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Pastoral - Getting involved in blended ministry in your church

David Haupt


  • December 8, 2019
    11:30 AM
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So is they now to a level that training doctors or allied medical staff can become involved at the local church level in any form of healing ministry or putting healing in inverted commas I'm going to start to flip flip your cart so that I could similarly. Make you know I'm putting you on the spot you have been involved in what. You have did you do that as being a doctor or. So they used my use of doc to needle ease D.V.D.'s He's was the doctor he's the expert you just facilitated that but you were very much involved how to church and nor importantly how did the pasta link in with it and with you yes. Ed It takes a hit what was the connection you know what was the relationship. Because all I want to agree with you that if we if we withdraw until we've got a cause of qualification we'll never really a guy and because it becomes a life stall a whole change of mindset that my life is not just. Our end in actual fact a total Christian in every sphere a speck of lost for every sphere and wherever I can gather up that opportunity I want to being. It becomes more and more difficult joy for the medical team a wife is a nurse for her to to live her spirituality out in the workplace there is an old lady over 120 years ago that wrote to the stage. And said that 90 percent of diseases is way who can finish that statement from. Is from the our eyes upward. The great is need that humanity have to do is the need of human connection and empathy. So you don't need qualification for that to really connect and really showed that empathy and that is one of the must must by sick things that people need to die and society also like to recommend that you make use of mission trips opportunities gone mission trips done go there's a doctor or as a student doctor just go there is one of the people helping out but mingling with people that can really give nothing back to you but what you will discover is how much you have received once you come back you'll be a different person once you get yourself into that that spirit of mission now a days you'll see how much enrich your life will be. And a very important thing is number 3 and daddy's How would you like to us sorry who would you like to maintain or yours in this regard in this relationship between doctor and mission connection. Does all of you have a mentor in that regard Dr is that already in this field or what discipline are you in which area you study. You also meet Steve who is not a med student what are you studying. Physiotherapy psychology. By technology also by $10.00 Ok so do each and every one of you have a spiritual mentor that is working in that field someone that is Passion of the mission as well as your your area that you study. Is there anyone that has a mental. You looking for one and I am in is looking for students that they can mentor they are looking for students that are willing to be linked in worth a current doctors or practitioners whom they can main tool and I would strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to net who are worse the practitioners on the other side finders who would be willing to mean to you all put your hand up to these 2 doctors and say guards take our own name we are interested down leaves this weekend without making that connection because it is that network of mentoring that really is can inspire you because once you've studied a year out then in the field he has not made that connection you've lost the opportunity you can become so busy that this is the connection the desire to want to live mission and in your practice might be God. Ok. I want us to look at question number 4 and really tear it out as a group what planes of action can we put in place to guide your local pastor your church your board in a crisis center that evangelistic medical missionary work that responds clearly to identified needs in your community. What are the needs in your community. Sounds as though you have got work that needs to be done it looks as though they you need to put help your past to help your church board to put some planes in place. As a pastor I'm going to share with you some of the struggles that that we face. The open for. As a church we sprinkled a community with programs and most of the time we sprinkle it with programs that we think the community needs while as a church we are so disengage from the community that we do not even know what the needs of the community are. So in most cases we are in actual fact not relevant to community. That's why the church is not growing. You gets free by sick has to die the one I would call the fortress kind of church it is the church that some of their more traditional churches look like this is more like a fortress we keep everyone that is inside very site protecting them from the influences from the world out there and every now in then we lower the what you call a bridge in English the door bridge will lower the drawbridge and a brave soul ventures ality and grabs a person on the outside pulls them in and very quickly we close up the drawbridge ago. And we sank the far they've inside and we dry them out until they called and they've all lost their vigor for God and then we say now they Saif to stay and saw it. That church number one church Number 2 is the church that sprinkles the church with programs. We can look at these churches in a different way I'm going to bike a been on a lot of locks been on a lot of bread I'm going to bike a banana loaves and I know that one of the ingredients must be salt remember the 1st question is going to be salt so I put all the ingredients together and I don't put this salt shaker with this salt securely preserved inside into the dug into the pan and I put it into the oven but I could bring it out and I cut it and take a bite of the 1st slice How does it taste like. Salt shakers right inside unbroken preserves like a fortress church. How is the side that has that been on a lot of times Clark. Knocking not good and that's how most churches to die are to the community outside that is on. The 2nd church bikes they've been on a lot of and once we've taken it out and it's come calling we can throw that out of the pan and then we take the salt shaker with salt and we sprinkle it over. And we take Air Force Bart has a ticed lark What do you guys reckon especially if I put you know garlic salt that. Would taste good. The bottle society invited a lady who is an od in. Women's libber she is completely against Christianity Di invited her to be the keynote speaker at a meeting that the Bible Society called with all the Christian church leaders in a straight. Her topic was how she was given the topic where has the Christian Church filed their community mad that she ever feel died she just really gave it to them and she basically said that the joy of the George pal's and the child sexual abuse that has taken in the taken place in the Christian church has decimated the power of the Christian Church today in a strange idea to make any changes in the community she says there's only one way that you can retain your influence in the community and that is why it's for if the Christian Church is willing to become involved at the lowest level willing to help the people in the greatest need. So the church number Soria is a church that recognizes that salt is inning greedy and that needs to be mixed in into the. So it is a church that really goes out and and talks to the community a belt they needs listen to the needs that do research in and visit key stakeholders key leaders in the community in Austin the question if you had a team office 506100 volunteers that could bring about change in your community what would be the number one number 2 numbers 3 areas that you would like them to respond to. A wife's church would listen very carefully to that and then go back to the local church look at the capacity of the church look at the giftedness of the church look at the missional d.n.i. of each member and where all of that into the connect That is where God wants that church to interact with friends I want to suggest to you. That you can in actual fact already play and my age a role in your local church I hope that medical ministry is not just myths. But in your mind is in actual fact far broader namely health soon living at the Into should not be vegans at Venta should be health reformers What's the difference the one is another form of religion you've got 11 shoes on lot I have a Kong b. of Eden. But can we be health reform and can we become involved in l a local church even l. local pastors do not even believe the majority insure health reform. You can already start to market the forms. And I would like to suggest that you might use of an opportunity that you have right year over this we came to connect with others that have experience already in this field. Select for yourself a mentor asked him to be your main goal and start to engage your local church your pasta beach intell with them to often offer hardworking pasta some of them not all but some and if they realize they you not as great but rather want to work along with them. You'll see that they will become your l.r.. Is there any question that you would like to ask one of these 2 doctor 3 doctors any question you'd like to ask them or like to ask me as a pastor in your role as preparing yourself for Christian ministry in your work. I want to just plant I thought in your mind God is placing each one of yours or going to place each one of you in a place in this world where pastas can ever go. He is calling you to be he's with us in what Evelyn level he will guard you. And remember that ministry is not so much what we size. It is hell we do things and we treat people in other words preach a sermon and if at the worst case you need to preach that sermon with words do it side it with love and I pray for each one of your gracious Father thank You for the courting with which you have called each one of us in this room and I want to uplift to you each one of these students. And doctors an Oscar Nord there you will inspire them with a vision of way you would like them to be. In their work align themselves with a great physician and as they work in unison with here. I pray that you will bless their ministry bless their work and father my edict colleagues even observe and see that they work at the different standard at the different coring. And as they touch people's lives may not the only physical healing like flies but also spiritual and the whole mess emotionally calm because of that and my the reward being that as they minister to people's self sacrificing me that those patients eventual hasta question. Why are you different you must be a true Christian share your Jesus with me because I want to meet your Jesus that is trance and that that has permeated modern life City your ministry bless them as students as they prepare themselves and my they see this preparation years as years in ministry. Try fall the doctors that already work in the field that you'll continue to bless them and as they main told the younger people might be that we can have a workforce in the medical field united with apostrophe ministries and together bring a big transform charm every new places inches of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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