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How does God deal with His unfaithful bride?



  • December 11, 2019
    9:44 AM

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You have a best friend whose girlfriend has a little cry cry Stay with us on this episode of a nurse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary. Is yours Justin with you know. Everyone welcome to inverse we're very excited that you guys are joining us in this midst of a study in the Book of Daniel and so far we've looked at different characteristics of God's last people to survive all the things that are going to happen and I don't know about you out there but I've been blessed by each episode thus far and this episode is called a church in crisis that you are in crisis and something maybe you're wondering what is that have to do my best friend's girlfriend who's a little or a spouse or significant other who is a little bit crazy Craig Craig is means crazy if you're wonder what that means so we have a word of prayer and I'm going to take hold of this conversation and hopefully blessings will flow from that so special Can you pray for us yes. Father in heaven we're so privileged to be able to study your word and also privilege to see the example that Daniel has left for us over these past several chapters and especially here to find that the church is not perfect and how we can respond even in these last days where the church is in crisis and we teach us now as we open you word and give us courage Lord to follow. In Jesus' name amen and thank you special Israel what's going on in Daniel I mean we've done a lot of chapters and you know that everything was kind of I guess give us a summary of someone who may have joined us for the 1st yes we've been looking at the 1st part of our studies have been dealing with characteristics of Daniel and what he introduces as an example of the last the last the church when we look at Daniel's history his life his life as a beginning then a chapter one but rather that's where his life begins to be exposed then he was a person who's faithful he's faithful and all in the small things not just in the large things he's a person that's temperate self control all these are attributes of God likeness and so God is giving his message to a prophet seeks to be like him he's giving a message about himself that he's going to proclaim to the last the people so that's essentially some of the marks of the last 2 churches were being one of the 2 apocalyptic apocalyptic books that kind of gives us a glimpse into the future what's going to happen and some people get freaked out about all that's going to happen but also in bedded into the narratives of Daniel or Also the characters characteristics as you mentioned So it's going to turn a chapter 9 and then in chapter 9 we have Daniel is in prayer mode we see prayers throughout the book of Daniel and here it's actually a pretty long chapter a long prayer we're not going to read all of it but seek you can you read verse one. Verse something in chapter 9. Of Us one in the 1st year of Damaeus the son of a hassle risk of the lineage of the Means who was made king over the realm of the cow DNS in the 1st year of his reign I Daniel understood by the books the number of the years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem has put a pause there can you give us insight on what's 1st 1st $21.00 and $2.00 are talking about here so it's dealing with a prophecy in Jeremiah who was outside of Babylon just saying that they would go into captivity but that God would actually end. After 70 years yes and then he returned into Jerusalem cases claiming that promise in a sense he's studying Scripture and is trying to see that this is mo that he's in Ok sorry to interrupt verse 3 please Then I set my face toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and supplications with fasting sackcloth and ashes and I prayed to the Lord my God and made confession and said Oh Lord great an awesome God who keeps his covenant at Mercy with those who love him and with those who keep His commandments we have sinned and committed iniquity we have done wicked Lee and rebelled even by departing from your precepts and your judgements neither have we heeded your servants the prophets who spoke in your name talkings and and all princes saw fathers and all the people of the land all awed righteousness belongs to you but to us same a face as it is this day to the men of Judah to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and all Israel those near and far off in all the countries to which you have driven them because of the unfaithfulness which they have committed against you they will stop there any any any observations or not just at all just jump all over any observations you see from that part. Read I think it's really really awesome how Jeremiah Jeremiah is what inspires you here Daniel to pray and so there's you know Daniel was a student of Scripture and a lot of times we when when when we have prayer lives that are dead usually because they're not there we have a. Life that is devoid that is void of the study of scripture and so studying scripture Blossom is a prayer life for a life gets more yeah because what happens in the Bible is a mirror you know and and as Daniel is studying scripture he's realizing well the 70 years are about to expire but if you know if you if you start breaking out as per you realize that he's speaking about the fact that Israel has been unfaithful to God and so it serves as a mirror I am unfaithful to God. Which then drives Daniel to his prayer to a pro-life and so the reason why the study of scripture is important because it reveals who we are to ourselves and once it reveals who we are to ourselves then Prayer is the means by which we go to God and asked for these changes to happen so he's now asking for God to intervene in his life and I'm sick and I love that when Daniel is praying he hears all about the mirror aspect sometimes and read the Bible we can get stuck in those people are so horrible those Israelites who didn't obey God and lead us into this mess is right but when Daniel prays he says we you know we just and you look through the Book of Daniel in the slums the mission that Israel gave at the beginning general's been for he's a faithful man he's faithful in the little things because of the big things and yet God recorded about then you off right again you know and yet when he's praying here he says we have to us belong same same a face it he put himself in that category of the people who have offended God and you're left wondering what did you do Daniel but he recognizes he's also in fullness even though when we look at his life we're like this guy was spotless there's a kind of a difference between never can as Or that we talked in previous episodes about the pronoun and he uses and it's 1st person singular you know here Danny is using 1st person plural it's like I am as if we and it's on different end of this of the spectrum there Sebastian and was going to add that Daniel as usual we see prayer being a continuous component but this is a different type of prayer like sequence alluding to where do you through he's praying because his life is in jeopardy we go to Daniel 6 and he's praying because he wants to express his allegiance to God I will not worship the emperor but now when we come to Daniel Chapter 9 his prayer is not for himself it's were God's people through His Church that hasn't been faithful and I love the fact that through his intercessory prayer Daniel is owning a lot. At times we want to distance ourselves from the issues in the church Yeah so we want to say woman you know such and such was acting crazy in the church or sister sort of stuff gets on my nerves and always interrupts the pastor went to preaching or whatever the case may be but Daniels like you just need to own it right if you're a Jew then it's your failure it's not just this person's failure my dad used to always say it's kids used to say the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the war which is essentially to say that if my brother fails then we all feel right but if my brother succeeds then we all succeed and so in this very sense Daniel is adopting the same mindset that God was trying to put in the heart of his people as well Paul put Paul put it in a different way by saying you know you are the Body of Christ and members and particularly And so what Paul's trying to explain in 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 is it is impossible for one person to fail and another person to succeed because you're part of the same exact body and so my failure is Sebastian's failure and so when it comes to the Body of Christ when it comes to the Church of Christ God is trying to instill in the mind of the Christian and of the church goer it is impossible for you to separate yourself outside of the Body of Christ and at the same time think you're going to be successful right because you're all connected you're glued together combined you form the body of Christ and so why is that he does that to instill in his people that it is this idea of individuality of me being able to be better while at the expense of other people the software or the or the where they failed this is something that does not change or is this kind of tude Isn't it though I mean a lot of people within the church have that I mean they distanced themselves very quickly when something happens in a church and when we say church that could be the local church that could be the entire denomination that could be Christians in general it's just you know God's people and it's not it's not a perfect entity to when something happens people just and that we are quick to point the finger very and we get very individualistic So we. Become like the never connector is the right there's a certain pride like I don't align with that so if I go out and say hey aren't you go to what church is not the church that did such and such now I want to separate Well no no I actually agree with that but there's something powerful that even my wife and I learned in with our kids is that even if my wife says something I feel is wrong I have to support her in front of my kids right soon as they sense like Oh yeah they're not on the same page then they start putting me against my wife or my wife or against me and that creates the sentient insecurity in the home and we've been doing the same things for from on the street in some ways I was in your church I get out is my church you know and we are trying to rectify that we are trying to work through that right but in that sense you still want to own it in identifying and move forward you know that's it's one thing when you know it's like your spouse and then the children or you know the church did something and the the victim quote unquote of that action is out there but when you're the victim you know you're in the church and the church did something that the impact hurts you you know how do you pray this prayer and say we you know and and I'm thinking of Daniel situation and he was in captivity he was made a unique you know his life was very severely impacted unfair because of Israel exactly and yet he's not saying they he still thing we and I think that's that's really powerful to to own to own even the failures of the church as being one body even when those failures impact you negatively innovative and to be fair right we all have our share in those failures right so long Daniel may have suffered he's also owning the fact that I have contributed on other levels I may not have contributed in this way but I might have contributed in that way in looking at that tells me to say yes you know what that has been a major issue but let's be 100 right I also have not represented Christ always in my behavior what we call this attribute him that he identifies with this crazy girlfriend of God's You know what is the. Actually viewed at your I mean what what what what we've gone through each of the chapters and we need we need to grab a call you know commitment and we just got to stick with the church is that is that what 9 is telling us what I think he's saying. Yes to love the church and to claim it in spite of you know whatever the situation is because he saw God over the word Ok Right that's true most of all get it $100.00 but it reminded me of when I got married and what the minister said in my wedding. And he started by talking about all the ways I was looking at my wife during the day leading up to our our wedding ceremony and he's like I saw you looking at her this way and your eye on her and you're obviously clearly in love with her and etc etc etc But the homily was so what happens when she's not doing this in this way you claim her then what happens when this isn't happening in the home where you claim her then because that's really what Daniel is trying to say is that God is willing to claim the church so I'm willing to cling to church God never said they were his people he just said they have been faithful and in Daniel saying I'm going to take Jesus as attitude on this one I'm going to say Jesus still claims are still claiming her and that's the mindset that he brings stick around after the break as we look at what Daniel is doing he's not only praying for the church but he goes far and above his fasting for the church stick with us as we continue reading Chapter 9. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us sums up my handle again and invest Bible else. Now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we've been talking during the break I'm like What is this one word. And at least in my mind I can look for parents or be. That's not a word that we hear you often in our modern day suffer along for someone else and whether it's being quiet where that's withholding or whether it's doing something and what's crazy in my mind is verse 3 in the chapter 9 verse 3 of where are we Daniel and verse 3 The Bible says I set my face toward the Lord God to make requests by prayer and supplications with fasting sackcloth and ashes and this 8 just words service I mean is fasting and so the question is like what is there marriage in fasting What is the role in fasting in this kind of prayer for on behalf of God's people who you're not responsible for this well what we have to understand is that Daniel does not have a checklist you know and he's like Ok we are in a crisis situation what should I do let me pull out my crisis sheet or I need to pray check you know what because this is a very bad crisis I need to do to point I need to also class and so and so you know Daniel is not responding here based on external factors but this is Daniel's natural response to a crisis situation I like to think that Daniel has become so much like God so much like Jesus that his response is to immediately turn to him and to and to express himself to God in the best human possible way and so Daniel has responded here not out of duty but he's responding here out of character out of habit out of what he's used to doing out of you know who he is and I think he you know he's it's an expression of where he's at and I think he's at a point where he wants so deeply to see the church succeed that he is you know he's fast and he's what do you call that when you don't do things that you should do for yourself take care of yourself whatever that word is whatever that means there's that attribute is that. We need a Republican strategist for that said let's let's actually go into the text avoid saying and I think we need to see the emotion of Nehemiah here when we read this we just read Daniel did I say the amount I'm stuck on the Daniel when he says oh Lord we read a like oh a lot but I mean he just there are some emotive fact you're going to Chapter 9 verse 16 Chapter one Verse 16 Sebastian you read from 16 to 19 please oh Lord according to all your righteousness I pray let your anger and your fury be turned away from your city Jerusalem your holy mountain because for our sins and for the iniquities of our fathers Jerusalem and your people are a reproach to all those around us now therefore our God hear the prayer of your servant and his supplications and for the Lord's sake cause your face to shine on your sanctuary which is desolate. Oh my God incline your ear and here open your eyes and see our desolations in the city which is called by your name for we do not present our supplications before you because of our rights his deeds but because of your great mercies Oh Lord here all Lord forgive oh lord listen and act do not delay for your own sake my God for your city and your people are called by your name in there is nothing like ripping with your emotional value not just drama for drama sake but I mean he's in imploring the Lord yes this is a very raw conversation he's having with God and I mean I think think about the fact of how many of us have really grappled with God over the church the way that Daniel is grappling right now like to me it's such a it's such a rebuke in a contrast to the fact that many times our issues with the church turn into gossip they turn into separation and turn into factions in in little groups and sectors Oh yeah those are the people that believe this or they agreed on this issue with this person versus Daniel's heart is Lord forgive Lord be merciful to these are people this is called by your name so he's not only jealous we're Jerusalem is not only jealous for the sanctuary but he's also jealous for the glory of God he sees what this does to the God that he loves so deeply and how this agency on earth upon whom God has given such supreme regard to represent him to the nations has fallen into reproach anything Lord where the where the one way by which your glory is revealed and we're failing at that and that moves Daniel to prayer and so it really behooves us to the think and say and do I have that kind of heart that was in then you don't have that same spirit that fervor that passion that zeal that would cause me to even speak these Words I don't think I've ever prayed a prayer with words like that Lord forgive all of this it's it's usually if it is of this this intensity it's usually 1st somebody now that's really what me my. My sickness your family or my situation but these are for a people that have really no benefit if anything they've caused more I mean it's a very Christ Jesus kind of prayer I want to skip to chapter 3 if up to 3 in the New Testament verse 8 chapter 3 verse 8 of the fees and and the Bible says. To me who am less than the least of all the saints this grace was given that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery which is from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ through the a tent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the prince polities and powers in the heavenly places according to the eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord Ok that is like super you know dense that is healthy bread their. Term and we think in their so in the book of effusions Paul is saying like hey we got to get to be united whether were enemies whether we're different Jew non Jew We got to be united and then all of Earth's all the all the nations God be united and then he goes as far as having an earth not on a horizontal one on a vertical level has has to be united and all of this takes place on the theatre of the church yes like all the issues of the universe are played out in the church. I mean the churches are high because the church is a theater by which God manifest his expression of grace and that's exactly what you're right and that's exactly what Paul is saying the reason why I'm called to be a minister the same so that people can look at me and say how in the world did God transform this person to save them how in the world is it possible and and you know as you were mentioning in the beginning the church is God's crazy wife and you know and and I think that would occur speaking and what and when and what God and with God are saying would God would God sure is with us to Daniel is you better be careful how you treat that because even though it might be crazy even though it might be whatever God is still going to defend his wife to the very very end and I think this is this is a rebuke to us as church leader. Because we don't treat the Church of Christ in the way that he looks upon it you know and then we ask ourselves a question why is it that so many people are leaving the church what people are leaving the church because that's church leaders we don't respect it right and people look at the church leadership and we because we don't care about it the way that Christ cared about it the way that Daniel cared about it that's why people leave the church there's nothing here for them and as I read the as I read the the story of Daniel I realize his the prayer is beautiful it's a it's a beautiful rest and I feel as though when Daniel is praying this thing he says he's praying not to change the mind of God but as he's praying he's changing his own heart right we pray not to change the heart of of the mind of God but the heart of man and as Daniel is saying he's like look you're a god that forgives your God who is good your God who is great and mercy and as he's saying this he's convincing himself of the reality or says mind it's reinforcing this mind this is who God is and this is a it takes a powerful effect on the person who's praying this prayer. Session you know to your point about this the manifold wisdom of God that's being made known to principalities and powers and heavenly places by the church. It it automatically begs the question why human beings who claim to believe the Gospel would be ashamed and overwhelmed and burdened by the problems that exist inside the church when the church is supposed to be the theatre that shows us how that how the wisdom in the power in the Gospel transforms people so it's like my response should not be to walk away and to run away that should say like you know why this is happening in our church because this is going to show to not just our congregation but the principalities in heavenly places of what the grace of God can do in a prideful elder right into a group of leaders within the church that eventually started division but were able to come into unity right that takes the power of God that takes the wisdom of God to overcome that and if we believe that what he's writing here in the Fusion is chapter 3 to a church that's grappling with division in and of itself and striving for unity is like do you realize how powerful unity is when you have so many different backgrounds so many different individuals so many different minds on top of the great controversy that's at play inside and yet we can still achieve that I mean that shows the wisdom in the power of God in a way that nothing else on earth can so even as eloquently about the. Of God let's get really practical What are some ways we can constructively love the church if we I guess implicit conclusion is if we treat the church thus in a such a way it's actually a reflection of how we our relationship is with the church as Lord I mean that's Alternately what we're saying here so what are ways that we can constructively help the church when it's so easy to point a finger or reject or become independent of whatever you guys all say which I totally agree well what are ways we can practically be pretty proactive in that as you could we've already talked about this but let's just put it in the context of the question you're asking. Daniel understood something from his study of the world so one thing is you know your personal study of the Bible and what he understood this intellectual knowledge that he had drove him to his knees. In communication with God and what happened in that prayer like he was praying for God's church it makes me think of Jesus in the Sermon on the mount when he says you have heard that it was said to good to those that you know do good to you whatever and so whatever. Your father was that is what I said Yes yes Ok but I'm saying to you that you know you should love your enemies and you should treat those who mistreat you well Ok in this in this sense Daniel is praying for God's church it may not be that the church has treated him well it may not be that God's people are the most awesome or you know the church has always done what is right but he is praying for that which is the apple of God's eye and why I thought of what Jesus said then was when you pray for your enemies when you pray for those who mistreat you it changes your attitude towards them like that prayer for that person transforms you and in Daniel praying for God's people in general praying for the church it transforms him to actually love the church even more through the act of praying for the church so a very very practical way is as we see the church going through all sorts of drama and people acting cray. One thing that Craig Craig one thing that we can very practically do is to pray for the church to get down on. Your ass and actually pray for the church and in the process of praying God changes you to actually love the church if you didn't love it when you started the prayer you love it the Lord's Prayer increase as you guessed was the end of the prayer like the emotion the power of the emotions is a crescendo that's happening on this issue as you know yourself and focus on those of us so every time every time we have an argument with someone about why they're so bad they're so whatever it's because we don't know who your and the more we. You know ourselves the more we know the baggage that we carry the more patient we're going to be with the other person's baggage so focusing on ourselves knowing ourselves through the study of scripture helps Was love the church more helps. The church is not an organisation out there is not some nonprofit organization that's about organized religion and trying to connive people into some kind of membership it is the object of God's supreme regard is the means by which the gospel is to go forth is the the entity by which he puts all of his desires and and bijective to save humanity and our attitude on how we treat the church is a reflection of the attitude we have towards our Savior hopefully by this conversation you have a reason now a new sense to pray for whatever local church or whatever denomination you're a part of let's be gracious to the Lord's church Thanks for joining us here in verse We'll see you here next week you've been listening to inverse a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan Sebastian back. Just. In verses brought to you by the. Television that changes. But there are more inspiring than ever so there's that embrace that. Your. Bias on social media. In the 1st fire until next time this is enforced.


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