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Who is this new superpower?



  • March 7, 2020
    9:45 AM

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Bible prophecy speaks about a new superpower is it the United States is it at Tauriel Guinea We'll find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues. Focus. Here's your host just in within for. Everyone we're so happy that you decided to join us here and verse in our 13 week segment and studying the book of Daniel we want you to be just as engaged if you visit in verse Bible dot org You can see our Bible study guides online in the past couple weeks been looking at the characteristics of God's last people starting last week and this week we're engaged in the actual Bible prophecies themselves last week a look at Dan Chapter 2 an awesome study if you missed it turn this off and go back to last episode but if you already watched it we're going to go into Daniel Chapter 7 which is a power repeat and larger version but we're going to get into a lot more and as I mentioned we're going to look at this new superpower that he murdered has and for sure I don't think it's going to be equitorial Guinea here but if you guys know where that is on the map kudos to you go to any chapter 7 and Israel can you pray for us sure. Father heaven please bursaries as we still your world today give us your spirit to inline our minds to your hearts teach us how to find Christ in everything that we read and say this is our prayer in Jesus' name. So you could go to Jannah Chapter 7 verse one right and onwards. It says in the 1st year of belters like king of Babylon Daniel had a dream and visions of his head while on his bed then he wrote down the dream telling the main facts Daniel spoke saying I saw in my vision by night and behold of the 4 winds of heaven was stirring up the great sea and for beasts and for great beast came up from the sea each different from the other the 1st was like a lion it had eagle's wings I watched till its wings were plucked off and it was lifted up from the earth and made to stand on 2 feet like a man and a man's heart was given to it and suddenly another beast a 2nd like a bear was it was raised up on one side had 3 ribs in his mouth between his teeth and they said that's to it arise devour much flesh after this I looked and there was another like a leopard which had on its back 4 wings of a bird the Beast also had 4 heads and dominion was given to it after this I saw in the night visions and behold a 4th beast dreadful and terrible exceedingly strong it had huge i n t it was evolving breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet it was different from all the beasts that were before it and it had 10 horns I was considering the horns and there was another horn a little one coming up among them before him 3 of the 1st horns were plucked out by the roots and there in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a man and the mouth speaking pompous words Ok it was up there John can you give some insight into Daniel Chapter 7 in a sense give us review of what we did last week on the interview to yeah you kind of already alluding here to the fact that this is a pretty. I've always seen the bible repeat and enlarging Bible prophecy so while Daniel Chapter 2 was sort of say world history and prophecy 1.0 This is 2.0 We're getting more information this time more detail and so the beef that we see here to 4 beasts in this vision that Daniel receives are a more detailed representation of what we learn in down Chapter 2 with the metals we saw there there's a progression of world history as God gives it to us in prophecy of Babylon with the head of gold and it continues with meter Persia and Greece roll and then the divided nations and then the 2nd coming of Jesus and so now we're seeing here these 4 beasts that represent these medals that we looked at and they give us more details on the History Now this is decades after Daniel Chapter 2 and so this is especially given to Daniel and God's people while in Daniel 2 it was given to the king and kind of to say hey there is a God who knows the future now we're looking at some of the details that are very important for us even today I don't know how much you want me to go into detail that's actually go a little little deeper as we as we read into your chapter true and Chapter 7 are parallel Yes and I sandwiched in 3 and 6 are parallels and 4 and 5 parallels and you see them as you mentioned kind of your zooming in to do a map that's really more details are popping up we know that the head of gold is secured as Babylon and just fell into place and we see here the same patterns are happening we'll see a lot more detail to confirm these 4 kingdoms So let's actually look at the 1st there and just spent too much time by the thing we need to touch on a verse for the 1st was like a lion had eagle's wings I watched those wings were plucked off in this was the moment. The experience and they were Naser who who you know in chapter 4 was made like a beast but then he returned God given his mind back and he became like a man yes it was given to him and in the 2nd beast it's raised up on one side and has 3 or. In the mouth this represents the meta Persian Empire which was a dual empire the merging empire actually being bigger than the medium person on earth the one here raised and 3 ribs representing the 3 kingdoms it destroyed to become this powerful Kingdom and then it moves on to immerse 6 here it was another like a leopard which is Greece and the kingdom of it's like a leopard very fast it has 4 wings I mean it's basically flying and it's taking control of the whole known world but then it listens to Greece with Alexander the Great within 10 years go along worrying I mean Asia Europe Middle East and so on powerful there but then it's foreheads and we know that the Greek empire after Alexander died split up into 4 for a smaller kingdom so some of you maybe if you're seeing this for the 1st time you're like menace is a lot of detail and what not but this is very clearly found in the history textbooks and these details actually come back later on again in Chapter 8 in Chapter 11 and it plays a part it confirms what happened in history so yeah we are a little bit These are things are really happened in history that even secular scholars are saying is a pretty cool that it all fits together now for the 1st spiritual meat we want to identify what's going in Chapter 7 in a will explode on a little bit here so you have this 4th beast. That is this is Rome that we talked about with the the. The iron very interesting it mentions as teeth here it was devouring and breaking pieces same language as in Dana Chapter 2 trampling the residue its feet it was different from all the other piece that we 4 and I had 10 horns so kind of allusion to the 10 toes even though 10 toes were mentioned by. Ok we'll give it to you especially not on this episode but we still love you and you're wrong but we still love you verse 8 I was considering the horns and this is where. We're going to zoom in here a lot focal point is happening here 8 I was considering the horns. And there was only there was another horn a little one coming up among them who before the 3 of the 1st ones were plucked out by the roots and there in this one were like eyes like eyes I'm in and I'm out speaking pompous words so what is what are the horns here and what are the 3 that are coming out what are the illusions there so we're ready established this 4th beast in the sequence is Rome and when Rome Rome wasn't overthrown Rome was divided right and it was divided actually into 10 kingdoms the 10 tribes that took over and I have to roll broke up and he says there was this one little one that comes up so he's taking a closer look at these kingdoms and there's one it seems that comes up from among them so whatever this Kingdom is it happened in Europe happened outside of you and the important thing is not in Africa is when it's not is coming up in monk's the 10 horns right not again mention this last time but I'm going to meet again I was watching the late night t.v. show I was. Going to go to bed and watch Bible prophecy show and it was like this you know local access television the this of this of this preacher and he said hey to his for peace where you have the lion come out with Clearly the lion is China England because England had all these lions coming and then you had better and who is the bear it's Mother Russia because Russia and they had leopard who is the leopard Well that was leopard this is this is Africa you know secret people are rising up you know Africa and other countries continent you have all the leopards I'll live in Africa and then you have this this this beast that no one and clearly this is Australia and so this guy this guy is using these terms he's a cool yearly it is and you're all waiting for Australia and so out of Australia will come out you know a horn which is clearly indication of a kangaroo or not a post or some kind of you know more sort of you know I mean it gets really really crazy but we root it in history in root it with different prophecies with scripture you find this. Not to be a ridiculous interpretation so yeah yeah what the 4th beast which by the way we get we're caught up with the bee sting right and we have to realize that these beasts are simply you know they're like mascots they're representation they're animals but when we use beast in today's kind of language it kind of sounds like demeaning but in reality it's just identifying for different kinds of yeah and so when we get into when we get into verse 7 it says that in verse 7 there is a transition that takes place this beast or this Kingdom is different from the rest of the Kingdoms and we're going to begin to see a transition that takes place from political kingdoms to now a representation of a kingdom that is very different is not just political but it's also religious in its nature and so it begins to make this transition that takes place from political kingdoms to a religio political kingdom you know will also be established later on you know we see there in the verse at the verse 8 at the end of verse 8 there in this corner where eyes like and eyes of a man and a Mel speaking pompous words so this little thing is speaking it up like as if it or you know something. Ok let's go to verse 25 and see other other parallels there pick up a verse 24 and see who can read those races for us 24 and 25 the 10 horns are 10 kings who shall arise from this kingdom and another shall rise after them he shall be different from the 1st ones and do 3 kings he shall speak pompous was against the Most High shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and law then the same shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time Ok what can we extrapolate from those horses where we see that there's definitely a change in what's going on with these beasts Daniel is very troubled not but the other beasts he's very troubled about this little horn power and so the angel explaining a little more detail on this is doing even more and he's giving us here some interesting facts Ok what is. Going on with his power it's all right now the kingdom Ok should be different alright it's different because of do 3 things so we're looking at a power inside of Europe it has subdued 3 other kingdoms but then we have this in verse 25 he should speak pompous words against the most high so this is somewhat of this religion coming into play this is speaking against God persecuting followers of God the saints of the most high changing times in law there is a religious connotation here that cannot be overlooked and so and then this is the saints that the true believers the true followers of God and His word shall be given into his hand for a time times enough time for a certain period of time people will be persecuted for their faithfulness to God by this religious political power that comes out of after Rome somewhere in Europe Bible prophecy time times and half a time is one year is 2 years and a half a year in the mind there's 3 and a half years 1268 is a will do the calculations or it's a rule that you find and then you see this part this entity is in power 4260 years and what is this power what is this power there merges out of Europe what is this power that conquers and and says all these things against God will tell you after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while you join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. A welcome back friends we are we've been talking to break about how other different things and help maybe you've been back home watching this wherever you are you're in suspense who is this power in Daniel Chapter 7 and so I want to ask you Who is this power and 7 it's so specific about identifying with this power is Who is it. Well everyone's looking at me because I think it's. Good Ok so as I said earlier the different quote qualifications here are very clear it is in Europe it is coming right after Rome when we compare And keep in mind that this benefit to anyone 7 it talks about the iron still being it so it is Roman influenza it is a religious power it is over political components and it was coming together exactly it speaks against the most. Persecuted Christians this when you look at history here is very clearly the system of the Roman Catholic Church is yes yes yes no it's a pole that should be free some people out and so here we are on in verse really you know that the little horn power is this super power as opposed to all these things against God is the Roman Catholic Church system and that freaks some people out let me ask you this why should be our reaction to this. I mean for one thing we think about the Roman Catholic Church and back when the Roman Catholic Church started pretty much represented Christendom you know to speak and sometimes when you think of the Roman Catholic Church or like them Roman Catholic you know in Roman Catholics back then pretty much all of Christianity was in capsulated you know in the Roman Catholic Church so this is our heritage you know as Chris this isn't somebody nomination all calling out again if you're out there and you may be of the Roman Catholic faith this is not a done that any Gratian of the faith or your tradition or what not there we're not saying that these people are not going to be saved or what but historically speaking this is the system that emerges right and so we're not here to attack but what is the angle of that Dana was trying to portray here is really you know there's 1st of all I think the main thing there that sticks out to music God predicted the dangers of religion Yes And so we talked about you know we've talked about over and over and over again the trustworthiness of God and in today's society today's generation. And religion is hurt a lot of people and people think like all because religion hurt me then therefore I'm not going to trust God I'm not concerned in my life to him Well God himself talks about the dangers of religion religion is most dangerous when it combines with politics politics and religion are never to be mixed and so what has happened here is that Rome you know through throughout the course of history there's there's a thirst for power never can as or had a thirst for power and so did all the success seeing sitting down with Kings Nations Yes Now there's a there comes a point in time when you cannot receive power politically and so religious power will then take over and so you have you have a situation here that there is there's an element of there is a power in religion and that ink in that it can accomplish something that strength physical strength or political strength cannot accomplish Yes And so we have to be aware of the fact that Satan would try to hijack religion and he hijacked by combining religion with politics and because my tactic that God says hey I'm predicting it's going to happen if you're so that you're not blindsided when it does happen no shock that you're not discouraged and just just to go with that the fact that God is God doesn't pointing to some other religion out there he's talking about Christianity so it's pretty incredible you know Jesus comes and Christianity is born through the ministry of Christ that God himself when he talks about the dangers of religion he's talking about the people who are supposed to be representations of yes yes and he says even if that group gets corrupted by this desire to change people through external force instead of trusting the transformative power of the Holy Spirit a life of a prison and so for God to do that I mean firstly it's very he may consult honorable right and then on top of that he can I feel like he can resonate with the people who have been hurt by religion or you know by people manipulating spiritual power in order to get their own way yes my takeaway from what you're. Saying is that if we believe that you know this is not a denominational game this is a this is a warning just as much as to OSs as with anyone any any denomination the danger of power combining with the danger of religious power and of political power religious power is powerful because the god in it is the one who is changing our hearts changing our lives but if we don't believe that power there are some entities that use a state power of coersion taxation the death penalty or what not to move people to change and that's the danger that we see all throughout democracies in different nations around the world when you state power to change people's hearts and that's the danger of the Roman Catholic Church and warning to any other denomination from that point on and that kind of thinking really stems from our sinful human hearts because we all in a way in principle do this because we want either ourselves or others to be changed and so we try to find ways to make that happen without trusting in the grace of Christ to do actually transform because only He can so we look at methods and look at other ways to force or or manipulate when in reality what we need to do is go on our knees so what God is pointing out here he's not saying oh look at all these Catholics he's saying there's a system here it is a way of thinking of doing things in the church that is not right that doesn't go along with the gospel of grace the gospel of peace the gospel of Christ and so he's warning us ahead before it even happens and he is pointing to a system that is corrupt not the people he's saying the people we all need Christ but he's saying there is a way of doing things and Jesus I mean he showed us the Gospel way and if you that humans take control of this instead of trusting in Christ it will be corrupted this is what we say please let me share this I love when I see the picture of people's faces when I've seen with an airport or whatever and they say What do you do pastor a minute. Sure and they say well I believe that religion has has corrupted everything and as evil people them like you know what I agree and the Bible predicted it would happen you need to be a straight a Bible prophecy because God knew it and he told us it would happen so that you would not feel the way you are and then just have this like you know not calculate recalculating just doesn't I don't know how to work I don't know what to do this is a prophecy not to show what's going to happen in the future to freak us out but to reassure us that God is still in control. Another thing that we also have to stress here is the fact that this is not this is not something that is exclusively happening in the Book of Daniel when you look at the Book of Revelation you actually have over and over and over again God for Dix what's going to have to happen with the 7 churches of Asia Minor right he says look you know I have a problem with the Church of emphasis you know have you've lost your 1st love and so God is always in interested in calling out the sins of the church why is God so interested in calling out the sins of the church unless a person is aware of who they are unless a person is aware of their sinful condition unless a person is aware or a church system or a group of people are aware of where they're headed there's no need for Christ and so what crisis saying is it's in your best interest as a human being it's in your best interest to know the critical nature of your condition because if you do not know it you're never going to come to me and this is this is why we have Bible prophecy This is why God pinpoints whether it's a church whether it's a church system or whether it's an individual when you read the Bible when I read the Bible how many times have you sat reading the Bible and said oh snap East he's talking about me right why is God dealing with me so harshly because your situation is so critical that unless you repent you're not going to come to me so let me ask you this let's say there there are brother and sister Roman Catholics who are watching out there I want to I'm a Catholic high school by. Love of people they are many people love Jesus more than that I know in other denominations but how do we really talk to them how do we really I mean we even struggle to talk about it even amongst this circle how do we do it we just did it how do we what's what are some practical tips on those who may not be students of Bible prophecy in a loving way and we know there are many ways how to do it in an unloving way unfortunately help us out here. Thank you for one thing we've talking about pointing out that this is talking about the system in the Roman Catholics Yes well the Bible is clear you know it gives all these different indications of what you're looking for and when you look through history it's incontrovertibly you know and just being honest and willing to receive what the Word of God is revealing and like we've already been talking about the reason why God does this for us is because he loves us and he doesn't want us to be part of a system that is corrupt I think it's also important in the manner in which we present things is the way that we approach it in our own minds and our own heart if I feel like oh well that's them and so I'm excluded from that problem then there's already a problem because what this is saying is that you think that you can speak pompous was against the most high you find yourself elevated above God himself right and you don't have to be Roman Catholic to feel that way you know you don't have to you don't have to be a certain you know religious not you could be in quote the right church whatever that means to you but if you have these cars these attributes these this perversion of religion then you are part of the group that is being spoken out so having a realisation that you know you could be quote wrong when you're feeling like in the right and John is wrong remember I was giving a Bible study to Roman Catholic church lady and she had a very hard time with this and what I realized was it's important that we and this is not just for Catholics is for anybody or for might for me we have to. Knowledge everyone's a personal experience with God and how the Holy Spirit is working in their lives there we are all seekers all right if you're sincere about your faith you're a seeker and God wants to guide your life but there comes a point where truth has to be spoken and has to be present and accepted so while not disqualifying someone's personal faith and experience with Christ. Our person experience always has to be informed by the truth the truth is above me the truth is above my feelings. But when I see it packaged in the package of the gospel I think that it's very important that when we see it right Jason says yes faith in him and that grace is a gift from God and that is a beautiful way to understand his prophecies and truth and that way when I see the love of Christ for me through the Bible and through prophecy then I can accept these things because God means it well as you said he wants to heal you he's trying to wake you up to heal you and so I'm thankful that God packages that in this way throughout whole scripture and this is the way we need to relate it to others as well and I think we have to also remember the fact that I mean as as as you know I'm from. Hispanic women Hispanic descent and so. And so and so during. That so there's a lot of there's a lot of deep Catholic roots in him read into the the land another culture yes yes yes and so and I actually have one of my uncles who's actually a Catholic priest and there's a lot of family going to have that is Catholic and a lot of friends that I have working at least now it's important for us to understand also the fact that the the system of Catholicism is simply institutionalization of myself. In other words it's we're institutionalizing the idea that I can save myself or worse is usually the idea that I am a representative of God I am God on Earth and this is what the pompous words are it's just this deck. Liberation this wild declaration that a human being can take the place of God or this one declaration that a human being can can have a word that is more significant powerful than the Word of God These are this is it institutionalizes this kind of doctrine but this doctrine we have to understand that it resonates with every human being it resonates within my heart because many times I have these very same thoughts and feelings that oh god I don't need you for this or God I could I have a little bit of righteousness within me that you can work with or that So yeah the Word of God is true but not in every situation in some situations I have to take control of my own of my own experience or my word is better than your word and so we have to understand that the system has been established historically through a human instrumentality of creed of a desire for power that exist bottomline it exists in the heart of every single human. Race We have looked at Bible prophecy here and we're looking at Daniel Chapter 7 and we have on veiled a new super power that has becoming a major air role character tical role in the last day events and maybe you've heard this for the 1st time when encourage you to continue your study in the Bible or maybe you've heard us for that the billionth time and you fulfill the call that God has given us to reveal this truth others but this is not a Pointing out of another denomination is pointing out the the sinfulness of our own hearts and humanity and makes me want to just come to the grace of God in the Lord heal me of my own selfishness of it's been a blessing to you and blessing to us we'll see you next week here in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes life for this and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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