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What do cats and hair balls have to do with the heavenly sanctuary?



  • March 21, 2020
    9:45 AM

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What do cats and hairballs have anything to do with the heavenly sanctuary We'll find out in this episode of adverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring. Welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues. Focus. Now here's your host just in within the. Francis just in here on in verse with my friends in the studio we are in a 13 block episode of looking in 13 week block looking at the Book of Daniel that's what I wanted to say and we're in the middle of chapter $82.00 weeks ago we looked at Daniel Chapter 2 last week looked at Daniel Chapter 7 and this week were inducted chapter 8 and each week is a consecutive build up of the previous week the 1st look at character so I'm mentioning this all to you so that you can rewind and stop this episode and catch up if you haven't but we're going to get really deep into Bible prophecy in this episode so c.q. pray for us pray for us when I'm feeling the need to prayer here and we'll get into the text. Loving Lord with thankful for the understanding that we can have you with through the power of the Holy Spirit and we come before you to ask once again that you would illumine on mines that you'd help us to learn choose from you would that would transform our lives so that we can be a blessing to others as well we pray these things in Jesus' name amen amen amen Sebastian and then a chapter 8 chapter and this is kind of against going to get deep in the gritty So if you're out there watching we really want to encourage you don't just watch us we're not that good looking anyway into the Bible you read the Bible along with us I know it's on the screen and you're going to be reading on the screen but if you have your Bible on your own you're smart device and whatever you can study with us if you need a study guide go to inverse Bible Dorji where you can see the Bible study guys perching it for young adults and if you see the angle we're taking it in the Book of Daniel it's a little bit different than our dinner traditional course of looking at the Book of Daniel but we want you to engage scripture just just as we are so that we have the same experience together Chapter 8 verse one I'll stop babbling also reading the Bible Sebastian and writing in chapter 3 in verse one just peace in the 3rd year of the reign of King Belshazzar a vision appeared to me to mean Daniel after the one that appeared to me the 1st time I saw in the vision and it so happened while I was looking that I was in shoeshine the Citadel which is in the province of Elam and I saw in the vision that I was by the river lying then I lifted my eyes and saw and there standing beside the river was a ram which had 2 horns and the 2 horns were high but one was higher than the other in the higher one came up last I saw the ram pushing westward northward and southward so that no animal could withstand him nor was there any that could deliver from his hand but he did according to His will and became great and as I was considering suddenly a male goat came from the west across the surface of the whole earth without touching the ground. In the goat had a notable war between his eyes then he came to the ram that had 2 horns which I had seen standing beside the river and ran at him with furious power and I saw him confronting the Ram He was moved with rage against him attacked the ram and broke his 2 warns there was no power in the ram to withstand him but he cast him down to the ground and trampled him and there was no one that could deliver the ram from his head Ok I will stop there Ok this is we're getting into a really cool prophesying Kennelly can you going to scribe for those of the people out there who may be watching for the 1st time in this episode what have we covered thus far what you remember the high points in the Book of Daniel being this so kind of you allude to a little bit of before we even got to prophecy we talked a lot about the narratives and about the characteristics that Daniel and his friends had things like having a devotion life worth dying for and a prayer life and accountability and just these characteristics because sometimes we just look at the Book of Daniel and we kind of skim through for the prophecies are they cool we know what happens I'm moving on but we really spend a lot of time in the narratives and you know kind of characteristics we need to have you know so you just do it's going sometimes if we're not careful some people who study prophecy Here are some of the weirdest people out there who are maybe even most on Christ like are just into the information and calculation and I mean and just as in how foolish would it be to lose your life in the very destruction or prophecies that you're predicting. But there is also a certain you know devotion to Jesus Christo centricity that I call it that kind of drives you to understand the prophecies not for information sake right really to understand yourself more understand the Lord more and understand how I should interact with my fellow human being on this earth together it's a deeper experience and even how these prophecies are given I mean this one i like he's like the vision appeared to me me Daniel used me but then even when the prophecies were given to be can as Or it's. It wasn't even in his hands to interpret them but it came through God and through Daniel and so even everything in the process themselves the people that it comes through they have to be Christ centered in the lives so in the 2 previous episodes we look at that damage have to end any chapter 7 these 2 books and all the chapters in between were written in the language called Aramaic which was the language of their day 237 is kind of a book in itself and it was for everyone to understand its universe only look at the 4 universal kingdoms that are conquering all around now we go into Daniel 8 and then a is written in Hebrew Hebrew specifically geared towards the Jews so this isn't meant for everyone to understand although everyone should understand it but it's specifically the audience is for the Jewish crowd and then we get into Rams and go to school which are which are primarily Jewish ritual oriented animals and so we get very very specific it's kind of as if you know $23.00 or 7 is written in English for a whole the whole world to understand because the measure of the world uses English as the lingua franca But then now in Chapter 8 now we get into you know the show in our language where only a subgroup people of Zimbabwe really understand it is it's just it's just a gift for a local she's she's from she's Ok so then it's after 8 and says We see 2 to animals here one of those 3 animals just to recap Ramanna go in and coach and the 1st there is going to be in which 3 directions. So the Bible says when this ram is moving he was moving in the westward northward in southward directions and it was for yes and so the assumption is he is going west for these coming from the east and we follow the Bible Prophecy already by this time Babylon has fallen square in the middle of the 2nd kingdom so in the media Persia and media Persia had gone actually west to conquer all is so so even directionally we're facing right on in Greece is appearing on the other side 2nd gold in google maps out there and actually look at the map So Greece is out there and Greece is going in which direction the Bible says. Where is and came from the west of the land yet to the end it's going east so even directionally got these 2 things going on so these 2 of farm animals who are fighting and really Israel is between don't go as far and it just makes them suspect not to you but only Donald. You know from Anil's but sanctuary animal better way of saying Ok Ok so you see here especially give us more more details here we talked about directions but anything else we see from one of the 1st things we find is that this vision is given to Daniel is actually the Bible says in the 1st verse that it was in the 3rd year of the reign of King Belshazzar which we know was the final king of Babylon so we saw that Daniel Chapter 7 was given in the 1st year of the oceans or so when we when we look at this prophecy in this vision that Daniel is having he's oftentimes starting from the very nation that begins the prophecy so usually in Babylon he starts with the king you are the head of gold in this one it's interesting that both shows are as present but in God's mind it's already moved to the meet in the Persians so he starts with this this Ram The 2nd thing that is important also to observe is that as opposed to the animals in Daniel Chapter 7 which were unclean animals that would never be used in the Hebrew ritual or sanctuary these animals are sanctuary type animals which. Very deeply tied into the religion in the practice of the Hebrews which was how God was showing them how he was going to do with the problem of sin Ok and I yes just to go on the interpretation part it was 20 and 21 you actually have the kingdoms named 20 and 21 Ok we'll get there we'll get there we want to look at the details here and I'm going to the game because that's that's that's kind of the clincher there so look at this ran if I had 2 horns one was higher than the other and Marilyn the bear which is a little lopsided parallel a media person which is a little bit lopsided because you're a media and in the Pearl you and then a Persian Oh but anyway Persia Persia it's all right and then in verse 5 you have to go and they go it's coming out with this humongous whore Yeah and it breaks up into for later on yes and you see we talked about this last week we had the one big thing that a lot more and so on the foreheads Yeah so again parallels are fine all over repeat in a large Go google maps are zooming in and getting more details around Ok what's happening on after that let's go to verse in cow can you reverse. Ok therefore the male goat grew very great but when he became strong the large horn was broken and in place of it for notable ones came up toward the 4 winds of heaven there and out of one of them came a little horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south toward the east and toward the glorious land and it grew up to the host of heaven and it cast down some of the host and some of the stars to the ground and trampled them he even exalted himself as high as the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away and the place of his sanctuary was cast down because of transgression an army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices and he cast truth down to the ground he did all this and prospered Ok so who in the world is this sick you what's going on here. Interpretation ho ho yeah you know. She's excited go to the interview or you know pick out the parts that you want her way study that passage Oh well as others will say that we have. The interpretations start in verse 15 like an interpretation is given to Daniel Yes what he was seeing comes in verse 16 Gabriel make this man understand the vision Ok Ok verse 20 the ram which you saw having the 2 horns they are the kings of media and post Ok you have 2 horns like you said you know lopsided media and Persia and he says and the male goat is the kingdom of Greece so straight up mentioned in the Bible we don't need to go in So Africa. And Russia were that in the Bible and we know that Daniel 27 and 8 a parallel you know. Interpretation goes backwards and one thing that it adds there is it says that in verse $21.00 as the mill go to the kingdom of Greece the large horn that is between its eyes is its 1st King which we can identify as Alexander the Great so the furious speed with which that goat was moving from the west not even touching the ground was showing how aggressive Alexander was conquering as he was coming towards an attack of the person k. Yeah Ok so our interpretation is sound thus far of. The past as the scally just read. And the latter time of the kingdom when the times were pretty simple this was $2333.00 a King Saul rise having fewer speeches will understand synthesis games of mystery for his power shall be mighty not he's power but he shall destroy fearfully prosper thrive so when we've read before in chapter 7 we heard this language of the horn. And we hear that language again that there was a little horn that comes up when I'm talking about Alexander the Great who's you know it was split into 4 that before there's another this is the little horn power that comes out and it's come. By and with Invest in 11 he. And and you have the century language again this century was cast down so this has a religious connotations again like we saw in chapter 7 so thus far we got to $7.00 and $8.00 all paralleling each other we're going year we're from Babylon to me to Persia to Greece to Rome and the power after Rome with on a last episode was the Roman Catholic Church Yeah and from the the broken Empire broken nations of Europe and then what's happening next in time line we'll find out after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments all feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next we'll handle again it is in 1st Bible no states now back to the discussion. Everyone will come back to hear it in verse we're looking at the timeline that Daniel has painted Indiana chapter 8 and so far nothing new has happened for my last episode because we covered all the empires and all the nations but there is a new piece of information that comes out and Daniel Chapter 8 of which my panelists will now talk about here are there so 11 just to recap here you see this religious power religious political power political power in verse 11 he exulted himself as high as the prince of the host and by him the daily sacrifices were taken away it's as if he's going you know he's going horizontally you know he's conquering politically and boom his missiles go up and now they're going vertical they go ballistic and now he's going religiously and tacking and this is the system that we talked on Episode 7 if you're completely confused this is part 2 of the last episode pause here go to the previous episode and then continue here what you took off. Anyway the 1st one of the 1st 12 because of the transgression and army was given over to the horn to oppose the daily sacrifices he cast truth down to the ground he did. All this and prospered Ok so this power is going to have it in a sense taking this heavenly sanctuary in a sense and then bringing it down to earth Now can any entity really do that you know so this entity is looking at something at what's in heaven and copying that and bringing it down to earth and run and manipulating it in the way they want to and I mean that's really the whole idea of anti-Christ in the Bible. Rightly so when you're you don't have to be in a poser from without which are a undergrowth of a poser from within so he's not coming as an external power to attack God in his system he's coming as oh I'm replacing that system more effective so it should look like Christ but the opposite of Christ in some way exact same time as we see all these you know movies and dumb things but in a Christ being so I'm like you know he was going to go to me or Prince Charles or no I mean any difference. In the you know Larry about that's true then of him in Camilla live happily ever after the 1st 13 who you see here that there is a same story going on a central question going on that freaks out Daniel that he asked the question How long will the vision be concerning daily sacrifices and the transgression of desolation in giving both the sanctuary into the host to be trampled under foot and verse 14 is that is the quintessential answer here verse 14 and he says to me for 2300 days and the same shall be cleansed Kelly what is going on here in this passage what's going on there's a lot of stuff. I don't look at and. That's a. Very talked about a lot of the crisis idea and so I don't know how much you may answer this so. Why do you think. This is so people thought the thing for being close is a lot of different things people thought this was when the world would end right we have that the miller right movement in the south and his church. Not of that later. But that's not what it is because we're still here yeah to happen so this time prophecy ended in 1844 you had the 2nd great awakening all of all around the world thinking Jesus was going to come thinking the earth is sanctuary and it ain't Yeah yeah and it would wasn't Earth wasn't cleanse and that separate So then they realized there was a confusion from the fact that there was a century where we in heaven and as through through very clear Bible study they saw that when God gave us things read to Moses he was basically showing him a model in heaven so he says please make sure you make the same story according to the pattern that I showed you in the mountain so when that realisation King through the leading of the Holy Spirit this is wait a minute we're confused this is not the same sure on earth or the earth as the sanctuary this is actually there's a saying sure in heaven and all these the daily sacrifices and the little offerings in the Rams and all this stuff was actually a copy it was a type to teach us about what's going on in heavenly reality and this is where some people this this is kind of like yeah yeah we need Us moment of silence and it's just kind of I just I think so so God is in heaven and God is not in some clouds with some you know gold and whatever and he just flown around with harps and you know little you know you know fat babies flying around. Yeah that's that's and I don't know where that came from that I was from from Ok all right but the God It is described to be in a house and a man of sorts and outside you have a big big barbecue if you will big swimming pool you know we call this the altar of incense and the cleansing lever inside God's inner inner room you have a big dining table to table of showbread you have a big chandelier hold a candle stick in the largest. You know incense thing that there is a room freshener you know if you sit a breeze before for a breeze. And then enter most inner most chamber you have God's throne and this thing is there is not for an edifice to Howe's God but what is the function of the sanctuary so you can go to the book of Hebrews the entire book is kind of based on this notion of a century up in heaven so that the things the realities that are happening in the century in heaven are our guests teaching us about the plan of salvation and what God does in order to save humanity you've got on the outside you know that that altar of sacrifice which Jesus was sacrificed on the cross cross and so all of these things in the if you go through this century talk to us about what God has been doing has done and is doing in order to save humanity so I understand in this century message actually gives us insight into the work that the entire Godhead that all of Heaven engages in in order to save humanity and to bring the entire universe back into harmony. And I share with the opener about a catch and hairballs anything in the world is going on so a cat is known to be one of the most for studious animals there are a dog you need to cleanse all the time but a cat you do not have to because a clean clean clean itself yes but you know how hair and in the hair follicles are indigestible it's fiber right and so that all these things all this loose hair comes from a cat the cat spends all day you know licking itself in and pruning pruning itself in is it just cleaning it like cleaning itself and then you know the cat has a little hooks on the edge of its tongue and it's you know it's combing through its hair and then it catches all these loose hairs and swallows it yeah and as a swallow the digestive system doesn't digest it doesn't doesn't go out to the other side it just accumulates and allows it to become a ball until it gets to a certain time when the fullness of time has come over route then in to regurgitate and a hairball comes out so in that. Sense in a very very very very crude and rude sense but in a very easy way to understand that when we sin yes and we ask for forgiveness God in His grace He forgives us we praise the Lord for that image but that sin does not just disappear that that sin does not die along with Jesus who died on the cross Jesus's blood allows that sin to be transferred off of our record and it goes into the heavenly sanctuary and all the sins all the sins of humanity have been going into the sanctuary for many many many many millennia Yes going up there and was $844.00 where now the process is now starting for the regurgitation of all the sins that come out now although we're cleansed when we ask for forgiveness it's the sanctuary that's the only thing that's dirty in the universe and that the building needs to be cleansed and so the question after you is this why 844 What is that symbol I Why why not during you know Babylon or me to Persia or Greece or Rome and what that why wait to this point in time because in the Israelites economy they had they went through these rituals right every single day they bring the animals and they take the blood and the sprinkle it on on that veil that was between the whole and the most holy place so what throughout the year this and symbolically through this blood is coming and coming and coming in but it comes a point in time where it has to be condensed out right this is not something that happens every single day this kind of in a communication that happens and kind of points to in our in the history of the world over time you know things have been building up the world was evil when Adam and Eve sent because sin came into the world but this kind of been an accumulation that has been happening and become a kind of drawing to a climax Jesus comes he died for our sins he makes it possible for salvation to happen to anyone but throughout history there has to come a point in time what God has said is that they'll come a point in time with this. Dops you know he's not going to lengthen continue forever is not that people are not as and keeps things anything any pending I don't come to Jesus and taste already so that I can keep doing this and we want to make progress and God wants the world to make progress to get to a point where we get rid of sin and eradicate this and start fresh the earth made new and this is what the cleansing of the centuries is this cleaning process that sets us up to have a whole new world. That's Ok if there's any reference. All new I just I'm meant to think yeah like I already have everything made new and it came out but if you and I wanted to also add to that is when you're when you're dealing with the say sure where there were not only daily rituals happening in the sanctuary but there were annual fees that happen and so we look at Passover where they remember being delivered from Egypt and then we deal with the Feast of Weeks which is like Pentecost 50 days later and eventually it led to an annual ritual the Day of Atonement and this was the day of cleansing was what the word essentially means and so on this particular day this was actually the build up over the year through the feast in the daily things that Siegel was describing that God says now we're going to be completely cleansing the sanctuary and also removing those sins and putting them where they belong and there was 2 goats that were selected on that particular day and so in this sense 844 represents the spiritual reality and fulfillment of that particular festival through the Hebrew century which was teaching them the lesson was somehow through the course of history Christianity we've lost sight of those insights that the Jews in Jesus was teaching and understood some are just wasn't passed down and we missed it so 1844 there's nothing magical necessarily about the year but it's it was prophetically given to us here in this prophecy in the new age and then clarified in Daniel 9. In terms of how long is God going to allow this desecration to take place and when he's going to cleanse obviously that leads us to that entire typical time and that the whole cleansing of the century the importance of that for me personally is that God doesn't just want to clean a place like he wants to clean me it's so the centuries being cleansed because I've been confessing my sins to Jesus and symbolically to being transmitted over there into the century but the whole point of the tensing is because he's trying to clean my life and so that becomes significant because there's nothing to gain if I'm not putting anything in there he needs to be cleaning me in order for that to have any kind of weight or any kind of significant and it also shows you that Jesus is not just interested in forgiveness he wants to get rid of sin period because if God forgives me and if I was a national forgave for all these passages and we all have basements in our lives right dark places that we hope are we good deeds never come to light and yet God has built a plan in place to remove that so they never will come to light and not only that but that God is saying Sebastian I don't want you to be free from the penalty of sin I want you to be free from the power of sin and I'm going to take you to a world a whole new world where sin is not even in existence and so in this experience right can you imagine live in a society where when the Bible describes heaven walls are transparent because there's nothing to hide there's no secret evil is going on there's no you can literally let your kids walk for miles and miles and miles in heaven no worries of kidnapping more injury or harm I mean just the beauty of that place but God saying I have to deal with sin you know in order to get us to that place we look at 3 Bible prophecy timelines as far and then a Chapter 2 The emphasis was a Jesus is coming again and gives us the time line about what kingdom would be around when Jesus is coming then a Chapter 7 talked about before Jesus comes to will be an entity a false religion so don't freak out religion is going to mess up but God still is in the midst of his. People and die in Chapter 8 we say before the coming of Jesus but after this false religion the sanctuary in heaven will be cleansed which means time is wrapping up and God will not let sin run forever but he's going to make things come to a close been stirred up by these prophecies I know I have and my team has God bless you will see you next week here on earth you've been listening to in verse a Bible based conversation Sally word is wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter he could tackle your host just an. Inverse is brought to you by the folks at television that changes like this and more inspiring ever so there's an inverse to that or I. Find this on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't vice.


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