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Daniel 11 - Part 1: Great Controversy with Persia, Greece and Pagan Rome

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • November 16, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Heavenly Father with the words that I speak and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in the sight or lower to save in every Deemer amen the topic is of prophetic history of Daniel for today and we will be very relevant but. The 45 1st us. Only basically the last 5 speak of where we are living today and so most people forget the rest and jump immediately at the end you can do this but then you shoot ask yourself the question why are there so many interpretation is a pope clear Romel of interpretations and the reason is because the 1st part was not understood and then people come to all kind of conclusions at the very end so that's not what we like to do and therefore does morning we spent time on the great call diversity in the past with Persia Greece and wrong and those at the 1st $29.00 versus each verse is a prophecy by itself so this morning we will study 29 prophecies this afternoon it is gone force 3245 another 15. And. But you will see then at the end how important it is to understand the beginning before you can come to a conclusion already and now instead of jumping immediately in Daniel 11 you need to know some principles of interpretation now for some of us that you know that is are not in it if you not in this. You will never come to a fair conclusion at the end so you need to know and understand how Daniel and the Bible presents itself and soda 1st principle is a biblical historical or a store assist method of interpretation this is basically so that the prophecy is relevant from the time of Daniel without interruption till the very end he says in contrast to people who are put at the wrist who say Ok it is only in the past or future it is only in the future no it is a continuation of continued development if you don't believe on this you will never come to a conclusion right inclusion then the outline of Daniel 11 is to be parallel to Daniel $27.00 and $8.00 it's very important but each prophecy Daniel 2 is in bed to bare bones Daniel 7 a little bit more than 8 more and Daniel 11. Most extensive explanation of the same prophecies but he did different form so here then Daniel 27 and 8 represent the kingdoms of Babylon media Persia Greece and Rome in symbols but Daniel 11 presents some of the most prominent the rulers of those kingdoms literally. Now you would say you know if you go and see it in a little explanation then it would be more relevant and be hang around to all the symbols and it is symbols you can the go into many different ways but you don't focus on the little things. Here this. Number 4 this chapter 11 follows dickless 2 centric cross centered interpretation of Daniel 9 that determines who had to be deal with little Israel with his little G'Kar African areas or spiritual Israel with his spiritual global universal perspective and so Daniel 9 is the key to the understanding of then he'll 11 if you don't understand this you're lost so therefore it is very important Daniel The 9 is a key element to our revel all the prophecies there. So do great called the verse of it person and the vision of Daniel 11 starts with Daniel 10 then you'll tan and 11 out of one unit and if you turn in your Bibles to Daniel 10 verse 12 to 14 you find then a controversy of conflict the Angel Gabriel she actually from a ship exceeding Ben Daniel started to pray at the beginning office prayer the Angel Gabriel already responded very interesting but he couldn't get anywhere why because the princess or version of it stood him and the cave you'll have to work see weeks before Daniel's prayer could be answered and then don't only Gabriel But then Michael Christ had to come and give him a push and then it says there that then after this I have to go and fight with the king the prince of Greece and then the King of Rome and then. The king of Germany the king of to night to state the prince each skiing dome has a prudence and those princes are demons and God traced to fight against those demons to get his prophecy being fulfilled very interesting and so today there is a tremendous struggle also for the mind of a president really goaded I did action will not go today that actions and so here you find in the introduction of the great controversy among the nations here is the Persian Kingdom here is of the 1st prophecy of Daniel 11 1st 2 and now Bill a cod to truth behold a shelf stand up yet 3 kings in Persia and a 4th she'll be far richer than the all and by this strength his strength through all his riches he shall stood up all against the realm of Greece so what did he have here you have 4 kings and the last one is the richest and what out of 4 kings that succeed Cyrus 1st sight or son come by seize then smirched is the usurper then Darius his staff space and finally Xerxes the richest King effected Otus writes the Greek historian writes about Xerxes he came with an army or $5000000.00 against Greece it's incredible So the next Kingdom then is the kingdom of Greece the next prophecy is Daniel 11 firstly and a mighty king shall stand up that the rule with great dominion and do according to His Will who is made to King. And Alexander the Great and here you find his kingdom all around the eastern part of the Mediterranean and then the angel fights with Alexander prophecy of chapter 4 of 11 for 4 and when he Alexander shall stand up His kingdom shall be broken and you can see here is in his own his deathbed he is dying at the age of 32 because of an overdose of it talks a great alcohol and he shall be divided this kingdom towards 4 winds of heaven and not to his posterity so none of his offsprings rules not according to his dominion reach here ruled for his kingdom shall be plucked up even for others be beside those there he dives. Alexander's Keno was divided into 4 parts ruled by 4 of his generals cast Sandor ly Simak OSA Lucas and Ptolemy and you know this will be extremely important if you are giving Bible studies because none of the other Christians really do have a prophecy and you can share with amazing accuracy how God controls the nations and here took me a long while when I went to Asia Minor to Turkey I went to museum to museum to museums looking for coins because Koreans have the picture of the kings and here they found a mo and each one of those Cassandra Lysimachus a look at them tell me represented by those coins they are very rare is its parallel events are connected with the foreheads of the leper and the 4 horns of Daniel 8. You see here how beautifully that explains each rug step by step by step now the prophecy deals now exclusively to the king of the north and the king of the South so why is this and unless you understand that Israel sent a few prophecy you don't get the message that prince of interpretation the focus of the prophecy the whole of Daniel 11 is God's people now some people say oh yeah you know the Final Crisis is between the papacy it is lined up is it but about God's people should they not be involved in the final crisis between the remnant and the Papacy you see so unless you understand the history and the prince of the debilitation you get lost and so here then is will send a few of prophecy the 40 and the 490 years of Daniel 9 the locations of the King of the north and the south as situated north and south to the geography of little Israel after $34.00 a d. the focus is on the spiritual Israel with the spiritual and global universal perspective you see so you have looking at the Old Testament every place little you graphical but when you come to the other side of the cross the littleness disappears and unless you understand this you have a lot of speculation and you look at the Middle East you look at Avi Edam more up and know you know and and Jordan and all those concluded kingdoms know the principle in the petition is now if you go to spiritual Israel then all the other ones had also spiritual dimensions. Here this car sunder or Greece situated in the west of Palestine and I say McInnes had trees in Asia Minor in the north so Lucas had Syria and Babilon in the east and told him he had Egypt in the south and when Salukis in the north defeated lie Cyma course he by the North and became the king of the north so the origin of the conflict between the kings of the north and the South King of the north and he called flicked developes of a team Ptolemy the king of the South and so Luke was the king of the north that called God's people in the middle it was all very close people so here is God's people everything above it is the north everything below it is the south and then this struggle goes on. Here is the conflict this school flick in Daniel 11 described as suffering all God's people in the great controversy till the time of the end so keep in mind all the time the great controversy so the next verse verse 5 gives a prophecy about the King of the South it says and a king of the South will be strong and he this is patrolling the Soter And here you have a statue of him he is the 1st king of the South and he fights be to King of the north it's one of his princes and he saw be strong about him so deeply of the Nordic of stronger to the south he was the king of the North Salukis the Cotter one of Alexander's princess and so to Bethel went on and on and on and failing the king of the South the North decided that said peace let's have an alliance. A treaty so that we don't need to kill our own people now keep in mind this is all a part of the Greek empire Today you call it the Hellenistic empire because both generals are from Greek descent both colonies of a Greek descent so to still a struggle in the Greek empire prophecy of Daniel 11 for 6 and India and 2 of years they gave the north of the God and King of the South still joined himself together. For the king's daughter of the South shall come to the king of the North to make an agreement. But seashell not reaching the power of the arms neither sell they stand on his arm but she shall be given up and brought her and he beget her and he shall be strengthened in these times. So what happened there is a marriage now between North and South Pole the MEUs Philadelphus the 2nd king of Egypt and antichrist 3 years the 3rd king of Assyria and they did make an alliance and Elias is good as no as both parties are life but sooner or later Ok and they have for just memorise Elias he has to divorce his wife ladies and he gives his daughter Bernice Bernies but then tell me dice and that affects the alliance and that's the end and so what happened then he brings back is rife Luis and of course primaries avenge his wife since this is time of revenge he divorced him I'll take care of him that he's poisoned harassment and only that. See murders Bernese her songs and attendance the Bible says she shall be given up and dated broader see exactly the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel the next couple of versus Egypt's vote of revenge on Syria so it's go back and forth but out of a branch of her roots she held on stand up in is a state which shall come with an army and shell entry into the fortress of the King of the north and shell deal against them and shall prevail So success for Egypt CIA use of color code Egypt is purple as Syria here is yellow. And Shell also carried it kept if seen to Egypt their gods the princes with the precious vessels of silver of gold and he shall continue more years than the king of the north and so the king of the South still come into His kingdom as he turned to his own hand Lent. So then the war begins and now it is a time of revenge for Egypt here is decaying of the South. It is full of money you are getting the brother of the murdered Bernese and he fightin against Salukis Kelly need to use that those did so on oath ladies and Ptolemy with a large army a Texan Lucas and captures the idols then the prophecy says but his sons shall be stirred up and shell assemble a multitude of great fortresses and one shall certainly come and overflow and pass through and then she'll he turn and be stirred up even to his fortress. And so here the king of the South against the king of the north and they came to North has dent 2 sons So Lucas said onus and Antiochus to great both attacks Egypt but are not successful and he came to South shall be moved it color with anger and shall come forth and fight with him even with the king of the north and he shall set forth the great multitude but the motor shall be given into his hand and soaped Ptolemy for the operator succeeds his father told me you are you you are good at these in the Kingdom of Egypt and in North and dyke is the great and succeeded his brother Salukis and the government of Syria into betel of raffia Ptolemy the 4th afflicted on the dike is a major defeat so they're going to Egypt attack on God's people and when he told me to forth a stake in the way of the multitude his heart shall be lifted up and he shall comes down many 10 thousands but he shall not be strengthened by it so after successes to all the means for 4th Hart was lifted up and he began to severely persecuted Jews and why did he do it because the Jews refused him to enter the most holy place of the century he was so bold he wanted to do this but a douche prevented this and he called so angry that the married your persecution of God's People who that and so he examined is Alexandria the in the major town occupied by did use in Egypt may deduce between 40260000 Jews were killed in a major massacre so again in the play called of his you know God's people suffer. Then serial begin the campaign against Egypt 1st 13 for the king of the North shelled return and he shells for the multitude creature than the former and shell certainly come after certain years with a great army and with much richness So after Ptolemy to force death he was succeeded by his 4 or 5 year old son to tell me the 4th the 5th appeared for this and now oh and diet is The Great to be opportunity raising a lot Army defeating the infant King he has no problem we'll kill him and I take possession of Egypt use the infant King another coin he has and a tie curse the great role now enters the prophecy because when the king of the north in the with full power well to enter to Egypt roll prevented this and so in Daniel 4411 for sporting to 16 we see to turn Zeeshan from the sky seriously of the north to the Roman Kingdom in verse 14 a Roman enters the prophecies prophetic sphere of as you know and if you're 16 to powder if Syria is stands for to row after that Syria and from then on Rome takes over the role of the King of the North Izzy So after the king of the north of Syria just needed robotics place they should place. Now is the war against Egypt and robes interference and in those times their share many stand up against the Kings of the South. Also the robbers of the people sell sex all themselves to establish division but they fall. See because you have only an infant King now all the enemies of Egypt come together and want to eliminate him so let's Now see here and diagnose degrade Bay and his ally Philip the 5th king of Macedonia and others planned an attack on the infant King Ptolemy to for the 5th to the very Egypt but the Romans interfered with these schemes and in the end of fell. So here is its talk about the robbers of God's people now what is that little bit of plots people the robbers of God's people are his stories have it identify it as the Romans the Romans are called the robbers all die people or literally debris curse of the people or those who act violently against type people the Romans who dropped little Israel over its independence in 63 b.c. and destroyed the temple of Jerusalem in 7080 next the Roman Empire persecuted spiritual Israel for many centuries and does the established the vision of the row the prophecy see so both little Israel and spiritual Israel were blasted by the Romans and so they are the robbers of the people the blinkers of the people and those who acted violently against my people now Syria attacks Egypt. At this time Rome is not yet but always in the process of becoming the king of the north but it is not yet full and so the king of the North Celcom can cast up of Mount and take the most fenced cities and the armies of the South still not withstand need this chosen people neither shall the be any strength and the strength to withstand and so he had an antichrist a great loss quite successful in his 2nd campaign against Egypt Oh until the Romans again stopped him Rome's interference in the affairs of Egypt avoided the division of Egypt great controversy with Rome. Prophecy of Daniel $1116.00 but he doubts comes against him that is Rome shall do according to his own will and no one shall stand before him. And he shall stand in the glorious land which by his and shall be consumed. So Palestine here before Christ is called the glorious land the land for God's people lived the little less now Rome becomes the king of the North for her 60 numbered. And from 1st 16 to 29 you have begun the roll from 30 to 45 it is people go still all the time ago but here you see a shift and if you don't understand this then you lost the rest gradually the Roman Empire extended its influence into eastern Mediterranean until it fully dominated the Salusa Kingdom. And the cheery year of the Roman Provence in $65.00 b.c. and then that was accomplished the Roman Empire had replaced the Syria as the king of the North Sea So not until Syria then became a province Rome was not the king of the north but now the Romans had control and it becomes a king of the north and here you see Rove's major conquest in prophecy in 146 b.c. euro makes message Donya a Roman province in 65 b.c. Rome makes Syria no more Provence or any 66 c. the Romans made you did. The glorious land a Roman province so now it is all part of Rome so you can see here now that the only part of Greece that is still left behind is Egypt and that is then the last attack and then Greece is gone so here you see the robes Congress to Egypt. And he also says his face to enter with the strength of his whole kingdom and the upright ones with him there surely do and he shall give him the daughter of woman correcting her but she shall not stand on this side needed before him so what is now taking place in the scene of the military the conquest of Egypt by Julius Caesar was achieved with the vital support of and to put her and his army of juice the upright ones and Caesar invaded Egypt that with a small army he was in danger to be defeated. And so he called upon the deuce and into his army came and helped Caesar. Clear over to the daughter of woman who was Julius Caesar's mistress the last representative of the patrol to me dynasty. Attempted to perpetuate the Greek dynasty through an immoral little relationship with Julius and Julius got up to turn and she had a son by due to Caesar's untimely Esus a nation she should tell not stand on his site needed for him. Holmes conference of the far Narcissus after this he shall turn and that is Julius Caesar his face a to the Isles I shall take many but a plain so for his own we have. Still cause the reproach overbet him to seize without his own the reproach he shall cause it to turn upon him now or Caesar's war with the king will see myriad prosperous through him away from Egypt but if the text says but a prince of his own behalf she will cause that he pro choice offered by him to seize can be identified as Mark Antony and Mark Antony would erode him well Caesar was out sight Marc Anthony would protect Caesar's political interests in Rome Well they've also away and due to Caesar's absence from Rome Antony would be fending cause descendants reproach of Caesar to fall upon him so when this the Senate meet Ok the decrees against. You to Caesar Mark Antony to quit upon himself to do this and that is to reproach. Then do you see these are finally returns to row and is assassinated then he shall turn his face toward the Fort of his own land but he shall stumble and fall and not be found. After Caesar's defeated the last remaining fragments of Pompey's supporters there was a civil war there and Caesar won he returned to Rome the Ford of his own land. Here revolves mate perpetual does dictator making Julius Caesar effect absolute ruler over the Roman Empire and when he was about to receive the title of king he was assassinated does he certainly stumbled and fell he was not found Now why did he kill Do the season before did advisory public before he was a King The eliminate the King Dome and democratic republic but Caesar boast 6 impersonality He won many battles thousands of battles and and so when he came he was the ward it and he put a difficult to make him king emperor and that is about his colleagues didn't like and so he said that the killing it was the end then the next text here. Daniel 11 for strength he says then still stand up in his estate and raise that of Texas in the glory of the kingdom but video few days within a few days he shall be destroyed needed in anger nor in battle or t.v. ominous later called Caesar Augustus succeeded his uncle Julius Caesar who were deputy him as his successor Luke reported that he was a result of Texas at the time Christ was born. So you get Christ coming into the picture this text Cieszyn which embraces all the world was an event worthy of notice or gross is raising the glory of the kingdom why this is a degree of the kingdom at that time growing had to reach the pinnacle of its greatness and power in less than 18 years after the texting or guesses died not in anger not in battle but peacefully in his bed in 14 a.d. in the 17th 6 years then the next successor is to be areas and it says here in his estate in his place he'll stand up a vile person to whom they sell not give the honor of the kingdom but he shall Comey peaceably and updating the kingdom by flatteries this is to be areas Caesar Augustus was succeeded by Tiberius the 1st part of his remarks characterized by prudence and ability but later part of his rule were marked by dissimulation tyranny hypocrisy. Debuchy 3 and uninterrupted intoxication as you recorded in his means contemporaries so he really became very vile. Then he died for study too and be the arms of us flood shell they be overflow from before him and he shall be broken yea also to Prince of the Covenant So what is this text what is this prophesy. Sometimes later the techs and the arms of the overflow are shall be over flown before him and he shall be broken this expression indicates revolution if Ireland is. Indeed a better time periods suffered a violent death in his 70th 8 years and was universally displaced it was during during of Tiberius that a prince of the Covenant who was Jesus Christ the Messiah a prince who was to confirm the covenant one to be with his people this resulted in the violence crucifixion death of Jesus Christ you don't you die. Just like do your own Emperor diet of violent death so Christ in a similar way has 31 a De Jesus Christ the prince of the covenant and that is life he asked to be cut off through the violent death during the reign of Tiberius his death terminated the earthly sanctuary services he shall cause to sink selective 2nd phase at ablation to seize remember he gave his life as the Lamb of God and he gave and he began his high priestly ministry in the heavily sanctuary for God's people. Or. Not here comes a controversial thing here about District in verse 23 and I have to delete 1st meet with him he shall work the seed for the 4 he shall come up a cell become strong with the small people and this is the 1st to do the Roman Jewish Alliance that was before the death of Christ in 161. B.c. now people have argued is that you know why not continue to sequence and the next verse goes beyond Jesus Christ and God why not and continue development you cannot go back again but 150 years if that is so what about Revelation 13 a verse the have the deathly won't and then it goes back and describes a 42 months using show that is it is nothing strange but why is this so important. The fulfillment of this prophecy. Now the prophecy points out the turning point in Jewish Roman relationships as a result of a leak the Jews had made earlier in $161.00 b.c. this leak promised mutual assistance with grow to escape persecution by the Saluki and King degree kings you see all the wars north and south resulted in terrible persecution of the Jews and you have may have heard Antiochus a-P. famous and the he stopped the Sabbath and killed many many use and so of the Durst persecutions the Jews look for help and they call it specially or road to help them and they had a leak and decree and that's what the Bible says. The years the leak. The decree of the Senate concerning a leak over systems of friendship with the nation of the Jews it shall not be lawful any that are subject to the Romans to make war with the nation of the Jews and if any attack be made upon the Jews the Roman shell of system as far as they are able to see exactly as prophecy as before field. And here is do you see 1st who says here this decree you see for since. It was the 1st leap that the Romans made with a deuce but now Romans uniques that is you've come Quest. Prior to Joe Roe the expansion of the Kingdom was the wars Rome however expanded the territory bit peaceable means rulers would leave their legacy their probe provinces or kingdoms to the Romans in return they were treated with kindness leniency as you see rejection from the dear below grow so that is how he got piece after piece and country after country now you get the final battle with the king of the north and the king of the south between Greece and Rome the prophecy of Daniel 11 percent of 5 and he shall stir up his power and discovers against a king of the south that is to give the North. With a great army but the king of the South shall be stirred up a bet will be the very great amount the army but he shall not stand for day shall forecast devices against him so here is the final battle for the world between the king of the north and the king of the South to give the North has a great army the king of the South the very great and mighty army he was the decisive battle with the euro and the Greek dollar meant that dynasty Daniel 11 percent of $5.00 to $27.00 deals with the final conflict with the euro the king of the North with $80000.00 soldiers and the Greek thought a Magic Kingdom and sticking of the South with 125000 soldiers. The war ended the last escalation of the grip Ptolemy dynasty as a world power instead of the battle of acne and picture made through the Ernst disputers ruler of the den known civilized world so that is the elimination of the Greek empire the date 31 is the beginning of a prophetic time in verse 23 for the story marks the beginning of Rome supremacy with all governmental directives issuing from the city of Rome the time period and that 360 years you know time is through 60 years after 35 which began which is in 33 unities sic 38 d. when constantly you removed the government role to Constantine noble you have to take $31.00 b.c. plus the unit the 60 and you get 3 units $38.00 d.. What was the cause of the d.v.d. of this people south this text reviews the events and the battle of action and the 1st that let the aftermath that led to the overthrow of the petroleum a dynasty under Mark Antony and Cleopatra and their suicides and the prophecy of Daniel 11 percent e.c. Yes day that feet of the portion of the kings of his meets shall destroy him and his army so overflowing many shall fall down slain the causes of the defeat of Mark Antony because Mark and he was a Roman He joined the clique cos so he deserted but as a result many of his soldiers were disgruntled and they deserved it. The certitude him. And those who are fit to the portion of his meet and the end of the forces surrender to Caesar his forces and to seize and despair and then to need to his own life while those the character of those 2 kings prophecy of Daniel $1127.00 and both of those kings hearts shall be to do mischief and they shall speak lies at one another stable and shall not prosper for yet the end shall be at a time appointed. And this text shows the character of the King of the North Nic in the south here incense about the character of these rules before the battle of action Mark Antony and Caesar were formerly in alliance yet under the cover of friendship they were both aspiring and intriguing for universal dimension dominion. Then the exploits of the King of the north the prophecy says here in the new 1128 then shall he return to his landed great he is the Rome and that is Caesar Augustus shell he turned to his lawyer led great riches and his heart shall be against the holy covenant and he shall do exploits had returned to his own and now after the elimination of the King of the South the text brings out that the exploits of the King of the north and his 2 triumphal returned to Rome the 1st return was after Rome's Congress of Egypt when he took all the richest row. Then the 2nd return took place after the ox exposition against Judea and Jerusalem and have a holy covenant 3 1st good government. That God has been maintained with his people from this time of day use as well as Christians fell victim to the Roman persecutions that lasted for centuries. So you don't you get the. Relocation of the capital of the Roman Empire. The move of the capital led to a demoralization a ruin leading to the downfall of the Western Empire soon the barbarian tribes began their invasions till the imperial power of the West expired in 8476 that was the end or of the Weston no one empire but the East continues and so this then ends are 1st part of our 2nd part where we deal with the Roman the papacy so for now we have a deal that version Greece and pig in the row this afternoon be that get especially people Rome and all its him then the guns and what the did to God's people and we come right down today where the papers she's doing today in its offensive against God's people and how it find evil ends. And so this is then. The 1st part it is a study and some of you may have been overwhelmed by defects and whatever if you want to have a good book also on this is by Dr c. Mervyn backs will. And also by my son in law Norman make no think who just a published a book by veteran publications and that is. Then you. Proceeded in today. And that is and it gives also he follows many for similar those but I have explained this to you. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service pleaded visit w w w audio verse or.


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