation where these young people amongst others are being taken away from their home I mean they're going through some terrible experiences and then experience of travelling through the desert for months to Babylon from Israel they had to make decisions they had to think about what is happening and how does that fit into their understanding of of God and their relationship with God These are young guys but what we see in Denver Chapter One is that you know their their purpose in their heart to be faithful to God and then you know chapter 2 that faithfulness is being tested and it comes out and now again then a Chapter 3 The faithfulness again is being tested so that decision they made when they were young. Played a big role and it was the foundation for for all these trials that were coming their way now in connection to life and death and love the reality is that you can know that something is true and you can stand for it and defend it and Facebook really strongly but when the trials come if you don't have in this case a relationship with God a love connection with God you are going to be in trouble because knowing the facts versus having a love relationship is a big difference and just to add to the love connection. You think about every great romance is you love so much that you're willing to die you know so whether you're willing to die for would die with you know it's just when when you love deeply life life finds its value in the relationship that we have and so in the love is that deep the love transcends even life itself if that makes sense when I say that we so when we find in chapter 3 verse 14 after never can as they hear is that these 3 men boys will not bow down no one is a question of any easier. True is it true that you're willing to die for this I mean come on guys he didn't have to question them like they had broken the law that had been set up all he had to do was throw them in the 5 minutes but these were people that he trusted they were part of his government he wanted them to live he wanted them to recant their positions so they could keep their lives so this speaks to the kind of people that they were which we've already established in chapters $1.00 and $2.00 they were they were devoted they weren't just a voter to God but to the extent that he then King wanted to save their lives so they were the kind of people that interacted with others in a congenial who they went of noxious Christians like going to die you know they were nice people and you know because it is like what can I do to save you guys and they're like you know what this is you can throw us in there we know that we want to go into fire but our relationship with God our love for God is such that we're willing to go to that extent if if we have to you know and I and the picture I have in my mind is the king kind of respecting their their commitment you know because of the kind of people that they were wishing that he could do something to see them but also you know he made this law is just kind of you know they love God they're looking you know I love these 2 points that you made that extrapolate and I have a question for you is is that when it comes to life and love I love that point that that love for God actually got higher that their life meant nothing and that really seems to be an ideal that we all want to strive for in some way but it's what you love is is it worth it is it worth your life that's really the question that we all have to battle and here it was God The 2nd question I for one point you made is this and there are some people who are afraid I don't want to I want to stand up for God I don't want to compromise but I don't want to seem noxious I like that word so what is the difference between someone who stands for God and then you know integrity and you have like you. Trumpets playing in the background and they have another one like. This and have that energy you know or you just like and there are Christians who are like that yes you know and they spoil the scene for the rest of us what is the. Maybe I'm what I don't know but what I do know you how do you how do you know we by the difference between that is I mean yes Ok I mean like I want to speak so I do Yes Well 1st just a little nuance is it does depend on your definition of noxious Yes because there are some people would say Jews of noxious. So there are certain things that because you just didn't fit in and that was kind of. The law let me ask you so if there is or can be if you like I don't want to stand out at all like will probably help you there buddy sorry so I can do that but the idea of count you're talking to more people who like are of not just like too far to be like you know those kinds of people. I I mean when I see it I actually are on the other side my struggle is hiding things because I don't want to be too much instead of like going to hard so it's hard for me to kind of visualize because I'm not that way I don't know that but I do think part of it is pride. Because I think of some people who you know publicly speak out in a very noxious way or you know people have microphones of like hey you ma'am you are dressed appropriately you sir you need to come to Jesus like why is that inviting with us what are you doing and is caught almost like this self-imposed fulfillment of like I need to call people to God Like if you actually read the Bible. Jesus doesn't actually like that so I don't know why you're doing that and it can also be like well I'm better than you and I need to show that to you which is even you know going back to Matthew when Jesus says you know don't don't announce yourself when you are fasting or when you're giving to the needy and that's just because if you do you already have your reward like you're saying. Why or or what they're calling people to do a story right for example in the case of calling out you know modesty and that people should come to Christ right had centralism were saying how they do it is just as important as what they're doing because I mean you when people to buy what you want them by and so especially even when Also on the side of you know when you have doubts too much to even 2 millennia old even though sometimes I think it's insulting dumbing things down to like very watery Christianity Congratulations you want them to watery Christianity how does that help anyone so the method is also what you would do as an associate to point out that when when they respond to know because when they are brought before him and given a 2nd chance kind of thing at the end of a safety net we can as I ask a poignant question he says who is the God who will deliver you from my hands it reminds me of. The Pharaoh you know when the Israelites are trying to leave like Who is this God right and that's kind of the question in the world is like Who is this God and they have an opportunity now to respond and their response is just beautiful because they're not their focus is not on we want to be saved from the spiral furnace that's what never can never smokers is like Moses God who can save you from the fires are going everywhere but their focus isn't even on the fire their focus is on God Himself and so to Kelly's point of you know do this to live this way you know it's that kind of thing in our individual Christian experience we can get focused on those things too like God has I shouldn't do this and I shouldn't do that I should do this and that but God's point is I want you to focus on me and I give you the strength to have victory in these areas right well yes those are the right things to do or not do but the focus needs to be on God and because of their focus on God They can not bow down so the focus is not on I must not bottom us up out of focus is on I must worship God and if this is going to pull me away from that then I can't do it because I need to worship God in many ways it says. You know in verse 25. I see 4 men loose walk in the midst of them a fire they are not in the form of the 4 there's like the Son of God It's as if by the way the Son of God is a Jesus favored title that he uses for himself that's found in Europe but it's as if that they were so mindful of that that he was already there and they're not in front of the King they're in front of Jesus and so then there's the fire well Jesus made the fire Well you know we're just now and then the cool thing is that all the people who got to see him now because there's eyes are the ones are open to see the screen because he spiritually couldn't see it was a little eyes out to be open but these guys have been with Jesus the entire time and I guess the question is do we have that kind of relationship how do we how do we get that continuous focus because I mean I'm in there with this this the studio and this here I mean we're going to go out get some lunch and we're going to get and you know I mean do we have that with the Son of God is next to us the entire time how do we develop those kind and that's the radical commitment that this chapter seems to be alluding to yes stand up for that up but how do we get close to Jesus Jonathan well. The. You know. The key to this is really faithfulness today so we can think a lot about the future and what's going to happen in the great trials we can expect but Jesus says himself Matthew 6 you know focus on what's happening right now and focus on me and be faithful today it started with small trials for Daniel and his friends chapter one it was about the food now it's about their life you know. And so if we are faithful today to God because we love him that faithfulness that grows a character that makes us ready I can all the facts about the end times and all the things that are going to happen and a terrible thing but I can still not remain faithful when that comes if my faithfulness today is not happening now how do we do that I mean it's a cliche answers but spending time with God in the word knowing him through the Word having a deep connection with him through prayer and surrender and really that in him speak to you on a daily basis it's easy to get used to that as well to think oh you know I did my devotions I read my little thing so you know about loving God give you a fresh revelation of him every day. And I just want to harp on this because I know a lot of times when we come to God or we want to have this great relationship with God We're really looking for that that's that magic pill like if I did study this book of the Bible when I say between these hours of the day and it's really has nothing to do with that I remember I was giving Bible studies to a very good friend of mine a few years ago and at the end of that I I had an appeal I came out it was at this point but he's looked at me and he's like you know I'm convicted but I really hope there is some like music right now just to get my like emotions you know like yours to use those to do everything and like it's Ok if we have this coming to Jesus moment but it's like if you're dependent on an altar call and what type of music and like you just do that like if that's what you require then clearly my word when did you do that and when he was walking among us and so it really is just the day and day out of I'm committing to I don't feel I. Because And I think it's important I can speak for all of us that there are some days we're super excited study the Bible and pray and there are some days that is literally the last thing you want to do right then and it's it's important to know that it's the same as any relationship that it takes love is a feeling but even more important the discipline a decision that grows into a feeling that is very interesting Kelly that you speak of music and. That's that's actually very interesting now there's been a lot of controversy on music and John wrote conversations and that's really not the point the point here seems to be tying into your converse to your comment is that there will be a time where the extra mile factors that move you towards one decision and then there's your free will choosing another decision right and so you've got fear you've got music you've got on beyond you've got the visual you've got the audio you've got the x. a stench will go all these things that has moved and even cross just social What is it the peer peer pressure it's all pushing you towards this and the only thing that can fight against that is just your single free will decision is. No or yes or whatever it is and that the. Tire wave of all this that's really what we're talking about is your side it was a good start I just wanted I just wanted to let you know I was not Ok just just basically saying yes to what you actually said and I'm just having a modern day parallel to that I have gone to I think as a colleague one day conference somewhere actually what it was but I was there and pastor was preaching and the appeal at the end I mean super powerful had amazing musicians the music surged but his appeal I like about the staff was like I don't agree with that I don't like Jesus like that and so like everyone's like yes and I was standing up and like the people looking at me but I'm like I can't like every verse experience like I was then in Love You know that only one would sit in it like. I was like everything I'm mostly Piro the music I'm like it looks like I don't love Jesus but I just disagree with how you portray him so I can't commit to what he said and I want to see if that's really the son of man was sitting there now Amen. So what is the modern day extend I want a man a man a man to thank you. So you know he was like I know your thoughts are I think it's Ok I want it. All going to hark back to have to one Ok the temperance conversation and the ability to say no in small things like what you're going to eat those little decisions build you up to be able to say no in these kind of situation is a huge wave of everything is pushing in a certain direction but if you if I cannot have victory at my dinner table you know if I can't say no to that thing that is in my fridge that shouldn't be in there in the 1st place how am I going to think the whole when everything around you know is calling you to to bow down so this the I guess we'll talk about secrets and keys to this like the Small think the everyday thing but the everyday small to even take faithfulness in the little things and we see up to this point they have had that experience and it sets them up with success and I just add one thing for you close Jesus is with them and so when we struggle in those moments I don't want to surrender this I don't want to be faithful Jesus wants to be with you and will be with you if you let him so I just want to encourage you know our viewers and all of us to surrender in those moments and letting Jesus the Son of God be with you a man a mentor that I hope you really take Jonathan's counsel really seriously the strength to say no to the world comes more strength to say yes to Jesus and as we looked at to this conversation the more we say yes to Jesus and the small events it gets we get more strength to say yes and he's larger events this conversation has been a blessing to me oh please been a blessing to you and hopefully you will have developed more every radical commitment to take your love for Jesus higher than your own life that's our prayer for all it's one of us hope it's yours thanks for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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