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To be, not to do

Pr. Paul Rankin


  • December 6, 2019
    7:15 PM
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I want to talk as much to myself as is to you folks. I've had an interesting year a new job credits in the conference which has been really good but about. 2 weeks ago I actually had a transient ischemic attack. My wife wife and all my wife was driving we're coming back actually from checking out some toys and I was trying to talk to us and it was just go buddy go coming on and my wife's a nurse and she said we're going to hospital now and the only word I could cite was Trevor Trevor So she took me to see Trayvon and Trevor said you're going to hospital now. And fortunately it was as it was just a train to skimming attack but it might me really stop and examine where where I'm going and what I'm doing all be 63 in a couple of weeks' time and really reassess and one of the things I came to the conclusion of is there's a lot that I do that done doesn't need to be doesn't need to be done and as a result of that I'm actually what I want to Skype but as of Monday I got 9 weeks annually with some long service leave an annual leave which is absolutely great and it's December 2019 in a couple of weeks toy movie wall coming in the new year on 2020 and it made me think back to those of you that are old enough to when the year 2000 came in and remember the year 2000 and only anticipation that came up to that. And the Y2k bug i k the millennium bug and what happened is when I set up the computer programming sort of running a puter programs for the computers back in the sixty's I didn't think about the fact that the year 2000 was going to come and I only had the Year for 2 digits for the year and so the theory was that when I got to the year 2000 all the computers would think I was 19 in 1900 sin of the year 2000 and they'd be chaos and the other thing that happened at the same time was that I. Had worked out that it's not a leap year on the 100 years except for that fact the good growing calendar says that the years divisible by $400.00 so leap year and so all of this happened and we were a member the. Coming in and waiting for the new year to come out and this is said 20 years ago that was back in the days when I still had dial telephones on and back in New Zealand the emergency numbers 111 and if you've ever had to doll 111 I have had to us at doing a Bible study in the person collapsed in the middle of the Bible study and I tried to do a 111 and you go one and you have to wait for God a little before you can dial one again. Yet it was also back on the dice before the head of i Phones you could go for a drive in your car and he'd get some peace and quiet. And cars had these things called Cassatt players in them and all of the stuff that was there and then it was big camp in satin seal and was working as a minister and I was working in the used tent and we took all of the youth into Christchurch and the conference and multi-story building in Christchurch at that time and we actually went to the top of the building and we got up there and we waited for the new year to come in and because it was New Zealand it was the 1st major country in the world to welcomed in the new year and so the media from all of the world was there to see what actually happened when the new year came in and we stood up there and we can today on 19 I 76543210 nothing happened it was most. And then he commanded really was over kind of hard work for the packaging I would have flicked a switch somewhere just to create some excitement but none none no one had any imagination and life continued on and in those 20 years we've seen massive changes to our members and young fellah 975 the Reader's Digest and that was back in the days when every outhouse and every toilet had a stack arena's digest a feeder rate because you had time to read and those days when you went to the toilet it was also handy if they ran out of toilet paper but that's another story. But the Reader's Digest had I article about what the world was going to look like in the year 2000 and the key thing that I remember from that article was that the biggest problem in the year 2000 was that we'd only be working 7 hours a week because computers would be doing all the rest of the work and the biggest problem would be finding stuff to do with Al Asia time and that was going to cause massive social unrest it didn't sort of quite work out that way and you know no coward wrote a song about made dogs an Englishman going out in the noonday sun and we have this those of us from a British changed history have grown up with what Max Faber called the Protestant work ethic where our salvation depends upon how hard we work and we work and we work and we work to try and get self actualization in some cases because we think that's what we need to do. As Christians. And. That work obsesses us and we get preoccupied with things that we have to do and on one of these people likes a list and if I can get to the end of the die and have everything crossed off my list I feel like I've had a good die whether it needed to be done or not is irrelevant but when I actually stop and I look at what the Bible talks about the Christian life I see a very very different picture I want to share with you a couple of verses Jesus talking now Utah I had worn out burned out on religion come to me get away with me and you were cover your life always show you how to take real rest walk with me and work with me watch how I do it learn the un force rhythms of Grace I want like anything heavier all fitting on you keep company with me with me and you learn to live freely and lightly and as is that. Let me rephrase instead of asking a question that's not how I feel my life is at the moment. My life seems to be chaotic we're doing bathroom renovations at home at the moment the. Plumbers actually coming on Sunday to start doing the waterproofing and so we decided we couldn't afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for someone else to do it some a wife and I have been trying to do it ourselves and so every spare minutes been painting and decorating and cutting out wall boards and replacing more boards and but it's not just that it's in the way that we work but that's not had Jesus paints a picture of what the Christian life is like on methe much up to 6 verse 31 this is after Jesus sent out the disciples I've gone out they've cast that demons that I've healed the sick Dr Rice the day in and I come back and they talk in Jesus about what happens and Jesus says hang on a minute come off for yourself let's take a break and get a little rest for there was constant constant coming and going and I didn't even have time to eat and Jesus it is constant coming and going not having time to eat is not how it's supposed to be it's supposed to be tight taking time to rest or cautions chapter 2 verse 2 all I want you woven into a tapestry of love in touch with everything there is to know of God then you'll have minds confident and at rest focused on Christ God's great. Mystery and one of the things I'm challenged with is as a 7th heaven as minister as a Christian I have this enormous compulsion that I have to go out and cite people and save the will and convert people. And I began to come to realize I shouldn that that's my own megalomania that's not Christianity it's not my job to convert people it's God's job to convert people God doesn't ask me to convert people that's the Holy Spirit's joke God simply asked me to build relationships with people that I come across to get to know those people to love those people and then it's up to God to do it on their it's not more responsible it's not my job and when I believe when we understand that raced when revitalize that what God wants for us is not this frantic running round trying to prove that we were something but to simply rest and relax in God then God will take responsibility for what is his responsibility and we can simply do what God School us to do which is get to know people build relationships with people and then leave the rest up to God So my challenge to you the Save me is to step back and say What is it that God really wants me to do and that is to rest in the thank you very much this media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio or.


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