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  • December 6, 2019
    8:30 PM
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Question is how can you tell the truth and being God's voice. One of the things that I have done over the years is 1st of all I study the men in the Bible to see how to be a better father what to do and what not to do and there are 2 things that I observed 1st of all when whatever voice you hear. Nothing all the bull calls to your hard to do something and you really want to do it I have learned to distrust that voice because my selfish heart I don't even know my own heart Ok oh when that spirit calls to my heart to do something I go you have got to be kidding you're asking me to do what I can't do that that's the voice that I have come to appreciate that's exactly why I want you to do it you see because my example immediately comes to my mind as Moses what I learned when studying with Moses when Moses did it in his own strength disaster when Moses said I can't do that God even said I'll get your brother to talk for you but you're going to do it when Moses did everything that he knew Moses was amazing. Under the authority of God called the most humble man God could use him so for me I have come to distrust when I jump at that idea I go that's the wrong voice because all it's doing is feeding this boy's self but when it's something like you I you want Lord can we have a conversation about this I don't know mind you I'm not doing any kind of active debating Please don't misunderstand me but you get that still small voice in us as you really need to do such and such. Oh see I don't want I can not do that it is not my skill set you have the wrong person go ask I've come to appreciate that I'm doing it and if anything works to be the glory not this one so yes so for me over the years I've come to appreciate I'm just my own experience and just come to appreciate that when the Lord asked me to do the impossible I'm very clear that if the possible occurred it has nothing to do with me but just me surrendering I say Ok Lord that's what you want me to do I'm not going to look good here it's going to be embarrassing I don't know what I'm doing but it's not about me it's all about you Ok what he wanted to do I have done some things that were out of my comfort zone but we don't have time for that night so that's my answer to your question I think that's a really interesting question that my own experience is it's and it's as much about moving is it is about stopping or having one to say sitting in contemplating and waiting for the voices it's about Also China is. On quite keen on he says trust God and do the next thing. And for me it's about that dialing relationship and then doing what comes and what comes and what comes naturally doing the next thing rather than standing and where rather than sitting and waiting for direction. Yeah it's good it's got to be consistent and it's also very important to me that I have a community of people whom I am answerable to and responsible to and inside of me now that's wacky that way that that's not that's not appropriate I was the 1st one will tell me that but yeah this is a whole part of things and it's meant a daily relationship with God and God an ongoing relationship with God The reality is that we have constant voices speaking in the recesses of your mind. And how do you between all of that work which is God So I agree with what has been said so far also want to suggest that as you go into the journey with God that you will eventually come to the point where you start to recognize his voice as in any relationship I can recognize my wife's voice or my kids' voice even if there is my engine noise around me so I would like to recommend God will always speaks to his word he will praise impression you especially as you read these would ask him to to speak slews would to you as well. I've seen a comment you know a verse comes to mind and I think it kind of summarizes this and it's in Proverbs and it says trust in the Lord with all your heart. And how does it go. Lean not unto your own understanding and or your way is acknowledged him and he will direct your path and I think you know some people seem to have a clearer connection or whatever but that is really been in a theme in my life is just to trust God to submit to him and and allow him and he will he will direct your path and when you look back often then you can see how amazingly the Lord has laid despite mistakes you've made and in and maybe wrong moves and times when we should have spoken up and we didn't who we did things so amazing is we turn to him and humble ourselves before the Lord how the Lord is still willing to to use us and make us subleasing Dr Nebel just hearing a little bit more about your ball memorization particularly that use of system did you call it Scripture talking or something or. Bible memory dot com I believe is their new name for it is called Scripture type or. I've learned from my children and they spoke of scripture fear and I've said really again why scripture memory I know I need to take it with me wherever I go so it's an app and it's available on your i Pad or your i Phone your Android your Whatever your and your computer but the bottom line is you put in there scriptures that you wish to memorize and you can put it in and whatever version you wish and I prefer King James but I've also liked New King James and so the Lord called in my heart one day my favorite book in the Bible is James so I'm peace out to be careful how I say this but the Lord put in my heart that I needed to memorize the entire book of James and so I said Ok all right I don't memorize very well but I've memorized the book of James in both King James a new king james underneath verses I know and so I spend I spend our day scripture and I just love it I just never thought I would love memorizing scriptures just the strangest thing but I love doing it and I don't do it in order to I think one of my role models to be very honest with you is Pastor Randy Skeet I look at him and all. Wow But you can also memorize passages in the spirit of prophecy and it's quite I would I would encourage you to look at it Scripture typer or Bible memory dot com the same way and I thoroughly enjoy spending time in the word I never thought I would. When you when you were describing all that you were doing when you're working full time and doing lies eventually Can you please explain to me what your day looks like. Because how can you fit all that into one life. And to everything else that you supposed to be doing outside of work. To everything there is a season a time to be born a time to die. When you live a directed life by those fears of God. You are effective all of my life is a witness of it. The question is is it as witness for the kingdom of heaven. Or the enemy of the Kingdom of Heaven so my observation has been that each and every one of us has the opportunity to put this is my favorite statement these days I'm a man under 40 you speak of your wife I am a man under oath already. I am loved man I am loved by God I am loved by my wife I am loved by my family how I have been deserving of this I don't know because I am selfish this is a selfish hard but by God's grace I am gifted by his love by my wife's love my children's love because of this it is in my heart to do everything that I can to shore appreciation for the love and so now I order my life not by the request of man because I have gotten into a lot of trouble over the years doing great work saying yes and not saying no. So I have now formulated in my this is just me over the years I have 3 questions I ask is the request that I am being going to affect my time with God In other words I'm going to be doing this eventually 6 years I'm only get until 1030 at night I'm going to be too tired to get up in the morning to spend time in God's word I say No I'm talking Good Work Number 2 will it affect my time with my wife No What it affect my time with the family how much on are all grown so I have a little more time so unless I get 3 yes is I stopped saying yes so that's what's happened because yes ma'am I was doing the work of 3 and I loved every minute of it I love doing obstetrics completely disrupt your life I love teaching I love the practice of medicine it is a gift to be able to be in the lives of other people it's an intimacy that is just easing I love doing the work of God I love playing with grandchildren I love doing all of these things so I have learned what would you have me to do and so now it's been very difficult for me to trust me my journey just a week before I came here I finally told my office that I am going to. Be retired I would be there for them and I would do locums with my practice but I have been not wanting to let go and so I finally told them it broke my heart my administrator said what am I going to do without you it was tough but I've learned. To God Be The Glory What would you have me to do or father what do you want me to pay attention to and so there are things I need to take care of in my own life and my precious bride is in charge of me yet I am a man under authority so I don't have time for a lot of some of the things I would love to do and that's Ok because the time will come when the Lord will say I now need you now that you are ready and I need you to go and do this I'm not my usefulness is not an end but I am learning Lord what would you have me to do and that's what I'm going to do but I say no to very wonderful things that I would love to do so to God Be The Glory that's what I do this is just my own journey. I thought not a matter of saying now it's a matter of saying yes to the important things. I've learned to work on a year schedule and to actually plan my breaks so. I work at that a heavy price but I also know what we're not going to type Reich's day that I'm just interested in the 3 people that you mentioned that connected through. The address that Reach program what was it I know you talked a little bit about at the time you spent in prayer and so on but when those people reflected back what was it that they saw and had they connected to you know more about their journey. There's more than those 3 but. I guess the experience no judgment. They actually were judging themself enough and it's interesting Alan Watt in ministry of healing says Never speak with the same shit in this class of people because if you would you would in actual fact be doing the work of the devil. So we really look at the way that Christ ministered to compassion with which Jesus and it's phenomenal what happens when people give from themselves expecting nothing in return what happens in the life of the recipient. One case in particular a young lady was brought in found at the point of wanting to commit suicide was brought in she was a fairly tough guy so my team says that you take I've wanted to test the water with I could coming from a spiritual angle and I asked the question I said you believe in a high power she just exploded with a few words or calm mentioning she said don't ever talk to me about him because he's no different to my father who sexually abused me from the age of 7 so I called dust off and say Don't ever speak. The word God living in every aspect that you connect with 3 months down the line she knocked on my door and motioned to come in she said to me shut down she said to me. I have discovered God. In every aspect that this afternoon. I want to know more about the Jesus that makes you people different to the other services into. So I believe e D's. A way in which we eat and live in a standard of service that is of such and it is much harder than. Because you've been able to way from those. Interests and it's been. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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