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The personal testimony of the most powerful king in his day.



  • January 25, 2020
    9:30 AM

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What is it about the devil that makes him a devil and how does God prevent it from happening to us find out on this episode in Perth. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter the Bible based conversation on my principles contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in within. Hey welcome back friends to this episode of in a verse we are in the midst of talking about the Book of Daniel we're looking at different characteristics of the character of Daniel in the Book of Daniel and we're in the midst of chapter 4 so if you have a Bibles take it out of it whether it's on your phone or an actual book take it out and be reading from Chapter 4 but before we start and ask Israel can you bring us thank you father have for your word and thank you that it speaks to us about different experiences to guide us in our own Christian walk please join us in our conversation we pray in Jesus name and then. We can reach after 4 and this is a long chapter but I think the apex is found in verse 21st 20 to 22 Ok 2022 the tree that you saw which grew and became strong whose height to reach to the heavens and which could be seen by all the earth whose leaves were lovely and its fruit abundant in which was food for all under which the beasts of the field dwelt in whose branches the birds of the heaven had their home it is you Ok who have grown to become strong for your greatness has grown and reaches to the heavens and your dominion to the end of the earth down of us 25 and we read in 25 to 27 if you don't mind they shall drive you from men your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field and they shall make you eat grass like oxen they shall What you with the dew of heaven and 7 time shall pass over you till you know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and gives it to whomever he chooses and as much as they gave the command to leave the stump and roots of the tree your kingdom shall be assured to you. After you come to know that heaven rules therefore okaying let my advice be acceptable to you break off your sins by being righteous and your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor perhaps there may be a link that mean of your prosperity and then read from Verse $28.00 which is like a pretty crazy apex of the story 1st 20 eight's all this came upon King that the Knesset or at the end of the 12 months he was walking about the palace the royal palace of Babylon the King spoke saying Is not this great Babylon that I have built for the royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty while the word was still in the King's mouth of voice from heaven. Fell from heaven King Nebuchadnezzar to you it is spoken the kingdom has departed from you and he should drive you from him in your dwelling place shall be with the beasts of the field they shall make you eat grass like oxen and 7 times shall pass over you until you know the most high rules in the kingdom of men and gives to gives it to whom with whomever he chooses Sebastian what in the world is going on honey in the after well it does seem like a lot but it is essentially never can as repenting his personal testimony how he went from being the prideful King that he was a valuable on to being the humble worshipper of the God of heaven and he starts off by having a dream Obviously we go through the same thing we went through in Chapter 2 people can interpret the dream on and on Daniel comes in interprets this dream for him but Daniel is so moved by it because he sees what it means gives it to now because I was there for a year he's Ok then we go to the passage you just read beginning in verse 28 where essentially he never really accepted Daniel's advice for me and therefore in his pride he both over Babylon he's driven from and eventually God having guaranteed him that once you know what I'm trying to teach you in this experience then your kingdom will be returned to you and this is now because you're basically pending the whole experience you know Chapter 4 it's pretty interesting that. It's I mean that it can as or as written this chapter everything else been written by Daniel and or can be a tribute to Daniel in some way Chapter 4 is written by a gentile. And a wicked and most of his life we could King what do you know about King never can as a character what's what's going on here and what is a spiritual application can make but never can as in our life as though well we looked at. In our 1st lesson we looked at the fact that King Nebuchadnezzar we contrast a little bit King that we can as with Daniel Day having a mother experiences one person is speaking out and I and the other one is Daniel sleeping and eating even both don't have answer to prayers. And so you also have the response the response of King Nebuchadnezzar to a god is given to him so many in many situations you have the kingdom because as Eric knowledge in God He acknowledges God as the will as the one who gave the the vision in Daniel Chapter 2 he acknowledges God as the one who is with the 3 Hebrew boys he acknowledges God in all these different situations but God is not just looking for us to acknowledge him he's looking for us to have him change from the inside out and so knowing God when we think about a knowledge of God here Daniel points out a knowledge of God doesn't come to an acquaintance or to a cognitive understanding of God existing but rather through an intimate personal relationship so that that relationship that we have with them actually transforms of and this is something that King Nebuchadnezzar never experienced in his previous 3 chapters right he never experience the transformative power of a connection with the living God It makes me wonder whether Daniel was sent to never connect to that along to never can as court to primarily to save him in a personal absolute interaction with and it makes me wonder like Who are the not because of our lives maybe it's that that 8. Yes professor or that neighbor and tanker us you know I don't know these are people are who are not always you know the low class but sometimes the high class and the rich and powerful and the upper ups want to be fair it's oftentimes a group that is overlooked we assume that people who are physically lacking are most open to the Gospel not recognizing that the wealthy have their sort of famines in their lives as well they have the things that they are lacking as well and that they are souls to be saved Jesus loves them equally to say. I've just say Ok yes so the another thing that that kind of inner intertwines with the narrative you're of King Nebuchadnezzar is Daniel's own experience because you know Daniel is taken as an earth in his early years he's taken stripped away from his home the home of faithful people right and he's grown up as a faithful follower of God and He stripped away from that which is comfortable that which is you know good in life and he's and he's taken captive and so a lot of times we've asked a question I know I have why is it that good things happen bad things happen to good people and the wicked prosper here you have a wicked nation taking over God's people and part of that is the extraction of Daniel but if you were at some point in your life time and Daniel's life don't ask him Hey Daniel how was this experience you're taken away from from your family your people everyone you knew for the sake of this person then you would go back and say I think his response would be God is faithful God is Love God is trustworthy and so many times we ask ourselves why is it the Bad Things Happen to Good People God is able to use these circumstances for the salvation of other people and so it's also important to look at numbers in as experience from Daniel's perspective what God has to do to Daniel in order to save King never going to answer and it's also rebuke to him. Israel this nation of God's people was put in the midst of Gentiles and they're supposed to witness to all these Gentiles but they did it and so here they are brought into the courtyard of this heathen King and Daniel in a sense is fulfilling what the Israelites have been doing that runs all the time and I was going to say so I have actually other questions now we can as in our life I see how and again it is always have to for but you see how long it took to get now he could have his attention and I know sometimes you are thinking about you know bringing the people to Christ is kind of like I gave you your chance you said no I am living on less stuff on someone else's time I don't like your response and you just we want numbers right when Like we say to these people and I invest in his people but what if God is calling us to devote our life just to so when one person or just so in one small circle and you think about your family members or close friends you don't know Christ was like man I think of witnessing like a foreign country it's easier but what if God is calling you to witness to your parents or to your children as your siblings and that's a lot harder and you can't run from that but those are just as much souls as now we can answer was that as people are in foreign countries as a Border's know there's a live sober and also I see another condensers in life where you find people who have pride in pride in its essence feels no need in that's what makes it hard to witness to them well some of that question and you're partially answering it why and I know intuitively it's bad but why is pride so bad in your saying go no need it in essence pride you know because it feels an ill need is the most anti God you know character attribute you can possess because God is the only being that has no need and in essence right there is no better form of self i Dollar Tree than to have pride because you're essentially saying I have no need even of God Him So who actually you know exercising pride on his dying on live on is his grace yet I'm thinking I have no need right it's kind of the greatest form of madness which is why Bill. Eve madness is what was the result right that this wasn't just a coincidence that this was the sort of the chastisement of the means by which it got corrected this actor Butin him it is because Pride is a form of actual madness and in this sense the think I have no need but you're a completely dependent being and that's what makes pride so painful to God because how can I share my grades how can I save you if you will even come and admit that you have a problem that you won't even meet that you have a need and I think we feel that with the number connectors in our lives who as we exercise our walk with Christ and we're thinking I really want to pray for this person to be saved yet they feel 0 need 0 desires I have no problems I have money I have a bank account I can go out in everything's taken care of a Perfect. What do I need God for well I think I think. Daniel gentry to is yet talking about Nebuchadnezzar is in our life but I think also very very critically is talking about I am the. Right there are so many times in my life when I think I don't need God for this I don't need God for that god I'm smart enough to be able to handle the situation on my own god I'm rich enough to be able to solve this problem on my own and this idea that Jesus came and Walt among us and as the Son of God God himself in the flesh said of my own self I've I can do nothing we don't live life like that there are so many things in our lives that we think we can do work we think we're capable of saving ourselves and essentially this is what never can as a problem is never can there's problem is that he thinks that power and majesty and greatness is something that is in his possession that he himself is the you know the Savior and this is this is the e.p. to me this is the foundation of all false religion that man and woman in and of themselves can do something to save themselves something that would read them selves of their need from God sure it is very interesting verse 30 I read there is not this great Babylon that I have built for a road loyal drawing from by my magic and I can read my mind mighty power for the honor of my Majesty there is the studies that they have psychology studies that they went into journals of those who are like you said those who are mentally displaced I don't profess. In this place or depression serious clinical high heavy levels of depression and they went through their journals and they said they all had a higher proportion of a couple words than the normal population and can you guess what those words are I mean mine the 1st 1st 1st person pronouns and the grammar you know they got it so there's just there's like you said this is focused on self and it's borderline if not clinical madness this spiritual thing going on when we come back after the break we're going to look at this crazy incidence of now because as we go into some madness he's going to be eating grass and going into wolf like tactics Stay with us after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again as in by spiral nonstate Now back to the discussion. Pride is a huge danger point for us human beings we work simply are not made with a capacity to live beyond on who we were created to be and if that made sense but made sense in my mind and here and he's trying to be bigger than who he was and this is a problem in God's eyes so I want to ask the question isn't it kind of intense that here. In my imagination he's on the verandah he's got these weird Babylonian robes the big. You know is not this my kingdom that I've made you know you go the pictures and the drama that you imagine and then also on and boom God gives him some wolf like you know madness disease and you know he's out and the Bible says he's there for 7 years right he's eating grass and he looks like a wolf and he's doing all these like you know how ling at the moon the Bible doesn't say that that's in my imagination and having for 7 years is not that ill proportionate response to a single comment. But that's that's the misunderstanding yes. It's not a response to a comment. It's a response to the condition so he's responding to pride and notice in the text he says unto you know that the most high rate where are you where or. Yes So it's Ok if you go on the verse $32.00 he says and they shall drive you from men and your dwelling shall be with the beasts of the field they shall make you eat grass like oxen in 7 time shall pass over you until you know that the most high rules in the kingdom of men and. Gives it to women or he chooses 7 times really close to 7 years yes yes yes yes I want when you look at that the 7 years is you know. A measurement of completion to say until you get to this point where you have this understanding in your mind this is how long you're going to bear this condition and what it what it always spoke to me is that Sebastian there may be things that God is continually allowing in your life until you know something that God needs you to know in order for you to fully be the vessel that he wants to use. And so for another Knesset or God is using him just by the fact that he's writing this chapter that his conversion is influencing his subjects and his kingdom and how he's ruling but yet it was a critical thing that he needed to learn that he could only learn by experience and my dad used to say that you know experience is the best teacher but a fool learns by no other means so in essence. Experience is the best teacher but a fool learns by no other means right so in essence you should 1st learn from the mistakes of others but if you can't do that then you're going to have to learn by experience which is you're going to learn it well but it's going to be painful you know as as you read this passage through it also gives us an insight into the into the mind of the character of God Yes because what happens here is 1st of all God is on his would never write he says I mean he says look you're great your kingdom is big here and it's interesting that God would take that kind of approach to a person who's already proud like whatever if I detect even an ounce of pride in my in my children and I go all out I'm like I need to eradicate this thing you know if it is like a debt I did pretty good on my you know what you get your wisdom from. And and so it's like immediately immediately we try to kill switch try to kill that but but God God doesn't hide the fact the number in the eyes of humanity is a great king and he's gentle and that yeah he's gentle with his pride yeah yeah and then another thing too is what I love about the passages that God has a positive view for the outcome of never going to certain right that he says like in the end you know you're going to become crazy and so forth but in the end this is going to be restored to you the stump will remain you will regain your you will regain your reason and so forth and so it gives us insight into into the mind and into the character into the dealings that God has with his people so there's from one angle you can look at it like this is really really harsh God made him become insane but from another perspective you can really see the gentleness of God then he. Isn't overdo it like he works with he works with Nebuchadnezzar he lets him know you're going to be Ok at the end I am I the great God who knows what's going to happen in the future who knows you by name who who you know is going to have a kingdom that will never end I have good thoughts about your future. Is never can as are here. Is this part of his salvation like is this never came these are never can as or need this this this this this crazy experience in his life to be saved like this God to use illness and mental illness to save us. So ashen you're struggling Well I I wouldn't say that God uses mental illness to save us but I will say that God finds ways to get our attention through pain through discomfort and through trials and tribulations when you when you think about the fact that the Bible tells us in Hebrews 5 that Jesus learned obedience by the things that he suffered when you think about how many people would never have come to Jesus were it not for pain we're not for suffering we're not for disappointment or bitterness so maybe that God didn't cause the suffering but how to fully utilize as the opportunity of suffering he can overrule a situation and use it for good and so I don't know if as much as got causes it as God is describing I think of Romans 8 of not only not all things are good but God works all to all things together for even an honest human suffering and in other in other thing that strikes me I look I look at this situation a little bit differently to me what really strikes me as I look at the life of never can is or is the fact that God's power just the power of God is potent enough to be able to save someone in their insanity right there's no limit to the power of God to reach and to save that which is lost and you have never been as Or that you know from any human perspective you're thinking like this guy looks like a beast he looks like an animal yaks like an animal Yes he leading grabs I mean you know this is it and yet God The gospel is able to penetrate through all the through all of that and reach and grab hold of number can as Or and save them and another thing that kind of really really struck me is. You know you can never we can never be crazier than God like God what God is doing is the craziest of all things right in that he is willing to go to whatever extent necessary to save humanity to save Noble can as he is so crazy so radical that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son I mean that's the that's there's nothing crazier than that there's nothing more radical than a than the great god of the universe would give his only Son to save humanity and so you have here this parallel picture of how crazy Nebuchadnezzar gets and God has to be crazier than he is to be able to rescue him more radical then ask you all a maybe a personal. Question has got ever done this in your life where has he just tried to get your attention in a very major way. I mean maybe not some wolf so well. I don't think I have anything I don't mean a minor way and he does have you done this to me yet my story isn't I think it's extreme but it is a time where I think God really humbled me to get my attention so when I was in community college I was running and having a campus ministry there and I I wanted to join some of the clubs on campus because I'd just like to do that so I remember I was going to join a club and I distinctly remember being convicted that I shouldn't feel like that in the sense I mean do it anyways and so I went to this room where they were all meeting everyone has entered and we sat down and were going around talking about it was a journalism club and you're going around talking what you want to write about and I I feel like I'm pretty good at expressing myself and you know talking about things and when I came to me it was like I lost the ability to speak proper sentences and I could tell they thought like you're eating grass and I did know like that that's like so what are they like. Halley there like Ok Cally like Ok so what do you like about Palin like you know I'm a good writer I can speak well but I couldn't form sentences it was so weird and so I like like this is weird something I like to write and they're like all right now that's why I left and it was just and this does sound weird but it really was an impression of like that's what it's like to handle things without God and it's like and it wasn't like God left me like he hates me but like you I told you not to and you went and that's And those are all of your abilities outside of me and I will never do that again and I just see that as kind of now he can as Or you know see an idol these things even our ability to communicate effectively that in of itself is a gift from God let alone golden success in all these things just being able to have proper conversation Jesus needs to be there. And why I think and experience that kind of money when I used to do door to door ministry and I remember going to an experience where I'm doing missionary work but when it was time for my lunch break you know I would take an hour but I'm taking like an hour and a half and I'm like slowly getting back to work and oh yeah you know but I'm on the radical missionary right I'm out here knocking on doors and so on I'm committed to God but yet I'm shaving time off right off to the creator of the universe and so during this 1st period of time I did it for 10 weeks in the 1st 4 weeks I think I sold maybe 2 individuals maybe 2 people and so I recall coming to a point where I had a moment where I was in a home and I was talking to a family and as I was dialing with this individual's you know buying these books and for their home in the spirituality of home and I was in there for probably 2 to 3 hours and I was laboring with this person and by the end of the it was like 10 pm at night in the purse was like nah just don't think this is for me and it took everything you know in my manhood not to break down and start crying right because you're like This guy's in my house off only. But we just gather myself I drove home and I remember I couldn't sleep all night and I ended up praying all night because in my mind I was thinking man you know this person could end up being lost right this could be their last opportunity and over just real petty reasons about you know what I was offering to them and what it did was it broke me and it was like God's way of saying with Sebastian if you're going to be on here to be a real missionary do we have a heart for souls do you really love souls enough not to be shaving extra time off on lunch and doing this and on the 3rd and so it was crazy that after that happened the next they had a season of prayer and you know for several hours in. From that day forward I never went to day without 2 to 3 homes excepting the books I never won a day without praying and seeing the family go through a spiritual transformation because of my visit and I was thinking to myself This is crazy how it's not and that was the critical focus on that changed it was God got my attention and now it's like you know what I'm here and I actually love souls and I'm willing to be hot I'm willing to sweat I'm willing to be broken in order to reach people. As just a reminder this idea that you know God wants to pour out so many blessings into our lives but he only wants to give us enough that keeps us close and so it's just this sketch discussed 22 of like Ok how much can I bless you but you'll still know it's me and not just idolize the blessings and kind of answer that is like maybe you know God needed to bring Sebastian and all of us to different places like Ok I can't wait to do this but like it's about that he takes a baton to a place where he doesn't think like man I'm going to get a book that like let me break you Ok now you do great and I just need to take us to that place and all the difference here is that he uses us the Bible the Bible is like a mirror and and we look at we look at never can assume or thing and we think to ourselves man never can is or would you know what a crazy man that he was why was he so proud and so forth yeah I realize that I'm a lot prouder than he is with a lot less you know I mean you know he brings the same in a position you know it's like you know he did it he did have something to boast about I mean it's one of the wonders of the world but it's a battle and you know we both with the little that we have Yeah my takeaway is that men God speaks to us in different ways but namely through pain and suffering to get our attention and pride is something that makes us numb and the discipline of communication open you've been blessed by this conversation and maybe you out there have been struggling with some things out there and you're saying Lord why are you causing all these things to happen to me we're going to ask that pray with us and. In us as we go to the Lord together and said Lord what would you have us to do what is your radical communication to us at this time in our lives hope we've been blessed by this conversation I know I have it's make me think about different stages of my life join us next week here on in verse you've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation telling the world is wrong Jonathan Wald attack Sebastian Braxton he could tackle your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like this and more inspiring after so there's an inverse to that or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is in various.


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