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A Witness to all Nations

Pr. Andrew Jasper


  • December 7, 2019
    10:15 AM
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If you have a Bible's turn to Matthew 24. Familiar passage. Would like to said shed some light on this segment as you're going there I'm just going to reiterate our text for this weekend from Acts chapter one verse a time one of the reason was smiling at you during that song on. Blood and power in the blood would you do service for Jesus your king and that's what you were talking about here if you want to go out and serve we need to connect there is power in the blood would you do service there's power there's power for service and in this passage in Acts what comes 1st of the 3 things what are the 3 things by the way you shall receive power when the. Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses all over the place what's the order what comes 1st English teachers here. Can you parse the sentence you shall receive power when police their power witness now witnessing is embedded in prophecy that's what I'd like to unpack today in Matthew 24 Matthew 24 is a passage we're familiar with as Adventists f. what's Matthew $24.00 about the signs of the coming of Jesus and signs of the troublesome times in the disciples time leading up to the fall of Jerusalem Matthew $24.00 speaks. Of a deteriorating world condition. Jesus is asked a question by his disciples because of something he has said he says to his disciples do you see all these things pointing to the temple the sure they say to you not one stone shall be left here upon another that shall not be thrown down. And so later on in they're sitting on the Mount of Olives and they said hey when's this going to happen when it's true so I'm going to fall apart when are you going to come back and they confuse the 2 events so Jesus begins describing elements in their day leading up to our day and rather than go through this like an evangelist experience I just want to take these these things notice what he starts by saying in verse 4 Take heed that no one want. You actually repeats that 3 more times in the chapter false prophets false christ watch out take heed be on the lookout for deception we're going to look at one of those deceptions here in a minute they're going to say I'm the Christ in they're going to deceive many people you will hear of. Wars and rumors of wars so the national landscape is going to be troubled. See in the news lately you but then he says see that you're not troubled for all these things must come to pass. The end is and is what not yet Ok so we're there is the end we're not there yet we're going to have wars political turmoil nations against nation kingdom against kingdom remember that word nation against a nation what is the what is the environment or the description of nations friendly or hostile hostile their contrary and there will be famines no food 50 percent of us in this room don't like not having food. No food what do you like when you don't eat. When you don't eat not because you've chosen not to eat. Weak little bit maybe we stop seeing the pattern. Terrible saying you stop seeing things clearly. There be pestilences So what else is not going to be around pestilences health issues diseases That's right so people's health is going to go out the door what do people get like when they're not healthy and not eating and they're in turmoil nations you want to be around well earthquakes at least we can depend on the ground we stand on right. That's kind of like that scene in early writings where you know they're going up that small road everything's just giving way behind and they get to a place where what all they've got is Jesus you know they take this way even the ground we stand on isn't dependable and he just says these are just the beginning of sorrows so we're still way back here still got a lot to go yet till the end he continues on then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you somewhere in the equation now he's turned it to the disciples these other things are happening all around them now there's going to be what persecution you'll be hated by all nations for my name's sake and then many will be offended and betray one another and will hate one another relationships are breaking down and by the way this often happens when finances and health and the world are falling off from around us it really tests our trust and closeness to one another many false prophets will rise up and do what deceive many so here's false prophets now just just follow this because false prophets have a message. And notice what their message is and because lawlessness will abound What is the false prophets message it's something that gives rise to iniquity the law doesn't matter it's not a pattern for good and you see that in today's relativistic world you ask most people what's the standard for right and wrong and what will they say it's in your head what if you want you are your own 10 Commandments and that was said 30 years ago you are your own 10 Commandments because a lot of us knows the balance and that's the message of these false prophets it doesn't matter what you do the consequence of that is the love of many will grow cold so we can anticipate living in a heartless planet now with all that pending around us is it is it any wonder why our own faith and our own love and our own connection with Jesus which is what we've been talking about here this week so that we can be a witness is it any wonder that we're going to be tempted just throw in the towel and Jesus says but he who endures to the end will be what I got to get there through all this stuff that's I don't like being behind so through all the stuff that's giving away he says gotta get there endure to the end it's going to take in durance. To make it through to the end and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached as a witness under who I wrestled with this verse because often times when I've preached it in the past I've heard it preached because something like. Which is preach the gospel and get it out there more television stations maybe were literature maybe more something to preach this gospel but it but it's deeper than and when this gospel of the kingdom is preached as a what what do we need in order to be a witness acts one Holy Spirit or power witness. What is this witness to all these nations that are falling apart there in turmoil and if we're not careful our own lives can become burned out and in turmoil and therefore our preaching of the gospel isn't much of a witness so it's not just preach the Gospel like a pastor does an evangelist a Bible worker it's a preaching of the Gospel that in the preaching it is a witness of power witnesses to me Jesus said witnesses and to me witnesses unto all nations remember what they said of Jesus never man spake like this man who was it that said that never men spake like this man soldiers the lawyers that went tried to trip him up they came back empty handed we're busy we couldn't why didn't you bring them could how could he go through the temple and just you know. Exercise that kind of authority just didn't cross Jesus and when they tried. To we pay taxes to God or to Caesar what and he would say give me a penny. By what authority do you say these things I'll answer you if you answer me the baptism of John is of God or men or states of God he'll say why don't you following him if we say it's of men we fear the people we will not answer in this and neither were life 3 Don I think it gets to somewhere in the narrative and says they stopped asking him questions. Oh it says the witness concerning Christ was never man speak like this man the reason that Christ spoke as no other was that he lived as no other man lived his words bore with them convincing power because they came from the heart pure and the holy burdened with love and sympathy and deficit's and truth never man spake because never man lived like he lived if we want to be witnesses of Jesus and so speak discussable of the kingdom so be preached if our words are to have convincing power there's got to be a change inside the life and so she proceeds this by saying what a man is has greater influence than what he said it's the quiet consistent godly life is a living a pistol holiness is not shaped from without or put on it radiates she says from within it goodness purity meekness lowliness and integrity dwell in the heart they will shine forth in the character. And such character is full up. I had to reread that one I thought goodness meekness loneliness and integrity were character but she says where those traits dwell in the heart they will shine forth in the character it will be soon it will be felt it will be sensed That's why in order to be a witness we need power. Not just the Holy Spirit is a divine person that we're somehow energized it's because the Holy Spirit is sent to us so we can develop a care that has power. That's what it means to be a witness we call it a character right now that was a pun but you get my point there's something about a quiet Gardley life. What a man is has greater influence of what he says the quiet consistent godly not life itself living a pistol so she concludes a man's worth is not measured by the position of responsibility that he occupies but by the Christ like spirit he reveals Christ like spirit he reveals Matthew $25.00 comes after Matthew $24.00 I was really all right but it's context what chapter in the bible starts with then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened unto then once upon a time then how do you start a story with then what see inviting us to do then what then when. Matthew $24.00 end of time scenario then so that's what the world's going through all this turmoil and there is a witness going through and then in this time period the kingdom of God shall be likened unto. 3 parables 1st 1. 10 virgins problem 5 wives 5 foolish 5 took oil with their lamps they get to the cry at midnight lamps are going out the wise tell him to go by they go by and they come back and they expect entrance and Jesus says to them I don't know you so that's why last night was so important and whoever talked this morning. Be still and know that I am God and what we've heard the last couple of talks is there is no knowing God without being still so before Jesus ever commissions us to go he 1st invites us to want to come why get there came of heaven is like a. Man traveling to a far country and the talents that what was the problem there this man says to God. I know that you are a hard taskmaster for you report you don't so the foolish virgins don't know these guys know something about God wasn't enough to get them activated God response you're right I reply I don't so you should have known that put your talent to the bank you wicked lazy servant in the last parable sheep in the goats when did we see you naked and they didn't know that in the Person of the poor is Jesus Christ. And those 3 parables have their counterpart because it also talks about wise virgins industrious servants and sheep who serve Jesus in the Person of the poor how do we endure to the end keeping those lamps trimmed and burning our lamps trimmed and burning Why. To the full virgins have lamps. Have their Bibles but what do they say give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out going out give us some of your oil oil in the Bible is a representation of God's Spirit Holy Spirit works through the Word to become a living word powerful word sharper than any to address or percent to 5 by the word the parable of the foolish and wise virgins is why the wiser virgins when they said we can't give you or oil go to those that buy you might think that's a rather mean statement yeah there are trip up on that one but just remember that the fir gins are called wise what do they know that the foolish don't know they know that religious experience with Jesus cannot be transferred has to be one on one. And they come back and they're expecting entry. As in Jesus as I don't know. If you're looking at these passages and you're wondering Ok character that's were powerless and you say well how my doing. How am I doing on character how can I be a witness when my life feels broken or I'm getting behind in my time with God or I'm going through a routine and that's where Matthew 26 comes in. In Matthew 26 we have the story of what Jesus is going to garden and he's feeling horrible I don't know what you call it when you sweat blood but it's a condition something is weighing on him it's visible to the disciples they're distraught because he's so distraught and he asks humanity to pray for Him Jesus is troubled he's challenge he is in bad place it says he is sorrowful unto death and so he goes to Father in earshot of his disciples father if it's possible that this cup pass from me. It my will but. Why was it such a struggle what was in that cup that Jesus had to drink what did he shy away from he shied away because he was being asked to drink something that he hated and it would separate him from the one I mean always loved it wasn't selfish for Jesus to ask for the cup to be removed he just wanted to be sure cysts the only way he was God but he was man now and he wrestled 3 times what made him choose you what made him choose for me Hebrews 12 says that for the joy that was set before him he did what he saw you there oh dear lukewarm 7th Day Adventist in need of faith in need of a robe of righteousness in need of the Holy Spirit in need opening a door to a tender knock on your heart Jesus saw you in that garden. Says father I just want to make sure this is the only way I'll do it is this the only way yes son it's the only way although he suffered in on the cross he struggled with that decision in the garden and he said for the joy of seeing Tong and I wish I could pronounce your name. Or errand or you for the joy that you'll be there I'll do it so if you're feeling like you don't measure up to that kind of character you feel like your life is broken there was a lamb 2000 years ago who chose you and you know we're told when we love the world as he loved it then for us His mission is accomplished we are fitted for heaven for we have heaven in our hearts you and I can love the world we're told we won't match the pattern but we can imitate the pattern we can love the world as Christ loves the world and Christ mission for us will be done and guess what will have power to the entire world there is still another prophecy yet to be fulfilled that parable of the foolish and wise virgins speaks of the midnight cry the cry went out at midnight behold the Bridegroom comes there is another prophecy in Rome and Revelation 18 when the earth will be what. You mean they did with his heart that's when. The work will wrap up. I want to encourage you today. That we serve a Savior who can save you and this planet. He's well able. To form a character in us tomorrow to talk about character and I talk about 1130. But it's what it means. To preach the gospel. As a witness to all the nations. In the end because. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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