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  • January 7, 2020
    1:43 PM
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Right and you want to has any questions I'm sorry I don't think some of the students were here when he was speaking about fun chip key just 2 or. 3 just just one think it may be one minute. Ok but what I can share is son ship is a ministry where with the students who are we talking about here like to stand up Sun Chips a ministry in the Solomon Islands we we have boats because of all the little islands there's no medical care the. They've had is quakes to normalise through the years in the past very poor very needy and so we have ships we now have 5 little boats that actually go and do monthly clinics among these islands and we have nurses that go out on these clinics and we have a Bible work that goes with them and what we can to do is from next year we hoping that we'll have some volunteers and Ideally students who'd like to go and experience real mission work and that's right the with the rubber meets the road is right there among these people and look at it's going to be more of a an assistant role you know can be given major responsibility but to just be part of this is going to be powerful and it can be life changing and we can maybe show you quickly pieces Not many many more questions just to see what it's about. Do you have a name in there. Anyone else any questions. You look what I would say with men have and we've had many inquiries of people who've tried to replicate our model 1st thing I would say is that men Haven is one of the most successful health evangelism marriages that I've ever been involved in but we still run at a loss of approximately $10.00 to $15000.00 a year. I justify that by saying that if I employ a Bible worker it will cost me $45000.00 for the year I've got man a haven cafe running in my church which has 3 bible workers in it that cost me $5000.00 each so it's not a money making enterprise they pay no rent the church doesn't charge the rent just just the cost of payroll and the food is not meeting the we're not generating enough income to meet those costs. We turnover a round about trying to remember the last financials. I think we generate a profit of around about $150000.00 he started out a profit a turnover of about $150.00 and we've probably got cos of $175.00 something like that 160170 5. Bras to the managers that there is just incredible in terms of his capacity to be a talented chef a very very very fiscally responsible manager and I would say that the cafe ministry is going to be absolutely dependent on the people that you have running it people have asked us for the algorithms in the formulas but we're in a unique position of having a rent free space with lots of people walking by and incredible chef and tame around him that are committed to the ministry and I think that we all know that love sweats love blades love is expensive love is inconvenient and these these guys are really really committed to what they do so I would say that if you want to run it you just have to recognize that it's going to come with investment and we're really lucky to have a team of committed businessmen who want to see it succeed and they regularly write checks to keep it running and if you've got that capacity in your church it's a great model it's a great way of meeting people in a non-offensive way and really pushing health police and systems out there but it doesn't come without some real serious challenges in terms of making a profitable. Going to question so how do you minister to the customers that come through. To strike because for you know I think everybody who's involved in ministry will be able to resonate with these I don't think there's a. I think if you've got committed Christians who wake up in the morning and pride to be agents of the Holy Spirit the most remarkable things happen and we have a team of committed missionaries running that place and they just find that just by being friendly inveighing interested in people conversations start that sometimes end up in a place where people ask about God It's in a church so it's kind of self-explanatory so we probably. Deliberate or intentional in trying to be overt and now in our evangelism but people in that particular area and particular the tourists that are coming through bar and all are mostly on a quest and there is a real spiritual interest and we don't we don't win every single one of them but God always gives us enough interest to keep all of those who are willing and able to be involved in evangelism as busy as they can pay you know. Can I just ask a question Trevor and blank can decide between them how much of each they want to. But thinking back to the breakout session until he bat people feeling cared for and sometimes 10 minute medicine doesn't really fit into that and when you're in a really busy place where others you know you think that productivity is measured by seeing 50 people in a day and you're not as productive when you know somebody sees a kind face and starts crying on the way out the door or something like that it's really I find that really challenging balancing that and I'm sure are not the only one and trying to balance the Nx to the practice at you running light versus meeting the needs of the patient in front of you how what do you maintain an approaching. I think I'll go 1st. I am just deliberate. Adding 10 minutes to every appointment time. And I let my patients know that I give them 10 minutes for free you know there's just there's just chatting time there's just human interaction and my nursing staff just last week and rather expletive swear words to say how everyone in the practice is so frustrated that I'm always talking to people and yet at the same time is expressing that frustration it was a backhanded complement that the insistence of patients when they ring up that they want to see me and not another dentist in the practice is a direct consequence that they feel like they're valued as a human being before they valued his business s. it and everybody's personalities different in it and I think that all created Christians are going to face exactly the problem that you had is that we don't just see people as. As business figures then they're not just financial assets in a medical enterprise they have people and they have stories and we want to engage with him so yeah I I just deliberately build it into my time when I try to the appointment book. Yeah yeah and I think the industry is easier than medicine because both billing only works if your time efficient dentistry we just. Anyway have already expressed my difficulty at the whole kind of capitalist model but there's enough I think there's enough time between giving it a steady and actually starting a procedure and letting people decontaminant the surgery and get things wiped down that if you get into the system you can place that value one human relationships and it costs and it's expensive but at the end of the day it brings such loyalty and commitment that when other people are struggling to keep the chair full you've got loyal patients referring their friends and in a sense I think that if you do medicine and dentistry the way God wants you to do it you always have closed until. You feel like you're letting your colleagues down because they seem to need to see stuff like that right thank you until they died identify with Christ he had a lot can do to the King's Cross City are on a Saturday night because Cross should be inundated with whole towns of sick people and needy people but when you read in the scriptures you really you read the tea he touched physically touched everyone I could have just spoken a word and everyone would have been healed and he could have moved on but there was that personal interest in every person we he actually physically touch them and you read it we read it in our group to the softer new and and yeah I'm not the model really like you I sometimes can see 70 sometimes 80 wouldn't even mention that ridiculous numbers of people and sometimes 12. Days and yes sometimes it's very quick you know a year I think just the spirit that you meet people you know the not hairy you willing to listen and you willing to help sometimes it can be very quick and they are times when you know you're not trying to get in a private with the more do something like that but as you perceive need sometimes I will then bring people back and say look we're going to focus on this now we need to spend more time and then allow a longer visit so that then we can spin more time but I think people know where the you really interested with the really passionate and in my room of got a clock that says as for me in my house we will serve the Lord is a post in next to the bed that the patients lie on with a big hand and names on it and it says God has you in the palm of his hand and I'm quite amused sometimes I'll go out and come back and see patients quickly taking a fire or see kids are asking their mother what does that mean and hearing mothers trying to explain it to the kids you know sometimes just environment you're in can can be conversations but I think people can saints with you Jane your love them and care about them thank you thanks when in trouble for sharing and indeed the Themis when this is done to me and we can be some witnesses as well and we can you know really show the compassion of Christ to every patient that we come in contact with or they will come to a time where we thank you so much for the. With the breakout sessions and a question and answer is that we have and we are close to having dinner the dinner will be on that side but before that we're allowed to invite Paul Frank in to say a prayer for us thank you very much Lord. It's been fascinating to die hearing different people's journey different people stories different people struggles thank you for. The ability to share their. Thank you for. The responsibility that you give each one of us to to be citizens your kingdom and to share that. Place show us where you want us to go and give us the courage to follow they with us now as we head to dinner thank you for the food we're bad about take over Jesus a game in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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