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The Shock Doctrine

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • February 20, 2010
    10:00 AM
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I was I was due to family must be in a brand-new building I tour your women were building is an unzip out of the lot longer to finish moving this mama on campus anymore this is a beautiful structure and with my things out of lineup and on Ivanhoe can use the space is now a parking is so easy to run across the street and I'll just do once at the level of the black frock renege it coming across the streets of our real happy lacking walking safety to church and you guys now pray the Lord and I thank you for the interest for the invitation of this was a little bit unusual normally they plan me to come weeks we can advance in this week I was called in the late notice but that working outside could be here and I praise God because I enjoy worshiping Aaron Ivanhoe wanted to remain and Bibles if you have a Bible to Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen for the start of verse eleven Revelation chapter thirteen starting in verse eleven the Marines are inverse eighteen Revelation thirteen starting in verse eleven the Bible says and I beheld another beast out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he speak of the Dragon in the exercise of all the power of the first beast before him and causes the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly as he did with great wonders so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men and deceive and them that dwell on the earth by the means of though the marital with jet powered to do in the side of the beast saying to them that dwell on the earth and they should make an image to the beast which had the wound by a sword and a live and have power to give life to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed because if all small and great rich and poor free and voluntary see the market in their right hand or in therefore is that no man might buy or sell save he that he had the mark with the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him that understand him him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for the number of a man in his number is six hundred three score and six our message the Sabbath is entitled the shock doctrine the shock doctrine let us pray father God we thank you for bringing us together into this wonderful edifice on the show holy Sabbath day one transforming common use of this structure of father God now Angels would be given charge over this place this would be in place with the Holy Spirit would do well I thought about it as I speak today my thoughts my words are not heard but instead father God we are given a message from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen as John is on the Isle of Patmos banished because he can't be killed so easily added in order to try and limit his impact on the new and and budding Christian church he is banished onto an island dear John in the quietness of major patents in the rough rocky island but he's able to really have time with God in his old age one of the things is amazing about John and about the book of Revelation is that John in the quietness of his exile is able to see things that no human really has been receiving not since Daniel has such vivid visions really been seen at John's case these things and he begins to write them down and explains to not only himself and the church at the time but all the way through our day job of explaining what will come upon the earth it is powerful because John is obviously a very good student of the Old Testament Scripture so he is able to see the vision and see the images and John understands the connection that the book of Revelation has back to the book of Daniel it is all-powerful all of the written word that is given in Revelation as a matter of fact when you look at Revelation chapter thirteen one of the things that is powerful is that he begins to describe a beast and this lease is different than the movies that you see in Daniel and most of the other beaches in Revelation in fact the Bible says in Revelation chapter thirteen verse eleven the John Mills a beast coming up out of the earth and if these are actually more like a lamb and he spake as a dragon of most of you're probably familiar with the idea that this beast represents the United States of America what is interesting about this piece is that this priest really does not have a four we read of the book of Revelation and Daniel Norman of these are given the forms of all animals and so you can link them back to the literal sense the donations they represented our recommended but also you can link them to be on each other now what's interesting here is B's without form is actually more like a lamb but speak of the Dragon a lot of times we mixed up and save a bit of a lamb like beast in fact the Bible does not describe these that weight is a scrap of having two or luckily animal horns are indicative of the animal or obese in this case that the power of the beast when that power come from not afford a like a lamb because it gives you the connotation that somehow this beast by some connection to being a landline like Christianity land Jesus Christ Ellen White describing this most vividly and and and and accurately says that these are Protestantism and Republicanism meaning that they all represent the Christian church that have broken away from the Catholic Church and we now know that that is the group one of the major groups that really started the United States of America and this government would be a representative government meaning that it would not be a dictatorial control so that it looked like a lamb in both senses the people will have a voice in this kingdom the people well voice and the principle that laid out the star of this nation one being based in Protestantism is rebuilt without on the shoals of the data 's true one of the things that's interesting is when you look at it something has to happen to this beast something after the beast that goals are met towards light a lamp and if you stop there it will describe the United States one way but what becomes interesting is that the second part of this don't have to want that an applicant would speak like a dragon what size verse twelve all models of the first beast before him and called all your than the dwell therein to worship the first beast whose deadly with you that watched him a lot of questions I wanted you with today is what happens to this beast that switches to change the course of where it is galling but it also may not be what I have a power source being representative government and positive the belief that speaks like the driving force is the wireless worship the beast that came before the question for me it would be what would make this beast even necessary what happened in a while that the first of these do what the second meeting that in the first place why the need to make an image to the first beast the left look at the first beast Revelation thirteen one thousand hospitals than with the thought piecewise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten wanted upon his horns ten crowns and applauded as the name of blasphemy instantly one difference is that one of these comes up out of the earth one from the Odyssey when of the sea represent multitudes of people so one of these comes up whatever people that would be Europe and what comes up whatever many people think also you can add where people were transplanted to the Americas were a place where people were transplanted to a nation of immigrants as it were there only one set of people in the United States the didn't choose to come here in recent history about our goals are the indigenous woebegone Native Americans everybody else was brought here one other group was brought against their will was with African slaves America is a nation of transplanted people so she looks different but she comes up out of the earth no one from the loudest leave is the first reason Revelation seven thirteen the Bible says I is not a fan of the Johnson zombies why a lot of the sea having seven heads and then one and one is one ten grounds and unwanted heads the name of blasphemy and the bees which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet where the beautiful beer in his mouth of the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat and bring already scared to drive him again the one-piece dresses Ball Dragon the other one species like the Dragon in the second part of Revelation thirteen and I saw one of a set of the were wounded to death and his deadly wound was healed in all the world wondered after these and they were so the Dragon with a power of the beast and it wasn't the be saying who is like unto the beast who was able to make all with him and it will give them a mouth speaking great things and blasphemy and look at this and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months and he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God the blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven and was given up into my wallet sustained and will give them in person I don't overcome the things and how was given only given him over all kindreds and tongues and nations and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him names are not written the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world 's worst life everything that happened here let them here either at least in the captivity shall go into captivity is that deliver the sword must be killed with the sword the patient's and the faith of the saints to lease in one chapter the first piece seems to complete power and control in Revelation chapter thirteen what happens to make the second least necessary if the first being the least as so much control while the second beast even be necessary and what would shift the Loral for place where they what I would need to be the speed like a dragon at the resurrected midst of a first beast what shall happen in the world and what moved in four different approach well on the back of your dollar if you look on the back and abdominal round of regional United States there is a statement of the in the Latin translated a New World order for the ages are calling to the Treasury Department in Washington DC that all of the Latin on the back of the dollar bill translated by them a note this meeting is an arm of God 's favor our endeavors or he has favored our endeavors it is a Mazzilli and on both Lasorda Sapporo a new world order for the ages when they were coming from Europe to the United States they will build also said we won't create a new world order in the United States something different will happen I should assume I was want to happen in the world but a question you ask yourself is if a country is built on representative government the representative government and Protestant principles how to turn from that kind of a government the one that speaks like the Dragon and forces people to do what it wants forcing worse upon people upping it does not want to worship what happened to the United States of America and how the representative government is not allowed to happen I want to introduce you to a concept that I got from a book by Naomi Klein her book is entitled the shock doctrine a brilliant book written to help you understand and help all of us understand that America is shifting who she is I will when I was a youth who uses even if we don't even want to learn that is dignified not to follow it God will remind you of the in the headlines of newspapers and on the cover the bad you will once you know the truth of this charge will be inescapable it will be all around whenever there's an earthquake in more than one place and are in the world in one week you want me even if you've gone well little world you will remember what you were taught earlier every time there are other issues that look like the rights of the individuals and specifically religious freedoms are being threatened you will a CNN run the story you'll be reminded of what you were taught when you were younger but the shock doctrine is one of the books that done it doesn't probably a better job of explaining how the United States will go from a free country to being a more totalitarian dictatorial on country that almost any book I've ever written I have read about the right one hour is she uses the example of Martin Friedman who is the great capitalist thinker an economist who was bottle wrote the book capitalism and freedom Ronald Reagan on on the arm of his own on the campaign trail you carried a book around women capitalism and freedom is where we get terms like of free trade and opening up of markets and M Bill Clinton's exit and turned that the two phrases like globalization and we all realized that I say that's what I'm unless we know what we do not realize that if we are true Christians understand Scripture we should not and falling in the party lines politically the citizens of this great nation we ought to exercise our right to vote but we get the wholesale take a package with the parties teaching begun to the relevant non- Latin script writer somebody but the truth so when you look at is what Friedman wrote this and once removal of the economic divides into a postal Pinochet in Chile and Angela Boris Yeltsin and Ross and I could go on and on all the countries of the world of the influence economic policy he was amazing for the Digest a few years ago just after Hurricane Katrina while Friedman describes a method house sound doctrine works he says only a crisis actual or perceived can produce real change bonuses when that crisis occurs the two that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around that I believe in the basic forms and to develop alternatives to existing policies to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically in applicable Martin Friedman said that if you want to change America radically if you want to change the world make sure that the item that you need double the world and the direction you want are laying around and available after every catastrophe of major shock that is given to the world or to read another quote here this quote comes from one of his statements on shock and all that was written that was written by a military advisor he says it all Audubon and Robin Dominus the military doctrine on the war in Iraq is a socket all actions that create fear what this danger and destruction that are incomprehensible to the people at large specific elements last seconds of the threat society or the leadership major in the forms of tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes flood and uncontrolled fires famine and disease can endanger shock and awe I submit to you that I am going in Iraq and in doing a shock and awe campaign was not simply a military mindset I want to submit to you that it was an atomic mindset as well that you can shop the plunging back into the Stone Age I will describe when they were describing what happened in Afghanistan we went in and take it we can shop these properties back we can then start with the from the Latin phrase popularized that we can start with a clean slate and countries the way we want them all to start to get this done what is going to happen to lead the world to move from out of the mold from a nation where Protestantism of representative government are the way is that there are not shocked the country one whole country full of three nation the free nation that has been in a kind of totalitarian regime that would be needed for Revelation thirteen to be fulfilled and Roger were no one of my favorite authors in his book a trip into the supernatural when he was worshiping the demons inside the Demon three said that the devil himself studying the prophecies in the Bible and tries to use what he knows is coming upon the earth to his advantage but in Matthew chapter twenty four Matt twenty four starting at verse six Matthew chapter twenty four starting in verse six here Jesus as he explains to his disciples what will come in the end of the world Matthew twenty four verse six and is a you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you be not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet or services for nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there shall be watched for seven Athens and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places but impersonate it says all these are the beginning of sorrows not the end of the beginning I want to understand something profound that the double studies the word evangelical understanding catastrophe and calamity will come upon the word of God spirit as they withdraw from a card and McDonald then sets up and said every time of the calamity I will be using to my advantage to mold the world away from all three stable societies in terms of America entomology totalitarian one and how the devil literally use the shock doctrine to rule the world and the United States away from freedom and Republican democracy into an oriole rule a wife that the time that happened there will be sorrow in the world but no human bomb can heal the spirit of God is being withdrawn disasters by sea by man follow one another in quick succession how frequently we are earthquakes tornadoes of destruction by fire flood the great loss of life and property apparently these calamities are capricious outbreaks of disorganized unregulated forces of nature wholly beyond the control of man when them all purpose may be read as they are among the agencies by which seems to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger God uses the very natural disaster that the devil will use the tribes of this and you use the shock doctrine to move the world the end of Revelation chapter thirteen what a mark of the beast of heaven and UK BIOS unless you have it he was into war I suddenly realized the danger we are enlisting in this world our response to the catastrophe that will automatically one of some random event happen and that we are clueless as to what's really going on we've got to understand that the injuries right and natural disasters which are well documented by the meteorological Society more and more every year the old Dudley happening these are signs of all that it is time for us to build greener factories and in and change the way you are on a business is that it will live on forever I'm not against green of factories but I can tell you that the market down a harbinger of a deeper more salient truth and that is that Jesus is soon to return and when he comes we will have been warned that those of us who go through because we would've her and she is warning echoed the very teachings of the Scripture applied to what we see going on in the world now that's some heavy stuff but I wanted to do back in Revelation chapter thirteen because I want to talk a little bit about what happens when a great thing that happens to go from the first by Revelation thirteen the last part is that it was a great revolution in the United States of America a revolution against the British policy I want to tell you that I am very patriotic American I was born in the Constitution state and in Connecticut and the doctors is that you have to understand the Constitution they really focus on the Constitution so that when you double constitutions that underlie complete stop in another state erratically should be able to describe something about the Constitution I personally believe the Constitution of Nevada think of the partly inspired the Constitution the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were all divinely inspired and Nelson Mandela when he was why is it that you are the black majority in South Africa and shake off apartheid at the black minority with able to shake off segregation in the United States why was he were they able to use South Africans were able to Nelson Mandela that the secret is in their document Martin Luther King Jr. said that when the floor while founding fathers of this great nation relative documents they wrote a blank check but the day came when black America simply acted like the name on the check is presented by the country in a country without the middle and and pay the check is something special about the document of the United States of America something profound even about the document of the United States of America and the revolution that took place is what in part allow this these two wants to come up the way that they did in fact it was infighting in Europe it may inevitably in the first part of Revelation chapter thirteen at the Karabakh idea what was normal in Europe and leave alone the things that were born on United States of the thirteen colonies to become the fifty states that we now have powerfully gobbles manipulated and working on the world scene the first thing that happened in every big method with American Revolution the second in Revelation chapter eleven when you turn back one verse seven revelations eleven seven when the time I finished their testimony the beast ascended out of the bottomless pit selling war against them and to overcome them and kill them and a dead body shall be mistreated the grace of the Spirit is also out of Egypt were also on Lord was crucified with another priest and I will live on in person you can listen to his and methods on his beast we talked about hold here in our humanism and secularism another pornography the French Revolution the second revolution that allows this shift or make the necessary vision of the French Revolution more European began for off church in general and become humanistic secular and NHL in Europe last year and I remember being in Spain and then describing to me all along the place where they can refinance out of it about Muslim woman that shot if I think anywhere result ahead because this is too much of religious expression one revolution run revolution to revolution and if you look back a little farther in Revelation chapter eleven you see that even here into adverse to the extent that this of the holy city shall be under foot forty and two month is forty two months on end of the first of these is the same for each month if something happens and we know that start at five thirty eight eighty with Justinian and in seventeen ninety eight study end of the seventeen hundreds this is his business a symphony of revolutions begin to happen around the world to write one in America and France changing the landscape of the world allowing the prophecies the company fulfill but in the final revolution a woman talk about the revolution happens on the island of Hispaniola is not a revolution that is sparked by a man named to software with your in the simplest lady who was educated in Paris and then educated and all the people of this model is interesting when Pat Robertson seven note the Haitians sold their souls to the devil and athletic mingled allowed unfortunate speech of the truth automatic in nation many amazing people I've never given up their African and into some animist religions but it shouldn't matter what that much of what was going on in Europe will no different it will normally advice and treatment of the slaves themselves with counterproductive to making them Christians want to join the religion of the people will continue SL discussion it is an unfortunate statement is in a lot of Luke thirteen aware with Jesus in verse one through five any wind in the disciples question about amending the tower called upon them and is a must of been more sinful about the managing of them know everybody guilty if you're not careful over what happened to you that third revolution was critical because it created a second free country and western hemisphere but this one wasn't a slave Thomas Jefferson said and I hope for the inspection of freedom they got the slaves in any of not getting caught by our slaves in the United States it wasn't talking terrible time when this happened the battle slays the French twice the British and Spanish liberating the island later on Simone Boulevard it will go on to liberate Latin America Simone Bolivar was given asylum in energy and I want to tell you that when you look at the shock doctrine is a great place to look at how you can control and manipulate a people economics because the French people of America in the Robert of the barricades around wood battleships around the island and cut off the island and forced them to in one hundred and twenty five million francs is the repetitive but alas the problems the French laws talk about a sound doctrine in France was solid like this all humanistic and all our liberty and freedom is not intrigued as one group of people over economics and money is a powerful thing because the reason people are poor to this day because of the financial burden that will place on the company teaching of introductory global health wars University California Irvine or start a school of Public health and a particular graduate classes in one of things I wanted these about global help you when you travel the world able to developing nations one of the things you begin almost doomed into thinking that somehow the people have done this to themselves is something that you have this great thing to bring them and don't realize that it is the speech of the Dragon in many ways wireless cart design recognition now because the speed of the Dragon and not of law it is also policy Bill Clinton when he put everything back in power Bill Clinton for station people to reduce the terrors that they had on foreign rice by doing so the subsidized rice that came in from another party what United States was cheaper than the right patients to grow under their own dictated by the Haitian people to feed themselves anyone for that looks the isometric unit one Avenue of the catastrophe a calamity of revolution and uprising a tornado or even quite the shock doctrine will be taken to control people submitted an earthquake just on Haiti with two hundred years in the making all of the policies against Evian water concrete medals you wanted building fast up and pressed up against the side of the building how we understand from a prophetic standpoint but in very Babylon can control the world the use of economic life of the big list of free trade and open markets and globalization because you can control the current of money in the world you can control the world how will Babylon be in the module housing the Navy at all very proud to see what etc. how to add the hospital was still functioning there are people with the lowest on us I spent time proposal dated the years ago and I was amazed at how Adventist Christian they were in fact sometimes I wonder if the missionaries are going in the wrong direction in the developing world because the church was packed on a Wednesday night overflowing with people on a spondylitis in Jamaica the Dominican Republic one of Africa I'm amazed that their commitment to the call of God and we all as we have something to bring that I will not go and I'll feel like I shouldn't be telling them anything because if I ride a bicycle in the rain would one get on the front one get on the spot and went on the back to working on and what nutshell what the church for me the shock doctrine said that these things will come together revolution chapter eighteen I will read it now read Revelation chapter eighteen it shows you that the merchants of the world we deal with Babylon the margins of the world it is all economics they stand afar off the Bible says in the days ahead for seventy for one hour so great revelation eighteen verse seventeen one I was so great was his thumbs and not an efficient master and all the company of ships and sailors as many as trade by sea stood afar off and find one when they saw the smoke of a British thing what cities like London this brings the one man because the dainty and other delicacies and the regulatory one on understanding the global economic is key to understanding probably be minimal a lot of the direction of control what happened with money revelation thirteen the Bible clearly sent you will not be able to buy more now meaning you get not only do not know you know we always give me the kid growing up in an underlying human unemployment line of Adobe live in Connecticut record grunting and and and and and a blog while you want to produce work the world which can change drastically and usually is not in the economic history of all of Chile everyone from our young day to all people should be studying out what blogging was the one from Gorbachev to Yeltsin you will understand that these people can come in and kill a victim of three percent unemployment rate of thirty percent unemployment on the legions of Milton Friedman 's the shock doctrine Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans all of a sudden Milton Friedman almost wanted that they jump in and switch the public school system and in woman from a public school system the one that will be somewhere between public school system and not have vouchers and private schools everywhere the defendant 's finale were now high-rise hotel that one of the shock doctrine reportedly and I was a simple fishermen who use the lobby on the cc or the places like Sri Lanka Thailand and in parts of India Anbar and their setting up the build diet hotels instead of the shock doctrine network was submitting that the shock doctrine works another way five privileges to be regulate privatized in that of the country government spending and government programs and use if all else fails there and intimidation to control the country and you can wonder than Argentina and Chile were responsible on the dictator but on lives of tens of thousands of people in the Horn of Latin America South America while I submit to you that as Christians you have to be careful with the devil does not apply to sound doctrine in your personal life but it will show up and find a way to destroy personally I like that of the great controversy page five thirty same is well aware that the weakest soul of leviathan prices more than a match for the wholesome darkness therefore he seeks to draw when the soldiers of the cross from their strong fortification the great controversy page five thirty if you are in Christ the devil is going to work to use a sharp turn to pull you out from being in Christ there five things that surprised me is what seventy one seventy two five things I want to the devil will use that are five things that I used in the shock doctrine accordingly only five oh five things that will be used to pull you out from uprising in Jesus Christ the first thing in the pleasures of the world and how I and and on one authors that the rights owner says that one away the value of those places must be innocent pleasures always Joe probably have it all over every audio burst sermon I've done that my brother is a prime example of another product that was intended every play on every NFL NBA NCAA football and basketball player asked the twelve disciples of an NCAA player things every four years apostle seventeen two thousand and the little pool you away you can do what my feelings on all of these you will have done when my mother died that one other thing that happened to me without that I went and got almost angry matter and please allow one hundred dollars to build out pain and suffering from cancer the way she did life pain perplexities and sorrows if you're not careful will pull you out from abiding in Jesus Christ believe the shop doctrine against you and shake you out of the safety of abiding in Jesus Christ learn the fault of others when you don't come to church on the bottom of our denomination and allow what other people say to upset you so much bother you so much that it shakes you out from abiding in Jesus Christ the devil will use people inside the church even to try and pull you away from Jesus Christ the faults of others in the argument for thing in your own salt and imperfections the fact you struggle with the impending victory over them the devil will try and shake you use the shock doctrine on you and make you think of because I can't get the victory over visiting well not exactly even Paul said that three times he prayed again something to be removed from it and it was not removed because Jesus said my grace is sufficient for you the final thing I want as will be used by the devil to shock you out of a safe place of abiding in Jesus Christ 's anxiety and fear as to whether or not we shall be saved when we submit to you that being a seven-day Adventist Christian and Christian means that you have to have faith without faith it is impossible to boot to the serve God faith is critical and righteousness my friend him by faith and the problem is on the web that we try and save ourselves we will miserably fail we've got to learn to lean wholly on Jesus Christ he must be the source of our strength he must be the motivating factor in our life and what got us into serving and and living for him when the devil wanted to make you think that you've done so much wrong yourself off from the mark is so well that you could never be saved if you're not sure about and so you roughly gobbled them up to say but if you are abiding in Christ and you question of salvation the lack of faith and his righteousness by faith you put yourself in the spiritual predicament the W 's the shock doctrine we noted your time is coming to rapidly to amend let me submit the unit all of the things you see happening in the world should remind you of how important it is to live in Jesus Christ and let nothing pull you away and then


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