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Why is waiting so painful?



  • February 22, 2020
    9:45 AM

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Wait loading recalculating pending we don't like the i n g we want the. I don't know if appended really works but find out what we mean on this episode of interest. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on my. Contemporary Issues and thought provoking. Post just within the hour. We live in a society where all these devices are telling us to wait recalculating Hey I'm loading hey this is pending but this episode when I look at the concept of waiting and thanks for joining us we're here in the studio this is the inverse gang we're so glad you're excited we are excited you're excited we're looking at the Book of Daniel when Daniel Chapter 10 would have a prayer by Israel and we'll look at the Bible on what. To say about waiting as your Father in heaven thank you for today and thank you for the time that we have to study your word please bless us as we have this conversation give us your spirit to be with us to be amongst us this is our prayer in Jesus' name and going to Daniel Chapter 10 Daniel Chapter 10 and Jonathan if you can read verses one through 34133. In the 3rd year of Cyrus king of Persia the message was revealed to Daniel whose name was called belt or the message was true but the appointed time was long and he understood the message and had understanding of the vision in those days I Daniel was morning 34 weeks no pleasant food no meat or wine came into my mouth nor did I and myself at all till 3 whole weeks or fulfilled Ok so if you're watching out there we want to really encourage you to take out your phones take out your devices and hopefully they are not loading your pending right now and get into the Bible or you can open an actual book printed by going up to wait at all we want you to we want to encourage you to go to any verse Bible Dorji where you can see the actual Bible study guide we are wanting to engage with scripture and different ways to engage Scripture is to write it out to pray over it or join us and study with us in our conversation so John thanks for reading verses one through 3 and see what is going on kind of give us a glimpse an overview of where we are thus far in Daniel and what's going on here in verse one through 3 Ok Well we've gone through the narrative portions of the Book of Daniel telling us about the kind of character that God's people need to have by looking at the character of Daniel and his relationship with God Daniel one through 6 in particular and we looked at Daniel's have to 9 with Daniel is praying. And we get to dentist have to 10 Actually we get to the portion of the book where Daniel is having visions having dreams and visions and he's the kind of person that God can entrust with these dreams and visions and with the interpretation of some of them but it it seems that sometimes even though Daniel gets the vision he doesn't understand what's happening in the vision what does this mean and what does all this mean and Daniel's response as down as the response has been to crises is that when he doesn't understand something he goes to God in prayer and that's what we find him doing here in verse 2 in those days I was mourning 3 full weeks he has a period of agonizing and praying and asking God to explain. To him what it is that he was seeing in these dreams and how does this reflect I mean work took in an annex essential around we're not going to get into the actual process until the next episode yeah but here I mean Daniel is is well what's he going through excess speaking as a. Well I think the secret is already mentioned a little bit he's gone through an agonizing period of time and the reason for that is found there in verse one it says the message was true but the appointed time was long and so this has created now the new crisis and then his life yet the Word of God is true God is true God The goal of God for Daniel and for never Knesset or is that is always positive but sometimes the time period to get us from year to there it's a long process and it creates tension and even though even though Daniel has learned to wait on the Lord in previous chapters now it's coming to a situation where this time of waiting it's a hard thing it's a hard time well let me ask you I mean what actually happens during a waiting process what's going through your mind but let's flesh that out I just want to say that I think the what the lack of understand for John is not Is this it seems there's. A dissonance for him he was thinking that time that they should be in captivity is drawing to a close the 70 years is coming to an end but then here it seems that in verse one the point in time was long so it's kind of what's going on with this God and talking about what is challenging in a waiting period when you thought that it wasn't going to be that long and then it seems like it's taking the way longer than you thought it would be that can it's a difficult thing to wait and you know I'm thinking for me I'm from Zimbabwe and. Where I come from if a girl is not married by the age of 23 you know an old maid by 24 and you're 25 and it's like Ok 26 and it's like. Yeah like game over nobody's going from how you and when you're expecting if you're a young woman and you're expecting you know by the age of 2526 I should be starting my family and you hit 30 I know for a lot of young Zimbabwean women who are in that situation it becomes like. Yeah life is over and like. There's no point even in waiting for love to come will never come you know so specially when you're anticipating something to happen soon and it doesn't the wait gets even more painful and you know I had to wait on the Lord in that situation you know time for us to sign of human beings is of huge value so you know if the time is money but it's the reality is that if time is running out this in general not just for Daniel but time if we're waiting we feel like we're wasting time because we should feel that lifetime because we only have that because then it's over so we struggle with that while God from his perspective time means nothing to God one day or a 1000 years the same to him and so in a way Ok so and so for we find a human beings with the fact that we will only live 7080 maybe 90 years of our lives and then it's over we have to live with those oh maybe 200 right now but if you if you if you're a fan if you're finite we have a hard time dealing with a God who is infinite and he for him it doesn't matter you know there's this just 2 situations here that we sometimes a hard time living with I just I think the problem is that we're not meant to be finite like. We won't create a cliff yes he says that God put in turning in our heart like you said we have eternity into our programming Yeah it's you internally realize that when it's not supposed to and you know and it's the old and. He has been introduced the concept of death and you know relatives passing away and it cetera and and he's like my life I don't want you to die you know I don't want to die and I don't want you to die on my brother to die from the age of the you just like this something wrong with things coming to an end that way it's. Not one time to run out there's something there is something I mean with the death of a loved one that's a huge loss and in yes but there's also there's On a more shallow level there is waiting is painful yeah I don't have any Remember you know you have the loading sign on on your computers and back in the eighty's that invented the day when you know is ancient primitive times where phones were connected to the wall and it was like going to Jonathan later is like the size of a studio and then when you were loading a program with the floppy disks I mean to be loading right but there would be no no status bar or whatnot c.b. load and you is this computer frozen is it and then you're like I'm this kind of like airfare on the phone and you're like hey put you on hold and then you know the elevator music is on for like eternity you know and so then they created this saw the status bar and then the status bar with it was an accurate status bar because it will go up to 99 percent come and threes. Or some other go back you know what's going on and then you have a Wheel of Death Eaters go around the circles in circles so there's something painful about waiting what is it about the actual wait that's when trying to get at why can't we just sit there and wait for the. Program to load or for the the Delta agent to pick up the. Phone And what is it and I think is part of it is human wisdom you know we have eyes are impatient Yeah I think we have in our mind we trust ourselves a little too much you know and so we think hey because I think I should not wait I should not wait you know and and we have a 1000000 reasons to think that you know like I'm going to die in 70 years you know. You know what. So you know we have what we have and all of us have that right like we have our own reasons why we think that this should not be the way it is like when I get my computer and open it up and it's waiting I'm like I paid a lot of money for you not to do this as an up oh yeah why are you doing this and if I have a p.c. it doesn't turn on and on. And so you know so we have all these different challenges right and so humid with so it gets in the way so many times of ability to see clearly like for example here Daniel is saying you know the message is true but the interim but the whatever interpretation went to a point in time was long and it's like it's long according to who standard this is a long record and then you'll stand is not going to God's standard as John said so our human wisdom is or our lack of human wisdom I guess I should say is the reason why so many times we are frustrated with the waiting time yes it's about it's about what you were anticipating and then the reality doesn't match what you think should be you know what what you think should be real. I mean how does our culture a value time and waiting do you think it values it or does it not you would. Time waiting game and it was really I mean everything is geared toward speed and and delivering a product or something as fast as possible you have Amazon Prime because you have same day drone delivery or you know drones in your backyard but you know we're going to. But. I just think everything is geared towards being fast and having things delivered 1000 and experiencing fast and and instant so it goes we feel like waiting is wasting right exactly you know you wait you're wasting time. So for the analogy from my life. I recently had a baby and a lot of my friends had. And it's hard to wait you know for that for the kid to come when the kid comes because the baby will be born when the baby will be born they tell you but the recent thing is in general women don't wait any more you just said Joel you know the time it was scheduled for those of you who were just off the schedule Yeah you settle an induction day and then you know they induce and then the baby comes on your saddle because but it's leading to a lot of challenges with a lot of not every birth but with a lot of birth because maybe the baby wasn't ready to be born and so their lungs are not fully developed so they have to go into the Nikkei you this wasn't prepared because we're impatient to wait for this to happen my due date is such a date the baby has to come then and still but there is this virtue in waiting because maybe the baby's not ready to come yet you know but I feel like I'm wasting my life and I wasted 3 weeks of my vacation time waiting for this baby to be born you know but there might be a virtue in that so I'm asking these questions and we're kind of going broad and covering our our concepts of time but this was alluding to is it seems that time really reveals your values and the hierarchy of where you place values and so if you're waiting in you are the center of the universe the reality time is not going as you say. It should show impatience is just the natural fruit that results out of that self centeredness and your concept of time in life it's all kind of linked into each other and here God is having Daniel wait and creating a new reality when we come back after the break we're going to look at why did God make Daniel wait and did he even make Daniel wait maybe there's just something bigger reality out there this is what Daniel 10 tells us so stay with us after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to meet us find us on social media or by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next we'll handle again and invest Bible Belt states now back to the discussion. Everyone welcome back I mean if you've been waiting for the answer of why God makes us wait in with a to access natural question is when we call upon God and we're praying and God makes us wait or sometimes seems like he's making us wait how do we deal with and that's the question we want to answer how do we develop patience especially in these last days maybe you're a christian up there and you've been waiting for Jesus to come or maybe you've been waiting for some particularly prayer to be answered by God How do these dynamics work that's what we're getting at we're just not waxing eloquently for philosophizing about time we're asking is really really important questions so the question is let's go to let's go to Texas let's go to Daniel 10 and start reading from verse 12 to the end there are over 20 and Jonathan keen on being for us your. Then he said to me Do not fear Daniel for from the 1st day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your God Your words were heard and I've come because of your words but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood need 21 days and behold Michael one of the chief princes came to help me for I had been left alone there with the Kings of Persia now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days for the vision refers to many days yet to come when he has spoken such words to me I turned my face toward the ground and became speechless and suddenly one having a likeness of the sons of men touched my lips then I opened my mouth and spoke saying to him who stood before me my lord because of the vision my sorrows have overwhelmed me and I have retained no strength for how can the servant of my lord talk with you my lord as for me no strength remains in me now or Nor is any breath left in me then again the only the one having the likeness of man touched me and strengthen me and he said oh man greatly beloved fear not Peace be to you be strong yes be strong so when he spoke to me I will strength and said let my Lord speak for you have strength in me then he said Do you know why I've come to you and now I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia and when I have gone forth indeed the prince of Greece will come. But I will tell you what it's noted in the scripture of truth no one appalled me upholds me against these except Michael you're pretty Ok so this is a pretty one. Chapter to be honest there's a lot there kind of. Like to skip to the verse before the pastors that Jonathan read in verse 11 he said to me Oh Daniel man greatly beloved understand the words they speak to you it's really cool that the 2 apocalyptic books of the Bible Daniel and Revelation of his true promises that they understand understand sometimes they think the pocket books can not be understood but they can in the 2nd the 2 men that God says that are beloved are Daniel and John 2 the 2 ones that this you know in these last day events have been revealed there's a lot with love and prophecy I mean this is it's a cool mixture happy as a bond between the 2 but what's going on in that passage I mean there's like the king of Persia green and then my goal in and then he's got to go back and it is well I think there's within the narrative context there's an issue here that we that we discover and that is that God is not interested in making prophecy or making the message difficult to understand right we have this element in both situations where God wants us to understand the prophecy and so the reason why God is making Daniel Way has nothing to do with all you have to you know fill out a specific code and get it the right way and then I'm going to give you the message that's not the whole process the process of waiting and he is here is found and verse 18 then again the one having the likeness of the or verse 910 to me old man greatly beloved fear not Peace be to you be strong yes be strong and so you have here God's desire for Daniel is for him to experience peace even though Daniel is not experiencing peace God's desire is for Daniel to be strengthened even though Daniel's week and so what the purpose of waiting in the purpose of prophecy in the purpose of Experian. God is to develop an individual from where they are to where they need to be that's the purpose of prophecy right that's why we have the revelation of Jesus Christ we looked at Daniel in the 1st few chapters of the purpose of Daniel is to get us into communion with God to help us understand who he is and how to become like Him And so what what he is telling us here through the narrative of Daniel is God's purpose is in making Daniel preparing Daniel moving Daniel from where he is to where he needs to be and in order for in order for God to do this and Daniel's cases he's saying in order for you to have peace in order for you to be strengthened I'm going to give you a behind the scenes glimpse as to what the workings of God is are and so now he's saying there is the reason why you're waiting in this case is there is a great controversy that is to please a behind the scenes battle that is taking place between the forces of God and the forces of Satan so let's unpack what you just said here a couple things that I might take away our one is that God wants you to grow into the stature of which he wants you to be through the prophetic element you know sometimes we prophecy is just consider more information and information I have let me put it on you to let me free people out and then my job right but it's to make us more like Jesus to get closer to Jesus the 2nd element that you mention is that there's a background element happening here and that's actually look at that background elements who who is this Michael character that we see here we see an inverse that the prince of the king of Prince was to me 21 days that's the period Daniel was in verse to say me 3 and we just 21 days and then says Michael behold Michael one of the chief princes came to help me so this one being is being assisted by Michael So Michael has I guess authority over you know this other. Being who is talking to Daniel and we know from Scripture we see Michael again in Daniel Chapter 12 Michael again. And. When we go to the New Testament we see Michael in Jude 9 and if you need to read the text or else go to Jude 9 in the New Testament Judas one of those difficult books to find just before revelation is more like a letter or more like that which I thought are. George after chapter one to preserve whatever verse 9 we have Jude 9 says yet Michael the Archangel So we have this title that's attached to Michael now yet Michael the archangel in contending with the devil when he disappeared about the body of Moses did not bring reviling accusation but said the Lord rebuke you so Michael is the archangel and mean the chief of angels and that's reflected in this when it's in Daniel 10 saying Michael one of the chief princes so you have this chieftain seed to this angel Michael Yes. And this Arc Angel term you find it as well when we talk about the resurrection as this aloneness have to for 1st a story that's going to go there Ok this is good so what's a picture that's being painted is there is a end Jellicoe war going on so this is the great controversy metanarrative there are angels all around us and we know we're given information about what happened from before creation but we're seeing this is also real time warfare is going on not a creation not at the end of time but right now during the Earth has a history of Daniel in the life of don't like the new same time period so 1st us alone eons What does this one yes have to for for talking about comforting one another in the face of death and having the hope of a resurrection in verse 1616 yes it is for the Lord Himself say the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout so the Lord has a shout with the voice of an archangel the Lord has the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ my spirit what resurrects these people is the Lord with a shout the voice of an archangel with the trump of God So this Archangel this voice of an archangel has the power to resurrect and we know that no human being can resurrect No No created being can resurrect because only God Himself has the power of life within him and Jesus too said that he is the resurrection He is the life so the Nord Jesus I mean if we don't know if we need to. Another text but it's clear already you know the Lord Jesus Christ himself is Michael this Archangel who is the chief of angels in fighting this battle and Michael His name means who is like God Now he came to reveal to us the Father he came to reveal what God is like who is many evidences in Scripture Jesus called for the last words from the dead with his voice like like Sego already said you know it is a voice of God that has the power to resurrect No created being can do that all of Scripture you can see that Michael is really identifying G.'s of the fact that he is an archangel does not necessarily mean he is the but just someone who is in charge of the place like it's like Jesus the Son of man he is not a human being but he identifies the humanity and he presents he is the the firstborn of creation right so he is the 1st of humanity like he is the 1st that the 2nd Adam but replaces the 1st Adam and then and then became a human became a hero. We are using it more you are right. You have and you have Michael Jesus as the chief of the angels so when the great controversy is happening revelation involved and Michael and his angels fought and Carol Jesus is at the head of the angel that calls in fighting this battle just to say and the coachman for me is that Jesus is that the head of humanity is at the head of the angels like if there is a battle to be fought Jesus is not for me and if you want to be better and he's also the head of the Trinity with God That's Johnson What a remarkable here in the story come back to Daniel kept a tennis that God we often have this picture of a god is due out there he's in a different dimension and we are and for him think that instantaneous and you know their time doesn't matter to him and I I myself said that earlier for him time's a little different the way he was going to your journal however God is with us in our experience of time and so what we see here is a beautiful revelation of God because God has to deal with him. Beings without having to force upon them things he deals with us giving us the freedom of choice and so Daniel was praying in the beginning of Chapter 10 but he was not able to answer his prayer until 3 weeks later because he was working through Michael through Jesus here fighting against the Prince of Persia so there is great controversy going on there is influence God has to influence people God has to work with with the freedom of choice that people have before he cannot just force someone to change something right there and then God works and works as much as he can but he gives the freedom of choice and so here in this war that's going on we see in. The beauty of of of waiting and knowing that God is at work I mean from my own life I don't know until we all have stories where we can share how we have prayed for certain situation and sometimes there's no answer for a long time because we're praying for the wrong thing sometimes there is no answer because God has to work in a certain situation before he can deliver an answer there's different reasons but this story gives me great peace knowing that when I'm praying God is doing something and I know he knows what's best so I can trust him and if you go and if you go diversity team at the end it's Daniel 10 and you get it says now he says you know he says now after I've been strengthened God go ahead and speak to me and so I think Daniel declares to us and it shows us that there's a mistreat a prayer why is that sometimes God waits sometimes he's battling the Prince of Persia for us we don't know actually what's going on there's a great there's a great controversy narrative taking place but sometimes God causes us to way because there's communion so we can please or sometimes God causes us to wait because we treasure the gift more once is given to us we really don't know many times why it is that God causes us to wait but in the end we know that there is a transformation and we pray not to change the mind of God but to change the heart of man and this is what has happened the life of God's care. Change is way more important than time that we might feel like all we're losing this time it seems like this chapter kind of takes the lid off of reality and shows this almost and shellac infrastructure all around the universe and how these things work and are one time I was driving my car with my boys in the back and they he dropped an orange right and here I am and I was you know it was that missing with the g.p.s. which was not in my hand but on the dashboard and trying to get there were late and we're going to some birthday party for the kids anyway and I'm trying to mass and it wasn't working and he dropped an orange and he's like Dad pick up my orange for me and so it was like right there he could have just gotten it but it was just you know barely within his reach and he was getting impatient and he was kicking my chair like I need my. You know freaking out and here I am in my mind I said you know if I pick up that orange and you know I'm in a minivan and go all the way back we're all going to die we're all going to be late we're going to go to hospital we need something so they go on and so sometimes God says hey maybe you need to wait in this great controversy there are other elements here and you're going to get your organs you're going to get we're going to get to the birthday party but we need to wait and become like Jesus as a result of our patients we hope you've been blessed by today's conversation I know I have and my panelists have my friends have so we'll see you next week here on in verse we'll do it all over again you've been listening to a Bible based conversation the world is wrong with Jonathan Sebastian back. Just. In verses brought to you by the. Television that changes. But there's more inspiring ever so there's that embrace. More. Farmers are sold. In various styles until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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