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The NATURE of Happiness

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer


  • December 7, 2019
    4:30 PM
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Heavenly Father we thank you so much for your love we thank you for the sun that was was here today outside and what a blessing it is this time of year to have that we just pray that your Holy Spirit would guide us as we look at some of the blessings that you've given us and your Holy Spirit rain down to work on each and every heart in Jesus' name amen natural healing and the brain natural healing in the brain no. Could it be that some things like this and if someone's here in the recording you can see it on the screen but we have a cell phone we have the video game controller could it be that this is keeping many young children away from this getting outside we talked about this a little bit last night that you know kids used to it just used to be part of life that you played outside in one shared with you last night that researchers have found that the average child spends about 8 minutes outside a day 8 minutes and they have found that the average prisoner in a maximum security prisons spends about an average of 2 hours outside a day. So the question is who's really in prison these days and I might argue with the children right I mean in 8 minutes I don't even understand it seems criminal that schools would like kids out more than 8 minutes a day when I was a kid I mean surely even if even a short break was more than 8 minutes and it was outside that was part of life unless it was really raining or something like that. But once again just by way of review we looked at God gave us all of his statutes it says in Deuteronomy $624.00 in the Lord commanded us to do all these statues to fear the Lord our God for our good always God gave His commandments for our good good always that he might preserve us alive as it is this day meaning that the Commandments also have a longer have any benefit that he might preserve our lives we saw that man strongest impulse urges him to seek his own happiness and the Bible recognizes this desire and shows us that all of heaven will unite with man in his efforts to gain true happiness now this is another interesting thought here so God gave us this Commandments for our happiness our greatest desire is to be happy and notice this god made nature also for our happiness this is beautiful God who made the Eden home of our 1st parents so surpassingly Lovely has given the noble trees the beautiful flowers and everything lovely in nature for our walk. Happiness Now think about that if God gave us all the beautiful things that are in nature and he gave them specifically to make us happy and if we're spending 8 minutes a day outside could it be that we're missing some of the things that God actually created to make us happy and I'm guessing in those 8 minutes that your average child is spending outside today they're not actually spending time thinking about nature or even looking at nature right it's not even an issue right it's it's literally 8 minutes as I said I'm guessing I'm just thinking about it would probably be about the time that it would take to get from the car from the house to the car and then from the car to school and then from you know school to the car and then from the car to their home that would be about 8 minutes right so meaning they're spending almost 0 amount of time outside and so could it be that we're missing on the things the simple things that God gave us to bring happiness we might be missing out on that we might be totally like you know just kind of lost as to what God's actually trying to use to make us happy and the Bible speaking of Jesus our perfect example in March chapter one in verse 35 the Word of God says in the morning speaking of Jesus rising up a great while before day he went out and departed into a solitary place and there prayed Jesus spent a lot of time outside we know that because of partly how much you walked right I mean the mode of transportation for Jesus now we see wrote a donkey one time that we know of but in general it was way up. It was walking and it was outside and some people some people actually estimate I think this is probably an exaggeration Some estimate that Jesus walked 20 miles a day I doubt it but he walked along we know that because of his travels we know where he went and we can actually say Ok went from this city this town to that town we know how long that is and so he walked a significant amount of time outside and not only that he spent time praying outdoors in any of you know that you you've spent any time out in the great outdoors and you have devotions out there you have time to pray out there there's something special about that is there there really is something special about spending time in nature especially prayer time now we already looked at the fact that too much you know time on devices and so forth we looked at the fact that people were it didn't addicted to the Internet and video games they've actually found research that shrinks their frontal frontal frontal lobe specifically the spiritual portion of the brain Now here's the thing so here's some of the negative but we want to get we're going to get to the real positives tonight about this but I want to share a study with you that we haven't shared yet on nature technology and memory and actually funny is going to come up and she is going to share with us about this all right so the nature of technology and memory and this is a very interesting one. So what it says is they took test subjects and they were to walk through an arboretum that's a natural setting to see how nature and technology would affect their memory so what they did is they took one group and they would walk for 30 minutes through the arboretum talking on their phone so that was one group the 2nd group would have have to hand over their cell phone before the walk and another group would take the memory test before going on the walk Ok so one group didn't go on a walk at all they just had to take the memory test one group went on the walk with their cell phone and then took the memory test and then one group went on a walk in nature without their cell phone and then took the test let's see what the results are now those of you in school Listen up this is good good information what happened the result was while taking a memory test those who were on the cell phone scored about 30 percent the results were about the same for those who took the test before the walk so whether you knew. Those that just went in and took the test and didn't take a walk and those that took the walk with their cell phone scored the same book at the ones that went on a walk in nature without their cell phones those who walked for a half hour in nature scored an average of 80 percent isn't that significant I mean it just blows my mind but you know what it tells us. There's something about nature that God created that makes our minds work well right our minds just work better when we're out in nature I can't explain it to you completely but God said to do it and he said it brings us happiness hey it brings happiness and scoring better on tests you write so as a student it'll make life easier want it so thumbs up to going on walks in nature right but last night we talked a little bit about delayed gratification and how important it is in later life right we talked about the marshmallow experiment and for those of you that don't know it was just a study in the sixties and seventies that they did where they try to see how children who had the ability to delay gratification how it ended up predicting how successful they would be later in life. And because they follow them for like 40 years and they saw if they were able to delay gratification as a child it predicted how they would be successful as adults so huge thing but what about phone time and delaying gratification What does that do to a child's ability to delay gratification researchers compared to young children who are mobile media users with those who did not use mobile media devices and what happen children who use mobile media were substantially worse than non-mobile media users when it came to being able to lay gratification this is huge for people who are trying to teach their kids to be successful in life right you want to instill that ability of delaying gratification because it will mean success play her in life for them right in many areas including test taking They showed that you would have higher scores if you learned how to delay gratification what else one of the great or I said it one of the greatest predictors of success and in later life is a child's ability to have strength in the area to lead gratification. A study was conducted to discover if looking at nature could help increase the power of delayed gratification again nature let's see what they found subjects were to look at pictures of nature Now mind you this is not even being in nature but just looking at pictures of nature and it says mountains or lakes or they were to have them look at pictures of buildings in the city so they either looked at natural things or they looked and cityscapes What was the results of that those who had looked at the pictures of nature exhibited substantially more power of delayed gratification and self-control. Just by looking at pictures of nature made people have more self-control so what if we spent time in nature if we spent time in nature what would that do to our self control and goodly ground of cation Wow Amazing some 121 verse one and 2 says I will lift up my knives into the hills from whence cometh my help my help comes from the Lord which me to have been in or the Lord shall preserve me from all evil he shall preserve my soul with help from looking up to the hills right there's a blessing in Ecclesiastes and 7 verse 8 it says this is about Delayed Gratification better is that end of a thing than the beginning there of and the patient in spirit is better than the proud and spirit is not any verse when you think about Delayed gratification it's a better is the end of the thing than the beginning how many people enjoy starting something new we don't right it's hard to start something new a new habit a new whatever how about delay gratification and like let's say you're in school and you're struggling to get to the end of whatever it is you're doing right whatever your goal is it's hard to begin but How gratifying is it to get through and finish. So better is the end of the things in the beginning there of and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit but just looking at nature is not beautiful just looking at nature benefits us just looking and. This is about happiness here it says in order for the young to enjoy perfect health and perfect happiness every organ and function must be in perfect operation as God designed they should be if all the organs act very natural part life health and happiness will be the result too little exercise and staying indoors too much as Chad was talking about earlier will bring on feebleness and disease of some one or more of the organs. Bring on disease in all kinds of feebleness and maybe maybe some mental issues as well you know like not getting out moving a lot of kids are told that they're just hyperactive could they could be could they be hyperactive because they need to be out moving right could it be more that that's what they need. Yeah let's let's look at this this is really interesting can listening to nature be a benefit to us mentally just listening to nature so it was the University of Sussex and participants were to listen to either natural environment or artificial environment and the natural environment sounds included wind in the trees and on another environmental song was a broke the babbling brook and Marsh and m.r.i. scans were done and during the natural sound the brain had been outward focus Ok So keep this in mind during natural sounds the brain had an outward focus and what about the other sounds during the artificial sounds of the brain had been inward focus similar to what is seen in people with depression anxiety and p.t.s.d.. Isn't that interesting so during the natural sounds like you know the wind in the trees in the babbling brook it had a calming effect and an outward effect on the brain right but people who have depression anxiety p.t.s.d. What do you mostly thinking about yourself right so you have an inward focus and what happens when you think about yourself. Right when you think a lot about yourself the problem is don't get 6 right your problems don't get resolved thinking about yourself more your problems get resolved when you have more outward thinking and upward thinking right that's one problem get fixed so those who at the beginning of the study had the highest levels of stress had the most significant drop in their stress level during the natural sounds so guess what those of us that feel that we're too busy right and we've got too much going on to get out and in here those beautiful natural sounds are the ones that would benefit the most right those are that are stressed most will benefit the most if they just get out and experience that there's a calming effect that comes on us as we spend time nature because this quote in it's in 2nd testimony to walk out after a meal hold the head erect put back the shoulders and exercise moderately will be a great benefit the mind will be diverted where from self to what to beauties in nature so here is outward focused and not interesting that science has told us the less the attention is called to the stomach after Neil the better if you are in constant fear that your food will hurt you most assuredly will forget self and think of something cheerful and that powerful. It's just so beautiful so when you go out in nature and you listen to the natural sound you see the beautiful things it makes you happy it makes you calm you forget self and your problems and you think about God and His nature and something cheerful and all these things will pass away I just think that's powerful but look at this one counsels on health page 171 a week sense of restfulness and refreshing comes over them as they listen to the murmuring breezes the drooping spirits revive the way meaning strength is recruited unconsciously the mind becomes peaceful the fever pulse more calm and regular This is very biological right what's going on here isn't that neat so all from what listening to these natural sounds that eyes are spending time out in nature it brings. It revives us but also brings a calmness and a peacefulness that we are all looking for aren't we in today's society we're just looking for a little bit of peace and we can have it we just spend the time being out in nature. So nature and relieving stress students were sent into the forest for 2 nights they discovered that students who spent time in nature had lower levels of cortisol than students in the city so cortisol is a stress hormone right that's released when you're stressed and so. That if they just spent. Time in nature it lowered their levels of the stress hormone cortisol Wow so just spending a little time going up camping would be a benefit another study showed students in nature had lower levels of heart rate and cortisol So it actually decreases your heart rate and. One of the predictors of longevity is that you don't have a high heart rate right that you can usually have a good resting heart rate this one is very interesting it was done in Sweden the study was done in Sweden urbanization and incidence of psychosis and depression follow up study of 4400000 women and men in Sweden so this was a study conducted on the entire population of Sweden of Sweden of those ages 25 to 64 there's not you know their populations aren't as big as ours but they were able to study 4400000 people I mean that's a big study that's pretty big city Swedes are quite active in nature whether it's in the summer or winter and we've lived in Norway before and in Norway people walk a lot and they even though what have these walking sticks and you guys seen those where they'll use them during the summertime as well Bill just have them all the time in the just kind of help you it helps you to keep your gait study and then also your posture history and they also have it would have a call that the skiing thing I forget but if so it's the biggest. Sport in Norway is this cross-country skiing. It's biggest sport it's more than soccer it's more than because you know soccer worldwide like the biggest thing but to the Norwegians it is cross-country skiing and they they also do like skeet shooting with it too it's like you go and go and then you shoot at something and you keep going anyway so they're very active so when we live in Norway when you walk at night because of them or gets dark early you have to have a reflector in your pocket that is pinned to your pocket to a string and when you go out walking at night you take it out of your pocket and you let it hang so that the reflector is with you all the time so that you don't get hit by a car because if you get hit by a car and you don't have that reflector it's your problem you can get a ticket for not having the reflector on you yeah so when we came there immediately to people who were staying with they said oh you need a reflector before you go walking or else you get in trouble Michael Caine so she gave us her 5 but that's how big walking is there they walk walk walk so this is Sweden and so back to the study so Swedes are quite active in nature in areas that were the most populated increase the chances of someone having psychosis by 68 to 77 percent and increase the chances of having depression by 12 to 20 percent so the more populated the area the more mental illness how did God want us to be in nature Yes Is there a blessing in being in nature there's a calmness that comes with stress relieving you know I mean it's just amazing what nature does for us but what about nature being a cancer killer and we heard about that Ok We're not claiming it clears up everything but this is really really neat so natural killer cells. People who have more natural killer cell activity have lower levels of cancer so that means these cells are helping fight off cancer right. They had 12 males from large corporations in Japan and they were taken on this 3 day to night trip into the forests they spent time walking in and gnocchi cypress forest and. They actually have the sense now that you can you know like essential oils and that kind of thing of the of one of the all it's an ex-wife so I'll go to that real quick or it was continued so they spent time walking in an Okie cypress forest what happened 11 out of 12 had nearly 50 percent higher levels of natural killer cell like to body Wow Isn't that amazing just from walking into 4th Ok this is walking that they have higher levels of metrical cell activity but there's more they also saw an increase in the number of natural killer cells so not only did the activity of the natural killer cells increase but the number of them increased just from being out in nature and the change began within one day of being in the forests within one day they're testing them right there seeing their blood levels and they're seeing that their natural killer selectivity and production increase from being in a forest Wow God is so good in it he knows how to heal these his body so 11 of the 12 men took the same length trip into the city and walked the same amount b. the say well maybe it's just the walking that helped right so they decided let's do this see what happens they saw no benefit to natural kill cell activity in the city trip no benefit. I mean that's a significant you think well if you know if I exercise in the city's gotta have some but we're talking about just the natural self you know killing cancer ability to kill cancer was not there compared to being in the 4th right and the effect happened within one day and mind you we're talking about these these people who are in corporations in Japan talk about busy busy stressful lives right and yet going out to these places really affected them in a positive way so what do the Japanese call this they call it for saving. That many forest baiting and guess what the forest bathing lasted the effects of it you know the natural killer cell effect lasted for months and months just having that little time out nature had positive effects on them physically form on wow so Pathfinders when you guys go out to take Pathfinder to know that you are physically helping yourself as well not just spiritually right but also physically you're helping yourself to get out and get that from I grew up in Chicago and I call that the concrete jungle Ok but I grew up in the city proper and that's what I call it so Pathfinders was my a skate from the city because we would go out camping and I just loved it we even went out like big trips in the summertime we went to Montana one time and rafting on the river for 2 weeks. So these little city kids we just loved it absolutely loved it and to this day I just so look up to my Pathfinder leaders and think How did you guys do it like how how did you take this responsibility and you know I just blew my mind to the stable and so anyone that's involved in that way God bless you that's awesome you know it's just awesome and my brother and I to this day we talk about it and we just were an off like the volunteerism the love everything that these people would give to us kids and so I loved it that was like my escape and then another year we went to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota anybody ever been there I figure it's a little closer here it's its. Boundary Waters of Canada and it's way up in Minnesota and it's beautiful you just canoe from island to island we did that as well which is wonderful anyway so we did our forest baiting when I was a kid. So they said that it may be beneficial to take a monthly trip to the forest to enhance your immune function so this study came out to see that call so that would be my my prescription for you this evening so it says light was given that there is health in the fragrance of the pine the cedar and the fur. And there are several other kinds of trees that have medicinal properties that are health promoting let not such trees be ruthlessly cut down let them live does not sound like a tree hugger. Funny but it's so true and look at what today we're finding out about these these essential oils and all of this right because there's something healing about these trees right there's just something that's a good look specifically the pine the cedar the fur. They have these healing properties that we can't completely explain right but they're there they're there and our bodies respond to them right and we know about the fact that you know we give them. With a c o 2 and then they give us back oxygen to write we understand that but there's more to it right there's more to that feeling property a point they give us and God is so good that he's made these things to counteract sin right since destroys this planet right sin destroys our bodies every day we're bombarded by things right and so we're being given the simple remedy used to counteract the effects of this planet on us right what about gardening and mental health. In the u.k. they have what is called an allotment garden Have you ever seen any of these they're usually in big cities yes. Very industries hand exactly in England right so we've seen them in Germany as well and they're beautiful it's just such a neat little thing people like rent out these little plots and and it's not just like you know how we have him here in the states sometimes you'll see him in certain places and you will just get plowed over and you'd have this little These are like full out little garden and you have your your place and they have grass and flowers and in a regular garden like we do and then they have like a little cottage in there you can we stay in there all the time but beautiful beautiful things so they did a study was done looking at $136.00 allotment gardeners before and after gardening $133.00 non gardeners word the control group it was seen that the gardeners had signon significantly better self-esteem mood general health less depression and anger than non gardeners so gardening health and so many different ways I just. Why not right and then guess what you're feeding yourself on your own stuff anyway so there's gotta be a blessing there too it says here on the healing garden scores of studies have been conducted on gardening in how to fax health gardening has benefits on levels of anger anxiety body mass index mental function depression fatigue life satisfaction loneliness mood self-esteem tension and vigor all these things are benefited this is what science is showing us just by gardening what is Ministry of healing tell us. Says exercise in the open air should be prescribe as a life giving necessity and for such exercises there is nothing better than the cultivation of the soil let patients have flower beds to care for or work to do in or Chisora vegetable garden as they are encouraged to leave their rooms and spend time in the open air cultivating flowers or doing some other light pleasant work in their attention will be did all their attention sorry their attention will be diverted from themselves and their sufferings again that reverting away from yourself and your problem right for diverting away from it and focusing on something cheerful but look at all these benefits that she's talking about that you get from cultivating flowers and vegetables not beautiful and this is flowers included just to let you know because sometimes we think oh is it worth spending money on flowers or waited for so many benefits the flowers and the sentiments and all of that I can show you study after study even about smelling flowers you know just the simple things and yet they have such beautiful effects on the us and. It's interesting that she's talking about let the patients write and she was telling them and that day that they should have in connection with with the hospital that they should have gardens for the patients to work in. And how beneficial there was a man before this time actually in 800 tonight I'm sorry I don't remember his name but he's a doctor and this was a mental institute he was working on and they would have people work in the gardens and they would have them work in different things chopping wood and all that and he noticed. Back then he noted that if people were felt like it was beneath them to do some of these. Manual things right manual labor that they did not heal and they ended up staying in his mental stupid those that got out and worked and got the fresh air and sunshine and laboring in and got all the benefits he said they would get well and go back home this is way back when and he said he just noticed this over and over so there is a benefit for us to get outside if we want better mental health right and the reason I just keep coming back to this is seem like I'm being a dog but today's society we have a lot of mental illness. In many of us could be plagued any time. We didn't show you this one but I should of and there was actually one in the University of Michigan No Not University Michigan State. Michigan State thank you. So they did that when their And what it was is getting out in the winter and what it did for on mental health and test taking in all that they said it didn't matter because they got all maybe it's winter or summer this is the test results are the same where there was a winter over the summer what it did for them mentally and so how important for us here when the sun's not shining that we need to get out and get the fresh air and you know what even if the sun's not shining it's a lot brighter outside than it is in here right it's a lot brighter and so that is in a number itself is having an effect on us whether we realize it or not because staying indoors you get defeated. Right because you're always thinking oh I should've I should've I should've but when you get out and you come back how do you feel you feel accomplished like I just conquered the weather right I I did it I didn't let it beat me and I went out and I enjoyed it and I feel refreshed and in the aerated and there's benefits I'm telling there is benefits and you can get through the winter a lot easier like the studies are showing and like we've been told in ministry of healing. But how about a scientifically proven way to increase brain volume so a study was done at the University of Illinois in 2006. Sorry for study was done in at the University of annoying 2006 and what happened people who were previously sedentary Ok so they were not active before this now this is powerful Why look at the ages ages 60 to 79. Just real quick before I share this remember what Chad said this morning about. About m.r.i. scans that they had or no I'm sorry let me go back so that you know I'm Ok And before I tell you remember this morning he talked about shrinking the frontal lobe right he said that what shrinks your frontal lobe with the. Media right over consumption of media and specifically video games and online stuff right now over consumption of media shrinks literally shrinks your frontal lobe I guess what else does. And he said as you get older it naturally happens right but why do you think it naturally happens when you get older because you become more sedentary so what them going to have can come up and share with you this study from the University of Illinois. And about how to reverse that I just love the stuff it's powerful This is absolutely fascinating research here so this is a study from the University of Illinois and I label it a scientifically proven way to increase of brain volume specifically the frontal in temporal lobes which once again we know can atrophy can actually shrink we could say when someone is as far as said over consuming media videogames and so forth and as we get older our brain shrinks anyway so people who previously were sedentary Eve were in rolled in a study these people were ages 60 to 79 and that's actually very good news because it be one thing to find out oh well young children they can really enhance their brains but what about you know some of the rest of us well these people are 60 to 79 and they put them on these previously said Terry people on a cardio exercise program over the course of 6 months so they were getting their heart rate up in these exercises so and the control group did not a robot toning and stretching so one group would do more stretching and the other group was doing the cardio and m.r.i. scans were once again done on these individuals what they find the result was that there was an increased frontal and temporal lobe volume in the experimental group meaning the portion of the brain that one of its aspects one of the one of the aspects we know the frontal lobe is the decision making center the it's been called the citadel of the mind it is part of it has to do it you know our spiritual life it so it's the seat of spirituality more ality in the Will this portion of the brain actually grew it actually increased in volume after their cardio exercise program but what about the toning and stretching group you know it's very popular today well no increase in the stretching and that doesn't mean you should never stretch or anything it just doesn't give you that brain benefit like that cardio exercise does getting your heart rate up so you want to get that heart rate up if you can I mean if you're severely unhelpfully work with your doctor on to make sure that you're healthy enough to do it for most people we can adequately do that so want to keep your brain strong. Get out and do some a robotic exercise so this is very exciting news that we don't just have to have that normal Atua Fi of our brains as we get older or we don't even if our children have it because all they do is play video games you know your kids will hate it if you make them turn it off they'll hate it and by the way a little side note if you want to keep your kids to hate the Sabbath what you do is you have to play video games all week and when the Sabbath comes turn it off and that's a good way to get him to hate the Sabbath but the reality is maybe maybe we need to change things up a little I'm not tell anybody how to parent but I just just thinking it through you know deprived are going to like today very much and so we want to learn to do other things if you do choose to turn off they're going to hate it for a while that they're in in the end they're going to end up loving life a whole lot more once they get away from all these silly video games all the time life will become much more enjoyable I think of the story many of you heard of the story of Ben Carson. Ben Carson grew up in here in here in Michigan in dissin Detroit specifically and you know his mother was was you know cleaning the houses of wealthy people and doing things and she noticed that there was something about these wealthy people their kids didn't sit and watch. Television all the time lot of the poor kids just watch television until a vision and we also know today some of the most successful people don't let their kids play video games don't let them on the computer they don't let them do any of these things and so they actually you know whether it was Steve Jobs or you know various people Madonna you know these people don't do that and so they want their kids to be successful and they want them to be happy Well Ben Carson his mother realized wow the successful t.v. their kids don't just watch t.v. all the time so she's told their children they had to start doing what does anybody know. Reading books and then they had to do what would after they read him did I write book reports and then as they did she would sit there and she would kind of grade their papers she would go over them in high life things and the reality does anybody remember though his mother could not was read so she was just kind of faking it they didn't know she couldn't read right and so what a wise woman write what a wise woman she did that and then now he is a nationwide name today very interesting and so how much better and once again did he like it in the beginning when his mom made him read he hated it and actually we don't like it our brains as we already saw it's harder for us when we haven't been doing much reading we watch a lot of media we our brains don't like it because it's a lot of work but then after a while he started to actually enjoy it and so much so that he started getting straight A's many obviously has become world renowned because of it becoming a neuro surgeon and so you know we think of these things as a bird in the beginning but they become such a blessing in the end and the Bible even says that in the book of Hebrews for the pleasant for the present time all discipline the Bible says seems painful rather than pleasant but afterward it yields the fruit of righteousness so all discipline is a burning to begin with but later on after you learn from it it becomes a blessing to you now this is some exciting research that I think is absolutely incredible and by the way just a little side note to everybody we are in this also could be for someone who's just listening online but as we have the actual studies on there so you can find out you can look up the studies look into the original studies for yourself and this this particular series is called Overcoming the media trap naturally that we have and you can learn more about it at Anchor Point films dot com And if you have an if if any of you are listening or hearing from here and you'd like us. Come visit your church just go to our Web site anchor point films dot com and contact us through there but this is incredible research incredible research on off and mental health you know the root word of the word awesome awesome they're actually doing multiple studies on the effect of off on your mental health now the word all is a little bit nebulous like what is in our inspiring experience that's what researchers are actually looking at what is it mean to have an aunt's wiring experience that could be you know you're out at the Grand Canyon or you're looking at some beautiful vista somewhere on a mountain but we don't have a lot of mountains here in Michigan although there are some up in the u.p. right there called the Porcupine Mountains right so we do have some but not a lot of kind of the but here's the thing you don't have to necessarily be out in a mountain or in some great incredible place we can have odds just by looking at a leaf or a tree or or anything and where you just look at and you really think about it you can have on spiraling Spears anywhere now let's look at the research though now what do we find researchers looked at people and their experiences with a positive emotions one of which is often the researchers looking Ok there's several different positive emotions one of these positive emotions is off and those who experience more often and life low had lower levels of what is called interleukin 6 which is also a marker for inflammation so all may have a long jeopardy and health benefit so in our bodies one of the markers for many different lifestyle diseases heart disease diabetes cancer can be inflammation within the body and having an art inspiring experience can actually lower inflammation in your body incredible so your body is better able to fight off disease and so forth by having on spy ring experiences other benefits of all I could go and study after study but I'm just going to review some quickly if potentially. Lowers levels they have these these are secular You know scientists they found that all inspiring experiences lower levels of materialism and it's interesting to me that they even care to look into this right but they found that it makes you less materialistic spending more time in nature it helps people to be more humble This is what they're find you think these would be some like you know 7th Day Adventists doing the studies but these are just scientists doing that they find people come more humble and they spend more time in nature they have the people also become more generous as a result of having on firing experiences and helps people feel more connected to other people by having these are inspiring experiences but this next one I find incredible So I it's a little bit longer here but researchers have discovered that our inspiring experiences in nature can increase your wellbeing make meaning and life satisfaction so you become happier by having on firing Syrian says but the benefits including lowering stress levels for how long for a week or so so having an on fire experience in nature meaning you go out to nature and you actually paying attention to nature thinking about your learning about nature and your beholding it nature it lowers your stress levels for up to 7 days or so now think about that think about that if God removed that there was this benefit to spending time in nature and that it will lower your let stress levels for a week why didn't he just like give us a day to remember him as the creator and tell us a it's actually good to get out and learn about creation on that day why do I need to self to do that well guess what. He did you would think he actually knew something about our physiology in our biology once you and guess what he does this to me this is incredible God I mean you see that we we show all the science but then we just show you the quotes and say hey we already knew all this stuff before any of the research ever came out we were just told this stuff by somebody would a 3rd grade education this is incredible research and yet if we would just go back to all these these these scientific statements we've been given and just did studies on them we would be the most cutting edge people on the planet we'd be the most cutting edge be the people be like how do you have to figure this out how do you guys always know why do you not waste money on studies that don't turn out ending ending up the way you think they were your hypothesis was wrong because we aready have the cheat sheet we've heard even told all this stuff before it ever happened it's fascinating to me now I'm going to show you a video clip from a documentary that my wife and I produced called ancient healthy that this is just a short clip but it's an hour and a half documentary in total and it's cultures of longevity in the longest living people on planet Earth one of which are the 7 Day Adventists and we're going to show you just a clip of this which fits exactly with what we've just been talking about so follow up. Every one of us is programmed with a body clock that body clock still functions if we were to lock ourselves up in a cave for many days in fact researchers have done this and they find that people even when they're cut off from all time cues no light and dark use no newspapers no television no wrist watches no cell phones these individuals still stay on a search rhythm circa meaning about Dn referring to a day so it's about a 24 hour rhythm spece to take that rest to the next morning or rest of the weekly cycle but beyond the circadian rhythm we also have weekly rhythm as they're called circa Sept in the rhythms they were in humanity all March to a 7 day week every culture throughout the world that I'm aware of still adheres to a weekly cycle of 7 days and there is times when humanity is trying to change that the French tried to make everything metric including the weak and try to change it into a 10 day week with 10 hours 100 minutes in each hour 100 seconds in each minute and the mental institutions filled up because the decade which is what they called the week led to decadence and everything fell apart the other amazing thing about what science has shown is that every living creature has a 7 day rhythm and that's more than just humans a lot of people think all humans March to a 7 day week because somehow it started early and civilized nation and we just hung on to that. But why is it that flies have a 7 day rhythm Why is it that algae have a 7 day rhythm and plants have a 7 day rhythm those things can't read the Bible the lunar month doesn't divisible by 7 the year is not divisible by 7 there's an. Thing in the planets that we can find and so the question is why 7. It brings me back to that very council in the Bible word God said that he had given this day of rest to his people and I think that speaks to what the Bible has to say in regards to how we began how life began it was a common designer a common Creator of that program then this 7 day rhythm he called it a Sabbath a day where we could come apart and I think it's powerful evidence actually for a creator god one of the interesting things about 7 Day Adventists is that they keep the Sabbath holy from sundown Friday until sundown on Saturday Sabbath keeping actually does have some significant mental health advantages there is an improvement in i.q. even though they don't study on Sabbath or go to school on Sabbath so circus septum rhythms is not just something from the culture it's actually something biologically innate there's a benefit to a nightly rest but also benefit to a weekly rest so these things are part of our physiology what is so interesting to me as a physician if we cooperate if we collaborate with these rhythms we do best you know you can't underestimate the remedy of what I call vitamin r. which is rest and if it were sold in bottles it would be the most popular vitamin on the market it's fascinating isn't it. To think that it is a part of our physiology is a part of our biology that God has all of these things that we've looked at tonight including God's holy Sabbath were designed for our good they were designed for our happiness God knew God knew that he created it within us that every week if we would spend time in nature that it would it would lower our stress levels for the next week now here's the thing sometimes the simple we could call that a remedy spending time in nature is one of God's simple remedies we saw that it has a cancer fighting effect not that we believe that it will get rid of all cancer but it increases our immune function as we saw lowering our increasing levels of natural killer cells which are a part of our immune function where our body helps to fight cancer cells and so God has made this in this as we do this it lowers cortisol levels stress hormones in our bodies and this can take place for a week now the natural killer cells can enhance for a whole month but God has given this to us to make us happy to give us joy to give us peace but it is also a test will we follow God will we keep us Holyday he doesn't force us to he doesn't force us to be healthy that's what's so amazing to me about gone I was raised in the Christian Reformed Church which teaches that God forces humans to either do or to not do everything meaning not meaning that you you don't have a choice you're predestined to do all the good you do and your predestined to do all the evil you do but the Bible actually reveals choose you this day whom you will serve choose the Bible actually teaches that you have surely. And so God won't force you. To do good things he will force you to get on a nature he won't force you to keep a sandwich but it is a choice for us and as we implement these simple things into our lives we find the great benefits of it you know I'm someone who you know I never really used a lot of natural remedies and such and then I you know I was reading some of these things she told us about and how some of the herbs will be just as power for more powerful than the drugs and and so then I began to actually study the research the actual scientific studies and then they're putting herbs head to head with with legitimate you know you know medication not all of them some of them are not legitimate at all but some of them are actually put head to head with medication and find to be more successful at fighting the disease like depression they're more successful and yet what they have less side effects and that's exactly what we're told the research is coming out so we're putting out a new series coming out on that particular thing historically I wasn't all that into it but I read these things and I think what she says and I it's got to be true right and so I found out in and secular people do the studies in once again she was right God made all of these things to be a blessing for us he carries us he loves us with an everlasting love we don't get to go to heaven because we spend time outside we don't get to go to heaven because we eat right but the reality is these things were made to make the past to have been much more of a blessing. To make it much more of a blessing now in closing Here's some quick things that help us to experience all we saw that all can enhance our health our happiness lower levels of inflammation one of the ways to experience aws the Bible says in Psalms $33.00 Verse 8 let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him so we have an opportunity every single day to have an on spiral experience so we can spend time in God's word every single day God has given us an opportunity we see in Psalms 119 verse 161 but my heart stands in all of your words so we have an aisle an opportunity every day to spend time in awe of God in His Word as we have devotions every single day so I want to challenge if you don't have devotions every day begin one of the greatest blessings Joe ever find in your life consistent personal devotion spending time with Jesus the Bible says and Psalms 46 1st hand be still and know that I am God I will be exalted among the heathen I will be exalted in the earth take time to be still with God both in His Word and in nature he wants to bless you you may be someone a close with one story's like me you grew up in the city I grew up in this city right here so it's always a blessing to come and visit and you know I then we would we move to South Dakota I moved to South Dakota and but then later on Friday and I moved back to South Dakota and I know there's mountain lions out there and I know there's bear out on our property but as I would go hiking in South Dakota if I had been in the city for a while we'd come back to visit because we travel full time we'd come back to visit I go for a hike in the hills in the mountains there in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I know there is a mountain lions. And you know you typically don't see them Fati you got to see 11 time and but you just generally don't see them but they may see you and I go for a hike and if I've been in the city for a while as I go for a hike I was kind of uncomfortable I'd be all alone and I hear like a snap of a twig and I would you know you would look just out of fear you know maybe the mountain lion you know and you know probably nothing and I would be nothing and but then after a few days of being there again I would be totally at peace out in nature totally a piece of feel like being home being on the forest and I say that to say to you some of you may not even like nature years and as dirty as nature it's asked but if you begin to spend time in it you'll begin to experience some of these benefits and you'll find some of the peace that some of the joy that comes along with it so I want to challenge you not only to spend time in God's word but to spend time in God's nature let's close with a word of prayer Heavenly Father we're so thankful for your word which we stand in all of your words we're so thankful what you've given to us in the Scriptures from Genesis to the Book of Revelation we are so blessed with these messages that we were given before the research ever came out and we're so thankful to know that you gave these things for our happiness and we know there's a devil in the devil tells us no no no if you follow God we're going to be burdened it's a it's it's it's just terrible it's a horrible experience you'll be theirs and it's bondage to follow God and as we see Father we realize no no no this is a lie. That all of your biddings all of your commandments you actually give us the power to do them you are the one who gives us the victory a 2nd Corinthians 3 tells us the Holy Spirit is the one that gives us liberty we're told in James that your law is the law of liberty father that you want to set us free to have joy to have peace to draw nearer to you to walk in your commandments not to be saved but because we have been saved through a beautiful Savior Jesus and I pray that you draw each one of us nearer to you and someone here may be super stress and we see the research shows that they may need to spend some time in nature more than anybody else to find those simple benefits New research has come out that shows that just 20 minutes of time out in nature makes people who. Father help us take them to. Thank you for your love in the name of Jesus Amen. 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