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Faith and Work

Daryl Cheng


Daryl Cheng

Pediatric Fellow at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia


  • December 7, 2019
    9:30 AM
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Father we thank you for this time we are grateful for this opportunity as we explore the concept of faith and work with the Holy Spirit be with us even as we open and come into the hour this morning and for the rest of the day we are in Jesus' name amen All right you know in medical school they show you slides the only person who cannot answer these questions is Justin because he probably already knows that this is the particular slide of a Anyone know what they see. Some very good many microbiologists here this is something we call shift or so miles this many of you have done mission trips before you may be familiar with this illness schistosomiasis is a little but that looks like this and here's how it when it leaves in a horse in other words it leaves in the body of fresh water is the name when you go streaming in a body of water and this snail comes along this little creature jumps across through any bite cut moch anything in your food goes into your body and causes a huge amount of chaos I met this virus for the 1st time when I was going on a mission trip to Tanzania and this was how it happened I was seeing patients in the in the clinic and why would I ask there are now the patients came with him you know he material for those of you are not doctors that means when they pee when you pee your urine tends Ridge looks like blood at the end so this story of the old gentleman would come in and say oh you know I'm going to the toilet and I'm paying and then at the end it turns really. And in all my 3 and a hobby is of wisdom of medical school I was like this has to be something drastic bladder cancer or some other reared being on life wasn't you know it all maybe is going marijuana Friday or some other condition and so I was wondering what's going on is so why are patient after another after another was this past and they would be peeing Ok And then at the end it would turn red and it would be really painful and so I I was recognizing his passing I said Something's not right so I went to the more experienced mission doctor who was from Tanzania and I see what's going on how come everyone in this village is bladder cancer. And he said no it's just a smile and so that's how I met this little creature you see in medicine we live in things bypass it when they teach you in medical school you're supposed to recognise a pattern if you've got this this and this then it equals to that if you've got this this and that equals to this syndrome and we listen to function and recognise tests and how they work and sometimes we also lead in how to recognise where passions don't fit when you've got something that doesn't quite fit and you're like a lot of them quite a bit here and I'm going to do this test maybe it's something different and people write case reports and all sorts of articles in general is about things that don't fit patches you know sometimes in the Christian life we also function with passion we're supposed to go to church and we supposed to do this and we function and we get so used to getting into a pattern of doing things and to time get the you know when you get busy. You start to lose and your tensions start to go everywhere maybe doing one thing here and one thing there and all over the shop and sometimes even in the Big Easy medical practice you go all over the place you start jumping from one thing and then there's another patient here and for those of you've ever worked in the emergency the pub you know what I'm talking about one patient going here and one patient over there trying to figure out what's going on here you're someone else's see and someone's yelling at someone screaming or your attention split all over the place and you start to lose the ability to recognise patent and when people don't fit different patterns you're used Daniel Goleman has this very interesting thing the circuitry for paying attention is identical for the circuits for managing distress emotion that attention of secretary in other words the way your brain is why it needs to have the experience or sustains episodes of concentration for example reading a text understanding or listening to what the teachers say in order to build the mental models to create someone who's well educated in other words what he's saying here is that the way our brain function is that we need to learn to pay attention to scenes and the way we pay attention and learn to recognize patterns is by seeing it understanding it listening and going through it again and again so when you want to store used to looking for something you will recognise when something doesn't fit the past and so one thing and the way our brain works is that this is the exact same place that we live to manage distressed emotions isn't that what being a witness in the workplace is but sometimes when we go about our business we are busy with the or in life that we forget to recognise when things don't fit a pattern. Physician burnout that's one of those things which is a big hot topic nowadays and when you look at the new i.c.d. 11 I didn't even know there was I did 11 there is apparently now and I see the 11 defined burnout as when you've got start to have a separate distance a mental distance from your work or that the practice of managing distress emotions in patients to the extent that you cannot engage cannot engage in recognizing patterns we want to why weren't there us talking so much about patents to new Bible says me this morning Matthew Chapter 9 just couple Bible verses I love this chapter because it describes Jesus this is day in the clinic for those of you are familiar with Matthew Chapter 9 you know that Jesus goes through this clinic any hues a whole range of different patients there's a man who is a paralytic there is a man whose daughter has passed away his name is Jerry gyrus there is a man who is deaf there's a man who is blind there is not all sorts of people there's even the woman who needed healing from a bleeding issue for many years this is the chapter of Jesus's day in the clinic and if you've ever been in a clinic before you'll know that a clinic is all about recognizing past you know which of your patients on your clinic which is going to be the problematic one you know which of the patients on your list is going to take you 45 minutes because the mom is going to talk to you about everything other than what they are there for you know which patient to put at the end of the day because you know that the patient can get out on time to go work and so Jesus comes into this clinic and I want you to notice exactly what he does when he's recognizing patterns. The 1st story is a Hughes this man with palsy but I want to jump down to verse 9 as he's walking along he sees Messi the tax collector message Chapter 9 verse 9 the Bible says Jesus passed on from the store a man a mess he's sitting at the Tax Office and he said to him Follow me so he rose and followed him this is the most unusual patients in this cohort he doesn't fit a pattern he's not physically sick if you look at every other patient in this clinic they have some physical element they can't walk they can't see they can't hear they're bleeding they are paralyzed by the Matthew is the only person on the outside who appears well he is also the only one in the clinic who does not come looking for Jesus by Jesus comes looking for him and so my question is when you're going about your business press this in your everyday life how many times do you start to recognize the patient or perhaps the colleague who does not fit the pattern or do you just go through patient one patient to patient 345678 you jumping from one to another all year this one's got a cold This one's got a virus this one's got this one guy asked when you go through and through and through but you don't stop to recognize when someone doesn't fit that. Now it happened to 10 as Jesus to the table in the house that behold many tax collectors in tennis came and sat down with him and is this dipoles Jesus is picks mess you up this man in his heart you all know the story this is a tax collector in fact some people say mess you is for irony. Nephew it is great name and Levi It is cheaper than. Some people think that Levi was not just a nickname but a symbolic representation or rather a literal representation of which tribe he belonged to this was supposed to be the tribe that would lead the people of Israel to worship God who would stay faithful to God but he was the one in the Jewish eyes who betrayed the nation by becoming a textbook there's an ironical Jesus recognizes that in Matthew's mind he's struggling and grappling with what he is supposed to stand for and what he's supposed to do and even sitting in that tax move collecting the tax money was a restore from Jesus all in the corner reside as he's passing through these clinics that met you need help how many of you called me that you walk by that you work we've seen you have lunch meat in your practice in your clinic your hospital in your university do you recognize that need something and so Matthew startled being caught up by jesus followers him and we soon learned that he organized as a dinner at home and at this dinner many tax collectors incentives came and sat down with him and his disciples but 11 and when the Pharisees saw it they said to start with why did you teach it with technical assistance in his nest you come together and sit down and here is the crux of the thing that verse 12 and with the team when Jesus said that he said to them those who will have no need of his mission but those who are sick everyone who's wondering around with Jesus can pick the path an acoustic the paralyzed man clearly thinks the blind man is clearly picked the death man is clearly sick the lady with the bleeding is clearly sick but messed you is not. Budgies says flip this on its head and says Matthew is the one who doesn't fit the pattern when everyone else think that think that he's located he's the one and that's why I'm a physician to be a witness and to daughters who are sick. By Go and learn what this means for 13 I desire Misty and not sacrifice for I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance design of ages tells us Jesus sat as an honored guest at a table of the public and smashed his house by sympathy and social Kylee that he showed that he recognized the dignity of humanity and men longed to become worthy of his confidence new impulses were awakened and the possibility of a new life both with to this outcome society these were the people who needed the help that did not fit the pattern of what people thought was the best I want to know it is what happened many years later as Jesus it was this publicans that inspired writings state that when the 3000 asked if Jesus had long left the of were converted in a day there were among them many who had 1st heard the truth at the table of the public by following this see if it is someone who needed help who didn't fit the pattern the rewards will read later you know when it says many That's like poor writing when you've got 3000 who are converted many are kind of mention how many people were in that house I don't think that is how it is big enough to fit 3000 people but the implication of what happened was that there were so many people there who were helped out of this sickness who were witness to by Jesus at one single dinner table that slowed many of them when the 3000 were converted they could trace their roots back to their meal there was no special medicine. There was no special therapy there was no special genetic money later there was no special biologic that you had to apply for p.b.s. prescribing for it was simply a recognition that met the needed help that did not fit the usual pattern to mess he himself the example of Jesus at the feast was a constant lesson that despite public and became one of the most devoted evangelists following in his life is when you and I studying working preparing going to uni working in a clinic do you take the time to recognize the patterns Jesus healed many in Matthew 9 but I believe the irony even more messy write the story of his or in conversion this is testimony describing the Jesus he embedded cells in that clinic right as the patient of gee this is an interesting court and I wish I had more time to explore but this is written by the inspired prophet to physicians and medical students they record physicians need carefully to show themselves close critical thinking is having soundness of hot and uprightness loyal to God and true to mankind in all things. When I was pondering this I wondered what critical thinking meant what and what mean by critical thinking like you know you need to be smart you need to be intelligent you need to be discerning you need what does it mean but when I looked and when I dig dug deeper when you look at the context of this chapter and when you look and see how Jesus was a critical thinker in his clinic it makes sense because critical thinking helps you to distinguish what seems to be Ok but it's not and that's what when you train as a medical professional as a health professional you're trained to do you're supposed to pick the thing that doesn't quite fit that category you're supposed to pick the thing that looks like that and so therefore may need this test or needs this treatment that's what medicine is all about and so here my question is in our spiritual witness in our work are we as critically are we thinking as critically as we do in our health professional practice when acquired by telling a story I'm allowed to share that picture it's actually published in the newspaper so it's public information. This is a little go who came one evening to the hospital where. She presented with despicable pediatric if all kids tend to present with this symptom they have something we call a tummy pain not abdominal pain you got to get it right in time anything except that she had been having tummy pain for about 8 months 7 somewhere around that and the story began that Mom had gone from g.p. the g.p. to g.p. to emergency department back to the g.p. to a pediatrician and everyone had kind of ponder up because it wasn't quite you quite well she was growing she's enjoying school but she just has this abdominal pay and it is a easiest thing to do you get better you know and doesn't get better and the money goes back to g.p. and they go round and round in circles somebody to x. ray and then they said she had constipation. So I gave her some medication for constipation she got a little bit better but then she started vomiting and abdominal break came back and read rounds they're going to eventually ended up in the emergency the pub at the hospital where I was working so mom told the story again issued always done what happened with abdominal pain vomiting and now she has a fever is not feeling quite right I don't know I'm so frustrated and I think they're clinicians in the emergency department about to send to the child home and mom keeps up of the fast like I don't know I've been going around for 7 months I can't do this anymore so the easiest path of least resistance which is admit the child and let the consultant deal with the next day. I turned up and here the story goes you know abdominal pain in my mind I was like Ok constipation mom and then months did something which caught me off guard city you know and on top of all this when she drinks orange juice or water she makes this really weird noise and I'm playing what I thought he had done no pain no no no yes she has abdominal pain as a bonus but when she drinks only when she drinks orange juice and water just like what is going on here like what is known about orange trees or what it's just doesn't like oranges that spits it out maybe but she's Ok when she eats and to make it better have mom said I've got a video or like a recording and I Ok fine I'll just listen to the video you know you like you really want me to listen sure so she turns it on and lo and behold the goes drinking some orange juice she puts the cup down and she has this glowing noise like you know when you pull the plug out of the scene the giggling noise or going down the water goes down and she has it good and I'm like what's going on. This is not constipation. Whatever it is it could be I mean it could be but it's definitely not only caused the patient and so I was like right we've got to do this thing we call a barium swallow to have a look I'm worried about something there that's causing it a few bloated or maybe some blockage or maybe saw. Some some weird food and to go back I don't know what's going on so if there's beer in stone the bear as well is basically when you take a bit of dye and you swallow some liquid in the outline sulfur guess so you can see whether there's any constrictions obstruction or anything like that goes on to have the tests that often are left the hospital but it's time to go to something else and my rich drug called me on the phone and said hey I can you look at the x. Ray that's what x. rather are doing bears only look at the Scout film so before you do a barium swallow they take an x. Ray so they can see everything and then they do they do a series of x. rays is the barium goes down and they took an x. ray and it looked like this because lo and behold this. Had swallowed blots and that. 6 months ago. Within 30 minutes he was at the Tishri hospital India and the surgeon the way you take them it took them 2 and a half hours to get the battery out because it was sort of luck and the stuff because had grown around it you see for those of you who don't know bustin Vetri are better ease that leaving hearing aids or toys and what happens when you swallow but exactly when it comes into contact with any mucous membrane is it starts to corrode and so this battery follows from some sort of remote control you read eventually found out and she swallowed it unbeknownst to the parents and it had to lodge in a softer guess at the angle where started to corrode but because of the angle at which it landed it actually blocked off and acted as a one way valve so the esophagus started to grow a round with a hole was around the bottom battery and every time she dry orange trees it went down the lead to going home but when she ate food it would act as a one way valve shut the hole when the food would just go to strangers in Victorian Sufis trailer there's been a couple cases of button Petrie's and who and the kids have died because of the corrosion of the stomach back into the duodenal they are able to anyway that go survive they took the battery out and she is well on the road to recovery someone who didn't feed the cat here's an interesting. Thought as we finish up a particular bed and for the people that I work with they're the ones who don't fit the pattern of patients who come to work patients who come to see me know they need help my colleagues don't want to when we talk about witnessing when we talk about sharing when we talk about. Being a person of faith we always tend to think of the people that we send our patients their families their loved ones but we often forget the very people that us with. They are the ones who don't fit any pattern they are the ones that are difficult they are the ones that no one wants to see and everyone has a perception if they are the ones who are struggling inside they are the ones who are suffering in silence they are the ones who need Jesus the most when you think about your faith when you think about your work don't just think about reaching those who fit the passion think about and consider. Doors who may need your help or rather Jesus working through you. To reach. Everything. 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