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10,000 Toes Report

Pam Townend


  • December 7, 2019
    11:30 AM
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$10000.00 Hari's it's a great privilege to be here to give you an update I think Chester was here last year sharing as the winds prevented me from arriving this time last year I enjoyed the trip by train to the airport and then got Santorum. But it's all about turning the tide on diabetes because we are in a world that is just sick. In the South Pacific of this is my boss Dr Chase to Cooma now he couldn't be here today because he's heading home to the Solomons because on Wednesday very exciting event is happening we're signing a memorandum of understanding with the government in regard to this very campaign we've been working towards this thank you. He is now and we actually for our plan our big goal was that if we could achieve this at the end of 5 years we do cartwheels. On Wednesday reaching one of them my goals to get the Solomon Islands on board that is going to just help us terrifically with finances and also human resources but the pen Demick is sweeping across the Pacific Here is some statistics that relate just to amputations diabetes a sakes more then. But 30000 and you compared to 1300. Now I am sure that all of you know somebody he's got diabetes I personally have my dad is a diabetic my mother passed away with Ales on is due to diabetes my grandmother I never knew because she died of diabetes before I was born and all my dad's side of the family is diabetic sorry for I am the 1st generation to put a stop to that. My children have been in studies because I want to try and understand that her already. Principles but then not diabetic and now I have 3 grandsons and I praise God that we are breaking in our family that cycle that keeps getting hand down I grew up with the concept that because my dad was diabetic and my grandmother has died and my grandpa had diabetes that I would become a diabetic that plays in your mind you know as a 13 year old when I went down to test my knee on a holiday. We went to Kemper a. Great place to get diabetes and we Tyson all these chocolates and I got to the end and my brother who is 2 years old us said to me why don't you get on the Skiles says because I reckon you why more than I do. And I thought how rude so I jumped on the Skiles. And I did way more than Hey Dean and I was 10 and a half stone as a 13 year old I was heading for diabetes I vowed and declared from that moment probably probably because of. Sisterly sibling rivalry that I was going to do something about that and from that point on I set it changing my life which is quite remarkable for a 13 year old but now as I am older I look back and go wow things creeping much different if I kept on that. Who knows where I might be. But it used to be leprosy now it's diabetes now Dr Kramer is a surgeon these are some of his sort eyes when hey used to do a practice he said he was always chopping off limbs decipher people's lives he's glad now that he's on the other end you were saying to later in that video she was the young girl that's taken on looking after her siblings because Mum's blind and she also has a toe amputated certain makes getting around very difficult 10000 ties to send her back to school the Shia and she's been issuing university studies in these to come and we're excited of though it doesn't affect her diabetes but it's an eye pulling her to get out of that continual spiral of leading into diabetes in the next generation we have 3 strategies. It's to provide equipment and tools this is the bag that we provide with the blood pressure machines and diabetes glucometer is and all the rest I am to this Shia so it's a campaign within the campaign was to rise and nuff funds to purchase 2000 screaming kids so as of the 1st of December just 37 keep kids away from achieving that goal I'm sure that as we come out leading to Christmas that we'll be able to reach that goal. $100.00 sorry entering Yes 100 dollars 3700 dollars That represents So this is in say Jane I've been trying to these folk and they had their bags and I go around the villages doing tests. This is what some of the the locals are doing. This is in pain and Jay. Way Away doing Expo is strategy to is about training and re sourcing the coaches so we do chip and chip and leave more abundantly and the live more abundantly is an equitorial version of it was rolled out and say gee this year. And is about to be rolled out in the Solomon Islands in the need to come now I love these kind of reports where it says we need to 75 minutes church and its health message all doctors in the Solomon Islands must become cheap facilitates Isn't that exciting. Not just by anybody I mean this guy the medical superintendent the government must leverage support from churches particularly the 7th Day Adventist Church and so that's why Wednesday is an exciting time for us to know that they're actually following through with what that was sign and finally strategy 3 support the training and upscaling of the health of the professions through the society of life still medicine which we are sponsoring and that happens next year in Seiji in match so he's going on a holiday I want some go and support to the South Pacific society headed up by Dr Paul Wood. This is going to be a great launch we're very excited and from there we hope to have checked is that we come out of that in the other countries. We had a dream of having 10 Tet the start again $10000.00 toys regular then we're going to go to the Power Up next year and then power up plus what we have thing in the power stage for the last. 12 months because the people I just wanting to jump on board and it's very exciting and we are partnering with an address in this space which is which is exciting all sorry I'm going to skip the. Just because of time this year we had a group that walked the good coda track the 1st time a group of leaders from our church did that and it was amazing I didn't do the whole walk that I had to do the last little. Hill they told me it was like a mountain from a a place that was nothing. We discovered that along the corridor and diabetes is not a major problem and that's because it's so remote that that are now selling soft drinks and chips to all the people that like us that go over there and walk the track so it won't be a long and I will be facing this sign issues and so we left them I say wait I wasn't there but I gave them kids sit tight and I have left kits along with Kleenex along the way to try and keep in front of this if you're wanting to do the good code address is doing it again this 2020 so come and see myself Steve public who is here representing address so far as all of the this was the middle of November as a total fund raising event we have actually says $448.00 that I did the sums again yesterday when now up to 4 $161000.00 so all my system in Delamont half a 1000000. And what this does not represent is that we got a part of the 13 cordura world. 7 schools offering. Last quarter the funds haven't arrived we don't know what that's worth but I've got my fingers crossed that we might get around a quarter of a $1000000.00 I'm all for that so it will be will be impacting you know my team. We've got great plans. We want to. Heat the. Taping and there's so many countries but I just want to quickly my time is up is Steve coming and coming join me address is a big part of the 10000 ties they allow us tax deductibility that are helping us work through also. With the live more abundantly program but after is more than just 10000 ties although that some by supporting parts I will say this to you obviously have just a week thank you. So hard on state politics on the relationships manager for driver and one for go 27 seconds. Ok try and say something sensible. What I generally do when I talk with people is I try to put myself in where you're sitting rather than where I'm sitting and if I was there would be thinking address charity and this guy probably wants something from us and it's probably money. We're probably perennially guilty of that but I'd rather project from another point of view. Yes we are the pot now with 10000 ties and it's something we stand behind him it really really doing a very best for even trying to get you some free swaps and it's being offered from a charity that supplies medical supplies. It's actually about 5 percent of what I do does but if I was sitting there. I'd like to know why I had to does this thing why do exist and then in actual fact and put apart and with a not a charity you might think well of course that I partner with that but it's not obligatory. So I come to the point of signing to that way when the 1st instance where a really really dedicated and efficient now I'm looking at scientific paper like probably like facts so are we do have time to back them up but if you look at it with regard to expenditure. On what we do and what percentage of it where benchmarked against other charities and how we do it. Figures they're against I'd say much charities except coming some and very large we come up to 30 percent of air expenditures goes to Edmonton and fund rising some of the others go up to 30 percent so a lot of the money gets to a want to go. Beyond that who are we why we doing this well is really only one reason we're Christian faith biased charity and that distinguishes us from secular charities there's a very large successful secular charities in Australia doing wonderful work there isn't on with that or it's because I have so much faith in what advert does and why we do it. Medina myself and after my can provision for my family I have left a gift for writer in my will which I now or will be very very important when that tongue comes. Beyond that. When I 1st joined I was a Queensland camp and a light he came up to me and she wanted to get one of it to the ships which were always happy people were like people wearing them I'm sorry about the quality of the model wearing this one up to 60 years the body does suffer just a little bit. In fact we have some of it there which we'd like to give a while. But what we don't ask you to do is just give issue details and sign up for a newsletter. Now why would we do that would probably like to send you information about what we did that I flew tomorrow we can announce and people are going to get some of these t. shirts and caps and things. They're coming back to. What we do and why we do it and what happens there's another bonus with that which I really love and light it came up to me you know Dani brain without her of it 6 months and she said Oh yeah I was wrong one of the connection trips and a little girl came up to us and we just finishing off we put in water we address sanitization reduce interest in health issues we had the water going to some crops and things are looking a lot better a little girl came up to her and she said look you know a lot of people come over here and I've said a lot of things too it's no going to help us now going to promise this and that I don't know who that they were once and then but she said you kind you said the same thing we was sick we didn't have enough water it was dirty and we didn't have enough to eat now we do. You know God must be the true God. And this is the thing that I'm suggesting that add or office to each and every one of you if you go that you're to look through opic life is the distinct possibility of something else happening. And you do a very interesting choice the 2nd thank you for this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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