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A Thousand Shall Run

Dean Cullinane
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1 Sam 14:6 tells of Jonathan's brave foray against the camp of the Philistines. Was this really faith? Or was it presumption? How can we be sure of the difference between the two, and what significance might this have for God's last day church?


Dean Cullinane

Theology student at Weimar College.


  • January 1, 2020
    6:00 PM


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It was presented at the. Kentucky for other resource visitors. Good evening everyone. Welcome to g y c. Welcome to the year 2020. How many of you are excited to be here this evening Amen. Friends. The 1st thing that I would like to do as we begin this conference is just give a rousing Amen to those that have made it happen can you do that with me Amen so many people most of them here but some that cannot be here have put so much time and effort into allowing this conference to be a possibility and we believe that God is going to do something mighty over the next few days. My name is Dean Cullinane I was born in the Republic of Ireland grew up in London England my wife and here who was just on the stage we have lived in the United States for exactly 4 years now as of last night the Lord blessed us with the opportunity and possibility to move to California where I've been studying at we more college one of our Adventists institutions there and I now work as the dean we more Academy I've heard all the jokes of Dean the dean but I have the privilege of being there and working with some amazing young people from the ages of 14 to 18 and I'm excited as well to just praise the Lord because as of 2 weeks ago I finished with school I'm very grateful that the Lord has led me through that. And if I had to all skew to have a wild guess as to what it is or what it was that I was studying I imagine that you would fall into one of 3 categories surely I must either be studying theology I must be studying education or I must be studying something in the medical field maybe nursing or pre-med and the reason if you did pick one of those 3 I think is because as Adventists It's almost as if that's just what women to do Have you realised it's almost as if those are the only 3 options available I mean if you went to a public secular university you would have no chance at guessing what that person that you just walked up to is studying there's no way you'd get it through all the gee meteorology engineering psychology it's endless but if you go to an Adventist you can look like a prophet if you just take a wild guess at one of those 3 and if you did take a walk guess that one of those 3 you would be right I've just finished 30 in theology but I think the reason why we full into one of those categories is because we believe that especially then can we make a difference and I believe within all of us gathered here this evening that there is a desire to truly make a difference so let's choose one of those categories not my own let's choose being a doctor how much difference can one doc to make in the world. A group of researchers teamed up with an aspiring doctor that had the same desires to figure this out and they concluded that the average doctor adds to his patients a combined 140 years of life and it's not an easy thing to put a number on but that's the number they came to with a few degrees of variance now using a standard conversion rate given by the World Bank they've concluded that 30 extra years of life is considered a life saved so on average a doctor speaking about doctors in developing countries save about 5 lives over the course of their career now without wanting to devalue life or under appreciate the work of physicians 5 lives doesn't seem like an awful lot. Some doctors though do achieve an awful lot take Dr David Nail in for example working in Burma and Bangladesh he discovered a breakthrough treatment for patients suffering from diarrhea he figured out that getting patients would so mixed with the specific and just right concentration of sugar and water they would rehydrate at the same rate in which they were losing fluids since then which was in 1968 the annual rate of death from diarrhoea has dropped from 5000000 a year to 1300000 so when you compare the numbers he's saving hundreds of thousands of more people every year than the average doctor is today those numbers though dwindle when you compare them to that of called lanched you know who discovered blood groups and changed the way that we even view and that's I mean physiology all consider one Stanislav Petro of a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet army during the Cold War in 1983 Petro was on duty as a Soviet missile base when only warning systems indicated to him that the United States had sent incoming missiles. Protocol therefore dictated that the Soviet army returned the strike but Petro of did not push the button he reasoned that the number of missiles was far too few to warrant a counter attack and thereby disobeyed protocol if he had ordered a strike there is at least a reasonable chance that hundreds of millions would have died the 2 countries would likely have entered into all out nuclear war leading to billions of deaths possibly if we're being conservative we might say that petrol of saved 1000000000 lives but even that could be an underestimation Why am I telling you this because I feel as though wanting to make a difference is not enough. Instead of trying to make a difference I believe that we should be trying to make the difference you see I don't want to just change things I want to completely transform and revolutionise them I remember shortly after I became an Adventist I was called to this events. Each one reach one great premise if everyone reached one person the world church would double in a year and when you look at that kind of exponential growth we'd probably be going home very soon the problem is when everyone is set such a low target there's not a whole lot of motivation to meet it if I'm set that target in January when I can wait until December to try and reach my one and then December rolls on and I don't have enough time so I had an idea what if we changed it just slightly What if instead of each one reach one it became each one reach 1000 we'd better start on January 2nd friends I'm not comfortable with just bringing one person to Jesus is bringing one person good Absolutely. Does Heaven rejoice when one person comes to the Lord yes yes they do when Jesus have come for just one person yes he would have but what I want to speak to you about this evening is about making the difference maximizing our reach and making the most amounts of difference being the ones that are responsible for changing the entire world because when I read the Bible that is what I see I see wholesale change I see people that would not settle full for anything less than complete transformation and when I look at the story of Jonathan and his almost there in 1st to 14 that is what I see friends the title for this evening's message is a 1000 shall run let's pray Father in heaven this is your time this is your stage this is your Would we all ask that you would speak to our hearts and changes even now in the name of Jesus we pray Amen I often hawk on about reading the Bible for the 1st time again I know it doesn't make much sense that 1st 1st listen but could you imagine going over the stories that you know so well for the 1st time and receiving them as fresh as they as they were that very 1st time you went through I actually started a ministry a podcast on this very idea it's called why they did that we have a booth over the big yellow booth that we love you to come and check out about helping you to read the Bible again for the very 1st time you see we know the stories but we often don't know why they're this the Bible friends is more than a book it's more than a story book and it's more than a collection of story books the Bible is a manual a manual on how to live. And the stories here in the Old Testament are recorded not so that we would know the right order of history but so that we would be able to enter in to the Scriptures so that we will be transported back millennia and look through the characters that we love so dearly and look through look through them so deeply that we would see ourselves in them if you were to go through the story of 1st time you have to 13 and 14 you would get there having a decent understanding of what is taking place in Israel there's 2 main players there's Samuel and there soul ones the prophet the other one is the king one is faithful the other one is soul and if you continue to read through you'll turn with me please the 1st time in chapter 13 we're introduced to the character in whom g.y. sees a key theme is has come from it says in verse one of 1st time in 13 so reigned one year and when he had reigned 2 years over Israel soul chose him 3000 men of Israel where of 2000 with Saul and 1000 with Jonathan and the rest of the people he sent every man to his tent thus 3 and Jonathan smote the garrison of the Philistines that was in giva and the Philistines heard of it and sold blew the trumpets throughout all the land saying let the Hebrews here so let me ask you a question if you're reading this for the 1st time who is Jonathan Some of you would say well he saw his son but here's the thing if you are reading it for the 1st time you don't know that yet you don't know that Jonathan is soul son because he has not been introduced as soul some when we 1st hear Jonathan Jonathan is introduced as a warrior I introduction to him is one way he is slaying Philistines with his victory is so great that all the feel a science here of it to the point that they are in retreat to the White says that souls on me were filled with hope and courage upon Jonathan's victory. And that if it was follow through a great result could have taken place for the liberties of is wrote it isn't until verse 16 you see because my question was Well why wasn't Jonathan chosen as the king It isn't until you get to verse 16 Hauffe way through the story of the Bible says and soul and Jonathan his son it throws in that minor detail that seemingly minor detail Hauffe way through the narrative which isn't really how characters are introduced in the scriptures and so I look at this and I also myself why why introduce him 1st as a warrior and then later on as the son of soul perhaps you could look at it as as a coincidence but I don't believe in coincidences when it comes to the Scriptures I believe that holy men were moved by the Holy Ghost and wrote these things so that we could study them and learn them perhaps the Spirit of God wants us to recognize that it is not who you are that Matt says it is what you are Jonathan's dad was a mess a complete mess yet despite who his father was and his family issues God was about to use him based on who he was in Christ who his father was didn't matter what mattered was who his heavenly father was at the age of 10 years old I found out that my father was a rapist that my existence was the result of a man that could not control his lusts a man whose friend trusted him to take his fiance home after a late hour house party a man who drove to the nearest field took out a bottle of vodka and smashed it over my mother's head and rendering her unconscious and proceeding to rape a multiple times I carried that with me for 9 years for 9 years I believe that everything that happened in my life was a result of that horrible action I would talk times times when I didn't know the Lord but the Lord knew me. When the time was right he revealed himself to me when life was darkest The light shone through the brightest when I was closest in my life to throwing in the towel that's when God whose hand is not too short to save showed up he gave me purpose he gave me a reason to exist he put love in my heart where there was once hatred and he showed me that Dean it doesn't matter who your father is I am your father friends it matters not whose blood runs through your veins in matters that the blood of the Son of God was spilled for you I want to tell you here this evening that identity is not found in family trees and d.n.a. markers it is not so much about 23 and me as much as it is about 33 and Me 33 years of the life of Christ well how far more effect on the person that you were going to be than 2 sets of chromosomes our identity as Christians our identity as Adventists our identity as humans is found wrapped up in God in the person of Jesus Christ so we get the 1st time in chapter 14 and sold his seat is sulking under a pomegranate tree and you have to be you have to be really really sulking to soak under a pomegranate tree he's given up but Jonathan has not Jonathan takes is almost Berry almost there and they head on a camel cause he mission if ever you have seen one it's where he utters those words in verse 6 Come on let us go on to the garrison of these uncircumcised it may be that the Lord who work for us for there is no restraints of the law to save by few or by many don't just reports that that's crazy that's crazy talk that's like me and brother Jem going to Afghanistan. And standing outside the borders of Afghanistan where they're on Instagram live so you can all watch and like hey we're just going to run in and try and convert as many people in this country where it's literally illegal to be Christian we're just going to go and maybe go to work maybe he won't. It's crazy crazy faith it's insane but that's exactly what they go and do he says it may be that God work for us friends is not presumption this is faith faith as a pioneer 80 Jones once said is taking the word of God as it is and trusting in depending only in that word to get it done so Jonathan and his almost bear they go forward they go forward bearing those promises in mind and they test the Lord Lord if this is your will then when we show up tell them to come and so they show up there and they see the look over the Hebrews of come out of their caves come up to us that are show you something and so trying to look said is almost there and says the Lord is with us let's go they go and friends they slay them all how much of a difference did they make look at the very last verse 23 sorry 1st time you 1423 says so the Lord saved Israel that day that's how much a difference they made this is the same language that was used when God delivered them from the Egyptians through the Red Sea The Lord save them that day it seems crazy that this is how God is working but friends let me let me let you in on a little secret can I do that Christianity is crazy Christianity is bonkers The problem is that we have spent far too much time trying to make Christianity normal it was never meant to be normal raining food down from Heaven is a normal. Parting season sending playing God becoming a man and then dying resurrections blind people seeing deaf people hearing dumb people speaking March and singing at the stake friends is not normal it was never meant to be normal and it is in the times when we have put forth the most effort to make this normal that we've been least effective is in our efforts to not feel ostracized by the world that we've somehow lost sight of our mission it's not of us to blend back in with the world that we look strange to heaven it's in our efforts to be normal that we have appeared uniquely strange Christianity in Adventism was always meant to be crazy Moses sum this up when right before his death at the end of the book of Deuteronomy He looked at his people and he says one man of you shall chase a 1000 can you picture that in your head a 1000 men running away from just one Joshua to on his deathbed in just one chapter 23 verse 10 says one man of you shall chase a 1000 how for the Lord your God is with you he is it that finds it for you as he promised you friends one man can make a 1000 run that's crazy but that's Christianity to have faith to stand before a 1000 men because you know that God stands behind you that's faith he wins the victory on our behalf and I know I would not be here today if I had to fight my own battles so why it says that Jonathan was moved by a divine impulse a divine impulse I used to think that God had stopped sending divine impulses and then I realized that he's been sending more and more divine impulses as time has gone on the difference is that we just seem to not have the faith to go forward with those divine impulses. And so I was looking through Ellen White's writings looking for a time when she put up this phrase she uses it of course in this story but she also uses it in the story of Balan as he's prophesied of the Macc of the coming of the Messiah and then speaks of it in the great controversy as God's last people being moved by divine imposed to go forth with holy zeal and shine for His glory and then there was another quote and the quote was simply this as long as the cross of Christ is kept in view there will be a divine impulse to render to God Body Soul and Spirit Friends as long as the cross is kept in view there will be a divine imposed Can you say amen Now of course of course if you wanted to believe that one person could make all the difference you need only to look at the one person that did make all the difference friends let me tell you Adventism is nothing without the cross do we have the sanctuary Yes the 3 angels message yes prophecy health lifestyle we have all of these things but one tied to ministries and the churches that go forward with Adventism and leave Christ behind more about Jesus more about the cross Adventism has not exhausted the cross sometimes we dangerously tread the path of putting prophecy before the prophet himself we have far too many events is it serious when we are telling of times and dates but not of Christ we have a limit to the power of the gospel to Biblical arithmetic and all that does is it produces Christians that are convinced but are not converted Jonathan had the cross of Christ kept in view and he may not have seen that yet but he had the picture of the character of God as he went forth and friends if you and I were to keep the cross before us. If we were to sleep and to wake there and to walk there and talk if we were to live there we would be doing surely radical things for Jesus if we saw what one man accomplished with his whole life wrapped up in The Father's Will we would go forth with that same confidence and so I encourage you in all that you do preach the cross think on the cross lift up the cross and go forward knowing that the man that Hong on the cross hung there for you so that you could change the world but I think this narrative has a little more to say Notice that as Jonathan goes forth as I mentioned soul sits there sulking under the pomegranate Shri friends it would have been easy for Jonathan to sit there also if he were alive today and were a millennial like myself and some of you oh we would have been so easy he would have just sat there and reverted to type as the Israelites just moaned and moaned and moaned now friends it's one thing to be frustrated it's another thing to not agree with every decision that is made but we go too far when we sit down in a huff and moan about how things are not happening in our church and how leadership is failing and how the church has lost its focus there's a name for people like that today trolls Facebook warriors who are theologians in their basements but are not leaving to witness to Jesus about anyone else or excuses have not changed oh I can't I'm not enabled are not equipped My church is too old it's too restrictive you wouldn't understand listen while the church leadership was sitting under a pomegranate tree having a big moan that the work was far too hard to get done Jonathan was out there getting things done. You have 2 options friends you're part of the problem or part of the solution and I encourage you if you think you might be part of the problem when you're surrounded by people that are part of the problem take that same energy that we so often put into critiquing and read directed into productivity because whilst inside you are claiming that it can't be done God has people out there getting it done when it's too many people complain about their elders and their pastors and their conference presidents in the words of our world church president go forward that you need no permission to work for God You need no degree you know special blessing other than the one that God Himself is waiting to outpour Jonathan did not wait 1st one tells us that he did not even tell his father what he was going to do he just got up and did something about the problem friends we do not wait for man's come on the cause God has already commissioned us what makes me wonder is that maybe we just don't actually want it enough maybe we've just been here for so long and we've read enough that we have a good understanding of what things could be like we just much rather someone else made it so we'd much rather sometimes as young people sit at the back of the church scrolling down on Instagram moaning that the pastor has no idea what he's doing we would much rather moan that our friend was disfellowshipped but not show up at the business meeting we'd much rather criticize a movement that God raised up and not man but neglects to get ourselves involved so we can understand why certain decisions were made friends I believe that this church will do exactly what God said it will do it will go right to the end of the coming of Jesus Christ but the more that I'm here the more I'm resigned to the fact there is going to be a painful journey friends Jonathan gave up his life here he gave it up in this chapter he didn't die but he was willing to. And that makes me kind of afraid because I don't see that zeal very often anymore I'm fearful that our young people would rather show off their new shoes than their old bibles and fearful that our young people say that they can only hear God speak to them through the Bible but yet we pins watch Malvo movies as though they're the only way to heaven I'm fearful that Jesus stood before a whole heap of men that were wanting to take his life and he said I am I am the bread of life I am the way I am the Truth and the life and we read those things there's no semblance of emotion when a fictional character appears on the big screen snaps his fingers and says I am Iron Man everyone is in tears even our own young people we wonder why miracles don't happen today when we've made all God's digital ones we wonder why we can't see God anymore when our feet are in the church but our head is outside friends I'm going to encourage you this evening I believe with all my heart that God can use you to change the world but to do so he needs all of you to do so he needs every single part of you we cannot be used by the Holy Spirit if our lives are singing I surrender most I encourage you will take responsibility for the condition of your local churches and then take responsibility for being the change that you believe is necessary to be the difference strive for that because when God asks you what you did with your time and the talents that he gave you you can sit there and say well I tried a couple times friends I encourage you to put your trust in the Lord one man shall make a 1000 run how the Lord God it is he that fights for you he has promised you take those promises and claim those promises put your name there Dean shall make a 1000 run the little god he shall fight for deed he has promised the. And the very next verse in Joshua chapter 23 verse 11 says Take heed therefore that you love God friends check that analyze that you cannot love God by default God will fight for you so he says and love me and you the scriptures to find how we should love Him with all of our hearts friends with all of your hearts movies and television celebrities and pop culture social media and attention craving you cannot give those things your heart and also love God not the way he asked no other gods is what he said that was the command friends you can make all the difference in the world you can be like Jonathan here and 1st time you are 14 and you'll never know how much of a difference you make until you put those things to the side and give your whole entire life to Jesus Dr Thomas Bernardo didn't know how much of an impact he was going to make until 60000 children were taken into one of the 96 homes that he was responsible for. How about the man who coined the phrase the Bible will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from the Bible Dwight Moody has no idea how many people he's responsible for saving but he will see in the kingdom of God just the power just what the power of the Gospel can do tell the orphans of Bristol that George was only mo one man and couldn't make much of a difference tell John boss that thousands of disabled people that he helped with asylum just weren't worth the efforts to tell Ellen White next time you see her that the years that she spent laboring away writing book after book after book so that you and I would have a more complete picture of the character of God that she just didn't make enough of a difference. Hell the Son of God the King of kings who became a babe and lived a sinless life surrounded himself with 12 men that you and I would likely shun today invite to the devil to be his friend in the hope of changing his heart Amanda suffered like no man a man who was deserted by his closest friends a man that went to the cross and suffered untold agony so that you and I could have a chance to be saved from this horrid world you tell him that one person cannot make a difference friends God will fight for you as an individual not just as a world church God will fight for you Do you believe that one person can change the course of human history I invite you as we close the turn to the Book of Ecclesiastes there's a story hidden deep inside this book Ecclesiastes in chapter 9 and when you are there just say amen the 13 of a clear yes the chapter 9 says this wisdom have I seen also under the sun and it seemed to grate on to me now listen if the wisest man in the world is saying that this specific piece of wisdom is great we also listen 1st 14 he gives this story there was a little city and few men within it and there came a great king against it and besieged it and build great works against it now that was found in it a poor wise man and he by his wisdom delivered the city yet no man remembered that poor man friends the city had few people it wasn't great There was nothing nothing fantastic about the city but a great king came along and wanted to add it to his list of conquests and so the people of subjugated there's no way in there's no way out it looks like they are doomed to suffer under his reign for ever. Until a man comes along and delivers them not by weapons not by war not by force but by wisdom yet no man remembers him perhaps if he was a great man a warrior or a soldier perhaps a man caught in costume with a fancy shield and he forced his way through the king's minions maybe then he would be remembered but no he did so by wisdom and here's the thing friends the reality is that if you do not take this charge to step out in faith for God and allow him to use you to cause change if you choose to do that it might not be popular. Your friends my look at you strange your family my mock you even your church might turn up their noses against you but we are not in this work to be remembered. We are not here so that our names will be on videos and in magazines and newspapers. Friends the Bible says that if Christ is lifted up. All men shall be drawn to him. Friends Jesus is that pool wise man. Satan came to this poor planet with few men within it. Red Bull works against it and besiege it and it looked like nobody was going to be able to deliver this people. Until within the city there was found a poor wise man and the deliverance that Jesus brought was not by force it was by wisdom the wisdom of the cross. Friends we are otherwise hopeless. Captives to sin and to Satan we have no way out of the city but for the cross of Christ It's the cross of Calvary that makes the biggest difference it was Christ enduring that it was Christ's suffering on that that is where all power comes from. Power for change comes comes not from prophetic chaunce it comes not from the health message nor do they come from a correct understanding of end time events of power comes from the cross of Calvary. And just as Jonathan was moved by the divine impose if we keep our eyes on Calvary there will be a divine impose that follows that everything that we do to. It is that cross when lifted up when carried on your shoulders that will propel you in your lives from making a difference to making the difference. Be that pool wise man look for the impossible look for the situations where you have to simply put all of your trust in God and then go forward. Pray for that wisdom pray for that divine impulse pray for that faith or you would have to go wherever God is leading. Friends. The reason why no one has changed the world yet it's because we haven't changed the world. And the reason why we haven't changed the world yet is because you and I haven't changed the world. We can't expect to do it for us we must go forward as Christ has commissioned and be the church we must seek to make the difference everywhere that we are everywhere we go we should be looking to show people an accurate picture of the gospel. We're. Today friends I would like to invite you. To reignite you'll walk with Jesus Christ. The cool to be a crazy Christian goes out to you today. Go crazy for Jesus in the mission field try to be normal. Crazy for him in the workplace crazy for him at school look for the impossible. Look for opportunities to make a difference in the Allow God to work in you. My appeal to you this evening is for those of you that have allowed your Christianity and your relationship with Jesus Christ to become normal. To those that have allowed their zeal to simmer. To those that have stayed in the background in unbelief not sure that God could use them friends heaven is at your disposal if you but trust in Him to guide you. And so I invite you if you feel as though the Holy Spirit is moving on your heart this evening to reignite that relationship with Jesus Christ to choose today to give him your heart and allow God to work through g.y. feet in your life. To experience the transformation that you have been awaiting for years maybe for decades God is giving you you personally I don't what should it be to start all over again. From the fire can't be real it that relationship can be revived. No walk with Jesus could be everything that you want it to be and more. If that's your will this evening I invite you to stand you mean to come forward if that's your will if you want to restart that walk with Christ this evening we invite you here to the front. As you're coming for what I'd like to take your minds back to the Book of Numbers. Where Jesus Christ. In John Chapter 3 said this is the picture of the cross as Moses is lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must the Son of Man be lifted up you remember the story. The people of Israel were attacked by prongs sufferance fire resurface they were bitten and many of them were dying. And so Moses by the command of God erected a prawn serpent put it on a pole. And said if you want to be saved come here and look and if you look you will be saved and so they would come and they would look and they would be healed and then what happens after that healing is they would turn around and they would go home back to their tents but they would go back to their times and guess what was waiting for them sufferance and they would get bitten again ah it hurts I'm dying I'm losing my grip on life and so you know where they go they don't shrink back they go back to the pull back to the serpent on the pole the representative of Christ taking all of our sins upon his own shoulders and then experience healing and then they go back to the 10 they get bitten again and they go back there look up and they be healed this up and down backwards and forwards relationship with Jesus Christ that you and I know all too well. Friends can give you some advice. You don't have to keep leaving. You don't have to keep going back to where you came from and then when you realize everything is a mess go back and look for Jesus it doesn't have to be that way here's my advice go home. Go home pick up your tent pick up everything you have everything you own. And drop it right there. Drop it at the very feet of Jesus Christ. Live there. This is not a guarantee that the serpent will come and by just because they might but your right hand. And if you keep the cross of Calvary ever before you everything. Things that you do be long by the presence of God. A divine impulse a way every mission trip that is lined up every someone that is going to be preaching every door that is going to be knocked here at u.i.c.. The Spirit of God wants to use your. Friends I'll be honest I'm tired. Of all of this I'm tired of gee why sees as well. I mean it's great because you imagine heaven. How many more of these are we going to have how many more revivals are we going to need come any more time we're going to go oh God I'm just going to wait for you to spot me back into life why can't it be now why can't it be you why can't you be the John of things that we need today why can't you go forward and change the world. For instance here and only here. And by here I mean at the foot of Calvary's cross that we can change the world. And so I invite you to see evening. To come a little closer. Come a little closer to Jesus. All of your friends at his feet and on ask him to make the difference in your life as you strive to make a difference in the lives of others. Friends God wants to change the world for the last time. And he wants to use you to do it. Father in heaven we thank you lord we are humbled. By the fact that you would call us to be coworkers with you in the final salvation. Father I pray especially for the people gathered here at u.i.c. and those that are watching at home and online. The father you would fill us with the same courage and all the boldness that you feel Jonathan and his almost bear are. What I don't care how many people how many obstacles or how many enemies stand before us one man shall make a 1000 run to shul put 10000 to flight. Why because Lord you fight for us give us the faith give us that dependence that we can find only of the cross of Calvary use us law to change this well for the last time to make the difference this is off in the name of Jesus Amen. This message was recorded at the Jew I see conference by many or a few in Louisville Kentucky do I see this according Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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