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Elkanah and Hannah

Sikhu Daco
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Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary


  • January 2, 2020
    7:00 AM
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This message was presented at the. By many in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors online. Can I say Happy New Year. Happy New Year 2020 who thought we would be here does anyone remember 2000 those who are old enough to remember. I remember when that happened it was like we will never get to 2020 and here we are the sad part is I think for a lot of us we felt like 2021. Before then. But the glad part is it is 2020 His coming was soon then it's even sooner now Amen this morning we're going to read the Bible together. If you have your Bibles. Turned to 1st Samuel chapter one if you have your bible on the phone you can. Tap to 1st Samuel chapter one we're just going to read the Bible this morning and make some observations and pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us from his word before I pray though I promised my son weighs in Zimbabwe with his grandparents that I would say good morning to him so good morning i love you. Ok now we can start. Loving Father we would like to thank you for the gift of life. And would like to ask that you would be our teacher now but you know that I have nothing worthwhile to say but we trust that the Holy Spirit can speak to our hearts through the Word of God that I would be hidden behind the cross if there is anything in me that could hinder the impartation of this message in a clear way so that you would remove that because we want to hear your word today and we want to see Jesus lifted up so help us as we study your word to be focused on what your word has to say to us this morning in your name we pray human. To one who are reading from verse one now there was a certain man of a ram a. Time of him. If I am and his name was the son of Gen him the son of Elie who the son of told the son of SUV an effort sight and he had 2 wives the name of the one was Hannah the name of the other pin Nina and Penny and I had children but Hannah had no children and this man went up out of the city out of his city yearly to worship and to sacrifice unto the Lord of hosts in Shiloh and the 2 sons of Eli Hoff me and Phineas the priests of the Lord with their And when the time was that offered he gave to pen in his wife and to all his sons and daughters portions but on to hand he gave a word the portion for he loved Hanna but the Lord had shut up home let's pause there and we're going to backtrack and read analytically let's start back in verse 5 it says that unto Hannah he meaning Al Cana he gave a worthy portion when it was time to offer sacrifice for he loved Hannah we learn something about and in this 1st 5 verses 1st Samuel introduces to us and the 1st thing we're going to look at since we're back tracking from here is that it was a loving husband he says that he loved. Hannah. And he loved had to in spite of the fact that the Lord had shot up a woman this is significant because you know back then to have children was a very very important thing and here you have a man married to this woman and she was an able to bear children for him but in spite of her inadequacy so to speak it says that he loved her because he could have loathed her because she wasn't able to bear children for him but the Bible says that he loved Hannah and this is a beautiful picture of what a lot of us are looking for in love like if you're thinking about getting into a relationship you like I want somebody who's going to love me for me man. You know like I want to guy who's not going to see how gorgeous I am only but will love my heart right girls right yeah and guys you're like I want to woman was not just going to see my fat wallet. Or lack there off I want to woman. Who gonna love me for who I am and this is something we're looking for in relationship so this is the picture of romance right this is a romantic guy he's like even though you cannot have children I love you and not just love you I love you as if you had children because it says he gave her a double portion so when the go to sacrifice it was as if she had children when he gave her a portion. He loved her so much verse 4 says when the time was that Al can offered he gave to Penny and his wife in verse 3 it says the man went out of his city yes. So firstly in verse 4 we find that he gave to pen in a who had bunch of children he didn't just give her a portion he gave her a portion and her children portions This means that he was a man of means he had money well. The equivalent they're off in his day right he he was loaded he was rich. This is the picture of romance. A man who not only loves you. But you know he can show you that he loves you and I'm being silly right now tongue in cheek cuz you don't have to have money to show a woman you love her Amen amen but you know when I was talking to a certain young woman who shall go on names so I don't embarrass her but she was like you're going to do I say you're going to be on stage can you make an announcement that I'm looking for him. And give announce my phone number they can whatsapp me. I think she was joking I'll check with her and if she wasn't I'll give you her number tomorrow. But I said my husband followed up with they said what are you looking for she's like you know what as long as he loves the Lord and he's got money it's good I don't care about the height no more I'm at that stage where the hype is the Met her. Like he can be short and fat and bald and I love him if you got the money and he loves the Lord and that's what this kind of love the Lord in verse 3 says this man went up out of his city yelling to worship and sacrifice on to the north and the Bible puts an important note here it says that the 2 sons of Eli Hoffman and Phineas the priest of the Lord with a why does it say that he says that because Hosni and Phineas one notorious these men did not love the Lord they were serving as priests of God in the temple but they were they were corrupt priests actually tells us in Chapter 2 I'm going to say it now because that only 4 have time to say it in the future that they were so bad that they made it so people did not want to go to the temple you know those those Christians who they were just so evil their wicked that they make it so you don't even want to go to church. You're just like I mean if this is the church I'm out of here my fact I have a friend of mine a good friend of mine from when I when I was a student at an Adventist institution I'm not trying to embarrass the institutions here but it's just the fact that he left Adventism Christianity he would proclaim himself to be an atheist and you know where it began was he said if this is the picture of Christianity that I'm seeing in my professor. Who had mistreated him in a class he said if this is a picture of Christianity if this is Adventism at its best I'm out. Now Faith shouldn't be based on people right. My faith shouldn't be based on the person next to me and you know how how how they are representing Christ but it does affect people the way we represent Christ and these men were not just churchgoers Hockney and Phineas they would leaders in the church but this is how faithful Elkanah was even if his pastor was a hot mess he was going to church anyway even if the head elder was getting up and speaking all kinds of nonsense he was like I'm here for Jesus. I'm not here for you that is what kind of a godly man can a once he have the trifecta. He was godly he was loaded and he loved his woman. Because me to verse 2 I love scripture the Bible is that book that doesn't sugarcoat stuff and he presents characters in the most in the multitudinous facets that humanity exists and sometimes we like to do things black and white you know where like either you're good or you're bad either you're you're you're with us or you're a you're not with us and yes with us and against us and things are black and white but aren't humans complex. So you have this guy who loves his wife he gives money to his wife he gives her the resources he shares his wealth with her and he's a godly man he goes to the temple faithful even when others have stopped going to church he's still going but in verse 2 this man made a mistake it says he had 2 wives the name of the one was Hannah the name of the other pin and then I had children but Hannah had no children so apparently what happened was he married Hannah they're happy they're happy no children no children year after year. And it's expected that you're going to have children and the children are not coming who's going to carry on your legacy who's going to be Alcan of the 2nd and he just want to children so much. That he set aside his love for his wife and the commitment he made to her before God and he got a 2nd wife. When we step outside of God's will for our lives it's never without consequences. Sometimes you feel like you know I can do this thing that's make things happen in my own way and we feel like it's going to be a benign thing and it's never the 9 because when we step outside of God's will it will always have negative consequences because what happened was verse 6 adversary This is Panetta also provoked her provoked Hannah sore foot to make her fret because the Lord had shut up her womb. So can a very is the 2nd wife so he can have children and the children come but also what comes with what Panetta is strife in his home. I don't need to say this if you're going to get married marry one person a man God knew what he was talking about when he said that. And here it is now because of Alcan is terrible terrible mistrust of God's leading. That his wife is now in a terrible situation she's fretting she's stressed distressed. Why do I say it was mistrust of God The Bible says at the end of verse 5 at the end of verse 6 it repeats the Lord shut up. The Lord shut up her womb. She was barren because God shut. Her womb. Is it possible that you could experience a negative experience because God has permitted that in your life. And when the Baroness comes in your life what do you do about it. I mean the Bible here is talking about physical Baroness she could not bear children. What do you do about that situation. I'm going to speak to young people now the Baron a says Come there's a drought in your life and there are no men slash no women around. What do you do when the drought comes the bareness has come you're no matter how hard you're working and you're like I want to be a millionaire by 25 and here you are 26 and you're not a millionaire. What do you do when the barrenness comes in your life. For some of you are not from America you're from other parts of the world where where the economics are much more difficult than they are here and in order to make a quick buck you might have to do something that is. What do you do when the barrenness come. El Khana instead of trusting the hand of God the hand that gives only good gifts so that you know that even if it's barren that's this barren this can only be for my good instead of trusting God's hand he took matters into his own hands he should have known better you have the example of Abraham remember Abraham. Guts if you're going to be a huge nation you're going to have all his descendants and is waiting and waiting and waiting you know on $75.00 and clocks a tick and God what's happening and they took matters into their own hands in his wife but what happened drama. Sarah and Hagar drama. Then you have these stories out kind of should have known better. But when the Baroness came instead of waiting on God and trusting him he took matters into his own hands I know he could have waited and no he could have waited because we have a story in the future of someone that we did. Zacharias and Elizabeth. The Barrenness came and they waited them too. And when the time was right God opened her womb in a miraculous way and it's a beautiful story because the both of them waited together. What do you do when the Baroness comes are you a camera. I know Hannah was not in on this she wasn't in on this plan to bring in opinion we know this because she prayed after this that let's keep reading verse 7 as he did so he's giving Hannah a double portion year by year when Hannah went to the house of the Lord so 10 in a provoked Hannah. And then it says Therefore she wept and did not eat Hannah was a strong woman because when it says actually did you know by your you have this picture of one year after another after another this is going on and on and I finally she reaches breaking point. Year after year she held it together and she pulled herself together and was like Ok you got this let's go but finally after years one year after another of being provoked by of the same thing she finally broke down and she was weeping she couldn't hold it in any longer. A kind of her husband says to her verse 8 Why are you crying. Why don't you eating and why is your heart grieved and not I better to the thence 10 sons. So. I know I need prayer. Because when I read this 1st I was like you my husband said that to me. After he's the one who went and got opinion. Because he he I'm not better to him than 10 sons right but he should be better to me than 10 sons he was going to get a mouthful. That would result in an earful and would never say anything like that again. This is like kind of romantic like him and not worth more to you than 10 sons and not at the same time like no dude I'm not worth more to you than 10 sons therefore I am crying. But Hannah was a godly woman and I need prayer. Because it says in verse 9 Hannah rose up after they had eaten in Shiloh after they had drunk in verse 10 she was in bitterness of soul prayed unto the Lord and wept for. Now when situations come in my life and people be acting crazy. One of the things that I naturally do this is confession time. I like message my sisters and be like Can you believe this is what happen can you believe that or that or the other or you know you call up your girlfriends and you're like you know what happened was like brother got over there and it's like I cannot believe people. Can I would say that to you I know right like that is so crazy like girl all I'm so sorry I know it's it's it's kind of instinctive to call up your girlfriend. And I know men do it too not all of you go off and you call up your boys call up your boy and be like men. You know. Or you know in this generation what's easier to do is we take to social media. And we post it as our Facebook status or we we tweet it on Twitter. And and and I want to say this it's almost like we live in a generation that encourages complaining because I was on a flight right I went on this flight. And I didn't like what happened on the flight the way that I was treated so I went on Twitter and I tweeted and tagged the airline. And they responded and then eventually I got like a free ticket. So I'm like I'm going to always complain if I don't like the experience it's like we're encouraged to complain because if you complain then you get stuff done you complain you get perks but Hannah did not. Go to her friends or take to social media and complain. What has happened to us as Christians instead of talking to Jesus about the situation like look I had a I had a bad situation on the flight the flight attendant was rude or whatever instead of praying and saying Lord what's going on with that woman can you intervene in her life. Help her out because she treated me like dirt. Instead of talking to Jesus about it I'm straight up on Twitter you know badmouthing some flight attendant whose name I don't even know. We're complaining generation instead of a praying generation. Hannah didn't go around complaining about a situation she could have but she did it she took it to Jesus. Are we talking to Jesus today. Are we talking to Jesus about the things that stress us the little nuance and nuisances in our lives. Or we're complaining before we talk to the one who can do something about it says that Hannah grows up she went in but in the sun so she prayed to the Lord and wept sore. Verse 11 she vowed a vow and said oh Lord of Hosts if that will indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid and remember me and not forget that Henin but will give unto the hand me a man child and I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life and that's all no razor come upon his head. When we're praying for God to bless us. And I pray that not if you bless me I'm going to return this blessing to you I'm praying Lord I need to get into the school so that I can you know be a student at Harvard or I really need to get into Andrews and I need financial aid and that's it when I started working in the States I was working on a religious worker's visa. Which every year I was going to renew renew renew it's a tiring process it's stressful you don't know if you're going to be. If you're going to get through or not if you're going back home like it's just like living in limbo and the time came when my employer could apply for a green card for me and they did and I got it now I remember when I got my green card I was talking to a mentor of mine and I said hallelujah I got my green card. Now you know I can stay here without stressing I can go home without stressing about what's going to happen and he said What are you going to do for the Lord now that he has given you the green card and I looked at him like. Oh no I mean and then never the thought never occurred to me like if God blesses me with this thing how can I return it to him. When we're praying for blessings in our lives does the thought ever cross your mind you what if you give this to me how do I give it back. This was happening as mentality said God if you give me a child I'm giving him back to you. So you know her heart was in the right place. He came to pass she continued praying before the Lord you lie the priest the high priest he saw her mouth moving and he was like something is not right with this woman and he went he went up to her and and he's like What are you doing like you know you're misbehaving in the temple I said Look. I'm not trying to you know make a scene is just my heart is so heavy she was so emotional that the way that she was holding herself the way she was not composed till composed suggested that maybe she was drunk and she said I'm not drunk I don't worship idols I was of the Living God and I don't drink alcohol a man. Ok. I'm not drunk right and then she shared what her burden was something about the way Eli approached her sometimes people come at you based on their own life experience and they may misunderstand your actions because of their own experience Eli's children. We're sons of Belial it tells us in Chapter 2 they were the ones going around acting the fool in the temple. And so because he had seen that in his own children he looks at Hannah and he assumes that she is acting like the kids were his kids were acting. And once again this is a Godly woman because she doesn't respond in annoyance and yeah how do you talk to me like that you don't know who I am she doesn't respond that way she says no no no my lord please don't think of me that way she's so humble in the way she responds and when people misjudged you will you respond that way. Look this is happened and happens often you know young people come to you I see and you're going to be moved by the Holy Spirit to go do something Dean was talking last night about you see something in your church goal be the one that does something about you going to go back to your home church and you may start trying to do something and people might misjudge you but it's based on their own life experience you follow what I'm saying and how do you respond to that you like or you don't know who I am I'm a g y c attendee and I am bathed in the Holy Spirit right now and how do you respond when people misjudge you. Hannah's response was humble. And so it says count not fine handmade for a 16 count not fine handmade for a daughter of belly l 4 out of the abundance of my complaint and grief Have I spoken his or 2 she took a grief she took a complaints to Jesus now here's another side note for you those of you who are married those of you hope to be married to those of you an unmarried and never hope to be this is just a not for everyone there are some things that you can tell nobody else but Jesus. This was that kind of a thing for Hannah. Her husband she was supposed to be with him in this thing because to become one when you get married but he is the one who was the source of the grief in her life she couldn't talk to him about it. There will come situations in your life where you can't talk to anybody else about it but you can always talk to Jesus. And some things you shouldn't talk to anyone else about you should only talk to Jesus and this is something she came and she brought before the Lord now if you're looking to get married and you are you have the Spencer full idea that you know you get married and the 2 of you are peas in a pod and you do everything together for you know and like you're you're like always in sync you know it's like you complete each other right like you finish you finish each other's sentences. That is not exactly how marriage goes anyone married other. Ok I had one. That's not exactly how marriage goes you get married and you're still 2 individuals. Who become one. But you 2 as individuals need to have a relationship with Jesus all by yourself this is why I say you know what before you're thinking about getting married before you're like you know find a lawyer just bring that person into my life you need to say Jesus bring yourself into my life. Before I'm committing to spend my life with somebody else I need to make sure that me and God were like this. Because I'm going make get tough. The going will probably get tough mudder fact I will guarantee you when you get married if you're not yet the going well get tough it will get tough in the sense that sometimes you'll be sitting there thinking like. Ok what I draw. Like this is why they say you fall in love like was I think it strange and my husband I love you honey. This is not a comment like we are actually happily married so far please you know keep us in prayer if you ever think of us but. Times get hard am I lying Ok for each. Of the many people like you should be saying amen like help me out here times get hard. And when times get hard you need to be able to talk to Jesus you need to have that kind of a relationship with the Lord and even when you're not you say you're not marrying times get hard in your single life Amen. And you need to be able to talk to Jesus about it and this is what Hannah did. When there was barren this in her life she came to God and she said Lord here. Here's my situation help me out nobody else on earth can help me here it is. After she spoke with the high priest he heard what her request was what was going on in her life and and he said Oh I understand now well goal because God will give you what it is that you are requesting from him. Verse 19 they rose up in the morning early worship before the Lord returned and came to their house in Ramat and Alcan a new hand to his wife and the Lord remembered her Amen. Jesus will never forget you it may seem like it's been a while like you've been talking to him about this for a long time but he will not forget you don't stop coming to him Don't give up. It says a lot remembered Hanna and the Lord remembers you he hears your cries he hears those things that you talk to him about that nobody else knows he hears you he says the Lord remembered Hana wherefore it came to pass in verse 20 when the time was come about after Hannah had conceived that she bear a son and called his name Samuel saying because I have asked him of the Lord. And the men can and all his house went up to off on to the Lord the yearly sacrifice and his vow but Hannah went not up not because she had lost a faith or because after God gave her what she wanted she forgot God No she said to her husband I will not go up until the child be weaned and then I will bring him that he may appear before the Lord and they abide for ever she remembered her vow what she had promised to God and all can the said do what seem of good to the Terry until the have weaned him only the Lord shall establish his word so the woman abode gave her son suck until she wasn't him. The next verse. It hits home for me. Because I'm a I'm a mother of 3 who are 3 and under so I got very young kids. So nursing babies is is a current experience for me and something happens as a mom when you hold your child and your missing your child like there's a bond that develops. An inexpressible thing that happens moms. Like. And mothers. End up being like kind of crazy like she bears. I've read this this research recently that says that women. Just before during pregnancy and then they did the study up to 2 years postpartum that women's frontal lobes actually are functioning less so this is me functioning on less brain capacity so please pray for me right. Their frontal lobes function less because it's like their instinct goes into high gear and I think in the study the same biologically kind of have to be so because as a mom like taking care of this newborn baby you kind of have to be like a little bit crazy you know because you're not getting sleep right but what for not getting sleep you're still like hyper protective of this little creature that is deprived depriving you of rest but you're just like my baby you. Know you know and you're just like I was like. That's what happens you know when you're nursing your child so. When it says in the next verse in verse 24 when she had weaned him. She took him up with her with 3 blocks and one f. of flour and bottle of wine and brought him to the house of the Lord in Shiloh and the child was young. So we mean a child. On average they say in a way between 3 and 5 years of age you'd consider a child to be weaned and read in the Spirit of Prophecy Ellen White says that Samuel was 3. She took her little 3 year old. To the temple. Look where he talked about Hofner and Phineas these guys were ridiculous we talked about the fact that the Temple service had been so corrupted that some people would not even go there to worship this woman took a 3 year old child. Brought him to that place. If I'm thinking about my child's education I'm thinking about what we're starting to think my my eldest is 3 with son to think about where he's going to go to school if we're going to homeschool if we're going to send him to academy like we're going to do and I'm looking at all the schools in our area and I'm like whoa Tell me about this teacher and this one I'm not sending to my child to a school that has Hockney and Phineas as principal. No way. Hannah took her child to the temple. Are you are you going to understand what I'm saying. Some of us are like I'm not returning of I'm not going to return my type to the church because I don't trust what those leaders are doing with my money Hannah took her 3 year old child to the temple well like I'm not going to be involved in my church because I don't trust those people she took her 3 year old child to the temple. Because she's not there to worship people. Because she watches the Lord she made a vow between her and God and she trusted her child not to have me and Phineas. Because Eli had obviously failed in raising his kids she trusted her child to the Lord. Look when you're experiencing betterness do you trust gone or do you pull and. And when God has blessed you and you're experiencing fruitfulness do you trust that fruitfulness to God all the same. Or is it like Ok now that I have this child I'm going to protect this child I'm going to make sure that nothing happens to this child the child could be your degrees could be your career it could be your relationship it could not that I have this thing I'm going to make sure that I take good care of it. In October of this of last year I got on a plane with my newborn baby was less than a month but like a month a little over a month old and with my 3 year old child and we took a trip to Zimbabwe and I went there and left him there with my parents to stay with my parents for a while. Getting on that plane was one of the hardest things I did but you know is even harder was staying in my seat as we took off after we left the airport I wanted to get up. And manhandle the pilot may can turn that plane around. And go back and get my baby so I cannot imagine. What Hannah did look I trust my parents I know he's in good hands he's having a blast he's having a great time. And I see him every day with video chat didn't have video to back then. And she wasn't leaving him with her parents who she trusted but then a trusted guard. Hannah trusted God that much and she said God you're the one who gave this thing to me anyway I give it back to you. We act like we can control our own lives we act like we can't control whether we wake up tomorrow or not we act like like like like if I if I worry enough about it I'm going to be able to change it Jesus said Don't fret who has added a cubit to his height by stressing trust in God. Trust in God don't go about it your own way don't pull an al Qaeda Oh I am going to go outside of God's will to make this happen don't do that trust in God. And when he has blessed you don't go about your life as if you really have control because you don't and the sad thing is sometimes God has to take away those things from our lives to remind us that we don't have that kind of control so we can remember to trust in God. We're starting in for Samuel chapter one. In the fall morning devotions we're going to stay in for Samuel because this is where the narrative of by many or by few is based in but I thought it was fitting to start right at the beginning of the book because this lays the foundation for the by many or by few the kind of person that God can use whether they are many people of the a few people is a kind of person who trusts him is a person who says my whole entire complete and reserve a trust is in you Lord. Do you trust God today do you trust him that he's able to take care of your situation yet you're 35 and single pushing 40 do you trust God still are you going to go outside of the church because they know good men in the church yeah you're you're you're working on your education and the finances aren't coming together are you going to still trust that God will make a way for you. You're looking for a job. Are you going to reach still trust in God finances are tight are you going to return a faithful time yes to the church that sometimes you're questioning you know some of the stuff that's happening but you're not tithing to the church you're tithing to God are you going to trust in God by your hands with me. Lord. It's hard sometimes to Lefkow control we think we have control but in reality we don't I mean need to learn to just trust you to rest in your providence in your care for us to trust that you love us that you have our best interests at heart even when the barrenness comes from you we trust we need to trust that you know what's best for us in our baroness and Lord when you give us the gifts we need to learn to trust you with those gifts to give them back to you Lord please forgive us for not trusting you forgive us for our complaining spirit forgive us for turning to other places instead of turning to you when when you are the source of all good and all perfect gifts. For give Allison in this thing Lord because we want you to be able to use us to reach a world that is dying. And in order to do that we need to place our complete trust in you. As our eyes are closed and our heads about this someone here this morning who wants to stand up from their seat and declare that they want to have the spirit that Hanahan the kind of trust that Hannah had invited to stand up with me. Father you see the people that are standing and. You know you know hearts you know if if some of the people standing are doing so just because they don't want to look odd and everybody else is standing so they are before I pray that this is a sincere decision from our hearts that you will help us to trust you will send your Holy Spirit to bring to mind those situations that we're experiencing that that we need to have a deeper and more sincere and fervent onus trust in you forgive us for our lack of faith. But make us faithful warriors today. By the power of your Spirit indwelling Spirit we pray the things in your loving me amen. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at Jewish web dot org.


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