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Be Done with Fear

Jay Gallimore


Learn how to take a sledge hammer to Satan's kingdom and build up the walls of Zion! Faith, rightly understood, will change your life from boring to amazing, from feebleness to power, and from failure to triumph! Paul Ratsara, who faced the guns of kidnappers and the crocodiles of the Congo, with nothing but faith, will join Jay Gallimore in this powerful life-changing seminar. They want young Christians to have great influence, to go up against Babylon and rescue multitudes of Satan's victims. If put this seminar into practice, it will change your life and the world around you!


Jay Gallimore

President of Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


  • January 2, 2020
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the g.i.c. many heard by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on the right see red dot org. Or 8 we're going to do this together and and we want to try to leave some time at the end for questions and answers so we'll have to watch our time really good because we want your we want you to ask questions. Let me just enter duce the subject and the reason I felt pressed to go down this road and he felt press we've been talking for a long time about there's a lot of emphasis on prayer and we've been part of that we've talked had series on that but we both said there's something missing here because if we're going to see God's work finished there is we have to have power and power comes through faith so you can have a lot of prayer but if you do not have an active faith you cannot move anything or change anything and you want to make your life count if you go all the way through the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation but particularly the teachings of Jesus you're going to find this thing about faith is just so powerful through everything that he teaches so we want to we can have some time at the end if there's something that we're not making clear raise your hands how would you do that again because we really want you to be able to get that and we do have a handout they're going to put up on the screen that you can you can get all right let's go let's see if this is going to work oh what's going on here Ok Why is this not working that's working. Is working here but it's not working up there so what's the difference. All right you know it's tied to this it's changing this but it's not I don't know what the trouble use is showing up on the screen so why that's not doing that I do not know. I don't know what that's. Ok if you'll hang on we'll we'll get something here going there's that chair reboot but this is working it's not Ok so if that's going to. Try that yes good ones working now I am so grateful for Sabrina Let's see yes wonderful you know that's why you know I like to hang around with young people in that right that's true I've never been able to get that figured out all right 1st of all Pastor Paul we want we want to talk about fear be done with fear we live in a world that is just absolutely afraid Have you noticed that everybody's afraid have you been of don't raise your hand and already know the answer have you ever been afraid maybe you're afraid this morning maybe you're afraid on your way here maybe you're afraid of something you're going to run into fear is a very powerful motivator now this is coming this is a secular magazine Psychology Today I think and this is what he says and for sake of time we're just going to kind of move I'm going to try to do that the highlighted part you can read what's around is nothing makes us more uncomfortable then fear past a part of you ever been afraid. Or yes you can tell us a story a little bit about being ferried am I right that's to really ferry Ok and we have so many fear I mean when you're young you hope you don't get some bad disease am I right and when you're old you hope you don't fall apart before your brain falls apart I mean so there's fear everywhere you turn and if you look at the news in all it's always filled with with fear so here is something though that I want to share with you and that is we have so many fears some of skip down here and our 1st 3 action is often to flee back to our comfort zone so if you're afraid the 1st place you want to go is to find somewhere where you're not afraid. You want to find a comfort zone now this is a secular psychologist he doesn't know anything about the Lord but he does get a very good point I want to come back to this he comes right down through here and I want come here fear he says a powerful motivator but it's a negative one a listen to this I prefer to motivate someone by lemonade ing what's the next word doubt so fear and doubt go together so if you have doubt in your life and we're going to show that just a little bit it's going to create fear and fear will be all around you so the only way to get rid of fear is to get rid of doubt and the only way to get rid of doubt is to have faith fear is the enemy of faith it's the enemy of faith so he says if you get you've got to eliminate doubt we want to talk about that here so did the disciples of Jesus have your pastor Paul or yes they really yeah they did have some real here and now this is a story here that you know not I'm not going to go through everything but just give you the background really quick this is been a fantastic day in the life of Jesus and the disciples 7 loaves and 2 fish any fed 5000 men plus women and children we don't know how many people are out there maybe 15000 maybe more that's a lot of people out of 7 lows and to fish think about it not only that but heal people all day long they would talk about the main So what's a main person it's a person it's missing are missing a leg are all kinds of diseases leprosy they had seen Jesus all day long change the world around him and it's an amazing thing so you don't forget that day this is the most spectacular day that these disciples have ever seen at the end of it they were so powerfully impress Pastor Paul they want to make Jesus a king and what did they do. They planned in their minds that this is the right time for Jesus Christ with the king you see the crowd was just amazed by the power of Jesus Christ and they said it will be good to have such a man as the king of Israel that's right what did Jesus do though but Jesus Christ the you knew for a fact the reason why you came not to be the king of Israel but to be the Lord and the Savior of all so you see the I ask them to do leaves and just just go I mean can I see Jesus doing that saying please go home yeah go ahead go home and himself you went to a solitary place yes I fully yes I prayed then the disciples asked them to go alone and that was the time when they were in trouble that's right so they got out on the lake and the wind was contrary by the way you are going to have contrary when in your life not a matter if it's only a matter when it's going to be contrary when Ok let's go and see what happened here so this is the 4th watch is about $36.00 am and the disciples now see Jesus walking on the water we got a few more chairs up here some of you if you want to come on up you want her our feelings were nice guys and so I got we got chairs in the front rows of futures right in here and right in there Michael make yourself comfortable and and we're going to so so they see Jesus walking on the water and what would you do if you see all somebody walking on the water some of us see fear in some of your faces already maybe curiosity but they were scared and they thought this is a god. And and Pastor Paul they actually cried out with fear cried out of fear as you know there are levels of fear. Little fear. Great fear and terrifying fear I think this is the a kind if you go to of the well regional word cry out for fear is the deep fear Yeah terror terror terrified you're all right but immediately. There there is what Jesus and I hear they're screaming out with fear and Jesus said this what. Bit of good cheer I want to tell you that Jesus wants all of us to be of good cheer and we're going to talk about how you can be of good cheer all day long any time and not be afraid now we talk about fear here we're not talking about being stupid you ride on the right correct side of the road when I go to his place in South Africa when I went there I refused to drive the car because I drive on the different side of the road then we drive a sort of say the wrong side of the road he was going to correct me I knew that was coming. But I felt a lot more comfortable doing you know having him him drive that way but he's fearless when he comes over here he just jumps in and gets on the opposite side and drives great so he drove all the way the Upper Peninsula I just said gave him my car keys and said go that's too and he did yes. But so you talk about using some common sense so we're not talking about that thing but we're talking about fear that just pervades people's lives and keeps them from doing things but Jesus wants us to be a good cheer and there's this is loaded you can preach a whole sermon right here are a whole bible study right here the good cheer and then the 3rd 2nd part it's I if Jesus is there you don't have to be afraid Am I right and that wonderful if you have his presence and Peter answered and said to him Now notice what he said Look at that little word what does that little word suggest Yeah suggest doubt exactly what it is a lot in the lot better if Peter had said since it's you tell me to come out but he didn't he says it if that's. What Jesus is going to help peter out into my head all the days I want to say something that Peter here represents all the disciples in that boat now Peter is always 1st in line you noticed and he's probably just looking around and he's saying Ok this is going to be good. It's not going to be good it's going to be good it's not going to be good and we want to analyze this Ok You know what happened here but when he saw the wind was boisterous Now listen he was walking on the water Pastor Paul he was stepping on it wasn't thinking about that that's true but when he got a fee afraid and that is what Jesus said to him he says to Peter oh you of what kind of faith why did you why. Now the question is is why was Peter overwhelmed suddenly with doubt why and we want to take up we want take a look at that. All right this is desire of ages and I'm I'm not going to read everything here but I want to focus on a few little spots are you by the way you this is page 381 you can look at this and and dissect it yourself. And Ellen White says that it was through unbelief and she adds something to it self exile Taishan Pastor Paul how was it that self exaltation begin to lead to doubt self is the enemy of free in a way because if you exalt to yourself that means you focus on yourself and not on God. And that create doubt in Jesus Christ and he saw that was the problem of the disciples of Peter it specially here all along one ye fixed is a point Jesus Christ it didn't sink but the very moment you focused on the waves and on the water then you started to sink and that is the problem at the dart and the fear they actually caused by the fact but instead of looking to Jesus Christ on their problems and the waves of life you know they were not happy about being sent into that boat and this is a fascinating point why what why how does self exhortation play a role here well they wanted to make Jesus key Now you were telling me last time we talk about this that Judas was probably stirring all this up but they all wanted to be Jesus to be king but why why did they want Jesus to be king. If Jesus is exalted who gets exalted with him if they do and that's what the trouble is now listen this is so fascinating they were eager to see me exalted and now notice what kind of thinking was going on in their minds here it is here we go to be united with a teacher who could work mighty miracles and yet be reviled as deceivers was a trial they could email and do or they said how can this be How can Jesus do these mighty miracles and then we're associated with him and worked up cues to being deceivers by the way before Jesus comes every 7th day adventist every person keeps the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus you're going to be considered to be a deceiver they're going to get on all those news programs and they're going to have smart people and attractive people and they're going to be telling the world just what terrible people that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus really are I want to tell you the only way you're going to get through this and the only way you're going to make a difference and the only way we're going to change the world let me say this The gospel is not going to end in a whimper by the power of the Lord Jesus through his servants his humble servants we are going to take from say untold millions of his victims. But that can only be done if we know how to exercise faith and we cannot be afraid now listen to these disciples these questions passed while you just jump in here any time and we'll look at that Ok would cry these are the questions you just skeptical questions would Christ never serve his stories King Why did he not who possess such power reveal himself and his true character and make their way less painful Why had he not saved John the Baptist from a violent death ever have this cast questions ever have skeptical questions of doubt start flooding in your mind and start questioning all those kind of those skeptical kinds of questions is the way to doubt and the way to fear. Now notice this thus the disciples reason until they brought upon themselves a great spiritual darkness now this next statement is really next since it's really important because I told you to remember what kind of day that was never the day feeding all those people it's an incredible day that's what they had then I noticed this they question could Jesus be an impostor as the fair seas had a sort of that's how dark their minds were out on that boat and that's why Jesus allowed the wind to get contrary and that's why he was getting ready to teach them a marvelous thing Well Pastor Paul what we're going to go over this really quick and this this is notice what happens here this is how they get into the problem and this is how they get out of the problem their focus on honor had blinded them made them forget the amazing evidence that Jesus had given that day number 2 disappointed exultation led to skeptical questioning if you start getting skeptical start asking yourselves about your motives why am I asking square skeptical questions why am I doubting and then it goes on skeptic wesh led to doubt doubt led to fear I'm telling you that Peter had they not been doing this Peter would have never gotten afraid on that water he never would of this is the foundation of why Peter doubted because he had these critical skeptical questions and he had been part of that conversation and that got them and then that fear lead to failure now the only way out of that is for humility and self for good Pastor Paul why is humility so important in developing our faith. You military is so important when it comes to developing your feet because when we are full of cells there is no place for God and that is our problem many times are yes or strong enough that these nor room for God and if there is no room for God There is no room for free so you military is the key when it comes to developing your feet because it is inviting Jesus Christ to walk in you nonce and we can see we've Paul the Apostle Paul not I but Christ if Christ believes the nuns It comes with the package of faith in Christ cannot say well I will live in your heart but I leave aside the faith you for you have Christ then you have the free fall of Christ yes and I don't leave that because Pastor Paul if they had been humble if they weren't worried about themselves and still have all the skeptical questions they would have been talking about everything that they've gone on in that day that's true they would have been saying Did you see that man with an army walked away with a new r. it did you get a peek into that basket were the lows were and see how that multiplied I still can't believe my eyes they had one low and before I could turn around they had a basket full I mean there was all kinds of things to talk about and that boat but because they weren't humble because they were worried about their own self. And actually it's the wall dually thinking the war thinking yeah that's bondage to defeat them they're worth thinking of this. Thinking of the victory. Of woman soldier and wall of the. Thinking that these are the enemy of a man and so they they would have had their eyes open and they would have been talking about those amazing Americans gratefulness that we'll talk more about gratefulness the few want to change your life if you were to change your life for this new year start being grateful all day long you say Lord I'm so glad I can be in the seminar because these chairs are nice and soft Thank you Lord for my soft chairs I'm serious you don't think of think about the blessings that you have think about the blessings you have Glenn coon you may have read this story and I may have told it somewhere if I did You can forgive me but lint whom he's passed away now but he was in Florida in Orlando Florida and he was doing a series revival series there and they said look there's a lady here and she is so depressed for weeks she says she's just getting worse and worse she's quit working she just her life is totally dysfunctional so he said he went to see here and he said ask her he says is there anything that you're thankful for she says not a thing she says Every day the walls get closer and closer and are closing in on me he looked at her and he says Well are you thankful for your tooth brush this is a year I guess I could be thankful for that he said Fine get a list and put that at the top of the list and he says I want you to say 10 times a day Lord I'm thankful for my tooth brush and then as you think of other things that you're thankful for you add to that and 2 weeks he came back she's a totally different woman she's back to work why. Gratefulness because when you remind yourself of the good things that you have and you all have them you have so many Be grateful and they'd have been doing that they were never done so their faith were been increased and success would have crowned their efforts so the pos Roman says that almost skipped that for right now Abraham increased his faith by being grateful and I'm going to skip this here because I want to get down. I want what's the time here passable I think this will be a great time for you to tell the story I mean I was talking about these stories over breakfast this morning and I love hearing these stories let me give you a sad because he's a little modest but but he's going he would tell you a story from the Congo do you know anything about the Congo of Africa if you do any reading is not a place that you would volunteer normally to go he's going there on Gaza and some of your missionaries you've been hard places tough places and this is one of the tougher places where war has just ravaged it Pastor Paul you had your whole family there and that you took your whole family in there a lot of people wouldn't dare go there they just themselves much less have their family there you're living by faith every day and you never know what was coming next you got to tell us that story of what happened and you got more stories yeah let's go thank you very much to God Be The Glory. I'm originally from Madagascar but I left that country in 1995 that was quite some time now 1904 and we were called to be a missionary in enough Rekha in Congo Congo the name then was Zaire. And it was changed to to Congo later on so we came to that country where arrived with my with our little children they were still small then one of them is the president of jus a city that is mores but he was still small like. He was about 5 years then and the 2. Paul and Mary there were Walter than him but the Lord just called us to go them people said why are you going to Congo there's a civil war there and a lot of killing why are you bringing your family to that place of course we prayed We'll talk about presumption later on the difference between faith and presumption I'm not going to talk about that now but we'll talk about this we prayed to make sure that this is what God wants us to do once you are sure that this is what God wants you to do You don't need to die out you don't need to fear because God is with you so we prayed we asked God yes it is dangerous people say don't go but we said this is what God wants so we went with family. And sure enough it was dangerous because that was the time of civil war. And when it comes to civil war it is more dangerous than. A country will invade another one because you know by the way the language and many things that this is not from this they are not from this country but civil war that means people probably know each other start to fight we don't know what are the enemies civil war is dangerous so every day we just lived in that kind of situation every time when you go out before you go to bed to do the family warship family was shipped for special by the way it is it is always special for all of us we need to emphasize this but in Congo during that time it was special because that was also the time to be ready to die or to leave because during that time. Soldiers make me come and just attack and take whatever they want and kill everybody and that's it so that might be the last time you see each of us your family during that time so we prayed the Lord the Lord blessed despite despite the fear one day. I drove by no one to to the down to downtown can suss out that is a capital city there was this kind of fear in me if fear of death because it's real you it is so real that you may encounter death any time you will be attacked any time this system of the protection and all of this and then was a war while he was driving. The Holy Spirit just impress upon me. Why are you offering I have sent you here and death is something that whatever you are you may die when it is time and the Lord just impress upon me that I should not believe in the field death and the fear of death was removed because of the presence of God but one day it was I was challenged we had a meeting it was a training I was a union president then during that time. It was a meeting on leadership and we finished the meeting at around 5 o'clock and then my colleague with the native of that country a year man these wife they went shopping drove his car and then they parked that car and there went so when they came back their car was already surrounded by 6 men armed men and then their approach to the car and these gunmen said give us the car of you the key of your car and you refused and then you approached the car and they said give us the briefcase and you refused and this shorty I'm free bullets passed through his body and you was there a new pool of blood and that was not the time of the mobile phone it was so hard to communicate and let alone in in a place like that so yes wife was there and not knowing what to do and that was the time many people are around but they were afraid to intervene because they can be they could be short as well. So the Lord helped. Helped her to find a way and my colleague was rushed to the hospital and the doctor said the must operate on him right away so it was a big operation starting at 9 o'clock 9 o'clock evening till about 3 or clock in the morning and it was finished they had to do many things they had to cut some of the war guns inside them because of the bullet and it was it was just a very hard operation so it was finished in the morning but after 3 days the head surgeon called me Pastor as you can see the the operation was successful but we are worried because the risk of infection and here we have the knowledge but given our circumstance we don't have the tools and if that happens there's no way we can control it so the only way the head surgeon said we have to have a clear team to suffer from going to South Africa with a plane and since he could not see it he my lawn required about 4 or 5 seats and we wanted we wanted also use wife to accompany him and since he could not communicate in English we communicated in French or in need they need a translator and then medical staff we needed about 9 seats and it was difficult my colleague we send him I said Go and find seats for for him. You failed and then finally I decided to said let me try I know someone who has a travel agency probably you can plead so when they then drove and I parked my car and they crossed the main road of the capital city of. Art through p. m. did time so I cross the road and I started to walk toward that travel agency then someone followed me from behind and we would we were used to that people try to involve you and try to do something and we have developed all of this summit a lot of little bit of a skill how to avoid you just walk you don't engage you just walk continue and many times they will just lead you. There Bund on you and maybe try to find another victim but this time that trick did not work so I kept on walking and I can walk fast I'm a marathon runner so I can walk faster so I walk fast but he walked faster. And they started to talk and then as we proceeded I saw a car park alongside the road a kind of a Toyota brownish parked there and once the young man saw that car he overtook me and then you stood just next to the door of the car and he stopped me and they said get into the car and he said no. I have something important to do there's no way it can go into the car. But he commanded to get into the car I refused then issue of the gun and right away I thought of my colleagues in my colleague did not comply and that's why I was shot and they said it will not be good if the union president is short and the secretary also is short it will not be good and I said well the Holy Spirit just talk to me just accept it and then negotiate your life well inside so I complied so I went into their car I saw 3 men or they were already in the car the driver and the next to the driver I found out that that was the leader of the group and then another man at the back seat and then the gunmen saw they put me at the back seat in the middle next to the gunman and another man and. We were 5 of us in that car and given the circumstance I knew what would happen they just probably take me to a place far away place keep me there and take everything I have and kill me and dump me to the River Congo and I will be there brick fast of croc or die and I know where to be found and I have the feeling. I had that he saw the clothes they did the car the door of the car and then the driver started the engine and there was this fear that probably this will be the end then. I prayed he said Lord I know if you tare I will eventually die but this is not the kind of death that I really want save me short prayer save me and they continue to drive you continued to drive once I finished that prayer I felt like physically the presence of Jesus you see I would believe that Jesus is year but during times like that and it happened to me a few times you feel almost physically the hand of Jesus and I felt physically the hand of Jesus don't be afraid I am here and there continued then my fear of. That car became like a cab for me like a taxi we were there and they removed they ask my wallet not 1st they ask for my documents because we travel with documents in a place like that you never know you may just run away and we need your passport so that you can travel so they took my document which is it dangerous one but I was not afraid they said Jesus is here he is in control so they took that and then they took also the money whatever their hard to get their money I was not afraid so we continued to word Congo River Congo River exactly the way I thought but I was not afraid Jesus was there and he slowed down. Then he started they started to speak in French all along the spoken vernacular of Congo and that was a time I guess I've arrived like maybe one year I couldn't really understand I understood later so they changed into French which I understand I use that and then the leader said they said listen we cannot touch this man is a man of God give back his documents saw the gunman give back my documents and then he said. As a matter of fact he said since he is a man of God We cannot even touch his money give back the money and then. They look at the each of are they did not want to give the gunman did not want to give back their money documents yes money no. Then you did it and the leader just shout Give back the money then he understood you understood that language so reluctantly give them the money everything every cent walk this is their money I got their money I got back everything and the leader said since sir now you are free you may go but Jesus was there I was not afraid I said no you cannot just abandon me here I need a ride back to the city. And the leader now was pleading he said So you know when my side meet that we too we have that place we don't want to go there very often another group me attack us. Saw your request is difficult probably we can't do that I said no you have brought me here there's no way you can leave me here you need to find a way to bring me back I had that boldness because of Jesus Jesus and the Angelus there were struggling to find their way and he said well this is what we can do there is another way which is safe safer for us we will take that there will be there is a roundabout we will bring you to that roundabout and we will drop you there and that is already in the middle of the city so no problem for you I said Is that Ok he said he was pleading now with me if I agree were not and they said yes fine so they started the engine going back to the city then movie service began roundabout said walking here we cannot go beyond this we have to leave you here I said that's fine and he said we are friends now right they said yes we are and he said you know don't take this street this is dangerous take rather this one and you will reach your destination and they took that street and they reached their destination this will Lucian of fear is the presence of Jesus in our lives that is the way. It powerful if you notice what happen you know as Jesus came in and he had new boldness I mean you would normally do that they said Now you can go you just get out there as fast as you can but no he said there and he says no you're not going to let me out are you going to take me back a taxi they became you to and now they were afraid Yeah. Because they you had the presence of Jesus they're powerful Jesus want to do that for every one of us in this room he wants to be with us constantly and that's why we need that constant communion know this text well. Faith is like electricity it's unseen but it's powerful and this is the watch The time here we've got about $45.00 about 5 more minutes let's move down because we want to we want to go to the disciples let's just talk about this for a little bit in the upper room when Jesus had been crucified the disciples were afraid they were terrified what happened between then and Pentecost and the upper room Peter denies Jesus because he's afraid but what does he do on the day of Pentecost he stands up in front of crowds of Jews and he tells them that they crucified the Son of God Notice the fear timidity of Peter is changed into being bold to be powerfully bold I'm telling you that Jesus wants us to be bold he wants us to have courage and that courage comes from faith so. Yeah let me go back here yeah let's take a look at these for just a moment Pastor Paul there were 10 spies they know the story but why did 10 spies Why were they afraid and the other 2 weren't when they came on the borders of Canaan. This is a very. Interesting story and very up uplifting you know very well the the story about the 12 spies The difference is what is the difference between the 2 the 2 groups the 10 spies they focus on the Giants they focus on the war they focus on the problems and they're kind of really you're are seeing this that is in their mind you know the Giants these these people will die and then the thought of the Egypt and all of these why they they were counting the challenges they did not count their blessings but they count the challenges and worries and it grows a little he'll becomes a big mountain that was a problem of the truth of the 10 but the true Caleb and Joshua They didn't talk of they acknowledge that yes they were giant and so on but they kind of their focus was on God and the promises of God and the deploy learn of God They knew that they have to cross across the river in warded to endure it can and they knew that God called them to do that and God was with them so that is the difference between the 2 and this is the result the 12 the 10 they work on a Friday they didn't have faith but the true they talked about the power of God It talked about the plan of God and as a result. They they said let's go. You can hear it in the words of Caleb when Caleb tries to rouse them he tells them remember all the wonderful powerful things that God has done so you're right past the point they were looking at the walls and the Giants and all the armor that was there but Caleb and Joshua were saying Don't forget the Red Sea We're gonna open the whole Red Sea We walk through don't forget don't forget don't forget when you get afraid it's because you forget you forget and the only way to get rid of the fear is to remember so why would David fearless trillion. Not only their past that you need to remember we need also to know the promise of God for the future saw you for you put the past the great past the law and intervened in your life and do all penned the promise of God together we put these together then the presence of Constance which is quite be difficult becomes very small shrink but if you remove their past you remove the future then these sprog or challenges become should be and then you are freed and this should not do that is the best way for us to conquer fear is frou counting their blessings of the Lord their past and also clinging to the promise of God for the future and then their prison circumstance even though it is hard become so small and that's way become strong. Everybody's room knows and could tell the story of David and Goliath but why was David so unafraid I mean his big brothers tried to push him off they tried to scare him Sol tries to scary sols afraid him self and saw his head and shoulders above everybody else bigger than David and they would say use this same thing you see there is a pattern here you have a parallel I would like you are really to study this more and in your bible it's a pattern you see saw all and the soldiers the obvious soldiers they were freed they look at the giant he said they look at goal they are fitted there's no way that I'm going to face that giant I will be smashed I will be done so they looked on the giant But for David you few are now lies what David did and what David said you did you didn't even talk about this size of you was talking about what God has done when Salt said no you you cannot you cannot me you cannot face this this giant is a professional warrior for his entire life you are just a lad and then David said No My my Lord their God has helped me I killed with bare hands lions and bear and so you was talking about what God has done through you mean the past the power of God and then he went on talking about what God is going to do to these giant and exactly exactly it happened so that is the part and right here we have a formula to have faith if you want to have faith don't focus on the problems focus on God and His promise. I want you to notice the boldness of the giant versus the boldness and fearlessness of David now that John has put his trust in his armor and his shield his sword and the fact that he's a huge size and he's got muscles and he's got everything in his training knows his business he's like a Navy Seal on steroids and he sees David coming out to him with a stick and a slingshot any curses David because he has confidence in his stuff that he can see David is absolutely fearless he looks at that giant and he says I am going to give you I'm going to take your life I want to give your flesh to the birds of the air of course we all know what happened but look at the fearless and David says I would do it in the name of the Lord now let me ask a question how many of you have watch God do something may amazing in your life let me see your hands you've watched I don't ever forget it build on it it will you're going to have more challenges is not that you're not going to be confronted with fearful things you will but as we go in the end of time there's going to be fearful things we've never even dreamed of and tell you what's coming is going to make the Nazis look like child's play and the communist we're going to be facing things there's no absolute no human solutions to and the only thing that you will have is your faith. In this powerful Jesus by the way Jesus never met an enemy he has an overthrow in that wonderful never met one we're just almost getting out of time here so I'm going to I'm going to skip down here and these are some of Jesus' staying about faith all we're not going to have time to talk about the sorrow Phoenician woman. One of my favorite stories but we'll have to do that another time we need to take some time for questions and answers with a lot of that stick All right so if you if you have a question our car would you just raise your hand I'll try to get to you with a microphone so everybody else can hear since they were like this. That went so the last events and the thank and actually who's going to be she's. Saying that for 3 it's our faith so our faith All right thank you so much somebody else you have a question or comment that you would like to share right over there and I want to go right to you and Pastor Paul you feel free to answer and I'll try to get the microphone going around. This topic is very very important the world is so scary and the Lord has led me through the process of time to take a page a day calendar and on the morning each morning I write I take 15 minutes and I thank him for what he did for me that day very specifically I say thank you for water thank you for exercise thank you that I can see very simple things and then on the day before I thank him for what he did for me yesterday and it has been so practical it's been so helpful because we have my family as a background of depression it's helped me stay out of depression it has helped me my husband a lot of way by me did you thank you for what he did for you yesterday and. I need to thank you for that so it has very practical value and when you're with people that remind you to thank thank them for what they did for you it's just super rich so I encourage you all to try a man what a radical suggestion by the way we all want to be happy don't worry you'll be happy if you're doing that I'm telling you you're going to be happy Ok I got a comment right here. Oh my favorite as backs of the it is that his confidence came from the experiences that he hit my question that was something that I struggle with is pride and ego how do you know you're living for a place of governance versus presumption we're going to talk about presumption all that you want to try to comment on that question she also know about Pradhan humility and and how you move from pride are how you make sure you're not into presumption I don't I think if we want to answer that really short but we're going to get into that things I believe we need to find time for that because it is if between great faith great faith and presumption it is very fine line and we need to talk about that more so calm before the next seminars we will be able to deal with presumption What is the difference between seith and presumption. I think we cannot answer that now right away but we need more time yeah I think it is in part for the part for any We're going to cover it for sure. It's whatever the seminar times are there for times and so yeah it will be this afternoon Yeah thank you Ok anybody else have another comment or question that you would like to share before we bring this to a close as one here Ok good or run right over there and then we're going to take this is our last one and then we're going to have prayer and then we'll give you dismiss you right request there was a slide earlier that was passed and we just wanted to take a moment to look at it again it was the one about confidence and fear. A confident person is not fear but succumbing to fear. Ok let's see if I can go back to that and find there and see. You let me know when you see right there that it Ok and we don't mind sharing these slides by the way you can talk about a little bit more a confident person is not fearful but succumbing to fear can destroy confidence actually we had an illustration for that they are promising we're almost out of time here and try to remind myself of the illustration that we had Can you think of it we had a really good one and it ran out we'll pick it up next time we'll pick it up next year this story straight this let's explain this next one Ok we will do it but I've seen that the people oh I know who it was it was a larger Alija I mean there was nobody more bold and fearless than a lodger on top of Mt Carmel m.r.i. and then he let jazz a bell scare the daylights out of beautiful treacherous jazz a bill. That's a good place to end but aren't you glad for God who gave him his confidence back because his ministry did not end there he was so discouraged he says I just soon die but God said I think I've got some other work for you to do get your courage back and he became a great courageous man so thank you for bringing us to that and that's what that that is all about there right all right would you have our closing prayer force that's all Stan let's pray Our Heavenly Father that we thank you so much that you have given us this time to talk about feet we know that we need feed and that's why we are here so we pray. And help us to be bold and now as we take a little break you just be with us and help us to. What we have. And it will. Bring. So. She's. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at do I see Web dot org.


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