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One scary word that every relationship needs.



  • February 1, 2020
    9:45 AM

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There is one word that every relationship needs but when people hear it they freak out what is that word will find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Temporary basis. Is yours Justin with every. Day everyone you're watching in verse and we're here in the studio with my friends of Sebastian Cali and Jonathan we are in the midst in a 13 week psych bent on studying the book of Daniel we want you to be engaged in the Bible along with us so we created our own inverse Bible study guides you can see them on inverse Bible dot org Take a look and you can buy actual hardcopy or study online or however you want to do it when to pray or to get into Daniel Chapter 5 So John and you pray for us absolutely Father we thank you so much for the Book of Daniel so many wonderful lessons you've given us already and we pray for more as we go into Chapter 5 please give us your Holy Spirit give us insight and we pray this in Jesus' name amen amen amen Sebastian we're going to go to Dan in chapter 5 and if you can read verse 182418 please all right Ok the Most High God gave now because those are your father a kingdom and majesty glory and honor and because of the majesty that he gave him all peoples nations and languages trembled and feared before him whomever he wished he executed whomever he wished he kept alive whomever he wished he set up and whomever he wished he put down but when his heart was lifted up and his spirit was hard in pride he was deposed from his kingly throne and they took his glory from him. Then he was driven from the sons of men his heart was made like the beasts and his dwelling was with the wild donkeys they fed him with grass like oxen and his body was wet with the dew of heaven till he knew that the most high God rules in the kingdom of men and appoint over it whomever he chooses but you his son Belshazzar have not humble jor hard although you knew all these and you have lifted yourself up against the Lord of Heaven they have brought the vessels of his house before you and you and your lords and your wives and your concubines have drunk wine from them and you have praised the gods of silver and gold bronze and iron wood in stone which do not see or hear or know and the God who hold your breath in his hand and owns all your ways you have not glorified. Than the fingers of the hand were sent from him in this writing was written and that's where you see in verse 25 men a minute Tecolote force in which he noted the judgment call on on Babylon so we've been looking at different chapters in Daniel and we're not going to cover the actual prophecies until later on we're looking at the narratives and we're looking at the character characteristics that God's people need especially for the last days and here we see a different narrative So Kelly what is going on in Chapter 5 who is Belle shadows are there is a feast going on what are they eating what's on the menu. There are a lot of question I was not anticipating so far as a descendent of every can answer as a set and they're having this party having a great all time worse a plain wrong people Yes and during this time there is a right on the wall and he freaks out like what was going on and some of the other way about it we got someone to interpret that So Daniel comes and he interprets it and it's bad news but I think a big thing they talk about is you folks even before guess interpretation a main part of his message is about now he can as are and ends with like you knew all these things and you still didn't humble your heart so you didn't learn the lesson that you were supposed to from the life of now he can answer and therefore your kingdom is coming to an end and that very night that. What is going on here. John Thune or Sebastian what is the attribute we can extrapolate from this narrative Well I think we're we're looking at the fact that in a world where we feel like political leaders and individuals get away with everything under the sun that God is showing us that even at the highest level in Babylon at that time the most powerful nation on the earth there was still a heavenly accountability that we are going to be held accountable for the decisions decisions that we make and for a bill shows our God held him accountable not only to learn from what he knew in terms of his own life but he was expected to learn from the mistakes. Of others and in this sense God says I'm not only going to hold you accountable for what you ought to do I'm also going to hold you accountable for the mistakes that others have made that you should have also learned from and this is the essence of why he's coming down upon him and so in the Book of Daniel we see that chapter 5 probably more than any other chapter in this book is driving home this message that you may think that God is absentee and he's not watching and he's not aware but yet Daniel 5 pulls the curtain aside he says yes to all the play in the counterplay the god is there he is observing you will hold every individual accountable for the key phrase there is in verse 22 but you his son Belshazzar have not humbled your heart this chapter comes right after chapter 4 yet a whole chapter 4 is happening because of and as are having now those are the 7 years the Wolf you know grass episode and then and then the last phrase there is although you knew all all this so that phrase account that the word accountability is a powerful phrase but it freaks people out you know why why does accountability for people I think it does have that accountability usually means or something difficult you have to do that you don't want to do and as well as what it means that's come that feel that you know you do you know eat healthier or you need to exercise more or you need to go to this place to do that like you need to be like this is your kind of belief partner like. So I think sometimes we need accountability and things are difficult and then we come to think that accountability is that in a sense that I mean accountability is really what you do with what you have and what you know you either do something with it or you don't do something with it in this case Bill Shatner was fully aware of the history that we already started through Dan and one through 4 and so God in His mercy has given the much time to react to that to make a decision based upon that knowledge but there comes a point in the in the volume of wickedness will God has to put an end to things. Judgement comes in and so even though God was patient with that for many years this point has reached now when he commits to blasphemy and so on we can extrapolate that the love that God had for netbook announcer was the same. Kind of the same with the same fervency same passion same diligence and same crazy plan and as as best an epic and as Or same equal plan whereas now because we have scriptural scripture Biblical evidence that he turned that he did that he humbled himself and he acknowledged the God of heaven or just kept on party and and let's listen to this contrast and then let's dive into that right in the sense that he doesn't get 7 years as a mad man eating breakfast and because God says I did effort never can is or right so in some ways it's like well this is how he led now because you're my my grandfather in this so he led to his conversion so maybe Bill sure as I was thinking well he gave him an extra 7 years and this and a 3rd and allowed him to do this so sometimes in our youthful arrogance we can think wow I have time right I can wait I can just you know my my grandfather that's how he learned he turned at 75 years old on his deathbed and gave his life to Christ and I'm only 30 something I have time verses here God is saying No Every individual is is held accountable in a different law are we accountable not only for our actions but also the experiences of those around us that we could have learned that we can and for that as well of course absolutely you say that while I know that the Ok because Think think about think about this right I don't want to know anyone anymore that's just what I do and every line of you know my. In Jamaican culture we have a saying that. Here we go Jimi. With them and it is good stuff from Jamaica if you can't hear you must feel right so in the saying in our culture is if you can't hear you must feel so in essence right. This Bernal my hand when I was one years old and I was almost one of my mama's tell me don't touch the stove don't touch the stove and I kept stroking it so she's like it's hot so finally she says Ok in a typical Jamaican my Ok you can hear you must feel so she lets me stand up and touch the oven and I got burned right but I had to burn mark to this day but yet and still it was like well you must feel to know now that you touched it every time my mom said I walk around the house that's hot gas hot here is what it is like because you couldn't hear and so in God's mind is God is like I don't want you to get only to have to go through the pain to get the point I want you to get the point without the pain that's the mercy and the love of God He doesn't want to suffer to learn he wants us to learn from the mistakes and the sufferings of other people and says Listen I gave this to you so you didn't have to go through all that is to learn this very lesson that you could learn to know I can see this a little bit through the Gospel lens so God is a God of love and he really means the best for us so when we when we look at a situation where God is warning us it's for our benefit but when I love God because he was talking to people should i stop investigating just not reading my Bible because I would be held accountable when I love God I will ask him for more of him more of truth yes he can hold me accountable to death now but don't I want what he gives me so if I'm and train this with it with a selfish motive I just want to get there I just want to Lois requirements on me with the high is again you're saying I mean that's that's calculating in people I mean then you know Roche we all speak that way sometimes and Jesus says sometimes we need to be more shrewd then the secular business man and the citizen I think that way but you're saying there's something that happened supernatural encounter into relation with God We just naturally are driven for more light more more more Kelly and kind of looking through that lens of like instead of being I don't want to be accountable to all these things but I want to understand and. No and love God more and it comes with the accountability but that's that's like a byproduct instead of the focus and I think one of the best examples of that the comes to my mind immediately it looks like the super unfair but then it makes sense is how Moses life ended before he got to go to the promised land because of his one mistake Meanwhile he's hanging out the Israelites who are like the epitome of mistakes just like men they had to go what Moses makes is what like Moses was a commune with God in such an intimate way to a new bit odd so much better than Israelites didn't like he was held to a higher standard but he was able to enjoy that so it is kind of go hand in hand of this intense enjoyment of God but also this increasing accountability and it was along with it even a sort of massage that a little bit more is like you know Kelly's about to get married and can you imagine right there her fiance comes through and is like Halle What's the least I can do and still be with you. Who would ever want to be with a person like that and it's like how are we going to come to Jesus right who gave all right comes down and gives everything to you and your response is what was the least I can do yeah is still be with you because that's what we're saying to God and the reality is going back to Johnson you know Jonathan's gospel. Just out of. The Gospel you got a merger you. Actually look similar. But it. But in the in the reality right we are not asking God to make the standard easier we're asking him to give us the grace to reach and so if God reveals more that means he's going to give me more grace to live up to that and I think that's a profound points of action that if for calculating this accountability in the standard or not we have a 0 understanding of grace 101 come back after the break we're going to look at how does accountability work in the context of a relationship and when it applies to salvation for other people is out there how does this all work find oh Stay with us. Has in place been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram or You Tube while there join us like us card us thumbs up us our handle again is in verse Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. They welcome back friends we are talking about accountability this is a word that you find sometimes and incorporate contacts or in legal contacts but it's really a fabric of any relationship out there especially your mentioning that you're picking on Kelly. More than usual about you know about her relationship with with her. Intentions and your fiancé and what would a relationship look like if there was no accountability and that's just it simply would not be really it would not be a relationship as we look at God as some kind of like impersonal and to that we just want to get the benefits out and if there's any level accountability we think it's unfair we don't we don't look at him as a as a person you know it's kind of like when I really like one of my favorite designers I. Love I like cherry pie cherry pie I like Cherry I like Apple but Sherry Sherry's the best cherry. And even shepherd's pie a little bit but when you when you look at pie I actually really love the cross that's actually what I like party I just love the crust people like I like the flakiness of it you know that all that kind of stuff and I'm thinking about the fact that you're going this but you're actually getting the cherry and you're getting all the other stuff with it but you're like I'm really just here for the crust and so it's like a no ways you know my wife or other people is like so you took this thing is just like a blob of cherries left on the plate or a blob of potatoes and carrots and stuff and shepherd's pie I love as I watch one of the crust in the end that's what we're really doing to God it's like give you take these things out away from your relationship with God You're actually undermining the very thing that makes it a relationship so it's like well I just want to cross this is the parts that I really like and I don't really like that but we cannot buff a god cannot just say well take some of this and take some of that and then make our own hodgepodge version of who who God is we expect God to accept us for who we are we must learn to accept God for who he is and leave it at that this God have different standards of accountability. With different people. Is a good question but I'm going to answer. I have all the answers sure but really you open your mouth and it gives you time to time to think Ok Well I think yes and no yes and no because I can just get out of all of your questions but the idea that we are held accountable to like that we have yes not everyone has the same levels of light yes so it might look like that externally like well you know this person should have this happen to that again like most of them as are lights like when most just struck a rock Ok I'm pretty sure this was the thing worse than strike a rock but that's what it looks like but Moses had a lot more light in their life different experience with God and you know I've been tempted sometimes to compare myself to others and I'm very self-righteous way of being like well I'm better than this person so therefore like I'm good but it's like I have a lot more light than they do so I'm held to a different state and my standard is always Jesus anyway so it doesn't and that assurance is based on somebody else's performance but it's in a different way you're looking at someone lower than you cope with that if you can put on a scale so that you feel that assurance but the funny thing is if we just look to Christ we can have it's just it's the same looking towards another person we just naturally don't like that you know we gravitate towards the under than the over and really is nothing is we we need to look to Jesus for the grace I was sometimes we just look for the comparison like oh I can't let me find someone else that doesn't if you write about it right I was like No Jesus is the standard but he's also the one who enables you to be anything anyways right so it's kind of the like Ok You know what we don't like to again as humans we don't like to be dependent on other people's we don't like to be less than a person like to be dependent and so the solution to that is a comparison of people who are worse than us and we don't be dependent and we can feel good about ourselves but in a sense we're all the attendant on them to feel that false sense of it's right but we don't see it that way if it let me let me know there's a bible verse which I think is a great principle. Luke Chapter 12 who were living a day well if you know didn't book of Daniel Luke 12. 48 if you have to after watching 12 for your 12 times. I won't say that 48 times the Bible says but he who did not know yet committing things deserving a stripe shall be beaten with few and here's the principle for everyone to whom much is given from him much will be required and to whom much has been committed of him they will ask for something well I think it's a powerful principle that we are taught here because when God gives you information when God shares with you a revelation of him like we give the example of Moses with that comes responsibility in the context of our gospel of the Gospel and the mission that we have been given God wants to save people and he wants to use you and me how can I just say oh you know God gives me all these things but I just keep it to myself and share with the principles of the Kingdom of God are all about being you know river of water of life flowing out so God God wants us to share the things that he has shared with us and that can be hard time times and responsibility but it would not be fair towards others to do that if I have a full blown 5 course meal in front of me and the next to me sitting someone who hasn't eaten in 3 days and I'm just I mean I have a responsibility here or there and God is holding the constable to that response and was amazing about how God even designs all these things in his we are more fulfilled by sharing exactly if we're just if we just keep it all to ourselves like our enjoyment only goes so far and it stops very very low but by when we receive more and we do is more like this is like man this is this is the best that it's true they want to tell Jesus says his disciples like I have food that you have no idea about and I get thanks and that's the kind of experience it was even like even in a selfish way it's better for us to share with more people about a revelation here another verse Revelation Chapter 16. Chapter 16 is confused by verse 12 verse 12 and here revelation is great revelation is the epitome book it's the book to understand the book of all books in the sense that the bios the book of all books but revelation is like the a composite picture and so you have to understand all from Genesis to Jude to really get the full picture of Revelation going to Chapter 16 verse 12 and verse 12 picks up its cue from Daniel Chapter 5 just read so then it's up to Revelation 1612 the Bible says the 6th Angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and his water was dried up so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frost coming out of the mouth of the Dragon of the mouth of the beast on the mouth of the false prophet but are spirits of demons performing science which go out to the kings of the earth and to the whole world and to gather them to the world the battle of the great deal to all of God Almighty the 1st part in verse 12 there it says the great river Euphrates was was was dried up and this is clearly going back to Daniel Chapter 5 Babylon was built on Euphrates on the same night when these guys are partying right like fraternity boy is that the Persian empire comes up they reroute they dry up the river and they come underneath the city of Babylon and they come up and they destroy it right so here better are is being pointed out you had all this knowledge and you blew it your partying and in Revelation it goes to the future to another kind of typological Apple. And there are just people in the last days you knew all this knowledge do when you're partying just the same and that Babylon will be dried up and yes in the same way. And there's nothing more profound in recognizing that here in Revelation it's going back to our whole drive in this whole quarter and study on Daniel which is probably being prepared for in time living in the fact that God in His infinite love and mercy gave us this book b.c. which means that how desperate is God to want to know how desperate is God that He wants us to be so prepared that we're hearing this resoundingly message from Luke from Daniel in non Revelation written you know roughly $100.00 a.d. somewhere around that 1st century and now here we are you know in the 21st century and here it is right here yes I'm going to drive this river and all these people think they're escaping and can just continue as they as they are with the knowledge that they have and not allowing that information to drive what they do and how they live guess what eventually the days coming where you will be held accountable for the light that God has shed upon you and I mean that's that's sobering but at the same token it goes to show the mercy of God and which is what makes the accountability in the judgment more acceptable when it comes because it's so true it's like when people come to my house and they see me discipline my children for the 1st time they don't know all the times that I spoke they don't see all the times that I said hey no don't touch that hey if you do this again you're going to get in trouble hey please stop Let's pray together and as Jesus to help us too will be if they just come in and they just see the punishment in a country like man you know this is a lot of rest of life this is ours like the kid just did this not knowing that there's a whole lineage of History of Time and time again that I warned and warned and warned and warned and now you know what I have to hold you accountable and the beauty thing the beautiful thing about this as well is we who are held accountable also agree. Because we'll see it's true you did warn me you did tell me you did give me ample time and opportunity to make these changes. Let me ask you all this let me ask this question we know this we were studying it now what do we do what are some pro accountability can be some kind of abstract idea. How does that impact us now what do we do when I think Oh this time I can go you know thank you well all right well you know I really love what you shared about this and time situation and how God is reaching out over and over again but on a personal level we do the same thing Belshazzar he wasn't a party of self-delusion he knew all these things but he's drowning out the information with you know over the years and now he's just coming to this climax with rebellion against God and how often do we even though we know still continue and we blaspheme God really every time we do continue in something that we know we shouldn't be doing but for me I take this is a warning because you're asking what I'm going to do personally I know there are areas in my life where I know a better way and saw unless I ask God for grace to help me overcome have victory and live a life according to everything that has been revealed to me so that's something I want to hear with I love that and I think for me in my personal life the accountability being there it drives me to grace because if it doesn't drive me to Grace men I don't there's really nowhere to go I don't want to I don't I don't know this this thing I don't I don't want any of it and I think that's why a lot of people are asked and you know I mean in the story here in downtown. We only see the judgment part but there was grace we mention it I mean in fact historians say this was 20 I think 20 thinks years 23 years after Never couldn't have died Ok the end and Belshazzar was 23 year old years old when because it died so he had a lot of time you know that there was grace there was an opportunity. So God is merciful to us and there's been a saying to him for the whole time is co-author of Chapter. 4 point you know 123 we're out all. Day Anything else part we can get from accountability kind of similar is just not avoiding accountability there are some times where especially people close to me my family or my friends will like point something out like oh Cali you know I noticed this or that and it's like it's easy for me to be like yeah well you don't want this therefore I don't have to listen I'm going to say that thanks to the to praise God I welcome back the Michaelson of them because they struggle to what they say Jesus is using just alleges use of me as a broken person Jesus can use everyone else's broken people so don't try to find a loophole in accountability but when I hear it to be like Jesus please give me you know all the truth and help me to embrace it even though this medium just like this medium is imperfect you know reminded me of my father used to when he gave me chores he would always say I don't give responsibility without authority so if I give you the responsibility to do to cut the grass you have the authority to choose when you want to cut it I'm not going to tell you when to cut it what type of lines to cut it in what direction uphill downhill is your responsibility on giving you authority to carry it out in the beauty of accountability is it affirms my own individual agency that God if he's going to hold me accountable that means he's also giving me authority to carry out what he's asking and on and not only is giving me authority he's given me access to an infinite amount of grease in order to live up to that so why would God hold me accountable to a standard he himself knows I cannot reach so therefore it lets you know this is the potential that lies within me is the vector the fact that God is saying this is what I'm expecting of you and your thinking there is no way I can do that but the fact that he's asking tells you that he knows something about me that I may not know about myself and that is about you can be this and by my grace you will reach that from this up. Maybe you felt a little bit of accountability is needed in your life. Of saying it at God's bidding or his enabling him and hopefully this has been a graceful deficit for you and if you haven't expressed a grace of God Take some time out now get on your knees and ask Lord I want more accountability with you I want more grace with you I just want to enter a deeper relationship with you that's our prayer we'll see you next week here in verse you've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan Wald Sebastian Baxter he could die. Just. In this is brought to you by the. Television that changes like this and more inspiring after so there's an inverse to your. Bias on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't for some.


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