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Witnesses Unto Me: In the Community

Edwin Nebblett


Edwin Nebblett

Medical Director of the Presbyterian Medical Service/ Catron County Medical Center in Reserve, NM and Emergency Medical Services in Northern Catron County, NM


  • December 8, 2019
    12:15 PM
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Father in heaven we just want to thank you for the opportunity to share how we can witness effectively for you and I pray that your spirit will the tenderness as we now share together in Jesus name Amen. With the conclusion of the presentation is being a witness in the community and in the workplace and of course we are following on the same progression with Acts Chapter one with this being and in some area under the uttermost part of the earth what is our purpose our purpose as Christians is to seek and to save the last I had the privilege several weeks ago of speaking with the organizer of a program that originated at Wiemar college the brainchild of Dar of Pastor Don McIntosh called totus campus involvement that's their program I will share more about what they are doing in a little bit but the young man who was the director of the program summarize what they do with a slogan The slogan is The goal is a soul. For goal is a soul we are called upon to see can save the lost the goal is the soul the goal is not baptism. That may be an outcome the goal is not to turn them into some kind of a denominational mindset but we want them to turn to Scripture and to adopt that mindset but the goal. Is a soul Jesus is the light the light of every man that cometh into the world he is the light of the world and he bids us to come unto Him and learn of Him Jesus was the Great Teacher We know this he could have made disclosures on scientists sciences that would have placed the discoveries of the greatest men in the background. But this was not his mission this was not his work he had come to seek and to save that which was lost and he could not permit himself to be turned from this one object he allowed nothing to divert him this work he has given into our hands the question is simple shall we do it several years ago I read a story in the Sabbath school lesson you may or may not recall this an urban neighborhood that had flourished in the 1950 s. in the early 1960 s. had become like a warzone in the late 1960 s. and into the early seventy's the majority of the families in that community had moved away leaving a trail of abandoned houses and burned out tenements businesses moved out and drugs and crime moved in to fill the void making that neighborhood very undesirable to live. So in $186.00 a Christian family left their comfortable home in the suburbs and they moved into this depressed urban setting a pastor from another city joined them they rebuilt 2 of the burnt out buildings and they made it their homes they spent time in the streets meeting with community groups mingling with those who remained in the area these 2 families where the catalyst that God used to build a church that brought healing and transformation to this dead community their work and impact continues even today having made a big difference in the lives of those who live there we are called upon to be a witness to the world you know from you know the text the other light of the world a city that is set upon a hill cannot be hid what are we called to do what is it that the Lord wants us to do he wants us to let our light so shine before men the big me see the good works our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven the greatest highest work that we are called upon to do is the presentation of this message it is the greatest work that is to be carried on in the world at this time there are many ways opened whereby we can be a light to the world the work of every follower of Jesus Christ to see can save those who are lost God will give us how do spirit to all who manifest their love for the truth in these works and he supplies to all rather than Szell opportunities and facilities to make them called neighbors with him so the question is before us is simple. God supplies and helps off as we cooperate with him to seek and save the lost it's not on me alone it is for me to cooperate with him to accomplish what he is asking me to do so what we need is of the right spirit and power God will pour upon us the spirit of true labor we need power from God and we need to work with a determined effort we are to work in Christ lines and the recovery of last preparing solve it is not a man that affects the work of saving souls it is God who labors with Him God works and man works what a privilege that is for us again there is no one way to reach others I just want to emphasize that we cannot and should not do this alone we must have the Holy Spirit's help and the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us in the way that we need to go and God will give us wisdom to work intelligently this is what the servant says we must work in different ways and devise different methods and let God work in us to the revealing of truth and himself as a sin pardoning savior May God give us with them to work intelligently now some of you may or be aware of this I became more sensitive to this when I was speaking to a family that was working amongst Native Americans in a community a backup of hours away from us. The terminology this terminology guilt innocence honor shame fear power was popularized by an American anthropologist by the name of Ruth Benedict backing 9 to 946 when she under the invitation of the u.s. Office of War in order to understand and predict the behavior of the Japanese in World War 2 She studied this and produced a book called The Chrysanthemum and the sword patterns of Japanese culture where she described for the 1st time the American culture as a guilt culture and the Japanese culture as a shame culture was very interesting in cultural anthropology just briefly it is when I let you know that the distinction between a guilt society or a guilt culture or a shame society also known as a shame culture or a on our shame culture and a fear culture has been used to characterize different cultures the differences can apply on how behavior is governed with respect to government law business rules or social etiquette this classification has been applied especially to societies sorting out how their emotions are used to control individuals especially children by the way and maintain social order now the reason why this is important is that as you understand the culture that you are seeking to reach you begin to understand that my mindset. My mindset is more of a western mindset built upon guilt and innocence is not the same as the mindset in Africa or the mindset in Asia or if you're going to go to Micronesia not the same mindset the significance of this is that you are no need to understand that particularly in a guilt innocence world their mindset focuses on law and punishment a person in this kind of a culture may ask is my behavior fair or unfair this type of culture emphasizes individual conscience in a shame culture the means of control is the in Coke ation of shame and the complimentary threat of ostracism if you don't behave so I come in and I introduce this mindset Christianity and the result that they're going to have to live with is ostracism it's powerful the shame on a world view 6 and honor balance and it seeks to revenge dynamics a person in this kind of culture may ask shall live look the shamed if I do x. or y. or how will people look at me if I become a why shame cultures are typically based on the concepts of pride and honor and appearances are what count in a fair society control is kept to by a fear of retribution fair and power worldview focuses on physical dominance a person in this kind of a culture will say will someone hurt me if I do such and such. God has to give us wisdom to work intelligently we have to understand who we are working with who we live with who we interact with in order to seek to save the last for the kingdom of heaven one I found very interesting is this comment I had not read this comment before the method the Lord has marked out to us our way of working as a people we are not to imitate and fall in with the Salvation Army methods I never met this before this is not the work that the Lord has given us to do neither is it our work to condemned them and speak harsh words against them what are we talking about here as I was speaking with those who are involved in the t.c. I program the total campus involvement they pointed out that the Salvation Army does a great work a great work but they are not about seeking and saving blogs see the difference were not to say that they are not to do what they are doing they are doing a good work but your work is a different kind of work and therefore should have a different method now I know that we're familiar with this passage I'm going to go quickly through it found in ministry of healing as well as in gospel workers I want to just look quickly at this in some detail when there are 6 points you're familiar with them and I just want to look at each one very quickly 1st of all recognizing that many are waiting to be personally addressed in the very family the neighborhood the town where we live there is a work for us to do as missionaries for Christ if we are Christians this work will be our delight no sooner is one converted then where is born within them a desire to make known to others what the precious friend is found in Jesus the point is there waiting for us to come to them got it all right so he mingled. As we meddle with people we take interest in various things some of the ways that we can mingle with people today to take an interest with them and share with them are things that many of you who are already doing this note right questions that we can ask questions that are common to ask but I am not suggesting that you have to ask all of these questions the 1st time that you meet someone I'm just simply offering to use some questions that you can ask if you need to be perfect and do what seems to be natural in the moment think of it as we do as clinicians of taking a history over time right continuity of care so it's continuity of relationship if you will the prince of teachers he thought access to the people by the pathway of their most familiar associations he presented the truth in such a way that ever after it was to his hearers intertwined with their most how load recollections and sympathies the things that mattered to them he taught them in a way that made them feel the completeness of here identification with their interests and happiness. The 2nd. As one who desired their good Jesus went about in their cities and teaches villages teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel and doing what Matt felt needs you know I've heard many discussions and I have had many discussions about how do you know when you are helping a person or enabling a person have you are ever had these kind of conversations have you had them you know I have to be very honest with you I don't see where Jesus did this. Of course not everything is recorded but when he went through healing every sickness and every disease among the people he didn't ask them now are you going to behave from this point on and not get back into the same fix you were in before it's a very interesting dynamic I don't have all the answers because we are grappling with this with a little fellowship that I'm a part of how do we know when we have crossed over from helping a person to enabling a behavior it's a tough decision I think we really all need to be Spirit led but Christ healed everything that's what he did he saw in every soul one to whom must be given the call to his kingdom he reached the hearts of the people by going among them as one who desired their good so he sought them out all over everywhere by the shores of the lake I don't marriage feeds daily vocations he carried his instruction into their space bringing families in their own homes under the influence and his sympathy helped to win their hearts then he were appeared to the mountains for more and more direction this is something that we are that's available to us the 3rd thing he did was to show sympathy you know he had truths to present which people were unprepared for and frankly would not even understand for this reason he taught them in stories just amazing to me stories by connecting his teachings with things that they understood things that they experienced he secured their attention and he impressed their hearts afterwards when they looked on the same objects they recall the words that he taught them he spoke words of sympathy here and there he saw men weary yet compelled to bear heavy burdens he studied and he shared and he repeated to them the lessons that he had learned from nature. 4th he ministered to their needs you know crisis move with compassion I don't know about here in Australia but as I travel into the big city on every corner literally there is some person begging for help how would Christ respond to these individuals I dare say probably better than the way that I do because I've seen it so often it's become so familiar I almost don't see them or I move to a lane where they can't get to me I'm not ashamed I'm not I'm not very I'm ashamed of the choices that I make sometimes when I wonder how would my savior do this he was moved with compassion Jesus spent all his life on this earth ministering to the needs of others he always strived to please his father so his aims were high his motives are pure and he minister and how did he do so our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world as the unwary servant of man's necessity he took our infirmities Bera sicknesses of the he could minister to us the burden of disease and registered as he came to remove it was his mission to bring men to bring 2 men complete restoration the work the disciples did we are also called upon to do we are to be missionaries in sympathy and compassion work to minister to those in help in need of help and to lighten the woes of suffering humanity 5th he won their confidence He treated every person with respect and love. He knew that in order for a man to follow his commands he must demonstrate divine wisdom and love in every act of His ministry only thus whether man be willing to receive him into their life befall must be led to feel that it is not too late for them to be men and women Christ honored man with his confidence and thus placed on him his honor even those who had fallen to the Lewis levels it was a continual pain to our Savior you know it was this is not easy for Christ not easy at all it was a continual pain to Christ to be brought into contact contact with anybody depravity in impurity but never did he art or one expression to show that his sensibilities were shocked or that his refined tastes were offended wherever the evil habits the strong prejudices or the overbearing passions of human beings he met them all with pitying tenderness and then he bade them follow me so he made each work of healing an opaque asian of implanting spiritual or divine principles in the mind or soul that was his purpose not everybody responded You remember the 10 lepers not everybody responded but he did it for the one and the 90 percent 10 percent responded and 90 percent had less Christ will give words to speak that will refresh and encourage and strengthen the poor struggling souls who are in darkness their faith will be strengthened as the era lies the Redeemers promises being fulfilled so how are we to go about doing this as with ministering to others in the neighborhood we have an opportunity to get to know what is happening in the personal lives of those we work with expressing sympathy is a good beginning let me tell you about the d.c.i. program. That t.c. I program is a total campus involvement it's similar to total church involvement and similar to total member involvement this was done mackintoshes brainchild it is a church campus wide friendship evangelism initiative that utilizes the methods that I've just been talking about of teaching preaching and healing and the intent is to develop a sustainable program a model that can be replicated by other churches institutions and churches so what have they done what they did is they formed student faculty teams all students all faculty are divided up into 10 teams no one is exempt and now I ask the question obviously So how do you pick your teams he said well where prayerfully have strong faculty because not all are created equal with some faculty who are not as strong with students and we bring them together some teams work well depending upon the strength of the leadership and so they are continually looking to give support to these teams and they place of them permanently in a given neighborhood that's where they stay so they have them scattered throughout the neighborhood surrounding Wiemar What is the key to their success prayer through much prayer you must labor for souls for this remember the goal is a soul so a prayer a young man the story is told of a young man on the pastor's team with his. Cohort they knocked on a lady's door and they learned shortly after speaking with her that she was struggling with demonic activity in her home this particular young man had experience with a demonic activity and he empathized with this lady's need his heart yearned for her because he already had had this experience and he understood what the burden was and so God He believed led him to this particular woman's home so that he could relate to her suffering so he and his door to door partner decided to sacrifice and pray for this woman every night at 10 45 pm because that is when the manifestations took place in her home the radio would come on there would be knocking at the door and it was clear that there was a supernatural power involved they consistently constantly prayed for and visited this woman for a number of weeks until the demonic activity had passed he believed their team believed that God led him to that door to have such a burden for that woman he also shared this young man that this experience enhanced his spiritual experience as he realized that his walk with God must be a serious one if he is to be involved in evangelism and meeting demonic activity that is very prevalent in our communities for many would be willing to work also if they were trained This is where Eman I think has an opportunity we need to engage in training our members. Our churches our members in our church fellowship how to work because not everyone knows how to work how to work intelligently and they don't want to work because they are unsure of what to do one number 2 there are fearful that if they do it they will mess up 3 that when they mess up they won't look good. You have to help them every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to give bible readings how to conduct and teach Sabbath school classes how best to help the poor and care for the sick and how to work for the unconverted there should be schools of health cooking schools fasces various lines of Christian help work so what we need to do is to train our members how to train other members that make sense to get prepared for a prepare a manual or if you know of a group or someone who is doing it well say to them teach us how to do what you are doing so that we can go forward and do the same there should not only be teaching but actual work under experience instructors let the teachers lead the way in working among the people in one thing with them the most idealistic method of preparing the church for an evangelism is to have what we call an evangelist excitable What is that is a cycle of revival and reformation it starts with us and then training and eventually some followed by a gospel of medical missionary evangelism outreach and the organization of companies people are much more comfortable working with teams and then having an evangelist outreach and you do it all over again if you continue this cycle on a regular basis so let me tell you about still on health. Still odd health is the practice at Wiemar college led by Dr. Dr Gahl aunt and Dr Stephens Stephens go along strong to help and what they are doing is that they have a 3 pronged approach 1st of all this is just a picture of the nursing station when I go to work there this is where I stand and amongst the other clinicians what they do is they take advantage of the various offerings that are available at Wiemar I mean they're really blessed I mean they have whole programs available that they can plug their patients into so they stand as a conduit a patient is depressed let me tell you about the depression recovery program that is going on here at Wiemar accent or accent or does that make sense so they take advantage of the resources that are available at your church you may only have 123 resources that are available but if like what we learned about last night you learn a various opportunities that are available in your community in your city in your town you can plug people into these resources so that's the beauty of what I learned about last night and my only question is and when are you coming to America. Nevertheless take advantage of what you have and plug people in because they don't know what you do the 2nd thing that they have done is to have a branch Sabbath school every Sabbath they have clinicians that are part of the practice and clinicians in the community that come and give a health talk have a spiritual talk and they have a few light refreshments very very simple and they of course they're all plant based What can I tell you but that's what they do and it's intimate not large maybe a dozen of their patients come on a regular basis but this is what they do the 3rd thing that they do is they look for opportunities to do something special this happens to be the back hallway where the break room normally occurs and what they did recently just a few days ago is that they had a Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day instead of being with their families they decided to do it for the community and they invited any one of their community members that wanted to come and the staff and clinicians served that's what they did and they did the question that we asked was Thanksgiving Day Wouldn't you rather be with your families Well yes we would but we decided that this is what we would do who would come to our Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day The answer is there are a lot of lonely people more than you know and these are the ones who came and they fellowship with them. This is what we ought to do. We may do much in a short time if we will work as quest worked we may reflect with profit upon his manner of teaching us Christ method he sought to meet the minds of the common people you and I need to study the minds of those who we want to reach. We are here in Australia 1st world we haven't the Western European mentality but the indigenous groups that are here don't have that mentality if you decide that you want to go into mission trips they don't have the same mentality you need to understand how to reach them Christ style was plain simple comprehensive He took illustrations from scenes with which they were most familiar and he illustrated truths of an eternal importance by connecting heaven and earth brothers and sisters I just want to leave you with this thought method is important I'm left brained so you gotta understand I'm laterally drawn to method but Christ's method seemed to go over into the right brain territory I don't understand if I am not going to be your teacher but the Holy Spirit can do you mean nothing please don't get me wrong you need to be organized in how you're going to go about doing what you're going to do. It was plain it was simple it was comprehensive but with the Holy Spirit's help you have to know that as you reach a heart the soul is a goal the soul is a heart. As you and I connect with the heart thocht is what shifts people and makes them overcome their culture. I have to tell you I'm reading a book right now honor and shame I have to tell you this is this is just amazing to me because in my area I deal with Native Americans a completely different mindset come legally and if you are going to share the gospel in with other cultures and communities that you reach you must understand them if you are going to share the gospel but it is not only the Holy Spirit that is able to get them to overcome I have to tell ya stresses of is huge. In these cultures huge How are you going to get a person to say I am going to follow Jesus when my entire family disowns me only the Holy Spirit can give power to do things of this nature so I just want to recommend to you Christ method alone method is important but above all put on Jesus Christ and with the right brain you touch that heart that souls of the King that was a limb. And you will be effective as a with. God bless you this media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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