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If God can tell the future, why can't you trust Him?



  • February 22, 2020
    9:45 AM

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Someone is 5 out of 5 would you trust them for number 6 Find out on this episode. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues. Both. Just within. A welcome everyone you're watching in verse My name is Justin and we're in the studio here with my friends all male cast actually this episode around and we are in the midst of a study on The Book of Daniel for those who are there if you want to study with us go to inverse Bible dot org you'll find a Bible study guide on other books of the Bible other topics but for this quarter this 13 week segment we are in the Book of Daniel so if you have your Bibles turn them on or open them to Daniel Chapter 2 we're going to get into from this episode on words where to look at the actual prophecies themselves before we've been looking at the different characteristics that Daniel and his friends and his on to Raj all add. Up to a classic a wonderful wonderful wonderful prophecy when a word of prayer Jonathan. Father in heaven we just thank you that you are God who knows you knows the future and who chose to reveal things to us and we just pray that as we study the word right now that you will eliminate our minds and give us insights and understanding about who you are and which is thank you did you will do that and we prayed in Jesus' name amen you know and I've really appreciated the 13 weeks segment thus far because we look at different virtues of different characteristics and what do you remember from this quarter thus far this this study and and viewpoint of faithfulness in the little things based on the little things. I remember the dying for devotion dying for devotion I just love the idea of his consistency that to pray and speaking with God as Love the lesson we had and then it's up to 10 about being willing to wait I'm God and understanding that there is a blessing in the waiting a patience there and in the midst of the prayer waiting countability how an ability to look at Temperance. So many things so many things so radical intervention with radical has mentioned yet which I prefer or that was actually a very good I will stop pursuing this when I switch gears now and get into prophecy and we're going to get maybe into a little bit of the nitty gritty here when I read the Bible chapter 2 verse 31 and Israel can you read for us you will King were watching and behold a great image this great image was Splendor was excellent stood before you and his form was awesome this images head was of fine gold its chest in arms of silver its bellies and thighs of bronze its legs of iron its feet partly of iron and partly of clay you watched while a stone was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces then the iron the clay the bronze the silver and the gold were crushed together and be. Name like chaff from the summer threshing floors the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found then the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth Ok I'll stop there and special Can you pick up in verse $3636.00 story. Well you got it electronic media that's. Just not what I think you pick up for here. Actually this fire. This is the dream we will tell the interpretation of it before the king you Oking our King of Kings for the God of Heaven has given you a kingdom power strength and glory and wherever the Children of Men dwell or the beasts of the fields and the birds of the heaven he has given them into your hand and has made you ruler over them all you are this head of gold will stop there. Give us a background what's going on here so as we as we look back when we review Daniel's prayer life we saw that was in the context of never can as a receiving the dream now that Daniel prayed God answered it gave them in a night vision this is the dream now doing it was actually giving it to them and those are and so what we're seeing is that God is outlining the course of human history in the major kingdoms of the world from never can as are time because remember we read in chapter 2 verse 28 that he says but there is a God in heaven that reveal the secrets and he showing you a king the things that will be in the latter time and so now we're getting into this prophetic outline of after use going to be another kingdom and then another kingdom in another so we see 4 and then we see kind of the 4th kingdom splits into 10 different pieces it's not conquered by a new metal as a result Ok not I mean 10 pieces later as a different prophecy with the. 10 toes 10 shows that I've actually never says that but what would that as you'll hear he's saying I think the 1st thing that were mentioned about this prophecy and its interpretation is that the prophecy involves King Nebuchadnezzar he says you are the head of goal of the end so I think the principle that we can draw from this is the fact that prophecy is designed to be taken personally and and the purpose of prophecy is to allow us to reflect our to serve as a mirror this is how I fit. Into the grand scheme of things here God is going to talk about really as Sebastian already said the history of the world from now because there's time until the end but God is saying this starts or this impacts or this has to do with you personally not just the kingdom about one but you are the head of gold I love there's a jewel fold revelation here it's not just the interpretation of the dream but it's also exactly what you saw what he saw I should say and he starts both sections of verse 31 end of verse 37 you O'Kane we're. Watching He starts it off to 2 different sections I'm a one on time late night I was watching t.v. come back after a flight and I had my old you know cathode cathode ray tube t.v. and I'm like I'm going to go to sleep some watching some stuff late night and it's this prophecy show comes up it's a let's let's watch this this is like you know I had enough of them from our shows and you know and I fanatic and whatever i ever and this show and then she was guy was breaking down Revelation and Daniel specifically Daniel Chapter 2 and it's like haters ahead of gold right and it's like well what country is this head of gold what's clearly South Africa because South Africa had produced all this gold back in the day and 100 of their South Africa is silver or who produces the most silver in the world I mean all these things so my point is this it's easy just to make an interpretation of events without any bearing any whatever is imposing interpretation but here Daniel is giving what he actually saw which no human being could do and also give an interpretation and matching those up which is so significant because it lets you know prophetically that God is not the fact that God is divided the dream from the interpreter gives you a sense that God is trying to affirm Daniel's position in the book and there's mine right so God could have given that because or the dream and the interpretation and he forgot both you know but he decided I'm going to give you the dream he doesn't remember it but even if he did remember the dream which we saw in chapter 4 right you know. This is actually what it was he sees it but he can't interpret it and even with his grandson it's writing on the wall that he can't even the really God consistently says I'm going to bring the interpretation to meaning through my people and I think that's significant that we allow God to interpret the very dreams and visions revelations that. Point that the Bible interprets itself and the you see the prophecy here in one part and gives the explanation afterwards we're not making stuff up this isn't some fabricated thing and there's a point to this so in the actual prophecy there so that itself in verse 32 you see ahead of gold Yes Just to recap and get it get it visually in our minds we have chest and arms of wills or silver a 1000000000 thighs of bronze and legs of our let's just pause there these are all 4 medals what what or what does the why those 4 medals What's the implication if there's an interesting if you look at the medals it starts with gold which is the medal that has the most value of all of them and then silver is pretty valuable too but not as much as gold and then you see the value decreases as you go down the line but at the same time the strength of the metal becomes stronger gold is very soft compared to silver and bronze and iron and so on so you have an increase in an increase in strength a decrease in value as you go down those men if you look at historically a lot of those medals as you progress in the time were more often used in combat right now more like the means and Persians didn't use silver for weapons but it was for mainly you know merchant in trading in things like that and Babylon used gold for the court of reasons and for the glory obviously we saw we never can never get to the bronze and. Iron that was oftentimes used in combat because of that strength so we see more militaristic advances in that type of nation that we use that metal is also present Ok so as we've seen in from iron then it goes into feet no toes are mentioned but you can extrapolate. Until his arm and toes is those 42 has the tools of the feel you are in corrected but not 10 toes is just mentioned. Number isn't going to basher we don't know if the be the head thing he was like a lot it was well so's we don't know we don't know but have iron and clay there and then we have another entity have a stone in verse 30 more and this is where the accent is really placed and in verse $34.00 a stone was cut without hands and it struck the image not on the other parts but was specifically where the lines on the few feet Ok and brought them into the pieces so. We can continue $35.00 just accentuate what you already read but the clay bronze silver and gold they're all crushed together so they continue to exist in some way but they all are limited at the same time the interpretation is found in verse $36.00 onwards we are ready read the 1st part that Babylon or King Nebuchadnezzar His Kingdom is equivalent to gold illness can continue reading there in verse $3039.00 Israel can read. Yes but after you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours and then another a 13 m. of bronze which shall rule over all the earth Ok and this correlates back to Jonathan's comment as getting inferior in terms of the value and that all very good 1st 40 continue please and the 4th kingdom shall be as strong as iron in this much as iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything and like iron that crushes that kingdom will break in pieces and rush all the others were as you saw the feet until is partly of potter's clay and partly of iron the kingdom shall be divided yet the strength of the iron shall be in it just as you saw the iron mixed with ceramic clay and as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly fragile as you saw Iron mixed with ceramic clay they will me with the seed of men but they will not add here to one another just as iron does not mix with clay and in these days sorry and in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people it shall break in pieces and consume all these and it shall stand for ever it was 45 please in as much as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands and that it broke in pieces the iron the bronze the clay the silver and the gold the great God has made known to the king what will come to pass after this the dream a certain and its interpretation is sure Ok well who are these kingdoms I mean I'm this is a vessel of exciting part when we come back after the break we want to look at what is the silver What is the bronze What is the clay and the iron and what is this rock that comes at a sky we need to know this information for the future. Has in this been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us understand social. Media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for You Tube while there join us like us comes up next I'll handle again in verse Bible no space and now back to the discussion. They were in Danish after 2 were looking at this Mitchell man metallic man metal Lloyd. All right let's go to Silver silver we can now that we've established the gold we can conjure kind of place to put an automatic and see how history has has gone for so who is this silver it's really interesting because this is one of those times where you can take a history book and compared with the Bible when you look at we know Babylon percent gold Well what does history tell us about a lot of that were thrown even in the Book of Daniel we're told by the media Persian empire and I made a person's came represented with silver the meter persons were overthrown by the Greek so you have bronze represented Greece and then Greece was split up and was overthrown by the Romans which is represented by iron which is very fitting because they crushed everything and they're called in their way exactly and then we look at Rome we see all this progression and you think well what's the next kingdom that comes when you look at history Rome was never really overthrown it kind of fell apart and there was no other big kingdom that took over we know that you know it. Different tribes coming into Europe and it ended up in the modern nation that we have in Europe today the Bible history I mean Bible prophecy really confirms history for us right here in the Book of Daniel chapter what's amazing and what strikes me is that when when God is telling this prophecy to King Nebuchadnezzar to me would strikes me the most is the fact that he says you get your King are the head of gold but you're going to be overthrown by someone who is inferior to you and that to me is something that would not make any sense like all right if I'm going to be overthrown I should be overthrown by someone that is stronger than me but the fact is that that the prophecy dictates there you're going to be overthrown by an inferior Kingdom How can this is where the to me the power and the wisdom of God really shines in that he says you'll be overthrown by a weaker Kingdom something that seems impossible is going to happen to you and. You know that's you know the way that Rome was set up it was set up so that it can withstand a siege and it can you know last forever and yet. There's no room. For you say yes that. We Why were you encouraging the. So a lot of so you have you know the Babylonian Empire it's set up to withstand a siege and yet it's overthrown through such a seemingly insignificant mistake right in the Middle Persian Empire takes it over so the power of the prophecy is demonstrated to me in the fact that God says not only are you going to be overthrown but you're going to be overthrown by a seemingly in a seemingly impossible manner by by a kingdom that is inferior inferior to you and perhaps that's the reason why now because we're freaked out this image full of not of Silverado not of objects only of gold and political implication say my kingdom will be forever go to verse $42.00 it says there that the toes of feet were probably of iron and partly of clay the kingdom might be partly strong and probably fragile as you saw and makes a ceramic clay What is this ceramic clay mixed with iron some have said that this is all the European nations coming together to do a Bible study and if you go to concordance and look up that word for Clay and that Clay always has a religious connotation you have a religious power that's not a strong it's not a militaristic power but you have political power and you got a mixing you do have the mixing of the European nations but you also have the mixing of religion going on use of a hodgepodge stew of European ness and this we have a representative of Europe here with us to give us an insight onto I come in peace. And so this is we see that in Europe today we have Roman Catholicism has been embedded into the history of many European nations and the Holy Roman Empire and we're talking about the system of the Roman Catholic Church. And you see this been predicted thousands of years before it happened it's kind of powerful because when you when you look back in verse 41 where he says where as you saw the feet in tolls partly of Potter's Clee So this clay is not just clay on the ground it's clay that has a potter That means there is someone who has an intention to form this and that's one of the clear hallmarks of Jeremiah's prophecy where he tells a story of God's people about how can I not do with you is this Potter does with this and also when I say oh right I am the Potter you are the cli right and your role is to surrender into not resist the movements of God in His providence or in this end and that the beauty of this is identifying Jesus or God as a potter makes in this individual where we know that he has a gentle hands right the way that he's moving religious people the way that he's trying to shape them inform them he's not trying to crush out his people even though he's allowing these powerful kingdoms to arise he's still allowing his people to preserve individuals that are seeking him so it goes to show you that even behind all of this God is still there looking out for his people during the progression of these kingdom you know we can stop there and so what that what the prophecy What are some it was a fruit of this thus far I mean what can we extract late from why did God revealed this much to his or it's fascinating to me what is shown in Daniel is also consistent with the rest of Scripture leading up to Daniel like if you look at it if you look at Genesis chapter one Sebastian actually did a study that I never got a long time ago in Genesis chapter one just looking at the actions of God at creation and what they show about him and in Genesis chapter one tied into this a little bit don't get scared is that is that the faithfulness of God is demonstrated there when he creates the universe he creates the trees and he creates fruits with the ability to reproduce more trees the same kind that's showing the faithfulness of God God in His Word can say one thing and. To this day you don't have an apple tree that produces $100.00 apples and one banana it's 100 percent consistency and so in Daniel Chapter 2 you have also the same idea of the consistency of God God says you're going to be overthrown by this king of by another king or by another king or by another kingdom then it's going to be divided that's exactly what has happened in history to the very minute detail of these kingdoms are going to be stronger in some senses but also are going to seem as though they are inferior kingdoms So what prophecy tells me more than the fact that you know I need and I need to be ready for when these events come it tells me about the faithfulness of God God as God is careful to to think about even the smallest details and why is this important to me it's important to me because I know now that nothing catches got off got off guard and so I think like now what if God doesn't know that too weak to withstand the challenges in the future God has taken into consideration every aspect of history and as prepared me to live in this time in this point in a street because he has confidence in me I'm I'm part of Scripture setting out on nation for you here between 2 parties Exactly yes and I think that's the beauty of what this prophecy provides because this prophecy was actually the very 1st Bible study I ever had in this was critical and foundational to my conversion because it builds a track record with Gone It builds a sense of trust that well and this is where I went home when I received this Bible to college as an atheist I'm sitting in my room and I'm like well if he said this and this is exactly what happened and I knew as an atheist that historically these things are true you can't debate them so then it's like well he said that then the rest of the book has to be trustworthy and Jesus said You know I tell you things beforehand so that when it comes to pass you might believe what you said here that starts off in Chapter 2 so if Chapter 2 is sure then the trust factor goes throughout the book is a stab. In the games of the rules of the game here I want to hear from eyes if that's Ok I say or to say it was as if 46 starting in verse 9 interest 1046 before says he remembered a former things of old for I am God and there is no other I'm God and there is non like me be clear in the end from the beginning and from ancient times things that are not yet done saying my counsel shelves then I will do all my pleasure and God is showing us that through prophecy he stablish ing he is establishing his declaration that he is God because only He can know the end from the beginning and the beauty is he reveals it to us he's not just doing his own thing he says I want you to be in a well let's get to the beginning let's go to the end I should say because this is where the apex of the prophecy is going in verse $44.00 ended days of these kings the God of heaven or set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall be left in the shall not be left to other people perhaps this is the phrase that freaks never confess or out you know an enduring Kingdom what give us characteristics we already read the passage what is the characteristics of this kingdom What is it what are elements about it there's different character descriptions about it what does that allude to one of the 1st things you see is when he gives the dream he says there is a rock cut out of a mountain without hands and without hands is a phrase throughout the Bible that's always associated we're human devising has nothing to do with like how does a rock get cut out of a mountain what I'll hand this is not a human civilization correct this is a divine kingdom so that means that God is the one that's taking this this rock which we believe to be a symbol of Christ coming to set up that Kingdom is that rock we find that in Deuteronomy we find in 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 that this rock that followed him was Christ and this rock that's cut out that's divinely set in is going to impact this thing and begin to set up his entire kingdom so one of the elements we see is one it's divinely devised in number 2 it's going to. Start small and it's going to spread and to grow over time so even as it takes over this kingdom it's not becoming a mountain right away it starts off as a rock it hits the in the dream it hits it on the feet and then it grows and consumes the entire. All the other previous kingdoms are destroyed at this moment so it's as you said it's small and it grows but some have said hey this is when Jesus came the 1st time and he came in time of Roman in the church has grown this just rock is the church is this rock the church you know I mean you're kind of alluded to throughout Scripture Christ is identified as that rock that head that is you know the Rock of Ages and you know he is the one that comes and will consume all these kingdoms and Jesus Himself says I am coming back and I will return through the New Testament we have numerous scriptures pointing to the 2nd coming of Jesus. Because Jesus knows that to bring an end to this world of sin things have to be completely redone but has to restore everything. Into a new paradise so he will come back and he will make all things and you know there are these phrases here in that I just want to emphasize that it says in verse 35 that no trace of these former king that's right was found in verse $45.00 for the 1st $44.00 break in pieces and consume all these Can this just and for ever and so this isn't the church this is a supernatural as you mention a supernatural kingdom coming and then all the you know one of the thing that gets me excited about this is that this Kingdom is not a medal which means it's not built upon the same principles as these other 2 know they conquered by militaristic outward control and dominate is versus the kingdom of Christ actually conquers through the heart through this internal natural organic growth what are the practical things we can get away from this chapter what's the takeaway is that the Word of God is trust were trust the Bible and. The God of the Bible Yeah right he's in control not just of history but he's controlled he's in control also of my place in his life you know as these macro things he can help us with our micro where who we are and there's nothing that God is not aware of that means as you said we can fully trust and we can trust in His Word if this is true the rest must be true I mean this is really the prophecy gives it a foundation for your identity in Christ for faith for believing the truth of the Bible but also you know if we had that alone there would be one thing Ok God is all powerful all knowing but the Bible also reveals to us that God is love that you know if he is all powerful all knowing it can be a scary thought but he is on our side that's why he has revealed this to us that way saying hey be part of that kingdom be part of when I come back and the only thing I would add practically from This Is It goes back to Daniel 5 where those shows are told Daniel he said Oh if you interpret this I'll make you the 3rd ruler in the kingdom and it's like Who Wants to be that the rule over them that's about to crumble so it tells me that I need to check my worldly aspirations in Jesus we need to recognize that His Kingdom is going to last forever in ascending into greatness of the kingdoms of this world is going to crumble so why would you want to be the 3rd ruler or a billionaire or some influential person in the kingdom is going to be destroyed and on that line on that kingdom to be destroyed where are we on this timeline where in the tonier live shows a kid that's right national. Polls all have told God is 5 or 5 we see in history that he's predicted all 5 Kingdoms and is 6 is coming up and if he's right on the 5. We can bank that will be right on the 6 hopefully by through this study you've been enlightened with Bible Prophecy but also you've had a more secure relationship in trusting the Bible and the god of this Bible and become a better student and Bible prophecy as well I know for myself I want to I want to wait for this this rock to come out of the sky Jesus and to set up His kingdom forever and hopefully that's your hope as well thanks for joining us here on in verse We'll see you next week will do this all over again you've been listening to envious a Bible based conversation telling the world is wrong with Jonathan Wald Sebastian Baxter he could die. Just. In verses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes like that and more inspiring ever so thick that embers that go to a large think the Amazon source. In verse 5 until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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